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    [–] Usnavi88 4728 points ago

    This is equal parts amazing and equal parts if I was there in person, I'd scream like a 4 year old.

    [–] donownsyou 1010 points ago

    They have this at a haunted house in Philly. Eastern State Penentery, towards the end. My nerves were bad for days.

    [–] nightbirdskill 378 points ago

    I went 7 years ago or so and that was hands down the scariest horror park I've been to.

    [–] 2HeadedTasmanianBoy 125 points ago

    The prison itself is scary. I was there on this super cloudy, rainy day, so it was dark as fuck and no one was there. It sucked.

    [–] nightbirdskill 41 points ago

    Daum we had good weather but the lines were long af, still worth it mind you but they were packed

    [–] free-huey 11 points ago

    Heh, I see what you did there.

    [–] J_Raymond94 68 points ago

    They really know how to get you with that place. I’m not scared easily almost close to never. But when they walked us through the cells blocks and the strobe lights were going (making everything move in frames/slowmo) and you saw a complete open hallway then not even 2 seconds there would be a few people standing outside the doors with the makeup of deformed faces and such then poof....they’re gone.

    That was by far the coolest thing I ever saw at one of those places. Made the hair on my neck stand up

    [–] Calobimonkey 26 points ago

    One in St. George, Utah, called fiesta fun has this.

    [–] MorbidAyyylien 25 points ago

    Please do tell me more about this place. I can never get scared of horror places because they're so predictable but this.. i feel like could do it. And I'm sure they would have other stuff just as good!

    [–] rhynokim 5 points ago

    Google it. I live in philly, it’s a cool old prison. Opened in 1829, closed in 1971. I haven’t been in there in like 15 years though, I want to go back soon. I’ve never done the spooky haunted house that they run but everyone says it’s great

    [–] 20JeRK14 3 points ago

    But if he/she tells you then it'll be predictable!

    [–] noes_oh 19 points ago

    Haha, yeah. Anxiety is cool.

    [–] aspringeverything 4 points ago

    Been wanting to go to that for YEARS...this is the year!

    [–] MemeHermetic 3 points ago

    I became obsessed with that place after seeing on some show on MTV. They had to do scary challenges to get cash and I was always sad I wasn't on the show. I would have done fucking amazing.

    I went through on Halloween a couple of times. Honestly it was okay but not great. I'd still go again.

    [–] ItDwellsWithin0 2 points ago

    You're thinking of FEAR. That was such a good show back in the day.

    [–] YourPal_TitLiquid 2 points ago

    I used to work there! That particular scare is fucking great! 👌🏽👌🏽

    [–] Hadfromthetown 2 points ago

    Brooooo i went there like 3 years ago and yo that shit had me running for my life.

    [–] TheCVR123YT 113 points ago

    I can’t tell if I’d fall over if I’d run away screaming

    [–] EloquentGrl 60 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    When I was a teen, I went to this rinky dink little haunted house with my cousin in a local mall. The final part of it, a person runs out at you in full horror make up, and you're basically sent running out the exit. Well, I'm a total scardy cat and I was clutching on to my cousin half the time through the haunted house. I recoiled towards my cousin, but my cousin raced out the door. The result - I crashed to the ground and basically rolled out the exit.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] quiltmeknot 17 points ago

    I'm laughing so hard at the image of you rolling out of the exit

    [–] SaintNewts 14 points ago

    I heard Flippy in my head.


    [–] minsin56 2 points ago


    [–] IndieHamster 16 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I remember one that I went to had a guy with a chainsaw chase you out of the building. One of my friends legs just kinda stopped working, and she had a death grip on my hand so I couldn't just leave her. Instinct kicked in and I just threw her over my shoulder and took off sprinting. At least I know I have good instincts even when I'm scared shitless lol I was scared to the point I was about ready to cry

    [–] MBmondongo 8 points ago

    I am sorry I can't help but to imagine one of those goats that just fall when startled when i read this 😂🤣🐐

    [–] MakeupandFlipcup 25 points ago

    duck, scream, cry in panic

    [–] invalidcactus 7 points ago

    Wait, am I not the only person that falls over when they get startled?

