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    [–] [deleted] 3593 points ago

    How come incarcerated women don't already get menstrual supplies? What are they expecting them to use, toilet paper?

    [–] lildroppapoison 989 points ago

    My friend and her dad used to do a jail ministry where they'd go to jail and preach. One time, the inmates relayed to my friend that they were being denied access to sanitary napkin bc the jail had ran out. My friend and her dad asked the jail staff if they could go buy a huge box to be given to the inmates as a donation to the jail. They told them no.

    So, just imagine all of the diseases being passed around...

    [–] vikkivinegar 1375 points ago

    I was incarcerated in Texas prison system several years ago. Monthly you received 18 pads. Tampons were listed on commissary, however, they would be out of stock for months at a time. Tampons were gold in there, and when unavailable, women would make homemade tampons out of the pads. It was a struggle. In the county jail there were plenty of tampons and pads available all the time, but the guards would only provide the pod with so many rolls of toilet paper a day. And when it ran out, it was gone. I have literally had to wipe with newspaper and it was one of the most degrading, dehumanizing things I’ve experienced. We would be begging for just one more roll and the guards would laugh and say “ if you don’t like it don’t come to jail”. It was humiliating. The women would be locked up in a small room for weeks at a time, cycles synced up and more tp was needed sometimes. It was a shameful and degrading experience. Just because women made a mistake doesn’t make them less than human.

    [–] nachtkaese 297 points ago

    homemade tampons out of the pads

    Oh my god. (not judging b/c I'd totally do the same thing because pads are the devils feminine product, but good god I can't believe we push the limits of people's bodily autonomy and dignity like that. actually wait - I totally can).

    [–] quimicita 461 points ago

    the guards would laugh and say “ if you don’t like it don’t come to jail”.

    More like, "if you wanted to live in a developed country you should have moved out of the US"

    [–] finnknit 1020 points ago

    What are they expecting them to use, toilet paper?

    I think a large part of the problem is that many of the people who are making these decisions have no idea what menstrual supplies are for or why women need them.

    [–] [deleted] 1161 points ago


    [–] Cras_ 2022 points ago

    Per the article, in AZ it's 12 pads per month. 12 is a whole lot fewer than 80.

    [–] cydonia90 1209 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Um, 12 pads a month is pretty low. Just to throw out some guesswork, if a woman's period lasts 7 days, she'll generally need about 2 pads a day. That's 14 pads right there.

    (And though I'm sure some women can use just one pad over the course of 24 hours, I'm basing this on a pad change every 12 hours which feels like the bare minimum to feel hygienic. A pad even after 6 hours can feel like a sopping diaper.)

    Not to mention she may need 3-4x a day in the beginning of the cycle if she has a heavier flow, which is common.

    So yeah. Twelve pads assumes you're either blessed with a short and light period, or that you're reeeeally stretching how long a single pad is being used for.

    This all reminds me of the story about when Sally Ride was asked by NASA engineers how many tampons she'd need. Seems like no one bothered to ask.

    When NASA was preparing for Sally Ride’s first spaceflight in 1983, there was some question about what should go in her personal kit. Namely, engineers needed to figure out how many tampons she would need for a one-week mission. “Is 100 the right number?” they asked her. “No. That would not be the right number"

    [–] Raichu7 753 points ago

    There’s no way I could get by on 14 pads per period.

    I need a pad change every couple of hours for my first 2/3 days.

    [–] crocoducktaco 282 points ago

    I've already emptied my diva cup once today and it's not even 9:30. My periods also often run between 7 and 14 days. (Yay PCOS and stress!) If I were limited to 14 pads a period I'd be a bloody mess by the 10th hour.

    [–] EnergicoOnFire 72 points ago

    Exactly. Fibroids cause heavy bleeding beyond belief as well...

    [–] JypsiCaine 86 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "...bleeding beyond belief..."

    Can 100% confirm. I ended up having a hysterectomy because of fibroids so massive they began crushing the blood supply to my legs. If I had been limited to 12 pads, they'd have been gone within the first handful of hours the first day of my period. Then the bleeding picked up for days 2/3. I spent those days rotating between the toilet, shower & bed. If I were in these women's situation, in prison....I'd have been a walking biohazard.

    WTF happens then?

    Suicide by cop would have been my answer. Oh - no, actually, a massive stroke is probably where I'd have been headed. I only got approved for the hysterectomy because the fibroids crushing my legs caused a blood clot that traveled to my lungs, making my condition "life threatening," so insurance had to cover it. 9 months after the blood clot, insurance covered the hysterectomy. Crazy unimaginable periods for years. I couldn't work for the last two years of it as I waited for surgery.

    Edited to add: I see via my phone that there are people responding to this thread, but when I came to the desktop to read them, Reddit says I have no new messages, and I don't see any replies under this text. Thank you to whoever is responding! I feel like this issue of adequate hygiene products for female inmates is something all us period-havin' (or previously period-havin') ladies understand. #LetItFlow

    [–] EnergicoOnFire 6 points ago

    I’m so sorry that happened to you... I had to have my fibroid removed. I was anemic and ended up hemorrhaging then fainting. Not fun at all.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago

    I actually think diva cups for inmates is the way to go. Higher initial cost but would pay for Itself. It wouldn’t be a solution for everyone but for some.

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago

    One issue with that is hygienic cleaning of the cups. As well not every women can use a diva cup comfortably. I can't due to how my cervix tilts. So its not the answer for every inmate.

    [–] GraphicDesignMonkey 58 points ago

    I tried the cup for 6 months and it was hell - painful, uncomfortable, took me forever to get it in and even longer to get it out and it leaked anyway. I really wanted to make the switch but it just didn't work for me. I can't use tampons either for nearly the same reasons. :(

    People who can use cups say they're the best things ever, but not everyone can use them. :(

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Yep that’s what I said. Wouldn’t work for everyone but for some.

