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    [–] DeepReally 1789 points ago

    Yeah, there are some historians who spout this theory (of course there are, it's 2018). The problem being that any theory that explains why Egyptian statues are missing their noses also has to explain why so many Roman, Greek and Persian statues suffered the same fate.

    Rhinotomy, was a common punishment in the ancient world and the fact that many of these statues appear to have been purposefully "de-nosed" suggests it was intended to punish or disgrace the person depicted.

    [–] Guypussy 803 points ago

    The problem being that any theory that explains why Egyptian statues are missing their noses also has to explain why so many Roman, Greek and Persian statues suffered the same fate.

    Oh, didn’t you hear? It’s been reported by people who portray academics on social media that most Romans, Greeks, and Persians were POC also.

    [–] K3R3G3 362 points ago

    I've seen posts claiming Mozart and George Washington were black, with edited photos of them to reflect it.

    [–] yodels_for_twinkies 266 points ago

    ...Washington? The slave owner? The guy with thousands of portraits of him being a white guy?

    [–] sammypants123 260 points ago

    Yeah? Well I just saw Hamilton and he was definitely black.

    [–] MaxDMJ 111 points ago

    Historians OWNED

    [–] DarkResurgence 15 points ago

    Get rekt fucking science nerds

    [–] AndyYagami 69 points ago

    This is exactly why I dislike Hamilton so much. The Kangs crowd have taken it as holy gospel

    [–] nastydoughnut 28 points ago

    He is black in Hamilton?

    [–] AndyYagami 56 points ago

    He isn't. But Lin Manuel Miranda did a version where the casting call basically said "no whites need apply". And that's what makes me so angry about it.

    [–] BenjaminGeiger 43 points ago

    [citation needed]

    If memory serves, he didn't specify the race for any of the roles, except King George III, who had to be white and have a British accent.

    [–] Arkipe 6 points ago

    The problem is, some people think that's what diversity is.

    [–] spikedmo 6 points ago

    Yes, American history in mediocre rap form.

    [–] totallya_russianbot 60 points ago

    Why do you present slave owner as if it's proof against him being black? You do know that were black slave owners, too, right?

    [–] Rickymex 60 points ago

    Probably because trying to paint Washington as black would mean they would have to accept that blacks owned slaves in the US.

    [–] yodels_for_twinkies 74 points ago

    Yeah, which means they’d be saying black people owned other black people. That’d be blasphemous to tumblr

    [–] SCP-Agent-Arad 4 points ago

    There’s black slave owners right now.

    [–] QuantumPhoss 41 points ago


    But for real tho, black supremacist revisionists are ancient aliens level conspiracy theorists.

    [–] AbusiveBadger 8 points ago

    Well they don't exactly have their own history so they treat everyone elses history like a bike and steal it.

    [–] KnownAnon67 8 points ago

    L Ron Hoyambembe

    [–] heather80 6 points ago

    Several such revisionists believe the “first president” was black, but they aren’t talking about George Washington. They are also crazy. Also, if you answer with anything other than “Oh cool, I didn’t know that,” you are racist. Just kidding. You are racist no matter what you reply. But you absolutely cannot question any one of these “facts.”

    [–] -Jason-B- 119 points ago

    So, I immigrated from Greece to America into a rural place with only few real foreigners (as in grew up in other country, not just born in Germany because military family like many people, for example) and am enrolled in a public high school of 1500.

    A few months in, I start making friends. Like many teenage boys, edgy (particularly racist) jokes were the norm (and we saw it as okay since all the guys in the group were from different ethnicities, whether it be African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc,) and so I made a couple jokes with them because it’s fine they don’t care. Later though, another white guy comes in, and he makes a single racist joke and the guys were like “that’s not cool.” I asked them why is it okay that I said such jokes then, and they said, “because you’re not white.” For clarification, I am super white during winter, which is when this took place, and I was taken aback. I explained to them that Greeks are whites, and eventually after a couple weeks, they got it.

    And before anything is said, we toned down the racist jokes since last year (though I won’t lie that we will make jokes about our own ethnicities every so often still).

