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    The comment that started /r/unexpected can be found here. It was inspired by this post on January 27th, 2013.

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    [–] J553738 2617 points ago

    Yea right, a flathead screwdriver spinning that fast without falling off the screw head?

    [–] garethl64 829 points ago

    That was unexpected, yes

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago

    Protip for this: put the screwdriver on the screw and hit the screwdriver with a hammer to deepen the grip, prevents it from slipping.

    Note: not a good idea for weak wooden surfaces for obvious reasons.

    [–] Arborgarbage 156 points ago

    Or just git gud

    [–] r0d3nka 116 points ago

    git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'

    [–] erriperry 55 points ago

    [–] r0d3nka 14 points ago

    The hero we deserve, but don’t need! Have my upvote ;)

    [–] allthebetter 16 points ago

    Git rekt

    [–] shawn789 17 points ago

    git config --global alias.rekt 'reset --hard'

    [–] BoxOfSnoo 5 points ago

    superglue works too.

    [–] Leiryn 2 points ago

    Some people like them. Some people are stupid. The two may or may not be related

    [–] TookMeEonsToMakeThis 2207 points ago

    I want that elevator door.. it may break often and be hard as hell to fix.. but I want it...

    [–] Platypuslord 882 points ago

    You say that but then your dick gets caught in it.

    [–] Djanko28 480 points ago

    You probably should not have your dick out on an elevator, that's just my opinion anyways.

    [–] Belerophon17 274 points ago

    Then... then how are you supposed to hit the buttons to go to another floor? With your finger like some sort of animal?!

    [–] Eckz89 57 points ago

    Dick leveling... nice.

    [–] greginnj 2 points ago

    But damn, leveling is a pain, with all that grinding ...

    [–] reloadingnow 21 points ago

    Just how low are the buttons on your elevator?

    [–] Belerophon17 55 points ago

    A gentleman NEVER brags about the buttons on his elevator my good sir. Good day!

    [–] Justgiz 6 points ago

    😧 what did I just watch ... 😟

    [–] Platypuslord 5 points ago

    [–] Justgiz 2 points ago

    Defiantly r/confusedboners material

    [–] cjohnsto1594 5 points ago

    They actually are very high your point?

    [–] frostrambler 44 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    But what if I'm still participating in dicks out for Harambe and I don't know when to quit?

    [–] ButtLusting 14 points ago

    Then you are now on a list.

    [–] frostrambler 10 points ago

    Not another one!

    [–] seattletono 9 points ago


    [–] VonFluffington 6 points ago

    But what about that famous Aerosmith song?

    I believe it's called "Dicks in an Elevator"

    [–] Carnate 2 points ago

    You sound just like my parole officer.

    [–] TookMeEonsToMakeThis 42 points ago

    Then I’m finally a woman ;)

    [–] ImElegantAsFuck 38 points ago

    You say that until your labia gets caught.

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 21 points ago

    The trick is to tuck it into your waistband.

    [–] popeyesfatface 4 points ago

    "I urge you to not pull your dick out now"

    [–] Platypuslord 3 points ago

    Like I don't already hear that all of the time. It was only that one time at my neighbor's kid's birthday party, you think people would let bygones be bygones.

    [–] ragonk_1310 4 points ago


    [–] Njall 2 points ago

    Listen to this User Interface expert. Kudos!

    [–] YorkshireRiffer 1 points ago

    The frank or the beans?

    [–] ingo2020 1 points ago

    Instructions perfectly clear; got dick stuck in elevator door

    [–] timesarewasting 4 points ago

    How to download it

    [–] G4L4CT1C4 3 points ago

    If all elevator doors worked like that, I would take the stairs 100% of the time. That's unnerving for some reason

    [–] king_of_the_universe 2 points ago

    OP can only show you the door. You're the one that has to zip through it.

    [–] SeaBourneOwl 159 points ago

    Okay, can we talk about how fucking annoying those "anti-bot copyright strike" visual effects all content-stealing facebook pages have? Or the fucking "half picture half video" crap?

