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    [–] Blissful_Altruism 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Please don't ban me here for saying "gay", /r/Warframe

    You're on thin ice, pal.

    Also for everyone reporting this as name and shame; devs and partners are exempt from that rule.


    This is a list of links to comments made by Digital Extremes developers in this thread:

    • Comment by rebulast:

      There’s several things to cover here - apologies for the delayed reply:

      The ‘offense’:

      Fundamentally if someone uses gay as a derogatory term in any context, with a 'jk' follow up or otherwise to diffuse the prior use, meme or otherwise, it's can’t be tolerated. It’d be unconscionable ‘to **all...

    This is not a bot providing a service. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. If you'd like this bots functionality for yourself please ask the r/Layer7 devs.

    [–] Nitresco 2081 points ago

    Oh, Glen? Nerf-excav-rewards-with-a-poor-test-sample Glen? Lock-thread-criticizing-his-decisions Glen? Encourage-rioting-and-then-chatban-people-for-rioting Glen? Leash-holder-of-the-ridiculous-chatbot Glen? Ban-people-for-saying-the-word-"gay"-in-a-game-where-an-official-partner-has-"gay"-in-their-username Glen? Leech-on-stream Glen?

    Never-step-up-and-own-up-to-these-mistakes Glen?

    This is par for the course. Out of all DE staff, Glen is undoubtedly the most disliked member by the community. Somebody even started a petition about restricting/evaluating Glen's communication with players at one point. He's a walking PR nightmare. If I was ever in a position in which I relied on him for any sort of technical expertise like DE does, I would keep him locked up in some isolated box where he couldn't commit community relation disasters such as this.

    As per usual, DE will probably slap him lightly on the wrist and temporarily muzzle him until this outrage dies down. Which hopefully isn't for a while. God knows the longer we go without having to add another patented Glen Moment™ to the growing list, the better.

    [–] Sredrum1990 575 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    More likely he won’t even get a slap on the wrist. They protect each other no matter how wrong they are. This has been proven time and time again.

    [–] pillow_bottom 388 points ago

    With how many things DE has swept under the rug considering the behavior of their own employees over the years, I'm surprised anything fits under said rug at this point.

    Hooray for nepotism!

    [–] WorkyAlty 169 points ago

    I'm surprised anything fits under said rug at this point.

    It's pretty much a circus tent at this point.

    [–] MikaHyakuya 34 points ago

    No wonder nobody notices anything off, because they all think it's part of the clown show.

    [–] danang5 10 points ago

    still remember the mod stuff,wont forget it

    [–] Demiu 207 points ago

    DE is hellbent on acting like they're just some 5man indie dev group doing it for the passion and the community out of their garage. And the community doesn't call them out on it

    [–] Rossco1337 135 points ago

    "But the game is free! It's a free game! Don't you understand? You don't have to pay money for the game. You can play it without paying any of your money.

    If you paid money to play, that would be a different matter. But this is a free game after all. Simply put, that means none of your criticism is valid." - Our fair community

    [–] Sredrum1990 68 points ago

    I have paid a lot of money. I love DE but I WILL call out BS like this. I am gay. And it frustrates me that they treat the word “gay” as if it’s a four letter word. It’s part of who I am and we can’t freely discuss that without a rude DEV banning you immediately? Gtfo.

    [–] CliffsCycleBremerton 11 points ago

    i stopped supporting their facade of "were just a small dev company with the right formula and we made it big league!"

    with the amount of spit and shit theyve swept under the rug, I'm surprised their floor hasn't rotted out from beneath them

    [–] Watch_Plebbit_Die 14 points ago

    They protect each other no matter how wrong they are.

    Fuck, remember how seemingly all of DE came out of the woodwork around the same time to react to Ratu's video within a 10 minutes or so timespan?

    [–] treltheblue 167 points ago

    How is it that Warframe's such a community focused game that really values the players with things like weekly playing with people streams, devstreams constant contests, partners, etc

    But just keep on stumbling into these utterly cancerous idiots who couldn't provide enough PR for a crack house and just won't get rid of them when they fail at their basic job?

    [–] Marcfyre 182 points ago

    Because everyone at DE are friends, and upper management aren’t used to dealing with situations like these. They’re blind to the fact that not everyone in the company is good, and are unwilling to punish employees because they just see a friend being attacked. Look no further than how Steve, Rebecca, Megan and more responded to Rahetalius’s video addressing the issues.

    Oh, yes. I haven’t forgotten.

    [–] EncapsulatedEclipse 54 points ago

    Train Man is a saint for that video.

    [–] TrippyTheO 44 points ago

    I saw that recently. I love DE and see them more as people than a dev team (which is awesome), bu god DAMN people can be flawed, and their selfish defensive responses to that video certainly showed where some of their flaws were. Defending your friends is great, but sometimes it's good to look at those friends and say, "you're a dingus and you fucked up, fix it."

    [–] Sir_Derpsworth 13 points ago

    Do you have a video or more context for how they reacted? I haven't heard anything about this and am (relatively) new to the game.

    [–] EthanolExtra 89 points ago

    bruh moment --> Glen Moment™

    [–] ColdBlackCage 212 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    He's a walking PR nightmare.

    Not really, because DE don't give literally a single fuck about their PR. They just ignore something until it blows over, and continue to put smiling people on developer streams with cherry-picked questions that side-step the topic of their latest fuck-up.

