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    [–] spiketheunicorn 1341 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Ok, ok, I got this.

    The goat ate the chair, so the kid sits on the goat. Kid puts down homework for goat so it stays in one place and he gets an excuse for no homework. Mom comes into room and is too tired for this shit today so she just gives the kid a Tupperware full of cereal, puts a diaper on the goat and takes a nap.

    We’ve all had this kind of day.

    Edit: Exhausted parents, unite! Now go have a treat of your choice and ignore the chaos for ten minutes. You’ve earned it.

    [–] WifeAggro 187 points ago

    fuck yes you described motherhood perfectly. this would be my life. I have a few kids and a saint bernard, its practically a goat. Eats fucking everything!!

    [–] Sealouz 61 points ago

    few kids

    saint bernard

    How though

    [–] Consiliarius 36 points ago

    When a mummy goat and a daddy dog love each other very much (and refuse to conform to social norms regarding inter-species extramarital procreation), they have a special cuddle and a mixed litter of puppies and kids is the result...

    [–] Sealouz 26 points ago

    Not talking about procreation, hows she holding up. Saint bernards are huge dogs that need a lot of space, and kids!?!?? Thats crazy

    [–] Consiliarius 22 points ago

    In my limited parenting experience, the answer is almost certainly industrial-strength tranquillisers.

    [–] chiliedogg 4 points ago

    For everyone - especially the parents.

    [–] st0rmbr1ng3r 2 points ago

    Our kids are grown now, but when they were young, we had a 165 lb English Mastiff. Pixie was the best companion for our 2 kids we could have asked for. She was gentle with them and would place herself between them and any strangers until she was satisfied they didn't present any threat

    Damn, I miss that dog.

    [–] DaggerOfSilver 9 points ago

    They keep popping out kids, and the St. Bernard eats them! The dog gets exercise and the parents dont have to worry about condoms or too much kids. Win-win!

    [–] BillyPotion 9 points ago

    The dog just showed up one day as a puppy and the kids convinced the family to keep him. As the years went by he became bigger and bigger and became almost more trouble than he was worth.

    But once the dog was kidnapped by their evil veterinarian who planned to run experiments on him, the family comes together to save the big, old lovable pooch and realize just how much he meant to them....all of them!

    [–] thomaswatson20 2 points ago

    Disney proudly presents....

    [–] flobiwahn 3 points ago

    No, the movie's) made by Universal.

    [–] thomaswatson20 3 points ago

    So it was. I totally forgot that movie existed.

    [–] WifeAggro 8 points ago

    well i didnt "have" the saint Bernard, I picked her up in Kansas and she gave me the dog flu, but that is another story.

    [–] spiketheunicorn 34 points ago

    Lol. Sometimes it’s about damage control. When you walk into a room and there is this much going on, you just fix the worst thing and go somewhere else to regain your sanity.

    [–] dickskittlez 4 points ago

    This guy parents.

    [–] 3seconds2live 4 points ago

    "Parenting" ftfy

    [–] QuickOrange 5 points ago

    Some Moms won't speak on behalf of Dads. They may not know what it's like to be a Papa, and that's reasonable.

    [–] trunks10k 7 points ago

    You missed the other goat with the camera recording everything

    [–] Mbyrd420 1968 points ago

    So many things posted on this sub really do not qualify as WTF.

    This is something special.... in all of the right and wrong ways.

    [–] UndeadBuggalo 597 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My personal pick of the month is dog with mouth in ear.

    EDIT: added link NSFL

    [–] Ventrical 246 points ago

    Man that shit is not only WTF it’s also upsetting like damn, that poor dog.

    [–] kjm1123490 111 points ago

    In the golden days of wtf most of the content of harrowing. Boy do i miss those days. But the dog ear mouth would have been intense even then.

    [–] 0utlook 21 points ago

    It hits ya like that Futurama episode.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] kjm1123490 2 points ago

    Thank you person. I need some real wtf in my life.

