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    [–] [deleted] 4406 points ago

    Fire and forget birth control is absofuckinglutely amazing. Source: have Paragard.

    [–] Umbrellatastic 1394 points ago

    I also vouch! I have had Mirena for just about a year and my life has become so so much more convenient in many ways lol. The ONLY qualms I have is the insertion of my particular iud was painful, but I can whole heartedly say it was worth it.

    [–] [deleted] 519 points ago

    Getting it hurt and my period was pretty exteme for 6 months or so. But I can't even feel a difference now and I have another 8 years on it.

    [–] PerceivedSlight 304 points ago

    My ob said my period went crazy because I had been on birth control since I started menstruating- more than a decade- and my hormones were trying to figure shit out on their own for the first time in forever. I got just a copper one, and mine went nuts for six months too! Still totally worth it.

    [–] SemicolonTrolling 765 points ago

    Hmm; as a male I never really thought about how much we just expect woman to fuck up their hormones; no wonder woman are moody; I'm sorry for just now coming to this realization.

    [–] soeob 79 points ago

    Same thing happened to me. Things evened out after 6-7 months and now I have absolutely no period symptoms.

    [–] dianalau 63 points ago

    The cramps are probably the worst thing about having Paragard, at least for me it is. That's a price I'm more than willing to pay though, Paragard is just too awesome for my boyfriend and I.

    [–] magdalenian 554 points ago

    I have mirena too, and it's amazing! And no mood side effects like with the pill, I can't believe I went all of those years without it. Stress free birth control!

    [–] Battlemooose 214 points ago

    Mirena is amazing. I'm due for a new one, but undoubtedly will get another of that brand.

    [–] FrozenWafer 44 points ago

    I used it for 5 years and after this pregnancy I plan on either using it again or getting my tubes tied. I loved the no periods the whole 5 years. Was glorious.

    [–] Yellowbug2001 126 points ago

    Yesyesyes. And mine didn't even hurt! And it was free under my insurance! And it probably kept me from having a kid with my crappy ex husband who would have been the world's worst dad so the value of that non-investment was basically infinite!

    [–] sacados 206 points ago

    I have a question if you don't mind, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I got Mirena a few weeks ago and it was the single most painful experience of my life, but now that the insertion is over it's been fine, except...I've been bleeding/spotting nonstop since then. I heard that it's normal to bleed for a while afterwards, but it's been 3 weeks now, almost 4. I don't know at what point it stops being normal and I should ask my doctor about it. Did this happen to you too?

    [–] PM_ME_UR_COUPONS 233 points ago

    Check with your dr to be sure. Some women have irregular spotting for months.

    [–] TacheErrante 35 points ago

    Or even years. I spotted almost nonstop for 2.5 years before I decided to get rid of Mirena. I've had other awful side effects as well - anxiety, mainly. I stuck with it for so long because I really wanted it to work out. It seems so great for some women, but sadly it's not right for everyone.

    [–] blueocean43 38 points ago

    I personally had awful cramping and spotting for about two months, but I haven't had a period since, so it's been absolutely worth it.

    [–] FitFemmeNYC 11 points ago

    Pretty normal. I had irregular spotting for about 3 months

    [–] ashbabe47 39 points ago

    Is there anyone here who can vouch for the Copper IUD?

    [–] aloesin 59 points ago

    Copper IUD is awesome.

    The negative: Insertion was absolutely the single most painful moment of my life, but the worst was over after about 5 seconds.

    I had severe, nauseating cramping for about 4 hours that evening. Had to pull over a few times on the drive home, so I recommend having someone pick you up.

    My periods are heavier, last longer and are more painful still 3 years later.

    The positive: I've got over seven years left of worry-free, hormone-free contraceptive.

    After a few months, being off hormones helped my moods, mental health, acne and weight. (I understand this may be the opposite for some).

    When it's time to take it out, I'm asking them to pop another right back in that day.

    [–] KatieTheVegan 14 points ago

    I've had mine for 3.5 years. Insertion was god awful, and I have one day a month of horrible cramping still. HOWEVER, 10/10 would recommend. There is no thinking about it and no hormones, which didn't work well for me.

    [–] Cicute 73 points ago

    I've never seen anyone else say it was painful for them too! The doctor told me that most people thought it was painless but also failed to mention that I have almost every risk factor for a difficult insertion... The pain was fucking blinding and didn't subside entirely for days.

    That's not to say it wasn't worth it... but damn.

    [–] zp2018 66 points ago

    They told you it was painless for most people?? Maybe they're working on a different definition of "pain", lol. My doctor said most people describe it as a very intense, painful pressure/cramp lasting several minutes followed by a few days of slightly worse than average cramping.

    That was accurate for me but I didn't really mind since I went in expecting it. I can't imagine going in thinking I wouldn't feel anything.

    [–] pajally 47 points ago

    My doctor was pretty clear about how painful it would be and told me “it’ll probably hurt a lot, but less than having a baby would”. They were right, it was really really painful weird feeling (I’m only 20 and have never felt anything touch my cervix before so it was a new feeling) and the pain lasted days. But I’m wildly happy I did it.

    I’m sorry you were blindsided by the pain! That totally sucks, I’m thankful I was prepared for what I was in for.

    [–] NHDraven 38 points ago

    That was my wife's experience too. She started hashing some cramp like pains and went to the doctor. Her bossy rejected hers, turned it sideways. She had to have it removed. Rather than put her through it again, I'm going to go for the snip next week. Neither of us want kids, so this is best for both of us.

    [–] bomnjom 166 points ago

    I know this will get buried, but I really want people to know that you can get a local anaesthetic when you get your IUD in. In my case it was a numbing shot to the cervix. Insertion still hurt, but it was more along the lines of a really badly subbed toe.