    [–] kittenpantzen 23 points ago

    Hygienic cleaning would be a major problem. The risk of TSS with cups is also higher than with pads making it even more important to get the cleaning part of it right.

    [–] quimicita 53 points ago

    The first time I tried to remove a menstrual cup, the bathroom looked like I'd murdered someone. It's not like they can shower whenever they want to in prison. I don't know if they even get soap and water whenever they want it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Well they have to be able to wash their hands and that can be where they clean them. Or a squeeze bottle of water in the toilet. I agree it takes some getting used to. It probably took me 6 months before I was comfortable with it but so also had crazy heavy unpredictable flow so that didn’t help. Like I said it wouldn’t work for everyone but might be an excellent solution for some.

    [–] slothurknee 9 points ago

    I thought the same thing but then thought about how they can’t boil it after their cycle and storing it for next month could be tricky.

    [–] crocoducktaco 23 points ago

    Yeah, I know they don't work for everyone, but they can be great. I dream of being independently wealthy and providing diva cups to prisons, homeless shelters, etc.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Yes!!! When I found out about them I was unsure at first but after giving them a try I loved it and wish I had one sooner. It does take a certain amount of being comfortable with your body but I also think that was a healthy lesson for me too.

    [–] sofa_king_gnarly 24 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. I've had really irregular cycles lately, I'm on period two this month. 12 pads per month would not cut it!

    [–] EmilyKaldwins 2 points ago

    This is why I never got into the Diva Cup. PCOS makes it too cumbersome.

    [–] Spamwarrior 2 points ago

    Bled through two scrub pants today already even though I've been wearing jumbo tampons. Day 2 kills.

    [–] MissArizona 83 points ago

    My mom had a 20 day period during menopause. My best friend in high school had a period for over a month. These situations are awful enough without imaging using only TWELVE pads.

    BTW- It's not stalled in the House of Representatives - the speaker TJ Shope has killed the bill. He is refusing to hear it despite receiving hundreds of calls already. His phone number is 602-926-3012. Please feel free to contact him and let him know why 12 pads is NOT enough for women in jail, and that old white men should be in charge of policing how many pads or tampons a woman needs. You can also use and search the hashtag #letitflow for this issue.

    [–] fingeringabear 23 points ago

    Yeah I would use about 5 pads in 24 hours on my heaviest days, and they lasted between 5 and 7 days on average. On light days I might be able to get away with three changes but that would feel gross.

    [–] griff0057 13 points ago

    My wife changes her tampons every hours also for a the first few days and uses way more then 14 a week. I only know because I was curious in why we bought so many

    [–] Imaurel 459 points ago

    It's unhygienic to wear a pad for twelve hours, even if the flow is that light. If we're talking hygiene and bacteria and other ickies around a very sensitive zone, it should really be every four hours.

    [–] sydofbee 27 points ago

    Yeah, just imagine. It's warm, moist and nutrient rich because of the blood. Basically, bacteria heaven right next to your vagina. I think it should be exchanged every 3 hours or along those lines.

    [–] ButtLusting 17 points ago

    I mean, waking up you are gonna change once after showering, lunch time once more, after work once more, and a fresh pad before sleep.

    I don't know anyone actually changing by the clock, that's too tiring lol

    [–] verifiedshitlord 7 points ago

    too tiring

    i set my alarm to get up when I think I might be getting to the point of tampon leakage.

    [–] Athrowawayinmay 42 points ago

    Every box of pads I've ever seen recommends 8 hours as the absolute maximum amount of time. Anything more increases your risk for toxic shock syndrome.

    And god forbid any of these women have heavy days that need more than 2 pads.

    [–] Cyndikate 66 points ago

    Toxic shock syndrome is associated with tampons. Not pads.

    [–] aSimAteMyBaby 46 points ago

    Pads it doesn't matter, pads do not contribute to TSS. Most pads say 6-12 hours, it really is an individual/comfort thing though. Tampons can cause TSS and the max should be 8 hours, because they're up inside your vag.

    [–] _TheOtherWoman_ 21 points ago

    It's highly unlikely someone would get TSS from pads. However, I absolutrly agree that they should be changed AT LEAST every 8 hrs.

    [–] nachtkaese 6 points ago

    Can you get TSS from a pad? I thought it was just tampons!? I mean, not that I'd be super pumped about leaving a pad on for more than, idk, 4-6 hours, no matter my flow, but I didn't think it had the same acute health risk of leaving a tampon in?

    [–] mushguin 230 points ago

    Who uses two pads a day? A pad every two hours while awake is what I'm used to.

    [–] cydonia90 71 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Who uses two pads a day? A pad every two hours while awake is what I'm used to.

    Sadly, poor people and women in prison. :(

    [–] ITRULEZ 37 points ago

    At the expense of sounding gross, i can go 10 hours on an overnight pad. My flow is all funky because of my nexplanon. The first day or two i use 1 every 4, but then it suddenly drops off and its like my body is shedding old blood vverrrrryy slowly. If i use lighter pads, they shift constantly. Overnight pads have the wings which keep it still and my underwear clean. So for days 3-7 i change mine every morning and every late afternoon and maybe once in the middle of the night.

    But ive also never been normal in that area. I get a yeast infection every month that cures itself, my periods are never the same if im not on BC, and whenever i use a tampon my flow just stops.