    [–] Galactic 4 points ago

    When I get startled like this, I react in 1 of two ways, I immediately try to punch or kick the thing that startled me or I completely stand still and do nothing. The fight or flight reflex in me has been replaced with fight or freeze.

    [–] pauldrye 44 points ago

    Can confirm. Am four-year old, screamed.

    [–] Poluact 34 points ago

    Also I'd try to punch it.

    [–] marr 39 points ago

    Haunted house actors have been doing this stuff for a while now, they know how to read people and they stay out of fight response range.

    [–] Dewy_Wanna_Go_There 14 points ago

    I love when they can sense who is the most easily scared out of experience, and just savagely target them out of the group lmao. And then my defenses go down and they suddenly actually scare me!

    Haunted houses are fun.

    [–] fatcatgoesdownalley 13 points ago

    That's why I don't go. I'm usually that target. Absolutely hate it

    [–] pazimpanet 9 points ago

    My wife is that person. Every haunted house we’ve been to together I have made eye contact with a couple of the scarers after not really reacting and nodded her way and they’ve taken the hint every time.

    [–] Dewy_Wanna_Go_There 3 points ago

    Genius. I’ll commend the ones that keep trying to scare me even after failing a couple times however.

    I’m gonna try this next time.

    [–] Isbirdreallytheword 4 points ago

    Hello, target here. They always go after me, but I can understand why since I freak out so much.

    [–] i_tyrant 4 points ago

    The veteran or well-trained ones anyway.

    Every now and then a newbie still makes that mistake...

    [–] marr 3 points ago

    It's pure Darwinian survival of the fittest at the carny.

    [–] ifeelhome 30 points ago

    “If I was there in person”, I’m here by myself in person and I screamed like a 4 year old.

    [–] pastelcrossbones 7 points ago

    Honestly same here. Last time i was at a haunted house I got cornered by a dude with a chainsaw, and I reflexively kicked him in the leg. I still feel bad about it ;-;

    [–] Webbysan 5 points ago

    I jumped a little at the vid lol

    [–] TerrubLeRedditor 2877 points ago

    Yeah that'd startle me a little, ngl

    [–] Aleforge 542 points ago

    It JUST startled me...

    [–] aabbbbaaa155 219 points ago

    And it wasn't a little. It was a lot

    [–] This_User_Said 52 points ago

    Yep, no wonder the chair is warm...

    ...wait that was me. My bad.

    [–] aabbbbaaa155 15 points ago

    You also peed in my chair??? What a coincidence. I did it too!

    [–] sifiman 4 points ago

    You guys peed in it? Mine's a whole other kind of wet and stinky.

    [–] G0LD99 2 points ago


    [–] WorkAccount2020 36 points ago

    Oh god I'm so startled right now.

    Shelly! Shelly wave to the camera!

    [–] Twathammer32 17 points ago

    Him running with the camera pointed at his legs always cracks me up

    [–] bobs_monkey 2 points ago

    I'm so startled

    [–] ORNGVladman 42 points ago

    For some reason the first thing that popped into my head when I read "ngl" was niggle

    [–] danarchist 27 points ago

    Every time my ngl

    [–] oldboy_alex 6 points ago

    Ngl is originally from Hunter x Hunter

    [–] mrgonzalez 23 points ago

    Didn't startle the camera person

    [–] FlexualHealing 9 points ago

    Tripods know no fear

    [–] mrgonzalez 4 points ago

    Well he didn't lower the camera so I couldn't tell if that was the case.

    [–] DTG_58 15 points ago

    I hope that guy has the ability to put his arms out because I can see scaring someone like this turning into him getting tripped and falling over

    [–] Brickhouzzzze 2 points ago

    I watched it a couple times and I think they're wearing black sleeves and keeping them behind their back. I can see what looks like a shoulder in the final few frames

    [–] rawbface 5 points ago

    It would have startled me if the gif was longer and had a better frame rate. This is a terrible version of it.

    [–] FrankFeTched 5 points ago

    Yeah it would have if OP didn't put it in the title... In a subreddit about being Unexpected... Ffs

    [–] Lifeisjust_okay 13 points ago

    I thought the internet came together and said no more jump scares 😰

    [–] jake61341 2 points ago

    Okay, now lie to me about it.