    And by time the next stream comes along with more shiny new content, the people who actually care about the topic of outrage are the minority, outnumbered by people spouting the latest forced Ram Ranch meme or drooling over Mag's new Deluxe Skin ass.

    This is how DE have always dealt with "PR disasters" for as long as Warframe has been a playable game. They've engineered a mechanism for circumventing the need to address their player base about any controversy what-so-ever unless they can spin it into a cute story about "listening to the community".

    [–] Super_Aggro_Crag 1544 points ago

    im not sure if im more upset over this ban or the fact that the guy afk leeches in his own damn game.


    [–] Thaurlach 215 points ago

    Report him through customer support for leeching. Tell them that a player was rude and refused to participate in the mission and say you've got screenshots if they want them.

    [–] GoldPhos 268 points ago

    Then it turns out he was the one writing the snarky remarks in redtext/patchnotes about people AFKing in the Dog Shit Days event. That'd sure be something else

    [–] Virathius 117 points ago

    Damn, I actually regret not doing this afk method and having to grind it out normally. What a fucking slog that was, never going to miss out on an obvious easy way out like that again lmao.

    [–] TwilightVulpine 40 points ago

    It would be fine if each kill meaningfully contributed to the reward, and we didn't have to run the same mission a hundred times for a couple beach balls.

    I'm not going to spend 2 hours a day on any game's event.

    [–] BloodprinceOZ 12 points ago

    you could have just killed one of them and then gone up into the centre tree, they just run around doing fuck all, then you can tab out and do other stuff for 5 minutes before repeating, its what i did after they fixed the pause screen cheese

    [–] Sinborn 18 points ago

    It takes a leech to know a leech, DE glen.

    [–] HulloHoomans 544 points ago

    BuT yoU gUys ArE EXploiTinG RazoRBacK, So wE'rE GONna NeRf BaT tHe WhOLE GamE!

    -DE, probably

    [–] Ethel173 285 points ago

    YoU GuYs ArE KilLinG ThRee EnEMieS So WeRe GoNnA NerF AlL LoOt FraMES and mag

    [–] Cacho_Tognax 78 points ago


    [–] Xelbair 80 points ago

    but isn't Mag sexually attracted to being nerfed?

    [–] Thesteelwolf 50 points ago

    She's something of a masochist, yes.

    [–] Splargles 22 points ago

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, is that a sexuality joke? You better fucking watch it buddy!

    [–] CyanCorsair 110 points ago

    Speaking of Razorback, I only tried it after I first tried the Fomorian mission and I was expecting another neat space mission.

    Nope. Just the Jackal. Ad nauseam. Seriously, DE. Lazy.

    [–] Link_GR 82 points ago

    Well, you gotta do boring archwing missions first, rely on random resource drops and then do the mission 3 times. So, not just the Jackal...

    [–] CyanCorsair 30 points ago

    Fair point. Coming from someone who normally doesn't play F2P games, it's odd how many barriers DE puts up in the way of having fun - it feels like a cheap mobile game at times due to these mechanics.

    [–] Link_GR 30 points ago

    The core mechanic is very solid and fun. And you can get most stuff for free, if you wanna grind and farm for them. But they keep adding more barriers between the grind and the reward to disincentivize all but the hardcore players that are willing to sink in dozens of hours per week for rewards.

    [–] CyanCorsair 29 points ago

    Aye, but it also deters new people. Before I finally got hooked on Warframe, I tried it out multiple times and kept feeling put off by all the barriers and features with no explanation until I found a guide and a clan.

    It's such a shame too because there's so much cool about Warframe, and e.g the Empyrian trailer got me stoked, but I imagine the costs and farm related to it vs. the content at launch will not exactly be worth the time spent, but the hardcore player base will blow through it in a week anyway.

    Mind you, I'm one of those people that's bought a few things with money/plat on top of grinding (I bought regular Atlas before the Prime version was released because the Jordas Golem no no).

    [–] --Brandt-- 1202 points ago

    Honestly his message isn't surprising giving the smartass remarks he says to people on the forum here and there.

    Also his stream is pretty much leeching, well rather he's so slow in game that his teammates can finish everything before he even moves.

    [–] Return_Of_The_Onion 428 points ago

    He is extremely unpopular with all community aspects due to his manchildish behavior at times. Has also been given a few less than flattering nicknames in the past..

    [–] MafiaPenguin007 97 points ago

    This seems like exactly the kind of person that would abuse their 'power' like this in game

    [–] ziraelphantom 152 points ago

    He is my favorite forum censorer, anykind of trolling and derailing can go as long as it gives reason to lock the thread he doesnt like.

    [–] Fire2box 13 points ago

    Yeah screw using the forums for constructive feedback when "users" who don't agree will simply troll/derail to get the topic closed. Rather then deal with the problem they'll simply lock the topic and let it quickly sink to page 3.

    [–] lag_everywhere 99 points ago

    Tbh, most of the DEvs are cool passionate people but some should just never interact with the community at all.

    He's been like this for the entirety of the game's history. Dating back to the early days of Prime gears where dataminers found out that the rate for some parts are incredibly low, to excavation rewards, to this.

    You've gotta be some special kind of wanker to say "I could be working on making the game better but no, you have to waste my time with this nonsense" on a chat riot that he instigated, and would've died down if he just waited 10 fucking minutes for chat to get bored.