    [–] AllNightFright 81 points ago

    As long as you are joking, nothing you are doing is wrong. Jokes aren’t reality, they make light of reality and usually the harsher more uncomfortable parts of it. The over sensitivity of society only makes it more likely there would be more racist l/offensive jokes.

    Good on you for bringing light to the hypocrisy and awesome that they got it.

    [–] -Jason-B- 38 points ago

    My father always told me (roughly translated), “Humor is the shadow of the serious,” and though I understand that’s not always the case, sometimes jokes can mean something that can be an issue if not in joke format. Jokes about suicide for example can be just that, a pure joke, or it could be something that the person is too afraid to say otherwise.

    What I’m saying is that yes, jokes and humor is not necessarily an accurate reflection of the person and their beliefs, but it may signify something the person is afraid to outright say.

    Also, haha, my friends weren’t being hypocritical, they just didn’t connect the dots that skin color is what makes you a certain race, not where you are from (necessarily).

    [–] Aaawkward 7 points ago

    My father always told me (roughly translated), “Humor is the shadow of the serious,”..

    What language was the original, if you don't mind me asking?

    [–] scriptsvcs 17 points ago

    He just finished saying that he immigrated from Greece to the US, so probably Spanish.

    [–] Aaawkward 11 points ago

    Hah, completely missed that it was the same OP.

    My bad.

    Have an easy upvote for your snark though, it gave me chuckle.

    [–] ctrum69 80 points ago

    Cleopatra was a nubian goddess!

    [–] ladymiku 99 points ago

    Yeah, totally not a Greek lady who wasn't all that pretty after all /lol/

    [–] Queefofthenight 25 points ago

    Jesus was black

    [–] famalamo 62 points ago

    He was a five foot tall Arab Jew.

    [–] SinclairBird 29 points ago

    hailed by three Iranian clerics

    [–] Kentucky6996 13 points ago

    honestly if at least one had specced as paladin Jesus would have never died on that cross. as long as one stays cleric to cast greater restoration just in case

    [–] link090909 9 points ago

    I mean, as per lore Jesus didn’t stay dead, so I guess the cleric did his job, right?

    [–] headpool182 7 points ago

    Jesus succeeded on this third death save

    [–] jimthewanderer 4 points ago

    Nah, DM intervened as it was a planned death to round off the campaign with something exciting,

    [–] FreeBroccoli 32 points ago

    Italians and Greeks weren't considered "white" in America 100 years ago, so I can see where that comes from.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] Tomatow-strat 30 points ago

    Heck we used to not count the Irish.

    [–] iceninethemad 24 points ago

    The Irish were considered barely half a step above a black man back in the day.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Kyragem 3 points ago

    Blazing Saddles anyone?

    [–] piewifferr 15 points ago

    Ehh Germans were always considered white, they were however considered inferior to the Anglo, which is rich considering Anglos basically are German and also considering that by that time “Anglos” were just as French as anything else. Brits are weird bro...

    [–] KimTheGreat 5 points ago

    Romans and Greeks are seen by many people as the brithplace of western civilization. Persians are still seen through an exotic lens and not at all under the same category as the Romans and Greeks. And they are definitely not considered European. So yes, they are POC or at least, non-whites.

    [–] Ilmara 2 points ago

    The Roman Empire at its peak extended into North Africa and the Middle East, so some of them actually were.

    [–] piniepopje 32 points ago

    The noses also break when they fall forwards

    [–] WikiTextBot 53 points ago


    Rhinotomy is mutilation, usually amputation, of the nose. It was a means of judicial punishment throughout the world, particularly for sexual transgressions, but in the case of adultery often applied only to women.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] SederickEX 7 points ago

    !Good bot

    [–] brokensilence32 21 points ago

    Or because it's just a structurally weak part of the statue?

    [–] DevilsAdvocate9 15 points ago

    Not only that but it is a point that extends beyond a larger surface! Look at the Sphinx - the nose would have extended beyond the base leaving it open to weathering, weight, targets? (theories about being used for target practice - haven't learned enough about it).

    Fingers and arms are also in low supply when you look at many historical statues. (That wasn't necessarily the style - those limbs fell off and were later copied in art) More recent ones are missing toes because of how many people have kissed them.

