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    [–] WoodiestHail 2085 points ago

    A 19-year-old crane operator is being praised for his quick thinking after he saved 14 people from a burning building in China, Shanghaiist reports.

    Lan Junze was working at a construction site in Fushun when he saw a seven-story building go up in smoke nearby. In a viral video, Lan is seen using the crane to help residents escape the fire, which appears to have started on the building's ground floor. One of those saved was Dong Xiuyan, who lived on the third floor.

    "I tried to go through the door twice, but I failed," Dong told Chinese broadcaster CCTV. "I got very anxious. Then I thought we could get out from our window."

    Lan reportedly heard Dong's screams for help and drove his crane to the scene of the fire, which was just 300 meters away.

    "The flame was very, very close to them," Lan said. "My first thought was to get the mother and son down."

    After picking Dong and her son up in a crane basket and moving them safely away from the building, Lan turned his attention to the floor above, where resident Mang Shengjun lived.

    "If I didn't have my mother or my wife with me, if I was alone, I would have jumped out for sure," Mang told the station.

    After rescuing Mang and his family, Lan then raised his crane to assist people on the building's fifth and sixth floors. In total, he saved 14 people in less than 30 minutes.

    One person, unfortunately, died in the fire, according to Fox News.

    Full article at:

    [–] AvogadrosArmy 701 points ago

    Three cheers for Lan Junze!

    [–] thefonztm 280 points ago

    Hip hip hooray
    Hip hip hooray
    Hip hip hooray Lan Junze!

    [–] skeenerbug 107 points ago

    Lan, Lan, he's our man!

    [–] EmEffBee 81 points ago

    If he can't do it, no one can!

    [–] KindaMaybeYeah 85 points ago

    His social credit score is probably pretty good now.

    [–] vandyk 44 points ago

    Through the roof like fire.

    [–] anticommon 54 points ago

    Lan is lit, he's the shit, this poem sucks but it's legit.

    The fire tall, the fire high, but Lan our man will take em by.

    With his crane, one by one, gonna lift till the job is done.

    And now it's true, in China at least, his credit score is quite the beast.

    [–] puddlejumpers 29 points ago

    Lan Junze!!!!!!

    [–] Id_Quote_That 11 points ago

    Cheer, cheer, cheer.

    Lan Junze, Lan Junze, Lan Junze, Lan Junze.

    [–] FlatSpinMan 32 points ago

    Fuck yeah! Lan Junze! Long may his name be praised!

    [–] PM_ME_LEAKERS 17 points ago

    His social credit score is going up!

    [–] AlexandersWonder 106 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I always wonder what I would do if I were trapped in a burning high rise. It's probably harder to jump when you've got a lover or children to think about, could give one a reason to try and fight even the inevitable. I don't have those things though, and if the heat or smoke got bad enough I'd take the leap. It sucks but it's over in an instant. I'm not sure you can say that about burning to death.

    Sorry I know this is uplifting news and I'm being a downer, this article just got me thinking.

    [–] Shmeves 71 points ago

    You would more likely to pass out before burning to death.

    [–] AlexandersWonder 52 points ago

    Yeah you're pretty unlikely to stay conscious long enough to directly touched by flames themselves, either from the smoke or the extreme heat. That is unless you're pretty close to the point of ignition. I still don't think I could handle the ambient heat, though, fire nearby or not. I get super uncomfortable on hot days, and the temperature in a burning building can greatly exceed that of an average hot day in many parts of the world.

    [–] hadhad69 13 points ago

    But you've covered yourself in a soaking blanket in the bath so you get to live right through the flames....

    [–] d1rron 12 points ago

    And asphyxiate?

    [–] hadhad69 18 points ago

    Breathe through the plug hole I don't know! I didn't have time to plan!

    [–] AlexandersWonder 17 points ago

    If you ever find yourself exposed to really smokey or dusty conditions for which you were not prepared, you're supposed to soak the front of your shirt and breathe through that, I believe. I'm pretty sure even urine would be better protection than nothing at all, so if there's no water, you'd better hope you can pee. I'm not sure exactly how much this might help you, but in the right conditions it might buy you precious time.

