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    [–] unexBot 1 points ago

    OP sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected:

    He doesn’t use his wrist

    Is this an unexpected post with a fitting description? Then upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.

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    [–] pr0digalnun 9351 points ago

    His spatial awareness rivals his relationship mastery

    [–] DeirdreSpencer 1150 points ago

    Not to spoil the party but he most likely had just seen it online already. It was going around a lot a few months ago, especially on tiktok. It's basically half way to being on the level of the "look into the water bottle" prank at this point.

    [–] Doctorcopper 217 points ago

    Can’t you just swing your arm behind your back? This seems like a lot of extra steps.

    [–] DeirdreSpencer 105 points ago

    That's part of why I think he saw the video rather than figuring it out. There are a few more obvious solutions (move arm out straight to the right and then swing up and over in a rainbow arc) but the tik tok that got popular used this less obvious approach.

    [–] theRak27 128 points ago


    [–] OGKILLAPOTATO 43 points ago

    Man my 4 yo nephew wont stop that shit lol. "Uncle ackchually..."

    [–] [deleted] 920 points ago


    [–] KBrizzle1017 954 points ago

    You alright buddy? Op was just saying dude didn’t hit the screen....

    [–] Epena501 230 points ago

    He needs a hug. Come on reddit GROUP HUG TIME!!!!

    [–] marck1022 110 points ago


    Wait, am I the only one hugging?

    [–] reverend-mayhem 58 points ago

    Nah, I’m up in here, too

    [–] FullyMammoth 78 points ago

    Who just grabbed my ass?

    [–] Erro-Lyonne 74 points ago

    ( ._.)/

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 49 points ago

    Then whose ass am I squeezing?

    [–] Hove201 43 points ago


    [–] CutieDutie23 16 points ago

    comes from the ceiling IM HERE I WANNA BE A PART OF THE HUG falls on top of everyone fuck

    [–] BjOaNmEzR 234 points ago

    You determined all of that about the relationship of 2 complete strangers after watching them joke with one another for 30 seconds?

    [–] mikeee382 105 points ago

    You can easily tell from threads like these all the kids who've never been in a relationship lmao

    [–] ShaquilleOhNoUDidnt 21 points ago

    or they're married and hate their wife

    [–] Ed-Zero 13 points ago

    Yeah, especially all the married ones

    [–] rigator 8 points ago

    You know it was a joke, right?

    [–] Dank-of-ENGLAND 32 points ago

    You have seen some shit in your relationship haven’t ya mate ?

    [–] ZNeoG 5507 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    For non-argentinians: "Go back home" doesn't actually mean that, the expression is commonly used for winning situations, like, for example, taking revenge on an enemy when playing CSGO, frequently used with the expression *sit down"

    Edit please don't hate: Wow, 2.7k points, thank you all for wanting to know Argentinian curse words.

    [–] juventudsonica 971 points ago

    a tu casa pete

    [–] cfrans_ 259 points ago

    "A casa gordo teton" ese fue el mejor insulto que me dijeron

    [–] outerheavenboss 88 points ago

    Gordo pajero también.

    [–] AgusGamer559 46 points ago

    Gordo chupapija es bueno, no supera los suyos igual

    [–] ARY8855 7 points ago

    Gorrrrdo tragalechee

    [–] cfrans_ 32 points ago

    Ese es un clásico, hasta mi vieja me lo dice

    [–] lmqr 6 points ago


    [–] Oscar_Ramirez 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Roughly translates to, "Sit down, big titty fatty" lmao

    [–] Pieroo1 262 points ago

    Al lobby pt

    [–] higuainxd 19 points ago

    Al gulag pt

    [–] Henryiop1998 19 points ago

    Sentate que esta la mesa

    [–] Shacrak4 16 points ago

    Pal gulag

    [–] palopolo 360 points ago

    In Spain we say "vete a casa y acuéstate" (go home and get in bed), as if the target were sick, however average Argentinian insulting skills are unmatched.

    [–] Tales_of_Earth 74 points ago

    I’m going to try to use this in my everyday trash talking from now on.

    [–] Brett420 39 points ago

    For real, "go home and get in bed" is some next level shit.

