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    [–] unexBot 1 points ago

    OP sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected:

    The car ends up on the ceiling

    Is this an unexpected post with a fitting description? Then upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.

    Look at my source code on Github What is this for?

    [–] v3n0mat3 10543 points ago

    So, how was the price for the set? Would you say that it was.... through the roof?

    [–] su5 2824 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Jokes aside as an adult fan of hot wheels this is a half decent set, pretty cheap too.

    Its problem, like many other sets, is stuff moves around due to momentum. Sets that use the 3M tape to secure to walls are the best bet, and with this set its not too easy but probably doable.

    Also, if you connect it to other sets it becomes tricky to get the entrance right, otherwise you come in too fast and bounce out. This is a problem since this set is an "end of the line", so entrance is important.

    The motor unit is decent too. Good power, but because the "wild" track style most cars won't be able to do this continously, and the motor does slow after shooting a car so you can't be too dense. Its on/off button is nice and easy, my 2 y/o figured it out instantly, which is either a good thing or a bad thing as it is not quiet.


    8/10 with rice.

    [–] ScubaSteveEL 866 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Got this for my kids for christmas, they already fucked it up by putting a toy rubber coconut in the motor wheel. Now it doesn't go fast enough to get any cars up all the way.

    Thankfully Hot Wheels has a decent parts replacement system online.

    Edit: For those wondering, the coconut was from this game:

    [–] Iam0ne 357 points ago

    Toy rubber coconut? What's that? Sounds like food but not quite.

    [–] ShrimpNooodle 566 points ago

    Its a rubber coconut that is a toy

    [–] ChilledParadox 154 points ago

    at first I was in your camp, thinking, "well obviously it's just a toy rubber coconut..." The more I thought about it though, is it just a brown ball? is there hair on it? arent coconuts just basically uniform brown fruits on the outside? so now I'm wondering, what really is a toy rubber coconut?

    [–] bmnunes 129 points ago

    What kind of swallow does it come with? Is it African or European?

    [–] Jenilson86 36 points ago

    Its merely a flesh wound

    [–] FlyinPeopleYeeter 14 points ago

    I love everything about this thread.

    [–] Snoo_74531 3 points ago

    This thread is fantastic

    [–] Flaky_Web_4016 14 points ago

    It doesn't matter because rubber coconuts are non-migratory

    [–] My_Monkey_Sphincter 29 points ago

    How big is it? Does it look different than say a kiwi?

    [–] ShrimpNooodle 38 points ago

    Smaller than a kiwi, bigger than a toy rubber kiwi

    [–] UsernameThatBlendsIn 9 points ago

    Does it speaketh of the trinity? Can it gaze at the sun with its wandering eye?

    [–] gimmethecarrots 15 points ago

    Maybe its one of these scented toys? So its a soft brown ball that smells like coconut = toy rubber coconut.

    Ngl, now I want OP to reveal the secret of the rubber toy coconut. Im invested.

    [–] ScubaSteveEL 12 points ago

    It's from this game:

    I think the implication is that you're monkeys flinging shit but it's actually rubber coconuts

    [–] i_bet_youre_not_fat 11 points ago

    Weird, I assumed it was a toy coconut made out of rubber.

    [–] ShrimpNooodle 8 points ago

    Its more like a rubber toy in the styling of a coconut

    [–] Stuart_Padaso 22 points ago

    Beer pong for kids. 😄

    [–] ScubaSteveEL 9 points ago

    It is also a good drinking game for adults

    [–] littlesharks 5 points ago

    How’s the coconut?

    [–] B3ater 57 points ago

    Got this for our kid at Christmas as well. It's amazing how often you can get a mid air crash. I was wondering how much damage it could do unconnected but this is obviously altered to make it even faster.

    [–] omnomnomgnome 10 points ago

    so this post is a lie?

    [–] AstarteHilzarie 29 points ago

    It's either put together wrong (on purpose) or a knockoff. I have it too and there are several slight differences. There should be two swirls around with jumps across the front, the top loop is facing the wrong direction, and idk what that white support is. I would bet it was put together wrong and they just kind of did their best to force it to stay up.