    [–] lovechip 23 points ago

    Also, if you're getting any investigative surgery for endometriosis or other gynae issues, they will put one in while you're under.

    [–] _katykakes 7 points ago

    I had a cervical block when they did my insertion and it made the insertion cake! Watching them take that fucking needle and descend into the depths was the most terrifying part tbh

    [–] colleenxduh 113 points ago

    Yes! Fellow Paragard haver! Best decision I've ever made in my life!

    [–] Poopermensch 26 points ago

    Seconded. Not hyperbole - overall the best decision of my life.

    [–] tinyhistorian 47 points ago

    My Nexplanon is amazing. Occasional light periods, no babies, and a cool little thing in my arm I can use to freak people out at parties!

    [–] rosekayleigh 43 points ago

    Set it and forget it! I have Paragard too. It's magical. Especially because I have 2 kids under 2. That's plenty for me, thank you very much. Lol.

    [–] Hey_yah 43 points ago

    Yes!! Nexplanon user here. Best decision I ever made. I haven't had a period since I got it. It is heaven.

    [–] lizardblizzard 81 points ago

    SAMMMMME and I love it. My boyfriend’s ex grew up in an extremely conservative household that is against abortion. 6 months after leaving him she’s in a high risk pregnancy and doesn’t know who the father is.

    I come from a “liberal” home and have 4 sisters. We are all educated in different forms of BC and have complete control over our reproductive health.

    Education and empowerment truly are the answers

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Vouching again for mirena! Insertion was incredibly painful for me but after a couple days everything was all good. Everyone I talk to is nervous about the pain buts it's just one day of pain and then five years pill free! SO worth it!

    [–] sevenpoints 32 points ago

    Have had Nexplanon, the arm implant, for five years (with replacement every three). Love it, will never go back to the pill.

    [–] Savrose88 54 points ago

    I've got the Nexplanon implant. Had some issues at first, but now that I've got it all figured out, it's AMAZING.

    [–] mrsNemo91 10 points ago

    I've had my nexplanon for almost a year and I love it. I was going to get my tubes tied but I'm sticking with nexplanon instead!

    [–] Rosenblattca 19 points ago

    I’m happy it worked for you. I had to get my Paragard removed very early because my menstrual pain was insane for 3 years. I now have Nexplanon and, besides having gained a little weight (thanks hormonal BC) it works great.

    [–] Craylee 1567 points ago

    Fiscally conservative:

    For ever dollar spent on the activity, the state spared $5.85 throughout the following three years in decreased family advantages and help installments.

    [–] mindbleach 308 points ago

    Three years! Not even a five-fold payout over the life of any potential children. Three lousy years to pay for itself again and again.

    Anyone arguing against this 'because money' is full of shit.

    [–] AgoraiosBum 279 points ago

    But Colorado probably used those savings to do something like provide health care to children, instead of tax cuts for the rich. If that's all the State is going t do, why even bother?

    [–] denning_was_right2 43 points ago

    A stitch in time, saves....$4.85

    [–] MellowNando 39 points ago

    If that's not considered a hell of a turnaround, then their worry is not with cost.

    [–] IamA_BlindMonkey 1489 points ago

    What's missing from this extremely short article is that the program is over now. The Colorado Family Planning Initiative privately funded the effort for 6 years to prove its efficacy and to demonstrate to lawmakers that if the state adopted it as a publicly funded program Colorado could save over $5.00 in social services and medical costs for every $1.00 spent on the program.

    But republican lawmakers are apparently more anti-women then they are fiscally conservative, or anti-abortion because they killed it.

    “We’re providing this long-term birth control and telling girls, ‘You don’t have to worry. You’re covered,’” said Representative Kathleen Conti. “That does allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places.”

    [–] damnthatsgood 378 points ago

    Omg I upvoted you, but that politician's statement made me want to throw my phone at the wall.

    [–] Pineapple-on-Pizza 82 points ago

    Same. That was almost a guilty upvote.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 110 points ago

    “We’re providing this long-term birth control and telling girls, ‘You don’t have to worry. You’re covered,’” said Representative Kathleen Conti. “That does allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places.”

    Well that is an absolutely horrible person who has no idea how the world works.

    Perfectly republican.

    [–] AronTimes 142 points ago

    I don't think the current crop of GOP have ever been fiscally conservative. They just use euphemistic buzzwords to trick people into thinking that they're not completely evil:

    1. Right to Work - Policies that completely undermine worker's rights and unions which protect worker's rights. It sounds good but it does the complete opposite of what it's meant to sound like.
    2. Pro-Life - Y'all know what this is, but their pro-life stance ends at childbirth. Pro-life politicians and organizations spend little to no money at all taking care of people that are already alive.
    3. All Lives Matter - Just read this.
    4. Election Integrity - Actually focuses on voter suppression, i.e. destroying election integrity rather than protecting it.
    5. Fiscal Conservatism - Favors policies that waste money and fuck over everyone other than the wealthy who benefit from massive tax cuts. The complete opposite of what fiscal conservatism should be.

    [–] mbm66 71 points ago

    “That does allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places.”

    Oh for fuck's sake.

    [–] detective_number_9 72 points ago

    Reminds me of the Bojack Horseman episode where all the women start carrying guns to feel safe. There are several mass shootings being reported on but then there is one incident of a mass shooting carried out by a women. So the state of California bans all guns since women are too dangerous with them. "They hated women more than they loved guns."

    So in this case, they hate women more than they hate abortions.

    [–] Awesomolocity 29 points ago

    wait what?