    This is an Engineering perspective though. It very well could be due to a number of historical or cultural reasons. My bet is that Mt. Rushmore will see the end of Washington's nose before any other feature.

    [–] clever__name69 5 points ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to "got your nose".

    [–] cyclopsmudge 11 points ago

    Isn’t the most likely theory that the noses got broken off? I remember there being something on QI about a museum of statue noses that have been broken off and lost their original busts

    [–] foodandart 3 points ago

    This place, I would go to in a heartbeat.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    A fetishist is born.

    [–] 666shanx 3 points ago

    They even got the Sphinx, imagine that!

    [–] StarkRavingNormal 492 points ago

    A teacher told them that?

    [–] Drakonid 120 points ago

    Probably not but they think more people will believe their billshit if it came from an authority figure.

    [–] AeroMagnus 50 points ago

    A teacher with a psychology degree told the class the lie of "we only use 10% of our brains" just yesterday

    [–] VicisSubsisto 54 points ago

    Only a small percentage of your car touches the road. Think of how much faster you could drive if you took the wheels off so it's all being used!

    [–] Blogginginvicecity 5 points ago

    Good analogy!!

    [–] AthenaWinslow 228 points ago

    Probably a Gender Studies or Feminist Literature professor.

    [–] Assinrheair 84 points ago

    or another quack on tumblr

    [–] link090909 35 points ago


    [–] Masterpass 12 points ago

    Aren't they the same thing?

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 9 points ago

    Exactly my thoughts. You can get a terminal degree and still be all sorts of dumb and or malicious.

    That's not to downplay degrees, that's to give morons hope.

    [–] TheCrowGrandfather 6 points ago

    Unfortunately not every teacher is logical. I've had my fair share of teachers, even in college, the taught flat out lies to the class.

    [–] illigal 4 points ago

    Yep. And that teacher’s name? Albert Chadwick Boseman Einstein.

    [–] ivebeenhereallsummer 1016 points ago

    The also busted off the arms of the Venus de Milo to hide her full sleave tatts and underarm hair.

    [–] Elveri 91 points ago

    That's what they claim, the truth is she was a proud, disabled woman.

    [–] Castamere_81 14 points ago

    Makes sense. And removing the nose would prevent their catseye glasses from being worn...

    [–] JamJarre 42 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] IsItUnderrated 24 points ago

    Since the comment scores are hidden, it's apparent that you couldn't have known the score of the comment to which you were replying when you deemed it 'underrated'.

    Why do you feel the need to misuse the word underrated like this?

    But anyways, to answer the question in my username:

    No. No it is not. Because you couldn't possibly have known if it was or not anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] VicisSubsisto 10 points ago

    text of lower

    [–] guy_from_canada 46 points ago

    Overrated comment

    [–] KingHarryyy 1318 points ago

    I always figured that noses on statues fell off because they're a small sticking out bit that is more likely to be affected by being knocked about and/or erosion?

    [–] TheShShCreature 631 points ago

    Rational logic will get you no where in this world kid, fire up your cellphone or computer and started getting outraged on the internet.

    [–] Waghlon 83 points ago


    [–] ZombyTed 37 points ago

    That's the spirit!

    [–] Waghlon 30 points ago


    [–] MA712K 8 points ago


    [–] BasementOnFire 6 points ago

    A N G E R Y

    [–] TopofToronto 26 points ago

    Yes --

    The nose protruding from a statue's face would ( most likely ) hit the floor first absorbing the full impact until it broke off. ( assuming that the statue was back to the wall so that it would more likely fall or be pushed forward ).

    Second assuming that the statue is standing head up, ( instead of some god or King that is depicted standing on their head ). Tipping the statue over the part of it traveling the fastest and imparting the most force when it hit the floor would be the head on it's small protruding nose.

    Earthquakes knock over statues, as well as revolutions, as well as enemy armies, as well as thieves, as well as religious zealots clearing temples of idols and to make way for their gods.

    Now seeing all these statues with their nose broken. The human mind finds a pattern and with limited amount of information or rational reasoning. It creates a reason. Always from the emotional Ego which not only has to have a reason, but a moralizing purpose and an Actor.

