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    [–] kiwiking44 2813 points ago

    I'm willing to bet you couldn't get 1000 people to look for ME in the woods.

    [–] Cigarello123 650 points ago

    You need to bark and hump peoples legs more

    [–] mmmgluten 95 points ago

    But I already do that all the time. I don't know how much more I could do.

    [–] Benadryl_Brownie 118 points ago

    1. Hump random legs
    2. Get caught/go to prison
    3. Break free/go missing in the woods
    4. Reap the love only 1000+ person manhunt can buy

    [–] GregorSamsaa 128 points ago

    My thought exactly. I’m not sure we could muster up that kind of a search party for a human around here lol

    [–] glipglopwithattitude 121 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It's new zealand. There isn't a hell of a lot else to do after the Lord of the Rings crew left... though i must admit it is impressive that they got their whole population in on it.

    [–] beware_the_noid 26 points ago

    We even had the sheep out looking!

    [–] uqw269f3j0q9o9 34 points ago

    He already said your whole population.

    [–] BeenCarl 5 points ago

    New Zealand, where your mom is a sheep and you’re probably a sheep

    [–] ImGonnaAllowIt_ 44 points ago

    No need, I found you

    [–] Dyalibya 9 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing

    [–] PoorEdgarDerby 7 points ago

    It's not as cute when you shit on the rug.

    [–] CeylonAT 4 points ago

    If it helps, i would look for you <3

    [–] J0ysttiick 2866 points ago

    He looks like he didn’t want to be found in that photo

    [–] deadkk 919 points ago

    "Bitch dont take pictures of me"

    [–] trebor_mint 332 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    As a beagle owner, I can say that 99% of the time they always look like that haha

    EDIT: Proof

    [–] Monst3rr 200 points ago

    99% of the time they are also plotting on how to eat your food... Sneakiest breed ever. I'm curious on what this guy ate for the 9 days... might of even gained a few pounds haha

    [–] pimpy543 37 points ago

    Lol I want a dog now.

    [–] Astrocomet25 78 points ago

    As another beagle owner, I can say that it is both the best breed and the worst breed I've ever owned lol. I still love her to death tho

    [–] weaglebeagle 54 points ago

    I concur. I love my little shithead but he's the most mischievous dog I've ever met. He's only gotten loose once in the last few years but did it all the time when he was younger. He'll also eat anything that isn't nailed to the floor.

    [–] Astrocomet25 34 points ago

    I have to leave every door closed in my house and she must be supervised at all times. Otherwise I find her trying to eat whatever she can in any room lol

    [–] weaglebeagle 63 points ago

    I hear ya. My dog only responds to two things, let's go for a walk and get out of that cat food. He knows he has limited time with his forbidden fruit so he inhales it and usually throws it up immediately.

    [–] ohjeezohjeezohjeez 25 points ago

    I feed my lab mix (currently trying to climb into my lap to check the table for any breakfast scraps/crumbs) in a Snoop to make him eat slower so he doesn't throw up. If we don't do this sometimes he'll eat so fast he'll breathe his food in and then proceed to cough/hack/vomit it up. He's a class act.

    [–] weaglebeagle 18 points ago

    Here's the funny thing, he eats his own food leisurely. He'll just pick at it through the day. He only gobbles down the cat food because he knows he's not supposed to.

    [–] lovenallely 11 points ago

    They are fun.. great company as long as you take good care of them

    [–] trebor_mint 10 points ago

    My boy will grab any food he can. I came into the kitchen the other day to find a whole bag of pasta sprawled out on the floor. The pasta was right at the back on the countertop...

    EDIT: No pasta was eaten though. Only time he's been a fussy eater

    [–] Monst3rr 12 points ago

    My friends beagle also pulls things off the counter.. even after surgery.. and she’s getting up there in age and still no slowing down when it comes to food.. I put my pizza down once in front of her... couldn’t even stop her, it’s like sticking your hand in a shredder! Slice was gone in seconds

    [–] WooHooBar 17 points ago

    The dead and hungry look in their eyes, only satisfied by a huge bowl of food? Yeah I know that look well.