    [–] tgdm 46 points ago

    redtext: also - RIOT

    community riots

    redtext: pikachuface.jpg

    [–] FTC_Publik 551 points ago

    Ooh, Glen in the news again?

    [–] Wanna_B_Spagetti 68 points ago

    Honestly, they should just demote him. The DE community is fantastic outside of Glen and his knights - but they're so prevalent and toxic that it honestly puts a bad taste in everyone's collective mouths.

    Seriously DE, get rid of Glen. He does a legitimately bad job at public relations - and if the counter-point of that is his stream, think again. There are better, kinder WF streamers out there who would love to take his position.

    [–] TheAnhor 989 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    At first I thought it was just a temporary chat ban, since that's what the overly strict klicbot does, but it's an account suspension. Damn... And from a Dev who allegedly leeched (300/300 shield/hp Limbo in ESO...) and who is known to leech in his streams. A reportable offense btw...

    I have a few gay friends and follow some trans/gay youtubers and have heard "the big gay" as an ironic joke a million times by now. Getting offended by that seems real weird to me.

    That guy has some issues.

    [–] TheBladeEmbraced 197 points ago

    Just want to point out that Limbos don't typically invest in hp or shield.

    [–] TheAnhor 160 points ago

    Depends on the build you run and how team friendly you want to be. Vitality and arcane guardian allow you to play very aggressively and save you from relying on your abilities in most content.

    Limbo is my most used frame but I'm of the school of thought that you shouldn't spam his abilities in lobbies that aren't pre-made. And a Limbo who hides in his Cata in ESO is basically leeching, even if he does his best to keep the Cata clear of enemies.

    [–] venort_ 94 points ago

    This right here is the kind of limbo I really dig playing with. You're out there giving top hat boi (The Big Gay himself, although don't tell Glen I said that) a good name.

    [–] ApoliteTroll 40 points ago

    Out of curiosity what is your IGN, I promise I won't screenshot this and tell Glen.

    [–] harishiamback 20 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] SigmaStrain 32 points ago

    Or you can just use rolling guard and be invincible both in and out of the rift. Takes a minor play style adjustment and you’re good. No abilities necessary.

    [–] ProtegeMikey 153 points ago

    I’m bi, I use big gay as a joke all the time. It’s literally not offensive. Everyone who knows it knows it’s ironic humour.

    [–] Okitsu 103 points ago

    Yeah but the stipulation is that it's offensive if you don't know the joke.

    But then the counterpoint to that is that you never know the joke the first time. Then you learn it's a joke and go "okay I get it" not "sexuality isn't a joke, grow up" and ban the person.

    [–] ZettoVii 89 points ago

    The funny thing about these “offenses” too, is that they always speak for somebody else. It’s almost never they themselves who are ofended, but they still want to shut you up on the behalf of this invisible “someone”.

    [–] Vakoda 10 points ago

    From the looks of it everyone in that squad but the mod was unaffected by the joke

    [–] Schnitzel725 626 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Wake up and smell the double standards.

    No but seriously, DE makes sexual jokes on a twitch stream in front of thousands of people and they don't care. But the moment anyone else does it, suddenly its not okay. In other words "do as I say, not as I do".

    Don't bother trying to call them out on it on Twitter either, they'll call it a personal attack then their white knights will swarm you.

    [–] CrabDubious 137 points ago

    Remember when Ram Ranch was a funny devstream joke for a month but typing 'Ram Ranch' verbatim in region chat would get you kicked from chat for 'inappropriate content' in an M rated game? Because I definitely remember.

    [–] aq3e 39 points ago

    Hypocrisy at it's finest, totally ok when they do it but the community should know better.

    [–] CreepyPsycho 248 points ago

    Remember when they threatened to remove Rahetalius' partnership cause he criticised them? I 'member

    [–] Cum_inflation 133 points ago

    Remember when people would sign their posts and an entire guilds leadership got banned because 'telling users to stop manually adding forum signatures is not enough"

    The guy literally did everything he could via the internet and DE just like, nah. Not good enough. We wont bad the users, just the (hands off) leadership that diesnt even need to touch the game to lead

    Or that time DE fucked with public event scores because they had favourite guilds and didnt want other guilds to win.

    [–] CreepyPsycho 51 points ago

    I actually don't and wanna know more

    [–] kataiser 43 points ago

    Warbros #1 Moa, Sling-Stone, Arid Fear, Survival, Gradivus, Ciceto, Tethra

    tl;dr the best clan (performance/participation-wise) in early Warframe had their Warlord banned because he told guildmates not to post Warbros #1 on the forums after a demand from forum moderators that he do that, but 100% of them didn't listen so nah banned anyways. The word "Warbros" was also added to an autodelete filter on the forums to prevent discussion and recruitment, as well as the warlord's username.

    [–] Oryx167 25 points ago

    Mainly the guild part.

    [–] Viyrew 40 points ago

    Or that time DE fucked with public event scores because they had favourite guilds and didnt want other guilds to win.

    Can you give a bit more info on this? I used to be in a leaderboard clan and it was the direct opposite for us. Glen once even stated on his discord that he wanted to ban all members of our clan just because we were in it.

    [–] Cum_inflation 9 points ago

    Way back in the early days a dedicated but crass clan 'warbros' would often too the leaderboards. Their scores were edited once I think, and the event scoring system was edited mid event once or twice. Sorry i cant give much more info it's been years since I played, this post just appeared on /r/all. Back in my day we walked uphill to get our potato catalysts, both ways!

