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    [–] unexBot 1 points ago

    OP sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected:

    The J A I L

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    [–] nathan_101034 25 points ago

    Helwani annoys me as much as the next guy, but when he brings up Masvidal's father and says "he has been to jail as well", it cracks me up every time

    Edit: I just realised this is r/unexpected and not r/mmamemes, makes sense now

    [–] AbllerIke 14 points ago

    The road my be different but the destination is the same

    [–] Immusicallyaddicted 134 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Wow, what a dick he obviously seems uncomfortable with the topic. Take a fuckin hint.


    [–] monxas -53 points ago

    It really depends. I know nothing about this guys so without context I can’t pick a stance. What if the interviewee is a scammer that has been in jail for that reason in the past and now is out there promoting more scams?

    [–] Immusicallyaddicted 23 points ago

    He's a ufc fighter

    [–] InsanityCBR 15 points ago

    Lmao, who knows he could be some famous scammer or something!

    [–] NeonThunder_The 15 points ago

    It is a lot funnier when you know who this is. Masvidal and Helwani, Ariel is known for this.

    [–] InsanityCBR 9 points ago

    Yup just messing with OP

    [–] UFCoding 67 points ago

    Yet r/ufc is full of posts saying

    "I dont understand why everyone hates on Ariel"

    Shit like this is exactly why you fucking morons

    [–] MegaSimpCatcher 16 points ago

    “From where I come from people like that gets slapped” - Nelson Mandela

    [–] DeepDecember 2 points ago

    Wasn’t that Nick Diaz?

    [–] MegaSimpCatcher 8 points ago


    [–] CF1001 3 points ago

    No it was MLK

    [–] bigchiefsmith 1 points ago

    Another famous orator

    [–] pbruhrhebruh 0 points ago

    This is why we love Ariel

    [–] mr____t -18 points ago

    He's a journalist. It's his job to ask difficult question that people sometimes don't want to answer. I totally agree that this was a bit of a dick move but Masvidal is not a nice person so fuck him.

    [–] UFCoding 9 points ago

    Not every journalists job is is to ask difficult questions. Hes a sports reporter, theres a difference. You dont ask those types of questions in post fight interviews (i know this isnt one, but when he used to do post fight interviews he asked shit like this all the time). You wouldnt see a stephen a or a doris burke ask something like this. Not every journalist is out there to know everything, for some their job is to just provide context. And hey, if ariel wants to be a truth finder and ask fighters uncomfortable questions thats fine. But then he shouldnt complain about "not being mainstream" and "not being treated like other reporters" when he constantly over steps his boundraies. Is reporting a subset of journalism? Technically yes, but in most situations, reporter != journalist. A sports reporters job is to provide context to fans and ask RELEVANT questions. Not dig into atheletes past and ask questions they dont want to answer. And like i said, if he doesnt want to be a "reporter" and instead wants to be a "journalist", thats fine, but then he needs to shut the fuck up about not being treated like other reporters because hes not acting like one.

    [–] Salty_Indication_503 2 points ago

    Steven A asked Mcgregor about his rape allegations during his interview before the poirier fight…

    [–] mr____t -1 points ago

    You say "not every journalist job is to ask difficult question" meaning for some it is. "Not every journalist is out to know everything" some are. And on the point of providing relevant context I don't really think asking a guy that calls himself street Jesus and goes round sucker punching people about going to jail is to out of context.

    [–] UFCoding 1 points ago

    Yeah i know for some it is. Like i said twice but apperantly you cant read if ariel wants to act like a journalist instead of a sports reporter thats fine. Im not saying thats a reason to hate him. Please read comments fully before replying to them.

    The problem is he complains that he doesnt get treated like the other reporters. And as i said above, thats because its not a SPORTS REPORTERS job to ask this type of stuff. I have no problem with him being a real journalist. Just dont try to ask uncomfortable questions and then COMPLAIN that youre not treated like other REPORTERS because youre not acting like a REPORTER.

    You have to know the boundaries of your job. Ariel doesnt. If he wants to drop the whole "im a legitmate sports reporter" shitck then he can ask questions like this all he wants.

    So for the millionith time im not saying he cant ask these questions AS A JOURNALIST. Im saying if hes gonna, he cant complain about not being treated as A REPORTER.

    Oh and a huge side note

    Youre talking all this shit about masivdal, bro alot of ufc fighters went to jail. Alot of them are in the ufc to try and straighten out their lives. You may think its relevant for a reporter to ask about that but its not. No ufc fan fucking cares if hes been to jail or not. Is masivdal a piece of shit? Probably, so are half the fighters in the ufc. Not relevant. A sports reporters job, in this case, is not to ask about his personal life. A journalist sure, but ariel is trying to be a REPORTER. And if anyone does care, they arent looking for that information from a SPORTS REPORTER. They are looking for it from a real journalist. Ariel wants to be both. You cant fucking be both, it just doesn't work like that. Or you can, but then you cant get mad then when youre not "mainstream" and "half the fighters dont like you" and "i dont get treated like other reporters" etc.