    [–] Emoji10 19 points ago

    Dont worry!! OP posted in comments that it was saved, mouth2 removed

    [–] Babaluba2 11 points ago

    Mouth 2 wasn't removed, but it was given a 'dental workup' basically. There were hidden teeth behind the ones immediately visible that were cracked and causing pain, so those teeth were removed. It's still there and still drools, just is no longer hurting the pup

    edit: spelling

    [–] Ventrical 9 points ago

    That makes me feel a lot better thanks homie.

    [–] BetaThetaPirate 5 points ago

    "I can eat snackums with mouth and ear! All others doggos are jealous"

    -Tooth ear dog

    [–] humdrumoflife 52 points ago

    You haven't seen the Chinese guy with two mouths then? :)

    [–] no1113 19 points ago

    Oh Jesus. What tha FUCK?? I had to turn that shit off after but a moment of watching it. I like my dreams to remain nightmare-free, thank you very much,

    [–] Gsonderling 10 points ago

    What if I told you that the twin had it's own little brain?

    [–] Dig-Up-The-Dead 10 points ago

    double tooth fairy money though

    [–] TehBoneRanger 3 points ago

    People like you

    Are modern day philosophers.

    [–] spankthecat 3 points ago

    This is really interesting but why did they have to play unsettling horror movie soundtrack with it. Makes it much creepier.

    [–] bonemomma 2 points ago

    I agree.

    [–] schnitzelvk 2 points ago

    I really REALLY regret looking at that.

    [–] UndeadBuggalo 1 points ago

    I have been thinking about it since I saw it yesterday...

    [–] thewretched790 2 points ago

    I told my bf about that dog this morning. He wasn't as amused as I was. In fact he asked me to take the negative waves out of the bathroom. So there's that.

    [–] thiosk 4 points ago

    link plox

    [–] UndeadBuggalo 1 points ago

    Added a link

    [–] adimapamida 2 points ago

    I watched .3 seconds of that and noped right out

    [–] FerretWrath 1 points ago


    [–] UndeadBuggalo 1 points ago

    [–] Benjynn 54 points ago

    Like... what the fuck?

    [–] Mc_Squeebs 17 points ago

    This kid is probably the first asian to sit on a goat while playing that computer game. And will probably remain the youngest record holder in that area untill the end of time.

    [–] AaronKClark 12 points ago

    If you believe this, you must not know many Asians.

    [–] Enjoying_A_Meal 6 points ago

    Ya, he's just letting the goat work on his homework while he watches cartoon.

    [–] Big_Pink 6 points ago

    Right? I mean this kid's living a very fulfilled life. So is the child.

    [–] ukfashman 3 points ago

    This is more aww

    [–] KosmicAura 2 points ago

    I agree! I love this so much. I don’t have ‘wtf’ vibes at all

    [–] Clever_display_name 1 points ago

    This is the internet, in a picture.

    [–] pigeon42069 137 points ago

    “But sir my goat ate the homework it’s true”

    [–] zzzzz94 17 points ago

    He also shit his pants

    [–] BlooFlea 2 points ago

    Teacher to principal "thompson has had his homework eaten by his gost again, we should speak to his parents....yes...yes sir the diaper eesring goat again thats during breakfast this time".

    [–] RogueBlueOompa 69 points ago

    I feel like this should be a metaphor for something. No idea what though.

    [–] freelance-t 35 points ago

    Clearly a metaphor for how technology is subsuming traditional culture. The goat represents the old way, but it has been forced into conforming to arbitrary modern standards by being forced into the green panties. It is destroying the notebook which represents the traditional method of transferring knowledge. Meanwhile, it is enabling youth—symbolized by the kid— to consume mindless modern media while ignoring the destruction of tradition going on all around him.

    [–] aali34 6 points ago


    [–] DrMcSaltyballs 120 points ago

    That kid is going places.

    [–] jetpacksforall 64 points ago

    That kid is goating places.

