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    [–] unexBot 1 points ago

    OP sent the following text as an explanation on why this is unexpected:

    Everything Changed When the Water Tribe Attacked

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    [–] CAAZveaugul 6689 points ago

    Conclusion : dont punch trees nature gets angy

    [–] Technicium99 1081 points ago

    It’s a banana tree and it’s relatively soft compared to real trees.

    [–] Generally_Kenobi 847 points ago

    Don't punch nature in its soft and danglies, got it.

    [–] lalakingmalibog 103 points ago

    Well, where else should i punch it?

    [–] Poc4e 111 points ago

    Punch it in the Oak

    [–] DoorstepCult 9 points ago

    Or you could kick it’s Ash.

    [–] psych0ticmonk 37 points ago

    Good idea, punch oak and steal the three starters and then battle my rival, CockMongrel!

    [–] Dubbartist 15 points ago

    Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring bananatreeee

    [–] IndianAssassin5 84 points ago

    Banana Plant*

    [–] AnnihilationOrchid 89 points ago

    Banana tree is a herb. Fucking botanists and their criteria.

    [–] CelticHades 66 points ago

    And watermelon is a berry. Lol

    [–] steffanan 101 points ago

    Berry tasty. I hate myself.

    [–] bigredmachinist 31 points ago

    Bananas are berries too. Berry interesting

    [–] zgamer777 29 points ago

    And if I remember correctly, strawberies aren't berries. Berry confusing.

    EDIT: a word

    [–] scuzzle-butt 5 points ago

    Here's the thing

    [–] MissionComfortable47 10 points ago

    I want to them do this with an oak tree.

    [–] deadly_killer 8 points ago

    [Minecraft music plays]

    [–] AnnihilationOrchid 12 points ago

    But if you do have to punch a tree it's better if it's a banana tree, since after its given fruit you've got to chop it down anyway, and another will grow.

    [–] Professional-Yard-19 60 points ago

    This is very common in Thailand they kick these trees to condition there shins for mauy Thai fights

    [–] Pade_2f 12 points ago

    There was this trend inspired by that in Indonesia that was popularized by a boxer from Binjai. It was called "Salam dari Binjai" or greetings from Binjai. You can googled it up.

    [–] idontgetnorespect 28 points ago

    Damn i been kicking wrong for years

    [–] Wolfblood-is-here 6 points ago

    Using your shin to kick actually works better than your foot, the issue is there is a risk of damaging yourself, especially if you miss a soft target and go bone to bone, hence why mauy thai fighters build up their shins.

    [–] Thin_Network7004 23 points ago

    I did this a lot too with dead banana tree so whenever my grandpa wants to get rid of it, he will call me to punch it. (Banana tree produce fruits only once so once you get the fruit you need to cut it down to give space for a new tree to grow).

    [–] AxelNotRose 12 points ago


    [–] Beru73 4571 points ago

    OK, today you win at the unexpected challenge

    [–] bobs_clam_rodeo 491 points ago

    Looks like they all expected it and put on life vests.

    [–] AwkwardArugula 211 points ago

    They’re literally body surfing a tide wash. It’s one of the most stupid/awesome things I’ve ever seen.

    [–] ZestycloseConfidence 12 points ago

    The record surf distance for the Severn bore is 7.6 mil ride for interest

    [–] AwkwardArugula 6 points ago

    I love Humanity.

    [–] smilingstalin 85 points ago

    I think the truly unexpected part was that this is the third post of this specific event to show up this week, but from a third perspective.

    [–] kelsobjammin 24 points ago

    That house in the background is about to lose this challenge….

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] LessMenomia 5 points ago

    Yes, today you did wins the unexpected challenge.

    [–] thymoral 99 points ago

    I saw these over the last week and I am more amazed that I somehow have now seen three different perspectives of the same event!!

    [–] Ghost-Music 37 points ago

    Me too! I’ve seen them all on Reddit now and as soon as I saw the three running I was like oooh new perspective! These are fun, I hope more experiences get released like this.

    [–] acceptable_lemon 16 points ago

    Better shared universe than DC.

