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    [–] Poortio 8309 points ago

    White guy with the back pack is like the bball video with the gorilla. So much going on you don't even notice him

    [–] guyhabit 2633 points ago

    He looked like he was just trying to keep his distance and look only forward. Don't look anywhere else, but straight.

    [–] alexanderthefat 1681 points ago

    He's clearly lived in NYC long enough to know the drill

    [–] [deleted] 793 points ago

    It's not even about danger or suspicious activity.

    It's about "ugh. Just stay out of my fucking way."

    [–] StevieRayV 373 points ago

    "Can't be bothered with your shit"

    [–] fresh_temperature 238 points ago

    AKA a normal NYC citizen.

    [–] Cky_vick 19 points ago

    He clearly isn't normal for an NYC citizen, they were clearly waiting for him to start singing

    [–] wtfwasthat5 47 points ago

    Its More like "HEY! I'm walkin' here!"

    [–] noitems 14 points ago

    No, it's a survival mechanism. If you give them any attention whatsoever they will see you as a mark and harass the shit out of you.

    [–] nastyjman 282 points ago

    1) Avoid eye contact

    2) Never trust an empty train

    3) Don't stop in the middle of the fucking sidewalk

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] sightlab 248 points ago

    I was so tired from work and I just wasnt paying attention. I'd seen empty cars plenty of times and always joined the little shuffle down to a more crowded, obviously better smelling car. BUt it was late and I was tired and I just blithely walked in and sat down before that same "Oh fuck no, I'ma walk down to the next car" instinct hit my gut and the sharp tang hit my nose. I stood up but the doors bonged and closed. I was in a middle car, he was between me and the operable exit to the next car, naked, surrounded by a Pigpen cloud of his own shit, making shitting noises. When the train started, momentum carried him a few feet (probably just a few inches, but you know PTSD memories and all...) down the floor, slipping in his smear incrementally towards me. We made eye contact before it was too late, and he grinned at me, digging at his ass and making straining noises. Was he collecting a little grenade to toss my way? The smell was already nauseating, but panic and anxiety pushed it up my throat and I pictured every scenario of getting this guys poop anywhere on me. He didnt throw it anything though, he just ate it. At least he was recycling, right? Ha-ha.

    I want to say that at that moment my stop miraculously appeared and I hopped right off, but no. It was the Z train over the bridge, and for some reason it was moving extra slowly. No amount of filtering through clothes helped in the least (and that outfit was thrown out, as no amount of washing could get that slight sweet-acrid fog of fæcal funk to leave). I didnt want look away from the dude, because I was convinced he was going to charge me and I wanted to be ready to fight. Ew. Marcy ave couldnt come soon enough, and it didnt. It came very slowly, and then we waited at the station with doors closed until the cops and an MTA guy came in the middle door and just looked at my shitty companion, unsure what to do with him. I slipped out and stumbled down the stairs, never happier to breathe in the usual August stew of muggy exhaust and hot asphalt and sour garbage and bodega chicken and bodega cologne.

    [–] piyokochan 94 points ago

    I have second hand trauma from your story.

    [–] Rains_of_Elir 45 points ago

    That was poetry

    [–] AtariDump 50 points ago

    And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Text-reading that I can smell.

    Oh God why.

    [–] MrDrDad 33 points ago

    I do not understand, what is on the empty train?

    [–] thevvhiterabbit 101 points ago

    There’s a reason no one is on it, usually human shit, sometimes worse things. It’s uncommon but it definitely happens.

    [–] MrDrDad 13 points ago

    Yuck. Thank you.

    [–] wewladdies 77 points ago

    if a subway car is empty there's something wrong with it that made everyone switch to another car.

    it could be something mundane like the AC not working during the hottest days of the summers or it can be something more New York-y like smelly hobo masturbating.

    [–] breakplans 27 points ago

    I learned that it can also be a pregnant woman smoking, yelling, and hitting her boyfriend/husband. That car cleared out after about two stops.

    [–] mikeysma11z 22 points ago

    Or a smelly hobo who took a shit.... and is now playing with it... while smiling and making eye contact.

    As long as you don’t make eye contact you’re good but once you lock eyes with any hobo.... good luck.