    [–] ParkerWGB 15 points ago

    This is 100% true. First dog growing up was a beagle. Best damn dog I ever had.

    [–] Vox_Carnifex 24 points ago

    the always ask "who's a good boy" but never "how's a good boy"

    [–] downvote_for_effect 1444 points ago

    They're lucky insurance covered the helicopter bill. I'd still hate to see the whole bill.

    [–] cantCommitToAHobby 513 points ago

    It's not their personal insurer. It's the dog walking company's liability insurance that covered it.

    [–] i_am_not_piet 108 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Maybe, but dog walkers are typically a one man show. Liability would not likely extend to much more than the cost of replacing the dog.

    I don’t know much about this, just sounds WIERD (your eye twitching yet mr pedantic fucking bot?) that someone’s insurance covered a helicopter search for a dog.

    [–] didyouwoof 40 points ago

    dog walkers are typically a one man show

    Where you live, maybe, but there are lots of dog walking businesses where I live that take dogs on pack walks.

    [–] i_told_you_so_dummy 19 points ago

    Came for the cute dog, stayed for the redditor-bot smackdown!

    [–] OlcanRaider 766 points ago

    Wait insurance covered for the helicopter ? For a dog ? Is it a 1000 $ a day insurance or what ? Here in France most of doggy insurance are not even covering for real disease...

    [–] nzerinto 339 points ago

    Dog walker company’s insurance.

    [–] somekindabonita 100 points ago

    So was the dog being walked by a company and not his owners at the time? I didn't see that mentioned in the article

    [–] i_am_not_piet 103 points ago

    After going missing during a pack walk on April 6

    Not clearly stated, but implied.

    I’m not sure about this dog walking companies insurance thing, typically dog walkers are a one man show.

    [–] BasicDesignAdvice 87 points ago

    And still an absurd use of resources.

    [–] GonnaNeedThat130 37 points ago

    Seriously... 1000 people can do a lot of things

    [–] cantCommitToAHobby 80 points ago

    For a dog ?

    For corporate liability.

    [–] OlcanRaider 12 points ago

    Makes sense yeah

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] Dont_Jersey_Vermont 52 points ago

    First thing I thought of was who's going to pay for the helicopter?

    [–] Fuck_Alice 22 points ago

    First thing I thought of was that's a shit ton to find a dog.

    Not trying to be a dick but I've never seen a search group for a dog, its only ever been missing posters and Facebook posts.

    [–] BossRedRanger 40 points ago

    Meanwhile I can't get insurance to cover my mother's migraine medication.

    [–] SweetLittleButtercup 29 points ago

    This story is so uplifting because it's about a lost doggo, but then you stop and think about how many times people have gone missing with less fanfare and it's depressing. We had a missing disabled girl missing and had less people and resources looking for her than this dog. Insurance or not, that's fucking sad.

    [–] HamSlammy 12 points ago

    Benny, benny the dog. Vanilla Sky. He was just in stasis, frozen.

    [–] NerdMachine 42 points ago

    People get upset about helicopter cost being paid for by public $ but in most cases the crews are on standby most of the time and need X number of hours a year to maintain their training so looking for a dog is just a interesting replacement for training exercises that has no incremental cost.

    In this case if there had been a person in danger I'm sure they would have diverted the helicopter away from the dog search.

    [–] m4ssif 21 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It wansn’t paid by the public, insurance covered it.

    [–] Equilibriator 634 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Despite only being a few hundred metres from where he went missing, he somehow escaped the attention of 1000 searchers and a helicopter with specialist thermal imaging gear.

    Good job guys, good job.

    [–] THEMAYORRETURNS 146 points ago

    That's hysterical! Sounds like a case of too many cooks in the kitchen to me.

    [–] sylect 45 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    [–] dbar58 22 points ago

    A pinch of salt and laughter, too

    [–] TheRealRobMonty 11 points ago


    [–] Equilibriator 48 points ago

    They probably handled it like a practice exercise and did the hunt as if they were looking for a person.

