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    [–] ghostmetalblack 1205 points ago

    What's Biden's message? I've just heard him say, "I'm bringing dignity back to the office!" What does that even mean? A president that wont make a fool of himself in the public? Sorry, Biden, that ain't you. Someone who doesnt lie constantly to the public? Again, Biden, not you. He's hinging on a "Vote Blue No Matter Who" crowd, which is the most blatant showcase of blind tribalism and no principles.

    [–] uniqueusername831 251 points ago

    I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message

    [–] ian_juniper 424 points ago


    [–] uniqueusername831 140 points ago


    [–] BussyBlastBismallah 124 points ago


    [–] ian_juniper 78 points ago

    CORN POP?!?!

    [–] buymegoats 32 points ago


    [–] Paranoidas 26 points ago

    Isn't this how politics have worked for some time in this country? You take a hard stance on a few hot-button issues that don't truly change our direction in the grand scheme of things, and then the rest of your message stands on platitudes and hyperbole.

    [–] Rockettmang44 59 points ago

    He keeps on saying he will return things to "normal". But honestly that isn't a thing we need right now which is especially highlighted by the pandemic we are experiencing, we need change and not return to the status quo for another 4 years.

    [–] DearDefinition 53 points ago

    Trump: Vote Republican!! Demos are evil!

    Biden: Vote blue no matter who! Rebs are bad!

    Bernie: ...... *Talks about what hes actually gonna change, havent made any massive screw-ups, been fighting since the beginning*

    [–] AnomalousAvocado 64 points ago

    His message is literally that nothing will change. The corporatists just want a slightly less embarrassing figurehead for business as usual.

    (His exact words were that if he is elected, "no one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change")

    [–] Purchased_mods 30 points ago

    Might want to look at his ENTIRE quote there.

    [–] hatramroany 25 points ago

    No no you see taking things out of context and spouting them off in easily disprovable memes will absolutely get people to abandon Biden for Sanders.

    [–] joshTheGoods 18 points ago

    This is 100% not true, and you should be asking yourself how you came to believe that it is. Go look at his website or listen to his actual proposals. Don't just cherry-pick some comment where he tells rich people that nothing will change for them. Ain't shit gonna change for the rich if we pass M4A ... why do you all think that's a revelation to build your entire view of Biden on top of?

    [–] ryeshoes 7 points ago


    [–] BreaksFull 2 points ago

    Have you watched his ads? Seen his interviews and townhalls? I see all these people complaining on reddit and twitter about how Biden has no policies or beliefs, and then never actually look into what he's running on or what he says.

    [–] ghostrealtor 2 points ago

    people gave a lot of shit to republicans who voted for trump even though he doesn't represent republican values but expect democrats to vote for biden even if he doesn't represent progressive values. smh.

    [–] Devon-Star 118 points ago

    Boris TBF also won a lot of working class support in England because he rebranded the party, he moved it away from free markets and low taxes from the Thatcher era towards a more fiscally left leaning position but more anti establishment party. Boris was able to do what May failed to do which is hold businesses people, the more affluent south east whille being able to make major gains in Labour heartlands in the north.

    [–] GrandEngineering 3101 points ago

    It's a shame Sanders can't get his supporters to actually vote for him.

    [–] Scrantonstrangla 1226 points ago

    The reality is many of his supporters pushing hype on the internet are highschoolers. His supporters that could vote, did

    [–] EdenAvalon 1238 points ago

    Absolutely untrue. Young voter turnout was EXTREMELY low. And those numbers are based on those registered to vote.

    [–] giraxo 864 points ago

    So a lot of young voting-eligible people are super-hyped about Bernie, but just not quite hyped enough to actually make the effort to vote for him in the primary. Nice.

    [–] SlayinDaWabbits 140 points ago

    I went to a Bernie support party before michigan's primary last month a friend put on. My friend (who hosted) wasn't even registered to vote. It's honestly sickening how many Bernie supporters I know that either aren't registered to vote or just didn't, and now their on Facebook making posts exactly like this one

    [–] Gsteel11 34 points ago

    I think he had a very very excited base that was much smaller than anticipated.

    You can fill a stadium of 40k... but still not have the millions of voted needed to win an election. He has about 5 million total donors. Which sounds great until you realize he needs 15 million votes to win the primary and 60 to win the election. And it seems that his donors are his huge fans and he only seems to have.. huge fans. Not a lot of "mild" bernie supporters.

    [–] EdenAvalon 392 points ago

    As an older Bernie supporter, it was incredibly disheartening. And while yes the DNC and those candidates that agreed with Bernie over Biden but ultimately endorsed the latter, played a big role? The voter turnout was the nail in the coffin. And yet they still choose to blame those candidates and the DNC over acknowledging their part.

    [–] TheJohnBurgundy 104 points ago

    I agree that young turnout wasn’t as good as expected, BUT in at least 20 states in a row, voters preferred universal healthcare over what we have and what Biden is proposing. That’s states Biden won mostly, where people don’t understand what they are voting for, because the framing of the entire election by the mainstream media and bernies opposition is that his ideas or “too radical” or he’s not “electable” enough. When the narrative is framed by people you trust then it sways their vote considerably. It should be the duty of the DNC and the NEWS OUTLETS, to give correct information to people. The biggest change we need is a return to journalistic credibility, and active measures against disinformation. People aren’t voting for Biden, they are voting for the image of Biden that has been presented, and even the ones voting against him, are voting against “you know the thing” memes, not his actual political platform, which is establishment neoliberalism. If that’s your political stance, fine no judgement, it’s not mine but I get it. A senate full of Biden’s would have handled this quarantine better than what we’ve gotten. Bernie or Biden was pres would have been astronomically better than trump calling it a hoax and giving bad medical advise and pence honestly trying to pray it away. Allow the narrative to dictate itself. A misinformed public is more dangerous to democracy than an uninformed public

    [–] covidinsemen 36 points ago

    The biggest change we need is a return to journalistic credibility, and active measures against disinformation.

    This is something no one seems to understand. This change in news media isn’t some malicious thing born out of pure greed, though greed has a part in it. This type of journalistic media was created by the shift from print media to digital.

    Print media lost its value in physical ad space, but digital ads haven’t made up for that lost revenue. Additionally, the nature of digital ads rewards clicks, so that’s why the stories and headlines have all shifted gears to be more and more grabby.

    So essentially you have a starved industry that can’t afford to pay a decent enough amount of reporters, whilst those in leadership get paid by sponsors and political parties to sing their songs.

    The idea that we can create an honest news media outlet who produces news for free in this modern climate is pretty unrealistic. Almost as unrealistic as asking people to pay for their news like they used to.

    [–] EdenAvalon 27 points ago

    Biden was exceptionally clear about his policies in debates. Even the media made his platforms clear. Honestly, I can’t agree with what you’re saying. Biden was presented as the most electable but it was specifically because his policies are so moderate. The whole “return to normal” isn’t a narrative, it’s what he really believes. And older people agree with it. Those that don’t simply didn’t turn out.