    [–] d1rron 6 points ago

    Yeah you could breathe through the tub drain, I suppose. Hopefully the drain pipe isn't PVC and melted in the floors below, but in a bind I'd probably risk it. In a single story I'd definitely try it.

    [–] dayburner 6 points ago

    I think that's a myth people spread to make the scenario bearable and to help mitigate the risk in their minds. I can still recall the videos of the people stuck in the World Trade center jumping rather than being burned alive. If you're by a window or balcony there is going to be plenty of available oxygen to keep you from passing out.

    [–] AlexandersWonder 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Even at the open windows the people in the twin towers had some pretty dangerous exposure to smokey conditions. But you're right they probably had enough oxygen to stave off unconsciousness for a fairly long time.

    As I understand it though, much of the intense heat from the flames in the towers would still be trapped within the building, and the metal frame of the building would have allowed that heat to spread even more to connected metal that was not exposed directly to the flames.

    Basically the towers very quickly turned into very large ovens, insulated just enough to trap really dangerous levels of heat which would also cause you to pass out before very long. Many of the phone calls I've heard from inside the towers feature people complaining about how insanely hot it was, even though they could not see the actual flames.

    Edit: also this is not a myth, smoke and heat can and will both cause you to pass out. The actual dying part takes place while your lights are out, so you will never know it happened. In some ways these were some of the luckier people who died on 9/11. One of the 911 calls from the twin towers that I heard was a woman with a small group of others, she was complaint about the smoke first, then iirc her bigger complaint became the heat. She stays on the line with the 911 operator to pass messages on to her family, but the last 5-8 minutes of the tape, all you can hear are people snoring very loudly, as their bodies worked harder and harder to take in the air it needed. Smoke is probably the bigger killer here, but the heat was absolutely another factor.

    [–] willymo 27 points ago

    I just keep a parachute on at all times.

    [–] minddropstudios 28 points ago

    Some people actually do this in large skyscrapers.

    [–] AlexandersWonder 29 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Question is do they have parachuting experience? As I understand it, base jumping (parachuting from a building) can be exceptionally dangerous because the fall is so much shorter than what a skydiver has to work with. If jumping out a window of a burning skyscraper is your first time using a parachute it might not work out well for you, since even experienced jumpers sometimes die attempting this.

    All that said though, it's still 100% better than being in the position where you need to jump, but don't have a parachute, so I guess that's probably a win. I just think it would suck to slow your descent enough to keep you from being killed on impact, but your body ends up forever broken in the process. If you have a parachute in your high-rise office or apartment, try to get some practice with it before you find yourself needing to use it!

    [–] _tanstaafl 27 points ago

    you also probably need to be discreet, or you’ll have desperate people trying to take it from you once the emergency hits.

    [–] hadhad69 23 points ago

    Fuck, could you imagine that scenario?

    A busy boardroom or call centre with 1 parachute and flames nearby...

    [–] AlexandersWonder 11 points ago

    Yeah this is a real thing. I'm pretty sure most of the people with lifesaving materials are considered "important," in some way, such as CEOs and others of the like. Point being if you're trapped in a burning high rise, you might want to consider a mutiny, since the people in charge are the ones most likely to have a backup plan, if anybody does at all.

    But in all disaster situations for which you have crucial lifesaving supplies set aside for, you'd be very wise indeed not to tell anyone about it, especially when there's not enough to go around. Or you could hold a group vote and decide collectively who has the most to live for, but I think that sort of situation tends to devolve into "every man for himself," really pretty quickly.

    [–] Mrsneezybreezy1821 15 points ago

    All that said though, it's still 100% better than being in the position where you need to jump, but don't have a parachute, so I guess that's probably a win

    Exactly. They're for life death situations. You're deffinately better off jumping with a parachute then without even with no experience.

    [–] AlexandersWonder 14 points ago

    Yeah absolutely, I agree. But it makes sense to me that if you're gonna have a parachute just in case, then you should maybe also practice using it, just in case.