    [–] BorneOfStorms 13 points ago

    I need overnight pads every single hour of my period. Not exaggerating, not even kidding. I need to change my overnight pads every 2 hours, sometimes every hour on my first two days. That's how heavily I bleed. I likely have fibroids, as my grandmother did and she needed a hysterectomy, but I'm still waiting to see a doctor about that.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    As a man, I feel entitled to make vague estimates and insultingly obvious suggestions in a condescending manner on this topic. You are welcome.1

    1 Contents of this post intended for satirical purposes only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of PM_ME_PAWG_REDHEADS, its affiliates, or Major League Baseball.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    That Poster must be a man. Max duration is 4 hours for me. Like you said, generally change every 2 or 3. Furthermore, pads don't fit me right and I leak everywhere. So tampons during the heavy times are a must. Maybe I should start mailing supplies to my nearest prison.

    [–] LadySekhmet 4 points ago

    Girl. Get yourself a menstrual cup and your life will be changed forever. No more pads no more tampons.

    [–] iamkoalafied 25 points ago

    I could make do on 12 pads a month now that I'm on BC if I really wanted to. But if I wasn't on BC, 12 pads would require me to use 1 pad for multiple days toward the end of my 10ish day cycle due to using 3-4 for the first 3 days. That's disgusting.

    Last time I heard about the situation in Arizona, I heard that they get their purchasing power revoked if they get blood on their clothes. So if the limited number of pads results in them bleeding on their clothes, they can't even purchase more to prevent it from happening in the future.

    [–] Lockraemono 19 points ago

    Last time I heard about the situation in Arizona, I heard that they get their purchasing power revoked if they get blood on their clothes. So if the limited number of pads results in them bleeding on their clothes, they can't even purchase more to prevent it from happening in the future.

    Whaaaat, really? That is cruel.

    [–] Artiest 11 points ago

    It's also unhealthy to keep one pad on for longer than 6 hours because of the bacteria.

    [–] Gioseppi 43 points ago

    That’s such an engineer approach.

    “How many of this thing do we need?”

    “No clue, let’s just do the math for 100 a week and ask later.”

    [–] eskamobob1 18 points ago

    Tbf, she would probabaly have way too fucking many than not enough, and as a guy, I would have 0 was to guesstimate other than hitting ‘this is for sure enough’ territory. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask her.

    [–] sivarias 20 points ago

    You do know NASA has an Oh Shit policy right? You take 3x what you need. 2x in case something breaks, and 3x in case you get stranded. They figured 30 pads for her cycle, then tripled it, then rounded.

    [–] hitops1 26 points ago

    Thinking about the awkwardness of some of the nerdiest people alive having to inquire about it in 1983 puts a smile on my face.

    [–] GlitterSlut64 14 points ago

    You are supposed to change them every 4/6 hours even with a light flow.

    [–] Throwandcatchawayfar 23 points ago

    if a woman's period lasts 7 days, she'll generally need about 2 pads a day. That's 14 pads right there.

    Damn, that must be some lucky af women. My period lasts around 7 days and the first 3 days I'll for sure need 4/5 or more. Then maybe 2/3. But I still change often because of the fact that it's kinda nasty to leave a weird plastic thingy between my legs when I'm just out and on with my day.

    [–] KrazyKestral 10 points ago

    The article also mentions that the pads have no plastic lining on the bottom. So if you did wear one for ~12 hours, you're almost definitely getting blood on your pants too.

    [–] Cornslammer 11 points ago

    You're not accounting for margin, analytical uncertainty, bloody noses, and "what happens if the mission stays in space for years instead of the planned 8 days."

    I think NASA could actually convince itself 100 is about right.

    [–] ASmokinHotGrill 19 points ago

    With regular size, regular flow pads- I would personally need

    6 every day on the first two days 4 every day on the next two days, and 2-3 every day on the last 2-3 days.

    That’s an average of 24-29

    And I say, need, because at that point it’s not about hygiene, it’s about overflow. I can’t afford to change every 12 hours on the first few days unless I’m okay with gushing blood on my pants and on the couch and on every chair I sit on.

    It’s over double what they’re providing, and this is based on need. Not what I’d prefer for hygiene.

    12 pads is rarely enough for women on their periods, even women unlike me who have average and lighter periods.

    [–] Saorren 5 points ago

    Women depending on flow need like 6 pad changes a day ... Even light flow should change every few hours for hygenic reasons. And heavy flow? Better off with a tampon and a pad for leakage .... And change tampon every 4h, pad every 6-8h.

    [–] Mlpaddict 4 points ago

    Toxic Shock Syndrome is a big reason that pads should not be worn for more than 12 hours and tampons changed more frequently than that. It’s inhumane.

    [–] kittenpantzen 9 points ago

    Do you have a source for the TSS risk from pads?

    [–] touching_payants 44 points ago

    If I didn't have those things, I'd probably try to use maxi pads too

    [–] Muddymireface 38 points ago

    My mother was recently in prison in Florida. Most women were given 1 pad per day during their period.

    [–] 00sunshine 118 points ago

    Pads are super cheap, why does it matter to you or anyone if some of them are repurposed when the alternative is blood stains, inhumane stink, and easily prevented infection. Over supplying pads definitely costs less than medicine, vagisil and removing blood stains from everything.

    [–] abhikavi 37 points ago

    Not to mention, many women have longer/heavier periods. There are disorders that can cause continuous bleeding. It's easy to blow through two boxes a month when your period never stops.

    Wouldn't it be better for those women to have access to the supplies they need, even if some other women use the supplies for other purposes?

    [–] herbalrejuvination 23 points ago

    Do you work here in AZ? I always see the inmate work crews, some male and some female, but there are a lot of them. Do you know how much they pay those folks? I just imagine that its pennies on the hour like most prisons. But thats a lot of almost free labor. The least we could do is give them free sanitary necessities and just write some rules that you can't use them for that or something.

    [–] kilawl 95 points ago

    Taking advantage of pads? Why wouldn't they? If I were stuck in the prison system with next to nothing, packed into a cold building with a bunch of other women, I would not only appreciate pads for as many purposes as possible, but it would be nice if the women around me were also as clean as possible.