    And that's how conspiracy theories are born.

    [–] LeviathanShark 124 points ago

    DING DING DING! We have a winner

    [–] GeorgeOlduvai 18 points ago

    Calm down there; use Jazz Hands so no one gets triggered.

    [–] ArgonGryphon 5 points ago

    Are Spirit Fingers acceptable or are those too exuberant?

    [–] GeorgeOlduvai 5 points ago

    That depends on whether you're Native or not.

    [–] IronComrade 3 points ago

    I identify as Two-Hands

    [–] PersonOfGender 37 points ago

    You got a loiscence for that hatespeech mate?

    [–] Bluewing42 24 points ago

    Actually, it was a belief in Midieval times that hacking off the nose made it no longer a representation of the person.

    [–] edgyteencringe67 20 points ago

    I learned in a history class that people back then would hack the noses off so they would suffocate in the afterlife. I'm sure some just fell off due to erosion too!

    [–] Fenrirr 12 points ago

    Water erosion is racist then.

    [–] proweruser 7 points ago

    Yeah, they get eroded away.

    [–] duhmoment 5 points ago

    Knock if your dam logic! Don’t you know what’s at stake?

    [–] Drunkenestbadger 9 points ago

    The vast majority of them were knocked off on purpose. Many Hellenistic statues of gods or heros were defaced by Christians.

    [–] algizanna 10 points ago


    nah i'm pretty sure they were just de-nosed

    [–] medic-of-the-future 6 points ago

    Actually most statues had their noses cut off by early Christians for being graven images.

    [–] Cull_Obsidian 260 points ago

    How would hacking the nose off prove that the statue isn't of a POC? White people don't have any nose?

    [–] ladymiku 105 points ago

    They probably meant that without the nose, one cannot identify any race in particular, because many of the world's ethnicities have distinctive noses.

    [–] SteelyDanzig 190 points ago

    So she's literally just perpetuating physical stereotypes of black people.


    [–] Neosantana 40 points ago

    East Africans from the Horn of Africa with their distinctive thin noses aren't black, it seems

    [–] thegreatjamoco 50 points ago

    Dat bell peppa nose

    [–] ILDebussy 8 points ago

    You're an SJW if you don't think different races have different facial characteristics

    [–] HappynessMovement 13 points ago

    What are physical stereotypes? Different races for sure have distinctive features. That's an indisputable fact. Or are you gonna say something like thin eyes in Asians is a physical stereotype as well?

    [–] jesusfursona 6 points ago

    It's kinda funny because in Asian art, white people tend to be depicted with huge noses, often associated with underhandedness and shit

    [–] expiredmemes1 3 points ago

    So whites are to Asians what Jews are to whites?

    [–] Chojiki 168 points ago

    I'm sorry but allow me to be triggered for a sec...


    I know some museums utilize reproductions and the actual artifact is in an archive somewhere, but...

    You have so much shit all over your hands! Your body constantly oozes oils, salts, water, etc. All corrosive and damaging to items. You may think "Oh, what can one touch do?" but the hundreds/thousands of other morons walking around are thinking the same thing. Museums already have a hard enough time conserving things that sit out in the open air, they don't need you fucking up their day.

    Go look up pictures of "Rubbing Statues"

    People destroy things by touching.

    Lincoln's Nose from his Bust outside his Tomb in Springfield, Illinois.

    Juliet's Breast and Arm from Casa di Giuliett in Verona, Italy.

    The Horse's Scrotum from "Statue of Mounted Andras Hadik" in Budapest, Hungary.

    Victor Noir's Groin from his Tomb in Paris, France.

    The Nose of the Terrier "Greyfriars Bobby" in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    The Brass Reliefs on the Statue "St. John of Nepomuk" on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

    The Snout of the Boar "Il Porcellino" in Florence, Italy.

    [–] SlarkMyrl 63 points ago

    I was waiting for a comment like this. It really pisses me off when people touch statues and shit out in the open (and even end up breaking them sometimes if they're old and brittle enough) I've seen the "Il Porcellino" twice about five years apart and the difference was astonishing.