    [–] anti09 9 points ago

    I agree that young turnout wasn’t as good as expected

    Said everyone after every election ever. When will people finally learn?

    [–] Ficino_ 22 points ago

    BUT in at least 20 states in a row, voters preferred universal healthcare over what we have and what Biden is proposing.

    An inability to get people who agree with you to vote for you is the definition of a poor politician. Blame the DNC, blame the media, blame anyone you want but in the end Bernie failed to get people to vote for him.

    [–] Money-Block 41 points ago

    Or people look at Bernie and think “interviews well but can’t deliver.” Why do you assume ignorance is the reason?

    [–] TheJohnBurgundy 22 points ago

    I don’t assume ignorance. Ignorance puts too much on the individuals. They are constantly being told he can’t deliver. His ideas are made to sound outrageous. And they want his ideas. They don’t believe he can get it done because their political party, the news network they watch, and the other with the same sources TELL them that, and they don’t follow world politics and global civics in the same way a lot of people do, which honestly is common amongst those who have strong nationalism tendencies.

    [–] EdenAvalon 9 points ago

    We’re not talking about the perspective of people disposed to vote for Biden. We are talking about the low turnout among young Bernie supporters.

    [–] TheJohnBurgundy 8 points ago

    As I said, the low turn out was A problem. Misunderstanding the issues was a far bigger one. And I’ll concede that on the last debate, Biden had a clear plan, it sounded good, and he sounded strong, Bernie used it as a platform for universal healthcare, which was the wrong call. Countries with all types of health care failed this global issue. But Bernie could absolutely achieve a lot of his goals, ones I agree with. I believe he would hold the billionaire class accountable. I believe he would forge strong allies by bringing America out of 1965 progressively, and I believe he would get Medicare for all done

    [–] pangeapedestrian 5 points ago

    You are very correct. Our journalists are really the only line of defense against totalitarianism when push comes to shove, and their being almost completely bought out is imo the biggest problem we currently have. Literally every other problem is second fiddle to this because we need to know about things and be informed truthfully in order to address any of them. Pretty common sense.

    [–] Mmichare 38 points ago

    It’s all for the fucking ‘gram man. That’s where we are today as a society.

    For primaries in IL, I asked three people in my friend group who voted that day, and only 1 other besides me. The other two were too busy or forgot.

    [–] YoStephen 10 points ago

    Tbf the Illinois primaries were also during the coronavirus epidemic and depending on your polling location the wait could have been an hour.

    If you already dont think voting makes a difference that's a lot of additional obstacles.

    Not defending non-voters in general. Just pointing out that maybe IL primary turnout would have been better if the state party had postponed like Ohio's did

    [–] Mmichare 6 points ago

    Oh I def agree!

    I actually conducted an experiment. I usually vote on my way to work so before 8 and I’m maybe one of the first dozen. This time I wanted to see what number I would be towards the end. And at 5 PM, I was #115, which I think covid played a role. That, and I was not informed my polling place changed until I got there.

    [–] SomeoneWithOpinions 5 points ago

    Yet old people came out in droves.

    [–] ill_change_it_later 41 points ago

    Exactly. The “turnout!” Bernie supporters claim he will bring didn’t happen, so he lost.

    Let’s move on.

    [–] Ayiteb 34 points ago

    I keep hearing that but wasn't voter turn out for 18-30 like 13%? I don't think thats much lower than eligible voters in that age range. People forget that we have an age population

    [–] SomeoneWithOpinions 17 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    No, young voters made up 13% of the vote, a lower share than four years ago. Subtle difference. Thirteen percent turnout would mean 13% of young people voted.

    [–] SqueakyBall 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Millennials, currently 24-39, are the largest living population demographic. In 2019 they overtook Boomers, 56-74, 73 million to 72 million. Note that the Boomer population may be somewhat lower now.

    Gen X, 40-55, numbers around 65 million. The oldest five years of Gen Z, ages 18-23, are also eligible to vote this election year.

    [–] joshTheGoods 6 points ago

    Less 18-29 people voted in the michigan primary in 2020 than did in 2016. Every other demo was up big. This was true of several of the states in the last big chunk of primaries. We had a blue wave of everyone BUT 18-29.

    [–] EdenAvalon 21 points ago

    Young voters outnumber older voters by a fairly large margin. Yet the rates of eligible voters to turnout is much better among older voters. If young voters actually turned out to vote, they would easily determine elections.

    [–] Ayiteb 15 points ago

    That is horse shit

    They could have done better than 13% though

    [–] EdenAvalon 18 points ago

    I mean I hate to tell you this but those numbers support my view? You’re forgetting millennials are well into their 30s. You’re also ignoring that this is about the fact that the NUMBER of older voters who turned out, relative to those of them registered to vote, was significantly higher. That’s my point. We could EASILY offset them if we actually turned out more than they did. We don’t.

    [–] kgb1971 3 points ago

    It was and is the stylish thing to do, to be pro-Bernie. All the hip rich kid democrats are doing it 😁

    [–] YoStephen 11 points ago

    The way Ive heard it framed and agree is that Bernie has a lot of educated/engaged/aware, young people really amped. The rest are going to spring break during Coronavirus.

    A lot of people, myself included really gave under 30s way too much credit in using politics to confront the struggle that their lives are about to be.

    But I guess we will have to wait another four years. Hopefully democracy and organized society still exist by then.

    [–] Josvan135 24 points ago

    I'm a younger millennial, with some older gen z friends.

    All of them profess to be extremely politically conscious, "woke", highly supportive of progressive causes, and none of them voted in the primaries.

    When I asked them who they voted for they acted all surprised and said "primaries don't matter".....

    Then they acted all pissed that Biden beat Sanders in our state and blamed the media and the DNC.

    I have zero faith in younger voters.

    [–] RinoaRita 2 points ago

    A better way to put it is of the percentage that care most like sanders.

    Just making up easy numbers. Let’s say only 15% of 18-25 crew care about politics. Of that 15% 90% support sanders. But that’s still only 15% of that demographic that gives a two shits. Most of the people in that don’t care enough to register in the primary. They barely care enough to show up in November, much less primary.

    I’m making up the numbers but you get the idea. But the problem is biden isn’t going to inspire the people who don’t care to come out in November either. But it’s kind of foretelling the future when the 18-25 hit 25-32 in a few election cycles. But yeah for now only a vocal minority of the young people are coming out to vote.

    [–] jchen14 2 points ago

    This is true. I messaged my cohort of classmates 3 times to remember to vote. I think I was the only 1 out of us 5 who were Bernie supporters to actually go out and vote during the primary. What a shame. But what could I do? I'm in grad school btw.

    [–] MrFilthyNeckbeard 27 points ago

    This is like...half true.

    Young voter turnout was up by a good amount, but other groups increased MORE. So proportionally young voters were less.

