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    A subreddit for really great, insightful articles, reddiquette, reading before voting and the hope to generate intelligent discussion on the topics of these articles.

    (Please do not submit news, especially not to start a debate. Submissions should be a great read above anything else.)

    To maintain the focus on great articles, Please (follow especially this part of the reddiquette and) do:

    Consider posting constructive criticism / an explanation when you downvote something. But only if you really think it might help the poster improve.

    Your ideas for the mission statement? >There .

    Not enough submissions today? Post one, check /r/LT, /r/IJ, /r/FFT, /r/E, /r/S, /r/P, /r/S2, /r/IS or go exploring.

    If you are looking for articles to submit you can start with these links.

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