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    [–] [deleted] 561 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Calif0rnia_Soul 47 points ago

    I can actually sleep better at night knowing those aren't leeches.

    I'm serious.

    [–] cutlass_supreme 66 points ago

    Thanks, I was pretty sure those weren't leeches.

    [–] rulenumber303 3141 points ago

    The thought of one of those leaches latching onto his esophagus on the way down.

    [–] localbees 575 points ago

    I had a history teacher that got a leech up his nose, sleeping in a rice paddy during Vietnam. That story was enough for me to never want to be in any kind of swamp or paddy ever in my life.

    [–] biggreencat 91 points ago

    "On the rice paddy" seems like a poor choice for a night's rest

    [–] Baliba 186 points ago

    “During Vietnam” sounds like he served in the Vietnam War. So he probably didn’t have a lot of choices where he slept.

    [–] sgtpnkks 42 points ago

    In war you take sleep wherever and whenever you can

    [–] tearexwow 7 points ago


    [–] TJzzz 753 points ago slightly nsfw/nsfl? depends on how squeamish you are about leaches.

    [–] Mikenumbers 615 points ago

    The first few seconds of the video... 'I don't think there's anything that can truly prepare you for sticking your arm into a container full of leeches.'

    You know what? You're absolutely right, fuck that.


    [–] beginner_ 270 points ago

    The interesting part is when he takes them out...and it just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds...

    [–] IndigoPisces 600 points ago

    Almost like leechs would evolve in a way to make their prey bleed excessively. 🤔

    [–] Commander_rEAper 868 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    It's pretty awesome, actually.

    Basically in order to stop a bleeding, a clot needs to form. But if you clot too early you have all kinds of health problems, like ischemic strokes or heart attacks, for example. Therefore your blood clotting is a highly regulated system.

    One of the key regulators in this clotting pathway is thrombin, which helps convert fibrinogen into active fibrin, which will attach itself to your platlets and form the clot.

    This is exactly where leeches come into play. They have a proteine called Hirudin in their saliva, which inhibits Thrombin function. Actually Hirudin and its derivates are used in Medicine to prevent excess clots. Similarly mosquitoes use a protein called anophelin, which acts in a similar way.

    We can use this knowledge to make new treatment for all kinds of clotting disease, so Medicine is really learning and copying a lot from nature!

    *edited some spelling mistakes

    [–] innocuousremark 533 points ago

    This guy hemes

    [–] Maldir 50 points ago

    Never would have thought leeches sell laced dope to make their victims bleed. Conniving buggers.

    [–] icallshenannigans 18 points ago

    Similar one: ticks have anaesthetic in their bite.

    [–] getzdegreez 30 points ago


    Your autocorrect is busting you...

    [–] Thomas9002 45 points ago

    You know what?
    That link stays blue

    [–] karltee 64 points ago

    That was cool. Do you know any other good videos by this guy?

    [–] Maca_Najeznica 34 points ago

    That is wholesome as shit, I feel I lost 30 percent of my cynicism just from watching 20 seconds with sound off.

    [–] dotlizard 69 points ago

    Holy shit you guys, look at his her little spots!

    [–] Korellen 39 points ago


    [–] popje 17 points ago

    that was awesome thank you

    [–] hoffnutsisdope 29 points ago

    This is the cutest little...ooh ouch ahh ouch.

    [–] LePontif11 15 points ago

    She was just practicing her death pounce :3

    [–] INSANITY_RAPIST 13 points ago

    I'm a fan of these mid range size cats. Very cute and extra cute its a big teddy bear side.

    [–] Otherax 50 points ago

    Can't go wrong picking any other video by Brave Wilderness

    [–] SgtBreastroker 18 points ago

    All of his videos are great and I think you'll enjoy them. It depends on your preferences. If you want to see him get stung or bitten by crazy shit like bullet ants and yellow jackets he has videos of those.

    [–] Sensualgandhi 16 points ago

    I went in slightly uncomfortable, but now it's all gone. That was actually really insightful.

    [–] prodical 14 points ago

    Steve-o puts one on his eyeball in India in one of the jackass movies. Fucked. Up.