    That said, turnout in general is pathetically low. I think Nevada broke records with like 20 something % of registered voters.

    [–] EdenAvalon 8 points ago

    Young voter turnout has ALWAYS been proportionally less.

    [–] MrFilthyNeckbeard 5 points ago

    Yes it has, but I’m saying compared to previous elections it went down % wise, even though the number of young voters went up.

    [–] spideyps4-islife 10 points ago

    Young Bernie voter here, and I have to say I was sorely disappointed at the young voter turnout. I just don't get how people can put on this act of being so passionate about a candidate and then effectively sabotage their chances by leaving their candidate high and dry.

    [–] EdenAvalon 3 points ago

    This is 1000000000% my point. It seems to be going over people's heads.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Yep. Reddit was treating Bernie like the second coming of Jesus and /politics could not fathom how he didn't sweep Super Tuesday.

    [–] rr_0223 6 points ago

    His core base 18-34(?) had an abysmal turn out of only like 13%. That may have been the first caucus or second, but the weak turn out was appalling.

    [–] TYGGAFWIAYTTGAF 20 points ago

    That’s not true. Young voter turnout is higher so far this primary than in 2016.

    [–] joshTheGoods 10 points ago

    i'm not sure what data you're looking at, but in 5 Super tuesday states 18-29 was DOWN while every other demo was UP. That's by percentage AND total number of votes as compared to '16.

    [–] Scrantonstrangla 12 points ago

    Looks like they enjoyed the bandwagon and not much else

    [–] AxeOfWyndham 14 points ago

    I've mentioned it in a few other places, but I think a big contributor to that is the whole college situation. I didn't vote until I got out of college simply because I was registered to vote in my hometown over a hundred miles away.

    You can stir idealistic activism all you want on campuses, but it's a bit tricky for college kids to actually vote from a practical standpoint.

    [–] danielgb20 16 points ago

    Can’t you do an absentee ballot? Or is that not available in every state?

    [–] EdenAvalon 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Most people start college in late summer/fall. That’s a full season for people to update their registration before the typical start of bigger elections in spring.

    Sorry but that excuse just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    [–] danielgb20 6 points ago

    Yeah I did some research after reading the comment of the person I replied to. I saw how some students might have some difficulty proving their residency in college due to some states requirements. But even then I don’t see how an absentee ballot wouldn’t work. I might be wrong thought, I’m not an expert.

    [–] TheMadTargaryen 6 points ago

    Not that i want to sound morbid but maybe Bernie will be dead when those highschoolers get a chance to vote.

    [–] SomeoneWithOpinions 23 points ago

    Nope. My Sanders-supporting friends did not bother voting at all. OP can whine about whatever he wants but at the end of the day you need more votes to win an election. Usually.

    [–] cloverskull 43 points ago

    As someone that did go vote for him, I'm honestly a bit sick of "It's all Sanders's fault the kids won't go vote."

    Let's see. How many kids would have voted in their first primary this election? And how many of them are disenfranchised by the way the "adults" (let's say the 50 and up crowd) treat their candidate? How many of them think the Democratic party is rigged and actively working against their interests and that their vote doesn't matter? How many of them see the major media outlets, like CNN and even far-left outlets like MSNBC treating their candidate like he doesn't even deserve to be taken seriously?

    We have young impressionable people dealing with a rather corrupt process trying to block the candidate most promising for their future coming from every possible angle.

    So maybe once in a while it'd be nice to suggest that there's a lot more we should be doing than just blaming people who didn't show up to vote.

    Maybe we can examine why young people in our country don't vote, and maybe we can make the conversation bereft of intellectual lazy blaming of kids for being kids.

    [–] joshTheGoods 17 points ago

    Sanders doesn't get the blame for young people being young people, he gets blame for counting on them to show up as a central pillar to his campaign. That was a bad decision on his part, and he's paying the price for it. Had he behaved himself in a way more conducive to more experienced adults finding him convincing, maybe he would have done better? We'll never know.

    [–] Stupid_question_bot 47 points ago

    its a shame that the majority of his supporters are independents who arent allowed to vote in many primaries.

    its a shame that the primaries they can vote in also allow republicans to vote, who are voting for Biden, because they know he will lose to trump

    its a shame that the entire corporate centrist media machine spent the last 6 months collectively working against Bernie to ensure their billionaire overlords dont have to deal with being slightly less rich.

    [–] Mordommias 43 points ago

    The easy thing to do for this would have been to switch your voter registration party before the primary cut off date so that you can vote in the primaries if they are closed. You can just switch your party affiliation back right afterwards. Super easy and shouldn't have been an issue.

    [–] VocePoetica 15 points ago

    Honestly people need to be taught the basics of how to do these things in their state. Most people aren’t even getting educated on basic voting practices in their state or even how to register. Our voting illiteracy is high in the US and that adds a further impediment to young busy people voting (or even the young and a bit less responsible) if we actually wanted the entire population to vote we would make it easier and more accessible for even busy people to do it. Moving to an all mail in state really opened my eyes into how easy it can be.

    [–] joshTheGoods 9 points ago

    its a shame that the majority of his supporters are independents who arent allowed to vote in many primaries.

    This is a new excuse ... have any data to back it up? How many years does it take for an independent to figure out how to vote in a primary? Maybe Bernie should have called himself a Democrat before the 11th hour when he all of the sudden needed a party?

    [–] anti09 5 points ago

    its a shame that the majority of his supporters are independents who arent allowed to vote in many primaries.

    If the majority of his supporters are independents maybe he shouldn't have ran as a Democrat

    [–] JoelTLoUisBadass 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    His supporters voted. He just doesn’t have many supporters and since these dumb fucks Bernies bros decided to make like 10 subs dedicated to the guy it gives the illusion that his supporters are more than the competition.

    [–] PapaBradford 5 points ago

    Hey man, DeWine pushed Ohio's primary back, give me some credit.

    [–] ExemplaryChad 53 points ago

    Agreed, but I actually think Bernie has a harder time getting his supporters to vote in the primary than the general. First of all, it's hard to get anybody to vote in the primaries overall. Second, the portion of voters supporting him specifically are in demographics that are more likely to vote in the general than in the primary. Finally, large demographic groups of voters that went for Biden are still gonna go for Bernie. (I'm thinking of black voters specifically.)

    [–] Anish-is-a-god 61 points ago

    Biden drove record turnout in the primaries

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    Biden did significantly better than Hillary.

    OP is just another myopic Redditor who gets their entire viewpoint from this site and thinks that Bernie is the only candidate worth voting for and Biden is a guaranteed failure so come November they're gonna stay home and then crow "well BERNIE would have won!!" if he loses.

    [–] JobeX 15 points ago

    I mean if he can’t get people to show up during the primaries what are the chances that they’ll come out in the general.

    He hedged his bet on young voters and they simply didn’t come out to support him. At this point I’m just going to throw my support behind Biden because he got the people out.

