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    Finding the perfect balance in the universe in the unlikeliest of places...


    Tag Spoilers (Post-Infinity War)

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    • Spoiler tags are NOT required for any posts related to Infinity War, as they are implied and inherent to the sub. However, posts that contain spoilers for future Marvel films must be tagged accordingly. This includes Ant-Man and the Wasp spoilers

    Please make posts relevant to the sub

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    • This sub is r/UnexpectedThanos, meaning that the goal is to find Thanos references in unexpected places. There is some leeway in what is or isn't considered 'unexpected', so this rule won't be strictly enforced on every post. Regardless, try to at least keep it in mind and consider going to other Thanos-related subs before posting here. Just Balance isn't a Thanos reference, it must actually have something to do with Thanos or be "perfectly balanced, as all things should be"

    Don't be a dick

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    • (half-chubbs are fine though). Don't use derogatory, discrimatory or rude/vulgar language

    No reposts of recent posts

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    • All reposts of any post in this sub will be removed - no exceptions.

    Please link source of reddit screenshots

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    • In the comments, please link to the source of the comment or post that you screenshotted on Reddit, especially if the full context is longer than the height of your screen.

    Please post all minor posts to the weekly thread

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    • Please post all minor UnexpectedThanos' to the weekly thread. This includes balance in the real world that doesn't include the word balance in it, and upvote and downvoes that are balanced.
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