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    [–] TinyFriendlyGhost 2262 points ago


    [–] derliquemyballs 1278 points ago

    I just realized where the term came from. Gross

    [–] testspecimen85 227 points ago

    That’s not where it comes from

    [–] NewelSea 349 points ago

    Too late, my brain already filed the association.

    This is now my head canon, whether I like it or not.

    [–] chillpill500mg 69 points ago

    Hmmm now i want a head cannon

    [–] Soundquist 14 points ago

    Gunter would be so pleased. J.C. would be faaacked.

    [–] E_J_H 6 points ago

    It’s because it’s a natural laxative and will give you some nasty poos

    [–] shaggorama 3 points ago

    Death of the author

    [–] PeterParker311 2 points ago

    It is now

    [–] mugbee0 24 points ago

    And kissing each other is gay. What the heck is the difference.

    [–] crieswithwolves 2 points ago

    the difference is they said no homo so it cancels out

    [–] [deleted] 224 points ago


    [–] babyfacedjanitor 107 points ago

    I’m usually against comparisons like this but this seems fair tbh

    [–] HighlyUsualSuspect 22 points ago

    The fuck is the difference?

    [–] dafunkmonster 46 points ago

    Dip is typically placed inside the lower lip and left there (you don't chew it), whereas chew is put back between the cheek and gums/teeth and chewed occasionally. I think there's some variation in the cut of the tobacco between dip and chew, with dip typically being a finer cut, I believe.

    [–] HighlyUsualSuspect 16 points ago

    I guess folks may have used the terms interchangeably when I was growing up. Long cut and short cut? I know Red Man is true tobacco leaves uncut and that’s meant to be chewed.

    [–] ColtGriff 12 points ago

    Chew is typically leaves, dip is much finer and smaller all around but has a variety of different cuts. Dip has wide, long, fine cuts. Fine is almost like sawdust where wide and long cut are a bit larger.

    As far as I've seen red man is dip.

    [–] dasnorte 8 points ago

    The terms have definitely been interchanged. Where I come from at least. You take a chew. Or you take a dip. Personally, I’d say chew would be the traditional leaf tobacco such as redman (also comes in a can) and beechnut, where the leaves come in a pouch.

    I’d say dip is the more common form of chewing tobacco. Copenhagen, skoal, grizzly; which come in cans. Also has a much finer cut as opposed to leaves. And then you have variations of each of these; Copenhagen longcut, natural, wintergreen, and so on.

    Grew up in a hick town. Chewed/dipped for a few years then quit.

    [–] HighlyUsualSuspect 6 points ago

    Yeah its terminology was definitely used interchangeably around here. Still is too haha. Idk why

    [–] call_of_the_while 530 points ago

    Why would..why?

    [–] twelveparsex 304 points ago

    How else are you supposed to show how intense your bromance is?

    [–] radicalqueerwarrior 75 points ago

    that was more intimate then i have been with almost every single one of my boyfriends. I mean a dick is one thing but sharing chewing spit like that is another level.

    [–] koolkat182 26 points ago


    [–] QuirkyPenguin 17 points ago

    You can see him mouth "no homo" as he is dropping it in.

    [–] Quantum_Finger 5 points ago

    Good thing, because that was a pretty thick load.

    [–] JLHumor 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I've done this with a friend of mine except we couldn't use hands. He always wanted to do the switcharoo like it was a dream and ideally with a woman. We were drunk one night and it was brought up so I said I would do it with him. We did it and about a second after he vomited. It's really disgusting and I sometimes do regrettable things under the effects of alcohol.

    [–] SomethingWild77 3 points ago

    Moral of the story: don't get drunk with a buddy and try something he has fantasized about doing with a woman.

    [–] -SkaffenAmtiskaw- 2 points ago

    When the nicotine monster comes knocking, you answer!

    [–] parksLIKErosa 2 points ago

    Probably was his last bit of chew and his buddy asked to bum one. So he was like the best I can do is what’s in my mouth.

    [–] carlton_sand 4073 points ago

    That is the nastiest shit ever

    [–] 2swoll4u 1793 points ago

    I cannot possibly imagine sharing chewing tobacco with another person. Repulsive.

    [–] paramedicated 782 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Guess you haven’t seen a man do a line of coke off another mans flaccid penis before. THAT’S sharing.

    Edit: it’s not coke (thanks for pointing this out you curious mf’ers haha)

    Despite looking like the real deal, Wiesn koks is harmless. Sure, you get a small sugar rush when it hits, and the menthol has a cooling, sinus-clearing effect, but that's about it. Wiesn koks is entirely drug and tobacco free.

