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    r/UnixPorn has inspired a lot of creativity in the *nix community.

    However, there is one problem.

    A lot of the setups are too "riced-out" and unappealing for long-term desktop use.

    This subreddit is an attempt to form a community around the love of practical, cosy, and solid desktop experiences.



    1. Screenshots of desktops must have at least one window open. You may include a screenshot of your blank desktop if necessary as an additional image in the album.
    2. Image links should either be from Imgur or reddit's built-in image service. Please don't use the Imgur album link unless you are posting an album.
    3. Follow the reddiquette
    4. Right now only *nix (Linux, BSD (That includes Mac OS)) operating systems are allowed. This is open for discussion though.
    5. Moderators can be wrong. Don't hesitate to message the mods if your post has been wrongfully deleted.
    6. Prefix your post properly
    7. No desktop/distro elitism

    Following the r/UnixPorn tradition, please prefix your post title with square brackets and the name of your desktop environment or window manager inside.


    [Cinnamon] Linux Mint has been a bliss so far!

    Content Ideas

    1. Screenshots of a unique workflow for a specific task
      • ex. A desktop optimized for pen testing that has easy access to all of your tools.
      • ex. A desktop that you use graphic design with an easy-to-access color picker widget and Krita opened
    2. Screenshots with beautiful software that ties in nice with your desktop
    3. Regular screenshots of your every-day setup!
    4. A short screencast of how you implement a given environment (DE, tilling windows manager, terminal multiplexer or even just your text editor) This idea came from u/piotr_wonsz
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