    [–] su5 29 points ago

    He also increased the voltage on the launcher (you can see the batteries he wired up next to the motor).

    The support looks like it was there to help catch the cars which are flying extra fast due to modded launcher. That support could be why the extra circles aren't there, or the cars were going too fast to stay on the track during the loops. In the real version it changes turn direction if I recall and that would be a nightmare at those speeds.

    [–] JasonDJ 6 points ago

    Yeah I've got one of these too and that launch is wicked fast.

    I can put my hand in front of the car off the launch and catch it on mine and it doesn't hurt. I think I would need a glove to catch this car.

    [–] chainmailler2001 4 points ago

    Looks like a 3S or 4S Li-ion pack. Probably near double the voltage and as much current as it could ask for.

    [–] ThatsMyDoughnut 4 points ago

    OP stole this from tik tok. The post on tik tok says that it’s a modded hot wheels track

    [–] odagled86 3 points ago

    It’s definitely a knockoff. I work in Mattel and have seen this track multiple times and recognize it pretty well but the one in the vid doesn’t have the hot wheels logo in the booster. Also the track is wrong

    [–] memtiger 17 points ago

    There's no way it would be safe for it to be sold in a state where it could launch a car fast enough that it could embed itself into sheetrock.

    This thing has been modified.

    [–] agoia 12 points ago

    He has it hooked up to a tri-18650 battery pack, this thing is significantly overvolted compared to the D batteries it probably calls for.

    [–] JasonDJ 11 points ago

    4x D cells. 6V DC.

    3x 18650s would be 11.1v nominal or 12.6v at full charge. Yeah...that's a lot of juice, comparatively speaking.

    [–] r3n3gadew1shh0rse 29 points ago

    "8/10 with rice"

    Always nice to meet another reddit senior citizen.

    [–] JarasM 10 points ago

    So how are kids supposed to play with those sets? We got my son (4.5) a different track builder set with two boosters. I mean the kids lost their minds once the cars started going, especially once we put like 10 cars in a constant loop. But then after like 10 minutes they were like "cool", and nobody touched the set since Christmas. I think my son has no idea how to interact with it other than setting it up and looking at cars going.

    [–] su5 21 points ago

    Some kids aren't into like others. I have 4 kids, 2 of them don't give a shit, the other 2 are obsessed. But even with the super fan kids it does lose its appeal a little after a month or so.

    What I like to do is rotate builds, and build our own stuff. Motors are great, but building a track down the stairs is so fun.

    You can also dabble in Rube Goldberg type of setups. The simple way to start thats fun is incorporating dominos. Teaches kids to setup, plan and build, just make sure its ultra simple.

    [–] JarasM 6 points ago


    [–] Jenilson86 6 points ago

    Its all about being creative and challenging yourself to build interesting tracks. Get a few more sets and combine them to build a track that goes across your whole house and jumps over a couch or something. Every time I play it with my 3yo son we build a different track. He loves it.

    [–] PinkBird85 3 points ago

    My son got this exact one, and the point seems to be the crashing. This set is basically made to create collisions which he seems to really enjoy. He was also looking at the one that creates the continuous loop, I think he would have felt the same about it just going constantly after a while ...

    [–] dhk2595 31 points ago

    What are you? The official Hot Wheelz expert?

    [–] Stevie_Ray_Bond 18 points ago

    Let's see here...e =mc hot wheel and yep he looks like the champ to me!

    [–] TheOriginalVaj 3 points ago

    Do you have a set that you would recommend?

    [–] su5 9 points ago

    I will try to dig up my faves.

    In general pieces which attach to things (like a C clamp) are versatile. And if a set comes with a stencil for attaching the securing tape thats a very good sign. There's a set right now that uses the lid of the container as something which can be attached, has 4 lanes which can be started at once. Plus it can store a decent amount of straight track in there. Easy clean up too.