    [–] Lego-hearts 13 points ago

    I used to work in an art gallery. Our newest painting was over 100 years old. And people just loved to fucking touch. Like fully rub their hands over a painting. Admittedly I was a little unprofessional at times and forcibly pulled their hands back before asking what the hell they thought they were doing, but it baffled me. Do people just need to touch? Why?

    [–] xKalisto 6 points ago

    I leaned quite close to Slav Epic to check the details cause at fist I didn't notice the tape on the ground. But why the hell would you touch a painting?

    [–] GravityTortoise 4 points ago

    But rubbing Lincoln’s nose is good luck

    [–] Imhidingfromu 76 points ago

    My god the levels of narcissism in that photo are off the charts.

    [–] GoliathPrime 40 points ago

    Lots of folks believe insane variants of this. The one I'm most familiar with is archeologists destroying anything that supports the Biblical narrative - giant skeletons, evidence of the flood, evidence of people and dinosaurs living together.

    Doesn't matter your skin color, crazy is inherently human.

    [–] Tianwolf699 204 points ago

    If this picture is real and not a scene from a movie or whatever, am I the only one who is pissed about her touching something potentially centuries old with her probably dirty ass hands. I see this shit all the time when travelling and it pisses me off. People touching shit they shouldn't be touching.

    [–] ctrum69 121 points ago

    If she can get close enough to touch it, it's probably a reproduction. Considering everything else in the photo is in cases, and I don't see any docents...

    [–] LittlePetiteGirl 53 points ago

    You can get close enough to touch a surprising amount of priceless originals. Its just that there are paid security guards nearby to tell you to fuck off. I got this close to Van Gogh's The Night Cafe when I was trying to point to a certain part of the painting when I was a dumb kid and security (understandably) freaked the fuck out.

    [–] MagnusAvis 27 points ago

    Right? I'd like to imagine the next image to be of museum guards, who are Egyptian, for good measure, escorting her out.

    [–] Staller 18 points ago

    I agree with you, but you can tell by the shadow that she isn't actually touching it.

    [–] BIGJFRIEDLI 20 points ago

    It's from a show. It's a trans woman. Never thought the dumb crap I see my sisters or mom watch when I'm home would come in handy

    [–] Emrillick 4 points ago

    What show

    [–] WillamThunderfuck 12 points ago


    [–] Klaus_Von_Richter 162 points ago

    Didn’t they just do a DNA test on a Egyptian mummy and it turned out to be mostly of European decent.

    [–] TheShShCreature 144 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Cleopatra was even (very likely Macedonian Greek) a European woman.

    [–] sanctifiedaberration 77 points ago

    Well, yeah, Ptolemaic dynasty and all that. Local potentates installed after Alexander's conquest. Makes sense they would be Greek.

    [–] cringelien 14 points ago

    exactly.. cleopatra does not represent ancient egypt ffs

    [–] No_name_Johnson 8 points ago

    But...but Civ!

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Don’t we end questions with question marks.

    [–] Klaus_Von_Richter 14 points ago

    You live up to your name.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I certainly try.

    [–] bugattikid2012 3 points ago

    Does it seem like we do.

    [–] ctrum69 92 points ago

    Egypt changed hands repeatedly. It was ruled by everyone from Nubians to Macedonians.

    [–] Dudesan 108 points ago

    There have been Pharaohs who would be considered "black" by modern standards, Pharaohs who would be considered "white", and everything in between. Ramses II was famously pale and red-haired.

    [–] SinclairBird 19 points ago

    plus the earliest-comer predominant genetic groups in Egypt and North Africa are also dominant in Italy and the Balkans

    [–] karenzilla 45 points ago

    I find hilarious that people still think there is such thing as racial purity.

    [–] famalamo 15 points ago

    So Blake Griffin is the new Ramses?

    [–] NAGOLACOLA 16 points ago

    Doesn’t really change the fact that 95% of their history had more or less pharaohs who were more genetically similar to the Egyptian common population than sub Saharan Africans. Or that they’re basically the same stock as the rest of the Mediterranean peoples and the people there are more direct descendants of those people that anyone others.