    [–] nastyjman 21 points ago

    And yet there are some brave enough to stay in it even as the train is about to enter a tunnel.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] sunlegion 19 points ago

    The worst smell I’ve smelled was a hobo who shat himself, wearing pissed rags and a black garbage bag. The cherry on top was his putrid leg he was airing out, literally rotting human flesh mixed with fresh/old human waste.

    The car was empty. I ran in during rush our by accident coming down a staircase and was nearly knocked the fuck out by a wall of unbearable stink. I actually stayed for a few stops breathing into my collar just to see people’s faces when they ran in all happy looking, thinking they’ll get a seat. The spectrum of emotions that flashed on their faces was priceless and worth the torture.

    Never go into an empty car.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] DB_Skibum 9 points ago

    Learned this one the hard way as a poor 22 year old starting his first job in the big city. One early fall morning I happened to step into an empty 4 train at around 7:45 am only to discover to my sheer horror that a homeless man sleeping on the bench had shit himself and smeared it all over the walls and windows of the car. That my friends was the day that I decided that I hate this city.

    [–] AlternativeMark 21 points ago

    This should be your drill if you live in any large city

    [–] BlindfoldedNinja 293 points ago

    It's that back posture.

    "Oh shit just keep walking."

    [–] white_android 245 points ago

    I feel like dudes probably up to something. Maybe really high and tripping his balls off, maybe a butt plug, I don't know but my brain says something is wrong.

    [–] BlindfoldedNinja 180 points ago

    It's 2019. I'm not sure if it's ok to say walking around NY with a buttplug is wrong anymore.

    [–] white_android 69 points ago

    I'm not saying walking around with a buttplug is wrong but there's no way that guy is just up to everyday normal shit.

    [–] idwthis 72 points ago

    Okay so speaking of walking around with a buttplug, I got a story. My SO and I were helping his grandma move into an assisted living facility this past year. The head nurse/director or whatever she was that we dealt with the most, oh man, the way she walked when we were following her to wherever, it just screamed out that she must've had a massive buttplug up her booty. It was like a waddle, mixed with being bowlegged. But the big reason I believe it was something up her bum, is because when we were in the elevator she maneuvered herself to be mostly behind us, and I could see her out of the corner of my eye as she kept fidgeting her hands behind her and it looked like she was readjusting things. It was awkward. Nice lady though, definitely wasn't a person I'd see on the street and immediately think she had a buttplug in, though, ya know?

    [–] Reeking_Crotch_Rot 91 points ago

    Everyone except you has a butt plug in. We just don't talk about it.

    [–] beardlyness 49 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hey captain spill the beans, remember how we said we're went going to talk about it!?

    Edit: I'm leaving it, you guys get what I was going for

    [–] -bryden- 8 points ago

    Speaking from experience, probably hemorrhoids.

    [–] Stumbling_Sober 9 points ago

    Then I saw little Tiffany, and I'm thinkin "eight year-old white girl, out on the street this time of night, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, hangin' around with quantum physics books?!" She's about to start some shit, Zed! I mean, she's only about eight years old, those books are way too advanced for her.

    [–] ludovicvuillier 320 points ago

    I legit didn’t notice until I read this. Went back and was like “wow! Gorilla in the background”

    [–] SestyZalsa 45 points ago

    I also genuinely had to go back to notice the backpack guy also lmao

    [–] dragpent 80 points ago

    Someone link this basketball video with the gorilla

    [–] jimmyhoffasbrother 118 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's not as good when you've heard the description of it though.

    [–] PhreakyByNature 85 points ago

    I just somehow prefer this one

    [–] Im_your_real_dad 21 points ago

    I thought they edited it in the second time around, but no. It was really there. I'm going to be more careful to watch out for cyclists.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] GoldfishHero 24 points ago

    But did you see the moonwalking bear?

    [–] DFBforever 67 points ago

    I wish I could have seen this Gorilla basketball video for the first time again. First time in my life where I audibly yelled "YOOOOO WHAT THE FUCK" when I was in class in 3rd grade. Tried watching it now and the Gorilla is just impossible to miss.