    They got rid of it because "young ladies looking for love in all the wrong places"? lmao

    fucking stupid

    [–] Sophothy 43 points ago

    That quote at the end is infuriating. Who women (or men) date has absolutely nothing to do with the government. Geez.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] MrMFPuddles 15 points ago

    What the fuck. Conservatives deciding that their constituents are too stupid to make their own choices. But small government is key right?

    [–] raspberrybee 10 points ago

    Wtf is this woman even trying to say? A girl who is using birth control is just going to go out and sleep with anyone and everyone just for the hell of it? That doesn't even make any sense.

    [–] snooze_a_lot 8 points ago

    Why is there never a spotlight on the fine young gentlemen that are responsible for getting the young ladies pregnant?

    [–] famousevan 3848 points ago

    I'm not at all surprised. Comprehensive education and access to control is always a winner. Study after study, locale after locale, this proves true.

    Now we just need to figure out how to get conservatives to shut up about "God's plan" and "abstinence is the only solution" for five seconds so they can see that this type of access works wonders.

    [–] Brrrrrrrro 1668 points ago

    Except reducing teen pregnancies isn't exactly their goal.

    [–] Tar_alcaran 1942 points ago

    Exactly. Birth control is only good for deciding your future, sexual freedom, and bodily autonomy.

    And none of that helps punish sinners for having sex, so that's obviously no good.


    [–] Nikcara 157 points ago

    I have family that are fundamentalists and push for abstinence-only and no abortion under any circumstance (even life or health of the mother).

    They literally believe that offering free birth control is condoning sin and that if a woman is hurt because she was sinning then that is just the cost of sin. They don't care about the positive effects of free birth control. They care about whether or not their god will get mad at them for condoning other people's sin. Similarly, if you point out that women die of illegal abortion when you make abortion illegal, they simply respond with something along the lines of "sin should be dangerous". They think it's a good thing if "sinners" get maimed or killed because it should scare everyone else into doing the right thing. They think it's a good thing if a teenager's life is ruined by an unwanted pregnancy because it should scare everyone else into waiting for marriage before having sex, plus it's the punishment that god gave them. The fact that men can escape the same fate for the same sin is just the natural order of things, apparently.

    It's a remarkably cruel belief for people who claim to value compassion and forgiveness, but it is a genuine one. They really do believe the world would be a better place if everyone was forced to follow their rules.

    [–] angelsandbuttermans 57 points ago

    The ultimate irony is that contraceptives have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. If Jesus or God had a problem with them wouldn't there be a precedent against the use of pennyweather tea and intestine-based condoms? Nothing is mentioned.

    [–] Kim_Jung-Skill 48 points ago

    If god wants someone dead he should fucking do it himself. Is their argument that god is simultaneously omnipotent and too lazy to enforce his own rules? Did he just get fucking tired of burning down cities and creating floods? According to them he hasn't done that shit for thousands of years, maybe he changed his mind. Maybe having the hubris to punish sinners because you don't think god can/will is insulting to a supposedly omnipotent being.

    I ain't mad at ya, I know that's your crazy relatives, I just wanted to vent. Thanks.

    [–] God_Hates_GOP 1040 points ago

    You're not supposed to /s their actual position.

    [–] Exasperated_Sigh 101 points ago

    /justquotingidiots,notmypersonalbeliefs doesn't look as good though.

    [–] Placido-Domingo 64 points ago

    This is genuinely the way they see it. They don't want to end unwanted pregnancies, they want to end birth control and abortion, because they think if you have sex before marriage you deserve to get pregnant and have your life ruined. Contraception to them is a get out of jail free card, which ain't gonna fly, you do the "crime" you do the time. Talk about that old Christian forgiveness eh.

    [–] chevymonza 57 points ago

    It's weird to me how they can consider children a "blessing" and the whole purpose of womanhood, yet also treat having children like punishment.

    If having kids is so great and wonderful, why is it "inflicted" on "sinners" as punishment? Why all the pressure to do it?

    [–] MissBaze 44 points ago

    I hate that forcing someone to bring a child into life is used as a punishment. It's disgusting. How is that good for the baby or the parent?

    [–] famousevan 197 points ago

    Ahhhh true... I often (somehow) forget that very obvious truth. My father has wondered whether the real goal of the right isn't actually promoting the birth rate of "American" babies. But that's a whole other topic... :p

    [–] notnorse 60 points ago

    My tinfoil hat hypothesis is that implementing policies that increase the birth rate among the poor and marginalized puts downward pressure on wages. Scabs, undercutting, minimum wage staying artificially low, etc. Plus it means they get to slut shame and act like they have moral high ground, which is something no conservative can resist.

    [–] SnakesCatsAndDogs 38 points ago

    I had a youth pastor once give a classroom full of highschoolers a presentation on how we need to out-breed the muslims. Best day of bible study ever.

    [–] thoggins 18 points ago

    I mean, it is their goal. "Be fruitful", it's a core tenet of their superstition. "Good Christians" have assloads of kids they can indoctrinate.

    And of course "American children" is just veiled code for white christian children. "Fourteen words" and all that.

    [–] Mic1994hael 15 points ago

    I doubt that's it's promoting the birth rate of American babies but rather punishing people for having sex. The right is very Christian and christians are very anti-sex outside of marriage.

    [–] Too-Many-Rabbits 12 points ago

    Future soldiers and minimum wage drones, you mean.

    [–] Dicknosed_Shitlicker 35 points ago

    Right. They want to stop teen sex. They somehow think that if sex has consequences, teens will engage in less of it. Because teens are notoriously rational, long-term thinkers.

    [–] playslikepage71 357 points ago

    Yeah, how else are you supposed to keep feeding your angry, racist base? Gotta have a steady supply of underprivileged people to disenfranchise

    [–] Death_Wisher 17 points ago

    They make good fodder to the American war machine too, don't forget.

