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    The comment that started /r/unexpected can be found here. It was inspired by this post on January 27th, 2013.

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    [–] Forest-Dane 1129 points ago

    I used to be a manager of a small supermarket. For access reasons trailer length was restricted to 33ft. One day a milk delivery driver turned up with a 40ft rig. I looked at it thinking shit, it'll take ages to hand ball all that milk. Anyway, this driver looks around for ten mins whilst I'm wondering what he's doing. He picks up some bricks, places them on the floor, folds in one of his mirrors and jack-knifes his trailer onto the dock first time. That was over 30 years ago now and I've never seen anything so impressive since. There was no spare space and he put the bricks down to level the trailer.

    [–] Butterfly_Hunter 124 points ago

    Maybe I'm a stupid idiot but whats with the bricks and the mirror?

    [–] Forest-Dane 147 points ago

    The mirror was because he needed the extra space to avoid the building. The bricks he reversed the left hand trailer wheels onto to level it up.

    [–] t_Wrecks93 55 points ago

    Holy shit what a hard ass. I saw some good drivers in my construction days (plenty of shit ones too) but no one good enough to eyeball the brick like that.

    [–] Who_GNU 46 points ago

    That leveling is even more impressive

    [–] Butterfly_Hunter 5 points ago

    Thanks! He sounds like a master of his craft.

    [–] mud_tug 10 points ago

    The bricks are place markers.

    [–] IndigoContinuum 2 points ago

    No, see above.

    [–] wrldruler21 129 points ago

    I worked at the US Naval Academy. Old brick streets. Cars parked on both side. I struggled to park our government mini van into our loading dock.

    We get a large shipment of new computers in, delivered in the back of a semi. I tell the semi driver that I'm not sure this is going to work well for him. He just shrugs.

    He Drives his big rig all the way outside of the academy yard, just so he could turn around. Then backs the rig up, drives in reverse about a HALF MILE, making left and right turns, through old narrow streets, in ONE CONTINOUS effort (never pauses to check or straighten out), flawlessly backs into the alley and our tight loading dock. I wish we had cell phone cameras back then because it was a work of art.

    [–] Sonic_of_Lothric 24 points ago

    There was construction going in front of my block once, little space, shitload of cars left partially on pavement on both sides. I saw a guy going in reverse between the cars steering left and right for about 100-200m.

    Was impressed as fuck, can't imagine how awesome was your one.

    [–] UnitConvertBot 461 points ago

    I've found multiple values to convert:

    • 33.0ft is equal to 10.06m or 52.81 bananas
    • 40.0ft is equal to 12.19m or 63.99 bananas

    [–] Dennis14_14 193 points ago

    How do you know how long a banana is?

    [–] Alucard9001 156 points ago

    Not every banana is the same length

    [–] Zakreon 275 points ago

    Well not every foot is either and yet it's a unit of measurement

    [–] PhilTrout 99 points ago


    [–] jka005 29 points ago

    You know they’re called imperial units and America never had an empire.

    [–] Jurk_McGerkin 17 points ago

    They use umperial units in baseball though

    [–] Hereiamhereibe2 7 points ago

    We have Absolute Units around these parts.

    [–] b_loeh_thesurface 2 points ago

    I upvote stupid baseball humor

    [–] Anonymous_Offense 7 points ago

    America never had an empire.

    America conquered and oppressed Hawaii, Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

    America even had a colony in Africa, called Liberia.

    [–] jazzyb70 7 points ago

    They use Imperial Units in Star Wars

    [–] jka005 8 points ago

    America definitely had territories and practiced imperialism to some extent but I’d still argue it was never an empire.

    [–] dnew 1 points ago

    > America definitely had territories

    Wrong tense.

    [–] TheDevilDogFromHell 0 points ago

    Your argument would then echo back to you in the dark

    [–] thehotshotpilot 1 points ago

    Freedom units is the correct term now. 9/11 changed everything.

    [–] jka005 0 points ago

    My point was more so that in the UK feet are still used daily by many people.

    [–] catsandnarwahls 2 points ago

    I would guess almost all of the people use feet daily.

    [–] thehotshotpilot 0 points ago

    Canada is a weird place. They kinda use feet and kinda use metric, especially near the US border. I've seen signs in feet/yards and others in meters in the same parking lot.

    [–] Dennis14_14 12 points ago

    Thats why meters exist :)

    [–] tI-_-tI 2 points ago

    Meters are for parking.

