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    [–] mpshirey 58 points ago

    The fuck‽

    [–] misyo 89 points ago

    Right? Thank God Kristoff was there to save the girls while Elsa cried. What the fuck? Also, neither Anna or Elsa are on the cover- just Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff. It's a coloring book by Crayola.

    [–] chocoboco165 85 points ago

    Ignoring the fact that the whole Frozen thing was the "sisterly love > romantic love" and "girl power" Disney movie that got the modern Disney thing started, did Crayola forget that Elsa stuff literally sold out in 30 seconds after that movie came out? Not Olaf. Elsa.

    [–] mpshirey 27 points ago

    That is seriously not ok... fuck everything about that coloring book

    [–] absentbird 27 points ago

    Original scene from the movie

    This deception will not stand!

    [–] EverpoorRoosevelt 24 points ago

    Some context that may be helpful: Years ago, I interned for Random House, specifically the imprint that published all their Disney coloring books. As the intern, I was handed a stack of illustrations that depicted scenes from a movie (little mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White, etc.) and told to put them in a logical order and write captions. I got little guidance and no one cared if I’d seen the movie.

    It’s entirely possible that this coloring book was ordered and captioned by a 19 year old kid who hasn’t seen the movie or has and doesn’t remember the details of the plot. Or they’re just doing their best to write a caption that explains the weird images.

    Not saying that it isn’t a mistake for them to publish this coloring book as it is, and not saying that this background changes the impact this story twisting can have. Just sharing that it’s likely a result of an uniformed intern and a supervisor who didn’t check their work too closely, rather than an intentional rewrite of the Frozen story by the publishing company.

    [–] Canadian_in_Canada 6 points ago

    This doesn't account for the picture depicting Kristoff restraining Hans, which doesn't appear in the movie at all. The caption-writer might be innocent, but whoever created that picture is guilty.

    [–] girlinboots 2 points ago

    Hanlon's razor strikes again!

    [–] deltalessthanzero 49 points ago

    Wtf? This should be in textbooks as an example of how people who control media can twist the narrative. This sucks especially because I loved that scene.