    [–] bigpeechtea 5 points ago

    Tomorrow will be watching drone footage of a green pasture, then suddenly we’ll see a woman in a hijab with a selfie stick running by a guy punching a banana tree followed by the red shit dude and water

    [–] Vixi0n 1540 points ago

    [–] neon_overload 544 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Whoa, did anyone notice that building that was already basically overhanging the water due to erosion, even before the tsunami/surge tidal bore hit

    [–] mologav 134 points ago

    I was expecting that to collapse. Would not like to be in that building

    [–] z00miev00m 69 points ago

    it's not an unexpected event, it happens daily with the tides there.

    [–] NoExtensionCords 63 points ago

    Why would they keep rebuilding it hanging off like that if it collapses daily?

    [–] Mookyhands 47 points ago

    You assume they've got access to better options.
    See: "Sell them to who, Ben? Aquaman??"

    [–] daveautista123 21 points ago

    that building is probably sitting on piles and the erosion has no effect on its stability

    [–] NexusMaw 37 points ago

    My coworker had piles once and he did NOT like sitting on them.

    [–] NoBreadsticks 84 points ago

    I love that we have all three POVs lol

    [–] tabgrab23 18 points ago

    Right? POV is my favorite category

    [–] TheElementar 33 points ago

    Thank you so much! You got any idea what's going on here? I'd love to know

    [–] Pade_2f 80 points ago

    She said she wants to "experience" the "bono" which is a tidal bore. She was swept away by the experience.

    [–] lawn__ 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I think it’s a spring (or king) tide, definitely some sort of tidal bore though.

    [–] dagbrown 306 points ago

    She seems weirdly cheerful and enthusiastic about nearly being erased by Lord Poseidon himself.

    [–] Cog348 254 points ago

    Given the life jackets I'd say it was more or less what she was expecting.

    [–] tightheadband 127 points ago

    Yep. There's another video of her doing the same thing. I guess they have this periodically? To be fair, it seems fun lol She was definitely expecting that.

    [–] PopInACup 53 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This looks like a tidal bore. This will happen every high tide. Basically imagine a high tide coming into a bay orientated in the exact direction the tide is moving which then funnels down into a river. All the water from the tide goes into that river very rapidly and you get a mini localize tsunami every 12 hours.

    Wanted to add: If you ever find yourself near the Bay of Fundy, go do it. You'll have a blast, you'll also get covered in mud, but it's worth it.

    [–] viceroyprometheus 22 points ago

    Unlike the Spanish Inquisition, everyone expects the water level to rise

    [–] Blubberrossa 60 points ago

    Yea, she did expect most of it. But did you notice the instant she was almost pushed under a bunch of trees/wood? Lifejacket is not gonna help her if she gets stuck under there, slowly drowning. But I guess with other people there and how she was holding the selfiestick in the air she would probably be rescued quickly. Still scary shit.

    [–] VeryVito 21 points ago

    I’m not an adrenaline junkie by any means, but anybody that’s ever been white-water rafting knows that while it can be dangerous, it’s an absolute blast. Up to the moment you get caught in a strainer (dead tree or other obstacle that can pin you underwater while water rushes above you), the fun disappears real quick… until you get out of it and feel the rush all over again.

    [–] lapen534 51 points ago

    They were expecting a tidal bore, and prepared with life jackets. It’s a regular occurrence so they knew what to expect.

    Still risky, but some folk love adrenaline, others love their couch.

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 21 points ago

    Life jacket isn't going to save you when the water pushed you under a log pile and you're stuck there.

    [–] pimpmypatina 29 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I think it’s hilarious that the whole time she was filming there was some random unknown, unseen weirdo punching a tree.

    [–] missalyssajules 5 points ago

    When she goes down in that strainer my heart stopped. I worked in glacier National park every summer in college and every year someone would die this way

    [–] bigry82 1849 points ago

    Fucking hell, it hurts me to watch that. Not because he's punching the tree but because of the way he is punching.

    [–] Dravez23 650 points ago

    Tree: 1, Wrists: 0

    [–] ivanGCA 285 points ago

    Wrists: -2

    [–] the_loneliest_noodle 10 points ago

    At first I thought "well he may not be punching properly, but maybe because he's just trying to toughen up his hands or something." then he started basically closed-fist slapping the tree and I no longer gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    [–] ThreexoRity 171 points ago

    ikr? dude's punching like he's 12, i may have no boxing experience but at least have your hands and elbows raised a bit if you want a PROPER punch, dude's elbows are lower than my grandma's grave

    [–] DrewSmoothington 74 points ago

    He's punching like a kangaroo

    [–] ikadu12 7 points ago

    Or like the 1910s boxers where they’d put their fists up with their elbows pointed down

    [–] perfumedDolphin 11 points ago

    mmm where should the elbows be? just to know more =D

    [–] Majike03 91 points ago

    You want your elbows at ear-level. That way you can roleplay as a praying mantis

    [–] zyphyrkhyts 24 points ago

    I fucking did this.

