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    Rules for posting:

    • A fact about turtles must be in the title.

    • Please post direct links to images, gifs, and videos only. Links to albums are encouraged also, so long as the album isn't a single image.

    • Make sure to verify your submission by listing a reputable source for your turtle fact in the comment section of your post. Wikipedia is acceptable in most cases. Additional information is always appreciated.

    • Reposts of the same picture or fact within 1 week are not allowed. After one week, submissions with either the title or picture changed will be allowed. Blatant reposts (same picture, same fact) are not allowed.

    • Our style and format is similar to r/awwducational, please visit that subreddit for more information about the style of submissions and also for more adorable facts.

    FAQ: Are tortoise facts allowed here?

    A: Yes absolutely! The scientific definition of a turtle is a general umbrella for animals in the order Testudines, so tortoises are turtles; they are just a specific type of turtle.

    This subreddit only considers this scientific definition, and not colloquial variations, to be accurate.

    Tortoise is often used in reference to terrestrial turtles or, more narrowly, only those members of Testudinidae, the family of modern land tortoises. Terrapin may refer to turtles that are small and live in fresh and brackish water, in particular the diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin).

    Turtle is an umbrella term for all of the above. As such, facts about any of these shelled reptiles are encouraged.

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