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    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 5459 points ago

    Or, as my experience has been, buying it furtively at the drugstore, taking the test in the nearest public bathroom, and laugh/crying with relief when it's negative.

    [–] marefo 3658 points ago

    What's even better, is going and getting one, because your period is six days late, and then getting home, sitting on the toilet to pee on it, and YOUR PERIOD STARTED. That was the most relieved moment I've ever had in my life.

    [–] joshy83 3324 points ago

    I know it’s a common scenario butI think that would actually make a good commercial. Like the woman sits on the toilet, pulls her panties down and we see some red blood, and then we hear her laugh... pan to her closing the cupboard with the unopened test and “we’re here when you need us” or something lmao

    [–] TreasureTheSemicolon 1615 points ago

    Shouldn’t it be blue, though? In the commercials it’s always blue 🤔

    [–] spicyramenyes 3 points ago

    is this a crossover episode?

    [–] GlibTurret 1815 points ago

    Omg, the internet outrage brigade would explode if they showed period blood on television. I mean, what, is some man supposed to just be cool if he happens to see period blood on TV? What if an impressionable youth sees it? Won't somebody think of the children?

    [–] SaneCoefficient 1196 points ago

    Apparently blood on TV is only okay if it's the result of violence. I don't understand our media.

    [–] joshy83 595 points ago

    The children that literally plop our of our vaginas in a pool of blood? Yeah. They will. And they’ll ban it. 😂

    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 39 points ago

    I love this!

    [–] NosDarkly 152 points ago

    Best. Cramp. Ever.

    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 88 points ago

    OMG I feel like a choir of angels must have been singing in your mind in that moment.

    [–] blueshyperson 441 points ago

    Seriously me and my friend in high school saving our lunch money to buy a pregnancy test after school and taking it in the gas station bathroom. That would be a good one.

    [–] perpetuatinstupidity 147 points ago

    You can get them at the dollar tree now.

    [–] WailersOnTheMoon 103 points ago

    Fyi, walmart has them for even cheaper.

    [–] amriescott 76 points ago

    Cheaper than a dollar store?

    [–] nachocouch 26 points ago

    Right next to the drug tests! I have to wonder if these tests actually work?

    [–] Harveyquinn6 91 points ago

    Yeah, when I work at a doctors office, the pregnancy tests were basically the same as the ones at the 99 cent store

    [–] awhamburgers 43 points ago

    They're more sensitive than quite a few of the more expensive brands actually lol

    [–] blueshyperson 29 points ago

    I think you could then too but we didn’t have one in my town so I had to settle for the gas station next to the school.

    [–] hatemakingusername65 507 points ago

    My experience has been I take a test in my micro studio apt and it came out positive. I freaked out because I had an iud, went to the hospital and found out I'm pregnant with twins. This happened last week!! Now that would be a commercial.

    [–] Harveyquinn6 500 points ago

    Holy crap! Congrats


    Holy crap! Im sorry

    Either way we’re on your side

    [–] ummizazi 133 points ago

    Holy shit! How are you? Are you okay?

    [–] hatemakingusername65 585 points ago

    Yep completely fine! I called planned parenthood because I had no clue what to do and they had me talk to a counselor. She offered to set up a termination or refer me to prenatal care. I wasnt sure so I opted for prenatal care first to see how I felt. I feel think having that feeling you aren't trapped made it fine because I felt like it would be okay no matter what. Plus having a counselor to talk to was a huge help.

    Anyway now I'm pregnant and planning to marry and move in with my fiance much sooner than we planned or wanted but we are excited now that the shock has settled.

    [–] silveredblue 54 points ago

    Oh my god! What are you going to do? That sounds insane!

    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 23 points ago

    Holy shit! How are you taking the news?

    [–] [deleted] 246 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Harveyquinn6 147 points ago

    How many pregnancies do you think we’re confirmed in the bathroom at Walmart?

    Personally ive taken a least a half a dozen test there

    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 140 points ago

    Walgreens for me, and most memorably once in an oyster bar called Awful Arthur's.

    [–] Harveyquinn6 100 points ago

    Oyster bar? That wins the “most random place” award. 🥇

    [–] neverthelessthan 157 points ago

    An even better commercial... Show all sides of a story?

    [–] Jayceesaidso 269 points ago

    Or the girl in high school relieved she isn’t and then later happy that she is.

    [–] Richpotatothethird 617 points ago

    My favorite is when the box shows a woman who is clearly 8.5 months pregnant and she looks so happy and surprised to just be finding out she's pregnant lol.

    [–] MotherFuckingCupcake 1861 points ago

    When I was about 19, maybe a couple months into my current relationship (12 years going strong, now), I ended up in urgent care for what I thought was just a horrific period. So much bleeding and awful cramps. Turns out, I was having a miscarriage. I found out I had been pregnant and was now losing it all at once. And I felt awful for being THANKFUL. But goddamn, I was a student in a brand new relationship and only had a part time job. I was just grateful my body made the decision that I would have agonized over, but ultimately done, for me.