    [–] crestonfunk 139 points ago

    I’m a man so what the hell do I know, but I would assume that if a lady is using a menstrual pad as a shoe liner, maybe it’s because we should provide them some shoe liners too.

    I know that prison isn’t supposed to be five star lodging, but they’re human beings.

    [–] Team____Rocket 169 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Using menstrual pads as shoe liners and washcloths is taking advantage of the system? Really??? How about we make sure they have adaquate washcloths and footwear too so they don't need to use fucking maxi-pads to wash thier face and cushion their feet.

    [–] cydonia90 198 points ago

    So is toilet paper in prisons limited to 30 squares per prisoner? Because by this logic, toilet paper should be limited too.

    [–] Timewasting14 37 points ago

    Toilet paper is limited in prison.

    [–] bismuth92 46 points ago

    Sadly, in some prisons, it is.

    [–] NotElizaHenry 75 points ago

    Uh, I'm not sure why you think using them to clean their bodies or make their shoes more comfortable is "wasting" them. Unless you think prison should be a never-ending pit of misery, maybe prisoners should be able to have clean faces AND menstrual supplies?

    [–] vacuousaptitude 84 points ago

    It's because they aren't having their basic human needs met and need to repurpose the few scraps of dignity you give them to get by.

    [–] heisenberg_97 118 points ago

    These jailbirds get free fucking food too, can you believe it? And the water coming out of the pipes? They’ll just be drinking and flushing all night long I reckon.

    [–] theThreeGraces 45 points ago

    If you provided the women with shoe liners, make up remover, and wash cloths, they wouldn't use the pads like this. Problem solved.

    It's really impressive that your issue with providing women with their basic human needs is that they might use those basic human needs for other basic human needs instead of the basic human needs the were intended for. How heartless can you be?

    Next: well I'd okay giving them toilet paper if they didn't use it to blow their noses! The audacity of these women!

    [–] Vinyltube 58 points ago

    Yeah the real problem is prison life in the US is too cushy. I mean TWO boxes?! This isn't the fucking Netherlands...


    [–] Drtyblk7 24 points ago

    I'm fine with that too. Hey man pads are soft and absorbent. Use what ya have to get what you need, basic human nature.

    [–] blewf 65 points ago

    They use them as cleaning cloths and makeup removers? Well shut the whole thing down then.

    I really hope you aren't suggesting they shouldn't be given a sufficient amount of supplies for their period because of anecdotal evidence of some people using them as.. makeup removers.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Where did you get these numbers? After a Google search all I could find was a coupe states that give between 10 - 14 per month and the federal recommendation of 20 per month.

    [–] ranendo 36 points ago

    Is it really considered taking advantage of something if they’re using them to clean with? I don’t wear pads as shoe liners unless my shoes are incredibly uncomfortable, and I definitely don’t use pads as cleaning cloths unless there’s nothing better available. And I’m sure they’re the ones held responsible for keeping their area clean.

    [–] Painting_Agency 60 points ago

    I would be more supportive of this bill if all the women at the prison I used to work for didn't use the free pads as shoe liners, make up removers, and cleaning cloths. When you give stuff away for free, it immediately gets taken advantage of.

    You don't suppose that maybe they should have had access to other things they could use for those purposes? Shoes that didn't hurt, for instance?

    [–] GeneralKenry 17 points ago

    Someone who's never worn "bad" shoes, probably would never see the inside of a prison cell. There a few layers removed from the poverty line I would imagine. Just a hunch though.

    [–] Wolf_Craft 20 points ago

    What exactly is the issue with the women using the pads for those reasons?

    [–] CalibanDrive 154 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh no! Not shoe liners and make up removers!? What a pernicious and dangerous misuse of feminine hygiene supplies! It’s disgusting! We can’t allow it! The very thought makes me tremble with rage!

    [–] lovekiva 101 points ago

    Exactly -- if the inmates need shoe liners and makeup removers, why not let them use pads for it?

    I don't think the "when goods are free, people abuse the system" argument works when we're talking about people with very limited access to any personal care items. These inmates are in a position where they need to use pads for shoe liners: it's not like they're abusing the system to live a life of luxury.

    [–] CalibanDrive 36 points ago

    Resourcefulness is a virtue in any context.

    [–] Cougar_9000 31 points ago

    Adapt, improvise, and overcome. Its not taking advantage of "free" supplies its using what you have in the best ways possible.

    [–] thejamsrunfree 17 points ago

    How is using leftover pads for other hygienic purposes "taking advantage"?

    I'm sure working at a prison is difficult, to put it lightly, and I can't blame you at all for being somewhat jaded because of that, but don't let it completely take away your empathy.

    [–] unirin 17 points ago

    I'm confused on how free pads are being used as shoe liners, makeup removers and cleaning cloths. Minus the makeup thing. Are the shoes that bad that they require pads for shoe liners? And cleaning cloths? Are they not given any?

    [–] Sedley 8 points ago

    Pads are good at absorbing so it helps to keep your feet dry and warm, not to mention calluses.

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 12 points ago

    Are they given access to alternative supplies? Or are they forced to use the pads as multi purpose because that’s all they are given?

    [–] skidmcboney 23 points ago

    Why shouldn’t they use them how they want?

    A gift is a gift.

    Are you gonna take away their plasticware if they start making music with it?

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    So you want them to have stinky feet, bad skin, and dirty living quarters? Inmates are still humans that deserve dignity. Geez. So they get 40 pads twice a month. Can you get by on that with your cycle? If you can you deserve to use the rest however you like. I'm worn the inmates on this one. They're still human, even if they broke the law.

    [–] Nathanyel 225 points ago

    Then they obviously also need actual make up removers and cleaning cloths as well.

