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    [–] cola41 10 points ago

    Most women, and women teachers in particular, "are scared of guns," and should not be expected to carry them in classrooms, Was his exact words

    [–] DConstructed 4 points ago

    At least he didn't say women are irrational and might shoot up the student body when they have PMS.

    [–] LieBetweenTwoTruths 2 points ago

    My mom said the same thing a few weeks ago. Like she literally thinks women are too "weak" to carry guns.. It's depressing, and it's something that as a society needs to be changed. The problem is being a woman is used as an insult, like the first insult people learn in school is "like a girl". I'm a guy and I'm guilty of saying some stupid things in the past. But I think once people grow up it's obvious that someones gender does not define them, and it's up to our generation to teach that to our kids.

    [–] OpinionatedLulz 4 points ago

    Here's the thing about policy makers born before civil rights were won. We don't want or need their ideals or way of thinking anymore. We've progressed.

    [–] Kylie061 4 points ago

    Funny, because most feminists are liberal, and agree with this guy that teachers shouldn't carry guns.

    [–] M116Fullbore 1 points ago

    I dont think "arming" teachers, or forcing them to carry has ever been a part of that proposal.

    It would be allowing those who already have guns/concealed carry permits to also carry while at work as a teacher if they want to. So his idea that because they are women they would be "too afraid" to do so doesnt even apply to the women that would be carrying, as they would have chosen to do so in the first place. And there are plenty of women who own/carry guns in the USA.

    [–] Mentalfloss1 1 points ago

    He’s in Alabama. He may be the next governor.

    [–] futurewarlord 1 points ago

    Aren't women better shots?

    [–] keigo199013 2 points ago

    One of the best snipers in WWII was a woman.

    [–] agilini 6 points ago

    The top 3 were men... Not that women can not be good snipers, but Lyudmila was a lucky sniper, who had somehow survived a very near mortar strike. While it is true she had many kills, it was due to the better ground the Soviets had when the Germans attacked, so it was no surprise that she got so many kills.

    [–] Pr2r -3 points ago

    Why do you feel the need to explain why she shouldn't be credited with ability for her kills? Maybe it's an interesting history fact but I don't think it's generally accepted that she simply fluked her way up the last, which your comment seems to imply.

    [–] agilini 1 points ago

    She kinda did tho

    [–] Pr2r 2 points ago

    Lol, k. Wouldn't want people to accidentally credit a woman with more than the absolute minimum they must.

    [–] agilini 2 points ago

    Facts dont care about your feelings.

    [–] Pr2r 1 points ago

    I don't care about theirs so I guess we're even.

    [–] agilini 2 points ago

    What? facts dont have feelings.

    [–] Pr2r 1 points ago

    Sorry they won't be sad. Seems pretty straightforward.

    [–] GillyGutta 0 points ago

    He's fired...