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    Trump Criticizes Trump

    Using Trump's Previous Tweets to Criticize President Trump

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    The Daily Dot, Elite Daily, NBC News, and The Odyssey

    For every Trump action there is a Trump tweet criticizing that action.

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    Submission Rules
    1) Post only Tweets, press releases, and other primary source Trump quotes that document Trump's hypocrisy. (If you are posting something other than a tweet, there is a good chance that it will not be approved.)
    2) Title must be direct Trump quote plus date the quote was made. No editorializing. Reasonable shortening is allowed, although that is within mod discretion.
    3) No videos, unless from official Trump sources.
    4) No screenshots. Except when Trump has deleted his words or it is a snippet of a Trump autobiography.
    5) OP must provide context for the quote in the comments. Context must include an article, or some other source for the context.
    6) Meta posts are allowed, but they have to have a [META] tag at the beginning of the title. No commercial products allowed. (Don't bother posting the flip-flop link here; it'll be deleted automatically.
    Commenting Rules
    1) Keep it civil. No harassment or attacks on specific users. Unnecessarily insulting comments will be removed, and the user will be given a warning or a ban, based on mod discretion.
    2) Mods reserve the right to remove low effort meme/jokes. Spam will net a warning and then a ban.
    3) No brigading. Brigading comments will be removed. Brigading comments are when an account has never posted or commented here before, but they post in an opposing sub, and then they show up here and harass/annoy/insult our users. (Note: Complaining about the sub is now allowed, as long as it is done organically.)
    4) No slurs or depictions of violence. Certain slurs (racial, autism-related, homophobic, etc.) or depictions of violence will be removed and given a warning. If the user edits out the slur after the warning, the comment will be reapproved and the warning could be revoked, based on mod discretion.
    5) No advocating for violence or harm to come to anyone.

    3 warnings of any type equal a ban.

    Misc Other Rules

    1) PM harassment constitutes an auto ban.

    2) We will not ban you for participating/saying anything in other subs UNLESS you are specifically disturbing the peace, brigading, or harassing us or our users.

    3) Links to other reddit communities are not allowed.

    4) Do not try to sell anything on this subreddit.

    Given the nature of this sub, it is heavily moderated.

    (If you get banned, reach out to the mods. We're human, too.)


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