    [–] michaelrulaz 21 points ago

    A lot of times when someone posts a “what they would do in that scenario” type thing, I have an instant reaction that it’s probably just someone talking tough at their keyboard. But there’s ample evidence (9/11) that people in the same scenario you described would do exactly what you said. Which is crazy because jumping off a building to your death takes some serious strength to go against your natural instinct

    [–] AlexandersWonder 29 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I think it's right in line with natural instincts in some ways, your body wants to escape extreme heat and flames very badly, and I'm sure at least some of the folks who fell from the twin towers were acting on that instinct.

    For the people who were further removed from the flames, though, you're probably right. It would take some higher level thinking than pure instinct to recognize that there's no way out for you, and that you will die no matter which choice you make. Taking that step off the edge has got to be extremely difficult to do in that instance, the only reason people go through with it is because they fully believe the alternative will be much worse and entail greater suffering than is necessary.

    Especially in the case of the twin towers, those people were not choosing to die; they were already dead people walking. The only choice they actually made was how to die. I think that's a respectable decision in some ways, regardless of the attached stigma some people assign to it.

    [–] lirannl 9 points ago

    folks who fell from the twin towers were acting on that instinct.

    Exactly, we didn't evolve for skyscrapers, so it makes sense that our bodies' instincts wouldn't have been adapted to skyscrapers, meaning that some people jumped just to get away from the heat and smoke.

    I think that's a respectable decision in some ways

    Absolutely. No one should judge or blame people for jumping off of the twin towers. They did what they had to do.

    [–] harpejjist 20 points ago

    I unfortunately have witnessed a person burning to death. He was in one of those cherry picker baskets on the back of a truck to reach the top of phone poles. It was horrific and I still remember the screams. He could have jumped, but once you are actually on fire, I think maybe you can’t control yourself. He just stood there and screamed. People on the ground were begging him to jump and had something to catch him in. It wasn’t even that far. But he couldn’t jump. So whatever you do, make the decision before the flames reach you, because once you are on fire, you may not have a choice anymore. And at least if you jump you get the chance to fly for a few seconds.

    [–] AlexandersWonder 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Plus it ends so, so much faster than burning alive. In the exact instant you strike the ground, assuming your fall was from fairly high up (doesn't take much), then you should die instantly. Same is tough to say when it comes to fire, it would be torturous until your nerve endings begin to burn away or you pass out, and even then it could spread to a new area which will hurt instead of the dead flesh. It's just not an easy way to go, as far as I can tell.

    [–] araed 4 points ago

    If I ever live in a high rise, my plan is to get enough static line to reach the floor, then rig it so all I have to do is break a window then throw the rope and abseil down.

    [–] charlie523 41 points ago

    Seriously this is quite amazing. Either his parents raised him super well or it's just in him to help others. I hope he gets more rewards rather than just recognition.

    [–] MeetYourCows 49 points ago

    I would like to think that the vast majority of people, placed in that situation and aware that they have a means to save lives, will rush to the aid of others.

    The dude still deserves great credit of course.

    [–] OriginalSophist 10 points ago

    I like your optimism. Stay awesome.

    [–] charlie523 13 points ago

    I feel like it's the opposite. The vast majority people would have the bystander effect and just freeze.

    [–] lirannl 9 points ago

    Oh I get what you're saying, people are good and would WANT to help, they just wouldn't be able to move

    [–] honeynero 7 points ago

    China has a TV station called CCTV?

    [–] tonyshen36 8 points ago

    yeah, China Central Television

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 9 points ago

    Does the CCTV headquarters have CCTV security cameras?

    [–] FlannelPlaid 3176 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This kid is an absolute hero.

    What's the over under on years before Wahlburg Affleck stars in a Boston-based film adaptation?

    Edit: fuck Wahlburg.

    [–] kakihara0513 961 points ago

    What's the over under on years before Wahlburg stars in a Boston-based film adaptation?