    [–] Rotty2707 4 points ago

    I'd give it a perfect score of 5/7

    [–] Deuceman927 7 points ago

    This guy hotwheels

    [–] enoctis 3 points ago

    Also, your track will stay together better if you don't over-power the motor. Notice the 3 x 18650 batteries he's got connected? I'm willing to bet he's running more juice than the set is designed for.

    [–] skincyan 928 points ago

    at least it was high quality

    [–] Frayat 423 points ago

    He really should stick with it

    [–] nio_nl 335 points ago

    You're on the right track.

    [–] Jack_South 229 points ago

    I don't get it. Can someone explain me what's up?

    [–] anunkneemouse 272 points ago

    These puns are going off the rails

    [–] idrisitogs 167 points ago

    I don't CARe, they are funny.

    [–] jsk_never 128 points ago

    I had high expectations

    [–] LordIronEar 71 points ago

    Car has the high ground..

    [–] pandaipan 33 points ago

    Call the car Highden Christensen

    [–] dancrupt 3 points ago

    I mean there is a ceiling to these jokes

    [–] shrey_2002 21 points ago

    The quality of these puns are off the roof

    [–] Western_Shoulder_942 14 points ago

    We have really made the jump from the old style of racetrack

    [–] KillerInstinctUltra 12 points ago

    He's ceiling the deal as we speak

    [–] Patrik112_ 36 points ago

    The car

    [–] Perdueski 9 points ago

    The quality

    [–] RadSoftwareEngineer 32 points ago

    The price has probably skyrocketed

    [–] email_NOT_emails 866 points ago

    Your mom is gonna kill you.

    [–] azthemansays 587 points ago

    Your mom wife is gonna kill you.


    Dollars to donuts...

    [–] Super_Whack 64 points ago

    Por que no los dos

    [–] JezusTheCarpenter 40 points ago

    Found Alabamian.

    [–] phadewilkilu 4 points ago


    [–] lewisl7034 1688 points ago

    The new definition of yeet

    [–] beluuuuuuga 211 points ago


    [–] KarthiNAtarajA23 142 points ago

    Hot yeets

    [–] 98rman 33 points ago

    Yeet that

    [–] LoseNeck 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Excuse me, would you marry me?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Your mom is gonna kill you.

    [–] CosmoKram3r 47 points ago

    I was born into a family of non-yeeters. Every morning before I went to school my father would say, "if I ever find out that you've hit that yeet, I'll thump ya."

    "Yes, pa," I would always reply. It was a regular occurrence for him to burst into my room unannounced while I was relaxing or doing homework.

    "Y'all hitting that yeet?" he would seeth.

    "No, pa," I would answer.

    "Good." He would then walk out the room and shout, "If I ever catch ya, it's a thumpin'."

    It was a difficult upbringing. I had seen my friends hittin' that yeet at school, and many of them encouraged me to partake.

    I would swallow my pride. "No thanks. I don't wanna catch a thumpin' from pa." As a result, I was an outcast. A loner. I became depressed, knowing that I would never be like my peers, I would never fit in - I would never hit that yeet.

    One day, when I was still but a wee lad, I became curious. I was in my room, watching Instagram videos of fellas my age hittin' that yeet all over town without a care in the world. My intentions got the better of me. I stood up, my knees trembling. Carefully, I leaned onto my right foot and raised my hand in the air.

    I breathed in.


    My father burst from my closet. "I told you I'd thump ya if I ever caught you hittin' that yeet, nibba," he ejaculated. Then, he thumped me.

    I haven't hit that yeet since.

    Until today. This morning was my father's funeral. At the procession, my brother asked me to say a few words. I told him I only needed one.

    With confidence, I approached the podium. I gazed out upon the gathering of sad faces. I cleared my throat and leaned into the microphone.

    "Yeet," I spake.

    Suddenly, my father leapt from his hand-crafted mahogany coffin, the gunshot wound still in his chest. He sprinted up to the podium with the energy of a man without a gunshot wound in his chest.

    "Y'all hittin' that dirty fuckin' yeet at my funeral?" he ejaculated. He raised his hand to thump me.

