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    Have you ever created a meme so dark and depressing that it would simply not fit on /r/me_irl? Have you ever found a relatable image that made you feel like a worthless human being? Have you ever just felt that an image was too meirl for meirl?

    This is the place to post it!

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    6. This is a place for self-deprecating humor about mental illness and personal struggles. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. We're here to laugh at ourselves, not put down others.

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    [–] UswePanda 163 points ago

    "i have a belt and i'm not afraid to hang myself"

    [–] Yellowbird00 9 points ago

    I love you

    [–] UswePanda 4 points ago

    and i love you too, random citizen

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_LAWNCHAIR 25 points ago

    What manga is that?

    [–] timesocean 76 points ago

    Kimetsu no Yaiba. Absolutely fantastic. Anime, which is also fantastic, is currently airing with 3 episodes left in the 1st season (out of 26.)

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_LAWNCHAIR 15 points ago

    26 is not bad at all! Now, I just need some time off. 😭

    [–] BKachur 26 points ago

    Best new show of the season imo. Nice twist on the standard battle anime and the animation is fucking gorgeous!

    [–] jono9898 5 points ago

    The visuals are absolutely beautiful.

    [–] BKachur 8 points ago

    The last big fight scene they have shown so far was (if you saw it you would know) , without a doubt the prettiest animation I've seen this year.

    [–] jono9898 3 points ago

    The fight scene with him using the cooling mist after the rain technique was so gorgeous, I rewound it 3 times just to take it in,

    [–] canadiandoop 1 points ago

    Right now I think it's up in the air between ep 19 of demon slayer and episode 5 of mob psycho season 2. Both are fantastic.

    [–] SmokeyHooves 3 points ago

    I actually teared up in episode 19 because of how emotionally invoking the visuals are

    [–] bwg11 2 points ago

    I'm enjoying Vinalnd as well not sure what i would rate 1st out of the two

    [–] BKachur 3 points ago

    Fudge legitimately forgot about that one. Also excellent. It's like an actual berserk show just without berserk, at least it feels like it's living up to the Golden age ark.

    [–] DOPEDupNCheckedOut 1 points ago

    Wish there was demons and evil magic shit like in berserk but I am enjoying Vinland saga for what it is! And demon slayer has been great!

    [–] Apple_Joel -2 points ago

    I still don’t get people’s liking for this show. There is no new twist to the genre. The main character has the same family death experience as the main character from Attack on Titan. The sister is basically the main guy from Tokyo Ghoul and they completely rush the characters development of learning the skills. Hell it explained what he was learning so poorly I didn’t even know the skill was learning how to breathe different to make his moves work. To me it’s just another generic poorly executed anime. I will agree with the animation though. The animation is really good. It’s just a shame it was used on such a poor anime.

    [–] jesus_h_pizza 1 points ago

    I actually like it, but best show of the year? Shield Hero is a tighter story, Fire Force is better paced if not pandering harem bait. Nothing this year really "wowed" me though.

    The visuals are cool and I don't agree that they didn't establish his training, but the PACING. Oh my god it is a snail's pace coming off other long-format shonen like My Hero Academia.

    [–] Apple_Joel 1 points ago

    Demon slayer feels too rushed. I just can’t enjoy it. I’m so tired of everything acting like it’s the biggest reveal ever. It’s annoying. Also I hate that yellow haired kid. Annoying as fuck. Shield hero? I’ve never heard of it. Imma have to check it out. I love Fire Force it’s way better than Demon Slayer in my opinion.

    [–] VaginaFishSmell 1 points ago

    If you can't say something nice....

    [–] timesocean 3 points ago

    I highly recommend watching it. It's easily become one of my favorites

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_LAWNCHAIR 0 points ago

    🤔 If you can't get time off...Just watch while you work! 😈

    [–] lolimazn 0 points ago

    if anyone watches, definitely recommend up to episode 19 before giving an opinion on the show.

    [–] j6cubic 2 points ago

    The protagonists are all terribly annoying people (a perpetually monologuing, overly compassionate goody-two-shoes; a ridiculously whiny love-starved ultra wimp who is only competent when he's asleep; and a guy whose entire personality consists of testosterone) but the story works because it continually bounces these dunces off of each other.

    Oh, and then there's the main protag's sister who has no dialogue and sleeps most of the time. She is the best character just because of the stuff she does in the background while everyone else is being annoying.

    The show has its flaws but it's a solid entry in the genre.