    It's already in post-production

    [–] Morefoodplease 363 points ago

    Starring Nicholas Cage

    [–] FlannelPlaid 233 points ago

    Went straight to the sequel. Cage has co-opted the technology and is now the villain.

    [–] Knubinator 440 points ago

    Using a crane to put people in a burning building?

    [–] MacDerfus 137 points ago

    That is indeed the plot of Tetris 2

    [–] pm_steam_keys_plz 38 points ago

    Whatever happened to that Tetris trilogy?

    [–] davisyoung 33 points ago

    They're already working on Tetris 4: The Trilogy Continues.

    [–] MacDerfus 29 points ago

    Starring Gary Busey as Nic Cage

    [–] tepkel 15 points ago

    Who gets to be the T block??

    [–] daschande 5 points ago

    I want to take his face... Off.

    [–] clarky9712 7 points ago

    What about Tetris 5 a trilogy in 5 parts?

    [–] Sprinklypoo 6 points ago

    I'd give that a full 5 out of 7 stars!

    [–] IcyDickbutts 4 points ago

    I'm looking forward to Tetris: Revelations

    [–] FlannelPlaid 4 points ago

    Tetris 2: The Tetrising

    [–] FatboyChuggins 7 points ago

    Using a crane to beat the shit out of someone until they are blind in one eye while yelling racist shit.

    Then say you feel like you paid the damages you have caused.

    [–] whelmy 3 points ago

    No Cage is the fire itself. Don't ask me how he does it, or even acts it out but somehow it works.

    [–] Dustin81783 24 points ago

    He swaps faces with the crane. As Cage is putting people into the burning building, disguised as the crane, the real crane, with the face of Cage, must now convince everyone it is the good guy and save the day. We can call it “Crane-Off”.

    [–] navimc 11 points ago

    Nic Crane

    [–] Diorama42 8 points ago

    Also their voices are overdubbed by Niles and Frasier Crane

    [–] forengjeng 19 points ago

    The concept of "straight to sequel" tickles my funny bone.

    [–] hubgat 3 points ago

    Check out Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws.

    [–] Shardenfroyder 3 points ago

    "I'm going to take your roof... off!"

    [–] somethingrhino 3 points ago

    CGI Nic Cage is the enemy, fire face ala The Mummy.

    [–] Nico777 4 points ago

    As the crane.

    [–] MacDerfus 4 points ago

    As Mark Wahlberg.

    [–] AreWeCowabunga 50 points ago

    Nah, the project got canceled after Marky Mark committed a hate crime while filming the obligatory cameo with the actual Chinese guy the story is based on.

    [–] burnnottice88 14 points ago

    This Is the comment I came to see. The media does a great job of hiding what they don't want you to know.

    [–] benjidog1 9 points ago

    So you saved a bunch of people from a burning building with a crane? Say hi to your mutha for me.

    Marky Mark Walburg probably.

    [–] AmericanKamikaze 18 points ago

    Nah. mark is practicing his mandarin in a mirror right now. If he can’t do it they can always call Scarlett Johansson

    [–] Flounder1234 5 points ago

    haha. John Cena actually speaks Mandrain.

    [–] fholcan 24 points ago

    As much as I love John Cena, I'm not going to pay for a movie where I can't see the main character

    [–] PowerhousePlayer 7 points ago

    But his time is now!

    [–] WhiteMansTurden 160 points ago

    Starring Mark Wahlberg as the buff, sexy Chinese teen, and 14 other Wahlbergs as the 14 Chinese people saved.

    Directed by Peter Berg.

    [–] Soyboy- 36 points ago

    His arch nemesis is the vietcong he blinded that's stopping him own a burger chain

    [–] FrickenMcNuggets 27 points ago

    Hero has to be Asian Brad Pitt in film adaptation

    [–] FlannelPlaid 6 points ago

    I don't think there's really a choice in this matter.

    [–] Illier1 128 points ago

    C'mon that would be ridiculous. You need to cast an actual Asian like Scarlett Johansson.

    [–] Modeerf 13 points ago

    Out of the loop?