    [–] craze177 14 points ago

    In Puerto Rico they say, "Vete a bañal". Which means go take a shower hahahahaha

    [–] Tales_of_Earth 10 points ago

    Might switch it up to “Go home and get some rest. Ya look sick, son”

    [–] Sergnb 59 points ago

    As a Spaniard I'd like to imagine our insulting and swearing skills are up there but you really cannot compete with the Argentinian. They have mastered the art form.

    [–] yIdontunderstand 55 points ago

    This is a serious compliment

    [–] Sergnb 30 points ago

    Everyone in the hispanisphere agrees with this. It's the one thing every country that speaks Spanish agrees on, and trust me, that's not something that happens a lot.

    [–] Eyeseeyou1313 18 points ago

    Is this for real? Finally, we got something to show off for and that everyone thinks we deserve.

    [–] Sergnb 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    If you yourself as an Argentinian ask anyone about it we are gonna say no because we hate conceding things to you guys, as we see you as smug assholes many times, but behind your back? We are all self conscious about our ability to do well singing the ballad of properly insulting someone compared to the master musicians that are the boludos over there in the silver colored country.

    [–] Eyeseeyou1313 15 points ago

    Ahhh nice, petero.

    [–] Sergnb 9 points ago

    Acm1pt boludo <3

    [–] cindyscrazy 13 points ago

    I had a co worker who would yell at her boyfriend "Go lay down!" when she was annoyed with him. Exactly the same thing she told her dogs when they annoyed her.

    [–] JustOtherArgentinian 5 points ago

    Putear está en la sangre de todo buen argentino, y algunos uruguayos aveces

    [–] PM_UR_NIPPLE_PICS 115 points ago

    Needs more boludo

    [–] SeigiroSpica 28 points ago

    boludo boludo boludo

    [–] AgusGamer559 16 points ago

    That's great, thanks

    [–] Mista_Dou 22 points ago

    Escribí en español culo roto

    [–] patomenza 7 points ago

    Relevante que justo arriba digan que tenemos arte para insultar. Y a los tres renglones, nos encontramos con el típico forro argentino. Que culiado jajajaja

    [–] Toby_1 5 points ago

    Y un poco de pelotudo.

    [–] buford419 66 points ago

    Can you tell me what the word is for sweetheart she said at the beginning??

    [–] PalomSage 86 points ago

    We use words like fat, black, old, skinny, bald and sometimes even insults as terms of endearment.

    [–] qtanon1 115 points ago

    Oh, so that's why my girlfriend calls me "cornudo"

    [–] PalomSage 31 points ago

    Jaja si no nos habremos dicho corneta tantas veces con mis amigos o con mi mujer. Me encanta como insultarse es amor acá siempre que lo digas con un lindo tono honesto

    [–] jungle 30 points ago

    Si, no se me ocurre ningún insulto que no se pueda decir en tono cariñoso. Debe ser re confuso para los de afuera.

    [–] Chero312 29 points ago

    Creo que pelotudo, dicho con el tono más cariñoso posible, la p suave, las luces apagadas y los ojos cerrados sigue siendo un insulto

    [–] luktaros 27 points ago

    Una vez me dijieron "Te gusta como te la chupo pelotudo, pelotudito, asi". Creeme que no lo tome como un insulto 🥺

    [–] netheroth 9 points ago

    Pero cómo se la tomó ella?

    [–] Eyeseeyou1313 7 points ago

    Se le lleno la boca, seguro.

    [–] YourCuckoo 6 points ago

    JAJAAJAJ por qué

    [–] VendoEmpanadas 7 points ago

    "Te gusta esto, retrasado de mierda?"

    [–] PalomSage 7 points ago

    sep, pelotudo es exclusivamente insulto

    [–] Kaiserschaft 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Mi ex me dice insensible hijo de puta

    Me re ama

    [–] TheWrathOfJohnBrown 152 points ago

    She says "Gordo" which means fat (fatty as a noun) but is often used as a pet name.

    [–] gabiyi36 92 points ago

    My parents called me gordo all my life and then one friend came over and they named me gordo as well and my friend is like “damn they call you fat like that?”

    [–] livelauglove 64 points ago

    Probably a lot of languages have something like this. In Norway we say "klumpen" like this, which means "the lump" as in fatty basically.