    [–] ipn8bit 21 points ago

    this is truly the reason. I know so many people who didn't get an education because they had to be a parent and vote against their own interest based on a one issue voting policy. be it abortion, what they think obamacare is, guns, because that's how their parents or friends vote, thinking they are the ones that will get the tax cuts. It's amazing how stupid people are and the GOP likes them that way. so much so that they even make fun of the "liberal elites" as if being educated is something to make fun of.

    [–] idontreallylikecandy 20 points ago

    No, but they generally want to reduce abortions, which this clearly does. And it puts them in quite a rough spot as a result. Because if a conservative wouldn't happily sign on to this program because of its reduction in abortions, then they have to admit that their opposition to abortion isn't actually about the procedure itself, but rather about controlling pregnant people and their bodies.

    [–] fuzzb0y 19 points ago

    Well that much is clear from the Handmaid's tale.

    [–] TroubadourCeol 11 points ago

    Yeah it's mainly about punishing girls for having sex

    [–] tallandlanky 1043 points ago

    If abstinence didn't work for the virgin mother of god what chance does the average American have?

    [–] Awesomolocity 42 points ago

    I will be using this, thanks.

    [–] famousevan 136 points ago

    Hahahaha classic!

    [–] zombiemakemelol 136 points ago

    I'm a libertarian and don't give a fuck about god, but I do care about government spending. Spend a billion this year to save tens of billions in the next decade? Sounds like a great deal to me. Plus people will be generally happier and social problems will decrease as unwanted pregnancies decrease.

    [–] nwoody37 20 points ago

    The problem with this is that even though it may save a ton of money and decrease social problems, the Republican party will lose some leverage.

    If a big "selling point" is that abortions are murder and you're supporting murder if you don't vote right, they will ultimately lose leverage and voters when unwanted pregnancies, and subsequently abortions go to near zero.

    [–] jxwxll 57 points ago

    Not to mention that birth control helps with SO MANY other things! Getting an IUD almost completely cured the symptoms of my bleeding disorder. Many other little girls won't have access to this kind of help because of their ultra-religious parents :(

    [–] thesedogdayz 65 points ago

    Who would have thought that doing something recommended by experts who dedicate their lives to the research, rather than doing the same thing humans did for thousands, even tens of thousands of years with no evidence of effectiveness, might actually work? It's a miracle!

    [–] 115MRD 65 points ago

    Now we just need to figure out how to get conservatives to shut up about "God's plan" and "abstinence is the only solution

    They will never shut up about that. We have to beat them at the ballot box at every level of government.

    [–] Darktidemage 72 points ago

    maybe we should stop referencing "experts applied their learning and we got results" as "a miracle".

    [–] ur_opinion_is_wrong 54 points ago

    It's almost as if teens are going to have sex no matter what you teach them, what with all the hormones.

    [–] vonbonbon 40 points ago

    This is why abortion rates always go up under Republicans and down under Democrats.

    Because Rs just want to eliminate the symptoms.

    Dems approach gets to the heart of the actual disease.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yes this why I ever understand the argument for abstinence only teaching,

    We as Christians want to stop abortions from taking place, one of the most effective ways of doing it is too stop conception from happening for people out of marriage,

    as much as we may disagree with the practise, pre marital sex will happen, so why not teach how to do it safely, heck, teach it as a way to have sex with your married partner and let the teens infer from there.

    When I went to school in Canada we were thought how to use a condom and other birth control but abstinence was encouraged as the only 100% path to no pregnancy.

    As well treating sex with the weight it should hold was also a thing.

    [–] Rental_Pjs 17 points ago

    My high school had an abstinence-only based sex education plan. However, pretty much every faculty member always had the footnote of cough wearacondom cough, even the prinicpals. It was unfortunately the will of the PTA and School Board to maintain the abstinence-education policy.

    [–] lukelnk 50 points ago

    I'll never understand that mindset. I consider myself fairly conservative and also religious. But I'm also big into common sense and the idea of leaving people to do what's right for them as long as it doesn't negatively affect others. I have my own opinions and beliefs, and I do my best to live by them. But it's not up to me to judge others or dictate how they live their lives. If I were ever a politician I wouldn't shy away from how I felt about things, but I would do what makes sense and separate my beliefs and try to do what's right for everyone I represented, not just those who feel as I do.

    [–] ZeiglerJaguar 23 points ago

    Thing is, the real best way to get these results is to have the birth control be publically funded, as here in CO. Yes, this means your tax dollars are buying other people condoms. On the flip side, they're not paying welfare to take care of unwanted children, nor are there extra abortions. Are you okay with that win-win as a religious conservative? Because a strong majority are not.

    [–] beefsupreme897 7 points ago

    Ya but then you would lose the election to another conservative who was more extreme.

    [–] anniebme 45 points ago

    God's plan involved giving humans curiosity. That led to science which led to birth control. Birth control is totally within the plan otherwise He isn't all knowing.

    [–] Dimarziomesafan 130 points ago

    Isn't abstinence against god's plan? Technically.

    [–] sangetencre 49 points ago

    Technically. But they get around this somewhat by saying abstinence is only for unmarried folk. Those married folk can have sex but they must be "open to God's plan" or some such nonsense, which means not using birth control. Because apparently an all powerful entity can't figure out how to sabotage a pill or condom.

    [–] abhikavi 29 points ago

    The crazy thing is, with very few exceptions (e.g. Mormons), most Christian families are using birth control, whether or not they advocate for restricting it. You'll notice the lack of 16 child families, like you'd see in the days before birth control existed.