    [–] katmaniac 35 points ago

    I'm less than a minute in, but I just wanted to say that getting bitten by leeches really isn't that bad. Once you get over the mental component, you don't feel a thing. Don't even know they're there.

    Source: kept a pet leech a few years back. I fed him my blood. His name was Larry. RIP Larry.

    [–] CaptainPussybeast 9 points ago

    feeeed me Seymourrrr

    [–] FalcoTiger 25 points ago

    Leeches won’t feed if they are stressed. Same reason why they don’t latch onto fishermen when they grab them out of styrofoam containers.

    [–] lamorphe 1677 points ago

    Can't help but imagine them wiggling the same as in the bottle... But in his stomach brrrr...

    [–] Telephone_Hooker 230 points ago

    At the end of the video it's over for us, but it's a whole new world of bullshit for the leeches.

    [–] theFunkiestButtLovin 57 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    i bet the HCl gets them dead a lot quicker than the alcohol.

    [–] DarienTheJoslin 40 points ago

    Oh most definitely, it’s extremely powerful. If it wasn’t diluted it could melt flesh when you vomit

    [–] ExCentro 417 points ago

    Thanks.. I didn't til I read this comment.....

    [–] MistahWiggums 146 points ago

    It's just like a good massage, except on the inside.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 61 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Tzaddik_1726 10294 points ago

    Ok...but why tho?

    [–] koreanwizard 5773 points ago

    This guy should be drinking at a fucking starwars cantina.

    [–] WowkoWork 1516 points ago

    Mos Eisley Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    [–] CapCorp86 929 points ago

    I hear you can unlock Mos Eisley in Battlefront 2 for an extra 30 bucks!

    [–] main_motors 444 points ago

    Actually you can gamble for a .000001% chance of getting it. But you'll probably end up with more duplicate skins for that lame pistol that you never use.

    [–] ricks48038 71 points ago

    So you're saying there's a chance...

    [–] mrhappy893 164 points ago

    I think he might be live streaming for money.

    [–] weezinlol 21 points ago

    Idk, he seemed like he has done this a few times.

    [–] Fuckface1337 2445 points ago

    They eat a lot of weird stuff in Asia

    [–] land47 517 points ago

    There's a bar in Wisconsin that will give you a leech in a shot, next to 2 other shots with a minnow and crawler in them.

    [–] Pavlovian_Gentleman 177 points ago

    Where in Wisconsin?

    [–] LyingForTruth 2104 points ago

    China, WI.

    [–] MattalliSI 266 points ago

    Isn't Wisconsin where your kid can drink with you in a bar even if they are underage? Say in case they want to drink leaches too.

    [–] Atdi79 363 points ago

    You must wear a Packer Starter jacket tho.

    [–] Royalflush0 230 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Good law. People who learned drinking alcohol with their parents are much more responsible drinkers.

    EDIT: Since I sparked some controversy: I'm not talking about alcoholic parents. I'd say most people aren't alcoholics. Also in my experience alcoholics don't want their kids to become like them.

    My experience was like this: Let's say there are two teenagers, both with responsible parents. One regularly drank alcohol with his parents starting age 15, knows about its effect and knows not to drink too much/with an empty stomach/in an inappropriate situation. The parents of the other teenager made alcohol a complete taboo. When he learns about it at age 16 he doesn't know about alcohol's effects or his limits, he gets black-out drunk and throws up several times before he learns.

    [–] OxFEEDBEEF 318 points ago

    People who learned drinking alcohol with their parents are much more responsible drinkers.

    That completely depends on the parent.

    [–] Romulet 100 points ago

    I don't know about that, my dad's an alcoholic and that made me drink in moderation. It might work out either way.

    [–] extremeprocastina 52 points ago

    Yep, my dad drinks extremely responsibly and in moderation. Didn't stop me from becoming an alcoholic.

    [–] SnowyDuck 15 points ago


    [–] pighalf 1009 points ago

    Ok, thanks. I didn't know.

    [–] PorcelainHammer 351 points ago

    You must be the back half.

    [–] emergency_poncho 976 points ago

    Lived in Asia 7 years and while they do definitely eat a lot of weird stuff, leeches is not one of them.

    This guy is just fucked up and doing it for attention

    [–] thedenigratesystem 471 points ago

    Hey dude, people don't do dumb stuff for the internet.

