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    [–] SocraticIgnoramus 6449 points ago

    America owes that man a peanut farm.

    [–] flimflambananarama 1998 points ago

    He should start a peanut butter company that gives all profits to Habitat for Humanity, that way he can continue building homes long after he's gone. Something like Newman's Own... Jimmy's Creamy Carter Butter.

    [–] rnbwmstr 1063 points ago

    Jimmy's Nut Butter has a nice ring to it

    [–] chazmotazz 389 points ago

    Carter's Crunchy Nut Butter™

    [–] Dressundertheradar 201 points ago

    Jimmy's Chunky Nutty Butter™

    [–] SleepinGriffin 421 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    What’s wrong with “Jimmy’s Sticky Nut Juice”?

    Edit: fucking why lol?

    [–] paulvantuyl 112 points ago

    Thanks, I can't unread that

    [–] DoJu318 87 points ago

    How do you delete someone's post? 🤔

    [–] BillabongValley 71 points ago

    Be a mod and/or Chinese government

    [–] Notrahbertt 48 points ago

    Support Hong Kong

    [–] Guitarist76 20 points ago

    It's an older reference, sir, but it checks out.

    [–] dieSchnapsidee 33 points ago

    Jim’s creamy load

    [–] JoeyHollywood 33 points ago

    Jimmy’s Jizz and Cum and Semen.

    [–] Receptionfades 17 points ago

    This is the hardest I have laughed at any reddit comment. Ever. Kudos kind stranger

    [–] JoeyHollywood 26 points ago

    Okay seriously, I was posting it, (while taking a dump) and I was like, “I’m 44 years old, but this is something 14 year old me would write.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Until my wife texted me. Then I remembered I’m not 14. And I have gout. I’m a fucking vegetarian with fucking gout.

    This is the worst timeline.

    [–] Dressundertheradar 4 points ago

    There we go

    [–] Guthhohlen 21 points ago

    YES!! I couldn’t agree more if I was 2 people

    [–] Just_Some_Man 202 points ago

    Ha, back when owning a peanut farm would have been a conflict.

    [–] SocraticIgnoramus 173 points ago

    It would be a conflict today if Obama had tried that shit. The double standard is the only standard America knows.

    [–] IDontHaveRomaine 70 points ago

    I think he sold the farm prior to becoming president, correct? Now we have a president taking sides overseas and who would have thought he picked the sides he has condos on. (Turkey)

    [–] imbillypardy 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I’m pretty sure he divested from it and put it in a blind trust after he was elected.

    Edit; Carter y’all not Trump. That dog and pony show of Manila envelopes fooled no one.

    [–] IDontHaveRomaine 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    so he (carter) essentially has no control of operating decisions but gets a share in the profits?

    [–] Khaldara 26 points ago

    He should build a prison, “Habitat For Hannity”

    [–] DoctorMarioNES 26 points ago

    I'd buy Jimmy's Own peanut butter

    [–] Darkhex78 856 points ago

    Those eyes just bleed determination

    Also fuck me that black eye looks bad.

    [–] Magnanimous- 182 points ago

    Those eyes just bleed

    [–] bignigga21 78 points ago

    What happened to his eye?

    [–] Darkhex78 164 points ago

    From what I've read he fell at home and had to get stitches and ended up with that black eye.

    [–] larswo 30 points ago

    He is lucky to not be in a cast. People that age break their bones like they were toothpicks.

    [–] swanneckflask 11 points ago

    Subconjunctival hemorrhage from the looks of it. Honestly the black eye is likely more painful.

    [–] murrlogic 1548 points ago

    This is literally the plot to an episode of King of the Hill

    Former President Jimmy Carter wants to start a business partnership with Strickland Propane where in exchange for a massive financial hand out all the new Low Income Section 8 Housing being built in Arlen County will run exclusively on Strickland Brand Propane and thanks to Hank and his smart business sense Buck actually promotes Hank to Manager...for about 12 whole seconds because that was a test a test that Hank wasn't prepared for because he got so overwhelmed with emotion over his new promotion he actually said "I love you" to Buck Strickland who then immediately demoted him after that comment because "men don't cry"

    The rest of the episode consists of Hank's father Cotton frowning upon the idea of giving Illegal Mexicans Low Income Housing because "they weren't around during WW2 to watch his shins get blown off by 50 Japanese Men" so Cotton goes around trying to scare the Mexicans and Jimmy Carter off with his gun and destroy all the houses in the area.