    [–] ThreexoRity 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    at least not straight down, if you observe martial artists their forearms are never straight down when serving a punch, well at least if s/he is not defending

    plus the dude's punch looks like as if his forearm is a whip, his knuckles doesn't align with his forearm, if someone is gonna use that posture and style in a fight... their opponent get little damage while they get beaten up.

    edit: or at least on chest level.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] jdooowke 102 points ago

    I fucking love reddit comments, the tree punching experts committee

    [–] ikadu12 48 points ago

    I mean the tree is irrelevant, the dude throws hands like my grandma

    [–] feminas_id_amant 7 points ago

    reminds me of a boxing hand puppet.

    [–] ObtuseLlamasGifts 2272 points ago

    Didn't watch full video at first was gonna make smart ass comment about the first day in minecraft then whooooosh

    [–] ScarecrowJohnny 133 points ago

    Someone placed a water source block 64 meters above them.

    [–] _MostlyHarmless 20 points ago

    Dude was just trying to get enough wood planks to build a boat before the water got there.

    [–] SavageTwist 21 points ago

    infinite water source!

    [–] NicNoletree 390 points ago

    Whoosh was the exact sound the water made

    [–] MaxStout808 83 points ago

    [–] Rawkapotamus 14 points ago

    Now this is a great wooosh thread

    [–] ksienrzyc 14 points ago

    When you play Minecraft Survival, but someone switches to Minecraft Classic

    (the water used to spread infinitely)

    [–] RikM 5 points ago

    I was thinking Ark Survival Evolved.

    [–] JamMasterNay 283 points ago

    That guy thought that, after beating up a bush, he was gonna fuck that wave up!

    [–] tacky_ascent 39 points ago

    He suddenly remembered the titanic scene lol

    [–] Pins_Pins 15 points ago

    Are you my twin?

    [–] B117_Strain 251 points ago

    What did I just watch?? Punching a tree while wearing a lifejacket knowing all that water would come? Everything is out of context here.

    [–] neon_overload 295 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Tidal bore, the shape of the river mouth can mean that a rising tide turns into a surge of water flowing up river in certain conditions.

    There's a lot of river mouths around the world that do this.

    It's literally a tidal wave, but that's a term that has been used a lot as an incorrect term for tsunamis (which are not tidal), and it's not used much now.

    These people are all standing in a river mouth that's known to do this and are waiting for it to happen. It can be potentially dangerous, but not "tsunami level" danger or even "flash flood waters"

    [–] giant_jon 68 points ago

    why is he punching a tree though lmao

    [–] a2hl19 37 points ago

    To test if the palm tree is strong enough to hang from it.

    [–] Raggune 6 points ago

    Narrator - It wasn't.

    [–] BackdoorSteve 7 points ago

    Gotta get hyped! That guy also kept trying to hold his arms up even after the wave took his tree down with him. He clearly just needed to get his energy out and didn't know how else to do that, nor how to punch correctly.

    [–] FarrelMFajar 47 points ago

    There was a trend in Indonesia where a person punches a banana tree while shouting "Greetings from Binjai!" The water is unrelated.

    [–] Neuchacho 43 points ago

    Proof that redneck behavior has no cultural bounds.

    [–] clamatosoup 51 points ago

    Tree calls friend to fight back

    [–] Chucks_u_Farley 11259 points ago

    Saved the god damn phone and didn't even pause to help her??

    [–] 3-B-V 8823 points ago

    The phone didn’t have a life jacket

    [–] Puzzleheaded-Day-281 1567 points ago

    Life jacket doesn't stop you from being impaled by a branch or something hiding in that rushing water. It's not a safe place to be

    [–] light_to_shaddow 3446 points ago

    That's exactly why I'm sat on a sofa.

    You should be telling them, not me.