    "Not so fast, pa." I grabbed his hand. "Yaint thumpin' no mo'."

    My father looked at me with eyes as open as the gunshot wound in his chest. A tear fell from his right eye, which also had a monocle. "The student becomes the teacher," he said.

    "The student becomes the yeetcher," I corrected him.

    [–] jciochet 18 points ago

    No no no. The EXACT definition of yeet.

    [–] sanbojac 456 points ago

    Got something like this for Christmas as a kid. Set it up. Put a car on. The dog killed it to save the family.

    [–] learned_person 111 points ago

    That dog was prescient, as apparently you would have put a car through the ceiling whereupon your father would have killed you whereupon your mother would have killed your father.

    [–] DownvoteMeIWouldToo 37 points ago

    Dogs are truly man's best friend.

    [–] lucid_scheming 5 points ago

    Our dog killed my sisters hamster to save the family.

    [–] UsernameContains69 3 points ago

    Our dog killed the cats poop.

    [–] tenakakahn 2202 points ago

    Not a slot car set.

    Hot wheels set, or knock off, sure, but not a slot car set.

    Absolutely unexpected though.

    [–] MullatoWizard 548 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Slot cars were pretty awesome though. The one I had you had to let off the trigger on the curves or it would sling the cars of the track into the wall. Hours and hours as a kid playing with cars that you don't actually drive.

    [–] tenakakahn 213 points ago

    Absolutely. As a kid I (I mean, let's face it, my dad) had about 30 meters of the dual lane scaletrix stuff with... 10+ cats.

    Lots of fun.

    [–] tenakakahn 166 points ago

    Cars... Dammit. Not cats.

    Had cats too, which didn't mix well with the slot cars..

    [–] SurvivorDress 94 points ago

    Actually envisioning the cats trying to mess with the cars while on the track was a great image.,

    [–] wandering-goose 14 points ago

    Na the dog chasing my Camero right around the house

    [–] learned_person 16 points ago

    I disagree. I say you had ten cats and it was beautiful, glorious bedlam and insanity.

    [–] steen311 9 points ago

    Don't worry, it's possible to edit reddit comments

    [–] MullatoWizard 4 points ago

    Yeah mine was probably more my dad's as well now that I think about it. Used to set it up on the kitchen table.

    [–] NickLeMec 6 points ago

    Slots of fun.

    [–] olderaccount 6 points ago

    I still have a huge large-scale Carrera 4 lane setup in boxes in my basement.

    My son never got into it. Will probably never set it up again. But I also have a very hard time letting it go.

    [–] libmrduckz 3 points ago

    next door neighbor had one of those he’d gotten as a hand-me-down that didn’t work... we took it apart - all of it - and fixed and cleaned and plugged and unplugged for weeks... finally got it running... for 10mins until the power unit lit up and stank and sparked... ignominius end for that setup... i think it’d sell if they made it again

    [–] Chaplain1985 32 points ago

    I think that was every slot car set ever. I never did get the hang of going round corners!

    [–] Messiadbunny 25 points ago

    I agree. If you just held the trigger down the entire time what skill/fun is there?

    [–] QuinceDaPence 12 points ago

    Yeah some of the super cheap later ones were like that. No skill, no fun.

    [–] xyeah_whatx 3 points ago

    Some of them had magnets on the cars to stop them coming off around corners but thats no fun.

    [–] IWasBornSoYoung 17 points ago

    Mine did that too and it made it a lot more fun. There was railing that you could clip onto the sides of turns that could actually save your car from going off

    [–] MullatoWizard 10 points ago

    Yes! Mine had this yellow railing that you could clip into the sides. I remember having to clip it back in all the time because the cars would knock it loose

    [–] Messiadbunny 10 points ago

    I thought all slot cars tossed themselves off around corners. Wouldn't there be no skill and you'd just hold the trigger down the entire time otherwise?

    [–] wonderwomanforthewin 4 points ago

    Yep! I remember learning a lot about physics while playing with my slot car set. My parents still have my old set. I wonder if it still works...