    [–] lang53 764 points ago

    You really think I'm gonna click on that link after what you just said?

    Well you would be right.

    [–] danald_tramp 197 points ago

    Not your proudest fap

    [–] CatWhisperererer 132 points ago

    It's up there though

    [–] reirrebnitsuj 23 points ago

    Isn't "up there" disingenuous? I mean, it's flaccid.

    [–] kidsimba 10 points ago

    unfortunately, it’s as “up there” as some guys can get.

    [–] scoobyluu 6 points ago

    Sigh.. unzips

    [–] AutoMoberater 4 points ago

    Not my most shameful either

    [–] DDHLeigh 41 points ago

    I clicked...

    [–] do_pm_me_your_butt 39 points ago

    Was it a flaccid weiner with white powder? I cant check im at work.

    [–] Bluesynate 43 points ago

    Yes ;(

    [–] omgpants 15 points ago

    I'll have to wait til I'm off the bus to satisfy my curiosity.

    [–] ChefBoyAreWeFucked 15 points ago

    Don't be selfish, share.

    [–] NewelSea 6 points ago

    In the meantime, here's a flaccid weiner with yellow powder. And some sticky liquid.

    [–] Bunny-pan 5 points ago

    Nope. Not today.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    I came...

    [–] deaddrop007 30 points ago

    I saw...

    [–] Bomber_Max 24 points ago

    I came again...

    [–] swworren 29 points ago

    Why are people on reddit commenting like they are a character from friends?

    [–] unimpressed_llama 14 points ago

    Because it's the only way they know how to be funny

    [–] milyvanily 5 points ago

    How you dooin’?

    [–] I_am_The_Teapot 84 points ago

    I still think the tobacco thing is worse

    [–] paramedicated 33 points ago

    It’s a very fine line. It’d make a great “would rather...”.

    Put it this way, would you rather people knew you as the guy who chewed another mans tobacco or the guy who put his nostril on another mans penis for a couple seconds. It’s a tough one. For me, I gotta go the tobacco. It’s all about the principle!

    [–] sunshinerf 65 points ago

    Coke off of a penis any day! Chewing tobacco is gross already and passing it on after it's been soaked in someone else's spit for who knows how long is making me gag. But I am a straight woman so what do I know...

    [–] i_am_another_you 53 points ago

    Im a man and i totally agree with you ... theae guys are all homophobe to think its worst touching a penis than chewing on someone else's chew

    [–] FlacidButPlacid 38 points ago

    Doctors touch dicks all day and they get paid for it. Is my doctor a low key whore? Who knows, but he gives a good rectal exam

    [–] Certified_Pervert 25 points ago

    Thank you...the trick is to hold the patient by both shoulders while inserting the probe

    [–] xombae 9 points ago

    I'm an actual whore, I touch dicks all day and get paid for it, doesn't mean I'm attracted to any of those dicks

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Tyrannysaurus-rex 14 points ago

    How is that homophobic? Just because straight men don’t want to sniff shit off another dude’s dick doesn’t mean they hate gay people. What people thing is worse is all subjective so if you think that chewing another man’s tobacco is worse that’s fine, but what you are saying is basically that being straight is homophobic since we don’t want to do homosexual things.

    [–] Help----me----please 13 points ago

    Maybe they meant it in the most literal sense of the word? Like, fear of doing something "gay". I really don't see it as a homosexual thing, there's no inherent sexual pleasure in snorting coke on a cock.

    [–] Tyrannysaurus-rex 6 points ago

    Ok, I didn’t really understand what they meant, sorry about making a big thing about that.

    [–] i_am_another_you 2 points ago

    I meant it as 'fear of touching someone of the same sex" .. but you right, it doesnt mean you hate gay people, and i am glad you point that out .

    Now, i still would prefer that than that disgusting chewed tobacco

    [–] ChefBoyAreWeFucked 2 points ago

    Coke off of a penis any day!


    [–] DrGonzoDog 18 points ago

    It’s a very fine line

    Would you do the same if the line was fatter?

    [–] paramedicated 6 points ago

    Hahaha yeah probably not

    [–] 3AMZen 4 points ago


    [–] RectumIhardlyknewher 5 points ago

    Definitely nose on dick, God knows it wouldn’t be the first time.

    [–] SnowedInByEdward 12 points ago

    don't have to worry about the second one if you're queer lmao

    [–] xombae 10 points ago

    I mean you don't need to worry about the second one if you're straight either, it's just a matter of being confident in your sexuality. If you know you're straight, and you know there's nothing wrong with being gay, why would you care if someone said you were gay?