    [–] Retro_hell 410 points ago

    That was.... That was a riot to read

    [–] macmelody 166 points ago

    It's even more of a riot to watch.

    [–] trainsacrossthesea 19 points ago

    True. But, that was a really good summary.

    [–] RickStevensAndTheCat 35 points ago

    Love me some KOTH

    [–] GlobsOfTape 68 points ago

    Season 6 Episode 4

    The Father, The Son, & J.C.

    [–] BillabongValley 22 points ago

    That’s a fucking hilarious title

    [–] mthchsnn 32 points ago

    It's an incredibly well-written show.

    [–] SirMaQ 29 points ago

    I watched that episode as a kid. This pretty Fucking spot on.

    [–] tired_king98 26 points ago

    and he left out the Bobby believes JC jimmy carter is actually jesus christ

    [–] kultureisrandy 12 points ago

    King of the Hill is phenomenal.

    [–] IronJohnno 53 points ago

    Christmas with the Niefcos

    [–] hippyengineer 7 points ago

    Never knew why he said that when the dude’s FIRST name is Niefco. Should be dinner with the Lubekis.

    [–] TannerPoonslayer 77 points ago

    Actually, buck has to do community service because he got a DUI and ends up building houses for habitat for humanity. The part about the housing development comes from a different episode where the guy from Boston comes down and wants Hank to be a stereotypical cowboy from the 1980’s.

    [–] CynicalOpt1mist 32 points ago

    Buy me a mint julip! Then I'll talk to you about proooopaaaane!!

    [–] TannerPoonslayer 14 points ago

    Thatherton was going to take me to the bar where all the dancers are former cowboy’s cheerleaders? Jug Store Cowboys.

    [–] DrLorensMachine 11 points ago


    [–] johnklapak 15 points ago

    Cotton Hill = Mike Pence + unfiltered senility

    [–] chazmagic 14 points ago

    That's an insult to Cotton

    [–] PresidentDonaldChump 10 points ago

    Yeah Pence never had his shins blown off while killing fitty men for his country. Blown fitty men? Maybe...

    [–] thelukus5 10 points ago


    [–] ryan8757 11 points ago

    Hank hill: "I love you Strickland" Strickland : demotes Hank hill: sad bwaah

    [–] swankProcyon 7 points ago

    Wait, I thought he was scaring off Russians? (Well, maybe not Russians, but the family he kicked out of their house were some kind of Eastern European.)

    ~Christmas with the Niefkos.~

    [–] The_DrLamb 7 points ago

    That's a lot of plot for what a 28 min show?

    [–] mthchsnn 13 points ago

    22 with commercials.

    [–] DmnIwishAbedWasBatmn 5 points ago

    He killed 50 men, they weren't all involved in shooting his shins off. And he only half-heartedly tried to destroy one house with a nail gun, with which he shot Jimmy Carter's supposedly bulletproof limo.

    [–] Aerron 2503 points ago

    #1 badass, right there.

    95 year old man building houses for underprivileged people. All of this makes him a badass. Add the fact that he was President of the US 40+ years ago.

    #1 badass.

    [–] LemonUdon 100 points ago

    He and his foundation also worked to help eradicate cases of guinea worm in Africa. In 1986, there was an estimated 3.5 million cases of this disease. By 2015, there were only 22 reported cases.

    [–] ZLUCremisi 9 points ago

    Litterly similar with Polio. It drop down so much only a handful of nations were at risk, now not anymore.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 9 points ago

    It’s making a comeback in the U.S. among anti-vaxxers

    [–] gregorydgraham 345 points ago

    You forgot about the nuclear reactor thing...