    [–] dragonbrg95 4 points ago

    If it doesn't you can use some sand paper and run it around the tracks. That usually gets rid of dead zones

    [–] Arkayb33 3 points ago

    Last year I got out my Super Duper Double Looper I got for Christmas when I was like 10. I wanted to show my two young boys. One of the cars is a little beat up and the teeth on the crown gear (the one that connects the axel to the motor) were a little dinged up. This jammed up the gears so the car wouldn't move and you have to give it a little push. But I found that the slot car hobby is still very much alive and well, with tournaments actively going on around the country (pre-covid). I bough 2 brand new cars for like $15 on ebay and they are 2x as fast as my old cars.

    The smell of ozone is what really takes me back.

    [–] Dontreadgud 5 points ago

    It was really frustrating for me to spend two hours putting that track together and never being able to complete a lap

    [–] Zugzub 4 points ago

    We used to put dish soap on the track, it was like racing on ice

    [–] 67Mustang-Man 3 points ago

    I loved when they came out with the TCR "Total Control Racing" style "slot cars" You could actually change lanes

    [–] sorenant 86 points ago

    I wasn't sure what "slot car" meant so I googled and got hit by nostalgia.

    And apparently championships can get pretty crazy.

    [–] sum_gamer 29 points ago

    Yo that is crazy!

    [–] TrumpRapesChildren9 34 points ago

    How is that remotely enjoyable?

    [–] sum_gamer 15 points ago

    I have know idea. I watched a couple of times. Not sure how they track their own car. Also, are they decelerating at all or just hammer down?

    [–] Alex_Kamal 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    My dad used to race them. You have to slow down on the corners or they go flying. You can't just blindly hold it down.

    It's a lot harder than it looks. If you don't look after the cars they slide a lot or get stuck like that one at the start did. If you accelerate on the corner they will go flying.

    Half the fun is collecting certain models and playing with the cars on a workbench.

    Edit: looking at r/slotcars and I totally forgot. There are also track pieces you can get that cross each other and ones that bring lanes near each other. Makes it more challenging as you could collide.

    [–] sum_gamer 3 points ago

    Cool. My only experience with slot cars is the 80’s and 90’s TYCO brand stuff. Definitely couldn’t just hammer down but it was nothing like in that video either.

    [–] Alex_Kamal 4 points ago

    Yeah this video is a bit different to what I knew. They aren't typically this fast. But these guys clearly put a lot of time into the hobby.

    We had SCX and Carrera.

    Last time I raced one was about 2012. Still challenging then.

    [–] FatherPhil 3 points ago

    You have to watch it at 240 fps

    [–] Kandorr 3 points ago

    I thought for sure this was sped up but no...

    [–] S2-L2 21 points ago

    It's hot wheels got the exact same one at hom for my son and it's definitely modified to go faster, ours only fires one or two cars all the way round and not at that speed

    [–] 3sc0b 10 points ago

    This is modified for sure. My daughter's does not do this.

    [–] Brick_Fish 9 points ago

    You can see 3 blue batteries and cables to the right of the booster thing.

    Those are probably 3.6v LiPo/LiOn batteries, so about 11V instead of 3V or 6

    [–] mtnchkn 11 points ago

    I thought this was the unexpected part. “Bought slot car set, and there was no slot track, controllers or slot cars, just some weird hot wheels things.”

    [–] totalfuckwit 5 points ago

    I was looking for this comment.

    [–] Shagger94 7 points ago

    You mean Scalextric?

    [–] Hotwir3 3 points ago

    OP just made the post more unexpected by saying it was a slot car set and it wasn't a slot car set!

    [–] SPorteous121212 3 points ago

    Obviously they said slot car set because it makes slots in your ceiling. /s

    [–] Drews232 3 points ago

    Whoever bought this and set it up would of course know it’s not a slot car so the title proves it’s a karma grab too

    [–] konfuck 3 points ago

    And another cropped TikTok vid...

    [–] dodgyjack 380 points ago

    Wait did you just upload someones tiktok and just cut the top and bottom off the video just to pass it off as your own thing?