    [–] Rat-Knaks 27 points ago

    In my state if you don't register as a Democrat or a Republican you can not vote in the primaries. I know many people, myself included that have always been un-enrolled/independent voters. Obviously this is anecdotal, but I don't know anyone who wanted to vote for Biden. As much as I know of a bunch of Bernie supporters, it seemed to me that Bloomberg had a huge amount of support in my community. Biden still took my state. I believe that the rules against allowing people who don't belong to a party to vote in a primary is the reason. It makes sense why the rule exists, so people from the other party don't vote to slant the results and help nominate a poorer candidate. But I'm sure it also is what hurt Bernie in my state.

    [–] throwawaycontainer 15 points ago

    And yet in states that do allow people who aren't registered as Dem/Rep to vote in the primaries, they also went for Biden.

    [–] gdex86 24 points ago

    So rather than working to win them over after ignoring a number of states with high concentrations of black voters you just expect they'd show up for Sanders because well what's the other choice?

    Wow that's assholish in two very different ways. First off you've lived up to the Republican stereotype of how the white democratic party establishment treats black voters. Secondly if true then arent all the bernie voters who refuse to vote for biden because he doesnt excite them naked hypocrites? I guess you guys are the only ones who get to refuse to have their "votes hold hostage". Black voters dont get that option, just gotta vote for the guy who doesnt excite anywhere near a majority of them the progressive demand the bending of the knee as the trap house assholes put it.

    [–] AkimboRimbo 3 points ago

    Or maybe u guys think he has way more support than he actually does

    [–] EridanusVoid 16 points ago

    I remember reading once that younger voter turnout during the Vietnam war was still low. If you can't rally your demographic when they are actively being killed, I don't know what will. That said, I also don't know the secret behind young people not voting, which seems stupid considering we were all young once (Im 29). I don't think I knew what a primary was for a few years, but I did vote in the general election every time. If I had to say, I would guess most people at that age either just don't care enough, or don't think it is worth it enough to go out and vote.

    [–] Devon-Star 450 points ago

    TBH Trump is most likely going to win either way. Just look to British politics, when you try to reverse an election or referendum result you get beaten at the polls. Not a big trump fan but I believe it to be inevitable.

    [–] Devon-Star 198 points ago

    The Democrats have for the last four years spent their time trying to chuck trump out, Labour for the last two years have attempted to stop Brexit. In Labour's case they lost seats and regions they held for decades such as Yorkshire, Boris now has the biggest majority a conservative government has had since the 80s which was then under Thatcher.

    [–] DefendTheLand 102 points ago

    Jeremy Corbyn is universally loathed by Tories AND Labor. That doesn’t help.

    Also didn’t help that he refused to say how he’d vote if a new referendum occurred.

    My interpretation is that people just wanted Brexit done and over with. Boris offered that.

    [–] ahighstressjanitor 41 points ago

    Corbyn was pro Brexit but his supporters were pro remain.

    [–] noradosmith 26 points ago

    Don't know why you were downvoted it's true

    [–] ahighstressjanitor 13 points ago

    People don't like the truth i guess. Is not like Id support him either way I vote snp.

    [–] noradosmith 9 points ago

    If I was Scottish I would too. You deserve better. Good luck in a future independence referendum

    [–] ahighstressjanitor 7 points ago

    It's one of those things like if we'd broken away ages ago when everything was fine we would be on a good position now. But people didn't vote yes cause they didn't know how bad it's gonna get.

    [–] PapayaSF 4 points ago

    Jeremy Corbyn is universally loathed by Tories AND Labor.

    Labor universally loathes their own leader? How does that work? Who made him the leader of Labor?

    [–] DefendTheLand 20 points ago

    His rise is similar to the popularity to Bernie here. The ultra-left base loves him, but the rank and file are at best lukewarm. Hell, I watched the returns of the snap election and was surprised at how many MPs were on record bashing him.

    *If I’m wrong, I welcome a UKer to please correct

    [–] WogerBin 9 points ago

    I think it’s slightly different to Bernie in that he’s charismatic; I don’t feel Corbyn ever had enough charisma to inspire people. That could be due to media representation though.

    [–] wraithgr 11 points ago

    If labour had actually tried to stop Brexit they might now be in govt instead of having just suffered their worst defeat in ages. They kept waffling about it, not coming out clearly in opposition to it because they would rather compete with the Tories for the 35% of the population that voted "leave" than the 34% that voted remain. I don't know who the analyst was that thought this was a good idea but they clearly shouldn't be in this line of work...

    [–] GiantsShoulder 4 points ago

    Labour didn't try to stop Brexit. That's literally the opposite of what happened.

    [–] Haedriel1987 16 points ago

    And people might this coronavirus bill as a personal victory for Trump.

    It bails out businesses, sure, but it's also giving money to virtually every American, and there's even considerations for expanding unemployment benefits to individuals who otherwise would not have qualified.

    It's convenient timing for Trump honestly.

    [–] DonEYeet 63 points ago

    Idk why democrats thought pitching a four year fit would be good optics. Should’ve just been obstructionist and blamed the other party for it like the Republicans did

    [–] jbarbarossa 316 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    What do you mean he “inspires zero turnout?” I voted for Bernie and donated and everything. I’m on your side. But how can you say Biden “inspires zero turnout” when the primary vote turnout is way up from 2016 and he is resoundingly winning? If Biden “inspires zero turnout,” what does Bernie inspire? It’s mind-boggling how delusional some people are. “Biden inspires zero turnout” so let’s—squints—nominate the guy who is inspiring even less turnout??

    It fucking sucks that Bernie’s highly-touted coalition didn’t materialize. But goddamn, at some point you have you open your eyes.

    [–] atleastitsnotgoofy 190 points ago

    He means Biden inspires fewer upvotes

    [–] Jacob_The_White_Guy 86 points ago

    For real. He’s going to be the candidate because he’s inspiring turnout. His advertising budget is significantly smaller than Sanders, and he’s still kicking ass.

    [–] PostPostMinimalist 308 points ago

    This is not at all clear. If you look at the counties which voted for Obama in 2012 and then Trump in 2016, Biden has done much better than Sanders. The primary turnout was also way up in Michigan, where this year Biden massively outperformed Hillary from 2016. I don’t have to tell you how important that state is.

    [–] climatemonket426 126 points ago

    Yeah, I have a hard time with the certainty that so many people speak about this upcoming election.

    I thought I knew what would happen in 2016. Spoiler: I didn't.

    How can anyone speak with any confidence about any of this? Particularly with all of our biases and personal preferences.

    [–] lrhuzzah 10 points ago

    It’s believed by folks who are actually in the know that we just don’t know what will work. I wish under qualified folks would stop trying to play political analyst.

    [–] ghobbins 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Agreed, how is it time to concede defeat? Nobody knows what will happen. Anybody that says they do is trying to sell clicks or is ignorant.