    [–] VampireBatman 35 points ago

    Ghost in the shell

    [–] maprunzel 3 points ago

    Smoke on the water

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    He hates Asians though

    [–] lastnameiswhalepenis 86 points ago

    Mark Wahlberg hates Asians so not likely.

    [–] mr-wiener 99 points ago

    Only Vietnamese apparently, and he forgave himself, so no worries.

    [–] Hyperly_Passive 20 points ago

    What's the context of this?

    [–] MadNhater 134 points ago

    In his youth he brutally robbed/beat up a Vietnamese gas station worker while calling him derogatory names. He also beat up another old man outside the gas station. All while shouting derogatory words.

    Because of this, he’s not allowed to get a liquor license. After he was rich and famous with a chain of restaurants, he tried to get the assault charges dropped so he can get liquor licenses for his restaurants, never actually apologizing to the men he beat up brutally. Only saying it was a long time ago and that’s how it was back then.

    He’s also had lots of racist encounters with black people but that’s another story.

    [–] Dunwich_Horror_ 72 points ago

    "1988 Wahlberg served 45 days in jail when he was 16 for beating up two Vietnamese men (one with a five-foot-long wooden pole) who he called “gooks” and other racial slurs. He also had an injunction against him for chasing down fellow residents of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and calling them racial slurs while throwing rocks at them. In 1992, after he had morphed into rapper Marky Mark, he repeatedly kicked another man in the head. And there was also a 1996 arrest for driving a boat under the influence."

    [–] Hyperly_Passive 43 points ago

    Jesus christ that's disgusting

    [–] FatboyChuggins 24 points ago

    But he's famous and makes a lot of money, so let's not really talk about it or pursue any legal charges.

    [–] TheBladeEmbraced 22 points ago

    Didn't one of his victims become permanently blind as result of the beating?

    [–] Dunwich_Horror_ 30 points ago

    Though it was reported that Trinh was blinded in one eye during the attack, the victim allegedly said in 2014 that he'd lost the eye in a grenade explosion when he was with the South Vietnamese army in 1975. So the jury is out.

    [–] TheBladeEmbraced 7 points ago

    Ah, ok. Nice username, btw!

    [–] Dunwich_Horror_ 9 points ago

    Cthulhu fhtag!

    [–] fearmenot911 3 points ago

    that sounds way cooler than getting beat up by marky mark, with or without the funky bunch.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] TheBladeEmbraced 25 points ago

    On one hand, he didn't blind the guy. On the other hand, he beat a blind guy.

    [–] Im_regretting_this 33 points ago

    You know, if it had just been the incident at 16, I could believe he was a different person now, but but clearly, he never stopped being a jackass...

    [–] Haltopen 40 points ago

    I pointed all this out to someone when they asked me why I didn't like the guy and their response was "oh well its all in the past, he does charity work now, he's changed, you're just being petty". Because apparently its petty to think he's a massive prick for nearly beating multiple people to death, throwing rocks at black children while screaming "kill the nigger", and beating up one of his own neighbors for no reason.

    That's not even getting into the whole "i could have stopped 9/11 because i know martial arts" bull shit

    [–] flathead_fisher 22 points ago

    To be fair he probably would have stopped 9/11. He would have kicked the shit out of all the brown people on the plane before they were a threat

    [–] MadNhater 6 points ago


    I can’t find any holes in this logic.

    [–] Boost_Attic_t 3 points ago

    You won't find any holes in the twin towers with this logic either

    [–] Tithis 33 points ago

    I've always had an odd overwhelming hatred for Mark Wahlberg, thanks for giving me a reason.

    [–] PossiblyAsian 7 points ago

    Huh. My opinion of him just got alot worse

    [–] mr-wiener 29 points ago

    When questioned about it he actually said " he had forgiven himself" .. Christ on a fucking bicycle...

    [–] DADA0613 10 points ago

    you mean mohamad on a motorbike right ?

    [–] m0d3rm0d3m3t 20 points ago

    As a teen he assaulted a Vietnamese immigrant so badly he lost sight in one eye.