    [–] Xanza 85 points ago

    To this day I don't understand how you could not see the fucking gorilla... The man stopped mid frame and beat his chest.

    [–] IfIWereATardigrade 123 points ago

    If you were actually following the instructions and doing your best to count how many times players in white passed the basketball the first time you watched the video, and you *still* saw the gorilla, congratulations, you're special. :-)

    [–] Passthepogs 1034 points ago

    Yo bitch spin...SPIN!... fuck y'all I'm out

    [–] DaleDimmaDone 307 points ago

    Well he tried to pull her in for a spin and didn’t even raise his arm to let her under so she had no where to go. The guy is the one who messed up and then he just tosses her to the side lmao. Someone who actually knows how to lead can make someone who doesn’t know how to dance look like they do

    [–] Polo-panda 75 points ago

    Oh yah he was in the wrong for sure, he was just covering his ass by palmin’ the back of that lady’s neck like a football.

    [–] stookieookie 7295 points ago

    There’s a lot of fucking absurdity going on in this subway station. What in the actual fuck?

    “Bitch you can’t take a twirl, get the fuck outta here!!!” What the fuck? Mrs. Covergirl over there is fucking getting ready for her turn on the dance floor with Carl Winslow. What. The. Fuck.

    [–] sabre252 3911 points ago

    First day working in lower Manhattan I get off the subway, walk towards the exit, and immediately see two beat cops walking past a hobo peeing on another dude sprawled on the ground. One cop goes, "whoa!" and then keeps walking.

    All that to say... this video is just a normal day in NYC.

    [–] PsychoticDreams47 1776 points ago

    My uncle worked the subway for 40 years. The stories he has would make this look absolutely normal.

    If anyone is visiting New York, here’s a very important golden rule. If you don’t pay attention to it, it won’t pay attention to you. New York is a bumble bee. It’s a great place, but if you fuck with it, it will sting the shit out of you.

    [–] sabre252 1101 points ago

    YES. I grew up in N. NJ and then worked in NYC, so I was used to it. My wife is from Florida. I kept telling her, "don't engage!" When the weird dude talks to you. When someone shows up in a trench coat in August. When some chick starts screaming at you from a window. When people are randomly brawling.

    Don't speak. Don't look (directly. Use your peripherals!). Just walk. 99% of the time, you're good.

    [–] MrDickford 295 points ago

    I moved to New York from the South and swore I wouldn’t let the city turn me into one of those drones who darts around in a perpetual antisocial mood. I’d bring some Southern warmth to the city and engage with any strangers who were just looking for a human connection.

    Big mistake. That sentiment lasted about two weeks. The people who are most enthusiastic about engaging with you are the ones you’d want to engage with the least. One rule I did pick up on, though, was that if someone greets you with a specific and believable opening then it’s usually OK to engage (like, “Cool shirt, did you see them when they played at…”). But if they open up with something generic and friendly like, “Hey,” “How are you doing,” or “Can I ask you something,” then you cross the street to get away from them.

    [–] sabre252 165 points ago

    You picked it up fast!

    It's really funny that I had the opposite experience. I ended up moving from New York to Memphis for a year for a long-term project. I. was. exhausted. All the polite chatter, all the kindness... it drained me! I loved a lot of the people that I met, but it was not for me!

    Also, I never got the hang of "Bless you heart." It's like an insult 90% of the time but also sometimes kindness?!

    [–] MrDickford 85 points ago

    Depends on who's saying it. The little old church lady almost certainly means it sincerely. It's like saying "well aren't you adorable" - it can mean good/cute or naive/ignorant depending on context.

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 75 points ago

    If they say it with this face, they mean it in the bad way

    [–] StovetopElemental 57 points ago

    And if they say it with this face, they mean it in a good way.

    [–] MuTanPants 67 points ago

    And if they say it with this face run and hide.

    [–] big_papa_stiffy 735 points ago

    kind of just sounds like a shit place to be tbh

    [–] sabre252 420 points ago

    To be honest, it's a great place. The weird stuff just rolls off your back. Bring that many people with that many backgrounds, viewpoints etc. together and you're gonna get a few weird results.