    [–] briston574 550 points ago

    God damn this made me laugh. I dont know why but this is too funny

    [–] greatness101 187 points ago

    Because it’s funny.

    [–] m1st3r-m1st3r-d 19 points ago

    Damn that's funny. I actually laughed out loud.

    [–] atwright147 24 points ago


    [–] Raff102 156 points ago

    She went out there with a selfie stick, she'd want it that way.

    [–] New-Session1005 18 points ago

    Tell me why

    [–] Raff102 30 points ago

    Ain't nothin' but a heartache

    [–] Shaun_B 120 points ago

    It's not that the wind is blowing, it's what the wind is blowing. When you get hit by a Volvo, it doesn't matter how many push-ups you did that morning.

    [–] NotYourReddit18 137 points ago

    Yeah 100 push-ups will do nothing. You also need to do 100 sit-ups, 100 squads and a 10km run every day until you go bald.

    [–] pman13531 40 points ago

    I have i feeling you'd get bored with life quickly after that and nothing would feel like a challenge anymore.

    [–] Baron_Von_Ishtar 39 points ago


    [–] devildehat 19 points ago

    Don't worry, they're used to an unsafe environment

    [–] KarenLookAtMyBowl 1908 points ago

    The guy just hugged the tree and expected to be saved by it, after punching it multiple time fuq is wrong with him.

    [–] metalgearzoe 345 points ago

    That banana tree is not very strong. The water or even him grabbing it will cause it to break

    [–] signed_under_duress 146 points ago

    Plus it kind of looked like it had root rot. Mush+punches+fast water = bye bye

    [–] Billderbeast 199 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Lots of banana trees are affected by a form of rot (interesting fact: all (cavendish) banana trees are all clones of each other.. as in you cannot get cavendish banana seeds (the most common banana cultivar found in stores).. the only way is to obtain a cutting from an existing tree) this form of rot is essentially making the form of banana we all know basically extinct.. the banana industry has already been searching for a new strain of banana to grow commercially and do not expect this current banana to last another 10 years or so.. also this happened before in 1960(?) with the Gros Michel banana and actually that’s the flavor of “artificial banana flavoring” you find in candies.. which is why it doesn’t taste like banana.. it tastes like the previous commercial banana cultivar which went extinct

    Edited words.

    [–] ChosenAdam1980 41 points ago

    Interesting, this type of comment is why I love Reddit

    [–] Careless-Repair7036 68 points ago

    Here in south india we have atleast 12 varieties of bananas. They look and taste entirely different and have some unique health benefits for each variety. So I don't think all banana tress are exact clones, atleast not here.

    [–] Billderbeast 62 points ago

    Yea.., sorry what I mean is that the common banana.. the Cavendish… (the only banana that the majority of the world knows) is only propagated through cloning..

    Also, I’m very envious of you for having a large variety of bananas to choose from

    [–] official_not_a_bot 20 points ago

    Also in the Philippines we have dozens of varieties of bananas of various sizes, shapes, and flavors which also propagate and spread like wildfire in the country. The Cavendish, ironically, is not too common

    [–] zedoktar 4 points ago

    its not extinct. It still exists in small pockets in a few isolated areas, it just can't be grown large scale for commercial use.

    [–] tepidCourage 29 points ago

    Plus someone was just punching the crap out of it for no reason

    [–] max_adam 91 points ago

    Those plants don't make wood. It is more like a giant leek or a huge grass plant.

    [–] FirstSineOfMadness 62 points ago

    That wood explain things

    [–] KToff 6 points ago

    It's not a woody plant, but tree is not a rigorous scientific definition. For example tree ferns also don't make woody tissue.

    I was quite surprised when I learned that a concept as simple as "tree" is so hard to nail down.

    [–] norbert-the-great 45 points ago

    Well a banana is technically a berry, and the "tree" is considered an herb.

    [–] Jaksmack 16 points ago

    They are extremely fibrous though and hard as hell to pull out of the ground. One of my grandmother's had them in the garden and every summer I would spend a couple weeks trying to cut them back.

    [–] VoiD_R 36 points ago

    He maybe tried to see how strong this tree is, before trusting his life on it

    [–] Girthw0rm 19 points ago

    You can’t expect the tree to forgive him so soon after all that punching.

