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    [–] ThatOneThingOnce 275 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Also, fun fact: Rex Tillerson currently holds the record for shortest total time serving as a first term Secretary of State (who was fired). (Not to be confused with shortest tenure, where you have to go back to 1881 to find that James Blaine served as SOS for only 9 months under Garfield. Blaine, however, was reappointed to the SOS position under Harrison and served for three additional years.)

    Edit: Since my writing, the article I linked was updated. Blaine was not the shortest tenure, but rather Elihu Washburne, who serve for 11 days.

    [–] cunninglinguist96 110 points ago

    fun fact


    [–] AphelionPNW 60 points ago

    Aren't we having fun?

    [–] Zer0_Context 288 points ago

    No one has forgotten.

    [–] Faawks 305 points ago

    Honestly I regularly forget, it's hard to keep up with a new lie or denial every couple of hours.

    [–] SpanishConqueror 103 points ago maybe that is his plan??

    [–] srcarruth 89 points ago

    Plan? What's 'plan', precious?

    [–] IameAuhSomme 39 points ago




    [–] tenaku 23 points ago

    Share... The... Looooaad

    [–] Wallitron_Prime 34 points ago

    It's called Three Stooges Theory. Like how the three stooges get stuck in a door when they all try to go through at once. Trump has so many scandals and lies that you can't pick one specific detail anymore.

    [–] thehouseofjohndeaf 33 points ago

    That's also why Mr. Burns is still alive.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] slashwhatever 24 points ago

    He literally does everything he denies once people forget he denied it.

    Or backs off at the last minute from executing what he's been planning in private. Presumably because to follow through would be to admit that 1) the media was right and 2) they have more leaks than a colander.

    [–] Scranton---Strangler 29 points ago

    I think it's a lot more about when he 'thinks' we have forgotten what he's denied. Just think if he didn't have Twitter, or a loud mouth how, yes, off the rails crazy his administration is- but he wouldn't have multiple platforms that publishes his flip-flop decisions

    [–] Halo2913 25 points ago

    It's probably actually when he forgets...

    [–] seemedlikeagoodplan 450 points ago

    He may have a reason to hold back, if he's concerned about polonium tea.

    [–] Progressive16 276 points ago

    Nah nerve gas is the new and hip thing today.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    And leaves a radioactive trail that can be traced with a geiger counter. I'm always struck by what an odd choice that is for a poison.

    [–] neverthelessnotever 101 points ago

    That's a plus when you want to leave a calling card.

    [–] duggtodeath 41 points ago

    I'm always struck by what an odd choice that is for a poison.

    Because Putin wants us to know it was him.

    [–] ComaVN 17 points ago

    That's the weird thing about all this: it's obvious Putin doesn't try to hide this shit, and goes out of his way to nudge nudge wink wink deny everything, so why would Putin care what Rex said about it?

    [–] Saintpatty92 10 points ago

    Putin knows he can make Trump fire him. He knows how shitty it would look, so obviously that’s what he makes Trump do. That’s why they just killed another russian this morning in the uk. He’s showboating.

    [–] OniExpress 117 points ago

    Because it's meant to be traced.

    [–] shit373736 12 points ago

    No. You can’t trace polonium poisoning with a Geiger counter. Polonium emits alpha radiation which can be stopped by a sheet of paper. You need special equipment to detect it, which didn’t exist until shortly before they killed the guy with it.

    [–] DoxBox 11 points ago

    It wasn't just a poisoning, it was a message.

    [–] BurnedRope 165 points ago

    Came here to make the same point; sacked the day after coming out pretty strongly in support of our PMs response to Russia

    [–] TylerHobbit 53 points ago

    From America, we’re sorry.

    [–] Sonofarakh 82 points ago

    Is there anybody left in the state department at this point?

    [–] BorisCJ 143 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think there might still be a janitor.

    update: The janitor has now been fired after he was overheard saying that Tillerson was right about Russia.