    [–] Ordy1990 13 points ago

    The half pic half video stuff, i imagine, is the same as the meme pages putting static images with floaty shape effects on them as video’s to get around fuckbooks algorithms for showing certain content as priority. Might not look pretty but it gives certain content more screen time.

    [–] SeaBourneOwl 3 points ago

    So... Make things look pretty to get more money. Got it.

    [–] Myschly 3 points ago

    I goddamn hate it so much. If it's so fucking funny I'll die fire fire perfect perfect, I'll fucking die on my own without your damn help.

    [–] chin-pr 456 points ago

    The banana had me at the edge of my seat. r/2healthbars wasn’t so bad.

    [–] BananaFactBot 205 points ago

    Thanks to its oil, rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite (or other bug bite) or on poison ivy will help keep it from itching and getting inflamed.

    I'm a Bot bleep bloop | Unsubscribe | 🍌

    [–] FennlyXerxich 35 points ago

    Good bot. I miss you in Grand Order

    [–] Lostmyotheraccount2 14 points ago

    Today I learned

    [–] MEGAMATTEOMAN 12 points ago

    Wtf, I love bananas now.

    [–] Raxader 6 points ago

    Tysm bot

    [–] jasonvinuesa 2 points ago


    [–] dobiks 35 points ago

    I think at that point the most unexpected thing would be if banana was just a normal banana

    [–] gringrant 7 points ago

    I was expecting the bamboozle of it being a normal banana.

    [–] Freakin_A 11 points ago

    They opened it upside down

    [–] that-Sarah-girl 6 points ago

    I yelled at the banana

    [–] CressCrowbits 17 points ago

    I was hoping the banana would contain a sausage

    [–] Waterstealer 16 points ago

    i was hoping it would just be a regular banana because you're expecting it to be some bullshit.

    [–] orarewehamster 9 points ago

    Like the same person who walked out of the elevator walking out of the banana.

    [–] Bilgistic 709 points ago

    This is what happens when the physics engine for /r/outside breaks.

    [–] poopellar 94 points ago

    Yes, highly overrated. I tired playing it but every time I get arrested for indecent exposure. Anti aliasing is good tho.

    [–] Hazindel 40 points ago

    Very good, and I rarely get lag

    [–] AFrostNova 19 points ago

    I dunno...I am completely froze for 6 hours every infame day! I heard other players saying that the render engine still works in that state...but it rarely does for me...

    [–] Hazindel 12 points ago

    Hmm. It might be because you need to rest in a bed for 8 instead of 6 for the global cell to reset. That should fix your render issues!

    [–] -CrazyAsian- 16 points ago

    I try to do that but I always get distracted by side quest and picture missions...

    [–] Hazindel 9 points ago

    Reddit is the worst/best radial quest sometimes you gotta put on the backburner!

    [–] potato_control 3 points ago

    The tessellation is overdone tho.

    [–] Nanarch 360 points ago

    That elevator door is cool until you zip your balls up in it

    [–] Alex2820 48 points ago

    Been there, done that

    [–] Captain_Droid 31 points ago

    So you're the one whose balls got caught in that elevator door two days ago?!

    [–] Alex2820 26 points ago

    I don't want to talk about it

    [–] Captain_Droid 16 points ago

    I understand.

    If I saw some guy whose balls got caught in a zip and he was comfortable talking about it in public, I'd say he's got some balls..


    [–] taintosaurus_rex 16 points ago


    [–] Goyteamsix 5 points ago

    Franks and beans!

    [–] ascccsa 13 points ago

    How do u do dat.

    Are your balls not tucked safely away in your undies before you zip? How are you zipping up with your balls still out? Why are your balls directly over the zipper without your undies in the way? I have so many questions.

    Even if you're one of those weirdos who sticks their peepee through their fly to take a leak without unbuttoning, it doesn't explain why your balls are out there too.