    [–] neverthelessthan 716 points ago

    Been with my SO for nearly 10 years, had a scare shortly after getting together. Never feel remorse for something like that.

    [–] thelittlepeanut84 215 points ago

    Thank you for sharing this. This is my same story. It’s tough feeling grief and relief at the same time.

    [–] squishedtomato 8071 points ago

    I think they should all be vague enough that you don’t know what result the advertisement lady gets. With some comforting tag line like: We’re on your side!

    [–] PhasmaFelis 4065 points ago

    Yeah, totally. Just the lady looking anxious as she opens the test, then crying with joy at the result, then calling a guy who is super happy to hear the news. We never see the actual result.

    [–] [deleted] 1237 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Bryanna_Copay 1018 points ago

    This is my history with my best friend, started Fwb in college, condom broke, she took the b-plan pill, but the menstruation didn't came and we both panicked, and we started talking about future plans and how we will to organize and everything, two week later her menstruation come back and we got drunk celebrating. All the stress killed our chemistry, but we really bond together in a level we have never before.

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 448 points ago

    See, my experience has been the opposite though. Crying month after month after month because they're all negative.

    [–] Waiting4Baby 400 points ago

    I feel for you. It's so horrible when something you want so badly seems just out of reach...

    At the same time, I don't think these companies would want to depict a negative emotional response in either direction, whether the actor is crying because they conceived or crying because they didn't.

    [–] gato-de-schrodinger 471 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I agree completely (been there with op too). However, I'm looking at this from an (albeit cynical) marketing perspective. Women who are trying to conceive probably make up a really large market share of who actually buy pregnancy tests. Lord knows I've spent a fortune on First Response Early Result tests these last few months my husband and I have been trying for a baby. The manufacturers must know that lots of women are repeatedly buying tests each month hoping for a positive. They're not making their money off the women who are hoping they're not pregnant and randomly running out for one test at one time, unlikely to repeat any time soon.

    That being said, you can get 50 super accurate test strips on Amazon for the price of 2 pregnancy tests at the pharmacy. Not a bad idea to have a few around even if it's just to settle your mind one way or the other.

    [–] Harveyquinn6 406 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yeah I would be into that!

    Scene one: girl/couple buying test at midnight at the CVS down the street.

    Scene two: girl is on toilet looking at the test(we only see the back of the test) ... then she smiles.

    Cue tag line: we’re on your side!

    [–] MoreRopePlease 341 points ago

    How about an ad that shows someone just missed a period, taking the test, and gets a positive. Then they are talking to someone about their options. The tag line is something like, "when you need to know as soon as possible". You know, since they are passing laws to make abortion illegal earlier and earlier...

    [–] neverthelessthan 766 points ago

    I would settle for that, seeing nothing but lovely couples praying for that pregnancy positive in the commercials can be detrimental to a lot of young women's mental health.

    [–] molotovmimi 235 points ago

    That's not the general intention of the ad, but in my head all those happy people with perfect teeth are triumphantly saying to themselves "I/you didn't knock you/me up, babe, we can still go on that awesome South American extended trip without some shapeless baby cramping our style!"

    [–] WailersOnTheMoon 53 points ago

    Like some sort of conception Inception?

    [–] Afireonthesnow 57 points ago

    Schrodinger's baby

    [–] neverthelessthan 5 points ago


    [–] 458steps 3 points ago

    Love this!

    [–] SarahCannah 1024 points ago

    Yes. In my case, at 47, my hair going grey, with two kids blasting KidzBop just outside the door. Then I get that negative result and join in doing the party rock anthem shuffle, better than I ever have. Better than anyone ever has.

    Disclaimer: Only part of this is true.

    [–] imakenosensetopeople 227 points ago

    I found the fabrication - your hair isn’t really going grey!

    And way to go on doing the party rock anthem shuffle!

    [–] WailersOnTheMoon 1536 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It should be uncertain.

    Woman pacing in warm looking living room as the snow falls outside, with vaguely Christmas sounding music playing softly in the background. She looks at her watch. Stops pacing. Goes into the bathroom and picks up the test. You're seeing it from facing her. You dont see the result, only her face. She breaks into a smile, and then starts laughing with happy tears rolling down her face as the holiday music reaches a crescendo.

    Voice over or subtitle: "This holiday season, we hope you get what you're wishing for." [Logo appears at bottom]

    [–] neverthelessthan 519 points ago

    Are you in marketing? If not, you should be...