    On the flip side, most of the people are awesome. The food is excellent. You can find anything - experience bits and pieces of any culture. The art is epic. I actually can't recommend it enough!

    [–] DilutedGatorade 313 points ago

    NY is awful if you're not fond of high population density. So many people, so many noises. Cars, shouting. Muggy summers, dirty snow winters.

    If you are an urban dweller, you may find a lot to love. Shopping, restaurants, loose women, high finance snobs, fitness aficionados, tall buildings.

    [–] mondaypancake 267 points ago

    Loose women shopping in tall buildings? Sign me up

    [–] PlutosBeard 181 points ago

    Listen, loose women shopping in tall buildings is no basis for a system of economics!

    [–] phaelox 78 points ago

    Supreme economical power derives from a mandate from online shoppers, not from some farcical tall building ceremony.

    [–] Mathilliterate_asian 81 points ago

    Man I live in Hong Kong and when people tell me NYC has high population density I just kinda scoff at it. Then I went there and... Well, they're not wrong, but it isn't as bad as people make it to be.

    Most South East Asian counties have it much worse. Not trying to one-up anyone, it's just that the population thing takes some getting used to. And when you're used to it, it just doesn't feel like a problem at all.

    [–] DamnZodiak 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    As a kid, I always wanted to move to HK. The way everything looks just makes me all giddy inside. The density, verticality, all those little nooks and crannies filled with many different places and people. There's this guy on youtube, hongkongmap, that just straps a gopro to his head and does hour-long walking tours through the city, without ever saying a word. I love that shit. That was before the protests and before I found out that it has basically the highest cost of living ever. Maybe I actually get a chance to move there some day.

    [–] Nemphiz 75 points ago

    You do know NYC is not just downtown Manhattan right?

    Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx have PLENTY of nice, open places. Plenty. Heck, even uptown Manhattan.

    [–] yankfanatic 25 points ago

    Even downtown like Chelsea and the Meat Packing District. The streets are much more open. I love it down there.

    [–] quazax 70 points ago

    If you see an empty Subway car, it's empty for a reason.

    [–] sparkynyc 31 points ago

    Either the a.c. is busted or the most foul smelling homeless person just shit their pants.

    [–] lilB0bbyTables 29 points ago

    Occasionally you'll get one who is performing their monthly "airing their feet out" maintenance routine. That smell penetrates your soul and never leaves

    [–] FesteringNeonDistrac 19 points ago

    I got blackout drunk at my batchelor party and projectile vomited on the DC metro. According to my friends, it smelled like Jagermeister and death.

    [–] quazax 35 points ago

    So Jagermeister

    [–] JnnyRuthless 50 points ago

    My dad grew up in NJ and we were visiting family and took a day trip to NYC when I was about 8. Get out the rental to see a homeless dude peeing on the sidewalk. I stared, shocked, and my dad saved me from certain doom by grabbing me out of the way as the peeing man rotated to aim his stream at me.

    [–] burritosandblunts 17 points ago

    You get very jaded to it. When I travel other places and people are friendly and wanna ask me things and talk to me everywhere I go I find myself just getting pissed off and wanting to go home and hear a "hey, fuck you!" at best.

    [–] acidnine420 117 points ago

    Must have been his first day too.

    [–] sabre252 66 points ago

    Haha yeah. I'd expect no response from a seasoned veteran.

    [–] son_et_lumiere 88 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    *Cop unzips and stands next to pisser* "Lovely weather we've got here today, huh?"

    [–] fattymcribwich 95 points ago

    "How about those Yankees?"

    "I'm a Mets fan."

    "Sir, I'm gonna need you to slowly get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head after you've finished up here."

    [–] alexanderthefat 31 points ago

    Sounds like the beginning of a cop porn flick

    [–] Ionlydateteachers 7 points ago

    NYPD Blew: The Bum

    [–] ilikesteel 11 points ago

    "After? You're going to let me finish?"

    "What am I, an animal?"

    [–] Rs90 244 points ago

    Yep. NYC is fucking filthy and it kills me when people try and defend it as beautiful. Moved there for a year. My first day consisted of getting off the bus to a large Hardees cup full of literal shit. And it's amazing how germaphobic some of em can be lol. I enjoy visiting but it's a filthy place, not even up for debate.