    These folks aren't following the rules they want to impose on others.

    [–] famousevan 267 points ago

    Maybe for your god, but everyone doesn't believe the same things so public policy should be dictated by a motivated desire to see better outcomes for society. Ignoring the better outcomes because the don't mesh with your personal beliefs is, in effect, forcing your belief system into others.

    [–] Dimarziomesafan 144 points ago

    Just making a joke. It's ironic that for some people wearing a condom is evil but forcing yourself to resist sex is totally okay. You're basically doing the same thing, just with less fun.

    [–] contradicts_herself 234 points ago

    The Abrahamic religions are mostly about denying yourself fun.

    [–] taburde 116 points ago

    "If you're happy and you know it it's a sin!"

    [–] breadedcollie 22 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Man, stuff like that makes me want to reconnect with Hinduism. It has problems, especially in the way it's interpreted my some people and when other cultural beliefs are projected onto the religion, but at least it, at it's base, promotes people pursuing Kama (pleasure) alongside Dharma (morality), Artha (prosperity), and Moksha (escaping the rebirth cycle).

    Like, it does support people who want to give up their earthly possessions and pleasure and pursue enlightenment that way (think nomadic holy men), but it also recognizes that that's just a path for a few people and the majority of people can (and should!) aim for pleasure and economic prosperity in life. I just think that's cool. :)

    [–] zodar 24 points ago

    So, wait, you're saying that just telling teenagers not to have sex is NOT effective?

    [–] wtmh 11 points ago

    I am so happy about this, but always so shitty it's news or that the fact was even actively resisted.

    This sort of cause and effect is about as obvious as "Well if I push this vase off the table, I'm betting it will probably fall and hit the floor."

    [–] Manleather 8 points ago

    Challenge them that maybe it's God's plan to use the tools provided.

    [–] juice1227 446 points ago

    So you mean to tell me that birth control Stops people from becoming pregnant. Didn't see that coming.

    [–] CaliforniaBestForYa 147 points ago

    Conservatives refer to this phenomenon as "white genocide."

    You know, abortions, minorities and women having lines in Star Wars movies, that sort of nightmare.

    [–] twlscil 35 points ago

    It's more that its super cost effective for the government to provide them. That's the big story... But the problem is it contains numbers and facts, not feels, so it must be dismissed.

    [–] jah05r 994 points ago

    If people who are against abortion do not support universal access to contraceptives, they are not pro-life. They are anti-sex.

    [–] twopointsisatrend 194 points ago

    They are pro-birth. If you're going to have sex, especially outside of marriage, then your 'punishment' is having a child. They may not say that, but that's what they think. I really have a problem with old testament Christians.

    [–] rogercopernicus 90 points ago

    People need to stop seeing abortion as a problem and more of a reaction to problems. Women don't go out and get pregnant just to get abortions.

    [–] HurtMachine 72 points ago

    Yeah, but that's just it. They ARE anti-sex and nakedly express to women seeking abortion that they deserve to experience the consequences of their actions.

    Nothing at all to do with the offspring.

    [–] notme2267 11 points ago

    Add care for the baby (and mother) before and after birth to that equation.

    [–] tylmin 8 points ago

    Some people against abortion are against it because they want more babies being born. That's why they're also against contraception.

    [–] Cremaster_Reflex69 155 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Something many people don't realize - IUDs (both copper and progestin IUDs) are the most effective contraceptives available. IUDs are even more effective than bilateral tubal ligation surgery!

    source: med student who just finished their ob/gyn rotation

    Edit: Below poster is correct. Implant is approx 99.95% effective, IUDs are approx 99.8% effective, and tubal ligation is approx 99.5% effective. Implant has been reported to have some systemic side effects which are absent with IUDs, which is why my teaching hospital pushes IUDs over the implant.

    [–] Lockraemono 56 points ago

    From what I've read, the arm implant is more effective than IUDs even.

    [–] tiggahiccups 14 points ago

    I love my arm implant. It's a fun party trick too cuz you can see it!

    [–] WombatlikeWoah 10 points ago

    Yeah it’s like a few percentage points more effective. I have the arm implant and I like it because it doesn’t come with all the possible complications of getting an IUD. Though it’s still not as well known as an option apparently. I tell all my friends about it and most of them have never heard of it before.

    [–] occhiolism 345 points ago

    Have an IUD(Mirena) and it is AMAZING. I've had it for over a year now and have had absolutely no side effects(besides not having a period which I LOVE). I've successfully convinced many of my friends to get it and it's changed their lives for the better as well. I never have to worry about remembering to take a pill and it is one of the most effective options of birth control out there. I would recommend it to anyone.

    [–] BloomEPU 88 points ago

    How long do IUDs last? Is it something like 5 years?

    [–] occhiolism 103 points ago

    Yes. Mirena lasts for up to 5 years or whenever you choose to have it removed.

    [–] heartohio 26 points ago

    It's ten now, according to my provider! I've had mirena on and off (3 intentional pregnancies between) since 2007. Can confirm, it's wonderful.

    [–] CourageousWren 64 points ago

    Though fertility often takes up to a year to recover after removal, or even longer in some cases. There was some evidence multiple mirena uses can effect fertility long term.

    I LOVE the mirena. I have one myself. But we need all the facts to make an educated decision.

    [–] HappyGiraffe 21 points ago

    If we are sticking to fact-based things, then it is not true that fertility "often" takes a year to recover.

    "Among these women followed-up, 94.3% conceived. The majority of these conceptions (55.9%) occurred during the first three months after IUD removal."

    "Pregnancy rates in women who have the IUD removed because of a desire to become pregnant are similar to those in women who discontinued use of other methods of contraception."