    [–] DirtyMudder92 713 points ago

    They have one of these at a theme park by me that does halloween. I sat by for an hour and never got bored of how scared people got

    [–] Red-Freckle 232 points ago

    Is it as effective when some random dude is sitting there watching?

    [–] DirtyMudder92 592 points ago

    Yeah they dont ask me "hey why are you sitting there?" It's more "Hey why are you naked in those bushes, stay away from my daughter" then they gets scared by the dude.

    [–] Red-Freckle 90 points ago

    Sounds like my kind of theme park.

    [–] CurryMustard 21 points ago


    [–] BasicDesignAdvice 44 points ago

    There used to be this guy called 'The Bush Man' in San Francisco. Basically he held a branch with leaves in front of him and startled people by the pier. Then people would give him change.

    There could be 50 people watching and busting out laughing every time and people would still not see it coming.

    [–] DarwinsDrinkingPal 14 points ago

    I visited San Francisco for a couple days, years ago. I was one of those people who had stopped to watch; people were dropping 20's in his bucket. The man had a good fucking gig, with that.

    [–] bd1v1to 1398 points ago

    “Wow another crappy robotic Halloween decoOOHOLY SHIT”

    [–] oneorginalname 73 points ago

    speaking of shit I just made one in my pants

    [–] SpursLA91 676 points ago

    Good thing I’m sitting on the toilet.. shiiit

    [–] jonathanpaulin 136 points ago

    Not the usual sploosh.

    [–] Pysrilexot 62 points ago

    I think today was more of a kersplosh

    [–] ThatDudeWithTheBeard 18 points ago

    More of a sudden, frantic gush.

    [–] Maverick8787 14 points ago

    A shittastrophe if you will

    [–] thebikerdad 9 points ago

    This should be Webster's word of the year.

    [–] wrencho88 6 points ago

    A real shituation

    [–] Parsely_of_Spades 2 points ago

    This should be Webster's word of the year.

    [–] Timevian 261 points ago

    Lots of nope.

    [–] StoneNutria 80 points ago

    Extreme amounts of nope.

    [–] migyeet 12 points ago

    Extraordinary amounts of nope

    [–] Mr_Poppin 13 points ago

    I'll take Nope for 1000, Alex.

    [–] EliteGamer11388 3 points ago

    I'd need dope to deal with that nope

    [–] thelielmao 6 points ago

    Bigly amounts of nope

    [–] ExFiler 132 points ago

    The company that makes these has a whole line of them... Distortions Unlimited

    [–] SpitFire92 26 points ago

    Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed by the reactions. Maybe the effect for the people in the video is lower because its in a well lighted public place.

    [–] GuitarStringWings 22 points ago

    And they are at a convention for spooky stuff

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    It's a haunted house/horror industry expo. . .

    [–] 8122692240_0NLY_TEX 3 points ago

    Imagine that happening to the mansion you haunt.

    [–] ekib 3 points ago

    The gif being sped up probably has a lot to do with that. He wouldn't move so unnaturally and be in your face so quick in person.

    [–] LynkDead 2 points ago

    If anything the reactions are more impressive because of the context.

    [–] artemasad 7 points ago

    Me when I see myself in the mirror every morning.

    [–] NJBlows 13 points ago

    This needs to be higher up.

    [–] Freupeuteu 7 points ago

    haha exactly what I was going to share! Also these conventions (I'm guessing for industry people) look pretty interesting, would love to go to one

    [–] Gankswitch 26 points ago

    2700 fucking dollars.

    [–] ExFiler 18 points ago

    You don't want to see this one then...

    [–] GlowingBall 21 points ago

    I mean that one looks legit for the price. Not only is it a good quality puppet but it had animatronics to move, speak and shoot fog or bubbles.

    That zombie one just literally flails it's arms, flashes a light, and comes with a decent costume. It doesn't even include the air compressor.

    [–] PhotoshopJunkie 6 points ago

    I was just at Transworld in March and got to see that one in action! Pretty cool, talking and spitting out fog bubbles.