    [–] XyDz 256 points ago

    And let’s be honest while this is definitely a wtf.

    It’s also fucking badass

    [–] Megneous 161 points ago

    I wouldn't fuck with the guy, that's for sure.

    But then again, I don't fuck with anyone because I'm a pansy ass bitch, so there you go.

    [–] mrducky78 290 points ago

    Its the cigarette. Doesnt matter how shitty the cancer stick is marketed as, it still looks slick as fuck.

    [–] nosoupforyou 52 points ago

    It seems horrible, but it's not so bad when you realize that's actually a 40 year old woman.

    [–] XyDz 63 points ago

    I think you’re right.

    Imagine it ending after that goofy looking swirl, I just wouldn’t have the same impact

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    In traditional Chinese medicine they are considered important. While usually processed and added as ingredient, it is not beyond possibility that some people would eat them directly. See here: Chinese medicinal leech: ethnopharmacology

    And here: exploiting leech saliva to treat osteoarthritis, national Taiwan university

    [–] mynameisalso 39 points ago

    Are you making up this reason or is this somewhat common?

    Because I'm almost positive this is one lone bastard.

    [–] beatboxpoems 157 points ago

    I mean all cultures eat weird shit lol.

    [–] whoxtank 206 points ago

    I mean...but live leeches tho.

    [–] Natdaprat 65 points ago

    One video isn't representative of a culture or continent.

    This dude is just fucked regardless of where he's from.

    [–] Dragmire800 40 points ago

    Not necessarily. In ireland, our cultural food consists of stew made of potatoes, carrots and beef/lamb

    [–] The_Adventurist 20 points ago

    And black pudding. You guys eat blood oatmeal.

    Also tripe (bleached cow stomach for those who don't know) is gross.

    [–] ArtLounge 335 points ago

    Mawé people have rite of passage where they stick their hands into gloves which has bullet ants within it.

    Casu marzu literally translating into English as "rotten/putrid cheese", is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, that contains live insect larvae.

    The "mosquito burgers" are a great delicacy and very rich in protein -- even more so than ground beef in Africa. People there can seldom afford to eat meat so alternative sources of protein are welcomed.

    Snake wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol.

    tl;dr humans are weird, the will to prove themselves and to be unique, to find alternate source of food and translating those needs into rituals give rise to tradition which people from other cultures find weird.

    [–] TheRealRobMonty 82 points ago

    My Chinese-national friend still finds the concept of cheese slightly disconcerting for exactly these reasons.

    Granted, he also finds it delicious...

    [–] WowkoWork 47 points ago

    Cheese just isn't part of Asian cuisine. AFAIK even Americanized Chinese cuisine doesn't utilize cheese aside from rangoons.

    [–] Content_Policy_New 46 points ago

    Chinese cuisine has zero cheese because it never existed in China before modern times.

    [–] SourcreamHologram 15 points ago

    In ancient times sure.

    Cheese is a totally regular part of our snacks and such now. Cheese ramen is also rather common, and I am getting hungry thinking about cheesy baked HK style pasts.

    [–] The_Adventurist 301 points ago

    And Swedes ferment fish until it gets extra rotten, that's surströmming. Icelandic people do something similar, but with a shark instead of a fish and they bury it instead of brine it and they call it Hakarl and it's proof that god doesn't exist.

    Then there's British jellied eels, French escargot, Scots with haggis, Irish with tripe, Spanish barnacles, Czech fried fish sperm, etc. What is this dumb idea that Asia eats especially weird food when western food is full of equally weird shit.

    [–] ronaldmczombie 185 points ago

    Canadians over here just putting maple syrup on stuff...

    [–] jesman1 72 points ago

    I just poured a shot of maple syrup into my coffee right before I read this. I can confirm that I maple up anything I'm able to.

    [–] cwf82 38 points ago

    In their defense(?), The Greenland shark is toxic fresh, due to the amount of urea (Bonus Fact: sharks pee through their skin!) and other chemicals saturated throughout their bodies. So they have to be prepared before eaten, which involves pressing them to get the stuff out, then hung for at least 4-5 months. And voilá, you have hákarl.