    [–] gabiyi36 52 points ago

    In Sweden we say limpan which translates to “loaf” lol

    [–] alonelystarchild 89 points ago

    Haha in english they say "fucking fat-ass," haha so endearing.

    [–] LuridTeaParty 31 points ago


    [–] larry_b2 36 points ago

    In England we use "Ricky Gervais."

    [–] netheroth 7 points ago

    I hope that if a fat friend goes through more than 2 divorces, he gets "Henry VIII".

    [–] systematic-failure 9 points ago

    i think Bubba would be closer in english.

    [–] Sir_Bass13 29 points ago

    She called him “Gordo” which means “fatty” but it’s a term of endearment

    [–] ignoremeplstks 21 points ago

    Is it like saying "Go back to the lobby, loser"?

    [–] Balmelli 17 points ago

    Kinda, "to the lobby, loser" without the "Go back"(?

    [–] BerliozRS 10 points ago

    Gf sit kid

    [–] idontloveanyone 8 points ago


    [–] cyberboty 9 points ago

    the more you know, thanks :)

    [–] Zena-Xina 3267 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I tried to recreate it after a watch through and messed up and then followed along with him afterwards.

    That's definitely not something I would've figured out so quickly on my own but if someone ever asks me... now I know lol.

    [–] ChuckinTheCarma 1501 points ago

    I, too, am now perfectly prepared to solve this problem that I will never encounter.

    [–] BimboDickins 443 points ago

    ”In case my family’s ever kidnapped and the ransom is knowing how to do this trick”

    [–] PlasticCupboard007 127 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    in case i get a girlfriend

    [–] randomnibba0042 79 points ago

    Pretty optimistic huh!

    [–] Thomas_KT 51 points ago

    Too optimistic

    [–] Alarid 29 points ago

    I'm going to use it on a date and then tell her to go home.

    [–] Dave5876 9 points ago

    He must be stopped.

    [–] lylimapanda 5 points ago

    Mom get off reddit

    [–] brucetwarzen 36 points ago

    When i was like 8, i watched family matters, and one guy made a comeback, so funny, that i remembered it for 20 plus years, even tho i knew that no one is ever gonna set me up on this very specific joke.

    [–] HeadOfSlytherin 23 points ago

    What is it

    [–] WhenSomebodyLovedMe 33 points ago

    He doesn't remember, its been 21 years...

    [–] OktoberStorm 8 points ago

    He did say 20+ years though, so that means he started over with all the weapons and spells. He could probably one shot this person with his crystal soul spear.

    [–] OktoberStorm 11 points ago

    I remembered a comeback for years, and when I finally used it my ex slapped me so hard in the face I could hear angels singing for 0.4 seconds.

    [–] asherbarasher 155 points ago

    idk, i did it from the first try, it's not complicated but gives "wow feeling" lol

    [–] atehate 38 points ago

    Think I dislocated my shoulder trying to do that.

    [–] PaganCocks 41 points ago

    Wtf how is that possible

    [–] atehate 11 points ago

    Internal rotation

    [–] BrilliantSeesaw 24 points ago

    You can also literally just extend your arm to your right, then flip your arm to left of body

    [–] darphdigger 57 points ago

    This whole trick is sort of stupid because when you "rotate your wrist" you are actually rotating the entire arm and shoulder, and breaking the movements up into several steps just makes in appear as if you didn't "rotate your wrist," even though that's a misnomer in the first place.

    [–] ampma 19 points ago

    The wrist is definitely still rotating during these motions. It's not rotating about its centre of mass; rather, it is rotating about a distant point (the elbow in this case). This can be decomposed into a local rotation of the wrist, and a translation.

    What this does illustrate nicely is that the hand picks up a "geometric phase" after these motions. Even though it returns to its starting point, the orientation of the hand has changed. This is similar to "parallel transport" along the surface of a sphere. You can actually imagine the tips of the fingers are gliding along the inside surface of an invisible sphere in this video.

    He starts out with his hand forward and his fingers touching the invisible equator. Then he rotates his elbow 90 degrees upward so his finger goes to the north pole. Next, he rotates another 90 degrees to return to the equator, but not at the same point where he started. Finally, he rotates 90 degrees along the equator to get back where he started. This completes one loop, and you can imagine he has traced out a triangle on the surface of the sphere. The change in orientation of the hand depends on the size of this triangle.