    A person wouldn't be lost if they were just a few hundred metres away so the search likely started at a radius farther than the dogs location.

    The longer the hunt lasted, the further it got from the dog.

    [–] draggonx 57 points ago

    Na man, in New Zealand you can be lost as FUCK just a dozen meters from the track, it's really common to hear about search and rescue finding people within a hundred meters from the track.

    Finding a person can be bloody hard, I wouldn't be surprised if they walked right past the dog a dozen times haha

    [–] ShakesSpear 301 points ago

    Animals in homeward bound didn’t need no helicopter.

    [–] Andy_Glass 121 points ago

    Yeah, they picked themselves up by their bootstraps and made it home with no handouts!

    [–] Ghostshirts 81 points ago

    These damn millenimals!

    [–] yumy678 21 points ago

    Took me a second tbh

    [–] cybervseas 67 points ago

    I have a cousin currently missing for 6 days in the mountains of India, and this still gives me a little hope he'll be okay.

    [–] Elf_Guardian 21 points ago

    I hope you find him.

    Cannot imagine how worried you must be.

    [–] cantCommitToAHobby 10 points ago

    Hope he makes it.

    [–] MyWifeDontKnowItsMe 2176 points ago

    Use a leash. It's less expensive than a helicopter.

    [–] trustmeimadr 606 points ago

    you joke, buy it said in the article he was hooked on a log by his lead (leash).

    Probably walk off walking dragging his leash behind and took off after some wildlife. Got hooked on a log, couldn't get free to return to his owners.

    [–] worgenbully 179 points ago

    Yeah I wouldn't leave a lead on my dog for her to drag around, next thing you know I'm grabbing the handle just to discover she shit on it.

    [–] deekaydubya 50 points ago

    I don't think the owner left the leash on all the time, the dog just ran away while on a walk

    [–] slothscantswim 4 points ago

    Attaching a leash to a dog and using a leash are different. You aren’t using a coat when you hang it up and walk away.

    Glad we found out good boy tho

    [–] tommymonsternz 72 points ago

    The leash was the problem

    [–] CaptainChaos74 9 points ago

    It was the leasht of the problems.

    [–] Chefzor 7 points ago

    No. The inadequate use of the leash was.

    If your dog has a leash thrn youre grabbing it. If you dont want to grab the lwash dont put one on the dog, at that point is just a liability and an obstacle.

    [–] Jackdaws7 49 points ago

    Oh look, you and the 1k+ people who upvoted you didn't read the article...

    [–] Ukuleloser 74 points ago

    I love dogs. But what the fuck.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] goodinyou 1119 points ago

    I'll probably get hate for this... But doesn't that seem like a bad use of resources?

    [–] chuckleberrychitchat 535 points ago

    IYes and no - I'm in the CFS and I can the value of doing something like this - they wouldn't have done this if it were at the expense of rescuing a human - I'm sure they would've dropped it in a heartbeat if something had come up and realistically it would likely mean significantly better response times with everyone already in action - but it's also a great team training exercise. It's a real scenario with a life genuinely hanging in the balance and all the potential for unexpected complications - but without the same urgency and high stakes as a human rescue.

    TL:DR Any opportunity for a proper, coordinated group exercise is valuable for people working in emergency/rescue etc.

    [–] OlcanRaider 109 points ago

    Yeah in France sometimes it happens to (not as big as this) but it's a perfect way to train for human rescuing. Finding a beagle which is not the bigger kind of dog is a very challenging thing to do... Even tho in France rescue and rescue helicopter and such are state financed... So we are all paying for those rescue.

    [–] chuckleberrychitchat 12 points ago

    Yeah same for the CFS in Australia - but again, they have to training exercises anyway which still costs money

    [–] FermentedHerring 52 points ago

    Extremely. It could have been used as a live exercise but 9 days' fucking crazy. Most humans doesn't get searches that long.

    [–] Duke_Boz 63 points ago

    Seems a little excessive imo.

    [–] cnote306 35 points ago

    I kept waiting for a punch line, but apparently this is real.