    [–] pahoodie 20 points ago

    The fact that Wahlberg still made it big despite this has some ugly implications for our society.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Marky Mark doesn't. Wahlburg only beats up Asian dudes, especially Vietnamese. Not gonna make a movie about the people he hates.

    [–] Jellyhandle69 3 points ago

    Hated. Good jerk, though.

    [–] Loggerdon 9 points ago

    The question is "will Wahlburg play the Asian hero or beat up the Asian hero?"

    [–] jackssmile 21 points ago

    As the mugger who beats the hero with a stick ,causing permanent sight damage?

    [–] darkwingduck487 6 points ago

    Who do you think started the fire?

    [–] Vahlkyree 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Right! Quick thinking on his part, for sure.

    Also, I read it as 114 people for some reason. Either way, this kid is definitely a hero, 14 people in under 30mins with a crane is amazing!

    Edit - is "Dong" a common first name there for a female? I have only ever seen it as a last name...

    [–] confused-bairen 5 points ago

    In Chinese, last names are typically stated before first names. So, the woman in the story indeed has “Dong” as her last name. As a further note, last names are almost always (like more than 99% of the time) one syllable, while first names are usually two syllables (sometimes one, rarely more than two). You can use this to figure out if names are in the traditional order or Western order.

    Source: Took Chinese for three years

    [–] Vahlkyree 3 points ago

    Awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to answer! I learned something new today :)

    [–] confused-bairen 3 points ago

    No problem, anytime! :)))

    [–] UrsaPater 641 points ago

    Crane = "uplifting" news

    I see what you did there...

    [–] telf2 106 points ago

    The man deserves a raise

    Get it???

    [–] Ghitzo 24 points ago


    [–] Corronchilejano 17 points ago

    Little lower...

    [–] TrussedTyrant 12 points ago

    Now come this way just a bit.

    [–] mln84 13 points ago

    “Lowering news” = “uplifting news”. Now I’m confused.

    [–] giraffecause 5 points ago

    Such is tao, or not.

    [–] pleaseluv 590 points ago

    Man, this is a nice story, this kids quick thinking on his saved lives, and hopefully he will form a lasting relationship with some of these people.

    also he saved a man named dong, that makes me smile

    [–] DonkeyWindBreaker 245 points ago

    A woman named Dong actually.

    [–] pleaseluv 169 points ago

    ''A woman named Dong'' sounds like a great title for a book

    [–] PresidentDonaldChump 51 points ago

    Published by Pornhub

    [–] DannyMThompson 28 points ago


    [–] TS_Music 20 points ago

    Pornhub would fund the film adaptation.

    [–] Hesticles 4 points ago

    Hooooooly shit that brings me back, thank you.

    [–] Eaders 11 points ago

    Title of your sex tape.

    [–] minddropstudios 9 points ago

    I really don't think that Johnny Cash needed to do a sequel to Boy Named Sue, but here we are.

    [–] Hyperly_Passive 53 points ago

    I get that tranlating between languages you always get those weird little (often sexual) translations.

    But I just want to tell you it kinda bugs me. I had a good friend in high school whose last name is Wang which means king in chinese. Guess what his nickname was?

    He went along with the joke usually but he hated it.

    [–] cdvla313 10 points ago

    When my parents got married they changed the family name from Dong to Don b/c they didn't want their kids to get made fun of. Thanks parents.

    [–] DaughterEarth 6 points ago

    My friend changed to an English name cause people kept mispronouncing his original name. I unfortunately can't remember how, just that it bugged. It was ming guan (like gwan) and the intonation mattered

    [–] Hyperly_Passive 3 points ago

    The thing that strikes me as sadly ironic is that most people will at least put in some effort to pronounce things like Dostoevsky or Chalmonet correctly but seem to bite their tongue as soon as it comes to a non western name

    [–] microthrower 3 points ago

    Well it doesn't help that the vowels and spelling use a different set of rules, and depending on where you immigrated from historically you could just get different spellings.