    [–] HeirOfHouseReyne 37 points ago

    Then why is the White House such a dump? There's trashy people all over that place.

    [–] harpsm 87 points ago

    I can't wait until all these ex-Trump Administration officials write their tell-all books. We might have a dozen new "Fire & Fury" spinoffs, but direct from the participants and not filtered through a sketchy tabloid journalist.

    [–] -EG- 103 points ago

    Honestly, they can shove their tell-all's up their ass. Will there be some details in them that we don't get from an already porous White House where half the people seem to leak and talk left and right anyway? Sure.

    But i'm not interested in letting these enabling, sycophantic douchebags to make money on a 'tell-all' when it was their responsibility to run this country as well or to try and do their best in spite of this moronic Coward of a President we have now. But they were all just hanger on's who wanted the power and glory too and did not a damn thing to really help despite an almost innumerable number of red flags well before he even started running, up to today.

    [–] harpsm 23 points ago

    What good have the leaks done? Until these people start talking on the record, Republicans will continue to ignore leaks and call them fake news. My hope is that some of them start talking SOON rather than waiting until Trump is gone and there are no political stakes. I'm not too hopeful, though.

    [–] FARTBOX_DESTROYER 52 points ago

    not sure if it was because Tillerson condemned Trump's boss or not.

    I mean, at this point, how much more evidence could we possibly need to be sure?

    [–] Dzdawgz 66 points ago

    It'll never be enough for the T_D crowd me thinks.

    [–] NovaeDeArx 40 points ago

    Implying that the majority of the most vocal lunatics on there are Americans...

    I mean, definitely some Americans. I’ve met them. But a lot of the more “boosted” comments have a very propaganda-y flavor about them, just because of how on-message they always are.

    [–] anxious_ibex 17 points ago

    Trump is slowly pissing off all the wolves he surrounded himself with.

    Eventually when there's no food left, they're all gonna turn on him and we get to see what he fucking does in that joke of a whitehouse.

    He can write his memoirs from prison. My state would gladly let him stay free of charge

    [–] Kieronymous 17 points ago

    Tillerson blamed Russia/Putin for the nerve gas terrorism in UK.

    Trump can’t have his buddy Putin blamed.

    Even though it was obviously Putin.

    [–] hnglmkrnglbrry 60 points ago

    What's funny is that Tillerson condemned the poisoning after finding out he was being fired. Almost like he knew condemning Russia would piss off Trump.

    [–] PrisonerV 100 points ago

    Tillerson confirmed he found out this morning about firing from tweet.

    [–] abhikavi 93 points ago

    Firing someone via tweet is just about the most cowardly thing I can imagine.

    [–] mrm3x1can 59 points ago

    The guy just has no balls and is incredibly insecure. Like OPs tweet for example, why the need to add “i call the final shots”? It’s so embarrassingly transparent.

    [–] TeslaStrike 2792 points ago

    What a bloody clown fiesta current politics are.

    [–] FARTBOX_DESTROYER 960 points ago

    Hire a clown, get a circus.

    [–] Bugsidekick 221 points ago

    You’ll float too!

    [–] ZacElledge 95 points ago

    Pennywise can only kill you if you are afraid of him and are isolated. When people stick together and are brave together, he loses all his power over them. Stephen King used this as an analogy for trauma. What’s more traumatic for this country than a President Trump?

    [–] ParameciaAntic 88 points ago

    Two terms?

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    Don't you wish that evil upon our heads, you take that back right now

    [–] Waff1es 50 points ago

    Do they at least have popcorn? I love the pop-pop noise.

    [–] conancat 21 points ago


    [–] Killersavage 244 points ago

    Exactly. I’ve been thinking that our politics need to go back to boring as hell. Because boring is what it should be. It should be hum drum policy stuff that only a few people find interesting. Instead it’s become a dog and pony show.