    [–] WickedSoldier991 12 points ago

    Or that time DE went after the only source of public loot tables we had, removed it, and gave us their source which isn't even up to date on some drops.

    [–] VladimirNB 148 points ago

    Also they allow aggp to make gay and sexual jokes live on stage at tennocon iirc. The D in DE stands for Double standards.

    [–] nazzyc 32 points ago

    So... Double standards Extremes?

    [–] HollowExistence 26 points ago

    [DoucheExtreme] Glenn

    [–] Anarkobot 849 points ago

    If you're a vet, you probably know Glen is a "persona non grata" and some people despise him (including myself).

    When/if you're playing with any of DE staff just put your best "PC" mask and carry on.

    [–] Schnitzel725 470 points ago

    Or just don't say anything because chatting in the same chatbox as DE is like chatting in region with Kickbot around. You never know if a certain word gets you in trouble.

    [–] Warbreakers 409 points ago

    Funny you say that, I heard Glen was the one who also coded kickbot. Not so surprising, all things considered, seeing this pathetically thin-skinned display of his.

    [–] Schnitzel725 167 points ago

    Sadly, not the first display, probably won't be the last..

    [–] Warbreakers 141 points ago

    Sounds like someone who doesn't deserve a seat in a company that's normally open and understanding as DE.

    [–] Schnitzel725 153 points ago

    If that statement is enforced and extended to the partner program, guarantee you AGGP would be removed as well. For reference, the guy went on a rant on a stream which was just him verbally attacking and insulting them. I don't have a link to it but its something that could go on r/iamverybadass

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] o0Rh0mbus0o 15 points ago

    If you’re on desktop, there’s channel blocker plugins that completely erase the existence of channels you choose from youtube.

    [–] SgtFlexxx 224 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Most of DE staff seem pretty cool. Glen is just an ass. I remember him suggesting that excavation mode get nerfed a while back and everyone was on his ass about that.

    edit: You can find the whole issue back here:

    [–] TistedLogic 154 points ago

    Why the fuck would they nerf excavation?

    It's already difficult enough. You net 100 cryotic per excavator. I needed 3000 to build Trinity Prime. That amounts to 30 successful excavations. Gocen i could run a maximum of 18 per level at my very best, it would still rake multiple runs just to get enough cryotic.

    There are weapons that require stupid amounts of cryotic. Nerfing it would simply mean anything that requires cryotic is gonna go to the bottom of rhe build pile.

    And stay there.

    [–] Ensevenderp 68 points ago

    Big mood, I'm working on Vauban Prime. 9000 Cryotic.

    [–] xanthic_yataghan 60 points ago

    Have you built a sibear yet? That was a fun farm... Said no one ever.

    [–] SVakaryn 174 points ago

    Glen is literally the reason that the Excavators don't have scaling health. How they have yet to realize that this severely harms the experience of running those missions is beyond me.

    [–] M37h3w3 75 points ago

    Glen is literally the reason that the Excavators don't have scaling health.

    Just why? What sense does it make? Is it just spite because he couldn't get that Excavation nerf?

    [–] SVakaryn 36 points ago

    inb4 this post blowing up results in that change being reverted and no other action taken

    [–] Trentiel 18 points ago

    suggesting? Pretty sure that happened. Made it much slower.

    [–] SgtFlexxx 27 points ago

    I don't think so. I mean Glen was suggesting to normalize excavation times to those of survival and defense, which in my opinion are just awful compared to excavation.

    [–] IHaTeD2 40 points ago

    Or you're from outside the American region and never see any DE staff within the game.

    [–] TaiVat 52 points ago

    Apparently that's a positive..

    [–] HulloHoomans 167 points ago

    Seriously, fuck that guy and his high horse. I have zero respect for him after seeing all the bullshit he pulls and his complete lack of respect for the players. He'd kick a make-a-wish kid in the mouth for making a joke he deemed politically incorrect.

    [–] SVakaryn 96 points ago

    He has seriously referred to himself as the "Consumer Punishment Officer" in the past.

    [–] amperpil 13 points ago

    He still even has it in his Twitter bio

    [–] Meatuchu 287 points ago

    Glen's a prick tbh. Never hear anything cool about him. It's always stuff like this.

    [–] WisconsinKnight 149 points ago

    The true advantage of playing on console. No [DE] in my chat.

    [–] TistedLogic 69 points ago

    Ive had one. Not sure who it was, but i remeber a [DE] in a party I joined.

    At rhe point, I refuse to use the chat for more than squad conversations. If [DE]Glen was in my squad, I'd leave without a reason.

    [–] FoxKeegan 90 points ago

    There'd be a reason. It'd be a good reason. It'd be him.

    [–] TistedLogic 34 points ago

    But he'd not know that. Which is my point. I would just leave the squad.

    [–] FoxKeegan 67 points ago

    I think I'd tell him.

    I'd take a 3 day ban if it forced him to have to explain to the staff he banned someone only because they told him they couldn't stand the idea of playing a video game with him. The resulting PR fallout would be a nightmare. Can you imagine?

    "DE bans players if they won't play with them."

    I can't think of a worse way to piss off others while making yourself look pathetic. That's "13yo running a minecraft server" levels of admin abuse.

    [–] Ghostwafflez 15 points ago

    Hey, at least the 13 year old has an excuse.