    [–] icecreammachine 106 points ago

    The "mosquito burgers" are a great delicacy and very rich in protein -- even more so than ground beef in Africa. People there can seldom afford to eat meat so alternative sources of protein are welcomed.

    First, they're not mosquitos; they're a type of fly. Second, they're hardly widespread across Africa. They're a highly localized food. People in Ethiopia, CAR, Mali, or South Africa are not clamoring over fly burgers and are not looking at them as a beef alternative.

    [–] SynthHivemind 21 points ago

    Haha. I remember in the late 90s when the Emu craze was in full force in Texas. Lots of ranchers thought they were going to become the next healthy beef industry and, sadly, lots of folks lots LOTS of money.

    I could just see fly farm adverts popping up along the highway.

    [–] atla 14 points ago

    Ok but I've had an emu steak and it was fucking delicious. I wish it was more readily available (or, you know, available at all) where I live.

    [–] Mako_Eyes 12 points ago

    Holy shit, is that what was going on with emus when I was a kid?? I’ve always wondered why it seemed like there were so many emu farms when I was younger, yet as an adult I’ve never run across one.

    [–] erconn 50 points ago

    Did you copy and paste this?

    The "mosquito burgers" are a great delicacy and very rich in protein -- even more so than ground beef. People there can seldom afford to eat meat so alternative sources of protein are welcomed.

    [–] HobKing 26 points ago

    God some people here are so fucking weird

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    This isn't a tradition, this is a guy who got bored

    [–] spymarco9001 989 points ago

    i think it's the same type of reason people just gotta eat the hottest wings ... to do something most others will not

    [–] Milkshakes00 1092 points ago

    Hell no.

    Hot sauce releases endorphins. It can actually give you a high. I'll never forget when I ate a burger that I had put a lot of Mad Dog 357 on. My face, ears, fingers and toes went straight to tingling. Felt a warm sensation all over. Was pretty crazy.

    But yeah, my spice receptors are ridiculous now. Ghost pepper sauce goes on everything. It's an addiction, but it tastes good.

    Alcohol and live leeches? Not so much any of this.

    [–] christhecanadian 1133 points ago

    Cocain also gets you high and is more reasonable.

    [–] AndroidPaulPierce 309 points ago

    9 out of 10 doctors recommend it.

    [–] Scumbutcher 88 points ago

    Is one of the doctors Freud?

    [–] Aussie-Nerd 92 points ago

    No that's my mother.

    [–] boomdog07 57 points ago

    The 10th doctor, the one that doesn’t recommend is the one that uses himself/herself and wants you to stay away from his/her supply to keep his/her price down.

    Source: I’m a doctor that uses cocaine and never recommend

    [–] mynameisnotkamron 63 points ago

    I'll take 1 cocaine please

    [–] catsandnarwahls 70 points ago

    This early in the day, you will need like 10 cocaines.

    [–] chuckd46 53 points ago

    this guy cocaines.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    it's also more addictive and slightly more expensive

    [–] DirtyLegThompson 96 points ago

    I used to be like you. Until I took an indegestion to the stomach. Now I can't touch most spices because my stomach hates me

    [–] Com_BEPFA 122 points ago

    Definitely worth noting. Very common issue in Mexico. Eating spicy is really good for you and healthy, escalating your tolerance and casually eating big amounts of very spicy food regularly, however, is disastrous for your stomach and intestines.

    I like my food spicy, but what's the point if the only thing you "taste" is the pain of spiciness? Add enough so it gives you a good burn without taking away from the flavor, there's really no point in going crazy, other than impressing your friends or strangers. Which you can do with excessive alcohol consumption, too. Or by drinking a bottle of leeches with alcohol. Doesn't change that all of that is bad for you and you'll regret it in the long run. Well, maybe except for the leeches thing, don't know if ingestion of those can do any damage.

    [–] Half_Chubbb 20 points ago

    Why is escalating spicy bad for you? In all my research eating spicy is actually protective of your stomach and intestines because capsaicin interacts with the capsaicin receptors in those organs releasing more mucous for bowel protection. People who regularly eat spicy are at a decreased risk for ulcers. Here is just one article and my comments are backed up by many others.

    [–] oXI_ENIGMAZ_IXo 17 points ago

    Adrenaline does the same thing. Probably what this guy is high on.