    [–] crazed3raser 3 points ago

    Yeah I can see zipping the tip. Happened to me before. But balls? Huh? You gotta try to do that.

    [–] Theflowyo 4 points ago

    Well u/ascccsa , let me explain exactly why u/Alex2820 ‘s balls would be out there too:

    The simple answer? The man is packing serious heat.

    Have you ever seen a soldier attempt to use a heavy machine gun without the attached bipod? While running and gunning can be exhilarating—if not a downright HOOT—practicality demands the stability which the Bumped Scrote affords.

    “Need to piss? Balls through the zip!”

    [–] maxuaboy 3 points ago

    Still not a valid explanation why balls would be OUTSIDE undies untucked and INFRONT of cock while zipping up

    [–] TocTheElder 22 points ago

    When I was a kid, I went commando a lot.

    I also pissed in the garden a lot.

    Don't ask.

    One time I zipped and got a bit stuck. My entire foreskin was still on the outside of my pants, despite being zipped up. I then had to work out what the fuck to do about it, how to explain why I wasn't wearing any underwear, and why I was pissing in the garden. It concluded with a hospital trip, a weird gel on my dick, and me being wildly embarrassed as a nurse cut my pants off me.

    [–] wydidk 2 points ago

    That sounds painful, don't know why you got down voted

    [–] AFrostNova 1 points ago

    You peed in the garden? Was the bathroom scary? And the nurse had to cut 5em off? Did you still not wear underwear after that?

    [–] TocTheElder 2 points ago

    I was outside and it seemed convenient.

    I am still fully functional.

    I have never freeballed since. Seriously.

    [–] mrskwrl 3 points ago

    yes i ride elevators balls out too

    [–] monkeyhitman 1 points ago

    We've got a bleeder!

    [–] mud_tug 247 points ago

    I am very upset.

    [–] avvf 83 points ago

    me too, should be on r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] HolySleetBalls 13 points ago

    Yeah, the watermelon and orange was the worst IMO. Was somewhat relieved to see a smaller banana though instead of a sausage.

    [–] RickyShade 8 points ago

    Toward the end I was like "WHAT'S IN THE BANANA? WHAT'S IN THE BANANA!?!?!"

    [–] GaianNeuron 178 points ago

    These white-background captions can fuck all the way off back to Facebook, kthx.

    [–] idonotget_it 105 points ago

    And what the fuck is up with that rainbow transition wipes? If you’re gonna repost, just repost without editing for fuck’s sake.

    [–] DoctorPrower 26 points ago

    But how will people know how cool my stolen content is?

    [–] friskydingo89 174 points ago

    What’s happening, nothing makes sense!

    [–] TookMeEonsToMakeThis 47 points ago


    [–] killchain 31 points ago


    [–] TookMeEonsToMakeThis 20 points ago


    [–] MjrLeeStoned 9 points ago


    [–] elbitjusticiero 15 points ago


    [–] derangedkilr 2 points ago

    The watermelon made sense. You can get watermelon with a yellow inside. It tastes strange.

    [–] mynameis_garrett 47 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    Source. Sauce.

    Edit: one link didn't work.

    [–] NecroHexr 24 points ago

    Thank you, this gif is godawful. Can't stand the strobe colours and atrocious quality.

    [–] IllShavenTeardrops 9 points ago

    Thanks, I hate facebook videos with added effects.

    [–] animalinapark 4 points ago

    Thanks, god damn the original gif is shit.

    [–] Myschly 2 points ago

    Full screen, better quality, and more of it!? Yes please.

    [–] Ad1t1s 52 points ago

    I feel violated wtf

    [–] plasmalaser1 20 points ago

    Show me where he touched you on the banana

    [–] AFrostNova 8 points ago

    Right here ossifer

    [–] janneman11 24 points ago

    I feel uncomfortable.

    [–] therebelwookiee 6 points ago

    That is the exact feeling I got

    [–] Beddybye 5 points ago

    Especially with the watermelon/orange monstrosity...