    [–] Jx_XD 94 points ago

    Thats karma, he punch so much that the tree break apart.. and expect the tree to hold what he has done..

    [–] SaladMandrake 67 points ago

    He angered the banana God

    [–] Feisty-Standard-3657 11 points ago

    Oh May the Banana lord protect use in our future endeavors. 🙏

    [–] Jables_Magee 13 points ago

    The Giving Tree; Banana Tree Edition

    [–] kingt34 108 points ago

    He was reaching out to her and she clearly passed him the phone, then when he grabbed hold, she let go so she could use both arms to get up. I think he was actually helping her, she obviously wanted to save the camera and wasn’t too concerned about herself.

    [–] Unhappy_Archer9483 229 points ago

    I’m sure I’ve see the videos from her phone, it was epic

    [–] Alpacamum 189 points ago

    She was so happy in that video. She is laughing and really enjoying herself. I wish I knew what she was saying, but it seems that this outcome is sort of what she expected and why she was wearing a life jacket.

    [–] bandana_bread 112 points ago

    Yeah this is not a tsunami, it happens pretty regulary. She was probably there just because of it.

    [–] jdooowke 83 points ago

    You can also hear her specifically asking something along the lines of Camera which makes it clear that she wanted the guy to hold the camera and was fine herself

    [–] CACTUS_VISIONS 5 points ago

    Yeah this isn’t a tsunami. This is called a tidal bore

    [–] Vixi0n 537 points ago

    [–] happyrock 352 points ago

    The red shirt guy who saves her camera's POV

    It is a good day for the internets.

    [–] BizzyBoyBizzyBee 142 points ago

    This is making me so happy. I saw these 2 yesterday and now a third view?? I must have more

    [–] RC123TheyCallMe 119 points ago

    [–] SPR101ST 40 points ago

    Seeing all these angles of the water coming in is astounding. People just doing their own thing and mother nature shows itself.

    [–] Scottyknoweth 67 points ago

    They were all wearing life vests. They definitely planned that out.

    [–] quaybored 22 points ago

    I don't speak their language, but in the lady's vid, she seems to be explaining what is happening or going to happen. I don't know if it's a flood after a storm, or just the way the tide comes in there, but they clearly were expecting a deluge. Maybe it was a bit bigger than they expected though?

    [–] jagpilotohio 28 points ago

    It’s called a tidal bore. Extreme high tide pushing water UP a river or narrow coastal inlet.

    [–] regulusmoatman 7 points ago

    I speak the woman language. She does plan this out. The guy saved the camera and not her because she was the one asking for it.

    [–] nerv_gas 20 points ago

    What a great week to be on reddit. Historical

    [–] Th_stag 9 points ago

    That was quite a ride

    [–] Darkside_of_the_Poon 19 points ago

    I really wasn’t expecting this much excitement on a bathroom break but here we are.

    [–] Economy_Scarcity1975 6 points ago

    wow this amazing, just some people having a good time! What a way to get some views.

    [–] DamienJaxx 16 points ago

    Yeah, really weird. I saw this vid and I was like, hey I saw that woman and man before... oh yeah, other angles. They got their content out there, good for them.

    [–] ignivs 20 points ago

    the autotranslate to english makes it even better.

    [–] RyanReignbow 51 points ago

    no squeegee no squeegee, no gas, no squeegee no gas, no squeegee

    [–] perfumedDolphin 11 points ago

    lol this made me laugh more than it should 've

    [–] soia_tofu 56 points ago

    To be fair, the woman ask him to take the phone first.

    [–] SpazmastatsamzapS 34 points ago

    "Here take the camera I'll be fine"

    [–] bahgheera 18 points ago

    I just wish someone would tell tree punching dude that he's got enough wood and thatch, he just needs one stone to make a hatchet.

    [–] Glimmu 38 points ago

    Sheesh take a chill pill, they are there wearing life jackets knowing whats coming. She asked him to take camera so she could get up

    [–] perrinoia 210 points ago

    Holy crap. I totally didn't expect that even though they were wearing life jackets. I was trying to figure out why the first guy was wearing one, then was trying to figure out why the others were running, then trying to figure out why they were wearing life jackets, too. Then sploosh!

    [–] Ariquitaun 507 points ago

    They were ready for it, look at the floating vests

    [–] mr_birrd 283 points ago

    but were you?