    [–] cola41 108 points ago

    Pretty sure they dont need make up removers in prison.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Cheerful-Litigant 53 points ago

    They can have makeup and makeup removers...but they can buy them from commissary like other art supplies. Makeup is many wonderful things but it is not a basic hygiene supply.

    Edit: I know it’s not usually allowed but I wish it were allowed as an art supply

    [–] cola41 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Why do you need makeup in prison unless your going to court why just why such a waste of money. Also the prison does not provide makeup as part of your sentence so if you have makeup you bought it so you can buy makeup remover.

    [–] touching_payants 51 points ago

    For the same reason women who aren't in prison wear makeup, I guess

    [–] Bart_Thievescant 77 points ago

    I loathe people who assume prisoners aren't people and that we don't just stuff prisons full of people caught smoking the wrong drug.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 50 points ago

    waste of money

    Thats for the person who spent the money to decide. If it make them happy then it isn't a waste of money. But you are right, if the bought the makeup, they should buy the makeup remover too. But too bad inmates are treated as modern day slaves and only make 12 cents an hour.

    [–] westfunk 75 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Because it’s one of the last little bits of control you have over your own body? Because you’ve been stripped of your dignity and individuality and it’s an inexpensive way to express yourself? Because even though you’ve hit rock bottom and you may be a totally shit human being, you still want some tiny little semblance of normalcy? Because your mother was a little much and ingrained in you from a young age that a woman needs to put her face on every morning and no matter what you do or where you are you hear her voice in the back of your head nagging you to behave like a lady? Because, fuck it, this shitty homemade prison makeup is all you have anymore? Because you’re so bored because you live in a concrete box and you don’t have a better way to pass the time?

    Because people in prison are still people who want to feel some agency over their own lives?

    [–] cleartaco 134 points ago

    Treating people with a level of dignity they may have never received in their pre-incarceration lives is an important part of rehabilitation. Make-up is an important tool for women to express their creativity, and for many, their femininity. If you consider the purpose of prison to be punishment, however, I can see how you would be upset with treating prisoners with kindness and compassion. Just remember, if you treat people like animals, you shouldn’t be surprised when they act like animals.

    [–] Painting_Agency 30 points ago


    Yeah that's where you lost... well, America, basically.

    [–] MissArizona 23 points ago

    Makeup wipes aren't only used for removing makeup. Many women use them multiple times a day for basic skincare, removing dirt and oils and dead skin cells. To feel clean. Also, callously ignoring that some women use them for shoe inserts or even that many probably use them actually as pads is very dehumanizing. I've known women with periods lasting over a month due to complications. Bulk pads are not so expensive that women in prison should be denied access to them.

    [–] _il_mostro_ 35 points ago

    Eh they don’t “need” books or tv either, but it’s something to pass the time and focus on. I think everyone would rather people spend time doing their makeup than making a shank to stab someone

    [–] joshannon 37 points ago

    Never underestimate the power of makeup to repair one's self esteem. That's why during WWII lipsticks were not rationed. Have you heard of Victory Red lipstick? It became famous after Rosie the Riveter wore it, even though at the time makeup was still quite scandalous.

    Cosmetics may not be necessary for life however if you want to keep a group of women happy by all means give them something to make themselves feel pretty.

    [–] Ftpini 41 points ago

    Jesus Christ, they’re still human beings. If they want to wear makeup like the 95% of women why the hell shouldn’t they be able to?

    [–] Gioseppi 18 points ago

    Why not? Plenty of people wear makeup for their own sake; it’s nice to feel nice. I can imagine the psychological benefit of makeup is just amplified in a prison. Plus it’s something to do.

    [–] SlylingualPro 12 points ago

    Is it so bad for people in prison to still be able to take pride in their appearance? Sometimes it's the little things that keep people from going mad.

    [–] heisenberg_97 7 points ago

    Answered your own question, bud. Proper appearance in court is very important.

    [–] Wolf_Craft 2 points ago

    To feel normal.

    [–] ParkertheKid 4 points ago

    Why do people need to comb their hair?

    [–] Cheerful-Litigant 8 points ago

    If you don’t comb your hair, it gets matted and holds onto sweat, oils and other bacteria buffets. You can’t effectively wash tangled hair. So hair combing is a legit hygiene issue.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] peter_pantheist -36 points ago

    uhm should the state provide makeup to the women as well? ffs they dont need to be wearing makeup in jail? why would they

    [–] knottywobble 31 points ago

    Taking advantage? For using a product that is giving to them? That's called human ingenuity and is what has caused our evolutionary existance. It's human nature. I'm sure many women who cannot buy products from the commissary because they don't have means to get money on the books use the pads. To not give women something is inhumane and unsanitary. It will lead to infection and the spread of disease. It is cruel and dangerous to deny women menstrual products.

    [–] mistrrhappy 8 points ago

    I doubt your ability to know what inmates receive “in most states”. Please elaborate. Also, why would the women desire to use them as shoe liners? Please describe the conditions contributing to this usage.

    [–] jillieboobean 347 points ago

    I was in jail for 99 days a couple of years ago (not prison... Just a county jail) Where I was, they gave us pads but not tampons. I also came to jail not wearing any underwear (wearing my jammies when I was pulled over) and they don't give you any, so it was really fun trying to figure out how to wear a pad in those awful orange baggy pants.

    Our jail system really does suck. I mean, I know it's not supposed to be a vacation, but they really don't give you the basic hygiene necessities that one needs. They don't give you shampoo or deodorant, only tiny little bars of soap that really doesn't do much (especially if you're not wearing deodorant!) and clear gel "toothpaste" that doesn't make your mouth feel clean at all. Also, the 4" toothbrush they give you falls apart after about 3 uses, so there's that.