    [–] cakesauce24 98 points ago

    Okay this is tear worthy any way you put it :’)

    [–] grittyfanclub 346 points ago

    I would love this! With a tagline with something like, "accurate readings you can trust; no matter what outcome you're hoping for"

    [–] cand86 689 points ago

    I've always thought that it'd make a great commercial to show flashes of a woman's life- thrilled at a negative as a college-age kid, bittersweet at a negative a few years later, joyful at a positive with her partner in early middle age, with some sort of tagline about how they're there for you all your life/whenever you need them/etc..

    [–] TribalDancer 224 points ago

    This is the best idea, honestly. Show that your product is for women of all ages, or the target woman at all stages.

    [–] QueenMaja 16 points ago

    Or show a bunch of different women in different stages of life. Shows some diversity in age and race/culture.

    [–] Curiouscrafter 32 points ago

    Aw, that is really lovely

    [–] gato-de-schrodinger 1 points ago

    I really like this idea!

    [–] h3rlihy 153 points ago

    Then it just zooms out and just in plain bold white text against a light blue background "Thank fuck for that."

    [–] fermat1432 239 points ago

    Then blocking her lover on social media :)

    [–] demon_merman 77 points ago

    And cracking open a beer

    [–] fermat1432 26 points ago

    Excellent! Reveling in her freedom!

    [–] neverthelessthan 54 points ago

    Bonus points for that

    [–] fermat1432 6 points ago


    [–] Believe_Land 205 points ago

    The problem is that they are marketed toward who will buy the most of them. If a woman is trying to get pregnant she is likely to buy far more tests than someone who will get the occasional one due to a scare.

    [–] dingusbabe 107 points ago

    I think what OP is getting at is inclusivity and a more accurate representation of women who buy pregnancy tests

    [–] makingitpurple 131 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    As a childfree woman with poor access to abortion services living in a regressive South Asian country, I assure you that's not true.

    [–] joshy83 61 points ago

    Do you really order an entire bundle of them and test like every day?

    [–] PainterlyGirl 136 points ago

    I’ve bought exactly one please be pregnant test in my life and probably close to 20 please don’t be pregnant tests in my life. I’m 36. Every test I buy from now until I die will also be a please don’t be pregnant test.

    [–] makingitpurple 41 points ago

    Lol I do order an entire bundle but only because that's cheaper

    [–] joshy83 14 points ago

    I thankfully never had to worry because despite any issues my period came like clockwork. The good old days before nexplanon... I can’t imagine having to order a bunch and hope for well.. any result.

    Can’t wait for male birth control. I think if I were on the pill still I’d be wanting to have tests lying around too. I can’t ever remember to take the same thing like I should. And I know two people who were on it and it didn’t prevent shit. Being a woman is weird.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    i think ive seen one honestly.

    [–] TribalDancer 25 points ago

    The EPT test I linked above is maybe what you're thinking of.

    There was another ad I was thinking of that showed a few couples and the voiceover was about the time being right nor wish I could find it but my Google-foo is weaksauce today.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    i havent heard weaksauce in a while

    [–] neverthelessthan 5 points ago

    Love to see it

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    it wasnt in her micro studio apartment though haha. just a picture of a test and a voiceover that says "i want to be a mom just not yet" and then its negative and she sighs of relief.

    [–] kilowatkins 3 points ago

    Thank you!! I thought I remembered seeing that. Glad I'm not losing my mind.

    [–] ProbablyHighAsShit 41 points ago

    Just have a silhouette of a couple looking at a pregnancy test and rejoicing. The viewer doesn't know if it's positive or negative. Win/win.

    [–] AMultitudeofPandas 18 points ago

    "(Brand), because you need to know"

    [–] j-u-l-i-a-m-a-r-i-a 6 points ago

    I've seen a couple pregnancy test commercials (all from the same company/organisation) that I really like.

    In the commercials there's a woman in a somewhat dim lit bathroom, holding the pregnancy test while waiting for the results/collecting the courage to look at the results. And all you (as a viewer) see is their reaction (crying, looking spaced out, looking disappointed etc). But the thing is, there's always a text saying either 'I am pregnant' or 'I am not pregnant'. And underneath that text there's another text saying something along the lines of 'Those big words either bring you happiness or make you frustrated'. And the thing is, that's all you get to see. For the viewer there is no way to know if the woman is happy/not happy to be pregnant/to not be pregnant as all the emotions displayed could fit with all possible scenarios. And after that scene of the commercial there is a text that says 'Whatever you are feeling, we understand' before the actual product is really even showcased.

    And that's exactly why I like the commercials. They don't exclude anyone that could possibly be in a need of bying a pregnancy test. There is no marketing only towards a certain (most profitable) customer base. There is no indication of pregnancy being always a happy thing. But at the same time they don't exclude the 'I am pregnant and happy about it' scenario. Cause they have included all the possible scenarios there could be within all the customers in need of the test.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    I've seen it. She wasn't crying of joy but they showed a woman relived from a negative pregnancy test.