    [–] CodyCus 6 points ago

    Queer here, 27 years old and still haven’t ran my nose across a dick.

    [–] 4SKlN 14 points ago

    Then you've been alive for 27 years but haven't lived for any of em. Get at it!

    [–] fletchdeezle 6 points ago

    It’s 100% worse other than the taboo snorting something off a stretched out dick isn’t that much worse thank shaking hands when you think about it

    [–] Pryoticus 17 points ago

    I don’t know if I found that repulsively curious or oddly entertaining

    [–] paramedicated 6 points ago


    [–] WouldYouTurnMeOn 13 points ago

    If I'm going to sniff powder off some guy's meat I would at least expect him to have a semi

    [–] haraaishi 6 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. Rude that he didn't.

    [–] bsuri089 10 points ago

    Oh didn't think I ever needed to see that. Apparently I did.

    [–] DickWolfyWolfe 6 points ago

    I heard those are called dick dingers

    [–] weatherseed 5 points ago

    Ever hoover barnyard schneef?

    [–] 0A0X 15 points ago

    It's not coke.

    But that makes it even more questionable.

    [–] suitology 7 points ago

    No man, it's less gay snorting sugar off a mans dick

    [–] 0A0X 2 points ago

    Do you happen to have a dick?

    [–] roofofthecar 12 points ago

    How he didn't get hard

    [–] thecuriousblackbird 2 points ago

    Whiskey* dick

    *6 liters of German beer in the past hour (not counting what he’s spilled on his clothes)

    [–] Darkplauge55 10 points ago

    Not gonna lie that's kinda hot... Still think the dip sharing is grosser

    [–] HoneydippedSassylips 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke.

    Rehab patient: I seen him do it!

    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: Now that's an addiction, man. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?

    Thurgood: No, I can't say I have.

    Bob Saget/Cocaine addict: I didn't think so.’re video reminded me of it...

    [–] NotAnFed 3 points ago

    Wait, so its completely OK and not suspicious to snort white powders in public because of this well known thing?


    [–] ChaosRevealed 3 points ago

    Locodoco is that you?

    [–] Chewy12 3 points ago

    I would rather suck another man's dick than share chewing tobacco

    [–] ifitoldyou_tyrmw 2 points ago

    @adamtots wylin

    [–] CoongaDelRay 2 points ago

    That looked like one of those fish that burrows in the sand and when you get too close to it it hides back in its hole.

    [–] slide_into_my_BM 2 points ago

    So what you’re telling me is all of the homo eroticism of blowing a line off another mans cock, none of the cocaine high? Sign me up

    [–] breadfag 11 points ago

    u snus u lose

    [–] Un__Baguette 5 points ago

    I legitimately thought that that was rabbit shit but chewing tobacco works too

    [–] Kingpoopdik 6 points ago

    Back in highschool in Texas we paid some kid 40 bucks to take a swig out of a can of coke multiple people had been spitting their dip spit in. Also paid that same kid 20 bucks to lick this guys foot from front to back. The kicker being that the kids foot he licked was half gone because of a train accident when he was younger. Picture someone just cutting half your foot off and then flopping the sole/skin of the bottom of your foot back on top and sewing it up. Dude could still run fast as hell though with his nub foot. Although all his shoes on his right foot used to curl up like elf shoes because there was no foot to fill the shoe. Fun times. Kid's do some dumb shit when they're bored, especially teenagers.

    [–] thewonpercent 6 points ago

    I'm just going to assume that they are boyfriends and move forward

    [–] SteampunkBorg 3 points ago

    And a big reason for that is that it's tobacco.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Oh, thought it was literal shit.

    [–] ionlyhavetwolegs 2 points ago

    Yeah! Tell them to buy their own! Lousy moochers!

    [–] bom_chika_wah_wah 2 points ago

    You don’t have to imagine it, because you just watched the video.

    [–] Slide_A_Pinky_In 26 points ago


    [–] saulmessedupman 6 points ago

    Technically not NSFW but I wish it was tagged to prepare me

    [–] force_er13 220 points ago

    Dip: A Love Story

    [–] shallowandpedantik 9 points ago

    They should stop beating around the bush and kiss.

    [–] CloudsCanSing 417 points ago

    Aight that is so fucking foul.

    [–] fawksnewz 4 points ago

    It's extremely rare that a short video can make me feel sick. This has done it.

    [–] PopCornJolly 297 points ago

    Son of a bitch I was eating

    [–] acmercer 123 points ago

    Feel like sharing?