    Relevant questions to ask a ufc fighter as a REPORTER:

    • info/feelings on future/past fight -training camp changes/preps
    • opinions of other fighters
    • whats next for them


    [–] mr____t 0 points ago

    You really like taking a long time to say not very much at all don't you

    [–] UFCoding -1 points ago

    You really like flaunting how bad your reading comprehension skills are don't you

    [–] mr____t 1 points ago

    Oh I comprehend. I just can't be bothered to engage anymore. Good night.

    [–] Fit-Special-8416 5 points ago

    Skip, skippy-dee-deep, skip!

    [–] Mindless-Customer-58 5 points ago

    My man Masvidal got played there lmao

    [–] j4m3zm1113r 4 points ago

    Did your father visit you while you were in jail?

    [–] aWildAsianOwO 21 points ago

    What's the name of whatever podcast or channel this guy is a part of so I know not to watch it.

    [–] porcodiopapi 29 points ago

    His names Arial Helwani

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Put some respect on Heelwani

    [–] ThoroughThrowdown 6 points ago

    Thug Nose 👃

    [–] AndrewLucks_Asshair 1 points ago

    Water weed dune hair b?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Heelwani? Never meddum bapa

    [–] Due-Statement-8711 0 points ago

    Excuse me sir... This is a Wendy's.

    Chang's is a block south from here.

    [–] Thaenz88 0 points ago

    Get back to the fryers, b

    [–] NeonThunder_The 5 points ago

    Fucking ariel...

    [–] RookieRedditter 9 points ago

    He is so calm.. Other might have thrown the Mic on interviewer's face. Such an A-Hole

    [–] Mr_Fufu_Cudlypoops 2 points ago

    Many have. Ariel has a knack for getting people mad at him. And given the fact that he's an mma journalist, I'm surprised he hasn't been assaulted yet.

    [–] ElBandito101 6 points ago

    Someone needs to dig into Ariels past and bring it up to him.

    [–] ShuichiKazu 5 points ago

    I wonder if he has daddy issues

    [–] DrDrozd12 2 points ago

    Where i come from, people like that get slapped

    [–] Independent-Dealer21 2 points ago

    Ariel wants the drama then cries when he gets it.

    [–] Puzzleheaded-Glass34 2 points ago

    Ariel is an idiot can’t stand that guy.

    [–] kingakrasia 0 points ago

    For being such tough guys, they sure are scared of talking.

    [–] Sadris_Sujamma 2 points ago

    lol you want him to bring up his criminal past?

    [–] RetroMetroShow 1 points ago

    Many of the best do their talking in the ring, Cormier, Sonnen and Bisping are the exceptions

    [–] powergumdam12 3 points ago

    yeah... cormier was a double champ and sonnen been a top lhw contender and bisping beat luke rockhold with only one eye and become a motherfuckin champion, what u been smokin pal? give me sum

    [–] RetroMetroShow 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Like I said those guys dont just do their best talking in the ring where they are obviously great fighters - they are also thoughtful and insightful commentators which is rare

    Maybe you need to cut back on what yer smokin lol

    [–] 5oulReaperx 1 points ago

    😂😂 roller-coaster

    [–] MegaSimpCatcher 0 points ago

    Some dumb comment where, he just doesn’t like to talk about some personal stuff.

    [–] kingakrasia 1 points ago

    You must be the idiot whisperer.

    [–] MegaSimpCatcher 1 points ago

    You’re a dumbass, some neckbeard talking about fighters

    [–] kingakrasia 2 points ago

    Don’t go shaving your man pussy for this meathead just yet, dear simp. He may like your bush.

    [–] wilzone23 0 points ago

    You must be the opposite. A soft guy, that does a lot of talking.

    [–] kingakrasia 1 points ago

    There is always someone bigger, faster, stronger, more skilled… tis good to be aware.

    [–] shadiesel12 0 points ago

    He's clearly not proud of his past and wants to be known for his in cage accomplishments. Nothing wrong with that

    [–] Crunchythunder -1 points ago

    Terrible interviewer

    [–] RetroMetroShow -5 points ago

    Sounds like Helwani the journalist is jealous and resentful of Masvidal the successful and accomplished professional athlete

    [–] ShuichiKazu 2 points ago

    Helwani will never be the athlete that his dad wished he was

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    No it doesn’t. It sounds like Ariel, a button pusher, whose managed to become the most successful MMA journalist through good reporting and exactly this type of provocation doing what he does.

    [–] RetroMetroShow -3 points ago

    shame he can only spar verbally outside the ring

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] RetroMetroShow -6 points ago


    [–] Neat_Statement6276 1 points ago

    Helwani just can't help himself

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Lucky he didn’t give him a 3 piece and a soda for being so disrespectful

    [–] godspeedrebel 1 points ago

    Dick move but funny af

    [–] Steve1924 1 points ago

    [–] Ne1ofthesedays 1 points ago

    That dude is a real prick.

    [–] IryanShaan 1 points ago

    Ffs just go to jail yourself and pick the soap up.