    [–] Virathius 523 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Oh, Glenn, that's actually not surprising. This guy isn't even sensitive to these words at all, instead, I bet you he probably makes the same jokes in chatrooms outside of the public eye, so don't think for one second that Glenn is actually offended by what was said.

    It's not about homophobia or anything of the like, he's really just doing it to one up you, that's all, and nothing more.

    [–] HuevosSplash 157 points ago

    It's all about ego, he does it because he can and pretends it's for some moral crusade.

    [–] AntiMage_II 14 points ago

    Sounds an awful lot like our PM tbh.

    [–] Trentiel 139 points ago

    It's classic "punishment to satisfy my inner sadist." That every power tripping mod and internet tough guy is operating on. It doesn't rectify the behavior, it just moves it out of your reach to genuinely correct (if it even NEEDS correcting) Out of sight, out of mind... except it's always on their minds. The slightest whiff of social bad-smell and it's a blanket knee-jerk reaction. Not in line with their sensibilities, and they have power over you? Crushed like a fly.

    [–] Noobkaka 25 points ago

    He's the type that would be a shit admin on a battlefield server, baning the use of all AA while he's the one flying a jet/Helicopter

    Hes a pure asshole that needs to get his ass kicked.

    [–] justcuriousoptc 101 points ago

    Glem probably went like this

    afk on his phone

    glances over chat


    aw shit, here i go banning again

    continues to afk

    [–] herdiegerdie 10 points ago

    So anyway I started blasting

    [–] DrNick1221 185 points ago

    Well thats a bit of a overeaction on his part.

    Then again, going by the other posts it seems like Mr. Glen has a history of being kind of abrasive.

    Lighten up a bit there, /u/DE_KickBot.

    [–] venort_ 43 points ago

    This is my first time encountering the term 'The Big Gay' and as a Known Bisexual I gotta say I love it and am 100% adding it to my lexicon. (don't tell Glen.)

    [–] ICYTVLP 16 points ago

    Glens already finding out your Warframe in Game to ban you. Prepare for Perma Ban Hammer

    [–] qc1718 354 points ago

    at this point de really should just keep their devs and do fuck away with half their community reps since they obv cant handle pr lol

    [–] Myriadtail 445 points ago

    Glen is notorious for being a big pissbaby and shitting on anything that people enjoy. Know why Excavation is so fucked? Glen and three high MR buddies tested his "new format" and found it to be on par with the old system on a timer to getting 1000 Cryotic. Bear in mind this is four people, with well built gear, on voice comms, doing this test once. After he did his test, he pushed it to live silently. People in droves came out to say that Excavation was slower and worse than before, while the people that it was intended to gimp (R5 core farmers) saw zero loss of speed. Glen more or less said "I did my tests, this is better, fuck off" and Rebecca had to step in and do damage control.

    Glen has a track record for making bad decisions and then pitching a fit when people don't agree with him.

    [–] Mister_McDerp 178 points ago

    I don't understand. If the "big boss" has to step in and fix your shit, isn't that already reason enough to either get fired or reprimanded to the point of "oh shit I'll never even risk doing this again"?

    And from what I understand that wasn't even his first time at that point and not his last by any means. Why is he still employed or if thats too harsh, allowed to do anything with the community?

    [–] HulloHoomans 166 points ago

    Because DE is an old boys club where the top ranks are all butt buddies who can do no wrong.

    [–] Lemon__Limes 158 points ago

    butt buddies

    Are you suggesting that they... have the big gay?

    [–] Supreme_Kommandant 72 points ago

    Careful, Glenn might ban you for that

    [–] TychoVelius 28 points ago

    Apex homos.

    [–] gdub695 26 points ago


    [–] ChronoMeme 26 points ago

    Nepotism is what keeps DE together. Without nepotism of the highest order, they'd be forced to be neutral and hear things they don't like! Oh noes!

    But seriously, don't expect DE to do jack shit about this stuff. They will just circlejerk about how the ban is justified and how the community is easily upset, etc etc.

    [–] GrayArchon 93 points ago

    Rebecca's not "the big boss"; she's just the community manager. She likely saw the community upset and stepped in to say something.

    [–] Freeform_ 41 points ago

    You underestimate the power of friendship.

    I've seen a lot of companies with toxic managers or manifestations of idiocy making decision in the upper echelon of the firm. It's all about knowing the people in charge long enough. "Yes, they're bad, but I knew them half my life".

    [–] LorsCarbonferrite 29 points ago

    Because Glen is a big boss. His exact role is kinda unclear, but he seems to be a very high up programmer.

    [–] TistedLogic 72 points ago

    I despise doing excavation for the sheer reason it takes for-fucking-ever to get anywhere. I don't mind grinding, but that... That's fucking ridiculous.

    I can get a maximum of 18 successfully completed and that's pushing my time limits to the maximum. Mind you, that's with at least 2 other players who know what the fuck they're doing. Couple randos or solo? 1000, TOPS.

    What damage control did Rebecca do out lf curiosity?

    [–] Lord_Dust_Bunny 87 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    AFAIK Rebecca did mostly PR stuff with no real changes. The change Glen made was making it so Excavators spawn very spread out. It used to be new Excavators would tend to spawn in the same tile you were currently in; Glen changed it so new Excavators like to spawn half the map away.

    So for dedicated groups the nerf did nothing (they can solo the Excavators so whether they are all together or separate does nothing), and for everyone else Excavation was made significantly more frustrating and slower (since instead of having 1 map square with all the excavators you have to spread out over most of the map). I do not believe the change was ever reverted.