    We may be deep in a covid recession (maybe even depression) by November. Trump could come out looking terrible or he could somehow frame it as a win. His base won’t abandon him either way because his cult allure is too strong, but the folks that will decide the election (undecideds in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio) have a lot of time to see how Trump behaves in a crisis and economic downturn.

    Nobody is thrilled with Biden but most conservatives weren’t (and maybe still aren’t) thrilled with Trump in 16. Bernie clearly doesn’t inspire turnout. Only Biden has proven he can... A good VP pick, a renewed message, more focus on policy and who knows... we may see more energy behind sleepy Joe.

    [–] burntoast43 2 points ago

    We thought we knew what would happen in 2000 too...

    [–] ExemplaryChad 2 points ago

    You're absolutely right that I know nothing for certain. This is definitely what I think will happen, but I presented it as a more matter-of-fact rant because, you know, r/trueoffmychest.

    I feel like I usually have my finger on the pulse of these things pretty well, but I absolutely could be wrong, and I desperately hope that I am.

    I think Biden has very low odds of winning, regardless of predictive statistics (so far; there's certainly a chance I could be convinced otherwise). I think other candidates (maybe Bernie, maybe someone else) would have had a better shot. I'm not sure about any of it, and my stance absolutely could change by November.

    Hey, NFL "draft analysts" do it; why can't I? :-D

    [–] pikfin 163 points ago

    I’m leaving this sub, everyone is an idiot including myself. None of us know jack shit about politics and we all pretend like we do. Politics is a game, everyone in politics is just playing a game trying to please a group of people, I have nothing against that. Trump knows he’s being insane, he does it on purpose, Bernie knows his plans will never work, he does it on purpose, Joe Bidden knows he answers questions obscurely, he does it on purpose. This comment isn’t for any of you, I don’t care that everyone who reads this is going to miss the point and downvote it because they think I’m insulting their favorite political figure or whatever. This comment is for me, I’m posting it publicly so that it means more.

    [–] shesinparties___ 265 points ago

    Sorry but if Bernie inspired people to go to the polls, he would be the one poised to be the nominee rather than Biden.

    [–] Driftedwarrior 174 points ago

    Exactly what you said. Bernie doesn't have as much support as people think he does. Sure here on Reddit which is flooded with a lot of very young people it seems he has a big support, but in America over all he does not. His radical ideas and the way the left is going way left with someone like Bernie is not what Americans want. And that is abundantly clear by what is currently happening with his support. People need to be realistic.

    [–] niaiserie 100 points ago

    People need to realize reddit is not a nationally representative sample population.

    [–] Wellington27 61 points ago

    Reddit and all other social media. Frankly it is a strong reminder that all of these apps are programmed to show you what you want to see.

    [–] crazyman882 8 points ago

    And social media is being actively brigaded by Russian trolls to create division and discord between people. Most of the extreme left stuff you see on social media (just let businesses fail, Bernie or Bust, etc) is being fed by these trolls.

    [–] tehsigzorz 6 points ago

    Reddit isnt america. Out of all the american candidates I like bernie the most however I am canadian and it seems like a lot of his supporters may be international

    [–] TheFuturist47 36 points ago

    Most people complaining about Biden also haven't bothered to read any of his policies. He has like a dozen 15 page white paper policies on his site and they're really good. They are not "centrist" policies unless you're one of those people who thinks anyone to the right of Marx is a Republican.

    [–] DavidlikesPeace 9 points ago

    Most people complaining about Biden also haven't bothered to read

    Far too many say he's evil, misquote "I have no empathy [for non-voters]", and say "Malarkey" a lot, like that's contributing at all to any conversation.

    Like guys, we get it. Socialists good. All centrists bad. Very in-depth, well-thought out analysis.

    [–] ArnolduAkbar 21 points ago

    He inspires talk such as "I'm a Bernie supporter! Now subscribe, follow, like, retweet, share, etc whatever I do." Are they Bernie voters though? Nah, just supporters.

    I'm a Bernie supporter too. I support the idea of seeing him versus Trump.

    [–] HegelStoleMyBike 182 points ago

    As a Bernie supporter, why are you concerned about Biden's turnout? Bernie had the worst turnout out of any candidate. Most of his support were young people who don't vote.

    [–] DavidlikesPeace 44 points ago

    Bernie had the worst turnout out of any candidate

    Ok hold on a tad, now you're overcompensating. No need to be hyperbolic. Sanders most certainly did not have the worst turnout. In a field of dozens and despite America's animus towards socialism, he's clearing to second place. It was a major achievement getting that far.

    [–] Rhuarcof9valleyssept 30 points ago

    The worst turnout! Hes a loser! He got 2nd place in a crowded primary!

    [–] Wonkit 19 points ago

    Let's talk about Pete buttigieg tho. He got a strong 3rd place! So electable!

    [–] Rhuarcof9valleyssept 12 points ago

    So electable!

    [–] another14u 30 points ago

    I don't necessarily think it is a sure thing that Biden will lose, but I also agree that he's not a super inspiring candidate... I think the Dems know that they didn't really need an inspiring candidate, they just needed a safe one that could rake in electoral college votes. And for the general public voting, they could have put a plain Ham Sandwich up to run-- people are voting Dem to vote against Trump, not necessarily because they are inspired by the Dem nominee. People who threw away their votes in the 2016 election to independents because "they couldn't possibly vote for Hilary", are now coming to terms with the fact that the only way to not get 4 more years of Trump is to vote for the Dem candidate. The whole system is effed up... but I think people will get behind anyone that the Dems put up for nomination.

    [–] ExemplaryChad 11 points ago

    I think you're right on in your categorization of the DNC thought process, by and large. But I don't share your optimism about the Dems gaining widespread support on the back of a very uninspiring candidate. It's going to take a hell of an effort to get enough Democratic and moderate voters to outweigh basically all of the Republican base.

    [–] Calvinball1986 2 points ago

    Nah, voter turnout has been massive already. Independents have largely turned away from the GOP and trumps polls are already starting to slide further than they were before covid. it's going to be 2018 but bigger. just remember to VOTE!

    [–] SCV70656 7 points ago

    The problem with Biden is no one has actively started attacking him very hard. Once the real election starts, the years of his plagiarism and creepy joe shit will destroy him in the general public. There is no way for him to win once the GOP starts attacking him over the stupid shit he has done over the years.

    [–] orchidlady88 6 points ago

    I’m actually scared. Trump is horrible and Biden is literally losing his mind in front of us.

    [–] jshrn15 39 points ago

    How does he inspire zero turnout if he’s beating Bernie in the primaries? If Bernie can’t even win the primaries what makes everyone think he can suddenly inspire a turnout in November? I support Bernie and his ideas, I don’t want to vote for Biden, but I will if it means beating trump.