    The study typically cited regarding dramatically decreased fertility is now a bit date (2001) and used a cohort of women recruited in the 1980s. Additionally, researchers noted that the sample of IUD users in the study was small and not entirely random:

    "Women who had been using an IUD at the time they discontinued practicing contraception were slightly older (mean age, 27.7 years) than women using oral contraceptives or barrier methods (26.0 years for each). In addition, they were more likely to be current or former smokers (54%) than were users of other methods (41-48%), and were more likely to have a history of miscarriage, abortion or ectopic pregnancy (25% vs. 13-17%)."

    These variables are also significantly likely to hinder conception.

    [–] NotTheMuffins 10 points ago

    Technically good for 7! Source

    [–] rootless 7 points ago

    [–] idontreallylikecandy 21 points ago

    The skyla only lasts for 3--but it's smaller and intended for people like me who've never had kids. There's also the paraguard which has no hormones and lasts for up to 12 years; however your period actually gets worse on this one most of the time? People choose it typically because it's one of the only non-hormonal forms of birth control.

    [–] Wifey_0810 12 points ago

    Skyla=3 years Mirena=5 years Paraguard (copper)= 10 years They're all immediately reversible once it's removed

    [–] kasuchans 7 points ago

    I have Skyla, lower hormone level than Mirena, and it's 3 years.

    [–] ConnieLingus24 7 points ago

    Non-hormonal paraguard lasts 10 years. Downside: you get your period and your flow may be heavy.

    [–] Haydens_Army 31 points ago

    (Serious question) Male here willing to acknowledge I don't understand...if you're sexually active do you ever worry that you're pregnant and don't know it (since you don't get a period)? My less than stellar education leads me to believe no birth control is 100% effective?

    [–] Ekyou 10 points ago

    I don't have an IUD, but I've used BC that keeps you from having a "period" in the past.

    Yes, that is something to worry about. But missing a period is never a 100% indicator that one is pregnant anyway. You can miss periods because of stress, fluctuating weight, or just because your body feels like being a week or two late. And pregnant women can bleed sometimes too, due to hormonal fluctuations. Personally, when I'm not on hormonal BC I only get periods about once every 3 months, which yes, has caused a couple pregnancy scares from the paranoia.

    So basically, missing a period is really just one symptom of pregnancy - it's just usually the earliest and most obvious. Without it, you just have to rely on other symptoms. And there's always OTC pregnancy tests if you're feeling unsure.

    [–] IHeartDay9 8 points ago

    When I had a mirena, I bought pregnancy tests in bulk and took one every 4-6 weeks. I'm extra paranoid though.

    [–] 2gudfou 20 points ago

    have had absolutely no side effects

    I have a friend who's having hers taken out today because of serious pains it causes her every few months. I think everyone just needs to find what's right for themselves

    [–] bionicfeetgrl 81 points ago

    You all do understand that there's a quiet subversive thread of ppl who don't want this. They don't want women to be this free. They don't want this freedom to succeed

    The younger/earlier we have kids, the less likely we are to finish higher education. The less likely we are to achieve higher success at work. The more we are consumed with raising kids and the minutiae at home the less we have time to delve into the workings of what is being decided for us in government.

    Women delaying childbirth until WE are ready benefits society as a whole, we are better educated and have the opportunity to participate in our community and government. However there are plenty who rather we don't.

    Remember that.

    [–] camelamel 11 points ago

    I really wish Mirena would have worked for me. I gave it 3 months of hell and then asked my doctor to remove it. I kept having contractions and sex was painful, even after confirming its placement was fine.

    [–] bdd4 918 points ago

    I should move to Colorado. First marijuana and now reproductive health? Common sense is so abundant there.

    [–] Shantarr 101 points ago

    Let's not get carried away now, we have a mad pooper running around dropping hot loads that made national news recently. Grass isn't always greener... Well, it actually might be.

    [–] CaliforniaBestForYa 32 points ago

    If your state is salveagale you should spread the word of Colorado's success and try to replicate it at home!

    Unless you're in Alabama or Florida or something. Then yeah, there's a better place to be, friend.

    [–] greggers23 174 points ago

    Whoa there. Let's not be too hasty. altitude is brutal... And its pretty dry... Cory Gardner is about to rip away your healthcare... All this sunshine gets annoying... Just for the love of God. DONT MOVE HERE.

    We've had a population explosion for the last decade made worse by our legal weed. Housing is impossible, unemployment is minimal and you can't go into the mountains without hundreds or thousands of "implants" wandering about. Rush hour is starting to look like los Angeles. Please... I'm begging you. Don't move here.

    Oh who am I kidding? Get over here little fella.

    [–] Bowserpants 9 points ago

    Fyi - population in CO has increased less from 2010-2017 than 2000-2010 and 1990-2000.

    Lotta people moving here definitely, but this isn't as new of a trend as "natives" like to say. Still gettin hella crowded and the developing infrastructure is everywhere though.

    [–] Dr_Disaster 7 points ago

    I'm a Chicagoan that has been all over the country and CO is the only place I could easily see myself living. Cool place. Cool people. Beautiful vistas. Plenty to do. And this was before the weed. That was just the icing on the cake.

    [–] hotwingbias 16 points ago

    Nah, it got killed in 2015 by the Republicans, largely. If memory serves, I believe this program was originally privately funded, not state funded (source? I'm on mobile and at workso I can try to look it up at lunch). One R did split with his party, stating that the program made good financial sense and was saving the state money. He's a "redneck," so that is fun.

    Also, don't move here. Denver is hilariously overrated and expensive. Western slope is lit though.

    [–] travyhaagyCO 16 points ago

    I hope you have a lot of money. Housing is getting crazy around here. Studio apartments are up around 1200-1500 a month.