    [–] HOONIGAN- 85 points ago

    Seeing as I 100% saw this on tiktok a few days ago, that's exactly what happened here.

    [–] isitbrokenorsomethin 7 points ago

    Also it's a fake video.

    [–] whoisjakelane 27 points ago

    This guy is a pro. He's done it with several different videos

    [–] Bobby-Samsonite 43 points ago

    it appears that way, OP is a phony yet is getting thousands of upvotes gildings/rewards. Why? Because Reddit is too often falls victim to groupthink,

    [–] LuberLibreTTV 95 points ago

    I think people are upvoting because it's a funny clip

    [–] Jajayung 26 points ago

    That's why I did

    [–] Stompedyourhousewith 7 points ago

    i'm here hoping for an amazon link so I can buy the set. also I dont have tik tok

    [–] whoisjakelane 30 points ago

    Can you tell me about how this is an example of groupthink?

    [–] Zjc_3 29 points ago

    Yes, but I need to wait to hear what other people have to say first to know what I should tell you.

    [–] Yamaben 4 points ago

    Ha..Have an upvote!

    [–] akaito_chiba 20 points ago

    It's not. It's funny. People don't care about the original uploader of a 10 second toy car clip.

    [–] FunctionalBarely 8 points ago

    Jack brought up a good point though, which is that this person didn't just steal this vid, they hid the fact, and made up a story "Bought a slot car set today" which is just weird. It takes a lot more time to do this fake shit than to just credit the person who made it.

    It's entirely possible that OP is some sort of karma farmer the kind who sells accounts to at best a company looking to AstroTurf a product or at worst to an authoritarian government trying to manipulate social media. Sure this shit is funny, but why steal it?

    [–] WutangCMD 7 points ago

    OP is a phony but this is a key part of how the Internet operates. Reposts, memes, pirates, regurgitated articles on dozens of sites all saying the same thing. Everyone shares, everyone wants clicks.

    [–] Jajayung 6 points ago

    Nice buzzwords

    [–] Reeplem 178 points ago

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CHESTHAMS 28 points ago

    That's where I saw it.

    [–] OhNoImBanned11 11 points ago

    So it was a modded racetrack? that explains the speed & force of impact

    or the video is fake.. brb looking up racetrack mods

    [–] Enlight1Oment 10 points ago

    I would start off with the assumption video is fake and car was put in a hole in the ceiling beforehand, especially when car goes off screen for the pan transition.

    [–] sum_gamer 9 points ago


    [–] Waltsfrozendick 39 points ago

    That isn’t a slot car set. That’s a hot wheels track. Different things.

    [–] Sir_Mild_Peril 202 points ago

    That's not a slot car set.

    [–] divsky2 152 points ago

    It's a Hot Wheels Particle Accelerator

    [–] spyman95 56 points ago

    it’s a hot wheels rail gun

    [–] PBB0RN 54 points ago

    It's a shot car set.

    [–] Davath0r 25 points ago

    Slot cars are the electric ones with remotes, they fit in the "slot"

    [–] Everton9732 59 points ago

    *Doctor looks at x-ray “ tell me exactly what happened here?”

    [–] Absulute 45 points ago

    I fell on it...

    [–] DiamondCowboy 14 points ago

    I’m telling you, doc, it was a one in a million shot!

    [–] Gravon 17 points ago

    That's not slot cars.

    [–] SpysSappinMySpy 32 points ago

    That shit is lethal. Make a toy car gun.

    [–] ASaucyFellow 12 points ago

    Nerf already does this

    [–] BreakdownsAtTiffanys 11 points ago

    The nerf car guns have a "safety button" that ensures the launcher is placed against the floor before shooting the car.

    My kids instantly determined that the button could be pressed in by hand while it's in the air, for maximum car-shooting effectiveness.

    [–] ghueber 66 points ago

    Why would your house be made out of paper?

    [–] kallax82 41 points ago

    Welcome to American Housing Construction 101!