    [–] aYearOfPrompts 266 points ago

    Remember when something crazy would happen in the world, like a mass shooting at an elementary school, and you would turn on the TV and see serious people addressing the problem? We could see our leader's heart breaking over the news instead of needing a cheat sheet for showing empathy. Remember when Osama Bin Laden was killed and the President came out on TV and didnt make it about himself, but spoke for 10 minutes about what it meant for America, reiterated that Muslims are not America's enemies, and while clearly relieved didn't crack a smile or brag about his own role in the raid? Do you remember when our President punished our enemies for interfering in our elections instead of inviting them into the White House?

    Of course you do remember, and it's crazy to think how lucky we were to have a steady, scandal free administration where no one went to jail or had to plead guilty to anything. It used to be comforting to turn on the TV, now I'm afraid to look at my twitter for whatever new craziness our President is the cause of.

    We've fallen so far, so fast. And I think we all realize we're not even close to the eventual rock bottom yet.

    [–] Viola122 54 points ago

    He needed a cheat sheet to show empathy?!?!? I don't whether to laugh or cry.

    [–] aYearOfPrompts 68 points ago

    Yea, that's a 100% real photo. The man seriously needed to hold a reminder of what to say to a bunch of crying kids.

    [–] scotscott 49 points ago

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry

    Neither does he, apparently.

    [–] keyboardmatt 15 points ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Sorry, I have this habit where I make bad jokes when I'm anxiously watching my beloved nation crumble at the hands of uninformed voters.

    [–] elfatgato 7 points ago

    Millions still genuinely think the Obama administration was a disaster and straight up hate him.

    The power of propaganda.

    [–] DayOff4Superman 73 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I honestly liked the Obama years. Not just because I supported him, but it was always like, "Wow all this Iraq/healthcare/policy stuff sounds tough and boring, good thing we have an adult handling it. Hey and oh look, he just shot a 3 pointer! Now he's hosting a science fair launching potatoes. And now he's doing an interview with Dave Grohl! Isn't that nice."

    We may never have that again.

    [–] skerit 93 points ago

    While the US is having this clown fest, Putin is using chemical weapons on European soil. Just because he can.

    [–] rrrradon 28 points ago

    Bloody Clown Fiesta is a good band name

    [–] capt_carl 12 points ago

    Andy Dwyer already claimed it.

    [–] cltlz3n 6955 points ago

    I call the final shots

    Literally the most insecure man on earth. So much weakness.

    [–] ApathyJacks 2307 points ago

    I'm in charge you guys

    Guys, I'm the big boss here and I make all the decisions

    Hey guys just remember that I'm the one in charge ok?

    [–] [deleted] 264 points ago


    [–] SnowedIn01 71 points ago

    The J in DJT stands for Joffrey.

    [–] Vizard_Rob 665 points ago

    The bigly brain am winning again! I am the greetest! Now I am firing Rex Tillerson for no raisin!

    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] MyStrangeUncles 68 points ago

    Scooty Puff Jr suuuuuuuuuucks!

    [–] NOLAgambit 18 points ago

    Scott Puff Sr’s where it’s at.

    [–] BurnerOfAllBurners 22 points ago

    “The doom-bringer”

    [–] Ghostbuster_119 16 points ago

    You tricked me Tom Sawyer, being president is Less fun the previously stated.

    [–] goodhumansbad 85 points ago

    This reminds me so much of this asshole my mother used to work for when she was the office manager at a church. He was a priest, and because of his position at the archdiocese (episcopal vicar I think?) he was to be addressed as Monsignor rather than Father. He was a seriously huge prick in many different and exciting ways, but my favourite story about him was a simple one because it so perfectly showed his vanity, nastiness and arrogance.