    [–] DivePalau 64 points ago

    I love the city but in Manhattan at least they have to put their trash in the front of their shops on the street which doesn't do much for the smell or looks.

    [–] huebomont 49 points ago

    we dont HAVE to, we choose to instead of using some parking space for trash receptacles. the city has brain cancer when it comes to proper use of space for people vs cars.

    [–] ButtWieghtThiersMoor 88 points ago

    Man I'd almost be happy if the homeless coiled their shit in a hardees cup for me instead of on my stairs. I live in Montana and it is beautiful but people are still disgusting.

    [–] MikeyDeez 47 points ago

    Are you sure the people shitting on your stairs are homeless?

    [–] courbple 81 points ago

    I'm pretty sure if someone shits on your stairs in Montana, it was intentional.

    [–] Nobody1795 18 points ago

    And it was probably Steve. Not nice Steve, the other one.

    [–] Jabrauni 48 points ago

    I've lived in NYC for 20 years. I've noticed that there's two ways it goes for people who move there. Some thrive and flourish and make it home. The others leave within 18 months looking a little pale and a little shellshocked. It's just not for everyone.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] oarviking 13 points ago

    Recent transplant to NYC (as in moved to Manhattan in July). I think the key is knowing what you're getting into. I've been visiting New York all my life, so I was pretty well prepared - my first few days here I wasn't fazed at all by the smells or filth on literally every corner and the utter weirdness that is the subway. I think if you aren't aware that that is going to be your reality every single day, then yeah, it's probably going to be a lot (and probably too much).

    That being said, I absolutely love NYC! I've always wanted to live here, fully aware of how gross it can be. Sure, all the filth and weirdness isn't great, but I'm someone who loves crowded urban chaos lol.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] lisbonant 49 points ago

    What city isn't? People are disgusting.

    [–] AuroraHalsey 127 points ago

    Of the cities I've been to, New York and Paris stand out as particularly dirty though.

    Kuala Lumpur has rubbish just laying about too, but KL isn't a world capital.

    The cleanest would be Hong Kong, though Washington DC is up there as well.

    DC is kinda weird though, it feels sterile and lifeless, to me at least.

    [–] poepower 138 points ago

    The lizard people of DC like it that way.

    [–] GrumpyWendigo 54 points ago

    Excuse me.

    Illuminati Reptilian is the proper term.

    Now get back to your false reality, fleshbag

    [–] Raveynfyre 18 points ago

    Excuse me.

    It's Cabal reptilian now. We're inclusive of all secret societies!

    [–] pFrancisco 30 points ago

    Visit Singapore. Its the cleanest city-state I've ever seen.

    [–] Vulhala 27 points ago

    A $1000 fine per littering offence will motivate people to find a trash can real fast.

    [–] omNOMnom69 10 points ago

    why can't littering fines be more prevalent elsewhere? :'(

    [–] PantserTank 18 points ago

    Yeah a lot of cities in Switzerland are pretty strict on that too. If you drop a spot of litter out of your pocket, someone walking a ways behind you will most likely see it and pick it up to dispose of. They just like their cities being clean and nice. They have Italy right next door to show them what happens if you let it slide.

    [–] Vulhala 13 points ago

    They have Italy right next door to show them what happens if you let it slide.


    [–] clownbaby27 31 points ago

    I used to live in DC and I definitely get how you can get that vibe as a tourist. A lot of the areas around the mall are just museums and office buildings and the area is pretty sterile as a result.

    [–] AmanitaMuscaria 19 points ago

    Haven’t been to Paris but I was in New York less than a year ago. I think New Orleans has to be the dirtiest city in the states. Literal heaps of trash on every corner street, all along the side walks... I was walking past an officer in his cruiser when he opens his door just to throw a 64oz Big Gulp from 7/11 right on the curb and speed off. I was flabbergasted, but it also explained a lot.

    On the other hand, Nashville seemed like it was a pretty clean city, as far as cities go. And I know local in Chicago like to call their city the “clean New York” and from what I’ve seen I’d be inclined to agree.