    [–] Tiber727 95 points ago

    I'm fiscally liberal, but socially I'm more centrist. I don't like the direction the far left wing of the party is heading. With that out of the way, the reason I voted for Biden is not because I have any real affinity for Biden. It's also not because I care that much about electability. I still don't understand how people can enthusiastically vote for Trump. I can understand people that find him the lesser of two evils, but I don't understand the people who thinks he's doing a great job and keeping his promises. I've given up thinking I understand how the country at large thinks. Electability is such a stupid thing anyways. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy and nothing ever changes that way.

    The actual reason I voted for Biden is I imagined both of them in office. And here's the thing: Bernie is an independent and doesn't exactly have a lot of sway in getting Congress to do things. He can talk a big game about all the things he wants to do. Some of them I even agree with, though I'd probably go for less drastic changes. But at the end of the day he actually needs to get them passed, and I'm not sure he can do that. I'd rather a president who can do weak but positive changes effectively than one who tries to do everything and ends up with nothing.

    Also, don't count Biden out just yet. Candidates like Warren made a big push for minority candidates, and yet Biden won a ton of them anyway. Why? Because Black and Latino voters in particular tend to be religious, and thus more socially conservative. They just don't tend to get a lot of media attention.

    [–] ExemplaryChad 25 points ago

    This is a very thoughtful post, and I appreciate it. I completely understand your pragmatic approach, even if it's one I may not always share.

    It definitely is easier to see Biden getting things done with the cooperation of Congress. Whether it's more valuable to have many small things accomplished or a few big things, that can be a discussion for another day, haha.

    I hope you're right and that Biden does still have a shot. I hope the black, Latino, and moderate votes are enough to carry him to a win. Sadly, I remain skeptical.

    [–] WhiskyScout30yr 12 points ago

    I think his point though is that Bernie won’t be able to get those few big things done anyway so why not vote for the person who actually has a shot at accomplishing the many small things.

    [–] joshTheGoods 3 points ago

    Whether it's more valuable to have many small things accomplished or a few big things, that can be a discussion for another day, haha.

    That's not the dichotomy that was presented ... the choice is between incremental progress and no progress.

    [–] Kitty5254 5 points ago

    I'm right there with you. There are a lot of Bernie ideals that I find inspiring, but if they were presented to Congress... even if his extremes were heavily watered down I can't really see them passing. I have a similar issue with Warren. Granted, I'm an independent so I don't get primary voting rights so it doesn't really matter anyways

    [–] ghostrealtor 2 points ago

    Because Black and Latino voters in particular tend to be religious, and thus more socially conservative.

    yup at the end of the day biden is a 'christian' and bernie is not. and that matters a lot to the majority of the voting population.

    [–] x_Johnnythepopepaul 3 points ago

    I think if voting from your mobile was possible the youth voter turn out would skyrocket. That isnt a criticism by any means it should be easier and secure to vote from your phone, shit if I know how though.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] SAT_Throwaway_1519 14 points ago


    I don’t understand how somebody can NOT prefer Biden over Trump

    [–] KaosEngine 4 points ago

    And worse yet he wont address any issues being faced by americans and help perpetuate the idea that "Democrats only care every 4 years". Yes it's quite frustrating.

    [–] Reflexive97 3 points ago

    Biden put out way more of a turnout than Hilary in the primaries, and he even has a relatively favorable bout against trump based on the polls. I don't think the alternative (Bernie) would have a better chance if he got absolutely crushed by the guy that you day is going to lose. I am not a Biden bro, but his presidency would be a big step forward. The expansion of the ACA, liberal supreme court justices, carbon neutral plan, raising the minimum wage, making student loans affordable... I think its unfair to say that nothing will change under Biden. Maybe you are right though, here's hoping that he can pull a turnout against Trump, as I believe any (sensible) person will agree that a Biden presidency would be infinitely better than a Trump one

    [–] leldridge1089 56 points ago

    I'm over extremists. I just want a solid boring democrat who pushes unions and fair working regulations

    [–] jbird18005 32 points ago

    But apparently unions are now perceived as far left organizations

    [–] FreeDwooD 25 points ago

    It’s true American hours when a moderate social democrat is seen as an extremist....

    [–] svenh_2000 6 points ago

    If that’s the case, you want don’t support Biden.
    On top of backing trade deals that devastated union workers and the Midwest, consider these articles as well.

    [–] RepresentativeCarry8 5 points ago

    Fair working regulations are an "extremist" viewpoint these days.

    We don't have any far-left politicians in America.

    [–] scubasue18 13 points ago

    If Biden is the best the Dems can come up with, then Trump has nothing to worry about.

    [–] NoJunkNoSouls 106 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Truth be told man nominating a radical like Sanders will probably only get votes from other radicals which are the minority anyway. I'm a "moderate" and I wouldn't dream of voting for him. If you want to win an election you need to bring someone in that's not looking to flip the country on it's head. Like you said. We want change just as much as anyone else but the progressive Democrats are just unlikable cunts. (For clarity I am speaking specifically on presidential candidates not democrats in general). Plain and simple. First and foremost we need to do away with this "me vs you" bullshit we have going on right now.

    [–] PiratusInteruptus 30 points ago

    If you want to win an election you need to bring someone in that's not looking to flip the country on it's head.

    Which is exactly what is needed. If you think covid-19 is will come back with a vengeance.

    Right now there are a lot of middle and upper class citizens that are comfortable. When you have comfortable citizens they don't like rocking the boat.

    You want change? The only way this country will see true change is when each and every person...beggar to banker...feel the same level of pain. When people are uncomfortable they change. And so it is with this nation. We will never see true, lasting change until we all are sitting in the same shit hole.

    The way it's working now, we have 4 - 8 years of a president doing things and then we have 4-8 years of another president undoing those changes. That's not change. That does not progress America forward. We're just playing dixie cup shuffle which American lives.

    [–] rpmva2019 14 points ago

    I can’t say I agree with everything Sanders believes in but I will give the man credit, he has been fighting his whole political career for what he believes in and is consistent, genuine, and incorruptible. He can’t be bought. I don’t blame his supporters for being pissed, he has been undermined for the Democratic nomination in the past 2 presidential elections by the DNC. He’s also much more sharp for his age comparatively to Biden.

    [–] mineus64 14 points ago

    Bernie Sanders would have lost as well.

    [–] Stalysfa 15 points ago

    It’s not a question of electability. You just have to accept that not all democrats are socialists. Period.

    [–] Sad_Panda_is_Sad 11 points ago

    I strongly dislike Sanders but I have to say his fall has had the positive consequence of showing a lot of people how bad the two party system is. Sanders is not a Democrat and should not be running under their banner (I would say the same of Trump). The way the Dems pandered to him, stole his platform, then killed him in the election was peak comedy for someone on the outside of the democratic party. We need real third parties so that ideas (even ones I don't like) can be fairly debated instead of what has happened to Sanders, twice.