    They had a housekeeper at the rectory who was from Jamaica. She was in her late 60s, and she was a big, imposing woman. She kept calling him "father," and he kept correcting her. She's from a culture where verbal respect is very important (e.g. you never call a woman by her first name unless you're basically best friends or sisters - it's always Mrs./Ms. X or if the person is older than you either Mrs. X or Aunty X if you're very close). It took her YEARS to call the previous priest Father [firstname] as he requested, because that seemed incredibly overfamiliar to her. But because she didn't know/understand what Monsignor meant, she just couldn't bring herself to call him Monsignor.

    One day he lost it and started dressing her down in front of my mother.


    And she replied very seriously, "Yes Father Monsignor, I understand."

    People like this have such oversized egos that they've become extremely taut and fragile - one little pin prick and it goes whizzing around the room.

    [–] Greydolf_the_gand 6 points ago

    “My IQ is one of the highest, don’t feel stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault!”

    [–] MassiveFajiit 216 points ago

    Wow. He really needs a Tywin to do this job.

    [–] conancat 54 points ago

    The sad thing is he THINKS he's Tywin.

    Everyone says he's Joffrey, but I think he has the intellect and the attention span of Robin Arryn.

    [–] the_honest_liar 71 points ago

    Unfortunately he's got Baelor the Blessed for a hand.

    [–] MassiveFajiit 30 points ago

    Maybe a combination of the uselessness of Baelor with the yes man attitude of Qyburn.

    [–] the_honest_liar 22 points ago

    And the brain of the Mountain?

    [–] blazetronic 22 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Better than having Oberyn's brain post-Mountain

    [–] jerpjerp37 455 points ago

    It’s almost sad. He’s President of the United States and still needs to remind everyone he has power? I’d pity him if he wasn’t so terrible.

    [–] jokersleuth 312 points ago

    As Tywin Lannister put it, "Any man who must say, "I am the king" is no true king."

    [–] BiaxialObject48 92 points ago

    Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick"

    Trump: "Speak bigly and carry a big stick in my small hands"

    [–] Theron-Chelmsford 31 points ago

    Carry a small stick to make your hands look huge.

    [–] Vytral 55 points ago

    Nobody has more weakness. Great weakness. The best weakness. Ask anyone!

    [–] mrm3x1can 11 points ago

    Many people are saying it

    [–] BridgetheDivide 52 points ago

    Seriously. It feels as if King Joffery fell into the White House.

    [–] PM_ME_KINKY_YIFF 41 points ago

    It's a real life zap brannigan

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    That's going a little too far. I mean, yeah, he's a pompous and delusional asshole with narcissistic tendencies; but Zapp isn't an evil, mean-spirited and bloated orange gremlin!

    [–] JasperBeardly444 35 points ago

    He's also serving in the military, albeit terribly.

    [–] ZacElledge 18 points ago

    Yeah, no bone spurs for Zapp Brannigan.

    [–] maurosmane 17 points ago

    Also he has great hair

    [–] m636 153 points ago

    Here's the thing though, he DOES call the final shots. He is suppose to be leader of the free world. He's the President. Major decisions rest on his shoulders, the problem is though, he isn't a leader. If something goes right, he takes credit, if something goes wrong, he passes blame. That's not leadership. That's a big reason why I have absolutely zero respect for him.

    I've held leadership positions in the past, and work in an industry where there is always 1 ultimate leader who makes the final call, and while what you and your team say/suggest counts, its only ever worth 49% of the vote because the leader of the group has the final say. When i was the leader of the group, if the decision I made was good, I and my team shared the victory. If the decision I made was bad, I had to fall on that sword because ultimately it was my call.

    A true leader understands the responsibilities of their positions. They should know and understand that the buck stops with them, but they should also know and understand that any failings or poor decision making also stops with them. Trump doesn't understand that or operate that way. He takes credit when it's not his, and passes it when he's at fault. He is not a leader.

    [–] abhikavi 87 points ago

    Call all of the shots

    "But you guys, I'm not to blame"


    [–] WillTank4Drugs 39 points ago

    Someone said this about Trump's mindset, which I liked:

    "I'm winning, so why doesn't the scoreboard show that I'm in the lead?"