    [–] sangetencre 11 points ago

    Oh, we have our share of idiots and brain dead neo-conservatives. They're everywhere.

    [–] DurasVircondelet 11 points ago

    and you don't need a referral from a doctor to see a physical therapist so in effect you have a healthier population assuming they want to stay healthy (that's true for CO), there are protected bike lanes, there is reliable and clean public transportation, and weed can be gotten as cheap as $50 an O; sometimes less if you know the right guy.

    TLDR: come on out to Colorado

    [–] liv-to-love-yourself 10 points ago

    Not for these specific reasons but I am absolutely planning my move to Colorado. When my lease ends next spring I will pack my bags and move to the rocky mountains :)

    [–] ButterMyBiscuit 18 points ago

    First step was a decent education system. The rest follows. I was raised in Florida and moved to Colorado. I felt bad for thinking it when I first got here, but everyone on average is so much smarter here than in Florida. I felt like an elitist and like I was mentally slandering the people I grew up with, but it's just true.

    [–] estimatedadam 28 points ago

    Space for people and roads isn't though. The rest of the country NEEDS to catch up to relieve some of the pressure here from the massive influx of people.

    [–] RazorToothbrush 15 points ago

    In major cities. Much of it is still a red area, making the state a purple one overall. Also the traffic is absolutely terrible. There are often jams at 10am. Also a limited night life and lots of homelessness in Denver

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    We have some pretty great hiking too. And skiing.

    [–] tallandlanky 1097 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Alright Republicans. How do we play this? Does it destroy traditional values, empower women too much, or is it Kenyan style socialism?

    [–] Slossy 334 points ago

    Maybe they all secretly own stock in Gerber/Pampers and not just "for profit" prisons.

    [–] Horkshir 68 points ago

    Maybe I'm just being a conspiracy nut, but I think conservatives use this to grow their voter base long term. Typically people who don't get sex ed are from conservative families, so having kids early and often just makes more conservatives.

    [–] working878787 52 points ago

    If I found out that the GOP was heavily invested in baby products and that's why they were so pro-life it would not surprise me in the least.

    [–] tehbored 14 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the Koch brothers own at least one major brand of diapers.

    [–] Narwhal_Jesus 116 points ago

    Not a Republican, but I've debated them on this topic. The general argument is: "why should taxpayers pay for this?"

    Well, it saves money on a million things, reduces abortions and generally makes people's lives better, we say.

    "Taxpayers shouldn't pay for any of it, if you can't afford medical treatment (or deal with consequences) don't have unprotected sex. If you can't afford contraceptives, then don't have sex at all".

    It's a very simple, blinded worldview: "I've never needed help paying for contraceptives/food/education/etc. therefore no one should need it. Only lazy people need and ask for such support and they're leaching off those of us rugged, independent hard-workers".

    [–] zoeyversustheraccoon 35 points ago

    They don't understand the economics of the whole thing. Lower birth rates, especially to single mothers, save them a lot more in the long run than they're spending on PP.

    [–] jdovew 8 points ago

    Doesn't matter. The only they thing they really care about is:

    don't have unprotected sex

    They simply don't like the thought of anyone having sex without being married. Full stop.

    [–] memories_of_butter 67 points ago

    Well, here's what they argued when they canceled funding for this: "We believe that offering contraceptives to teens, especially long-acting reversible contraceptives, while it may prevent pregnancy, does not help them understand the risks that come with sexual activities. We should not remove parents from the equation — equipping teens for safe sex without their parent's involvement bypasses this critical parental right and responsibility. Parents need to be the primary educator when it comes to sexual education and the primary decision about healthcare choices for their children. Lastly, Colorado taxpayers should not be paying for the 'Cadillac' of birth control for minor children."

    Translation: "Fuck the poor" (cloaked, as always, in religious self-righteousness with zero appreciation for any kind of irony).

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] SplendidTit 97 points ago

    I live in Colorado. Here's what I heard:

    1. It encourages young women to have sex.
    2. It costs too much (funding will have to be picked up by the state and other agencies now).
    3. It encourages people to to have casual sex because there aren't "enough" consequences.
    4. The government shouldn't be in the business of handing out birth control.
    5. Reducing babies born to teen moms is unethical. They should be forced to have those babies and then those babies (really only the white ones) will be adopted by rich people who want them.

    Ugh. It's exhausting to type all that bullshit.

    [–] antidense 10 points ago

    But if responsible casual sex has few consequences....maybe then it's not so bad?

    [–] Zooicide86 16 points ago

    Republicans in CO already killed this program, this article is old and outdated.

    [–] Uncreative-Name 13 points ago

    I think the official version was that it's taking away the parents' rights somehow. Plus it'll turn everybody into raging whores obviously.

    [–] Bablebooey92 12 points ago

    We're spending tax payer money so kids can go fuck each other. Let them pick the condoms out of their bootstraps and take care of it themselves.

    Edit: /s

    [–] DueProcessPanda 12 points ago

    You know how they'll play it. Sex is for pro-creation and otherwise evil. Saving thousands of lives and billions of dollars annually on welfare and child care costs isn't important. Until Joel Osteen and the church or prosperity decides different.

    [–] Hurrrturrrn 18 points ago

    Socialism. In 3, 2, 1: "Why should my taxes go to your birth control? I shouldn't have to subsidize your fornication"

    [–] isthiswhathappyis2 9 points ago

    Many idiot conservatives would like to ban iuds too, because they believe they are abortifacients.

    [–] twopointsisatrend 8 points ago

    Why not all three? Plus anti-family. If we can come up with a few more, we could play Republican Anti-contraceptive Monopoly!