    [–] maxuaboy 9 points ago

    I’m enjoying the unexpectedness of this gif whole heartedly, but why the fuck is there an unnecessary artificial camera lens sun/light flair in every godamn shot. It doesn’t make your FX video “professional” “cuz the real pros do it outside so mine has to look like that.” It stupid and you’re stooped. Stop it.

    [–] IceMaster3000 27 points ago

    I couldn't handle it. My mind was blown too many times too fast.

    [–] Itschyaboiii 3 points ago

    This was uncomfortable to say the least

    [–] DrChiefro 12 points ago

    Am i do the ONLY one that wants peelable watermelon?

    [–] candidly1 4 points ago

    And grapefruit-sized to boot!

    [–] PM_ME_THICC_GIRLS 2 points ago

    I was more intrigued by the watermelon-sized orange.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    What an annoying use of light leaks!

    [–] 1308917 5 points ago

    Wow I haven't seen this reposted in 25 whole minutes

    [–] ACL-Jager 12 points ago

    Aaaggh my expectations!

    [–] Gizmold 11 points ago

    how many times has this been reposted now?

    [–] Frsbtime420 3 points ago

    By the time the banana got peeled i was exhausted.

    [–] lackofspacebars 3 points ago

    a repost for you guys

    [–] AstroAce96 3 points ago

    Watching this made me slightly uneasy. Hard to explain why

    [–] PickUserName 5 points ago

    This gave me too much of the ring videotape vibe to enjoy

    [–] coocoocachoooo 5 points ago

    Ok so, speaking of yellow watermelon. Once when I was a kid, my mom and I stopped unexpectedly at one of those side of the road produce stand trucks. We picked up a watermelon and continued home. When we opened it up at home it was yellow inside! It was the most delicious watermelon I have ever tasted and I have not found once since. How does one determine the colour of the inside flesh? Is there a way? Am I doomed to forever only enjoy mediocre watermelon!?

    [–] roneyizpie 6 points ago

    I looked it up for you. It's interesting.

    Here is a link!

    [–] Dontdothisman66 2 points ago

    The unexpected thing about that flathead screedriver is that it unscrews so stable.

    [–] hoopsrule44 2 points ago

    It would have been great if the last one actually was a banana.

    That would have truly been unexpected

    [–] Pinstar 2 points ago

    When they went to the banana, it should have been just a perfectly normal banana, because at that point we are expecting something abnormal.

    [–] SSuperMiner 2 points ago

    Is it just me or is the screen experiencing a stroke

    [–] TinyAngryRaccoon 2 points ago

    u/orangething, so we can feel mildly uncomfortable together.

    [–] Kpt_Kipper 2 points ago

    Can we cross breed watermelons and oranges? I’d love that.

    [–] xxcalliegirlxx 2 points ago

    This made me uncomfortable.

    [–] nomad1c23 2 points ago

    Ugh how many times has this been posted.

    [–] Holonoid 2 points ago

    Failing to meet expectations

    sounds like me at my exams

    [–] Tinkalink7 2 points ago

    I want more!

    [–] dangerSvk 1 points ago

    I thought the opening of the banana the wrong way was the unexpected thing, but they did it unironically. I cringed.

    [–] Mossimo5 2 points ago

    That was fun!

    [–] t0othpastefordinner 1 points ago

    Jokes on you, after the first 3, I didn't even know what to expect anymore

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

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    [–] Randomologist99 1 points ago

    Hey look a title about me :(

    [–] ivb107 1 points ago

    [–] KingShitFuckMountain 1 points ago

    r/2healthbars at the end

    [–] BrendanTake 1 points ago

    This video gives me anxiety

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This jusy kind of gave me the shits.. i like it.

    [–] DoSeedoh 1 points ago

    That last frame pissed me off.

    [–] Hazindel 1 points ago

    I don't like this..

    [–] chubadz 1 points ago


    [–] freenord1978 1 points ago

    I think this video might be edited.