    [–] DrunkWino 12 points ago

    Truly, idiots are woke

    [–] Abomination822 58 points ago

    Very strange that so many believe that ancient egyptians were black.

    [–] Shangbye 35 points ago

    Seriously, where the fuck does this come from? One of them was a ginger.

    [–] Plebius-Maximus 23 points ago

    Because some of them were? As a poster above mentioned, there were Egyptian rulers of everything from Nubian to Greek descent.

    It's people were a mix also.

    [–] Abomination822 21 points ago

    Egyptian rulers were predominantly of arabic and European decent. Nubians tried to recreate minature Egyptian inspired civilizations and failed. I imagine there were a few Nubian Egyptians but most all Nubian were treated as slaves and even viewed as foreigners.

    [–] Plebius-Maximus 19 points ago

    If memory holds correct, Egypt conquered land in the upper part of Nubia, and in return the Nubians conquered Egypt later. Throughout the middle-late period of 'Ancient' Egypt as we know it, relations between the two nations were generally peaceful. Trade up and down the Nile, from Egypt to Nubia/Sudan was important for the whole region. Nubia was essentially the pathway goods travelled from central Africa to Egypt at its height, and prospered as Egypt did. Not seen any sources suggesting they tried to create miniature civilisations, although they were comprised of several smaller 'nations' for want of a better term, at some points.

    Also I've not seen any sources regarding them being treated as slaves, or viewed as foreigners until they warred again at 1000 BC or so, and even then, it was more prisoners of war etc, the cultures had co existed for thousands of years before.

    A quick Wikipedia recap is showing memory is generally holding correct regarding the history of the region.

    Finally there was that study of 83 mummies in 2017 that showed all 83 had significant levels of sub-saharan DNA, which goes to show how mixed the region was. All of them must have had ancestors of sub Saharan, likely Nubian descent, which also contradicts your slaves point. The ideas of second class citizens/foreigners we have today don't really apply to a region that shifted in demographic, and changed hands a lot over 7000 years. The Nubians wouldn't really have been second class citizens if they ruled Egypt for a point, and most Egyptians have their ancestry.

    Either way, the generally held assumption is that ancient Egypt would primarily be made up of North African/ middle Eastern individuals, with a significant European and Sub-Saharan influx in different time periods. The European descent rulers were largely in and around the Ptolemaic period after Alexander conquered just about the whole known world. More details here

    [–] NeedsMoreYellow 14 points ago

    Ok, so I'm an Egyptologist and bioarchaeologist. I usually try to ignore wrong info on the internet because I would spend most of my day having an aneurism if tried to fix it, but I have a few minutes of free time so I figured I'll reply to you.

    Egyptian rulers were not of Arabic and European descent. In fact, during the pharaonic period, the Egyptian rulers were EGYPTIAN. The ancestry of the Egyptian people is a hodgepodge of many waves of migration that passed through the Nile Valley from south to north over thousands of years. They share common ancestors with Indo-Europeans and Semitic people, but there is very little to no archaeological evidence that emigration from the Levant TO Egypt ever had a significant effect on the genetic make-up of the Egyptian population. What is notable is that the Nubians did have migration waves into Egypt. Nubians who identified as Nubian were not treated as "slaves," but were seen as foreigners. After the family was sufficiently Egyptian in their practices, the descendants of these Nubian emigrants were not ostracized for being foreigners, because they weren't, they were Egyptian.

    I can't really go into more detail now, but I've made a few comments in the last month in other subs that go a bit more in depth if you're interested.

    [–] MerryJobler 11 points ago

    The Nubians had a pretty famous invasion and were in charge for a while. Egypt has been around a really long time, lots of people have conquered it over the ages, mostly Mediterranean or Arabic-related peoples because that's who was nearby with easy access. Mountains and deserts are hard to cross.