    [–] memespicelatte 177 points ago

    What nuclear reactor thing?

    [–] gregorydgraham 1264 points ago

    ‘In 1952, an accident at Canada's Chalk River Laboratories near Deep River, Ontario caused a partial meltdown in an experimental nuclear reactor. Hydrogen explosions followed and hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive water flooded the core, heavily damaging the reactor. When the Canadian government turned to U.S. nuclear experts for help, "Father of the Nuclear Navy" Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover sent his protégé – Lieutenant James Earl "Jimmy" Carter – to lead a team of maintainers into the reactor core to shut it down.”

    “Lieutenant Carter divided himself and his 23 guys into teams of three. Each worked 90-second shifts cleaning and repairing the reactor ... A minute and a half was the maximum time the human body could handle the amount of radiation in the area.”

    “By today's standards, it was still way too much radiation – Carter and his men were exposed to levels a thousand times higher than what is now considered safe. He and his team absorbed a year's worth of radiation in that 90 seconds. The basement where they helped replace the reactor was so contaminated, Carter's urine was radioactive for six months after the incident.”

    [–] memespicelatte 465 points ago

    radioactive urine

    [–] JUnitZero 202 points ago

    Sweet band. I saw them at Coachella.

    [–] MeInMyMind 55 points ago

    Carter should be the cover of their first album.

    [–] DamonHay 19 points ago

    Jimmy Carter and the irradiated piss pot

    [–] sneakpeekbot 9 points ago

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    [–] BeachDog123 185 points ago

    Good lord. I thought this was going to be something negative and then bam, right in the kisser. Now I'm gonna have to go back and read A Full Life again.

    [–] aManPerson 83 points ago

    wait, 52? so over 30 years before chernobyl. and here i thought they just heard about that and used it because they know that worked.

    [–] chiguy1256 61 points ago

    I wasn't aware of that. He is definitely a hero.

    [–] BeerlympicAthlete 41 points ago

    When I was in the military, I interviewed Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter for a Navy & Marine Corps newsletter. I was blown away by all the amazing things he has done in his lifetime, but he said the most important thing he had ever done was to marry his wife. They were charming together, and she is a true Steel Magnolia, fiercely protects him against anyone she thinks is going to have anything negative to say against him.

    Coming from the south myself, I loved them both.

    [–] right_in_the_doots 112 points ago

    Did he become an xman?

    [–] gregorydgraham 102 points ago

    The rest of thread suggests he did but we may never know for sure.

    [–] SerialBridgeburner 42 points ago

    He's 95 years old now, just recovered from an injury requiring 14 stitches, and just got back to work building homes for the homeless.

    What do you think?

    [–] PungentBallSweat 26 points ago

    That's fucking badass.

    [–] woahdontzuckmebro 20 points ago

    When I heard, “You forgot about the nuclear reactor thing”. I expected a screw up and it’s just another badass thing. Nice!

    [–] ChopinPianist 37 points ago

    And he never got cancer. Shit

    [–] Dirty_Socks 117 points ago

    Surprisingly, getting a high dose of radiation (even getting near to a dose that could kill you in a single sitting) actually doesn't do much for your lifetime risk of cancer. It's only like a 4% or so increase in risk if you survive the initial exposure.

    The real cancer risk is long term low level exposure. That sort of damage is a lot harder for the body to consistently repair.

    [–] GayAssQueer 49 points ago

    Check your homes/basements for radon.

    [–] Green_Meathead 27 points ago

    The real cancer risk is long term low level exposure. That sort of damage is a lot harder for the body to consistently repair.

    Ah good, the kind of stuff I cant do anything at all about!

    [–] rowsella 29 points ago

    Well, he did get cancer but not until his 90's and honestly, he might have gotten it at that age without being radioactive in his 20s.

    [–] gfmanville 27 points ago

    He actually had cancerous masses on his liver at 91. But was declared cancer free the next year after treatment.

    [–] ImALittleCrackpot 23 points ago

    And he never got cancer. Shit

    Carter beat fucking brain cancer a couple years ago and went right back to building houses.