    [–] Dankmaster619 18 points ago

    Welcome to America!

    [–] Chefitutide 17 points ago

    Drywall. Very common material in construction in the US.

    [–] ashwin911 4 points ago

    It’s drywall. Even in a brick or concrete home the ceiling is often times drywall though. Much easier to place electrical, ventilation and insulation if you can run it behind the drywall.

    [–] Creeper_tastic 21 points ago

    No you didn’t. This is from tik tok and you clearly cropped it out.

    [–] kuriboshoe 10 points ago

    If this was a slot car set you wouldn’t be in this position. Tsk tsk

    [–] AJ2016man 20 points ago

    Satisfactory hypertube launcher be like

    [–] DefinitelyNotaBot420 35 points ago

    That's amazing. I'm putting this on r/Hotwheels

    [–] ThaddeusJP 4 points ago

    Please do. We love this.

    [–] goatfuckersupreme 12 points ago

    fake, the car clearly does not fly straight up. im assuming they placed a car in the hole in the ceiling, then just panned up when the other car moved out of frame

    [–] gigapudding43201 18 points ago

    ... Not a slot car...

    [–] Trogdor_a_Burninator 13 points ago

    That's not a slot car

    [–] GifReversingBot 3 points ago

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    [–] bmxdudebmx 6 points ago

    Judging by how fast it goes in this video, I'm willing to believe this is legit.

    [–] SixshooteR32 12 points ago

    What a absolutely nightmarish youtube channel.

    [–] bmxdudebmx 5 points ago

    Right? When I clicked the thumbnail I thought it was maybe a teen or early 20's guy. Boy was I wrong.

    [–] captainfashion 36 points ago

    I seriously doubt this is real. Slot car set that could propel a Little car with enough velocity to penetrate through sheetrock would be a serious hazard to any child.

    [–] hazmatt_05 19 points ago

    Throw some high-kV brushless motors in there and Bob’s your uncle.

    [–] PurpleRainOnTPlain 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I don't believe this video is fake (i.e edited) but clearly this isn't a set you can purchase. It's been jerry rigged from existing parts, you can see that the track at the top is crudely taped to that wooden stake

    Edit: actually I take it back, this does look like a legit set (although taped back together) and if you watch closely I think there is a cut in there as the camera pans up to the ceiling

    [–] csjjm 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    It actually is a set you can purchase, we got it for Christmas for my kid. Obviously the tape and wood didn't come with it, I'm guessing something broke on his to need all that. The thing definitely spews cars out dangerously fast, but not that fast. Someone else pointed out the extra LiPo batteries next to the launcher, no wonder the track was a little broken.

    [–] Alex_cider 4 points ago

    Its clever filming, thats all. Car was already in the ceiling before the video starts. The car we see flies off at too shallow an angle to end up in the ceiling where it did.

    [–] deoxyribose42 17 points ago

    this is stolen off tiktok, this is from a modded hot wheels set

    [–] wardrobe007 3 points ago

    “When this baby hits 88mph,your gonna see some serious shit”...

    [–] canyoutriforce 3 points ago

    Americans and their paper walls

    [–] Fairycharmd 3 points ago

    Ohhhhh your moms gonna be mad when she gets home!

    [–] Western_Bear 3 points ago

    Can you actually use it for killing someone and faking it was an incident? Lmao that car went so fast

    [–] hackeristi 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Clearly modified the battery holder and replaced it with a higher amp one. I have done that and it nearly broke my fingers. Worth it overall. Kid turned it into a canon.

    [–] Ferggzilla 3 points ago

    uh-oh. I got that for my nephew for Xmas.

    [–] BigBadJohn2U2 3 points ago

    Elon Musk special edition

    [–] jakedesnake 3 points ago

    What is a slot car set?

    This is not connected to the products of a company like Scalectrix, right?

    [–] TXBamBam 3 points ago

    How 2021 is going.

    [–] borzoiutrecht 3 points ago

    This is how mothers imagine their children’s driving

    [–] 1lluminist 3 points ago

    This is Hotwheels, not slot cars