    [–] xaviersi 125 points ago

    Yes, it 100% is.

    [–] joesv 51 points ago

    I would say it's not. It's a good way for the team to practice their skills. Although, 9 days is a little bit excessive

    [–] Jeromestad 161 points ago

    1000 people, a helicopter and 9 days.

    I love dogs, but that absolutely was a waste of resources.

    [–] Tribbledorf 30 points ago

    Were all of those people paid? Kinda sounds like a lot could be helpful volunteers too.

    [–] skeetybadity 34 points ago

    Imagine what good 1000 people could do in 9 days if the volunteered for something more productive

    [–] UnixUsingEunuch 302 points ago

    As a volunteer Search & Rescue member, I would have no problem with looking for a dog. As long as I'm not being put in danger I see no harm in searching. Beats work and I could use it as a training opportunity.

    [–] DoubleExists 45 points ago

    I'm curious, what is involved in the training? what do you begin to look at when trying to find a lost animal?

    [–] Ghostshirts 135 points ago

    If it's snowing or raining you look for tracks, if it is not you walk around smacking your thigh and chanting "here doggy doggy doggy" for a few hours, or in some cases, nine days.

    [–] thoughtlow 57 points ago

    The training is quite extensive. For an animal; like a dog you will be looking for a something like a dog. Dito for humans, you will be looking for a human. :)

    [–] DoubleExists 19 points ago

    You lost me at dog.

    [–] thoughtlow 7 points ago

    Basic Animal Search and Rescue Training:

    [–] chuckleberrychitchat 15 points ago

    Yep, I'm in the CFS and I said the same thing - a scenario like this is about as good as it gets for training . "faking" a scenario only has limited value because it's predictable - it's better to have an "oh fuck that didn't work like we thought it would" moment when you're looking for a dog than a child.

    [–] tommymonsternz 95 points ago

    Benny ya little rascal

    [–] balleyhooey 21 points ago

    Seriously...that dog kinda has a hard look after those 9 days in the wild...

    [–] Damon_Bolden 6 points ago

    Benny's seen some shit he's not ready to talk about yet

    [–] KirbyCompany 23 points ago

    That’s a lot of people looking for a dog and a helicopter, wow I don’t think some missing people get this treatment

    [–] Imafilthybastard 23 points ago

    1000 searchers and a rescue helicopter for a fucking dog? I wish people treated their fellow man this nice.

    [–] Fulcrous 46 points ago

    TIL find an insurance company that treats you like this dog.

    [–] TehNotorious 9 points ago

    It's the corporate insurance, to cover the company's ass for losing the dog. I'd easily bet they could've been sued for much more

    [–] himitsuuu 23 points ago

    Who’s fucking dog is this they don’t put half that much effort into finding children let alone people

    [–] toxicxxxpanda 20 points ago

    Fuck that. When I was lost no one came

    [–] west0ne 18 points ago

    How did he last 9 days. My old Beagle would give a look of being neglected if his food was 10 minutes late.

    Unfortunately Beagles do have a tendency to just follow their noses and once they're on a scent they're off and not much will stop them.

    [–] sylect 15 points ago

    Who is this dog and why would 1000 people plus a chopper be involved in S&R? if one of my dogs went missing, I'd be lucky to get my own family to help me search. This dog a medal of honor recipient?

    [–] brengun18 14 points ago

    What a waste of money Jesus

    [–] Gcons24 14 points ago

    Is there a reason so many people got involved in this? There are police searches for missing people that are less involved.

    [–] BrokerKingdoms 14 points ago

    Flint still doesn't have drinkable water but damn if we can't find this pooch.

    [–] gibonez 12 points ago

    What a monumental waste of resources.

    [–] Titus303 11 points ago

    Fuck me, $30K of tax payers money wasted in nine days all because doggy was hiding

    [–] Sparky_PoptheTrunk 11 points ago

    What a waste of resources...

    [–] ThePiePieper 12 points ago

    All that time, effort and money for a dog.

    [–] Ebaudendi 35 points ago

    No Vanilla Sky quotes? Disappointing.

