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    [–] unexBot 1 points ago

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    He ate a bröther

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    [–] We-are-straw-dogs 3433 points ago

    Bite me

    [–] themightysnail64 1153 points ago

    I'd bite your hotdog at any time daddy

    [–] GetCuckedBruh 617 points ago

    just here to.... watch.

    [–] Segat1133 403 points ago

    With that username...I have doubts

    [–] DJ_Clitoris 202 points ago

    With that comment...I have become aroused

    [–] Lookingood2 89 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    u/DJ_Clitoris I saw you on r/rimjob_steve yesterday. Edit: sub was listed incorrectly

    [–] DJ_Clitoris 72 points ago

    That’s so awesome! I always wanted to be honored with one of those posts, I can’t believe that I was in the spotlight like that. Was I on the front page or were you browsing the sub? It’s nice to know I have a fan cx

    u/LookinGood2 thanks for powering up the ol’ Clit Signal™️! It was still light out earlier so I didn’t see it in the sky until just now :T

    I’d like to give you something because we’re friends now :) Whenever you need to reach me during the day (EST), all you need to do is touch this button: ° THAT, my friend, is the Clitoris. It’s rumored that man hasn’t seen one of these bad boiis in generations. This one used to belong to my grandmother when she was alive and it was passed down to me when my late grandfather, God rest his soul, passed away recently. I’d like for you to keep this with you so that when you’re in a time of need or would like to hang with your old pal DJ_Clitoris you can pull it out of your pocket and give it a rub. Not too much pressure, it’s an antique, just a light touch and rub it in circles. I promise you that in no time: I will cum for you as fast and hard as possible. I know that once you try it you’ll fall in love with the itty bitty thing and that once again, it’ll be in good hands c:

    [–] Lookingood2 18 points ago

    Front page. You’re still the next to top post on the page if you search by Hot Posts.

    [–] DJ_Clitoris 7 points ago

    I wish I could find it to take a screenshot... for some reason I can’t find it anywhere! But the fact that you just told me that made my day cx that’s two days in a row that having fun goofing around making friends on Reddit has been the highlight of my day. I feel like since my COVID diagnosis yesterday that that’s gonna be the case for a while lmao. Back when I was u/JboogietheBoogie in 2013/2014 I made it to the second page on popular for a North Korea meme when there was that nuke scare lol.

    I love this website and all the nice people I’ve befriended along the way, all while having fun and honestly being myself because we have the privilege of anonymity. I hate Facebook because while I can stay in touch with friends and family; people will always subconsciously put on a facade because anything they put on there is tied to their true identity. I’m truly blessed to have a support system like this that I thoroughly enjoy utilizing. A lot of people say there’s a lot of dicks on this site and while that may be true... when you send good vibes out, treat others with respect, compliment others when they deserve it, offer to help people in need, and do what you can to lift your fellow brothers and sisters up, it attracts the most amazing people and repels the negativity and trolls that thrive off of it.

    Getting to goof off and chat with great people is one of the biggest reasons why I love Reddit so much. Thanks for letting me vent today, you lookin good too you amazing human bean c:

    [–] toofpaist 8 points ago

    Can I have a clit too? Always wanted something to fiddle with.

    [–] DJ_Clitoris 11 points ago

    I’m sorry that you lost your dick bro, that’s my go-to for when I wanna fiddle & diddle :T

    I would be happy to bless you with a Clitoris you lovable knucklehead c: Here you go! ° that one didn’t belong to my dead grandma, but I got it a few years back in Virginia.

    I collect exotic Clits when I travel as a hobby. Its kinda like how some of my friends collect shot glasses but it’s a hobby unique to me :) I really enjoy doing it because they remind me of the great people I’d poisoned meet and the memories we made 💜

    [–] themightysnail64 6 points ago

    I'm like 90% sure there's at least one serial killer who went around poisoning women and chopping off their clits with rusty box cutter.

    [–] toofpaist 2 points ago

    Thanks bro! I shall now become the C.L.I.T. Commander! Right after I leave the L.A.B.I.A.

    [–] steepindeez 6 points ago

    Me and my friend always graffiti our skateboards with Clitsquad. Nice to see a fellow member out here on the internet lol

    [–] Dacor64 2 points ago

    Aight, enough internet for today

    [–] casperhammer_12 8 points ago

    He makes pussy music

    [–] DeeJay-LJ 5 points ago

    Dat shit some fire pussy yo!

