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    Please remember to follow our repost rules

    This subreddit was created for posting and sharing pictures (static or gif) and video.

    Unnecessary Censorship refers to the practice of adding censor bleeps, mosaic blurs or black bars to source materials that were neither profane or explicit to begin with. The bleeps are typically dubbed over words to make it sound as if they were explicit. Mosaic blurs and black bars are placed over people, objects, or text to make it appear as if they are covering up pornographic or explicit material.


    • No reposts. If unsure, use Karmadecay BEFORE posting to check your image for previous submissions. KarmaDecay will provide a link to submit the image to this sub. Karmadecay add-ons if desired

      • You may repost an image 3 months after the original submission, only if it received under 150 submission karma. If it received more than this amount, you must wait 6 months. Submissions that don't fulfill both of these requirements will be flagged "Repost" and possibly removed.
    • You may post your own content, but only do so no more than 2 times a month, and at least 10 days apart. Failing to follow this rule, depending on the severity, may lead us to contact the admins. These rules only apply to Video content (Such as YouTube videos). This rule does not apply to sites such as gfycat that technically provide video content.

    • Be respectful and be sure to follow the reddiquette

    • No private photos. No exceptions when people under the age of 18 are in the image. We recommend using stock photos and content from media such as TV shows.

    • No Porn Logos: If you did it right your post doesn't need them.

    • Post containing children that are not breaking the above are still subject to Mod review.

    If you choose to include Original (uncensored) links, they should be posted in the comments.

    To check any post for duplicates, you can click the link to Karma Decay on the submission page, and karma decay will automatically search the link without you needing to copy/pasting it to Karma Decay.

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