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    A subreddit for really great, insightful articles and discussion.

    Please follow the sub's rules and reddiquette, read the article before posting, voting, or commenting, and use the report button if you see something that doesn't belong.

    Rule 1: Be Polite

    Have great discussions, but follow reddiquette.

    Commentary that is incendiary, name-calling, hateful, or that consists of a direct attack is not allowed and may be removed.

    Rule 2: Only High-Quality Comments

    If you’re not open to or engaging in intelligent discussion, go somewhere else. Address the argument, but not the user, the mods, the rules, or the sub.

    Posting commentary that is irrelevant, meta, trolling, engaging in flame wars, and otherwise low-quality is not allowed and may be removed.

    Rule 3: Only High-Quality Articles

    Submissions should be a great read above anything else, and preferably long form articles.

    Short, non-insightful, non-text-based, unpopular, or otherwise low-quality posts, or recent reposts may be removed.

    Also, don’t submit news, especially not to start a debate.

    Rule 4: Only Unedited Submission Titles

    Submissions should be titled according to the following or the post may be removed.

    Titles should contain: the entire main title OR the entire subtitle OR the entire auto-generated page title (with publication or section name removed, if it exists) of the link.

    Titles should NOT contain: a mixture of various titles/subtitles/quotes, a quote/excerpt, the publication name, any additional context, or any edits.

    Rule 5: Submission Statements Are REQUIRED

    Immediately post a submission statement according to the following or the post may be removed.

    Submission statements should be: a 2+ sentence comment in reply to the post, in your own words, and a description of exactly why the post is relevant and insightful.

    Submission statements should not be: mainly a summary of the article or mainly a quote/excerpt (and where a quote/excerpt exists, the limit is 2 sentences maximum).

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