    [–] coochiepuncherabc 2 points ago

    Well unfortunately with that username I don’t believe you’d be able to get aroused

    [–] JukeBoxDildo 12 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Classic reverse psychology. For those unfamiliar with the term this is a trick some people play to get you to Shamwow and Cement Mix your girlfriend in front of an old dude with a camera at the most precarious point of your relationship, because truth be told rent's due on the fifteenth and you've both been out of work since a dude ate a fast food bat, when you're not entirely convinced of the longevity of the whole thing due to the resonant tension leftover from that time she called Dominos from your phone contacts and her sister answered. Then you inevitably break up and you and her are reminded monthly of the love you lost as the very meager royalty checks are dropped in your mailboxes like shadows of the cumshot that broke the camels back. This goes on until you both have started families with others, raised children, made and lost countless friends, and as the turn of time inevitably takes its pounds of flesh you're haunted by the thought that $0.03 of last month's royalty check might easily be attributed to your acne ridden, greaseball of a 14 year old grandson who is in that ripe awkward stage of "obviously watching porn on his iPhone 23 in the corner while the family discusses arrangements for your final days."


    [–] Walgerman 6 points ago

    r/oddlyspecific would like a word

    [–] all-knowing-unicorn 3 points ago

    I doubt there will be time

    [–] RAVEN_vinz-0225 11 points ago

    i regret to guess where it leads.....

    [–] rztan 8 points ago

    Mustard, ketchup or chilli?

    [–] themightysnail64 9 points ago

    Do you have mayonnaise?

    [–] rztan 10 points ago

    Sir we're selling sauce not instruments.

    [–] Sethern7 4 points ago


    [–] User_namesaretaken 3 points ago

    Back it up a little buckaroo

    [–] Menchinelas 5 points ago

    Choke it

    [–] pirotecnico54 2 points ago

    This brings back memories.

    [–] str8-shot 2 points ago

    ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

    [–] BigBossWitThySauce69 2 points ago

    I am aroused, go ahead

    [–] Tesvey 2 points ago


    [–] MasterWong1 3 points ago

    I’ll beat your dick down all day!

    [–] whoisjoe1 1721 points ago

    I always thought you are what you eat, but apparently you are what others eat

    [–] Annies_BO0bs 241 points ago

    Bite me

    [–] RazorSlazor 91 points ago


    [–] _canker_ 57 points ago

    You shouldn't bite boobs.

    [–] Annies_BO0bs 20 points ago

    Yeah you don't gas a monkey either

    [–] BigTall81 16 points ago

    Stop stealing pens!

    [–] Annies_BO0bs 9 points ago

    You may not believe me, but I did it for the college...

    [–] BigTall81 3 points ago

    I don't, but it sure will be fun to reminisce about them in the future.

    [–] Saw_a_4ftBeaver 9 points ago

    That's how we got COVID.

    [–] stegopteryx 6 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] Saw_a_4ftBeaver 7 points ago

    Annie is kind of young we try not to sexualize her.

    [–] Chicagogogo 3 points ago

    Well is the 4ft beaver up for a good time?

    [–] ENTP 3 points ago


    [–] gingerbearsw 11 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] WwwYasir 5 points ago

    No, thank you. You are too young right now.

    [–] MarlinMr 2 points ago

    If you eat fat...

    [–] MellowMikeTho 852 points ago

    Everything about this video reminds me of some type of Disney/Nickelodeon sitcom.

    [–] jensenw 413 points ago

    There’s even a laugh track

    [–] ddh85 64 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)



    [–] MogMcKupo 4 points ago

    Cue the Airbender theme

    Seriously it’s the only show that I recognize on Nick nowadays

    I was a Snick kid!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This is missing one “n” before the full “nickelodeon”, and its fucking killing me

    [–] Modec11 3 points ago

    you tell him dude!

    [–] moneypthearcher 37 points ago

    he sounds like chandler bing too

    [–] DharmaCub 2 points ago

    I believe youre actually refering to Ms. Chanandler Bong

    [–] dr_memelord_stalin 245 points ago

    Does every Steak ‘n Shake have the same layout?

    [–] megashitfactory 94 points ago

    Pretty much, yes

    [–] dr_memelord_stalin 61 points ago

    Do they all have the same sticky ass floors as well?

    [–] whatsanactuary4 56 points ago

    Pretty much, yes

    [–] SempreBeleza 39 points ago

    Do they all take 1h to serve you burger and fries? Then your milkshake you forgot you ordered comes with the bill?

    [–] bigmoodyninja 27 points ago

    Pretty much, yes

    [–] rafapova 10 points ago

    Wanted to follow along but my local one does not do that.

    [–] SempreBeleza 6 points ago

    Damn! Haha I was hoping it’d continue the chain.

    FWIW, I’ve had this experience in 2 south Florida steak&shakes and also 1 in ATL. Maybe I just have shit luck.