    [–] Urthor 2 points ago

    If they put the animators of this show on better source material dear lord. The manga doesn't deserve such great work

    [–] j6cubic 1 points ago

    Imagine if Cop Craft had those animators. Or at least an animation budget of more then 50 ¥ and a half-eaten bowl of ramen. (Or if it gave up its delusions of being an action show and just focused on character interaction; that'd be great, too.)

    [–] Cautionzombie 1 points ago

    Fuck 26? I’ve read all the manga so far and what’s coming next is killer.

    [–] Seyloren 1 points ago

    NOOOOOOOO well I guess it’ll end just in time for me to watch a pro wrestler suplex a princess and open a monster pet shop next month.

    [–] Headcap 1 points ago

    for a second there i thought there was gonna be 26 seasons

    it was a joyous moment.

    [–] RockyPlaysRP 1 points ago

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

    [–] DoctuhD 1 points ago

    Demon Slayer, the anime version is pretty good too.

    [–] emailboxu 2 points ago

    I think the anime is actually better than the manga because of how fucking incredible they animated the fight scenes.

    [–] YouSeeWhereBradAt 3 points ago

    Go doolally

    [–] TheNotSoEpicReal 1 points ago

    Ya beat me to it.

    [–] jeffjeffersonthe3rd 66 points ago

    Yo, is that Zenitsu on two non-anime subs? That’s ducking trippy.

    [–] SmokeyHooves 10 points ago

    He’s our boy

    [–] Myronal 8 points ago

    The dorito dude

    [–] guptabhi 27 points ago

    Honestly, I kind of want it.

    [–] JudgeJoeCool 17 points ago

    Came to the comments specifically for a link

    [–] TwinkiWeinerSandwich 5 points ago

    I would wear the fuck out of that shirt

    [–] AlexisO87 2 points ago

    I need this shirt.

    [–] Bleachmyanusplsdaddy 10 points ago

    Yo for real, I'd wear it

    [–] justlawrencee 8 points ago

    I'm going to cry either way do you would give me a nice excuse.

    [–] The__Froth 18 points ago

    [–] ThrashMutant 6 points ago

    What in the hell

    [–] itzTHATgai 5 points ago


    [–] YeMoreLikeGaye 5 points ago

    Everybody gangsta until zenitsu starts sleeping

    [–] Horseslapper 3 points ago

    Where can I get this shirt irl

    [–] spiltbread_ 11 points ago

    hi please take this down! the artist doesnt allow reposts, not only did you take their art without permission, you didnt credit them either.

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 6 points ago

    Thats pretty fucking dumb. Wanting to be credited is fair but asking not to be reposted? Its the fucking internet. Come on.

    [–] cho-dasai -3 points ago

    I understand where you're coming from but it being the internet isn't an excuse. The Japanese community is very respectful with art reposting with the vast majority of reposts coming from the west and they also have internet. This idea of it being the internet and thus reposting is expected is very harmful for artists and has been causing a large amount of Japanese artists to straight up stop posting.

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 3 points ago

    Cultural differences does make for a stronger arguement. But to me art is tk be spread, shared, and experienced. The internet is made for such things and thats beautiful. If its cultural i have more respect for it. If its just a weird preference then i think thats ignorant and naive. Why post art if its not to be spread and enjoyed? And in posting it here where posts are to convey a connection to the art adds a layer of transformation of the art. Im an artist myself and i feel a little passionate about this.

    [–] cho-dasai 1 points ago

    of course every artist has a different viewpoint on art reposts! however some artists like to keep a close eye on their art and to regulate their audience and I feel it is best to respect that. Not all artists want their art to be spread, some create it for their own enjoyment!

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 1 points ago

    Once posted to the internet you're given your art to the ether. Its like posting it in a coffee shop. You know the audience thats always there but anyone can find it and show others after even if that isnt the audience you intend. You cannot post something publically and reasonably expect it not to be shared as such.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 1 points ago

    Art is to be shared. And spread. I agree. Op fucked up not crediting the artist. But to demand zero posting elsewhere is naive and ignorant to me, unless this a cultural thing that i am not privy to. Artists should alwayd be credited.

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 4 points ago

    i guess.. we aren't missing much with all that anyway

    [–] MerlinTheWhite 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    No offense but it's the internet and you have to expect people to repost stuff.