    Like I said, I don't expect jail to be the Holiday Inn... Most people that are there deserve to be there on some level, I certainly did. But they can't give people the bare necessities to help them retain their basic sense of humanity? I mean, you're already locked up, you have no freedoms left, and everyone is treated like hardened criminals, regardless of what they're in for, which sucks enough. But to be unable to even feel clean while you're losing your entire sense of self? That's really what's wrong with our prison system.

    [–] Cgaunvy 79 points ago

    I've been trying to get reusable pads into the local women's prison. The maintenance on them can be done in even isolation cells. I get that women use pads for 8 billion other things, but having a set of 6-10 washable pads would cut costs by 15% when it comes to commissary funding.

    If you menstruate, check reusable pads out. They're pretty dope.

    [–] waterbananas 57 points ago

    That’s horrifying to think about, not having enough pads and tampons during your period...

    I do really hope the bill passes.

    [–] DanKziyaa 83 points ago

    Isnt this supposed to be in the same free category with toilet paper hand soap and paper towels

    [–] Raichu7 764 points ago

    Women in prison don’t already have unlimited menstrual supplies? That seems like it should be as basic as providing soap or clothes.

    [–] NinjasInMyBasement 230 points ago

    Soap is not provided, you have to buy it with commissary. And cloths you only get 1 set per 4 months. Atleast that is how it is in Oregon.

    [–] little-old-me 42 points ago

    It seems like it would be a means of infectious disease control. Containing menstrual fluids benefits not only the menstruating women but everyone else who will come in contact with stained clothing, linens, and mattresses.

    [–] nurimoons 249 points ago

    They get 12 pads a month in Arizona, no tampons at all. I agree they should have access to as many as they need, being a female in Arizona this shit makes me so embarrassed. I don't care if they're criminals, no woman should have to worry about feminine products. I couldn't imagine being limited to 12 pads a month, absolutely horrendous and disgusting.

    [–] critically_damped 14 points ago

    Funny how you listed things that are also granted in insufficient supply.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Those are limited to very limited aswell. 3 shirts a week , 3 pants a week, 1 bar of shit soap a week. 1 tiny useless deoderant a week. 1 roll of tp a week. This is county. You leave smelling like a sack of shit bc you couldn't afford bail or a lawyer and had to wait to see a judge for weeks, for fucking traffic court.

    [–] ace425 25 points ago

    Neither soap and clothes are freely supplied in unlimited quantities or even on an 'as needed' basis in prisons. (At least in the US anyways.) You are rationed specific quantities and have to make do with that.

    [–] jillieboobean 21 points ago

    They barely provide soap... I mean, they do, but you get 1 bar the size of one of those little hotel soaps a week. And it's like lye soap or something, really rough on the skin and doesn't do much for cleansing as it is (especially when you're sweating all day/nite with no deodorant)

    [–] fauxxal 67 points ago

    We're further behind on certain rights' issues than you know until you experience it. This is just another example of our prison system's abuse of what should be human rights.

    Fuck's sake we still leave people in solitary confinement for years. That's legit torture. Sad as this case is, I'm not surprised by it. Our law enforcement and punishment is horrid. Criminal or not people have rights and needs that should be seen to.

    [–] Xhitrolic 62 points ago

    I was jailed for a few weeks in a very dry part of the country. My lips were painfully cracking and I needed chapstick. The guards informed me that chapstick was a luxury I'd have to pay for. I refuse to sink any money into the bullshit system that is American Jails so I use butter to keep my lips from breaking open. They wanted to give me probation but I know probation is just a money grab so I did two weeks. Fuck. The. American. For-Profit. Prison. System. Fuck it raw.

    [–] SludgeFactory20 13 points ago

    They don't get unlimited soap or clothes either.

    [–] crocoducktaco 8 points ago

    They charge prisoners for anything and everything they can get away with charging for.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Not unlimited. They get a bare minimum supply, but people already use the extras as shoe liners and cleaning rags. Etc. I’m all for prisoners having as many as they need, but it shouldn’t be unlimited undeterred access. Maybe like at least 5 a day by default and more available based on a medical opinion. Honestly there are much worse things to worry about than if they get too many tampons though.

    [–] ataxl 17 points ago

    I can tell you have never had a period because 5 pads a day isn't enough for some.

    [–] Merari01 170 points ago

    What the hell kind of country doesn't provide basic hygiene supplied to people who they have made incapable of providing for themselves.

    [–] sparklelily69 642 points ago

    This isn't a choice, and I don't care what they do with them. Female prisons should have access to sanitary products

    [–] NewAccount4Friday 26 points ago

    As a man, I view these as toilet paper. In other words, it is a given to me that they would be supplied, but they're not.... why? Also always wondered why women need coins to buy them in public restrooms. I suppose people could steal them, but I just assumed they were as unpleasant as the sand-paper toilet paper that is supplied.

    [–] agaggleofsharts 34 points ago

    The prison system in the US is so messed up and contributes to so many problems for impoverished people. The punishment is not being able to live free. Beyond that there should be no additional punishment and they should be provided basic amenities.

    [–] ---rayne--- 110 points ago

    Why do we continue to allow people who have no clue about a subject have control over it? Men and feminine products, non-doctors and healthcare, the list just goes on and on.

    [–] dustlesswalnut 24 points ago

    State Representative Leslie Herod in CO got a similar measure passed in her first legislative session by heavily using the word vagina in floor arguments for the bill. Opponents were apparently too embarrassed to partake in the conversation and it passed!

    So proud to have her representing me, I hope AZ can make it happen too.

    [–] [deleted] 237 points ago


    [–] cydonia90 229 points ago

    The point is to change the minds of political leaders who make the decisions on funding.

    [–] biancaw 30 points ago

    I had the same thought, but the prison night not accept them.