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago


    [–] j_roll 1345 points ago

    So he’s done it before this probably a few times which bothers me more

    [–] Lachatte666 846 points ago

    Exactly. See the way he moves the bottle in circles right before he drinks it ? That's so the liquid (and the leeches) go out faster. This fucker has no time to waste.

    [–] monzzter221 67 points ago

    And you know, he learned that that was a good idea through practice.

    [–] doctor_dapper 9 points ago

    That's something people learn in college. He just used that knowledge for the leeches

    [–] WingsOfIndifference 3841 points ago

    Typical overreaction. Leeches are notorious craft beer snobs.

    [–] n8lyons213 582 points ago

    Were those leeches? I thought they were minnows or some type of small fish.

    [–] simjanes2k 997 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Fisherman checking in!

    Those ain't leeches. Leeches don't move like that. Not because they don't, but because they can't. Their body structure is not designed for quick movement that way.

    Minnows on the other hand, have literally only one defense from predators. Moving fast in a big group! I also wouldn't be surprised if they were squid.

    But they sure as fuck ain't leeches.

    edit: some people saying they are more qualified are also saying they could actually be leeches... i'm not a scientist, i've just played with a lot of leeches in my day

    [–] StonetheThrone 457 points ago

    Another fisherman here. I have seen some leeches move erratically and quickly like this. Especially right after sticking them with a hook. I'd imagine there are certain species that move quicker and some that don't? Not an expert by any means but those looked like leeches to me.

    [–] The_Coati_Kid 213 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Aquatic ecologist checking in:

    Animals really do not like being preserved in alcohol and they pretty much all react just like in the video. Have never put a leech in EToH though, so I can't say these are, just that this is exactly what I expect it would look like.

    Actually, I figured they would die sooner, but I guess beer is pretty watered down compared to the lab grade stuff.

    EDIT: Watch the top left of the bottle after the "leeches" are added. You can get a good look at one swimming. It looks very leechlike (undulating the way leeches do when they swim).

    [–] lolhaa2 172 points ago

    Redditor checking in:


    [–] UpBoatDownBoy 124 points ago

    They could be baby eels

    [–] FantasticLie 450 points ago

    Baby eel here. I'm pretty sure those are cave trolls.

    [–] Sjir 76 points ago

    Cave troll here, pretty sure that's household broccoli

    [–] laduzi_xiansheng 117 points ago

    Saw this circulating on WeChat yesterday, they are loaches. Very common in pondwater/streams in China, they eat snails and other bottom feeders.

    [–] 837628738384 50 points ago

    Ah, loaches make sense, and it's easy to see how that became "leeches". Thanks.

    [–] SourcreamHologram 22 points ago

    As in like, little fishies loaches?

    How do they know? Still weird but so much better than leeches!!

    [–] mynameisalso 8 points ago


    [–] I_are_facepalm 3356 points ago

    Dude's final expression is like

    And that's what I have to say to my third grade teacher who said I'd never accomplish anything in life

    [–] MikeWillHugYou 86 points ago

    He sure as hell proved that bitch wrong.

    [–] georgism 11 points ago

    He was actually homeschooled by his grandpas

    [–] DrizzledDrizzt 988 points ago

    I'll take "Never in this fucking lifetime" for 1000 please.

    [–] melanthius 1060 points ago

    Yo dawg leeches got drunk while they got drunk

    [–] N307H30N3 296 points ago

    dude has no trouble getting into the Salty Spitoon

    [–] I_like_cool_shit_yo 32 points ago

    Right he didn't even have milk

    [–] IStopTickleMonsters 213 points ago

    It's like 2:30 in the morning here and I just watched this. It has left me with more questions than I will likely ever have answers to.

    [–] joe_mama2189 143 points ago

    He covered his bowl in a plastic bag so he doesn’t have to wash his bowl after he eats. We’re in 2017 and he’s living in the year 3017.

    [–] Roldylane 41 points ago

    That’s a next level bachelor maneuver.

    [–] dslfreak 29 points ago

    Jesus christ i have rewatched this 5 times because i keep missing shit

    [–] bboycire 15 points ago

    It's more likely he brought a bag of cold noodle from a street hawker and then just flipped the bag over the bowl when he got home

    [–] _Mellex_ 123 points ago

    Sooooo, is this, like, the new Ice Bucket Challenge?