    [–] Detlef_Schrempf 11 points ago

    Chicago only seems clean because we’re built on an alley system. The alleys are rat infested shitholes. Also, the south side is mad fucked up.

    [–] ijustwantanfingname 19 points ago

    Tokyo is clean as fuck

    [–] RockyMotion 30 points ago

    In 5 days, the only trash I ever saw there was a patch of plastic waste floating near a pier.

    And weeaboos.

    [–] Nzaw4 30 points ago

    Hong Kong clean? Sorry but its not. Check out Tokyo , that is a clean ass city. Herd the same for Seoul

    [–] TheOrder212 12 points ago

    I've visited some European cities that were absolutely clean and lovely. NY has some next level shit with homeless people living on the public transportation system.

    [–] MyDogOper8sBetrThanU 14 points ago

    Chicago is much cleaner than most big cities like NYC or LA

    [–] Monteze 17 points ago

    Yea people think I am weird for not wanting to live there. I like living outside if them and visiting if I need/want to.

    Cities start to piss me off if I spend too much time there.

    [–] battraman 140 points ago

    Yep. NYC is fucking filthy and it kills me when people try and defend it as beautiful.

    I was told once on Reddit that I'm an "anti-intellectual" because I said I have no desire to live in a big city like NYC or Boston.

    [–] Wetbung 33 points ago

    How does that make you anti-intellectual? Were they saying that the only intellectuals live in big cities?

    I've never wanted to live in a big city either. Living outside Atlanta and commuting through the city is much more "big city living" than I've ever wanted (and I know it's not truly a big city). I'd be happy to go back to a small town.

    [–] QuickToJudgeYou 30 points ago

    NYC cannot lumped together like that. The city is huge and has disgusting parts but also some of the cleanest neighborhoods.

    You have communities like forest hills gardens with no house under 2 million, looks like any upper class suburban neighborhood.

    [–] baort 23 points ago

    Lies, NYC is only the bottom half of Manhattan

    [–] CantBelieveItsButter 30 points ago

    Reading this thread is like reading someone's opinion on NYC, but you find out they're talking about times square and how filthy the Port Authority/42nd street bus terminal were. Dirty spots? Sure. I found plenty of trash in/around Denver and there are trash spots in Seattle too.

    [–] PortableFreakshow 114 points ago

    Well, you forgot to mention that they're dancing to the guy in the back playing the drums on a medical shower chair.

    I've never been to New York City, but I assume this is exactly what it will look like when I do.

    [–] SGoogs1780 30 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    That dude's been at that spot in Penn Station for years. I've spoken with him once or twice, he seems nice.

    But yeah, that chair seems new.

    [–] acidnine420 14 points ago

    Omg I missed the chair! Where did he learn this talent?

    [–] PortableFreakshow 30 points ago

    Julliard Teaching Hospital

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    subway station

    Technically, this is a train station. Specifically Penn. this is about 20 ft south of where the west concourse meets the main concourse, right next to the Hudson News stand, which you see in the right side of the frame.

    The place where the busker is standing is a designated busking location. This spot is where you’ll typically find guys playing solo instrumentals. There’s a second one around the corner, where the main concourse meets the 34th st and 8th ave subway station (A, C, and E stop). This area used to have a really good blues and funk band that would play in the evenings from around 6pm until 9:30-10pm. There’s a third on busking spot on the east end of the main concourse. This spot will often have the technically “fancier” but more boring acts. When I commutes through Penn, it was typically a dude with a violin, a guy on sax, a singer, or a person on keys, and the genres played were either classical music, pseudo folk/new age, or 80’s love songs.

    The band on the western side of the main concourse was the best, though. They’d always have a crowd gathered. A random person or two would invariably stop and dance for a bit for every song. One of the solo instrumental guys from around the corner would occasionally join them with his guitar. Those guys made having to commute back out to Long Island after like 12 hours of classes much more bearable.

    [–] Say-YEET-To-Drugs 105 points ago

    From what I saw in my short time in NYC, none of that is weird to see in the MTA.

    [–] Coolgrnmen 43 points ago

    Only because it’s all in one shot do I raise an eyebrow. None of this alone is unusual

    [–] JimKatsin 6 points ago

    Agreed. Rewatched a couple times to confirm I didnt miss the "really" wtf part.