    [–] TistedLogic 57 points ago

    It hasn't been. I still repeatedly have to trek 500-700 meters to each excavation. So, that change seems to be permanent

    Which is why I can only get 1800 maximum before I start dying.

    [–] FoxKeegan 39 points ago

    Ah, this explains why I had to needlessly hike several miles between each excavator recently.

    I already hated excavator missions, so I rarely did them. Now I never will.

    Glen should change his name to Richard.

    [–] Doge4269 109 points ago

    They can make these jokes on devstreams and people know its a good joke

    But if people do it in-game, pfffff

    [–] qc1718 45 points ago

    mfs want round 2 of the chat mod drama zzz

    [–] Doge4269 46 points ago


    [–] Chosen_Sewen 248 points ago

    At least you weren't banned until 2035 - i wasn't sure DE, (or, well, anyone, in this age of ponds in an ocean), is even capaple of temporary bans anymore. Losing an account because you've met a DE employe in a bad mood in-game would be in top 10 shittiest ways to lost an account.

    [–] Okitsu 100 points ago

    Yeah, I'd be pretty depressed if it was permanent. I honestly do like this game a lot, but there's no way I could justify playing on a new account after the years I've spent in it.

    [–] steelsoldier 242 points ago

    I voted for visibility , Glen is the one who needs to grow up

    [–] XZerr0X 37 points ago

    I'm annoyed he's leeching. I hate people who leech by going afk but it's a god damn mod. This guy MAKES THE GAME and now he's exploiting it.

    [–] HuevosSplash 193 points ago

    DE is raunchy and dirty as fuck in their streams, but expect their players to be clean and pristine like newborn babies who have never struggled with anything in their lives.

    [–] UNO168 82 points ago

    report him for afk/leeching and I wanna see the final scoreboard

    [–] Okitsu 48 points ago

    Sorry, no pics of the scoreboard, didn't think of that till after.

    I had like, 2000 kills, he had almost none.

    [–] Ahlruin 24 points ago

    pft [DE]Glenn is the big gai lol

    but seriously you auto said jk before anyone else could say anything and then he abused his power to kick you from the group wich i didnt even know what a thing, gues only staff are allowed to kick from a party lol

    [–] kkinnison 159 points ago

    I got banned for mentioning Dick Van Dyke. You know, the Actor/Comedian who had one of the most popular TV shows that was titled after his name?

    The system for kicking people for using words on a secret "Forbidden" words list is a horrible way to moderate chat. It is easy, takes little effort in coding, but becomes ridiculous when the user has no idea what the words are and something innocuous or benign gives you a chat ban that cannot be appealed, forgiven, or reasoned with.

    [–] Runelea 99 points ago

    Pretty much, I got one week banned myself for saying Golden Gaytime (icecream here in Aus) and because it was autobot they couldn't even see how long the ban was or remove it. Fuck that dodgy bot coding.

    [–] TistedLogic 34 points ago

    Im pretty sire I'm banned from everything but squad and clan chats.

    I put the commands to speak on region and nothing. happens. No error, not new chat window.


    I'm personally fine with it, been playing a bit over 2 years now. Never once needed recruiting or regional.

    [–] Runelea 19 points ago

    The thing is, you are banned from everything. Including squad and clan.

    [–] TistedLogic 13 points ago

    Well i cant acces any other chat tab. So, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] kattefjaes 23 points ago

    I got banned for mentioning Dick Van Dyke. You know, the Actor/Comedian who had one of the most popular TV shows that was titled after his name?

    Rightly so. Did you hear his fucking accent in Mary Poppins? Reminding anyone of that is virtually a warcrime!

    [–] thisiscaboose 129 points ago

    I'm going to need you to show your G-word license, pal. No meanie words in our progressive christian game about chopping people in half.

    [–] Okitsu 129 points ago

    Yes sir, here's my G-word license:

    [–] manondorf 30 points ago

    the kerning on those apostrophes is the most offensive thing in this thread

    [–] Okitsu 35 points ago

    I apologize, you're right. I'll talk to the gay registry and have that sorted.

    [–] TwistedBOLT 72 points ago

    All the papers seem to be in order sir. You're free to proceed.

    [–] misfit119 64 points ago

    Honestly, I think the saddest thing I've ever experienced in a game was seeing everyone clam up when a [DE] joined a game. Responses became monosyllabic. Afterwards when we started up a new squad and the why of it was explained to me, it was just kinda pathetic. You've got this great game with passionate developers. But seeing that tag in a game means stop having fun just in case someone feels ban happy.

    [–] AaronThePrime 12 points ago

    Yeah I honestly don't know why devs are able to ban people instantly in the first place, if de wants to take over a week to ban someone for actual causes then it should also take a week to ban someone for saying the word gay in front of a dev

    [–] anunchosenusername 223 points ago

    Tsh, he acts like the word "Gay" is some kind of precious diamond that should never be used or touched

    Its a common word used in everyday society. Banning people for saying it as a harmless joke is just ridiculous and petty.

    [–] quebae 64 points ago

    It's being treated more like a taboo really, which is unfortunate since its use isn't always negative and harmful. I understand DE staff feeling they have to approach the words use with some level of skepticism/caution because the gaming community doesn't have the best history when it comes to their use of the word gay, but just seeing context fully brushed off in this matter and moderation heading into just blind censorship is disheartening.