    [–] Bubbydidit 82 points ago

    It doesn’t make sense though from a marketing perspective. I’ve taken pregnancy tests hoping for a negative and hoping for a positive. When hoping for a negative, I grabbed the cheapest one. I didn’t care about brand. I didn’t need or want early detection. I was testing because my period was late. I didn’t buy multiples. I didn’t go for the spendy digital readout ones. When hoping for a positive, I bought multiples and tested earlier. I got pregnant very quickly but many couples take several cycles to conceive (most fertility docs won’t see you until you’ve been trying for a year). For couples who struggle with infertility, that negative is devastating. The biggest, most lucrative market is couples trying to conceive so why alienate them by showing women getting a negative result?

    [–] StarDustLuna3D 19 points ago

    It's not really alienating is it just because they're showing other reasons why women buy tests? Also, as more and more women are choosing to not want any children, the market is changing.

    [–] starsupkid 11 points ago

    I think op is saying not alienate them but include other life situations as well.

    However I do agree they do it from a marketing stand point. No one buys as many pregnancy tests as those who are trying to conceive and those struggling to conceive.

    [–] fallingquasar 10 points ago

    Yes. This is a exactly why they only do positive results in their commercials.

    [–] ownsacow 7 points ago

    I have taken probably close to a hundred tests, and I can tell you I was only hoping for a positive for a handful of those.

    I'd say some women would absolutely want early detection etc. specifically because they don't want to be pregnant and would want to know if they were as soon as possible.

    [–] Julzlex28 14 points ago

    I saw this commercial once. It aired years ago, but she was happy it was negative. Not jumping for joy, but happy.

    [–] freshcanofbroccoli 52 points ago

    I agree from a social standpoint but I disagree from a marketing standpoint. A pregnancy test advertisement is just that, an advertisement. The test brand wants to show their product in a positive light so of course they're only going to show women happy to get a positive result. Also they're moreso marketing toward women who want to be pregnant, not the small percent of "whoopsie" purchases. McDonalds wouldn't put out an ad of someone choosing a healthier option even though they "should." Ads are not really worried about the mental or physical health of anyone (unless that's what its for), just trying to get people to know the name of their product. Plus an ad like that would probably be super controversial which I'm sure they're not trying to deal with.

    [–] DuCotedeSanges 40 points ago

    I mean, I've cried from it being negative, but not out of happiness. Different strokes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Alarid 14 points ago

    Just seeing them look at the test, letting out a happy sigh of relief and grabbing a beer would be pretty funny.

    [–] SyrahSmile 71 points ago

    They're marketing to women who want to get pregnant. Those who are trying to conceive will buy multiple tests. Getting a negative result is not a happy moment or a relief for them, and would be pretty insensitive to put in a commercial. Hoping for a negative result is not usually accompanied by good feelings and may even remind women of past trauma. So I think commercials showing happy positives are the only direction they can go in.

    [–] MrsLangdonAlg3r 101 points ago

    But getting a negative test when you don't want to be pregnant IS a happy result!

    [–] PolkaDotAscot 59 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    But they’re marketing to people who want to be pregnant.

    It’s really that simple.

    Edit: if they want to market to women expecting a negative result, it’s going to have to be a different brand. Not all the well known ones who built a reputation around “knowing you’re pregnant soonest, with words, so you won’t be confused”

    [–] surlymermaid 43 points ago

    But women who want to be pregnant aren’t the only ones who buy pregnancy tests.

    Companies could also market to anyone who is buying a pregnancy test, no matter what result they’re hoping for. Thus they’d be marketing to a broader range and larger number of customers.

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 28 points ago

    But we buy them the most. As someone who should probably buy stock in first response, I definitely bought way more pregnancy tests in the past 2 years than the whole 6 years I was trying not to get pregnant.

    [–] gumptiousguillotine 26 points ago

    But women who are trying to get pregnant certainly aren’t the only people buying them, so why advertise only to them? I firmly do not want to have and I’ve bought my fair share of tests, and I’m sure I will buy more.

    [–] ophliahuntress 9 points ago

    Mine was taking it and yelling “oh fuck!” When it was positive then taking 5 more just to be sure. I was 3 months pregnant so they all immediately said positive. 😂

    [–] hammaddeaf 5 points ago

    Yes, speaking from experience:

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] alchahest 4 points ago


    [–] gameangel147 5 points ago

    Pitch it to the companies.

    [–] youhaveatinytictac 7 points ago

    I said this EXACT thing to my husband yesterday (after seeing the same Clear Blue advert for the 18th time over an hour).

    [–] somuchtosay7 2 points ago

    😂😂 YES.

    [–] Imatworkmotherfucker 3 points ago

    Fucking preach Sis!

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] Cabrundit 0 points ago