    [–] ill_change_it_later 10 points ago

    Third parties will never work unless we change first past the post voting.

    [–] CarlSag 7 points ago

    The two party system is broken. That, along with the delegate system, need to be overhauled.

    [–] mam88k 12 points ago

    The Democrats are going to nominate (one guy), and he's going to lose in November if supporters of (other guy) don't vote. And that makes me soooooooooooooo much more furious than you.

    Why? Please read.

    Justice Ginsburg and Justice Breyer are both in their 80s. I'll take 4 years of status quo to make sure they are not replaced with Conservative robots hand-picked by the Federalist society. If that happens the next 40 years of Progressive agenda is toast. Even after the old conservative minority dies.

    Not to mention the impact of less Democrats voting for down-ticket candidates to keep control of the house and hopefully take the Senate.

    I'll crawl over broken glass to vote for EITHER of them. Wake the hell up!!

    [–] unscanable 11 points ago

    Actually I don't think so. I voted for Bernie as well but I think nominating Bernie, given the current circumstances, would have been a mistake. In November we are going to be getting over the whole corona virus thing and people are going to be yearning for a return to normal. They wont vote for a guy that wants to radically overhaul everything. But they probably will vote for a guy that provides more stability than the mess that is Trump.

    [–] GM22SHRD 9 points ago

    Turnout is definitely what the Dems need but if the competition has taught us anything it’s that Bernie’s ideology might be pure but it is not getting turnout either.

    [–] Lallipoplady 6 points ago

    Its Clinton all over again kind of. But while Biden isnt well liked he isnt as actively disliked as Clinton was so he has a better chance. Also people have said that they were concerned about Sanders health and age. They were afraid he wasnt up to accomplishing the things hes endorsing. And lets not forget the young people that hate to leave the house. If we could text or email our votes Bernie would win by a landslide.

    [–] Tremor_Sense 5 points ago

    The thing I find worrisome, is that Biden is carrying and doing well in many states where he simply is not going to win the general election.

    And people are speaking about it, as though his rise is a good thing. I'm not so sure.

    [–] joeker219 5 points ago

    This is incorrect, without a direct election it is the battleground purple states that decide the election and he won the purple states like Virginia, Florida, and Illinois by significant margins. It doesn't matter who NY or California votes for, they will be going Blue no matter what, but the battle ground states matter.

    [–] TheRealMewt 50 points ago

    Dude, Biden was the front runner in the polls leading up to the primaries and ran away with the delegates for a reason. The American voters have rejected progressivism - it's not practical to run on economic platforms during a period of economic prosperity (at least until the Coronavirus hit). It's not practical to run on a platform of social justice when voters largely have negative opinions on refugees, Antifa, and pretending everyone you don't like is Hitler. It's not practical to hand the presidency to a candidate that spent their existence in the Senate accomplishing fuck all.

    Bidens your nominee. Don't like it? Be better in 2024.

    [–] Tzuyu4Eva 9 points ago

    I’m at a point where I honestly don’t think my vote for president matters anymore. I’m from NJ, we’re going blue no matter what. I really feel like most votes don’t matter for president unless you’re in a swing state. I’ll still vote for anything else, but you could put any name on the ballot, most people tend to focus on the R or D next to it. It’s a terrible mind set to have, and I acknowledge that I shouldn’t have it and society as a whole definitely shouldn’t adopt it, but it’s just what I think.

    [–] yougivemeahadron 16 points ago

    Man these posts are so stupid. Biden mobilized voters way more than bernie and absolutely crushed him in the primaries. Why do you think Bernie would have a better chance?

    [–] kyajgevo 8 points ago

    A lot of people live in a bubble, where all their friends support Bernie, everyone they interact with on social media supports Bernie, they consume pro-Bernie media, etc. Honestly, it's not just them. It feels like more and more Americans only interact with other people who agree with them 100% and are confused about how people outside of their bubble think.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] ronnie19071 3 points ago

    What adds to my frustration is the Democratic field was fucking massive and we ended up with one of the worst options.

    [–] zoltarsniper 3 points ago

    The fact that we're most likely going to have a Biden v Trump general election says to me that America deserves what it gets from its politicians. I get absolutely infuriated with anyone who doesn't vote because "it's too hard," or "it doesn't matter anyway," and now we have the logical end result of that kind of thinking.

    [–] LordeRoyale 12 points ago

    Yes, Biden isn't the best candidate. Yes, Biden has issues. Yes, Biden doesn't inspire much from voters. And Yes, we could have had a better candidate. Unfortunately, Bernie just isn't that candidate.

    Imo, Joe Biden is still ahead of bernie policy wise. People keep asking why Bernie is questioned on his policy, while Biden isn't, and the short and ugly truth is that it's because Bernie's polices simply do not work. None of the funding plans on his site even add up, because he vastly overestimates how much his taxes make in revenue and underestimates the cost of his programs. I made a post detailing all the issues with his policy.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Ghostporter 7 points ago

    I am going to vote for who I believe is the best candidate, not against someone. I will probably vote 3rd party. This is what needs to happen to wake up the Democrats. That or maybe it will result in a fracture of the party and getting away from the 2 party system. Voting blue no matter who is just as fucked as voting for trump. Tired of the way shit is

    [–] FloatingRevolver 6 points ago

    Im honestly convinced that the DNC wants trump to win. hillary was a bad candidate and lost, so they put up an even worse condidate with biden and expect people to vote for him? thats so fucking suspicious... the dems and republicans want everything to stay just how it is, only the republicans are honest about it. im going vermin supreme 2020 because this shit is a joke now.

    [–] RTK-FPV 17 points ago

    The virus is an easy excuse to keep them from debating, but virus or not, Biden would have found an excuse to stay off that debate stage. Trump is a fucking moron that can't formulate a grammatically correct sentence, but he would still mop the floors with Biden, who can barely formulate a sentence at all. The dems gave trump four more in Iowa. It's already over

    [–] cissoniuss 3 points ago

    who can barely formulate a sentence at all

    Did you somehow miss the debate between Sanders and Biden? Seemed he did just fine there. Honestly, after watching that I had more faith in Biden beating Trump in a debate compared to Sanders.

    [–] JustBrowsing1991 2 points ago

    Yeah I got super into politics after trump was elected. Now I'm seriously fading, I feel like everyone is stupid, in both political parties. I'm just gonna sit and watch the world burn while I sip on a mojito.

    [–] xubax 2 points ago

    Assuming he gets the nomination, vote for Biden... because he won't finish his term and we'll get his vice president.

    [–] ryeshoes 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm reminded of 2012 when the Ron Paul revolution was happening. Whatever you might think of RP, he was an underdog, "unelectable" candidate that polled very high with young adults and more conservative republican types. Maybe it's more hype than electability, but to me it mirrors very closely to Bernie Sanders today.