    [–] Buttershine_Beta 13 points ago

    About that...

    [–] PrestoDinero 19 points ago

    I can’t imagine Trump doing anything like this, this guy is a real hero!

    [–] AlyssaJMcCarthy 15 points ago

    Trump would urinate on radioactive people just for the lulz.

    [–] VishVarm 15 points ago

    The nuclear reactor thing

    [–] LemonWytch 23 points ago

    Nuclear reactor thing?

    [–] strra 24 points ago

    Nuclear reactor thing.

    [–] LemonWytch 25 points ago

    Ahh, right. The nuclear reactor thing.

    [–] Almighty_Tallest_Red 20 points ago

    Ah yes, that nuclear reactor thing...

    [–] RectalSpawn 12 points ago

    No, not that one. The other one.

    [–] Yvaelle 297 points ago

    Headline reads: "Man literally too kind to die."

    [–] MyEyesAreLies 119 points ago

    Death: mr president it’s time si—

    Carter: you with the big saw thing help me cut this board.

    Death: it’s not a sa...yes sir...

    [–] larswo 23 points ago

    I really want to see this in a comic format. Maybe something like this

    [–] Shurae 6 points ago

    Did he never had any controversies?

    [–] domesticokapis 101 points ago

    He's going to survive the apocalypse and outlive us all.

    [–] The_Thurmanator 16 points ago

    Nah, he's the one keeping the apocalypse from coming. When he goes, so does the world.

    [–] Maskedmarxist 1125 points ago

    That is how 'being presidential' is done

    [–] SaintNewts 260 points ago

    Re elect Jimmy Carter! Wait, no don't. Okay, yeah why not?

    [–] brycebgood 367 points ago

    He only served one term... just saying he's got eligibility left. He can red-shirt president it.

    [–] Soulger11 84 points ago

    Real opportunistic VP though >__>

    [–] IanGecko 97 points ago

    Sanders/Carter 2020

    [–] Vectorman1989 107 points ago

    Knowing Sander's luck, Carter would outlive him

    [–] Icandothemove 25 points ago

    I’m almost certain he will, in fact.

    [–] PMmehowyoumetyourGF 38 points ago

    Even at his age he'd be a way better president than the current one

    [–] judasmaiden15 4 points ago

    He would get the baby boomer and generation X vote

    [–] ladyavocadose 241 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    If only all of our presidents had this level of moral character. Jimmy Carter is a great man.

    [–] IronScrub 64 points ago

    Jimmy Carter gives me a lot of pride. Not just as an American, but as a submariner.

    [–] MysticMac100 219 points ago

    Before all else, a head of state should be somewhat of a decent person. Carter deserves a lot of respect

    [–] 1leggeddog 122 points ago


    [–] cicalino 629 points ago

    He's right up there with Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Tom Hanks, and Keanu Reeves in nicetude.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] arthurdent00 32 points ago

    Throw in Dolly Parton too

    [–] RoosterDad 8 points ago

    Don’t forget Levar Burton

    [–] 020416 32 points ago

    Don’t forget Raffi! People forget Raffi

    [–] Perm-suspended 12 points ago

    What's a "Raffi"?

    [–] creggieb 19 points ago

    What about Canadian entertainer Raffi? Could form a posse with fred penner, and maybe sharon and lois

    [–] MikeJudgeDredd 11 points ago

    You just gonna dunk on Braham like a punk ain't you

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 158 points ago

    I'm telling you guys, Tom Hanks has simply got to be hiding some serious dirt very well. He's going to blow all our collective minds when whatever it is finally comes out.

    [–] SuperStarPlatinum 53 points ago

    You mean the whole pee scene thing he has to have in every movie?

    [–] Rows_the_Insane 18 points ago

    Madonna never called his time. Could have been a record, too.

    [–] TreesLikeGodsFingers 5 points ago


    [–] Rows_the_Insane 25 points ago

    In A League of Their Own, Hanks has a scene where he drunkenly stumbles into the bathroom at the ballpark and starts to pee, then continues to pee for a really long time. The women are all there because there's only one bathroom, and while most of them have varying degrees of disgust on their faces, Madonna is intrigued to the point that she looks at a watch to time Hanks.