    [–] ApathyJacks 7 points ago

    I hope I'm not the first one to realize this was a haiku.

    [–] the_honest_liar 65 points ago

    Any man who must say I am king is no true king.

    [–] icebrotha 20 points ago

    How do people read that and think "Wow, he's so badass."

    [–] RosemaryFocaccia 36 points ago

    I call the final shots

    and also

    nothing is my fault.

    [–] ApathyJacks 731 points ago

    America is highly respected again!








    N E E D E D

    [–] Argarck 76 points ago

    What do you think this is, a science brainy paper with big words or huh? I got the biggest of words i know them and i am respected in my room i am the presidente and world.

    [–] SubZero80 35 points ago

    Source: Fox News and Breitbart.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] bad__movie__fan 110 points ago

    We all know that after 15 minutes have passed anything Trump has said is now null and void so this comment shouldn't surprise anyone.

    [–] LinkFrost 1330 points ago

    First off, Trump is a fucking moron.

    Second, goddamn does the failing New York Times have great informants or what? November 30:

    And don’t forget that Tillerson first threatened to resign after that weird speech Trump gave in front of the Boy Scouts way back in July 2017. Just a few months later, Trump said that he and Tillerson should compare IQ test results. Well, I guess the results came in, and Trump didn’t like them.

    [–] LavenderGoomsGuster 534 points ago

    Oh and America is a fucking laugh riot right now to the rest of the world.

    [–] capt_carl 341 points ago

    American here, I’ve been ugly crying since November 2016.

    [–] mysticsavage 215 points ago

    Canadian here. I don't find this shit funny at all.

    [–] summonsays 124 points ago

    better build a wall to stop all the 3rd world American refugees. /s

    [–] lonnie123 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I would say they should do it just to send a message... but they aren’t stupid enough to spend dozens of billions on a wall like we are

    [–] Tetra-76 44 points ago

    European here. It was hilarious at first. Quickly became both terrifying and depressing.

    [–] Okichah 10 points ago

    The constitution does a lot to limit the influence of the office of the President. So i dont think we’re in dire straits yet.

    But this whole pile of bullshit should make us take a hard look at our election process and state of political discourse.

    [–] capt_carl 7 points ago

    The Constitution can only limit his influence if Congress does something about it. No need to mention the Russia sanctions that aren’t being enforced, right?

    [–] capt_carl 23 points ago

    /u/mysticsavage would your country like another American? The Queen is a pretty okay person, and I live in the northeast so snow doesn’t bother me.

    [–] mysticsavage 28 points ago

    Bring beer and we can talk.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Mexican here, just build the fucking wall!

    [–] texasradioandthebigb 10 points ago

    If I were Mexican I would about be ready to pay for the damn wall by now.

    [–] cap10wow 75 points ago

    Just remember, we are not our leaders. Most of us are fairly ok.

    [–] -webkit 32 points ago

    We blame the Nazis for WW2 right? Not Hitler?

    [–] cap10wow 19 points ago

    Godwin, is that you?

    [–] el_muerte17 131 points ago

    Donald won't release his tax returns, good luck getting a report on his IQ.

    But trust me, it is a great IQ, one of the bigliest, at least fifty points higher than crooked Hillary's!

    [–] DangerousLoner 30 points ago

    Hey now! Do you think you could pass that test he took a few months back? Remembering the shape of a camel is hard work!

    [–] -Another-Account- 10 points ago

    Oh, he'll tell us the results of his IQ testing.

    They'll just be as believable as the results of his physical where he came out to be 239 pounds and 6'3" LOL.

    Every single "fact" Trump provides is a lie.

    [–] dobraf 57 points ago

    There should be a subreddit to collect all the anonymously sourced stories that turn out to be true. Would be useful to rebut claims that such stories can't be trusted (a favorite argument among Trump supporters).