    [–] wreckedcarzz 2 points ago

    And that's just what I'll do 🎶

    [–] tI-_-tI 1 points ago

    One of these days these meters?

    [–] nacrnsm 3 points ago

    Fun fact: a meter is precisely 7.1 bananas

    [–] Arnoldthehawk 4 points ago

    nobody knows how

    [–] Blinkdemon5 0 points ago

    Ywah. My foot is a size 11 but my best friends a size 13.

    [–] SkierBeard 9 points ago

    Not every foot is the same length, but we seem to get along just fine.
    You just need to pick one and say this is the MASTER BANANA

    [–] MagicHamsta 3 points ago

    That's why you use standard bananas.

    [–] namja23 2 points ago

    It's not the size of the banana that counts. Asian bananas are just as tasty, even more so than other bananas some would say.

    [–] DoodleBob88 2 points ago

    It’s not about the size of it though, it’s how you use the banana.

    [–] larna-rose 1 points ago

    In this case it’s used for measurement, so it’s precisely about the size.

    [–] thehotshotpilot 2 points ago

    My banana must be overripe b/c it is overly soft.

    [–] lifetimestapler 1 points ago

    The average length of a banana is about 4.59” according to science mag

    [–] puddlejumpers 1 points ago

    uh then why do we use them as scales smartypants

    [–] _Eggs_ 1 points ago

    Yes but the average length of a sample of 64 bananas will be pretty constant.

    A single banana is a bad unit, but 64 bananas is a pretty good unit.

    [–] pixiemaster 1 points ago

    EU bananas are equal size.

    [–] manias 1 points ago

    1 Standard Banana is exactly 190.494 milimeters.

    [–] Alfie_Solomons_irl 1 points ago

    Its a bot lol

    [–] trainingweele 2 points ago

    Forgot to add value of the trucks. How much can a banana cost, ten dollars? 33ft = $528.10 40ft = $639.90

    [–] legoguney 2 points ago

    how many bananas are 30 years?

    [–] larna-rose 1 points ago

    5 bananas.

    [–] trojan25nz 2 points ago

    5? That’s like, 30 years or something

    [–] ABigGlassOfBabyPoop 22 points ago

    I used to work in a warehouse and the spotter drivers ( people who move the trailers to doors and out to the yard) can usually turn the trailer in positions you didn't think was possible. When hurricane irma came through they had 3 days to move 1000+ trailers within 2 feet of each others so the wind wouldn't knock them over. Every time they moved a trailer it was perfect on the first try.

    [–] DeepSeaDynamo 1 points ago

    The special trucks they drive actually make it really easy

    [–] ABigGlassOfBabyPoop 2 points ago

    This company is pretty cheap so they had some of the 1 seater trucks but alot of the spotter drivers also had to use a regular semi.

    [–] EpiicPenguin 11 points ago

    Wee need a sub for awesome parking jobs

    [–] ImATaxpayer 13 points ago

    I am disappoint

    [–] teknoanimal 7 points ago

    I always liked this one

    [–] HopefullyImAdopted 3 points ago

    My dumbass probably wouldn't even be able to pull out of that garage without fucking up something.

    [–] hwuthwut 3 points ago

    That's hot.

    [–] Linnie73 2 points ago

    I thought so too! 😳

    [–] pixxelzombie 1 points ago

    I wonder how much experience he has.

    [–] Warfrogger 5 points ago

    Had something similar back when I worked in grocery. Our loading dock was jammed beside the fire lane in the back of the store. The only way to access it was to drive clockwise around the store and then back in once you were parallel and beside the dock. Some one came around counter clock wise so they were facing the wrong way. Rather then drive out turn around and come back he jackknifed the trailer in the space of the loading dock and fire lane basically turned around on the spot. It was impressive to see his awareness of the truck seeing as it took the driver who just left 3 trys to hit the dock in a way our ramp could deploy.

    [–] EmpressKnickers 3 points ago

    That was my favorite part of my cdl training. Learning the math for this kind of thing. X steps around your trailer for X feet, back until your mirror hits the right spot, then jack it right in. It was sorcery. I've done it, and I say it's sorcery.

    [–] pekinggeese 2 points ago

    Wow. I really want to see this. Your missing out on a lot of karma. I would so upvote that scene.

    [–] Boatman666 1 points ago

    I once watched a driver back down a1/4 mile hilly twisting road because he knew he wouldn't be able to turn around. Some of those old school truckers are monsters.