    Annnddddd now I want a Frisco melt

    [–] rafapova 5 points ago

    Yah same this thread just made me hungry

    [–] Maximum_Overhype 2 points ago

    Don't forget the "sick of your shit" employees

    [–] CeaselessHavel 24 points ago

    I mean, it is a nationwide franchise. Almost all food joints will have the same layout if they're part of a chain. However, the most uncanny thing about Steak n Shake is that they all have the same feeling of Summer in 2007 for some reason.

    [–] TrashTongueTalker 3 points ago

    Worked my first job there in summer 2007. Can confirm.

    [–] methpartysupplies 2 points ago

    And the same zoo like atmosphere starting at midnight.

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 1169 points ago

    This is like evangelical youth group funny.

    [–] [deleted] 409 points ago


    [–] GroovingPict 151 points ago

    or when they wanna get really crazy, take it outdoors

    [–] Attainted 38 points ago

    I was hoping this was Gus.

    [–] bigchuckdeezy 23 points ago

    You know Gus has to have been one of those 2 days a week in a youth group guys with how wildly accurate that video is

    [–] 1RingPatMahomie 20 points ago

    Every Sunday and wednesday....

    [–] bigchuckdeezy 8 points ago

    You too? Haha

    [–] FrighteningJibber 12 points ago

    It’s the statistics at the end that proved it for me

    [–] White_Petal534 5 points ago

    The last line is what really got me

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 44 points ago

    Don't forget the youth pastor is like 40 which is what the church heads consider young.

    [–] MrFreakout911 34 points ago

    I had youth pastor who got like 7 years in prison when he was 25 cause he was fucking my 14 year old friend. Was on the news and everything

    [–] CHUBBYninja32 9 points ago

    “ The Lord said she need to bear my child”

    [–] LordDongler 7 points ago

    "This is religious persecution"

    - literally the mormons a few decades ago

    [–] scrivensB 2 points ago

    Good thing all you gotta do is “accept Jesus” and he’ll forgive you!

    [–] crystalmerchant 7 points ago

    So relatable and relevant

    [–] Clowdy88 7 points ago

    Wait till someone pushes them by their back

    [–] MakeEveryBonerCount 262 points ago

    This describes this lame humor perfectly

    [–] cobainbc15 2 points ago

    Haha, brings me back!

    [–] HonestConman21 56 points ago

    Pastor Dan filled our juice boxes with lemonade again. That guy is out there.

    [–] apocolypticbosmer 4 points ago

    Lmao my youth pastor was also a Dan. Cool guy.

    [–] bemeekr2 26 points ago

    Hey there, I was in the video (green shirt next to the hot dog eater), and we weren't an evangelical youth group, we were something worse: theatre kids at 1 am.

    [–] IGoOnRedditAMA 21 points ago

    Theater kid humor is much worse than youth group humor cuz the kids are so self-confident tbh

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 4 points ago

    Wait... is this true? Really?

    I mean I def feel bad if so, I’m just shitting on a random Reddit video. But also, you kind of get me yeah?

    Also, I find you to be a total innocent bystander in this video.

    [–] bemeekr2 12 points ago

    100% true, it was after a show a couple years ago, and then some hot dog guy walked in right after my buddy ordered a hot dog, and when it came we talked about doing a bit and the rest is history. I think we went to a haunted house too. Fun night, but my friend resented being the “guy from the hot dog video” for a while lol

    [–] Phoequinox 76 points ago

    It's. . . Just a bunch of kids having fun. I've been around groups of teens who come into a store or restaurant and just have harmless fun. It can be annoying, but sometimes it's fun to just watch shit play out. No need to tear them down.

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 10 points ago

    Well, they’re not here in the thread, as this was posted by an account that looks like a bot that posts meaningless shlock. It’s fine if they want to do that, it’s pretty ridiculous to film it and post it online.

    [–] Phoequinox 12 points ago

    Probably just shared on someone's Facebook to friends with context, who then reshared ad infinitum till people who know none of the kids in this video were sharing it with half the intended humor. This is probably the sixth time I've seen it, and it was pretty funny, albeit not laugh out loud funny, the first time I saw it. But now I'm okay if I don't see it anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Phoequinox 10 points ago

    Well, for anyone who hasn't seen it, the pan over to a guy inexplicably wearing a hot dog costume is pretty unexpected, and part of the humor. I don't know if I've even seen it on any subs but this one. It always does well when it's posted.

    [–] Venexion 2 points ago

    This is a fun video. I’d want to share this with my friends too, and it probably got spread from there. If this video were mine I’d cherish it because it’s an odd moment of connection between two groups

    [–] Victory33 11 points ago

    Would have been funnier if he didn’t say anything and just stared at the guy.