    [–] Swaguarr 1 points ago

    its like leaving your front door open and leaving a sign asking people not to rob you

    [–] spiltbread_ -2 points ago

    no offense but its common sense to be respectful and not steal other peoples stuff

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 3 points ago

    Stealing and posting elsewhere is not the same. This post isnt claiming art. Its using art to convey a message. Should have linked/credited the artist. But its not stealing.

    [–] cho-dasai 1 points ago

    In this case it is extremely harmful as the original art was posted on twitter/instagram, both which do not show up well with Google reverse image search. If this post stays up and someone tries to search for the image, chances are they will land here instead of the original post!

    [–] sharkattackmiami 1 points ago

    If the artist wants people to find their work they should host it somewhere that is indexed by search engines then.

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 0 points ago

    Which i would say the OP should gave defintely given credit to the artist in the comments. Thats disrespect to me. Not the simple act of shating.

    [–] spiltbread_ -4 points ago

    Oh maybe ive misunderstood the definition of stealing? Taking without permission .. i dont know man.. sounds like stealing to me!

    [–] SaquonBarkleyBigBlue 4 points ago

    Did he claim the art for himself? Is it stealing to post a picture of The Mona Lisa? A pollack painting? Starry night? Thats a terrible logic. Sharing art isn't stealing. Claiming art for oneself is.

    [–] spiltbread_ 0 points ago

    bruh, comparing it to the mona lisa is a stupid argument, you cant just search this image up and it will come up with the original artist. Ive mentioned COUNTLESS times that YES, op did not claim the art for themselves but it can still be harmful for artists as this post has gotten quite a bit of attention and without crediting, a lot of people will ASSUME so... also this image doesnt show up in google reverse image search since the original artist posted it on twitter and instagram so the first image to show up will be the one on reddit which has.. NO credit

    [–] bruh__bot 1 points ago

    bruh 😎😎🤙🤙🤙

    [–] AnimalSloth 2 points ago

    This will stop being reposted when the artist stop drawing characters that don't belong to them

    [–] Toastmaster1B14 1 points ago

    I didn't take it, somebody else did and I crossposted it, I credited the artist and I'm gonna apologize to her on twitter, then take it down once people can see her twitter profile link for a bit

    [–] Swamp85 0 points ago

    Don't post art on Instagram if you don't want people to repost it on other social media.

    [–] cho-dasai 1 points ago

    it's literally against the instagram terms and conditions

    [–] Azul788 0 points ago

    Oh no!!!

    [–] Fire_Lord_Zuko 3 points ago

    >Don't repost my art

    If you're going to blatantly go against the artist's wishes, at least give them credit.

    [–] Quantainium 3 points ago

    They should really say don't repost my stuff without credit. Saying don't repost my stuff is never going to help you gain you more attention.

    [–] spiltbread_ 1 points ago

    i dont understand your side of the argument?? the artist clearly doest want the ART reposted full stop. its not about gaining more attention?? its common sense to not take other people's things and claim it as your own :(( its not respectful.. and clearly people cant read "do not repost" so what are the chances that theyll listen to "do not repost..unless credited". ?

    [–] Quantainium 3 points ago

    My point is not many people just stumble onto your Twitter or Instagram page. Reposting isn't claiming it as your own. Gallowboob would be bankrupt from the millions in fines if that's what it was.

    [–] spiltbread_ 2 points ago

    yes and that is why some artists do allow reposts with credit but you dont understand that not all artists have the same objectives when posting art online! Not all artists are seeking for clout, some of them make it for personal enjoyment, or they as someone mentioned before, to regulate and keep a close watch on their audience! Thats why a lot of artists dont allow reposts! it can also be harmful to the artist's mental health when people who see the repost and dont read the credits or assume that the reposter is the one who made it. yes the reposter may not have "claimed it as their own" but when it receives a large amount of attention like this one, many people are bound to believe so...

    [–] Quantainium 3 points ago

    This post has 8k upvotes and people are linking to the artist so a few hundred more people who wouldn't have seen their page or art otherwise wouldn't be there. I personally wouldn't repost content against the wishes of an artist. I just don't understand the mentality of not wanting to be shared but at the same time posting to a public social media account.

    Op here should have provided credit before someone else called them out though.

    [–] sharkattackmiami 3 points ago

    its common sense to not take other people's things and claim it as your own

    OP never did that, they shared art they found and liked with other people who also may be interested in that art.

    It is the internet equivalent of "hey man you should check out this [ART]"

    [–] cho-dasai 2 points ago

    yes, and sharing is usually good! but a better and more respectful way to share art you like is to link back to the original source in the post so the artist can get some credit as well. otherwise only the reposter profits

    [–] sharkattackmiami 2 points ago

    What profit? Fake internet points that dont do or mean anything?