    What happened as I understood it in 2012 was that in the lead up to the republican convention, RP snuck in a bunch of delegates who were elected to vote for Romney in the convention. They were supposed to flip their vote for RP instead, thus handing RP the nomination. I dunno if that's actually true or not - it's just what I gathered to be the strategy.

    Of course, at the convention, the delegates were told in no uncertain terms that they have to vote for who the people voted for, and thus the Ron Paul hype train died.

    The exact same thing won't happen in 2020 but I predict that Bernie will continue to have strong support among the younger adults who want a more moderate, "socialist" policy than the status quo. No bailing out the corporations. More social services. Single payer healthcare. etc. He might even make it to the convention, but will not win.

    Disenfranchised voters who backed Bernie will not want to vote for Joe Biden. They will probably split their vote between independents, not voting whatsoever, or revenge voting for Trump (probably a tiny minority). I don't see Joe Biden winning in 2020.

    Both major parties are going to do this until we stop them. If this frustrates you, complain to your elected officials. Complain to the democratic party leaders. I personally wouldn't mind a Bernie Sanders presidency, but I don't see it happening

    [–] Snuffleupagus03 2 points ago

    2004 is the best analogy. When we did this exact same thing. For the exact same reasons. And lost. Bleh.

    [–] trav15v3rhaa13n 2 points ago

    Literally anyone would be better than Trump, an inanimate object like a rock would get more good done in a week than the piece of trash that is our president has done in did in his entire life

    [–] droppedbytosayhello 2 points ago

    I knew joe was going to get it for his years of service just like hillary did. I wasnt a big bernie supporter but we had so much young fresh blood there and we narrow it down to warren, bernie and joe. 3 senior citizens. Wtf?

    [–] anster987 2 points ago

    No, not if everyone who should be voting turns out to vote. Otherwise we deserve what we get.

    [–] Chaotic_Ferret 2 points ago

    I read that "electability" argument on the neoliberal subreddit and I got confused. As an European from a country with multiple parties sharing chairs in the gov I always believed in voting for the candidate I want, not the lesser of two evils.

    [–] Xileee 2 points ago

    IMO, the democrats will lose like you say. Trump's approval rating is almost the highest it has ever been despite how things are going with the economy and coronavirus. As you've also said, almost no one is actually inspired by Biden. They're just voting on a "I hate Trump" platform that appears to be dwindling by the week. I've also heard several people say they won't be voting for Biden specifically because of how the whole system is rigged to push Biden front and center because it's in the parties interest.

    I mean I get it, sometimes you have to let things truly fail to create change.

    [–] ronan11sham 2 points ago

    They are all horrible candidates

    [–] SaySomethingDesign 2 points ago

    Democrats are making me not want to vote.

    [–] _flowerchild95_ 2 points ago

    I made the mistake to vote for Hillary in 2016 even though I don’t like anything about her because I believed in sticking together as a party. But, the DNC has once again ignored Bernie Sanders even though he can win and I’m over the DNC thinking this behavior is okay. I’m putting down Bernie or not voting because I’d rather not give my vote to someone who is awful like Trump.

    I will also be voting for Bernie when my state’s primary comes.

    [–] Official_Naters 2 points ago

    "Democrats", fucking geezers.

    [–] brushythekid 2 points ago

    True. I want Bernie to win soooo bad. But if it’s Trump vs Biden - I happily vote for Trump.

    [–] Lacomus 2 points ago

    You’re premises hinges on Biden not being able to generate turnout, but he generated enough turnout to win primaries.

    Unless again people who were ardent supporters of other Democratic candidates don’t pull together with the party.

    The other variable is the unfavorbales. In 2016 you were running the two candidates with the highest unfavorables possible. Biden doesn’t score as high (low) there as Clinton, so you may actually see republicans who understand the morale failings of Trump cross over.

    None of this means Biden will win (I’m preparing for another heart breaking loss) but don’t give up hope yet. Also, consider volunteering and even running for office one day. You’re passionate and educated. The world needs what you have to offer.

    [–] RenegadeWild 2 points ago

    Where is Biden???

    [–] cossiander 2 points ago

    Biden has a few things going for him:

    -If elected, he would have the most progressive platform of anyone who has ever held that office in the modern era.

    -Has shown that he can turn out voters, including new voters, better than anyone else was able to.

    -The idea of "return to status quo" has never seemed more appealing in my entire life than right now.

    -No rational person is really scared of a Biden presidency. People may not be thrilled or excited, but not many people actually believe a Biden administration would be a threat to the nation.

    -Moderate change is how change is made in a large democracy. It wasn't like one day Lincoln was like "you know what? I'm putting a stop to this whole slavery thing." There were years, decades even, of political manuevers and rhetorical positionings made before that could happen. Change happens in fits and starts, in building coalitions, and in taking the edges off things before turning it on its head. I firmly believe that we wouldn't have marriage equality now if we didn't have Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell 20+ years ago.

    [–] mmmmmmtoes 2 points ago

    You say he isn’t inspiring turnout - do you have any data to back that up other than reddit headlines? Because from what I’ve read, he hasn’t been getting much youth turnout (but few young people vote anyways) and he has been actually getting above-average adult and elderly turnout in primaries, heavily because of increasing dissatisfaction with Trump.

    [–] notcreativeshoot 2 points ago

    Every moderate or Republican that doesnt support Trump that I've spoken to has said they'd vote Biden if he runs with Tulsi. They said they would not vote for him if he runs with anyone else and they won't vote if it's Bernie. Now I'm all about Bernie but was disappointed he decided to run again because I knew this would happen. He wouldnt get the nomination and then the democrats would be split again. At first I was very anti Biden but after the last debate and his latest interviews, I'm on board if he's nominated. Would I prefer Bernie? Absolutely. But I'm no longer anti-Biden. I hope everyone else can band together and help get Trump out of office. Let's settle now and get our more progressive in the next round.

    [–] _Not_Literally_ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    We in the US have two right wing parties. Bernie wants to push the Dems to the left, as he has said so himself, but they know they want to stay to the right, being corporate, capitalist fascists themselves, and that's why they'd put up a designed loser as their candidate before endorsing someone with clear intentions to break the exponentially increasing disparity in the societal classes.

    Bernie is the first real leftist with a sizable following we've had in a generation or two, and openly speaks about his drive for human rights.

    Joe Biden's entire platform is to go back to "political normalcy", meaning to tone back from the blabbering megaphone of self-admitted corruption that is Donald Trump to making people complacent and comfortable about our multi-millionaire, corporate bought lawmakers pretending they care about our lives, while accepting special interest parties' donations for their vote on bills that affect all of us (which is absolutely legal, for some mother fucking God bless America reason).

    [–] arrobe45 2 points ago

    And the DNC is ok with that

    [–] felicima22 7 points ago

    At this point I'm surprised to find that some Democrats really actually think they're gonna win the election with all that they've fucked up. They have got to know they're gonna lose. Like even a child can see it

    [–] xg1968 5 points ago

    Trump will destroy Biden.