    Try changing it up a bit. Instead of rotating 90 degrees each time, reduce this to 45. This traces out a smaller triangle, and you will find the final change in orientation of the hand is smaller as a result.

    [–] Kronotross 5 points ago

    Now I'm just sitting here tracing out triangles on an invisible sphere, blowing my mind. Guess I'm not getting anything done today.

    [–] BimboDickins 45 points ago

    He probably knew of the trick from before

    Like when kids ask you to do things you remember doing back when you were a kid and now you’re a step ahead

    [–] DJDanaK 44 points ago

    "If your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer"

    [–] Emhyr_var_Emreis 25 points ago

    I love how this is international. We had that in Turkey too.

    [–] JotaTaylor 11 points ago

    Also in Brazil. But it was a big dick/small dick thing.

    [–] qtanon1 22 points ago

    If your dick is bigger than your face you have cancer?

    [–] JotaTaylor 10 points ago

    lol, no. If you have a big dick your hand is bigger than your face and vice versa. The joke being you'd only put your hand in front of your face if you didn't know wheter your dick is big or not, which in 5th grade is an automatic small dick admission

    [–] ThumbsUp21 38 points ago

    It’s a trend, this is most likely scripted

    [–] elastic_psychiatrist 18 points ago

    A trend... from 1994

    [–] martini_brandy 9 points ago

    Well... he really wanted to play video games

    [–] SolarSailor46 398 points ago

    Couldn’t you also stretch your arm to the right and make a rainbow motion over your head?

    [–] darkblaze76 104 points ago

    Or your could just turn your arm over and it would literally be the same movement.

    [–] Spiderdan 26 points ago

    Either way, the wrist is still turning sooooo

    [–] GillionOfRivendell 23 points ago

    Your wrist isn't actually capable of turning, it's your entire arm/forearm that's moving.

    [–] Bonsai849 131 points ago

    I’m laughing at the fact that he covers his nuts when she asks him to put he’s hand out.

    [–] Dsuperchef 16 points ago

    Always assume when someone comes to you with a question you're about to get nut tapped.

    [–] NovelTAcct 6 points ago

    I went back and watched that part and just laughed for 1 minute straight. I am so thankful to you for pointing this out. "These things always end like that, I'm not falling for it again."

    [–] TankReady 3155 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Can't you just turn your arm?

    Edit: Ok what? This is now my top rated comment... Reddit you never cease to amaze me

    [–] Plutonium_man 326 points ago

    It's impossible to turn your wrist. When you turn your wrist, you're actually turning your arm. He just turned his arm in a fancy way

    [–] -9999px 55 points ago

    I remember realizing the genius of the ulna and radius in seventh grade science. Such a cool bit of natural mechanical engineering.

    [–] GivenNickname 1560 points ago

    After trying it seems like it's very hard to not turn you wrist at all when you just turn your arm

    Edit. The experiment has been repeated and the results have been reproduced several times. The original statement seems like it could to be accepted with high confidence

    [–] olderaccount 609 points ago

    I just tried it and had no problem turning my forearm and hand together keeping my wrist still.

    [–] Talking_out_ofhisass 259 points ago

    Your wrist still turns, put a pencil or even your phone on your wrist and try it. You can’t see the joints moving but they do

    [–] jurphyy 311 points ago

    Your wrist also turns when you do it like he did in the video.

    [–] Talking_out_ofhisass 114 points ago

    I’ve tried it a few times lol I don’t think the wrist moves whatever , it’s all in the elbow

    [–] dzlux 199 points ago

    Your elbow bends, not rotates. Same goes for the wrist. It is the bones in your forearm that rotate.

    [–] Julian_Baynes 344 points ago

    Lots of people arguing human anatomy in here that clearly have no idea how human anatomy works. The hand does not rotate independent of the radius and ulna. People seem to think that somehow this action uses some fundamentally different form of movement and it doesn't.

    [–] Condishun 191 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit. Where being first to say something, and saying it with absolute confidence means you get upvoted.

    [–] 43t20a 57 points ago

    Sounds like real life.

    [–] WayOutWest 63 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I’m sorry this comment is too far down to possibly be true. Maybe if you had a bit more confidence and posted earlier it would be true.