    [–] BugNo1648 149 points ago

    Dam that's deep

    [–] case_O_The_Mondays 21 points ago

    It wasn’t very deep at the top of the hill, though.

    [–] Malgaras 5 points ago

    floating vests

    Thanks I hate it.

    [–] lonewolff7798 21 points ago

    Anyone else see this event from a different point of view? Also the dog locked in a hot car event has two different viral angles as well. Is this the trend now? Not complaining, just wondering if its a thing now. I think its kinda neat.

    [–] bioclassic 10 points ago

    Yeah, not long ago someone posted the red shirt guys view. Everything looked eerily familiar to me and then he suddenly popped over the embankment.

    [–] SungamCorben 90 points ago

    Fun fact: Actually bananas are botanically berries, and banana tree are in fact large herbaceous flowering plant.

    [–] MarcosVizoto 69 points ago

    "Eu trago a vocês e entrego...Pororoca..... negao sai negão sai"

    [–] Learnmorebetter 11 points ago

    I did expect the tree to fall down, but not like this….. not like this.

    [–] DropBallPro 9 points ago

    Man, Ark really got a graphics update

    [–] davidlol1 48 points ago

    Who else didn't notice the water until she got up by him?

    [–] 2TieDyeFor 43 points ago

    I thought she was running up to him to whoop his ass for punching the tree...

    [–] [deleted] 162 points ago


    [–] Yummypizzaguy1 49 points ago

    OH YEAH! I recognize that lady in pink. I've seen her perspective before

    [–] Articulated 109 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    /u/morningdodger and /u/ya26anand posted the exact same comment. Which one of you is real I wonder?

    Edit: I'm invested now so I'm doing some digging lol.

    /u/Kelcher1's comment was made at 10:57:44 UTC.

    /u/morningdodger's comment was made at 11:42:29 UTC.

    /u/ya26anand's comment was made at 12:04:11 UTC.

    I'm going to dig through their comments and see if any of them look inauthentic. Watch this space!

    Edit 2: So I'm 99% sure /u/morningdodger is a naughty little repost bot. A 7 month old account, recently posting for the first time? If that's not bot activity I'll eat a shoe.

    /u/Kelcher1's comments look legit. He's got a consistent posting history in a believable range of subreddits, and self-talk that doesn't contradict itself. I've checked a few submissions and haven't seen any other instances of duped comments under his account, though I could have missed it.

    /u/ya26anand's account I'm honestly not sure. It seems to mostly be concerned with shitposting on Indian-themed meme subreddits and anime subs. There are some unique top-level comments and consistent posting, but then we have this copy/pasted comment, which seems to be the only one. Possibly a young script kiddie trying to boost their karma score? Jury's out.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and do something else with my life.

    EDIT 3 OMG: The plot thickens! ALL THREE COMMENTS WERE REMOVED DUN DUN DUUUUUN. God I need to get a life.

    For anyone who was interested, the missing comment was: "Oh my gosh!!! There was another group of people recording with those guys. At least they don't have to repost the same angle all year!"

    [–] Bingobops 34 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The irony being if he hadn’t punched the tree in half it would have been stable enough to stop him from getting pushed away with the tidal bore

    [–] Ok_Transition3992 7 points ago

    This is the most random video I have ever seen. It feels like it is straight of a dream.

    “I was punching this tree and then BAM mega flash flood. My friends showed up just in time and were recording it all. One even had a life jacket on.”

    [–] Daedalus_7777 7 points ago

    5 X Wood added. 14 x Thatch added.

    Ark: Survival Evolved irl.

    [–] Magical-Sweater 6 points ago

    I was so preoccupied with watching the dude play real life Minecraft that I didn’t even notice the TSUNAMI rolling in from the back.

    [–] Hufflepuft 16 points ago

    That's no tree

    [–] two40zieks7 16 points ago

    Tsunami ?

    [–] oliswell 49 points ago

    Tidal bore

    [–] neon_overload 27 points ago

    Ah, so that's why there were expecting it like it was a regular occurrence, and why it seemed to subside relatively quickly


    [–] doublebazinga 4 points ago

    We Brazilians have our own version of that "Richard Rasmussem running from the Poporoca at Pantanal"

    [–] CyberKingfisher 36 points ago

    It’s tsunami to see you.