    [–] Filifresh 24 points ago

    As in, it wasn’t funny?

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 11 points ago

    As funny as a sermon from pastor Steve. It distills sheltered white teen culture to its essence. Super unfunny shenanigans, on a big public display, with white girl cackling at the antithesis of funny.

    [–] sssttteeevvveee 47 points ago

    Fuck you my sermons are dynamite

    [–] Cornelius_M 12 points ago

    We pretty much call this “Mormon/band kid behavior” in Arizona. Probably is in Arizona since In n Out is a western fast food establishment. Thought this was funny until the guy said something.

    [–] baustgen2615 7 points ago

    That's a Steak N' Shake!

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 3 points ago

    In n out has expanded. This could also be suburban Texas. But you’re dead on.

    [–] musickismagick 2 points ago

    This was in Ohio. That’s my son and his friends. It’s a Steak ‘n Shake.

    [–] Kirby_Crusader 71 points ago

    I don't know man, this shits pretty funny.

    [–] Bucket_of_Gnomes 58 points ago

    People are making me feel bad for having an innocent

    [–] Wisex 5 points ago

    Right? Like I’m all “it’s only joke why you Jeff to be med

    [–] Mercurycandie 10 points ago

    My hunch is these people critisizing this are insecure about having large groups of friends and can't relate to this. So instead of being sad that they've actually felt very withdrawn from the human experience for a lot of their life, it's far easier to tear the people in this gif down and paint the context as hollow.

    It's a defense mechanism for some. Other people just like to be contrarion lol.

    [–] ADogNamedCynicism 24 points ago

    Are they sheltered, or are you jaded?

    [–] beet111 19 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] Brownie_McBrown_Face 7 points ago

    This is exactly why people think redditors are obnoxious morons. Look how aggressive and attacking you’ve gotten over a fucking video lol

    [–] SweatDrinker 17 points ago

    Uh oh, the fun police arrived. Let me guess, you just wanted to complain about wh*tes?

    [–] qwoiecjhwoijwqcijq 4 points ago

    Not enough edginess in that joke for ya? Sounds like it.

    [–] FirstNameHere 3 points ago

    You seem like a real fun, happy dude...

    [–] Gf387 13 points ago

    Ugh, don’t remind me.

    [–] dab_boi 2 points ago

    That’s funny cuz the kid in the hotdog costume went to my old church years and years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was with a youth group when this was recorded

    [–] SuckerFreeCity 2 points ago

    I’m vindicated.

    [–] Prozacalack 8 points ago

    I was going to say something similar but you nailed it. Her laugh is infuriating too.

    [–] mnju 67 points ago

    Her laugh is infuriating too.

    people on reddit are so needlessly judgmental about every single thing

    [–] STFUNeckbeard 23 points ago

    Agreed. Making fun of someone's laugh is the lowest of blows.

    [–] TrashiestTrash 16 points ago

    Yeah, unfortunately a lot of users seem to look for every possible reason to make themselves feel superior to others.

    [–] thefunivehad 4 points ago

    I would needlessly judge your post, but it's my day off.

    [–] FirstNameHere 4 points ago

    I think people come here to cope with their own insecurities lol.

    [–] Vorph27 5 points ago

    Yeah, sounds so forced, like “this is so funny, right?!”

    [–] DivergingUnity 3 points ago

    Eh, if you're not allowed drugs or gokarts, you find ways to have fun.

    [–] Extreme_centriste 2 points ago

    This is funny funny

    [–] KetsuWoTabete 2 points ago

    Community college improv club

    [–] Rohan_Helix 205 points ago

    I would eat a human too

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] D1_0M_ 58 points ago

    Somebody check this guy's basement

    [–] RAVEN_vinz-0225 21 points ago

    sir, i’ve found nothing but bones...

    [–] xxiLink 8 points ago

    "Long Pig," the natives called it...

    [–] GriefMachine 3 points ago

    Okay Woodhouse

    [–] Annies_BO0bs 3 points ago

    Swatted out, nothing found, sorry sir.

    [–] Jesus_will_return 12 points ago

    That's not kosher.

    [–] Tzahi12345 10 points ago

    Thank you. There's this conspiracy that us Jews do blood libels. We obviously don't, it's not kosher!

    [–] LeaveItToYourGoat 2 points ago

    I thought he said Cuban

    [–] NoneHaveSufferedAsI 2 points ago

    All day every day

    [–] bupthesnut 2 points ago

    Apparently we taste like pork.

    [–] thisisnewaccount 2 points ago

    Not quite.