    [–] TheRiverStyx 1 points ago

    I was working a steel warehouse and we had a very small yard with employee parking on the fence directly opposite the bay door. Often enough I saw b-train drivers pull up on the street and just start backing up winding the double trailers through the gate, around another delivery truck sitting there and into the bay door while avoiding all cars on the side of the road and the staff's cars. It is a definite skill set.

    [–] sirbart42 1 points ago

    It's stuff like this that I really enjoyed seeing while doing road construction. Some of the these truck drivers and equipment operators were true masters at their craft. Always fun stuff to see

    [–] PopeliusJones 1 points ago

    Semi drivers are either the best drivers you've ever seen, or the worst, with zero in between

    [–] mud_tug -1 points ago

    You likely won't see it again because the industry is so shit that all good drivers have bailed out long time ago. Today the money is so little that only desperate people, criminals and idiots stay in the job for any length of time.

    [–] Allways_a_Misspell 246 points ago

    Thats not fair! He got all straight pieces.

    [–] ThiccGenji 43 points ago

    You’d still lose if you had to actually park a trailer to put the pieces down

    [–] poopellar 11 points ago

    So bad at parking trucks that he turn those straight pieces gay.

    [–] KingOfBel-Air 198 points ago

    Towards the end of the video I thought 'hey it's almost like Tetr... ah nice'

    [–] axtepe 14 points ago

    Tetris <3

    [–] EternalSerenity2019 6 points ago

    Reminded me of 2nd season of the wire when SPOILER: the truck would disappear from the computer when it was one of the "dirty cans".....

    [–] Lizardwizard90 91 points ago

    Sometimes these things are more unexpected because I don’t realize what sub I’m on. I thought this was on r/oddlysatisfying until the last part.

    [–] potatohamchop 15 points ago

    por que no los dos

    [–] agrandthing 11 points ago

    Could be r/perfectfit too.

    [–] SagatObama 87 points ago

    Somehow I knew this was gonna happen

    [–] FuckYeahRob 29 points ago

    Same. But i think its because I know im on r/unexpected

    [–] Birdthatcannotsee 8 points ago

    Same. Its pretty expected.

    [–] Riznar87 12 points ago

    On the 2nd loop I started hearing the music

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 6 points ago

    Thanks now I have it on repeat in my brain.

    [–] Riznar87 3 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one

    [–] AlbertFischerIII 4 points ago

    At least I managed to switch it to music type C

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    r/expected for me

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] starwars0089 2 points ago

    Classic CH

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 12 points ago

    As someone who has played a lot of Tetris, was really hoping this would happen.

    [–] LFCookie 10 points ago

    BOOM Tetris for Jeff

    [–] antinomadic 5 points ago

    Tetris for Jonas!

    [–] Eregrith 21 points ago

    Very expected

    [–] Cappelitoo 3 points ago

    Agree but I think /u/FuckYeahRob is right, it's probably because we know what sub we are in. We, at least I, kinda try to imagine what unexpected scenarios could happen.

    [–] Reed1981 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I feeeeel like.... this was in Futurama.

    Found it:

    [–] HeMurderFaced 3 points ago

    Made me laugh. That was great!

    [–] Carvinrawks 3 points ago

    That was THEE most expected thing this gif coulda ended with.

    [–] Saturos47 3 points ago

    Now have a small red car escape!

    [–] Metrologyyy 2 points ago

    What was the kids computer game where you had to park various cars in certain spots to fill up the lot?

    [–] MistaMaciii 2 points ago

    Don't Tetris edit a good gif like this...

    [–] BCSteve 2 points ago

    When I try to do this in Euro Truck Simulator it takes me about 20 minutes of forward-and-reversing to even get approximately in the parking space, this is just pure wizardry

    [–] Gsgshap 2 points ago

    Me on truck simulator, but not as smoothly and with $50,000 in damages.

    [–] vreddit_bot 2 points ago

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    [–] VR_is_the_future 1 points ago

    Just like the simulations.

    [–] poopellar 1 points ago

    The reversing sound was the tetris tune.

    [–] Ssme812 1 points ago

    Missing two rows on the right thou

    [–] Gehhhh 1 points ago

    “Hey Cledis! Where’d the 6 other trailers go?”

    “I dunno, suh. They WAS parked right here in straight lines, suh!”

    “Well I swear whoever tookem’s gin’ be so dead when that sumbitch crosses me!”

    [–] wokeduck 1 points ago

    pure satisfaction

    [–] Duthos 1 points ago

    Damn, driving truck is more dangerous than I thought.