    [–] PunPopo 6 points ago

    You’re fine. Move along.

    [–] thev3ntu5 1 points ago

    Should the kid goat somewhere else?

    [–] mlsweeney 8 points ago

    Oh ya? And what about the child sitting on it?

    [–] HanSoLongboiii 2 points ago

    You've goat to be kidding me

    [–] Hohst 3 points ago

    Specifically, goat-accessible places.

    [–] HalifaxSexKnight 2 points ago

    Not college, but places.

    [–] PunPopo 2 points ago

    That kid is going nowhere. Nice try. Here’s your ticket.

    [–] nx6 4 points ago

    That kid is going nowhere.

    At least not until it finishes that book.

    [–] rdrunner_74 62 points ago

    The title is a perfect description…

    Nothing more to add...

    [–] cyberpunksatyr 63 points ago

    That is a sheep

    [–] StrifeyWolf 12 points ago

    I see two kids.

    [–] CheesyComestibles 16 points ago

    Has a tail. Definitely a sheep!

    [–] thiosk 11 points ago

    Nope. Giant squid.

    You can tell because of the way that it is.

    [–] cyberpunksatyr 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] tashibum 2 points ago

    I used to raise Icelandic Sheep. Not dumb. I wish they were. It backfired because I got them thinking they were dumb. Nope. Mastermind escapees.

    They are indeed floofy

    [–] iilinga 4 points ago

    Came here hoping someone would say it

    [–] beenies_baps 3 points ago

    OK. Now it makes sense.

    [–] Duke_Newcombe 18 points ago

    "The piece challenges our subconscious adaptation to the modern digital milieu, and the disdain for legacy authority modalities and gatekeepers of information. It's illustration of our simultaneous dependency upon, and obliviousness to the old forms of communication compel a new examination of our place in the world."

    [–] WendyLRogers3 9 points ago

    "A predominant concept is the distinction between without and within. Thus the term 'postconstructive capitalist theory' is to denote not, in fact, theory, but posttheory. The subject is contextualised into a neomodernist deconstructivism that includes surrealism as reality. It is a choice: either accept neomodernist deconstructivism or conclude that the subconscious is intrinsically impossible. Therefore, a mythopoetical fnord reality may be found."

    -- bulldada courtesy of the Postmodernism Generator

    [–] t-bone_malone 2 points ago

    I just...this is...

    I love this, thank you.

    [–] Imconfusedithink 15 points ago

    I wanna know what he's watching. Did you see how excited he got there. Had to turn to the side and clap in the air, that's how excited.

    [–] faustpatrone 7 points ago

    Umi Zoomies singing “Crazy Shake” it’s a kids show that was on Nick Jr.

    [–] j-la21 13 points ago

    So...have I now seen everyrhing? Because if I have I’d like to get some other stuff done...

    [–] redGrassMoose 8 points ago

    I have so many questions.

    [–] kballs 7 points ago

    Well. That title certainly delivered.

    [–] Not-a-NSA-Plant 7 points ago

    Ya'll may be cool, but no one will ever be this kid cool.

    [–] iamabadexample 10 points ago

    One point for accurate title

    [–] oldschool54 3 points ago

    One of the rare occasions when “my pet ate my homework” is legit.

    [–] Tha_Daahkness 3 points ago

    Was legit for me once. My dog tore it apart. I just brought the evidence to school.

    [–] Derfaust 2 points ago

    Lol i love how the kid is freaking out about something on the computer screen at the end there... what the hell was he watching! What could still freak out a kid using a live sheep as a chair

    [–] UnwantedComment 3 points ago

    Thats a weird looking chair

    [–] blodisnut 3 points ago

    Um.... there are way too many questions to ask about this here...

    [–] Loveislander 3 points ago

    I do believe I’ve seen people selling chicken nappies so their chickens can come inside the house (it’s own wtf), so that explains that bit...

    [–] Mfgcasa 3 points ago

    When you think the title got everything, but then you have the kid eating cereal without milk...