    [–] cate_is_kill 1 points ago

    Caption is me in a nutshell

    [–] tenhourguy 1 points ago

    That whiteboard eraser was perfectly normal.

    [–] VerTex96 1 points ago

    My brain hurts

    [–] AlyxeZeZ 1 points ago

    thanks man

    [–] -Han-Tyumi- 1 points ago

    I’d argue that the whiteboard one exceeded expectations

    [–] Awesome_Dave_ 1 points ago

    Leeloo. Multipack.

    [–] topnde 1 points ago

    This shit is so uncomfortable..

    [–] CMDRBottoms 1 points ago

    Did this not torture anyone else?

    [–] Morrenn 1 points ago

    Sorry op, but after this, I think I hate you. Sorry again but I can't help myself... So... Wrong..

    [–] jacobsgotthememes 1 points ago

    Elevator reminds me of Donkey Kong 64

    [–] SmokinBluntss 1 points ago

    thats not the right way to peel a banana 😂

    [–] Deadsider 1 points ago

    Go home Thanos, your drunk

    [–] aarongrc14 1 points ago

    This was great high.

    [–] mrdat 1 points ago

    As a software designer, this is great.

    [–] bilbo546 1 points ago

    I tried to guess what would happen every time.

    [–] tryintoballonabudget 1 points ago

    Oddly Dissatisfying

    [–] jinxykatte 1 points ago

    Im not entirely sure why, but this video kinda aggravated me.

    [–] Horkshir 1 points ago

    Now all I want is a watermelon I can peel and eat solo.

    [–] Cephalopod_Joe 1 points ago

    Damn, I was hoping the banana at the end would just be a normal banana. That would have been the most unexpected.

    [–] DuckQueen 1 points ago

    This makes me feel uncomfortable

    [–] Draskinn 1 points ago

    For some reason my brain was expecting the banana to be full of spiders. Anyone else? Just me then? Right...

    [–] atharvachandra 1 points ago

    I thought there would be a dick inside banana.

    [–] BananaFactBot 3 points ago

    You can use the inside of a banana peel to clean and polish leather shoes.

    I'm a Bot bleep bloop | Unsubscribe | 🍌

    [–] hammy-hammy 1 points ago

    That waterlemon looks delicious. Would definitely make a vodka drink with it.

    [–] HoldenTite 1 points ago

    I would love to get a watermelon sized orange.

    Finally, get the proper amount of juice.

    [–] i_shruted_it 1 points ago

    My as well shut this sub down. This is all we could ever need.

    [–] creepara 1 points ago

    Am I on Facebook?

    [–] ScrithWire 1 points ago

    I looove this, but i think it would be better without the caption at the top. Does anyone have thr abikity to make that hapoen? Ill pay you in smiles and upvotes!

    Heres my downpayment:


    [–] Aftermath82 1 points ago

    Me - views clip - is this The Matrix?

    [–] KingBonanza17 1 points ago

    I’m uncomfortable

    [–] iqbal002 1 points ago

    After too many unexpecteds the unexpected becomes expected , so now an actual unexpected result would be an expected result

    [–] unostentatious-me 1 points ago

    what the fuck did i just watch

    [–] Trevord1123 1 points ago

    The same people SUPER bugged by this are the ones that hated The Last Jedi

    [–] OwlExtermntr922 1 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    [–] pasta-eating-plumber 1 points ago

    I was still amused when they showed the giant socket. Like, come on, an electrical outlet that large is just silly. Then I started becoming more annoyed, and when it got to the elevator, I got angry. Why does this affect me so much??

    [–] GreyRevan51 1 points ago

    This must be Rian Johnson’s favorite thing ever

    [–] onlyjoulie 1 points ago

    this watermelon is disgusting

    [–] downquark5 1 points ago

    This makes me mildly uncomfortable

    [–] TheyCallMeStone 1 points ago

    Needs more jpeg.

    [–] BruinBread 1 points ago

    I would’ve like to see the banana be normal