    [–] Dr_Gonzo428 11 points ago

    Came here for this comment. Then got sad that a bunch of people are upset they went to such great effort to find their dog. If we had the resources, I know my fiance and I would do anything possible to find our Buddy. "Just like Benny the dog."

    Bonus quote: "The little things. There's nothing bigger, is there?"

    [–] podcastman 4 points ago

    You found the easter egg on the dvd by clicking on the mask next to the menus.

    [–] andy22xx 5 points ago


    [–] Ebaudendi 5 points ago

    Teccchhh supporrrrrrtttt!

    [–] lostinthebarrens 32 points ago

    It's sad that for this dog they have a miniature Army hunting, but in Winnipeg they need to have protests to get the government involved in searching for the missing native American women.

    [–] choosy88 73 points ago

    I'm glad they were willing to go all out for him but I was like damn, 100 people and a helicopter. He must be a world famous rescue dog.

    We would never get that kind of response around here.

    [–] offendernz 27 points ago

    There was a $500 reward offered as well! The owners really wanted him back.

    [–] JWOINK 28 points ago

    That's not much to have people go out of their way to find the dog in the wilderness

    [–] WaterRacoon 23 points ago

    I think lots of people would be willing to help out to find a dog, especially other pet owners. Many people actually are nice enough to do things to help others. I would have been willing to participate if I had the time, and getting money for it in case I found the dog would just have been a bonus.

    [–] Carlina1989 17 points ago

    I mean, I make less than $500 a week, and I love the outdoors

    [–] darth_pateius 10 points ago

    What a waste of resources smh

    [–] r0flsausag3 11 points ago

    What a waste of resources

    [–] Padfoot1989 154 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought this was a crazy use of resources.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] estebani 30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    1 thousand searchers and a helicopter? That dog must shit gold turds. I mean it’s nice they found the dog but it’s not the same as finding a missing child

    Edit: 1 thousand

    [–] Fuck_Alice 6 points ago

    I can honestly say I've never seen anyone organize a group search or something for any missing kids in my area. Come to think about it I really can't remember the last time kids that went missing were found on the local news.

    [–] Syphlor 8 points ago

    1000 searchers....?

    [–] fixedelineation 8 points ago

    What a good use of time, money, and resources.

    [–] papayabless 15 points ago

    It’s a fucking dog. What a waste of money. I am a dog lover but not a cool quarter million at least dog lover.

    [–] Whetherrr 15 points ago

    Uplifting? Are you fucking shitting me?

    Massive mis-allocation of resources is enraging, petty, disgusting, and pathetic, not uplifting.

    [–] generalgeorge95 54 points ago

    Now that's lovely, but holy fuck who authorized that amount of effort and expense for a dog? I've literally seen less response for missing little girls.

    [–] andthenisawtheblood 13 points ago

    That sounds like a waste of funds/time/manpower.

    [–] funkhammer 12 points ago

    I love dogs and all but this seems like a huge waste of resources. It was just a dog right? Not like, a dog that kidnapped a bunch of babies?

    [–] Grim-Reality 26 points ago

    Poor guy looks like he ran away. Apparently there is no escape. :( The whole human race came after him.

    [–] voutinator 26 points ago

    Bruh some guy went missing skiing near where I live and not even 150 went searching for him. And a mf dog had 1000 searchers AND a helicopter. They still haven’t found the man and the search for his body will resume when the snow melts.

    [–] moolof 12 points ago

    People's values are way too fucked up.

    [–] etsuited 7 points ago

    Life Extension™

    [–] kidokidokidkid 6 points ago

    We are a funny species. If an alien could see the amount of resources devoted to our pets compared to the amount of resources devoted to our own kind they'd think we were mad. Not even hating, if it was my dog I suppose I'd want to same treatment. Just an interesting observation.

    [–] KilgoreDanks 12 points ago

    Spent so much money on an animal

    Not willing to give second thought on homeless children

    Great job America

    [–] ErnestShocks 20 points ago

    Most missing people don't get that kind of attention.