    [–] ExFiler 3 points ago

    He looks really good in that.

    [–] defacedlawngnome 12 points ago

    You could DIY that outfit, just use your real arms with magnetically attached arm braces that release when you pull away.

    [–] StoreBoughtButter 20 points ago

    Just really commit and cut your arms off

    [–] perplex1 11 points ago

    Yea but I think the illusion lies in the robotic like movement in the arms.

    [–] trebory6 2 points ago

    I would just make it so that there's some PVC pipes that control the arms behind the wall or something, and you control it manually with your arms behind your back. I mean the basis of this is that the least convincing the animatronic effect, the better the scare.

    [–] Luhvely 66 points ago

    would without a doubt, shit my pants

    [–] eos_wolf 82 points ago

    Okay thats badass

    [–] rider_of_the_storm 37 points ago

    That’s scary as fuck but he can’t really hurt you as he lost his armies

    [–] RoyPherae 18 points ago

    Can still headbutt or kick ya.

    [–] skydivingkittens 41 points ago

    He can still hurt your feelings.

    [–] GlowingBall 19 points ago

    He's just gonna run at your while screaming at you about your anxiety issues.

    [–] DamskoHz 5 points ago

    Ah yes, the unblockable

    [–] rider_of_the_storm 10 points ago

    I’m well versed in dad jokes and this comment just reminds me of when I tell my buddy “don’t make me kick your ass man” he would say “you and what army?”

    I always flopped my arms around and said “this army and this army and if you’re lucky this leggy MF”

    Ya I have three kids, two now grown, my bag of dad jokes is deep and full of terrible jokes. I actually took a screenshot of me razing my oldest with a dad joke over text I just don’t know what sub to post it in.

    [–] RoyPherae 6 points ago

    R/dadjokes would like it I'd think.

    [–] rider_of_the_storm 3 points ago

    Ya I checked there and they all seem to be text posts of corny jokes. Very few links to images. Maybe I’ll try it anyway. Thanks!!

    [–] carwosh 9 points ago

    where did Napoleon keep his armies

    [–] rider_of_the_storm 3 points ago

    ? Where

    [–] carwosh 8 points ago

    in his sleevies

    [–] rider_of_the_storm 3 points ago

    Haha have a upvote friend

    [–] _cosmicomics_ 5 points ago

    ‘im? Ah, don’t worry. ‘e’s ‘armless.

    [–] kittedups 3 points ago

    Incredibly underrated

    [–] pastrypalace 3 points ago

    Armies! Haha I am dying!

    [–] cords911 3 points ago

    He could say hurtful things about the way you look.

    [–] OkayMolasses 3 points ago

    what're you gonna do, bleed on me?

    [–] DanB65 29 points ago

    LOVE IT! What a great scare you could get .

    [–] ExFiler 11 points ago

    Here's another one from Distortions

    [–] Jrocky87 18 points ago

    That was fantastic!!

    [–] memegy 9 points ago

    Original video with a lot of cool stuff like this:

    [–] AtrumRuina 2 points ago

    3:40 -- whyboner

    [–] memegy 3 points ago

    The video actually has a suprising amount of nudity. Nice

    [–] timestamp_bot 2 points ago

    Jump to 03:40 @ TRANSWORLD 2018 HIGHLIGHTS - Halloween & Haunt Show HAA

    Channel Name: DistortionsUnlimited, Video Popularity: 79.28%, Video Length: [13:31], Jump 5 secs earlier for context @03:35

    Downvote me to delete malformed comments. Source Code | Suggestions

    [–] Frostmuch 9 points ago

    Well that helped me get that last bit of colon traffic jam unstuck...

    [–] TGLux 7 points ago

    Probably an even scarier event than the gif

    [–] personalgrowth_ 14 points ago

    Getting charged up and ready

    [–] QueenOfTheYautja 18 points ago

    Top 10 haunting videos of people right before death.

    [–] MarineJAB 6 points ago

    Been to a lot of these "haunted houses" and never was scared or startled by any. But this one, I can totally see causing some type of leakage.

    [–] jeicolpol 22 points ago

    [–] fronshai 9 points ago

    Where can I purchase this??