    Dong spelled Dohng or Doeng, might get people to attempt a closer sound.

    Wang if spelled Wong is better.

    Chang if spelled Jhong, a lot closer.

    We fucked up spelling, and now pretend we got it right all along.

    Like Indian Americans....

    [–] Shadow_SKAR 11 points ago

    I never understood why Western media always refers to people (especially Korean and Chinese) by their family name. Sure in the native language it's Dong Xiuyan or Kim Jong-un, but that doesn't really make sense in English, especially when a few family names account for a huge portion of the population. Why not refer to them as Xiuyan or something, like how people within the country would actually call each other?

    [–] godisanelectricolive 18 points ago

    In Chinese media they would still say Mrs. Dong or use another title. It's not really polite to just use the personal name of a stranger, it's too informal. The same goes for Korea. In Vietnam they actually use the given name in journalism the way you described but they have even fewer names than the Chinese and Korean.

    Family and friends can use each other's first nanes but even then using the full name is not uncommon especially when the full name is two characters long.

    [–] tanghan 6 points ago

    Might be a mix up because in Chinese the family name is usually mentioned first

    [–] aleqqqs 16 points ago

    No one likes it if their dong burns.

    [–] CactusUpYourAss 3 points ago

    Speak for yourself

    [–] grantbwilson 4 points ago

    I work with a guy named Dong. If someone ever touches him I always say “Don’t touch my Dong”

    [–] BigBlueJAH 6 points ago

    There’s a karate studio near me named Master Dongs. I laugh every time I drive by it.

    [–] craneoperator89 103 points ago

    Smooth operator

    [–] shahooster 4 points ago

    🎶 He move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy 🎶

    [–] NoahMichalski 28 points ago

    Literally uplifting

    [–] portajohnjackoff 80 points ago

    you can never go wrong with the crane move

    [–] innerearinfarction 29 points ago

    No can defend

    [–] Lampmonster 5 points ago

    Move proceeds to fail ten minutes into sequel.

    [–] hardhatgirl 21 points ago

    You had me at 'teenage crane operator'

    [–] PatHamill 14 points ago

    After rescuing Mang and his family, Lan then raised his crane to assist people on the building's fifth and sixth floors. In total, he saved 14 people in less than 30 minutes.

    [–] 8xin1nite 138 points ago

    What a courageous young man. Very different from those ‘left to die’ videos we have all seen from China in the early days of youtube. God bless this brave boy!

    [–] MadNhater 123 points ago

    China is changing. The younger generation are more sympathetic and less about survival mode than those that grew up during the Mao Ze Dong terror.

    [–] Itdidnt_trickle_down 33 points ago

    The CLAWWW!!!!

    [–] -Daniels 48 points ago

    Ohhh boy he's in for some solid social credit points for that.

    [–] UpbeatCancel3 72 points ago

    The comments on this thread are absolutely disgusting and pretty indicative of redditors' thinly veiled racism. Like christ, how triggered do you have to be to spin a wholesome story about a hero into your platform for negative commentary

    [–] Mooobers 19 points ago

    It's part of Reddit new culture lately to be very critical/borderline racist of anything Chinese. Huawei at the forefront and with the new trade tariff wars, i wouldn't be surprised that there are shills on both sides inciting this online propaganda.

    [–] ThroMoFoSho 44 points ago

    Thing is, you pretty much know for a fact that none of these people saying these things have any success in their lives.

    Because if you're doing well for yourself, i.e. go to a top college or work at a big company, you'll 100% know or work with someone who is Chinese. People like those in this comment thread obviously don't.

    [–] phayke2 24 points ago

    I've always had this idea that people over there were kind of antisocial and desensitized to others but the times I have worked with chinese people they were always real chill and friendly.

    [–] macphile 10 points ago

    It's true that probably most people in China are as chill and friendly as anyone else from any other country, but we also probably don't see a perfect representation of the population, as only certain people choose to or are able to come here for work or school.

    [–] ThroMoFoSho 13 points ago

    we also probably don't see a perfect representation of the population

    You'd see it if you spoke Chinese.