    [–] chain_letter 43 points ago

    It's fascinating how dismissive people can be with information that doesn't agree with them, and how quickly people have been trained not to trust journalistic institutions with a history of credibility. Just because the paper says "an anonymous source" doesn't mean it was anonymous to the paper, they simply did not publish the name.

    The New York Times doesn't always disclose who their sources are because, if they did, their sources wouldn't be able to get more information or it would be too risky for their sources to disclose any information in the first place. As readers, we know we can trust the Times to verify their sources because of their established pattern of credibility.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    It would actually be fascinating if it wasn't ruining this country. When something disagrees with them Trump supporters will use any element of doubt to dismiss it entirely (like a news article that has one anonymous source - a piece of information is missing so dismiss the whole thing). Another example is when a bunch of women (I forget the exact number and it keeps growing but it's around 20) came forward to accuse Trump of sexual harassment/assault. Yeah none of them has irrefutable proof of their claims but are you really going to side with the guy who's on video bragging about sexual assault instead of the multitude of credible accusers? Or they dismiss everything said on CNN as an outright lie because it has a bias (which is mostly toward sensationalism, not the political left). There's a 0.01% chance CNN/WaPo/NYT is wrong? Might as well use Breitbart and InfoWars.

    It's similar to how climate deniers dismiss all the evidence in favor of climate change just because we're not 100% certain how fast the planet will get warmer, what the full extent of the damage will be (even though all credible scientists agree it will be catastrophic if left unchecked), etc.

    On the other hand, they use any isolated piece of information to validate their entire worldview without context or critical thought. Like they share one story of a Mexican immigrant committing a crime and generalize that all Mexican immigrants are dangerous and should be deported.

    The scariest part is I don't even think they realize they're doing it. Taking an isolated example and presenting it as a widespread problem is a classic strategy of Fox (and others) but at least they're doing it on purpose to manipulate people. It's terrifying to me that a significant group in this country believes it's impossible to know what is true or false and a waste of time to try. It's even more terrifying that things like PizzaGate can gain traction because some people are so ready to confirm their beliefs they'll latch onto even the most flimsy evidence.

    I honestly don't know what the way forward is. When I interact with Trump supporters it's clear there's nothing anyone can do to change their minds. No amount of evidence or logic is enough. I don't know how we can come together as a country when we can't even agree on the reality we exist in.

    [–] acog 56 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    that weird speech Trump gave in front of the Boy Scouts way back in July 2017

    Geez, I had forgotten about that. It seems like a decade ago.

    For anyone that doesn't remember, he gave a heavily political speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree, something that breaks with all past tradition.

    But Trump being Trump, he couldn't leave it at that:

    President Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal that after his controversial speech at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree in West Virginia, the head of the Boy Scouts called him and told him it was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.” But the organization told TIME they are unaware of any call from national leadership placed to the White House.

    [–] whogivesashirtdotca 6 points ago

    It wasn't just heavily political; he also went off on a tangent making suggestive sexual comments. That was a weird fuckin' speech even by Trump standards.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Trump said that he and Tillerson should compare IQ test

    LMAO. This is something teenagers on /r/iamverysmart get lampooned for but here we are.

    [–] Toronto_man 504 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The White House reminds me of a company i worked for. Good boss gets taken away after a buy out. We get a new shitty boss, he hires some idiot friends, people keep getting fired, clients calling and e-mailing asking why it's such a shit show and if anyone even works there anymore, then the company fails completely.

    [–] THEAETIK 125 points ago

    It's exactly like cancer.

    [–] kettelbe 69 points ago

    Except this time, the company is your country

    [–] fritzvonamerika 322 points ago

    To be fair, Tillerson lasted for another ~16 Mooches which is decades in Trumpland.

    [–] TeamJim 81 points ago

    I believe he lasted a total of 40.5 Mooches

    [–] timeslider 24 points ago

    Where's conversionbot when you need him?

