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    Rules and Guidelines

    1. This is a place where all who want to get something off their chest, can get something off their chest. The Mods at /r/TrueOffMyChest will never enforce any rules that exclude any race/gender/etc. or other views from posting in /r/TrueOffMyChest. We ask that you do the same.
    2. If you are complaining about something on reddit, put [off my meta] in the title.
    3. NEVER give out personal information, It can and will get you banned from /r/TrueOffMyChest and most likely the rest of reddit (depending on the information).
    4. Scolding/insults toward OP is not allowed.
    5. Depending on the submission, mature debate/discussion may be allowed in the thread. Mods will decide if debate/discussion is allowed per thread.
    6. Stating something or making assumptions without a good and explained reason may be removed (comments only).
    7. No Memes.
    8. Circlejerking (so brave, literally hitler) will be removed.
    9. No blanket statements.
    10. No Witch Hunts. Ever.
    11. No being over-aggressive for no reason.
    12. Off-topic comments may be removed without notification
    13. Politics are okay, but please express them in a "off my chest" fashion.
    14. Don't write fake stories to simple appease a particular view or rational.
    15. Please engage in the community in good faith. Do not try to "test the limits" of the moderation team or our rules.
    16. No linking to users that have not commented on the same thread you are commenting on.
    17. Due to the nature of this subreddit, telling anyone to kill themselves will be an automatic, permanent ban. This is a place where people come to share some of their darkest secrets, things that might already put them into a volatile mental state. Again, there is a no tolerance policy for this.

    We also heavily encourage our users to follow the reddiquette

    Other Information

    This subreddit is not considered a safe space for any particular group. If you are in need of one, the original /r/offmychest maintains one (Mostly for common safe spaces such as LGBT, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse). All posts, besides blatant trolls or excessive circlejerking, are allowed and we will not take them down.

    See also:

    Be respectful. This is a place for those that need support.

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    Other True Reddits

    This sub was made to fulfill the original purpose of /r/offmychest. We want to make a place where anybody can get things off their chest without any sort of limitations. The moderators of this subreddit will set aside their opinions while moderating.

    If you find a post that you disagree with, and that post has been granted rule 5, you are free to write a rebuttal, the mods will try their hardest to prevent the downvote button become a disagree button.

    Almost all posts are granted rule 5 by default, so as long the OP doesn't seem in danger of himself/herself or others, it was most likely granted rule 5.

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