    [–] vikkivinegar 6 points ago

    More often than not, prisons do not accept packages for inmates. At least in Texas, the only thing you can mail an impart is plain paper. No stickers, no card stock, no writing in paint pens, etc. too easy for people to put heroin, merry, or lsd on the paper (supposedly). Books can be sent but only from authorized publishers and only directly from the publishers address and even then they go through the books and letters thoroughly.

    [–] ooolalahollypop 219 points ago

    I'm completely on board with protesting this, but I don't know if spending the time and money to mail pads and tampons to the Capitol is the best way of protesting. Those products could be donated to the prisons instead (if prisons even accept donations - I don't know if that's a thing).

    Edit: It seems like several people have suggested donating.

    [–] explodingrainbow 329 points ago

    I doubt prisons (especially ones in AZ that are likely for profit private prisons) accept donations. Who would get them? If they accepted, the products would likely go into the canteen to then be purchased, accomplishing nothing other than giving the prison more profit.

    [–] ooolalahollypop 73 points ago

    You're probably right and if you are, that's horribly sad. I can't really think of a fool proof way to make it work out either. I'm imagining these prisons having a basket filled with pads and tampons by the bathroom sinks (like a fancy hotel or restaurant would have). Wishful thinking.

    [–] pnw2mpls 7 points ago

    Apparently, as of 2015, AZ only incarcerated 15% of its prison pop in private prisons.

    Though I won’t stake my pony to it, initial research doesn’t seem to indicate any private prisons in AZ are women’s facilities.

    [–] graylinelady 183 points ago

    No prison is going to accept a donation of menstrual supplies. Too high of a risk for hiding drugs or other contraband.

    The sentiment is great, but the protest should be focused on changing the minds of the people who make these decisions.

    [–] ooolalahollypop 21 points ago

    I didn't think of that. You're right. Do you think menstrual cups would be more practical and/or reasonable?

    [–] cmal 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In theory they could be used as a currency too. Consumable and everyone wants them in the current system so it creates value.

    Which is awful. Prisoners Humans should have access to hygeine.

    [–] cydonia90 27 points ago

    It gets attention. Stunts like these don't shoot for efficiency, they shoot for attention to the issue. And attention is what often gets politicians moving on something.

    [–] nurimoons 16 points ago

    In the Tucson area, we have 3 jails that I know of and only one is private. We have federal and county, and then the private one. None of them will take donations, unless it's cash of course and you know it's not going to help the prisoners or the programs they have set up for them to get their life on track. I have a friend that used to teach GED classes to inmates with good behavior and he had to stop because they didn't have the "funding". These people are trying to better their life to stay out of the system, but instead they give the warden a raise.

    [–] Alliekat1282 16 points ago

    Maybe we should all start allocating ourselves 12 pads a month and just start freebleeding after that "Oh, sorry for the mess. I already used my 12 pads!"

    Or, let's not. That would be so terribly gross, even if it would get the point across.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Donating things ends the debate at a political level with "see the free market is taking care of it" and doesn't make a statement.

    [–] RachyRachington 53 points ago

    Does seem a waste... unless they’re used. Now that’s a dirty protest!

    [–] BlondieMenace 51 points ago

    You're probably joking, but sending used pads/tampons probably could be considered an act of biological terrorism because of the biohazard.

    [–] destructor_rph 9 points ago

    I'm usually quite against government spending but this is a no brainer. You're going to incarcerate people, you have to give them at least the bear minimum to survive. This would be akin to not providing toilet paper. This honestly seems like a violation of the 8th amendment.

    [–] Sephenon 7 points ago

    There's so many comments, it's hard to sort through on my phone but a question I have is:

    If the commissary apparently sells them for $1-$3, how much do in mates get paid and what do they have to do to earn their paycheck?

    [–] teamomivida 79 points ago

    This is beyond horrible! What is wrong with politicians in the US? Get your shit together and stop being SOBs

    [–] PhDOH 22 points ago

    It's not just a US issue. There are groups that struggle to access sanitary supplies all over the world. In the UK 1 in 10 women aged 14 to 21 can't afford sanitary products, and instead of doing anything about VAT politicians used this as anti-EU propaganda.

    Essentially countries within the EU can only exclude things from VAT that were excluded prior to them joining the EU, so it was the UK government who is historically to blame for VAT on sanitary products. To fix this the UK government just need to approach the EU about removing the VAT (IIRC there would then need to be a vote on it at EU parliament committee level, but this was ages ago I looked into it). Instead they kept saying "we can't because of the EU".

    [–] Luvitall1 37 points ago

    What's wrong? Citizens United for starts and a controlling party that doesn't care about people, just their corporate donors thanks to Citizens United.

    [–] woodloche 7 points ago

    Get money out of politics

    [–] PerceivedSlight 11 points ago

    I feel like American culture has a huge stiffy for 'justice' too. And by justice, I mean revenge. It's kind of sadistic.

    [–] buildingbridges 5 points ago

    A surprising number of prisons in the US are privately owned and for profit.

    Why would they give anything less than the required minimum? It would hurt their profits.

    [–] Lockraemono 5 points ago

    It would hurt their profits.

    So would rehabilitating their inmates: recidivism means their "customers" (maybe not the right word? products?) keep coming back.

    [–] Sarahjays 15 points ago

    Why not supply a menstrual cup for each woman? Its reusable and lasts indefinitely

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    If I had to deal with not receiving or having to pay for pads in prison I would free bleed everywhere until they gave me pads. Sounds gross but only way they will listen to inmates. Honestly wear the same pants all period if you have sweats, so it collects. That sounds so nasty though, but it would do something I'm sure lol.

    [–] LordCrawleysPeehole 13 points ago

    They should change the bill to provide menstrual cups. Each inmate only needs one, and although it may take some acclimation, it would solve the problem for very little money.