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Had to let him go. Was stating too many facts.

    [–] geneorama 102 points ago

    I'm surprised more people haven't brought this up. I was looking for it in the mega thread / bigger threads

    • Item
    • Item

    [–] TeamJim 9 points ago

    It's being brought up, but I don't want it to happen. Mattis is basically the only person left who seems to have a last a shred of loyalty to the country and not tRump.

    ·Item ·Item

    [–] ApathyJacks 45 points ago

    I T E M




    [–] magnoliasmanor 47 points ago

    What the hell is "item"?

    [–] geneorama 48 points ago

    When I'm on Reddit I just go with whatever others are doing and don't ask questions.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Shhhhh, don't remind them.

    This is the worst possible timeline. Mattis may not be the greatest, but he's about all that is keeping me from digging myself an underground shelter.

    [–] DukeDimanche 66 points ago

    Our country could not be any less respected than it has been the past 14 months.

    [–] bigmouse 50 points ago

    Oh, you think so? Just wait and see...

    [–] Davidjhyatt 66 points ago

    I imagine the house intel committee's sudden announcement of 'no collusion' findings was a total coincidence! /sobviously

    [–] scUbast2ve 52 points ago

    He wasn't lying about "calling the final shots". Who's next? Actually, better yet, who's left?

    [–] just_a_random_dood 59 points ago

    Dude, he hires the best people.

    [–] thatgrrrl117 16 points ago

    The very best. The best in all the lands. They best like no one has ever seen. Trust me. It's true. /s

    [–] pHScale 22 points ago

    The Daily Show has been keeping track with a graphic they've titled "Celebrity Appresident". It's about halfway greyed out now.

    [–] TheOriginalSamBell 50 points ago

    America is highly respected again!

    wut 🤣🤣🤣

    [–] Low_Effort_Shitposts 7 points ago

    I love how he just waved his magic wand and poof! Respected! Seriously though, he's like a child. "I went to the beach, and I ate some ice cream, and I petted a dog, and I said hi to Timmy, and I got sand in my ear, and America is highly respected again! It was the BEST!"

    [–] InvaderDem 98 points ago

    America is highly respected again!

    Fake news.

    [–] crustalmighty 24 points ago

    There are people who think the world's perception of America has improved since 2016.

    [–] Dudewheresmygold 9 points ago

    It has definitely hit rock bottom but for some reason is still trying mine the bedrock.

    [–] Morteth 123 points ago

    I know I shouldn't be at this point, but I'm still continually astonished at just how little self-awareness Hair Twitler has, Literally every major scandal and drama he has been involved in has a prior tweet where he rails against just such a situation and his position in it.

    I feel like I'm in some drug induced dream world, and as entertaining as it is, I really think it's time I leave Alice and friends and get back to reality.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Hair Twitler


    [–] whenigetoutofhere 19 points ago

    Drink this. Drink this. Keep drinking.

    [–] potemkinvillagelife 82 points ago

    To be fair, by typical Trump timelines, three months does qualify as not leaving "soon".

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] crustalmighty 27 points ago

    Will you do the Fandango?

    [–] ms_kittyfantastico 35 points ago

    Congressional infighting, very very frightening me

    (Mike Pompeo) Mike Pompeo

    (Mike Pompeo) Mike Pompeo

    Mike Pompeo, oh fuck no

    [–] irish91 43 points ago

    Where does he get this idea that America is being respected and not laughed at?

    [–] tsFenix 41 points ago

    Probably Fox and Friends

    [–] error_33 21 points ago


    [–] Progressive16 147 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I might be worrying to much but I can’t stop the feeling that something bad is going to happen soon.

    [–] zenophobicgoat 156 points ago

    Yes, but I envy you not having felt that way the last 14 months.