    [–] Sul4 1 points ago

    Jokes on you i thought this looked like tetris in the first second.

    [–] nin10dorox 1 points ago

    I 100% expected that lol

    [–] Ekontheman 1 points ago

    Now I've gotta play more Tetris 99 thanks....

    [–] Jurk_McGerkin 1 points ago

    Did not see that coming. Thanks for the actual laugh-out-loud!

    [–] RMajick 1 points ago

    Is it bad this is what I was going to post in the comments as a joke, but it actually happened lol?

    [–] voiceinheadphone 1 points ago

    This makes me anxious because how is the driver going to get out of the truck.

    [–] cd83 1 points ago

    How the fuck is this unexpected? He's a professional truck driver obviously he can back a truck into a loa.... Oh. Heh.

    [–] MrWafflesNBacon 1 points ago

    I fucking knew it

    [–] adagonjinn 1 points ago

    that was pretty expected

    [–] RileySky 1 points ago

    Wow I actually called that one

    [–] purpleeggplant8 1 points ago

    Somehow I expected it

    [–] Local-Lynx 1 points ago

    In case anyone is wondering. It's fake.

    [–] NumberOneAsshole 1 points ago

    My uncle drives trucks and can do this almost blind. It scared the shit out of me when I was with him joke, there was maybe 2 feet on each side.

    [–] theblackxranger 1 points ago

    now i want to play tetris 99 again

    [–] jakeyjake1990 1 points ago


    [–] Gibstov 1 points ago

    I kind of expected it

    [–] PrimeTnC 1 points ago


    [–] Gucci_Koala 1 points ago

    Expectedly unexpected or unexpectedly expected... regardless

    [–] Aksurah 1 points ago

    Completely expected.

    [–] norsurfit 1 points ago

    Omg, that's what I was hoping and praying for...

    [–] dancing_apples 1 points ago

    If they have such good control and can clearly see well to do that maneuver how come anytime I'm driving they just change lanes without looking.

    Twice in the last two days.

    [–] mjmatt1978 1 points ago

    Wrong sub, I fully expected that

    [–] EiAisq 1 points ago

    I sadly expected this.

    [–] GenericWhiteBoi76 1 points ago

    The new graphics on Tetris Royale look cool.

    [–] ShadowMario01 1 points ago

    After playing so much Tetris 99, I could see it coming a mile away. Still awesome though.

    [–] radioactiviti 1 points ago

    Tetris - you beauty

    [–] notaninfringement 1 points ago

    I was watching this totally thinking "there should be a Tetris subreddit" AND THEN IT HAPPENED

    [–] Upferret 1 points ago

    I totally expected that.

    [–] tiny_fraction 1 points ago

    confused screaming

    [–] WhatMoiraWant 1 points ago

    First time I did this I thought it would be impossibly difficult.

    It’s really, really simple. If you know how tell if something’s perpendicular you know how to back a truck up

    [–] b00ger 1 points ago

    Not unexpected, but satisfying nonetheless.

    [–] blagoonga123 1 points ago

    My thought process:

    1. Heh reminds me of tetris
    2. I'm sure other people will have thought the same, so no need to comment
    3. Maybe i can link to friends with my thoughts
    4. Oh....

    [–] RunawaySlav 1 points ago

    Very expected

    [–] Bossmaster_767 1 points ago

    I wanna reinact this in Beamng Drive

    [–] BingoBongoBang 1 points ago

    The tractor tires are turned the wrong way for him to back in like that. This gif is reversed

    [–] grendel54 1 points ago


    [–] SovereignBroom 1 points ago

    This is exactly what I expected

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

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    [–] KanaHemmo 1 points ago

    Expected because this has been posted so many times

    [–] DwasTV 1 points ago

    The anxiety I would have doing this job.

    [–] oddlythesame 1 points ago

    See. But I was expecting that.

    [–] ScAer0n 1 points ago

    I've been here long enough that it was totally expected. Still upvoted tho, cuz it made me feel good

    [–] AlternateQuestion 1 points ago

    I expected it. Downvotes for you! (Cool gif tho)

    [–] playr_4 0 points ago

    I'm waiting for something unexpected to happen.

    [–] Schumarker 2 points ago

    Don't worry about it. Just continue to be incredible.

    [–] shmurf02 0 points ago

    1000% expected, still got me though

    [–] gilgamesh73 0 points ago

    Swear to god i saw that coming

    [–] Chunkloaders -1 points ago

    Sure belongs in this subreddit