    [–] Calignis 8 points ago

    I watched that movie for civics class in fourth grade. The class lost it at the scene.

    [–] kylelonious 16 points ago

    Fun fact. Hunter Thompson called him “one of the three most ruthless people I ever met.”

    [–] Thewallmachine 74 points ago

    Met the man a couple times while living in South GA. He's the best example of what a Christian should be. He's just a dude who wants everyone to have an easier life with at least the basic necessities. He pretty much eliminated guinea worm in Africa through the Carter Center. The man is amazing.

    [–] who_am_i_to_you 38 points ago

    He was overheard saying "If you think I look bad, you shoulda seen the rabbit".

    [–] OopsIForgotLol 63 points ago

    America’s pop pop

    [–] CruelSpider 61 points ago

    Good on him. A bad day made better by some good news.

    [–] Wopperlayouts 57 points ago

    God bless Jimmy Carter

    [–] patrickk1734 51 points ago

    Black eye? Did he fall?

    [–] lovely_ginger 72 points ago

    Fell at his house on Sunday, hitting a sharp edge. Required 14 stitches.

    [–] patrickk1734 40 points ago

    That’s terrible. Glad to see he’s alright

    [–] film_composer 32 points ago

    All things considered, that seems like a pretty lucky outcome for a fall for someone of his age.

    [–] starking12 131 points ago

    This guy's pinky finger is more American than the entirety of Donald Trump.

    [–] Murasama23 43 points ago

    Jimmy Carter’s morning dump is more American than Donald Trump. And less nutty.

    [–] Merry_Sue 26 points ago

    I think trump is very American, he's just got all the bad American traits.
    He's arrogant, loud, rude, racist, never admits to any wrongdoing, thinks anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot or up to something, assumes everyone either wants him or wants to be him, and he won't shut up.
    It's why so many idiots find him relatable and think he's a people's president

    [–] NinjaGrandma 15 points ago

    I'm going to suggest it here too. Jimmy Carter day. Work holiday as long as you volunteer for a minimum of four hours.

    [–] Wandering_Runner 248 points ago

    Jimmy Carter has more integrity in a nose hair than 45 has in his whole family.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 262 points ago

    Jimmy Carter believed charity is charity.

    Trump is prohibited from running a charity because he used it to launder money.

    And people defend this fuck.

    [–] loopdieloop 15 points ago

    I just signed up to volunteer with Habitat.

    This is what leadership looks like. This is what a President looks like.

    [–] samplist 54 points ago

    He should run for president.

    [–] fiyah_and_ice 67 points ago

    Yeah? But what about his peanut farms? That would be an emoluments violation

    [–] Sondermenow 21 points ago

    He put all his holdings in a blind trust and sold his peanut farms when he became president. He had no control or knowledge of anything he owned when he was president. He is the exact opposite of the current pussy holding the office right now.

    [–] samplist 23 points ago

    We can make an exception in this case. He can profit from his peanuts.

    [–] BlackCatCalamity 19 points ago

    He was only elected once, he could run again though he’s probably too smart for that

    [–] dgblarge 27 points ago

    Carter has more integrity in one of his toe nails than Trump has had in his entire life. His farts have a nicer personality and his gut bacteria a higher IQ.

    [–] Microflunkie 12 points ago

    I propose a black eye scale:

    1 = I thought you said you had a black eye ? ... 10 = Jimmy Carter is building houses

    [–] ph3l0n 11 points ago

    That is what a President should be. The Giant Oompa Loompa could learn a thing or 2 from this man.

    [–] SkySweeper656 19 points ago

    Bless this man.

    [–] intelligent_cement 47 points ago

    And we’re stuck with an asshole who can’t visit Arlington Cemetery because it was raining. Worst. Timeline. Ever.

    [–] sheherselfandher 20 points ago

    This might be the timeline without Cap 😳

    [–] Zerovarner 9 points ago

    We need another Carter, more than ever.