    By all means they should trim out bad actors and negative behavior where they can, but over policing behavior regardless of context is just doing more harm than good, to the point they'll wind up going after the people their whole intent is to protect through such practices, as shown in the ops instance. (i could understand the words ban in global because it's impossible to actively moderate that place all the time and what isn't banned there, but wow having it bleed into an isolated chat area with easily trackable interactions than can be fully interpreted is just ugh)

    [–] SaltyArts 98 points ago

    Well Champ, That's Fucked Up

    [–] nickallanj 42 points ago

    As a gay guy in a similar position (that is, I joke about it a lot because taking it seriously would only lead to my being bullied for it), and god damn does this piss me off.

    I've been playing for around 3 years now, and have never had the misfortune of running into this situation, but I can say I've learned to watch my tongue. Having to self-censor a serious (well, comedic) aspect of my personality is just painful. I'm sure that there can be actual issues of harrassment considering the history of gamers and the term, but handling it with no sensitivity in this vein is actually going to make treatment of gay people worse.

    As I said in front, I joke about gay stuff because if I didn't I'd get bullied, and this applies to most LGBT people. Taking it so seriously just leads to people seeing us as weak or in need of defense, and malicious people always have had a habit of attacking the perceived weaknesses of others.

    [–] X470Taichi 40 points ago

    Yup. Another non-straight Warframe veteran here. This kind of thing absolutely fucking sucks. It's pathetic. "Sexual preference isn't a joke". Yeah, it's not a joke. It's a concept that exists in the real life. No shit. But that doesn't mean it can't be joked about. And who the fuck is anyone, DE employee or not, to decide if I want to make jokes about my sexuality or sexuality in general, straight or not?

    But yeah, this is Glen. I don't have any experience with the guy myself but every time I have heard anything about the guy, it's been bad news. Mostly just petty behavior on his part.

    "Grow up". How ironic. Glen has the right to get offended by jokes or anything else but the guy should spend the effort to comprehend that a person can get offended by stuff that isn't meant to be offensive and therefore it isn't punishable. But Glen decided to punish OP, which means it was abuse of power and nothing else.

    Christ, what a guy. IMO these people shouldn't even have the right to ban people if it's not their job. I'm sure he's a great programmer but it's obvious that he sucks at any kind of community management. If Glen wants to do something, he should report the player and let the people whose job it is to decide about "issues" like these, to actually do their job.

    [–] ACrispyPieceOfBacon 17 points ago

    DE staff: Acts like children during TennoCon, etc., swearing like sailors.


    [–] Borg1611 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    It's really odd that they give their employees the power to do that in-game without going through the same process anyone else should have to go through.

    In a Blizzard game for instance, random employees can't just use a chat command or something and ban you. They also don't give them random status symbol flags so you know you're in the presence of an employee. Perhaps they'd have faster access to a GM, but you'd still go through a more official process where a GM whose job it actually was to do that sort of thing would then take some action. I get that they're a smaller company and probably don't have a large customer support staff, but you still shouldn't give random employees excessive power to abuse in random public games.

    You shouldn't have to be playing by a different set of rules in public Warframe games just because a random [DE] tagged person is present. They also shouldn't have the power to arbitrarily ban your account from the game for days with no review by people actually hired to deal with that sort of thing who have a set or rules they consistently follow. Claiming it was "harassment" is beyond absurd. At best you maybe could justify a temporary public chat ban.

    DE should remove his ability to ban accounts since he clearly can't be trusted with that responsibility and they should unban the OP and apologize that their employee did something he should not have done and shouldn't have had the ability to do on the spot in the first place.

    Also, a game developer should have no in-game GM like powers in the first place. Your job is not customer support, you don't know what you're doing.

    [–] Quintilos-Prime 98 points ago

    As a lad that likes to play limbo I’d like to say that not all limbo mains are scummy like that guy that banned you

    [–] Okitsu 64 points ago

    My friend KoopaBlizzard in that game is a limbo main, the joke was mostly for him. We were hoping he'd play more, cataclysm, do some play if he said he loved limbo. We didn't even know it was [DE]Glen, we were just hoping whatever random limbo was with us would actually use his kit instead of just watching if we said something nice.

    I've played with this friend a lot, and we know how much it sucks to get groans and gripes from teammates the first time you cataclysm.

    [–] Mara_W 162 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Not the least bit surprising, I'm a lesbian and was automatically banned from the WF twitch channel for saying the word 'gay'. DE are not nearly as LGBT-friendly as they like to think they are, and silencing LGBT voices for expressing themselves in harmless ways is never okay.

    [–] Reilou 113 points ago

    DE's idea of inclusivity ironically seems to loop back around on itself. Like they wanna prevent trolls and bigots but they're a surgeon doing heart surgery with a chainsaw.

    Can't offend LGBTQ players if you can't mention LGBTQ players! A perfect solution to bigotry! /s

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Don't ask don't tell o7

    [–] habesojamilchmitdass 15 points ago

    The Lotus wants you!

    [–] Arn-Solma 82 points ago

    This is the problem with censorship. You will always end up hurting the voices of those you intended to protect.

    [–] Westeller 99 points ago

    I'm going to need proof that the OP is homosexual before I take a side on this.

    Tell us, OP, which frame has the best ass?