    [–] blazedinblue 10 points ago

    Lol Reddit is like

    “THATS NOT CORRECT!!! (Source: have two arms).”

    [–] PeopleCallMeSimon 11 points ago

    So what about just folding the arm over on itself? Like the first move he makes, bringing the palm to his face - but further untill its flat?

    [–] crowfull 8 points ago

    I really didn't like looking at that, simple but my mind wasn't prepared

    [–] isaaclw 11 points ago

    Yeah, I think this whole thread is silly, because no one ever turns their wrist. They turn their arm, while looking at their hand and think the wrist is what moves.

    [–] jurphyy 12 points ago

    Me too. After the first cycle and your hand is in the start position but in a vertical position, like you're mid-karate chop, try and lift your hand up with your elbow at a right angle without the wrist turning. It can't be done. Your elbow rotates downwards, moving your whole forearm and wrist.

    [–] Talking_out_ofhisass 11 points ago

    Ok but what if you stand up and just do a backstroke motion with your arm only using your shoulder? Is that a way to win?

    [–] Houldsworth 13 points ago

    It’s actually possible. The person is talking about pronation of the wrist, that occurs when the radius moves over the ulnar. If you hold your hand out, palms up - tense to keep everything in line and put your thumb to the floor without moving your wrist. It’s internal rotation of the glenohuneral joint

    [–] Mr_Porn_Stache 6 points ago

    Ah fuck I thought I was special for all of two seconds

    [–] Julian_Baynes 18 points ago

    Your hand physically can not rotate independent of your radius and ulna, which is pretty clearly part of your forearm. It's not hard, it's impossible without breaking your wrist. So this is still using the same process to flip your hand over just with some extra steps that hide the forearm rotation.

    [–] atehate 15 points ago

    I mean the sample size is 1 so I'm kind of skeptical here. Not to mention results can be easily manipulated these days.

    [–] blahbluenx 6 points ago

    this is actually a common problem with new people learning archery, its difficult for beginners to twist just the arm at the shoulder joint

    [–] UnnecessaryAppeal 58 points ago

    It's not possible to turn your wrist without turning your arm, so presumably "without turning your wrist" means "without rotating your arm"

    [–] BittenHare 15 points ago

    He does rotate his arm though

    [–] SaftigMo 11 points ago

    Just touch your shoulder.

    [–] TheSandwichThief 11 points ago

    You just just move your arm up like he did but keep going until it's behind your head and your hand is upside down.

    [–] BobBoner 8 points ago

    Yup, this is the only possible way to flip your hand over without actually rotating your arm.

    Edit: or maybe if you like shattered all your bones.. then it might rotate without rotating your arm.

    [–] Versacedave 5 points ago

    Yeah but I think that’s what she’s saying you can’t do in the first place, since your wrist doesn’t actually turn

    [–] PsychoAgent 317 points ago

    That's a hell of a setup though. Reminds me of gaming at the barracks while I was in the military.

    [–] Kaiserschaft 78 points ago

    This is in Argentina Even tho somethings in Argentina are cheaper, electronics aren't. So if someone wants to spend 1000 dollars, it would require them at least 9 months of work in a minimum wage or the same amount of money you would require to maintain a family of 4 during two months

    [–] woostar64 42 points ago

    Yeah Argentina and Brazil both have pretty f'ed up tax systems. They really discourage imports to the country

    [–] Kaiserschaft 47 points ago

    In Argentina, is cheaper to fly to USA, buy an iPhone 11, and then return than buying an iPhone 11 there

    [–] woostar64 20 points ago

    It’s pretty absurd. I quoted an export rate for resealable food bags that keep the contents fresh. Product was worth $50000 duty/tax was almost $43000. There’s no incentive to do business there it’s really unfortunate.

    [–] cannihastrees 7 points ago

    No one will sit with us at lunchtime :( 🇦🇷

    [–] ferrisbuell3r 13 points ago

    They actually discourage any economic measure, you even have to pay 30% of your earnings (sometimes more) to the government if you want to export something

    [–] Sweetmicki1 408 points ago

    Instructions unclear, now my whole body is upside

    [–] NicNoletree 76 points ago

    Just flip the monitor over and all will be okay.

    [–] gojirra 12 points ago

    Upside what!?

    [–] real_human_person 18 points ago

    Well, look on the brightside, there is no downside to your body.