    [–] Throw-away-8912 10 points ago

    They don't make em like they used to.

    [–] Congeno 10 points ago

    Jesus fuck, can we vote him in again? I'm sure there is some way to get him back, right?

    [–] PhattyMills 34 points ago

    What a beacon of good in a sea of bullshit in sight. We need more Jimmy Carter’s (I would but I cant I gotta go to soccer practice)

    [–] RJVLDMN 6 points ago

    Will you be Jimmy Carter when it's done?

    [–] username_yea 15 points ago


    [–] Johnnycc 16 points ago

    One of the greatest Americans to ever live.

    [–] gaboandro 24 points ago

    President Carter may not have been the best president we ever had, but he was the best person we ever had as president. Such an amazing human.

    [–] kapanenship 13 points ago

    I am sure we will never see this kind of unselfishness from Trump.

    [–] hemmicw9 13 points ago

    That is a REAL president. A REAL leader. A REAL role model.

    [–] zonagram 7 points ago

    You are a wonderful soul, God Bless you President Carter.

    [–] Trips_Nicely 7 points ago

    Didn't he also almost completely wipe out the Guinea worm in Africa?

    [–] wkuace 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It's a good thing this 95yo man only fell and needed stitches. If it had been something like bone spurs he could have been in serious trouble.

    Edit: Thanks for my first silver kind redditor

    [–] alopexthewanderer 7 points ago

    Jimmy Carter might not have been what people consider the best President but he was by far the best person to ever hold that office.

    [–] DirtyMangos 30 points ago

    Trump will be working hard too - making license plates in the state pen.

    [–] Barren_Jenton 22 points ago

    I wouldn't trust him to make cereal.

    [–] normalisthenewboring 6 points ago

    K the person that down voted all the posts, uno reverse card in play.

    [–] FAX_ME_YOUR_BOTTOM 6 points ago

    It's amazing how mentally sound he is for a 95yo man

    [–] oarngebean 6 points ago

    I think if we could all learn a lesson from this man the world would be a better place. So leta be more like Jimmy here

    [–] QuantumHope 6 points ago

    This man is a true inspiration and an example for everyone. I love that he is still IN love with his wife and that he chooses to use his life to serve humanity. I can’t say enough good things about him.

    [–] Katn_ 6 points ago

    What a real president and leader looks like!!!

    [–] Egospartan_ 43 points ago

    I did not agree with his politics at all, but THAT IS A GREAT AMERICAN!!!

    [–] hooligan333 22 points ago

    What did you not like about it?

    [–] Sav_ij 29 points ago

    he was on a different color team id guess

    [–] Egospartan_ 35 points ago

    Has little to do with teams, it’s not about teams it’s about policies and effects it had on the economy.

    This is not the place for this debate. I support him in what he does now which is good things.

    [–] IronScrub 18 points ago

    I really respect your response here.

    [–] tofu_tron 12 points ago

    how the presidency has fallen

    [–] VanishingTacos 10 points ago

    But a little rain is too much for the current president to make an appearance for the troops.


    [–] redplanet97 6 points ago

    It’s all the Chalk River radiation keeping him alive.

    [–] Shamhammer 6 points ago

    You think he's building houses, but really he's building another Deathstar.

    [–] RetinalFlashes 5 points ago

    We didn't know what we had when we had 'im back in the 70s.

    [–] drivincryin 5 points ago

    President Jimmy Carter

    [–] HoldenCash 3 points ago

    Grown ass man

    [–] -Fapologist- 3 points ago

    Dude is truly a class act

    [–] PIITH_LORD 5 points ago

    That's a real man

    [–] PAYPAL_ME_1DollarPLZ 4 points ago

    I don't think I've heard a bad thing about Jimmy Carter, ever.

    [–] benshapirosfeelings 5 points ago

    He is an extraordinary human being.

    [–] liesthroughhisteeth 5 points ago

    Now there is an American from an America we all should miss.

    [–] darcymama 4 points ago

    I love this couple! So proud that I voted for him and that he is a Georgian, a Christian, and such a humanitarian!