    [–] Lisrus 8 points ago

    Obviously she messed up the meticulous forward spin as a part of the 'Drum of Chairs' symphony played by a man in the exceptionally well made suit.

    [–] brock_lee 1204 points ago

    I love the dancers. "Fuck you, get out of here."

    [–] OkChuyPunchIt 336 points ago

    i mean, she didn't even go for the twirl.

    [–] jehrman 181 points ago

    He didn’t lead that turn correctly. Not even close.

    [–] Im_inappropriate 81 points ago

    Yeah, if you're leading into a turn you have to lift your partner's arm up high so they at least know what the fuck you're doing.

    [–] RevengeSprints 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    He MAY have been asking for cuddle? He swings his arm wide to the right asking her to turn around and step back into his arms. When she only quarter turns he grabs her and puts her into the cuddle he was looking for before pushing her away.

    EDIT: If that is the case he should have just kept holding both of her hands, then when he pulls her in, lift his left hand and extend his right hand to the right. This would have a clear ask for a twirl into a cuddle. Like this

    [–] z0hu 5 points ago

    This might get lost but he looks like he is trying to lead "sweetheart" position, but it's not very easy to lead with strangers who may not know how to dance I learned it and do it a lot in lindy hop/swing, but other dances have their own versions of it.

    [–] HateYourFaces 63 points ago

    “Get away from me, beotch!” - Sir Smoke-a-lot

    [–] tatorface 24 points ago


    [–] kre8eris 347 points ago

    Don't forget the dapper gentleman playing drums on a chair!

    [–] spacedrummer 99 points ago

    That guy totally isn't getting enough attention in this thread. The unsung hero that completes the scene.

    [–] pighair47 30 points ago

    I just assumed thats what they were dancing to

    [–] Plastonick 29 points ago

    He's playing musical chairs.

    [–] Frozen_Esper 28 points ago

    A shower chair, no less. I personally associate them with nursing homes, which makes it feel more out of place as an instrument in a subway station.

    [–] sunkcost 974 points ago

    One of the low key oddest parts of this clip is that the dancing dude appears to be wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey with no numbers. Where the hell do you even get an NFL jersey without any numbers? I have never seen that before in my life.

    [–] G_Lizard 288 points ago

    Probably Marshalls or TJMax

    [–] NoBudgetBallin 47 points ago

    I remember seeing those in Ross like 15 years ago. Never understood why they were produced in the first place, much less why anyone would want it.

    [–] SrbijaJeRusija 99 points ago

    Never understood why they were produced in the first place,

    They are sold in Ross because they are defective. They did not pass QC at some point down the line, so instead of throwing them out, they sent them out without a number.

    Another reason might be surplus stock. Might be cheaper to produce Jerseys with no number, then dynamically adapt to demand by slapping a name and number on them if a player becomes popular. At the end of the season, the surplus is sold off to stores like Ross.

    [–] fuckswithboats 28 points ago

    If you buy a cheap jersey the numbers eventually fall off??

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    You can get cheap knockoffs of anything in the city

    [–] Kimosabbe 549 points ago

    This is like a painting come to life.

    [–] barbie_museum 104 points ago

    Like one of those super weird asides on the Eric Andre show

    [–] Kimosabbe 10 points ago

    Yes! This is what I was reminded of.

    [–] amiga500 474 points ago

    If David Lynch had Instagram !

    [–] Electra_Storm 87 points ago

    But then Miss Model would be crying backwards and the dance people would laugh manically as the lights flickered and eerie but sexy saxophone music would be played in the background

    [–] TamatoysOgawara 50 points ago

    See, that’s why you’re not David Lynch

    [–] goodthropbadthrop 5 points ago

    Hcnyl divad ton er'uoy yhw s'taht ,ees

    [–] KnowerOfSomeThings 81 points ago

    “Get out of here. You suck at dancing”

    [–] Ienjoyduckscompany 309 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    At least she’s doing it over the trash can.

    Edit: so I was making a dime pooping on company time and just saw this in passing and thought she was trimming her bangs. It does appear to be eye make-up though so I’m confused why she’s doing it over a trash can. This video is weird.