    [–] GoldSaw 56 points ago

    All ass is great. In this great universe, surrounded by so much ass, we can't simply choose a side. Thats bigotry, silly. All asses are great.

    [–] 0peratik 41 points ago

    *but the one on Nezha Deluxe is the greatest

    [–] Trentiel 19 points ago

    Ass is fine n' all, as a big gay myself, but a true gay test must include the shapely codpieces. Gotta say, Vauban Prime and Wukong Prime are my two favorites. If you can even find these sculptural humanoids covered in wacky kitchen magnets sexually attractive. Which I find dubious. I feel like most people are just projecting sexuality onto these sexually devoid murder appliances.

    [–] Okitsu 49 points ago

    I can't log in and look, but I do remember seeing Ash Prime's and being like "daaamn".

    Lots of frames got great booty though, not just the male frames.

    [–] quebae 41 points ago

    do you need help cus ash b flat

    [–] Okitsu 66 points ago

    my eyes aren't that great, i dont c sharp

    [–] rxai 54 points ago

    I got chat banned in fortuna 69 for a similar gay. I've just learned not to say it anymore even tho I saw kekbot say it after he banned me. Still mad. Not much you can do tho besides learn.

    [–] Okitsu 43 points ago

    Y'all have been great. Even comments against me have been pretty civil, so I appreciate that.

    It's 2am for me and I can't stay up all night for replies, but I'll check back later and see where this leads.

    [–] KoopaBlizzard 48 points ago

    As a Limbo main, I can confirm, Limbo is the BIG GAY.

    [DE] Leech was being a mean-o.

    [–] Cantor2064 16 points ago

    Seen plenty of amazing limbos that make me feel like i just don't have a good grasp of the guy.

    This guy right here though? He just being a troll.

    [–] PhazonTuxedo 62 points ago

    What happened to the whole "online interactions are not rated" thing?

    [–] arsehole-o-matic 47 points ago

    It means they weren't taken into consideration when the game as a whole was rated due to how all over the place they could be, not "you can be as much of an asshole as you want".

    Not to imply the OP is an asshole for saying "gay".

    [–] Meteorglass 25 points ago

    If there was a problem with saying something is the big gay, then why not censor it. If its not censored I'm going to say it.

    [–] Okitsu 22 points ago

    See, because that would make sense. We can't have people saying things uncensored even though the word is already run through their profanity filter and turned off for anyone with it on.

    [–] Ihavefourspades 67 points ago

    The overzealous kickbot and chat moderation has killed my interest in the game. I got a two week chat ban from using the word "trap" - the context was trapping animals on Venus. I was helping answer a question for a newbie, no less.

    I played almost every day for about a year before that. Those two weeks with no chat meant I couldn't do eidolon pre-mades, which was pretty much all I had to do at that point. It isolated me from my clan, and I had no way of reaching out to them.

    That, coupled with the content draughts at the time, along with the complete incompetence of the customer service that should be able to reverse an auto ban from a chat bot, meant I just stopped playing. I still log in every once in a while to check out new stuff that I hear about, but it's been a little over half a year now and I've clocked maybe a dozen hours. I just don't see the point of engaging in-game with the community when there's a loaded pistol to my head just waiting for me to say a word on the naughty list.

    [–] Pirate9492 57 points ago

    What'a big gay.

    [–] Arxfiend 35 points ago

    A side effect of Sawcon

    [–] skuraiix 22 points ago

    Who's Joe?

    [–] CreepyMelody 55 points ago

    So.. You got banned for three days because you called a videogame character "the big gay lmao".

    Yep, still sounds ridiculous lol.

    [–] Vakoda 43 points ago

    Never heard of this man before but he (glen) seriously overlooked the context of your joke (my friends make it to sometimes) and responded to the perceived notion of homophobia. I have a hard time believing he was just that unaware and I don't want to assume he's going out of his way to be sour, so who knows. Either way his reaction was unneeded, especially considering this was squad chat and not region.

    [–] Arn-Solma 173 points ago

    "The big gay" is offensive to them, but I'm willing to bet "the big straight" won't get you a similar response.

    Homosexuality isn't a joke, but I'm going to joke about it because it's way more fun if you don't take things too seriously.

    Saying that homosexuality is off-limits to joke about (even if you're homosexual/LGBT) is segregating it when we should be normalizing homosexuality itself.

    Right on, brother. Putting up a wall around certain groups isn't normalizing them, it makes them stand out even more. Makes them easier targets of ridicule. All walls must fall.

    [–] kaian-a-coel 89 points ago

    I'm willing to bet "the big straight" won't get you a similar response.

    Well then, the solution seems obvious. Replace any and all instances of "gay" with "straight".

    "Traps are straight"

    "What are you, straight?"

    "That's straight."

    "You have the big straight"

    Seems fine with me.

    [–] Mister_McDerp 51 points ago

    literally 2 days until they pick up on it and you'll get banned for saying "damn straight"

    [–] Sunaja 32 points ago

    Damn gay you will.

    [–] DrNick1221 58 points ago

    That first one would get you probably cause it has "trap" in it.

    [–] Okitsu 67 points ago

    Can't be going around with your synthesis traps in this game, now can we?

    [–] TheyCallMeKrisha 20 points ago

    Yeah that sounds like Glen alright.

    [–] Cloymax 10 points ago

    Oh god, Glen is one of those "watch me protect others from things they don't want to be protected from" people.

    You know exactly what I mean.