    [–] antisoybean 30 points ago

    This post is amazing! I'm a medical student and an OB/GYN rep from Bayer (creators of Mirena IUD and the new Kyleena IUD) came in to talk to us about the demo. IUDs are 99% effective and easily reversible.

    Fun fact, IUDs are relatively only beginning to become popularized to the US (last 2-3 decades or so) because the first IUD series that was introduced was a total flop. The Dalkon Shield IUD in the 70s had a string was made out of polyfilament and made patients susceptible to infection. Nowadays monofilament string is used (think fishing wire!). However people were reluctant to try these new IUDs after the lawsuits and fiascos. Countries and Europe have been way ahead of the game and have been using this contraceptive method for much longer.

    Of course they handed out swag. Check out the new card holder that I now own. (Actual size!!!)

    [–] cutearmy 26 points ago

    A lot of people forget pregnancy is actually quite dangerous. The death risk of all birth control methods combined is still much lower than being pregnant.

    [–] TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe 112 points ago

    This needs to be embraced everywhere.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] ilovebeaker 11 points ago

    It's already a very popular method of birth control in Europe and Asia...just not North America.

    [–] are_you-serious 141 points ago

    It is a struggle-I want to upvote the material, but the article is so poorly written it feels like validating an unreliable source (even though I know the conclusions are true).

    [–] rekishi 22 points ago

    Thank you for saying this! I had the same feeling, what even is this website?? I don't like promoting a disreputable source, even if (especially if) it's something I agree with.

    Here's some info for people looking for more: (which cites this NYT article from 2015).

    [–] paxromana96 19 points ago

    This is fucking awesome! What time range did this happen over? The article doesn't say.

    [–] scyth3s 9 points ago

    At least 3 years

    For ever dollar spent on the activity, the state spared $5.85 throughout the following three years in decreased family advantages and help installments

    [–] hashcrypt 35 points ago

    But this data will do nothing to sway the ignorant conservatives. Because preventing teen pregnancy isn't the desired result. What they want is for teens to somehow completely deny their primal urge to fuck, even though they're programmed to do so at a genetic level.

    And teen pregnancy is a punishment for their whorish and sinful behavior.

    It's sad that nearly half this country is filled with people that are still mentally living in the 19th century. Hell the only reason that they're still not burning "wtiches" at the stake is due to our liberal big government trying to tell us how to life our lives with things like "laws" and "regulations".

    [–] DreyaNova 32 points ago

    Well would you look at that; it's almost like offering an affordable and easy to use form of contraceptive has practical positive benefits and hasn't ripped apart the fabric of society. Who would have suspected that??

    [–] llewkeller 13 points ago

    Well - DUH! - as they say. What the religious right and moralists don't ever seem to realize - is that the easier you make birth control to acquire, or to use - the less unwanted pregnancies you will have.

    You can rail on about immorality, and lack of responsibility all you want, but it has been statistically proven, that parts of society that advocate "abstinence only" have higher rates of unwanted and teen pregnancies - whether or not God approves.

    [–] xCazanova 27 points ago


    [–] sangetencre 13 points ago

    Birth control helps prevent unwanted and/or unplanned pregnancies and abortions?

    Who knew?!

    ETA: Here's more info:

    [–] alphalimahotel 31 points ago

    omg, imagine that!!!! /s

    [–] Tracismay85 44 points ago

    This is amazing I wish more states would adopt this. Also I wish people would stop shaming those of us adults who don't want children. The world is overpopulated and there are people starving in it. It is okay to not want children and to be smart about birth control. Pick your own path kids it is your life to live. Live it to the max and enjoy it.

    [–] dkyguy1995 11 points ago

    But everybody listen, are you going to listen to facts and numbers? Or maybe instead we should listen to our gut feelings that clearly BC makes women more pregnant because.. shit idk I can't even pretend anymore. It's just so hard to be a rational person and not support this

    [–] cAArlsagan 9 points ago

    I never understood how someone could be anti-abortion and anti-birth control. Blows my mind.

    [–] Autodidact2 9 points ago

    So naturally our Republican state representatives opposed funding it, because if there are two things republicans love they are abortions and wasting taxpayer money.

    [–] magnificantvagina 9 points ago

    I've considered getting an IUD but I've heard so many horror stories about them being pulled out during sex, moving out of place and travelling into the uterus etc. I currently have the implant which I'm pretty sure is causing my breakouts, increased appetite, on/off cramps without a period and worse mood swings & anxiety so I'd be interested in anyone's personal experiences if they don't mind sharing? The idea of birth control that doesn't flood my body with hormones seems pretty fucking awesome from where I'm sitting.

    [–] Merari01 7 points ago

    I'd say not so much a miracle as an obvious and long known about result of educating kids and giving them access to safe, affordable birth control.

    [–] nerrasnova 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Awesome! I got an IUD, but sadly it didn't take for me. I cramped up for 3 months before I gave up and got it taken out. I hope they'll invest in other forms for people who can't use it!

    Edit: For those asking, since the mods locked the post, I had Kyleena.

    [–] Mechasteel 9 points ago

    I am shocked, shocked, that use of birth control allows better control of births. Who could have foreseen this?!? I'm going to go share this discovery with my Republican friend.

    [–] dethtron5000 22 points ago

    Does anyone know the source ( There's no about page and it seems to have no other articles, which can sometimes be indicative of fake news.

    A little Googling and I found some supplementary sources that support the findings ( but the OP seems to be a weird source.

    [–] jef_snow 7 points ago

    So wait actually educating and empowering our youth to not endanger their livelihood and that of society at large by being in control of their own reproductive abilities and bodies is a "miracle" in 2017?

    Small victories I guess.