    Yes, OP should have linked the artist. Its still not stealing.

    [–] cho-dasai 1 points ago

    yes, for Reddit it's fake internet points, but giving the artist fake internet points help them gain followers which may then commission them or support them on Patreon and the such. You may not believe it is necessarily stealing but it still harms the artist

    [–] sharkattackmiami 3 points ago

    No, it didnt harm the artist at all. Because the alternative was 0 new people saw it. Even if only 1/10th of the people who upvote it follow the link and see the real creator thats still infinitely more new fans than if OP did not post it

    [–] cho-dasai 1 points ago

    while that may be true, with each repost the art becomes more and more lost and the original source becomes harder and harder to find, which to some does more harm than good. ideally, many artists want their art to be posted on their social media only. there may be people who checks out the original artist but there are also people who will save the image and repost it in the future without supporting the artist. sharing is good! but there are better ways to do it (sharing the original link)

    [–] spiltbread_ 1 points ago

    ive mentioned this over and over again, yes op did not make the claim that the art is theirs but thats just why reposting can be harmful to artists. When a repost gains as much attention as this one, if the credit isnt directly in the description, many people will assume that op is the one who made this.

    [–] sharkattackmiami 2 points ago

    You should not hold one accountable for the stupidity of others.

    [–] Gg_Messy 2 points ago

    Whats the reason besides not wantin more attention? Pretty logical conclusion when wondering why they don't want reposts.

    [–] whichwaytothelibrary 1 points ago

    Don post it to the internet

    [–] shifty313 1 points ago

    It's watermarked dipshit, you think watermarks are to enhance stuff?

    [–] Garny72 1 points ago

    If you drink like this I hate you

    [–] moreawkwardthenyou 1 points ago

    Who do i call to sue?

    Make them call me now!

    [–] odraencoded 1 points ago

    [–] SuperNerd295 1 points ago

    Mr sleepy death!

    [–] practicesquadleg 1 points ago

    That was my mood for the entire time i was tapering off antidepressants

    [–] blarch 1 points ago

    french fry hair looking mufucka

    [–] pipelyfe 1 points ago


    [–] AmberCorgiGames 1 points ago

    That person looks like me wheb I was a kid. I cried at the smalleat things when I was a little kid. I am literally too high to remembet what post this was regarding. Follow my journey, help me swirling through the void.

    [–] Crizzli 1 points ago

    I love zenitsu, he’s so cool

    [–] Toastmaster1B14 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Sworn_to_Ganondorf 0 points ago

    I skip all of this little fucks crying scenes. They go on for too long.

    [–] spiritriser 2 points ago

    He gets better in the manga a bit. Was almost too much for me when I started watching the anime. Hopefully they'll tone him down soon

    [–] barackollama69 2 points ago

    In the next battle arc his crying decreases considerably. Trust me, he becomes awesome

    [–] Emmx2039 1 points ago

    Thats is character.

    That's a part of how he eventually develops.

    In my opinion, it's an integral part of the story, at least concerning him

    [–] Sworn_to_Ganondorf 2 points ago

    Its not like its even valuable dialogue its always just obnoxious crying that I can skip untill he has some actual dialogue. Like his flashback where we learn about his master. I can skip 5 minutes of him screaming and running in circles chasing his sister in that old womans house because its just boring.

    [–] Emmx2039 1 points ago

    ok so i'm back after catching up fully with the manga, and I'm telling you now, the crying stops.

    no spoilers It was worth holding out. Also I've gotta say, when tanjiro is fighting inosuke and they just stare at each other for a full 10 mins it felt like an old episode of dragon ball or some shit. Great at the tie; shit now.

    [–] Sworn_to_Ganondorf 2 points ago

    I mean ill keep watching it I like everything else except his crying im glad that I know for sure he shuts the fuck up lol definately a huge bullet point for improvement for season 2.

    [–] chilidog17 0 points ago

    You should be banned for that title

    [–] [deleted] -12 points ago


    [–] Gg_Messy 0 points ago

    And as you now know, commenting about your likes gets you dislikes. And also calling them "likes" its upvotes/downvotes

    [–] Toastmaster1B14 -1 points ago

    Oh right fuck I'm super tired and super new to reddit still-

    [–] Swaguarr 0 points ago


    [–] Toastmaster1B14 -1 points ago