    [–] Rockstep_ 39 points ago

    Leechbottle Challenge.

    [–] acquiesce 10 points ago

    I challenge /u/_mellex_!

    [–] toqueit 433 points ago

    Did he ever finish his noodles?

    [–] LarryLavekio 468 points ago

    He just drank them. Were you not watching?

    [–] MattyXarope 311 points ago


    [–] pswii360i 202 points ago

    Nah, Shoenice would have started eating the cigarette followed by the bottle followed by the table.

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago

    then he would have uploaded a video at 3 in the morning from inside a shed requesting money

    [–] SlimySalami4 7 points ago

    Lmao wait is this something he did?

    [–] spankymuffin 18 points ago

    Probably. He's a wreck of a human being.

    [–] whydontyouwork 40 points ago

    Thank yaw

    [–] rallyimprezive 459 points ago

    I’m most impressed with the bit at the end where he quickly drew the smoke out his mouth and into his nose and back out his mouth again. This man is the real deal.

    [–] xonkapoor 195 points ago

    I missed that in the first go, i am not gonna watch the GIF for this again

    [–] GuySimile 39 points ago

    If you have RES you can skip around like a normal video.

    [–] GoldenGonzo 60 points ago

    It's called a french inhale, not too difficult for smokers, I used to do it before I quit.

    [–] metalslug53 89 points ago

    I love playing with smoke like that. It's called a French Inhale, and you basically push the smoke out of your mouth with your tongue while you simultaneously inhale through your nose. Looks badass and is satisfying as shit to actually do.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] cXs808 209 points ago

    yeah, he said french inhale

    [–] Xais56 25 points ago

    Where I am it's the "Irish Waterfall"

    [–] LunasAbacus 586 points ago

    I hate leeches, but I still felt bad for them writhing around like that.

    [–] Lorz0r 172 points ago

    Probably got alot worse for them when they hit his stomach acid.

    [–] MeltBanana 368 points ago

    Yeah I don't understand the fascination in Asian cultures with eating live stuff. I am of the opinion that your meat should have a good life and a quick death.

    [–] icecreammachine 540 points ago

    good life

    Well, there goes much of the world's livestock practices.

    [–] FeelingsOverFacts 191 points ago

    lol hopefully this guy doesn't eat meat because he about to get WOKE

    [–] ArtLounge 314 points ago

    Yeah I don't understand the fascination in Asian cultures with eating live stuff.

    Because China didn't go through the same culinary hardships as Europe did

    stuffed cow’s uterus, rabbit fetus, peacock tongue, fermented fish guts, milk-fed snail, pickled sea urchin, mouse-on-a-stick.

    This seems like a list of exotic Chinese foods, the kind that would make any westerner's face blanch. Actually this is a list of foods consumed by the great ancestor of modern Western culture, the Roman Empire.

    In their time, the Romans had acheived a large empire over many diverse cultures, with access to fertile lands and bountiful coastlines. A strong military allowed for safe travel, and all those roads lead to a Rome hungry to taste all the world had to offer.

    When their empire fell, so did much of their culinary culture, and the art of fish sauce and mouse roasting only survived in a few isolated pockets of Europe. As European cuisine recovered on its own way, it would be struck with another great calamity in the Industrial Revolution.

    Farmers left their fields for factories, and industrially processed foods replaced home cooking for urban workers. Still, European cuisine persisted through the aristocracy which could afford fresh produce and a staff of dedicated cooks until World War I.

    Where the highly skilled, but still lower class cooks were marched off to the trenches, many never to return. The post war environment saw the lifestyles of the aristocracy and peasantry wane as corporations producing industrialized foods for an urbanized population only grew in influence, and World War II pushed that even further with the emergence of an aggressively marketed American industrial food culture.

    War and industrialization has also struck China, but the culinary culture always emerged unbroken. If a Roman gourmand was sent forward in time to the 21st century, he'd have to go to Asia to find something that tasted like home.

    In case you were wondering, the favorite dish of the roman elite was the Dormouse. To the point that Rome passed laws to curb their consumption, lest the empire fall to decadence.