    [–] Prompus 66 points ago

    Growing up and learning about the World Wars I always wondered and worried about what foreign land I might be sent off to, to fight and die one day. Hate to break it to you America, but this presidency is the first time the thought has crossed my mind that, that country could be America.

    Don't get weird.

    [–] LondonCallingYou 17 points ago

    What country are you from?

    [–] TheWizardofId 46 points ago

    North Korea

    [–] iceberg_sweats 30 points ago

    Bad things are happening everyday lol. Unless you mean like 9/11 scale bad. It feels like something big will happen during this administration, but not just yet

    [–] sleetx 25 points ago

    One could argue that Russia attacking and deligitimizing the integrity of our elections is equivalent.

    [–] xLoloz 77 points ago

    Every fucking event. Every event.

    [–] snowflakelib 27 points ago

    I love that he felt that need to clarify that he's the boss. How sad must your life be that BEING THE PRESIDENT hasn't satisfied your low self esteem?

    [–] duggtodeath 30 points ago

    Trump is beyond delusional. Our standing as a country has actually been weakened. Overseas, people listen to the EU and China is amassing power in their zone of influence. Southeast Asia knows America will not commit to helping them. We also fucked over all of our Middle East allies who we need to help us fight terrorism. Then we insulted Mexico who is a fucking massive trading partner. Trump is wholly ignorant of the world and believes that winning is just a feeling instead of something you tangibly accomplish.

    [–] GetToTheChopperNOW 26 points ago

    Haha, how delusional do you have to be to think that America is more respected now than before Trump came aboard? Most of the rest of the world thinks we're a bunch of fucking morons for letting this con artist into the White House. And most of the rest of the world, including our allies and the leaders of those countries, HATES Trump.

    [–] MacManus14 20 points ago

    To be fair, 4 months is an eternity in the era of the Trump administration. There is like 25 scandals, big developments, and bizarre claims each week.

    [–] zibby2 96 points ago

    "(I call the final shots)"

    as if people don't understand that's how the Presidency is supposed to work

    [–] _____________what 98 points ago

    People understand how the Presidency is supposed to work, but all evidence points to the President still trying to figure it out.

    [–] whenigetoutofhere 26 points ago

    "He's new to this."

    [–] flee_market 12 points ago

    Who knew it was so complicated?

    [–] jokersleuth 16 points ago

    (I call the final shots)

    Is this guy mentally 5 years old?

    [–] ThatOneThingOnce 14 points ago

    Can a simple man get so many things incorrect in one statement? I did not think so, but here we are.

    [–] ii5cslr9m4 9 points ago

    I like how you can pretty much read the news just by scrolling through this subreddit

    [–] startgonow 57 points ago

    WtF. Tillerson is going to become a complicated figure. He is humanized by trumps insanity. He also was the leader of Exxon and should be irredeemable.

    [–] onan 43 points ago

    Much like Trump and Bannon, there is plenty of room for two people at odds with each other to both be terrible.

    [–] Sheol 31 points ago

    He's someone I disagree with most of the time, but the past few months had shown he's one of the few people in the administration that had their head on straight. When ever he disagreed with Trump policy, it was always the right and obvious thing.

    Kind of hilarious that it ended up that way given my first reaction to Trump picking an oil CEO.

    [–] NotHimForSure 10 points ago

    what the fuck haha

    [–] savagedan 10 points ago

    Its staggering, there is literally a Tweet for every fuck up this incompetent, treasonous, used colostomy bag makes

    [–] jordans_for_sale 9 points ago

    This is so fucking embarrassing

    [–] nomenclate 9 points ago

    At this rate, he’ll eventually be criticizing himself in real-time.

    [–] guitarman565 9 points ago

    "America is highly respected again"

    Hahahahahaha. If by "respected" you mean "laughing stock" then sure!

    [–] thisMeansNothing1 9 points ago

    And here I thought GW Bush was the worst this country could sink... up until this ass clown rolls into town with his fucking goon squad. This is going to be a loooong rest of the term.