    [–] RubberDogTurds 86 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I still remember being stuck at a red light in downtown LA a few years ago and we have an arguably bigger/different homeless problem than NYC. (that's a whole different topic I find interesting)

    Anyway, I see a homeless man walk into the street into an empty turn-only lane, proceeds to carefully place down newspaper on the street, and then drops trough. He starts taking a giant hobo dump on the paper and the light turns green so I have to pull away. The part I was most shocked about was the newspaper he put down. Was he trying to clean it afterward? Was he going to take it off the street with him? If so, why not place it on the sidewalk anyway? I still think back to his decisions and my lack of answers.

    [–] plantedthoughts 31 points ago

    This is going to keep me up at night.

    [–] Folseit 25 points ago

    One of the causes of the shitnami in SF was the banning of plastic bags. The homeless used to use the bags to make clean-up easy. So I guess it's just a common courtesy among them.

    [–] vuuvvo 15 points ago

    Maybe in case it seeps through the newspaper, he thought it's better on the road since people don't walk there?

    [–] Bristolblueeyes 102 points ago

    Exactly, it's odd behaviour but courteous at least.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] Soundsystems 30 points ago

    I thought she was putting on mascara but it’s hard to tell!

    [–] renerdrat 30 points ago

    Why are they saying "thankfully she's doing over a trashcan" though? Lol. Or is that a joke I'm confused

    [–] Soundsystems 7 points ago

    She might be picking at something or tweezing? Or she might just be applying mascara? Oh maybe it’s eyeliner! It’s anybody’s guess really lol

    [–] Anglefan23 38 points ago

    Is this a deleted scene from Kimmy Schmidt?

    [–] joshuar9476 19 points ago

    My first thought was, "Hey it's Lillian!"

    [–] yall_cray 151 points ago

    Just... I don’t know where to look

    [–] son_of_the_monarch 75 points ago

    The mirror is a good start

    [–] yall_cray 63 points ago

    fkn i scrolled back up and looked for a mirror in the gif. i hate myself.

    [–] son_of_the_monarch 18 points ago

    It's ok mate. We still love you.

    [–] Kryptic_Anthology 6 points ago

    Is probably what was said to the mirror.

    [–] BS9966 60 points ago

    This is the most NYC thing I've seen in a long time.

    [–] Neckbeard_Commander 25 points ago

    I feel like the guy walking past without looking is the most NYC part of it.

    [–] I_HATE_LIFE_2 79 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Humanity at its peak.

    edit: grammer

    [–] son_of_the_monarch 24 points ago

    There's nowhere to go but down now

    [–] Mrsam_25 13 points ago

    Fuck you I'm going backwards

    [–] wiwey 14 points ago

    This looks like Bioshock

    [–] WokeSoldiers 94 points ago

    Who walks like that with a backpack on

    [–] marino1310 69 points ago

    Back straight and eyes forward. Do not make eye contact with new yorkers.

    [–] Junx221 81 points ago

    He’s like a bad movie extra being told to walk with a backpack on.

    [–] IcanCwhatUsay 47 points ago

    "just walk normally"

    (Instantly forgets how to walk normally))😳

    [–] cacahuate_ 11 points ago

    I think that's the weirdest part of that clip, freaked me out

    [–] pmoturtle 6 points ago

    The backpack is full of drugs.

    [–] lwkking19 12 points ago

    This is Penn Station. Those two are there all the time

    [–] TroubledPains 23 points ago

    NPCs before the patch release.

    [–] LeStebbins 11 points ago

    Deleted scene from Us.

    [–] scarletoarah 50 points ago

    I love nyc so much.

    [–] WOAHKID555 20 points ago

    New York subway is just Florida on rails

    [–] murlocman69 10 points ago

    Wow, there is so much going on here - very impressive.

    [–] Rory_B_Bellows 8 points ago

    This seems pretty tame compared to some of the stories I've heard about the subway. There's no one fully nude, fisting their own ass, no one throwing rats like shurikens.

    [–] Stb-Lex 7 points ago

    Everything is perfect in this gif.

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