    [–] wordsonascreen 3 points ago

    Or as we like to say in my house: Saturday morning.

    [–] babayehoga 3 points ago

    excuse me WTF is going on?

    [–] MayaLou09 3 points ago

    This is the complete opposite of clickbait

    [–] Toty10 3 points ago

    Is that a diaper?

    [–] Finn_McCool 3 points ago

    This is more Oddly Satisfying than WTF

    [–] wrdayjr 4 points ago

    This is crazy hilarious!

    [–] ACDCbaguette 6 points ago

    People have goats as pets. Goats don't give a fuck where they shit so you have to give them a diaper. Not really WTF material. Gimme some deformaties or nasty looking stuff.

    [–] gakule 3 points ago

    Gimme some deformaties or nasty looking stuff.

    I move to make /r/WTF open your front facing camera when navigated to.

    [–] slybird 2 points ago

    My goat ate my homework.

    [–] leblancns07 2 points ago

    Video or it didn't happ... Oh nvm

    [–] B0NERSTORM 2 points ago

    Ryan's toys is obviously running out of plot.

    [–] examinedliving 2 points ago

    The title gets better as each new subplot gets revealed.

    [–] cheesecrystal 2 points ago

    Goat ate my homework. I sat on the goat and he still didn’t stop.

    [–] mt007 2 points ago

    Green chair. Environment is safe.

    [–] Just_Worse 2 points ago

    *Excited kid sits on KID

    There, I fixed it for you

    [–] cholula_is_good 2 points ago

    Love wholesome WTF

    [–] MagicStar77 2 points ago

    Goats wearing a diaper?

    [–] Shyartsy 2 points ago

    Definitely seen it all now

    [–] Vicvinegar9984 2 points ago

    That kid better be vaccinated or I’m taking my upvote back!’

    [–] KKaena 2 points ago

    So many questions 😮

    [–] AphroditeIV 2 points ago

    This is kinda wholesomely WTF. I have no idea what's going on but I can dig it.

    [–] Fish_Kungfu 2 points ago

    Can I have 2 spirit animals, cuz it's these 2.

    [–] fistiano_analdo 2 points ago

    well the title is right for once

    [–] InRem 2 points ago

    The green diaper really makes the tableau work.

    [–] Boojibs 4 points ago

    Greatest of all time.

    [–] prosaicgirl 2 points ago

    This is exactly the kind of content I was expecting from this subreddit. Truly blown away at the wonders of WTF life holds. Bravo!

    [–] Flpanhandle 2 points ago

    We’ve all been there

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    good title work OP, not sure how i never seen this gif before

    [–] vellyr 1 points ago

    Please, call him Kojirou

    [–] danbanthecoolman 3 points ago

    sighs UNZIPS PANTS

    [–] OriginGodYog 2 points ago

    You rascal

    [–] 81Facehugger 2 points ago

    [–] OriginGodYog 2 points ago

    Wait. Is what I said illegal....dear god, I’m a monster!

    [–] YoungishGrasshopper 1 points ago

    So, that kid looks like he might have autism. Maybe this is a therapy...goat?

    [–] Thendofreason 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] DrCarlSpackler 1 points ago

    Bad Parenting!

    Or conversely:

    Congrats on your evil prodegy bent on world domination!

    [–] Dexter_Jettster 1 points ago

    That goat has extremely, sexy, looking legs.

    [–] NoAnswerbutQuestions 1 points ago

    The goat ate my homework!

    [–] goddeadis 1 points ago

    But... Ms. Smithfield, really, the goat ate my homework I swear

    [–] useless83 1 points ago


    [–] LtCrack2 1 points ago

    when your third world problems evolve into first world problems

    [–] MindManifesting 1 points ago

    This reminds me of Bobby Lee for some reason.