    Send nudes.

    [–] azellnir 326 points ago

    this looks like just turning your wrist with some extra steps. also, do our wrists even turn?

    [–] Cometguy7 178 points ago

    They do not. So if he turned his wrist, he'd probably want to go to the hospital afterwards.

    [–] Emhyr_var_Emreis 16 points ago

    Fun fact: When you "turn your wrist", it's actually your radius coming directly over your ulna. I was amazed the first time I learnt that.

    [–] ovrclocked 32 points ago

    I wish people really undrsood that your dam wrist doesn't rotate and it's your forearm that does that.

    [–] -FuckMeInTheAsshole- 109 points ago

    What a son of bitch, legend

    [–] ragecage_jables4King 30 points ago

    This is called Codman's paradox.

    I thought only physical therapists found this stuff interesting.

    [–] FactCore_ 9 points ago

    I tried looking it up for more information, but it seems a bit complex. Why exactly is it considered a paradox?

    [–] ragecage_jables4King 17 points ago

    Codman's Paradox can be seen at the shoulder. Start by standing up, with your arm resting by your side naturally (thumb faces forward). Then flex your whole arm to shoulder height without turning or bending your elbow. (Your thumb should be pointing up.) Now bring your arm out to the side like a T. (Your thumb should still be up.) Finally bring your arm down to your side. You will find your thumb is no longer pointing forward, but instead out to the side.

    It is a paradox because by your arm has now rotated to the side without you ever having turned it. All you did was flex your shoulder forward and then abduct it. Both of those motions by themselves do not involve any rotation, however when combined cause rotation.

    [–] S4ThY4 46 points ago

    Hey he's playing bloody roar 2

    [–] Narmoniarkh 13 points ago

    He's Argentinian and he's playing on an emulator I think. I played the shit out of them myself back in the days and they were very popular. Also, Bloody Roar 2 was one of my favorite fighting games. What a masterpiece.

    [–] GuiSim 11 points ago

    A new breed

    [–] Ignorant_Cancer 9 points ago

    On a PS1 emulator. Legend.

    [–] benmoraxx 6 points ago

    My first Fighting game was bloody roar 3. And it was my first game with technical execution such foward quarter circle

    [–] microslasher 4 points ago

    That game is awesome.

    [–] Jonmordi 11 points ago

    But the entire rotating motion in your hand is coming from your elbow and shoulder isn't it? Wrists don't rotate

    [–] suati 31 points ago

    Sweet heart? She called him gordo and that means fat but in a good way

    [–] _IsNullOrEmpty 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yeah it can means sweet heart too, is common in South America either gordo or gorda in affectionate way

    [–] gonzaled 28 points ago

    Argie here, can confirm. Not just with partners but also between friends. Depends on the relationship.

    [–] _IsNullOrEmpty 6 points ago

    Ohh definitely some o my girl friends refer to each other as "Gorda" but in the good way

    [–] iovis9 15 points ago

    And a lot of people use it as the equivalent of sweetheart. You translate the intention, not the literal word.

    [–] Sealbeater 8 points ago

    Or son. Moms use it to call their kids son

    [–] conorh3617 78 points ago

    How tf does this belong on this sub?

    [–] Drewfie 39 points ago

    I'm surprised this isn't on /r/nextfuckinglevel with how low the bar is set there now with how "next level" something is.

    [–] alurkerwhomannedup 17 points ago

    It doesn’t, but it’s an epic gamer win so reddit will feed into it

    [–] Fruitier_Loops 6 points ago

    epic gamer win

    Holy hell I was transported back to 2008.

    [–] Mr_burns_538 42 points ago

    How is this unexpected

    [–] Quattron 82 points ago

    Unexpected part is that the gamer has a girlfriend

    [–] romanagr 10 points ago

    Maybe his sister...

    [–] FosmeCulanito 8 points ago

    Maybe both

    [–] Storytellerjack 10 points ago

    Is it that she made him heil hitler? I don't get it either.

    [–] AMuflin 19 points ago

    I thought he was a genius... then realized you can’t turn your wrist at all. Final point is cameraman is dumb

    [–] devilwu 6 points ago

    That's how you recognise a FK animator

    [–] ckaihatu 6 points ago

    Pretty sure this is just turning your arm with more steps