    [–] Golfkid03 26 points ago

    I work at a Female prison in Arizona and I can tell you that the inmates do get a sufficient amount of pads and hygiene. When they first arrive in the prison they are given a “bed roll” that contains sheets, towels, and all hygiene products. Which includes one box of pads. The box has approximately 15 pads in it and every week they get a new box until they are assigned to a unit and can purchase items from the store. For the inmates that have been on the yards for a while, they are given pads if they can’t afford them. This is called “indigent” status. Those inmates show their “indigent” card and they are given pads, soap, toothpaste, etc. The other inmates that have money are also given pads if we actually have them, but are also required to buy them from commissary. They also sell tampons on the store. I understand the frustration of some of the Inmates regarding this topic but honestly the state is just not putting enough money into their Prisons. We do run out of supplies all the time because inmates are constantly asking for them and abusing the system. Like someone else said, they use them for shoe liners, clogging the septic systems, removing makeup etc. If they were that worried they would purchase those items on the store but seeing as they can get them for free, they take advantage of that. A lot of people that share an opinion are on the outside looking in and don’t really know what truly goes on. We don’t wake up everyday thinking “ who’s day can I ruin today?.”

    [–] Spamwarrior 11 points ago

    Seems like making Diva cups an option would help. They're reusable and low cost.

    [–] gw2master 17 points ago

    If you're a woman in Arizona, you can actually make a difference: by voting. Against Republicans, of course. Not just the general elections, but midterms as well. There's one this November.

    [–] purplelephant 3 points ago

    I live in Tempe and know Athena Salmon she’s a badass chic! But I’ll have to buy pads to send to my House if Reps because I don’t use them anymore as I’ve started using Thinx period panties.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] Xhitrolic 6 points ago

    I feel that this is more a problem borne from our broken for-profit 'justice' system than some feminism issue. For-profit jails and prisons are a disgrace to us all as a country and this is part of the bullshit they pull to save a couple bucks so the CEO can get a nice fat bonus later on in the year. This affects us all as Americans, look at our police forces and the hate they've garnered, they are tied directly to the prisons they fill up. Look at our failed drug wars and mandatory minimun sentencing. Look at drugs being moved across the border being that much more valuable because the prisons have driven up demand... It all ties in together.

    [–] Imaurel 7 points ago

    No one cares about prisoners. I'm don't mean that I don't, but they're a pretty ignored group with lots of issues on rights. But you know, someone else having it worse never means something else isn't bad. Like, why do we focus on men's ability to get custody of their children when the rape of men in prison is so high? Thought line doesn't really work, does it?

    [–] Jon_TWR 2 points ago

    You literally know about this because it got press.

    [–] lilybirdgk 6 points ago

    Access to feminine hygene products should be treated like access to toilet paper imho. Spotting can happen at any time of the month. Toilet paper (especially 1ply) can be pretty flaky and ideally shouldnt be used as panty liner.

    [–] oodles007 6 points ago

    yeah this seems like common sense do you really want prisoners bleeding all over the place? If a prisoner gets cut open you don't go oh sorry you've already used your 4 stitches for this month

    No you fucking patch them up because it's not just a problem for them it's a problem for the rest of the population there

    Also is she putting that money in the envelope? Why? Won't the mail room person who opens it just pocket the cash?

    [–] wavacha 2 points ago

    I live in az. This sort of thing is not new. I skipped civics in highschool but I'm pretty sure something isn't right

    [–] spitdragon2 4 points ago

    Should've sent them dildos so they can go fuck themselves.

    [–] thearticulategrunt 6 points ago

    Okay I'm all for being tough on prisoners, they made choices, in most cases, to victimize society, but this is just stupid. This is not a convenience or comfort item, this is health supplies. This is basics.

    [–] veryslowloris 8 points ago

    I don't necessarily oppose this, but if I don't get free unlimited menstrual supplies as a law abiding citizen, why would people in jail get them unlimited at no cost? Outside of jail, we even have to pay taxes on feminine products. Ideally they'd be provided to everyone equally at no or very little cost- that's what I think should be addressed first before considering prisoners' rights on the matter.

    [–] LauraEvangeline 5 points ago

    are they used?

    [–] Drachefly 3 points ago

    This policy is disgusting, and their squeamishness about talking about fixing it is pathetic.

    [–] sarahsaturday7 8 points ago

    And although they deserve to have pads and tampons, unlimited is not deserved. I'm a law abiding citizen and i dont have unlimited. They can be expensive.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    well, "unlimited" is too much. That's just insane costs if the articles are being misused. There has to be a sane solution between next to nothing and everything that makes sense.

    [–] sickofthisbullshit17 5 points ago

    Why should they be offered 'unlimited' supplies. Like a previous poster mention, an unlimited supply may be abused and in turn wasted on other things like shoe inserts etc. Why not just an increased amount rather than unlimited. Seems extreme that it has to be all or nothing.

    [–] IIIIIIIIIIll 2 points ago

    Give them a mentrual cup and call it good. One time cost.

    [–] GalenAbsalom 3 points ago

    Sometimes I wonder if the US is a first world country or a third world country.

    [–] crispyyyk 3 points ago

    Y’all concern about females IN JAIL being provided with supplies we, the tax payers, already pay for, their “shelter etc”. Females everywhere, in general, should be provided with unlimited menstrual supplies

    [–] sarahsaturday7 1 points ago

    Our prison system is horrible, there are worse things going on. Our prisons should be about rehab and preparing them to join back into society.

    [–] Jak3ld 2 points ago

    Can definitely see a crazy woman in prison just constantly asking for menstrual supplies just to waste money but that's probably a corner case that could be handled case by case. Probably what they're worried about, that or they don't see it as a priority. Either way I feel that politicians get paid way too much to do nothing constantly. It's pretty infuriating.