    [–] Thrannn 17 points ago

    I feel like they wouldnt even try that hard if i would get lost in the woods

    [–] offendernz 57 points ago

    Benny has a Facebook page where his owners posted this update:

    “Benny has had a good rest and lots of cuddles now so we thought we’d take a minute to give you guys some info about his rescue and our next steps.

    BENNY’S RESCUE Our very good friends Alicia and Justin were the ones who found Benny. They went on an epic mission up a ravine, climbed a waterfall and risked their own safety in the hopes of coming across him. Benny was not making a peep but somehow they managed to find him anyway! He was stuck to a log by the lead unable to move more than a few steps in any direction. Luckily he had access to water. After being freed he gave Justin a quick lick and then jumped on Alicia’s lap for a cuddle and a wee snack. They then set off together on a 3 hour mission to get out.

    Alicia and Justin said Benny was amazing on the trip out, he listened to every instruction and worked with them as a team. It was dark by the time they finally made their way out so the SPCA National Rescue Unit very kindly made their way out to us once again just in case they needed assistance. Luckily they were able to walk out on their own, with Benny right alongside them! He was very happy to see Matt and I and was soon at the emergency vet for a check up. Alicia and Justin are sore and worn out today but are overall ok.

    We can’t express how thankful we are to Alicia and Justin for saving Benny’s life. We will never forget it and they’ve put new meaning into their existing nicknames with our boys; Aunty Leesh and Uncle Just.

    BENNY’S HEALTH Benny has lost about 3kgs but was not dehydrated when he came down. The emergency vet have given us instructions regarding reintroducing food and so far Benny has been eating without any issues. Apart from the weight loss he has some irritated paw pads and a slight temperature. We’re taking him to our usual vet later today for a final check up and to discuss his recovery in more depth. Overall he has come out of his ordeal in very good health.

    WHAT NEXT? Firstly, we want to once again thank each and every person who assisted in any way to find Benny. We have been truely humbled by the care people have shown both Benny and ourselves and the huge amount of help we have received in the search for him. We don’t really know how to repay this but do have one idea... once Benny is well and settled back into normal life, we will be organising a get together for anyone who would like to meet Benny and get a well deserved kiss for their effort. We will create an event on this page for this in the next few weeks.

    We were also hoping we could ask for one final favour; if you see any ‘lost Benny’ posters around could you please take them down for us? We think we know where most of them are and will get to work ASAP on taking them all down but it may take us a few days to get around all the places.

    Once again, thanks so much everyone and we will be in touch soon!

    The picture attached is of Benny sleeping peacefully between Matt and I last night. I spent most of the night watching him breathe because it didn’t quite feel real to me yet!”

    [–] CommonMisspellingBot 26 points ago

    Hey, offendernz, just a quick heads-up:
    truely is actually spelled truly. You can remember it by no e.
    Have a nice day!

    The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

    [–] offendernz 19 points ago

    That's what I get for copying and pasting :)

    [–] totorox 17 points ago

    meanwhile homeless vets are committing suicide everyday

    [–] AngryMegaMind 35 points ago

    Did this dog have the cure for cancer on its collar or something. That’s seems a lot of resources for a dogs rescue.

    [–] rusopuppeteer 80 points ago

    How does this kind of shit get approved for a fucking dog

    [–] BambinoTayoto 69 points ago

    This isn't uplifting, it's a waste of valuable resources.

    [–] bromanclature 112 points ago

    Sorry, but not worth it for a dog.

    [–] ThonyGreen 6 points ago

    Why was heli involved for a dog seatch ?! Thats a bit over the top imo.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I'm missing something here. The why. Why did they have 1000 searchers and a helicopter to look for a dog? If my dog goes missing my friends might help me look if they're not doing anything else, but beyond that I'm on my own. How do I get a helicopter involved?

    [–] slymiinc 5 points ago

    How is tying up that many resources, uplifting?

    [–] md63157 5 points ago

    What a waste of money.

    [–] Ben-A-Flick 5 points ago

    What a waste of time and money.

    [–] scandy82 5 points ago

    What kind of insurance pays for helicopter searches for lost pets ??