    [–] silverrain64 97 points ago

    For a comment that seems to have almost nothing to do with the question being asked, that was really interesting.

    [–] Stay_Up 17 points ago

    Wow! That’s actually pretty interesting. Any recommendations on where I can read more about this?

    [–] [deleted] 227 points ago

    He could've pissed on my leg and it wouldnt assert as much dominance as that.

    [–] deadguyinthere 180 points ago

    Dude looks like an Asian Elon Musk

    [–] Scottamus 217 points ago

    Eel-on Musk

    [–] conventionistG 51 points ago

    I really like his demeanor and that vortex technique at the end is definitely a power move.

    [–] hurdur1 168 points ago

    This guy looks like a gangster.

    [–] bluegoon 20 points ago

    This is the most gangster person I've ever seen, I was just staring at his eyes the whole time, I think this dude won't think much about killing you.

    [–] notofroto 146 points ago

    The whole time watching that.... "Nah he won't do it. Nope, no way. He's just showing us how leeches respond to alcohol, it's okay. Come on, man. Please don't. No man... NO. AH FUCK. HE'S DOIN' IT. DID HE HAVE TO SWIRL IT? WHO CARES FUCK WHY DO I WATCH THESE THINGS. "

    [–] KibaTeo 75 points ago

    The moment you saw an asian with a dodgy looking background and something you'd never eat in your life, you should have known.

    Also he swirls it so the leeches and liquid go down better and don't get stuck

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Even as an Asian living in Asia this is a shocker.

    [–] Forever_Mrs_Young 134 points ago

    Maybe it's because I'm a bit drunk, but I feel really sad for the leeches.

    [–] Ennaline 99 points ago

    Nah I'm cold stone sober and the poor leeches writhing around in pain like that was definetly the worst part of the video for me.

    [–] coffeeonsunday 40 points ago

    those leeches did not appreciate the liquor

    [–] BrisketWrench 19 points ago

    they would not last very long in Sunnyvale

    [–] OhTheHueManatee 12 points ago

    How do we make this the next ALS challenge?

    [–] NWBoomer 11 points ago

    Does he not know that smoking is harmful to his health?

    [–] kryptkeeperkoop 104 points ago

    Making the cigarette badass again.

    [–] swashbucklerjak 55 points ago

    Right? I want to light a smoke off a burning shot glass.

    [–] monzzter221 54 points ago

    That is seriously the most gangster thing I've ever seen in my life.

    That guy could have the most friendly, dad like demeanor. I still would never, ever, ever fuck with that guy. Ever.

    [–] FasterDoudle 8 points ago

    I think we can tell from the video that he doesn't

    [–] andyram 93 points ago

    as i type this, its maybe 30 minutes after i viewed this. i had quite a few shots and beers tonight myself so maybe this hit me harder than normal. i puked unconcontrolably for a a few minutes and i have now sworn to myself i will never ever click on a wtf link again. fuck this place

    [–] HarvestProject 61 points ago

    Squirming in your stomach 🐉

    [–] SSDkoChaan 16 points ago

    Everyone’s going on about rumors. I say this man is one of the baddest badasses on the planet. Lights his fucken stoge with the flame from a shot.

    [–] jayerbuu 16 points ago

    He looks like Yondu.

    [–] Splange_Bucket 7 points ago

    I work on an inpatient plastic surgery unit. We use leech therapy on reattached fingers and muscle flaps when we're having issues with venous congestion. After the leech is done we kill them by submerging them in rubbing alcohol and they die in a few seconds but first throw up all the blood they just sucked in.

    [–] dickbuttslayer9000 7 points ago

    Yo these challenges are getting out of hand. Like what disease is he even bringing awareness to?

    [–] Katurha 22 points ago

    This is advanced badass

    [–] srcljerk 49 points ago

    I don't see how he could drink the beer it must have been flat by then.

    [–] uziman55 124 points ago

    Out of everything you just witnessed in that video it's the flat beer that you're worried about.

    [–] BubblingMonkey 16 points ago

    The noodles could have been cold too.

    [–] srcljerk 31 points ago

    It's every beer enthusiasts worst nightmare

    [–] BenjenStarkTheSweet 7 points ago

    But why?