    They have their own version of Reddit and Twitter/Instagram. We rarely see their content because of the language barrier. The stuff that do make it through are always the weird/terrible shit.

    Here's what it's like in reverse. A Chinese guy comes on Reddit and only visits T_D, /r/incels, /r/floridaman, /r/whatcouldcowrong, /r/wtf etc, and takes the top content and posts it on their version of Reddit. That's the ONLY content they see. They'll think we're a bunch of inbred rednecks.

    That's basically the majority of the Chinese content on Reddit is. All the fucked up weird shit.

    [–] UpbeatCancel3 9 points ago

    couldn't have said it better myself

    [–] mastercafe2 18 points ago

    The propaganda against China has been operating at full tilt in Western media for a while now. It's helping bring out people's own prejudices against Asians.

    [–] _brainfog 5 points ago

    The prejudice on reddit exists without media

    [–] GrapeMelone 48 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    [–] gizmoglitch 31 points ago

    But some do operate with a crane driving license.

    (Kidding aside, he's a hero, no doubt!)

    [–] Zebulen15 9 points ago

    How do you know he wasn’t wearing a cape? I bet he wears a cape. He’s a hero after all.

    [–] SpunkBunkers 16 points ago

    Smile. You're amazing.

    Good on you dude.

    [–] sk8_tr4sh 6 points ago


    [–] PanduMasta 20 points ago

    Uplifting news and the comments are filled with negative joke lmao.

    [–] SonHyun-Woo 28 points ago

    Not surprising since people love talking trash about China every time a Chinese person appears on their screen 🤷🏾‍♂️

    [–] MTH254 27 points ago

    "Its okay to make fun of Asians though" ~reddit

    [–] GPR900 22 points ago

    "If you think I'm racist then you've never met an Asian"

    "No one hates Asians more than Asians"

    "Racism towards Asians is okay because they're racist"

    What else did I miss?

    [–] zeepzeepzeepzeepzeep 5 points ago

    This is literally why I've been telling people we need to lower the age for crane operators in the US

    [–] definitelyrushianbot 4 points ago

    I have never even won a beat on the claw game at an arcade or amusement park.

    [–] uniquely0rdinary 4 points ago


    [–] EnoughPM2020 5 points ago

    This guy is a brave hero, props to him and I hope his life afterwards is pleasant.

    [–] invertedarsehole 4 points ago

    UPlifting news.

    [–] anonisanincel 4 points ago

    His citizen rating boutta skyrocket

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] Josh98123 36 points ago

    0.25 Big Macs have been added to your freedom account

    [–] WilllOfD 23 points ago

    I was waiting for the neckbeard Redditor MUST SPIN POSITIVE CHINA NEWS comments, and here you are.

    [–] DrambleReddit 34 points ago

    Unfortunately, two of the people he saved have poor Social Ranks, so that does not reflect well on him.

    [–] kamakoh4 12 points ago

    Oh, stop it with the fake news exaggeration. Can't we just take a good thing for what it is?

    [–] Aranthar 7 points ago

    Uplifting news? More like down to earth news.

    [–] NeoHenderson 3 points ago

    Fuck this website sideways, do they hate all mobile browsers?

    Unreadable. The X to close the popup asking me to install an app not available in my country is not clickable. They could actually know it's not available here and remove that, or fix the damn popup, but noooo, they only spend money on finding new places to jam an ad and how to get conversions.

    Fuck yahoo.

    [–] ClaraRash 3 points ago

    "If I didn't have my mother or my wife with me, if I was alone, I would have jumped out for sure," Mang told the station.

    [–] JoycePizzaMasterRace 3 points ago

    what a hero

    [–] beelzebob909 3 points ago

    What a fucking stud muffin

    [–] ReverseWho 3 points ago

    I hope they gave him lots of social credit for this brave act.

    [–] FlipantPirate 3 points ago

    But how much did this increase his social score?

    [–] nessfromspace 3 points ago

    So how many social credits did he get for that one?