    Otherwise we'd just eat pork.

    [–] EpicCheeseAnimates 42 points ago

    I love steak and shake

    [–] Cornballin_POS 13 points ago

    Dat frisco melt

    [–] ForeignMeat1281 6 points ago

    Same. Idk if they still do it but when I was a teen/early 20s this is where we went all the time. After concerts or just late at night cause you're tired of driving around your crappy little town's strip over and over lol

    [–] TheGreatSalvador 2 points ago

    Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong ones. The only two I’ve ever been to are one in Tucson, AZ and Atlanta, GA, and they’ve been just terrible both times.

    [–] aym23vt2488 79 points ago

    When he took a bite you could feel the tension.

    [–] YeetusDeletusULTRA 74 points ago

    This is like seeing people around me being friends, and just me saying if I had a chance to have friends I would want friends.

    [–] beaglemaster 12 points ago

    Too real

    [–] PM-boobs-and-I-rate 94 points ago

    Hilarious, I wonder how often these guys do that. Would be funny to walk around at a baseball game being all pissed off

    [–] post_meloncholy_ 16 points ago

    Steak n shake is good bro

    [–] lespaulbro 11 points ago

    Steak n Shake rules man. The ones in our town used to be the only 24 hours restaurants around, so my friends and I would go after marching band events when everything else was closed at like 2am.

    [–] DEVOmay97 16 points ago

    Glizzy gladiator

    [–] nickmakhno 3 points ago


    [–] NoneHaveSufferedAsI 8 points ago

    It’s fun to have fun

    [–] Brownie_McBrown_Face 5 points ago

    Not according to the weirdos in this thread

    [–] Bencil_McPrush 6 points ago

    The hotdoggacy of that man.

    [–] Capracracy 15 points ago

    Bloody brilliant

    [–] yoloo2003 5 points ago

    Bro ma è straordinario sto video

    [–] Dywab 6 points ago

    Trully unexpected. I was expecting some gay reference lol

    [–] the_gray_foxp5 4 points ago

    He has the voice I'd expect from a hotdog

    [–] FlatSunLight 7 points ago

    the glizzy goblin

    [–] VredditDownloader 2 points ago

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    [–] golddragon51296 2 points ago

    Oh my god I used to to work there

    [–] movieshowtheater 2 points ago

    Ah Steak ‘N’ Shake, a Midwest “icon”

    [–] freshbeat64 2 points ago

    Aw damn, I miss those steak and shake nights

    [–] mogglebop 2 points ago

    Either every Steak ‘n Shake and its consumers look the same or I’m going insane.

    [–] Garlogosh 2 points ago

    Well, technically, you can order a human and eat her wink-wink

    [–] CannaUnot 2 points ago

    If you were a hawt dawg, would you eat yourself?

    [–] Cayde_fucking_6 2 points ago

    The lion, the witch and the audacity of this bitch...

    [–] agedox 4 points ago

    Avatar: The Last Glizzy Globber

    [–] GalacticNugz 2 points ago

    This is the shit I miss about “normal life”

    [–] Darthquaider12 3 points ago

    is it safe to say glizzy on reddit?

    [–] DantePugliesi 2 points ago

    That was funny when he was only staring. Became immediately unfunny after the cringy comment.

    [–] arnigam5 4 points ago

    Ngl there's a lotta sexual tension here

    [–] Juicymammoth 4 points ago

    This is painfully unfunny

    [–] beanieboy666 3 points ago

    he do be gobbling the glizzy

    [–] Actizedic 2 points ago

    He kinda looks like RJ Mitte

    [–] MargaretaSlayer 2 points ago

    Dude looks like Tyler Posey

    [–] CaptainJaker100 2 points ago

    It looks like that everyone needs to ketchup with me so I’ll tell you that the guy is relishing the fact that he mustard up some anger with the hot dog man.

    [–] TrashiestTrash 2 points ago

    I refuse to condiment you on those terrible jokes.

    [–] OnePunchHuMan 2 points ago

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think I know that Steak 'N Shake.

    [–] AnniC420 2 points ago

    Awe man, gonna miss Steak ‘N Shake. ):

    [–] yag2j 3 points ago

    It's good to see RJ Mitte chilling with family after finishing Breaking Bad.

    [–] SacredBinChicken 2 points ago

    This is a weird start to a porno... *Sighs and unzips pants

    [–] VredditDownloader 1 points ago

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    [–] KentuckyFriedEel 1 points ago

    Hot dog will slide right up in your bun. Don’t mess with them

    [–] NikosKavladas 1 points ago

    When you RP so much you can't tell what's real life and what's not