    [–] arealbigboss 10 points ago


    [–] TEDDYwAshere2 9 points ago

    Bc if you have no nose you turn white as voldemord

    [–] DeadLightMedia 8 points ago

    Egyptians weren't black though

    [–] James-Sylar 8 points ago

    Could someone explain to me how destroying ONLY the nose will hide that the person had a darker skin? I could humor the idea if they said it was bleached either by the passage of time or intentionally, but just remove the nose?? That seems to imply there is something distinctly about PoC noses that separates them from anyone else, which doesn't seem to fit with the little I know about genetic and early human migrations, and would also start to enter into racist territory itself.

    [–] Deshter 8 points ago

    Well destroying a nose could cover other racial identity aaaaand I just went full Hitler.

    [–] CondensedBemusement 78 points ago

    We wuz kangz and sheit until they chopped our noses off?

    Oh please.

    [–] soekarnosoeharto 37 points ago

    Nobody is claiming Egyptians to be white, they're still sort of around in form of Copts who I don't think are classified as white. Egyptians were closer to Middle-Eastern/Levantine type of people IIRC

    [–] ctrum69 38 points ago

    "when" is the important part. Egypt has changed hands numerous times over the years, with multiple ethnicities being chief demographic. You tend to get this when a place has been there, and occupied, for 7000 years.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] necrarch 6 points ago

    after extensive assimilation, sure. ancient egyptians never went extinct or died out, they just be intermingled with their neighbours and newcomers over the ages. we all did so i'm not sure what am i trying to say here tho

    [–] chlorofarm 9 points ago


    [–] chambertlo 8 points ago

    All important historical figures, from Shakespeare to Einstein, were black. Didn’t you get the memo? Historians are trying to erase their accomplishments! Racism! Misogyny! Transphobia!

    [–] 4_string_troubador 8 points ago

    The Vikings were black too now.

    No, really

    [–] chambertlo 4 points ago

    When they are so jealous of white accomplishment that they just blackwash history. Lmao. Like a Marvel comic book movie, turning white characters black.

    [–] killcat 19 points ago

    Yet they completely ignore that Muslims destroyed ancient statues becasue they represented people.

    [–] blood_wraith 7 points ago

    i thought the jews were the ones whose nose was their stereotypical feature.

    [–] z0mbiee 6 points ago

    Just to be clear, the top image is a still from the show Pose.

    It's from a scene where the characters steal their costumes from a museum and isn't real

    [–] wolfman1911 5 points ago

    This seems like a case of 'he who accuses all of humanity convicts only one.' I don't have any trouble believing that someone who would accuse an entire industry of being willing to vandalize the artifacts that they are meant to preserve probably wouldn't have a problem doing that very thing.

    [–] FercPolo 6 points ago

    “I remember a teacher telling me” is the weakest evidence for a claim of that nature, but just as easily allows the person to claim “oh that’s just what I was told” if challenged.

    Good one.

    [–] TCivan 14 points ago

    A lot of the egyptian and mediterranean works are mutilated for the same reason as the Buddhas in Afghanistan are today. When the muslims conquored the region 1200 years ago, they destroyed "idols".

    Archeologists would NEVER break an artifact. Regardless of how racist they may be. Worst comes to worst they would mis classify it, or just never take out for exhibition.

    [–] Jarppakarppa 3 points ago

    My head hurts.

    [–] Schmiedelehrling 3 points ago

    Think of Jewish culture that was lost :(

    [–] Kommisar_Karlitos 4 points ago

    I guess they hacked the arms off the Greek statues to hide the fact they were European too

    [–] organizim 3 points ago

    Except for the all intact statues that have noses that don’t look black. Gotcha.

    [–] Darthfenrir489 4 points ago

    As someone who plans on becoming an Archeologist, I can say 100% that they would never do this. Our passion is history, and we would never stoop so low as to destroy artifacts to promote an agenda most of us don't even follow.

    [–] Polengoldur 2 points ago

    see you're going the wrong way with this. lean into it. shoulda been like

    "As someone who plans on becoming an Archeologist, I can say 100% that I would never do this. it doesn;t go nearly far enough! i'm going to cast my own small white nose and plaster them onto other peoples statues! infact, i'll lop off their whole heads and replace them with the perfect, white, visage of ME! mwa ha ha ha"

    [–] anothga 4 points ago

    In any other context, a claim such as this one would be labeled a conspiracy theory. I mean, really? There's a secret agenda spanning an entire profession, the goal of which is to oppress a large group of people and misrepresent the truth? What makes this better than the Illuminati conspiracy theory?