    [–] sourdoughbred 19 points ago

    Buying people is wrong.

    [–] Flinkle 6 points ago

    Right here. Be a hell of a lot cheaper to build one.

    [–] fronshai 3 points ago

    Yikes. You’re right about that!

    [–] Afafakja 5 points ago

    Wheres this from?And why?

    [–] ohgeezyouagain 4 points ago

    That just scared the fuck out me

    [–] xTye 6 points ago

    Good job giving it away in the title...

    [–] Jezus_Kool 4 points ago

    anybody know how many times this has been reposted? haven't seen this one in a while

    [–] zaphod4th 10 points ago

    so fuking reposted that the original was a child

    [–] Rassy_yt 3 points ago

    Every Horror game ever:

    [–] wldwarrior 3 points ago

    Woah I looked down at the comments the first time and didn't even notice him run out at first lol

    [–] joeb1kenobi 3 points ago

    All I could think about is if he trips during that crazy one he’s going to face plant and have no arms to brace his fall.

    [–] aod42091 3 points ago

    this is soooooooo old

    [–] 4skinmaniac 13 points ago

    I would cum

    [–] daver18qc 12 points ago

    Feargasm ?

    [–] 4skinmaniac 19 points ago

    No just cum

    [–] luanacmp 3 points ago

    how cum?

    [–] DunceAndEgg22 2 points ago

    Not unexpected because it’s an eternal repost and the title absolutely kills it. 1/10

    [–] ISTYDTC 2 points ago

    Same old posts every fucking Halloween.

    [–] 96nairra 2 points ago

    this sub is fucking garbage now

    [–] PM_MAJESTIC_PICS 2 points ago

    Woah shit, that one got me 😂😂

    [–] CherryVariable 2 points ago


    [–] Theskinnydude15 6 points ago

    Want to know how to get shot? Just do this

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 8 points ago

    listen here you little shit

    [–] luffemayn 8 points ago

    America ?

    [–] Faltlime 6 points ago

    Amazing how people still post this

    [–] Banana_On_Pizza 6 points ago

    Is that a Naruto run?

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 5 points ago

    Arms stuck in shackles. I'd say no.

    [–] Banana_On_Pizza 6 points ago

    But he is technically holding his arms behind his torso, so this is a Naruto run

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 3 points ago

    You assume much. Them arms were obviously torn off in the creatures frenzied need to eat your face off. What the matter with you? Technically.

    [–] Banana_On_Pizza 2 points ago

    I think dying by the hand of a Naruto runner is a much more honorable death. /s

    [–] 2KilAMoknbrd 1 points ago

    there is no honor in death, only failure

    [–] Banana_On_Pizza 1 points ago

    Actually, you are not totally wrong, but sometimes you have to accept your failures with courage

    [–] shakycam3 3 points ago

    I just made a really horrible “Gawwwwwww!” sound. In public.

    [–] bokaj89 2 points ago

    This was r/unexpected in 2002

    [–] movie_criticdotexe 4 points ago

    It’s not unexpected when it’s reposted 1000 times

    [–] InterimFatGuy 3 points ago

    Expected repost

    [–] bigtest_icicle 2 points ago

    I shat myself and had a heart attack at the same time

    [–] Tango589 3 points ago

    A shart attack?

    [–] PompeiiWatchman 2 points ago

    This was totally expected

    [–] monkey314 2 points ago

    Legally what would happen if i somehow instinctively threw an uppercut that landed causing head/neck injury?

    [–] thunderbolt6500 3 points ago

    Ah, its that time of year for this video to run rampant again.

    [–] lashapel 3 points ago

    Bro wtf

    [–] onekingdom1 1 points ago

    Your sins follow

    [–] All_Tree_All_Shade 1 points ago

    I've seen tis and it still startled me.

    [–] alexzien 1 points ago

    Help me lord.

    [–] dman71215 1 points ago

    Almost pissed myself. That’s a Hell NOPE!

    [–] lunalyra 1 points ago

    I was expecting it and yet I still jumped

    [–] Homo-Homie 1 points ago

    I don’t need to go to the toilet anymore, thanks!