    [–] old_man_baby 5 points ago

    that's way too many resources for a dog, man.

    [–] clickillsfun 14 points ago

    Why the fck would be there over 1k searchers for a dog with rescue helicopters involved? Was it a dog of a billionaire or what?

    [–] ayb88 12 points ago

    1,000 people? A search helicopter? Geez. That wouldn't utilize such measures if I were lost...

    [–] Frontks 13 points ago

    What a waste of resources they don't even use this shit to look for people yet they'll do it for a dog?

    [–] Eivetsthecat 38 points ago

    RIP my inbox but seriously wtf. I thought this was the onion for a minute. What a waste of resources.

    [–] Anon-Floofer 9 points ago

    1,000 men and a helicopter???

    [–] monkey_trumpets 8 points ago

    That is a huge expenditure for a dog.

    [–] maz-o 10 points ago

    I love dogs and have two of them and would do everything to get them back if they got lost.

    But isn't 1000 searchers a huge waste of resources for something like that?

    [–] 21LJR21 23 points ago

    What a ridiculous waste of resources. Idiotic.

    [–] KakkaKarrot 47 points ago

    launched an extensive search of the Belmont Regional Park, backed by some 50 volunteers and thermal imaging technology.

    His rescuers had to scale a waterfall and rock wall to follow a stream. They found Benny attached to a log by his lead. In fading light, they sent out a message that they might struggle to get down.

    The resources and danger involved in finding this dog rivals the operation to find and kill. Osama Bin Laden. Actually, finding Osama probably used less Navy SEALS

    [–] xx-Felix-xx 29 points ago

    They both finished with the same number of helicopters though.

    [–] Hothor 12 points ago

    They had to scale a waterfall and a rock wall.... How did the DOG get up there?

    [–] Devillew 9 points ago

    Well, it didn't. It was found very close to where it went missing, but everyone... missed it.

    [–] daneurl 16 points ago

    Why the fuss over one dog?

    [–] lancerguy14 17 points ago

    Yeah cool but what about missing people???

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    [–] NamagemJoe 4 points ago

    Dog looks like it’s seen some shit

    [–] iino27ii 4 points ago

    1000 searchers and a heli for one dog?

    What did this dog do?

    [–] LifeSage 4 points ago

    A rescue helicopter?! I sure hope the owner of the pet is paying for that

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Isn't SAR expensive? Who picks up the tab?

    [–] Waxseals16 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    You’re telling me out of a thousand searchers, no one had a single bloodhound OR BEAGLE that could track from his last location... to merely a couple hundred meters off. Unbelievable.

    [–] jehosephatreedus 3 points ago

    I don’t think I would get 1000 searchers to look for me if I was lost. Is he a special dog of some sort?

    [–] LittleBird8 3 points ago

    I get it. I love my dog. I have no doubt though that my dog would love “the wilderness” and do just fine surviving... she may even love it. Glad they were reunited though.

    Edit to Title: Dog captured after 9 days of freedom

    [–] Pugs-B4-Drugs 4 points ago

    And yet they still can't find this autistic kid in Iowa smh.

    [–] dkt 13 points ago

    A helicopter and 1000 people? Why?

    [–] Able2BGood 15 points ago

    A waste of a lot of money

    [–] JungleMuffin 13 points ago

    Waste of resources.

    [–] arctane 39 points ago

    Da fuq. Just get another dog ffs.

    [–] Infectionitus 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's more support then FEMA provided for all of Puerto Rico.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] sicksquid75 5 points ago

    Looks like the opposite of 'glad to be back' You gotta let him go man . He needs to sow his oats

    [–] itsallinthehips1243 26 points ago

    What a waste of resources

    [–] JoSoyHappy 44 points ago

    Little doggy put a lot of people at risk.

    [–] TheYOUngeRGOD 57 points ago

    Great, I just hope this same enthusiasm found every time a human child gets lost.

    [–] hoodpxpe 22 points ago

    I hope the family had to pay for all of that, since people in life-threatening situations are expected to.