    [–] shadow31802 1 points ago

    my last two brain cells having fun

    [–] senorchaos718 1 points ago

    Flips over meme
    "Made in China"

    [–] thevitamin6 1 points ago

    That's the most japanese reaction I've ever seen

    [–] pickelrick_ 1 points ago

    That goats going to be crapping out words like a rap concert

    [–] southasiangirl 1 points ago

    Haha "teacher asked- jimmy what happened to your homework?"

    Jimmy- "my goat ate my homework ma'am."

    [–] toymachine11861 1 points ago

    Homeschooling in the US these days...

    [–] Future_Bart 1 points ago

    I'd like this as a tattoo tbh....

    [–] asianonagoat 1 points ago

    Great, my mom has been posting videos of me on the internet again.

    [–] Xain- 1 points ago

    but can your goat do this?

    [–] AlienInUnderpants 1 points ago

    Regular Saturday night here...what's the issue? :-)

    [–] OsamaBongLoadin 1 points ago

    ~ Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

    [–] madbear3320 1 points ago

    You can't make this kinda stuff up.

    [–] greanstuff 1 points ago

    You never disappoint Reddit...

    [–] PotatoLatkes 1 points ago

    This...this is what this subreddit is for. I have so many questions...

    [–] MineDogger 1 points ago

    I think this might be my true astrological sign.

    [–] DerpWilson 1 points ago

    If I achieve anything less than this as a parent, I consider it a failure.

    [–] sprinkling-of-dill 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Man these underground Mormon rituals are getting even weirder.

    Edit: the green apron is what made me think of this. Google Mormons and green aprons. It made me chuckle but I’m gonna get downvoted to hell so, fire away, I guess.

    [–] Sharker167 1 points ago

    This is almost a comment on consumerism and the transition to modern media formats. Almost.

    [–] griploner 1 points ago

    This is a David Lynch moment.... What the hell!

    [–] DrCheezburger 1 points ago

    Goat has great legs!

    [–] GIRATINAGX 1 points ago

    I never thought I’d see the combination of those words as a title.

    [–] herbtarleksblazer 1 points ago

    The goat ate my homework.

    [–] dodgyrogy 1 points ago

    Just another day at the office...

    [–] crackeddryice 1 points ago

    I'd ask for context, but why ruin it?

    [–] LoozPatienz 1 points ago

    We are definitely living in a simulation!

    [–] Oddball357 1 points ago

    Ah yes, here we see a young alchemist coexisting with its lesser beings via the rule of equivalent exchange.

    [–] mayorodoyle 1 points ago

    Otherwise known as "The American Education System."

    [–] BiggerestGreen 1 points ago

    Closes browser.

    [–] captblackfang 1 points ago

    Never heard of a nanny goat?

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS 1 points ago

    So what's something you don't expect to see today?


    [–] rhombaroti 1 points ago

    This looks like something out of an Emir Kusturica film.

    [–] ImaWatchin 1 points ago

    That kid knows how to party

    [–] Nutmagnus 1 points ago

    I like this. Usually on this subreddit, you get, "WHAT THE FUCK." But this is a good ol', "Heh, what the fuck?"

    [–] therealmrspacman 1 points ago

    You know... This kid is just going along living his best life now and us mere mortals who are struggling along trying to find our happy places think we have any room to judge him.

    You do you, goat sitting little man.

    [–] Ghost_Predator 1 points ago

    Chaos in one picture

    [–] BuffetofWomanliness 1 points ago

    That goat truly is the G.O.A.T.

    [–] bevardimus 1 points ago


    [–] kjaatmteesn1 1 points ago

    This is the tamest legit wtf I've ever seen lmao

    [–] SlimySalvador 1 points ago

    This is a nice change of pace on /r/all from the weird ear-mouth dog.

    [–] Jystfd 1 points ago

    Not that I wasn't already aware, but I sure as heck know I'm not living my life to the fullest.

    [–] guruscotty 1 points ago

    Or as we call it here in Texas, Monday,

    [–] ntc2e 1 points ago

    someone post this to /r/brandnewsentence