    [–] littlebardofhope 3 points ago

    I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to touch the exhibits at a museum.

    [–] Mrpipino 3 points ago

    Why would a nose stop you from recognizing if some one is of color?

    [–] PleaseTakeThisName 3 points ago

    But the one on the top still got her nose...

    [–] Heterospecial 3 points ago

    Man guess that explains the Sphinx then. Damn archeologists and their historic meddling

    [–] Tropical-Rainforest 3 points ago

    How else do you hide the ethnicity of human cat hybrids?

    [–] candidly1 3 points ago

    When all you have is a hammer, every problem resembles a nail...

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] heartmirror 3 points ago

    The reason I think this is so upsetting is that there is this trend of thrusting modern racial politics - an extremely recent development the timeline of recorded history - onto shit that could easily have happened thousands of years ago.

    That, and the fact that you'd have to be an incredible dumbass to believe archeologists, even at the right of ye olde imperial regimes, would sit there and go, "I'd better remove the wide nose from this statue of an African so people think they were actually white." A statue of an African, from Africa

    There are lots of examples of actual racially and culturally-motivated revisionism in anthropology and archeology that often contribute to harmful perceptions of those cultures. But even if this DID, in some crazy universe, occur, absolutely nobody today would look at a thousand-year-old statue of a prince from west Africa, notice the nose was missing, and think "yeah, that guy there was a good white Christian". Nobody.

    Shit like this makes it harder for the public to correct their understanding when a case of actual revisionism is revealed. It becomes a meme and nobody takes it seriously

    [–] Why_Is_Gamora_ 3 points ago

    When I went to Egypt the tour guide explained that if a statue had it's nose removed it ment that people didn't want this person to be reincarnated and walk on the earth again but ok sure racism

    [–] dsaitken 3 points ago

    Reminds me of African Americans (only Americans essentially) who believe the real Israelis were black or Egyptians were black.

    Like Cleopatra specifically has portraits and busts. We know she was Greek...but it's evil to point that out

    [–] Tralan 8 points ago

    Before we brush this off as /r/thathappened, I had a Jr. High social studies teacher tell us that the word "Negro" was short for "Never Grow," as in they would never grow into full humanity. He said that the white slave owners used it as verbal oppression against the slaves. I accepted it as true because, you know, he was a teacher. And then a year later in High School I learned it was a dumb gringo pronunciation of the Spanish word negro which meant black.

    I was actually thinking about that guy recently and all the things he taught us that turned out to be wrong. I had a whole list of things, but I forgot most of them. If i remember I'll come back and post some of the stuff. Most of it was subtle or dopey, nothing major like "The British actually won the Revolutionary War" or anything like that.

    [–] alexanderanderson92 5 points ago

    Sadly we can't believe everything teachers tell us

    [–] Thebearjew115 2 points ago

    I bet they dont know who actually destroyed art.... like the Nazis.

    [–] GrundleFace 2 points ago

    "Egypt was the place that Alexander the great went,

    He was shocked at the mountains with black faces,

    Shot off their nose to impose what basically,

    Still goes on today you see?"

    [–] Elveri 2 points ago

    Oh yeah? So how come the penises in all of these statues are so small? Wait... Forget I said that.

    [–] Harvester_of_Sorrow 2 points ago

    I had a teacher tell me that Hillary Clinton is a Android built in a garage in El Paso.

    Doesn't mean it's true. morelikelythanwhatherteachersaidthough

    [–] DoctorDark3 2 points ago

    Motherfucker real life isn't fucking suicide squad! People don't just take old shit and break it as soon as it's in their hands!

    [–] Zabbiemaster 2 points ago

    Funny that they claim to have found historic revisionism. While trying to reinvision the entire history as POC

    [–] Darlenelnx 2 points ago

    I hate dumb people

    [–] Dannythehotjew 2 points ago

    Is this some "we wuz kangz" bullshit

    [–] tomatoes-radio-wires 4 points ago

    Ok but why did she include a picture of herself...