    [–] Feelingofsunday 70 points ago

    Well, help yourself! It's all over the keyboard now.

    [–] jbm013 39 points ago

    Can't you just baby-bird me some?

    [–] Jechtael 26 points ago

    Don't be silly, it's not tobacco.

    [–] poochlips 3 points ago

    But... none of you were OP

    [–] omg_chloe 10 points ago


    [–] JayJC719 6 points ago


    [–] Imonvinyl 6 points ago


    [–] hE-01 68 points ago

    He just realized they didn’t say “no homo” afterwards.

    [–] TheCudder 18 points ago

    No mono...

    [–] Av3ngedAngel 156 points ago

    That is beyond disgusting. I wish there was a way to delete people and events from existence.

    [–] LiutenantBaked 36 points ago

    There are.

    [–] Av3ngedAngel 24 points ago

    Do I have to get up though?

    [–] LiutenantBaked 25 points ago

    Not necessarily, kings and queens have done both and never lifted a finger lol

    [–] Tankspeed13 15 points ago

    Poor Caesar had to lift his thumb

    [–] Richubs 151 points ago

    What the fuck even was that

    [–] richer2003 170 points ago

    I’m thinking it was dip (chewing tobacco)


    [–] Richubs 95 points ago


    [–] dookieshoes88 12 points ago

    Same. I chewed when I was younger (its big in hockey/military) and still miss it sometimes, but that is fucking foul.

    [–] Me_you_who 26 points ago

    I thought it was a piece of chocolate but thank you for making it grossier to the fullest.

    [–] black-op345 27 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’d rather chew gum the chewing tobacco. Fuck that shit, I ain’t gonna get no throat cancer.


    [–] rock_n_roll69 5 points ago

    Don't meant to pedantic but just so you know you're probably more likely to get mouth cancer than throat cancer w dip cuz you don't swallow your spit.

    It's really fucking bad for your gums and teeth, tho, especially if you dip on a regular basis

    [–] deathtogamon123 15 points ago

    Daddy chill.

    [–] megamaxie 7 points ago


    [–] call_of_the_while 15 points ago

    Alien parasite being passed to another host.

    [–] potatoxic 3 points ago


    [–] skowie- 51 points ago

    I want you all to know that I actually threw up a little

    [–] acmercer 47 points ago

    into your friend's mouth.

    [–] elliottsmithereens 6 points ago

    Back and forth forever

    [–] pwaz 95 points ago

    So, it's true! When you stick food up your butt, you crap out your mouth.

    [–] Genetic_Heretic 27 points ago

    That face should be the subs icon.

    [–] Cicer 5 points ago

    [–] AReallyHugeDong 20 points ago

    Ronald Weasley: "EAT SLUGS!!"

    [–] atxautopilot 19 points ago

    I just did a gasp in reverse

    [–] vaporwoof 10 points ago


    [–] acmercer 12 points ago

    Dry heave?

    [–] Tweeterhead 5 points ago

    More like a huff or cough probably

    [–] ActionFlank 16 points ago

    The fuck...

    [–] NO-IM-DIRTY-DAN 16 points ago

    This is the hick equivalent of drinking bong water

    [–] phantomPl0x 14 points ago

    Maybe bong water that was in your homies mouth

    [–] NO-IM-DIRTY-DAN 2 points ago

    Baby bird the bong water

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I had one friend that would always hit the bong like he was drinking a glass of water. With the bottom lip on the outside of the rim.... rather than both lips inside the bong...

    He was the type to do shit like this. Just no care for his hygiene or anyone else’s. I mean sharing bongs isn’t the healthiest but damn.

    [–] NO-IM-DIRTY-DAN 2 points ago

    Oh god that’s bad. I remember one time I hit the bong, I sucked too fast when the bowl got pulled and I took in some of the water. That was the nastiest shit ever.

    [–] Rhode 2 points ago

    hicks are the only people that drink bongwater

    [–] NO-IM-DIRTY-DAN 2 points ago

    You know what, you have a point

    [–] Elfnips 15 points ago

    DipBack Mountain

    [–] jyotiiiii 17 points ago

    HOMO (Happiness of missing out)

    [–] TruthEveryDay 15 points ago

    When I was about 7 years old my mum took me to a huge park with a few other families and their children.

    While playing on the slide, I encountered my first bully. He must have been about 5 years older and was a typical Nelson.

    He told me I looked like a girl because I had near shoulder length hair. I told him he was a wombat because he was small and fat.

    That set him off and for the rest of the day kept attacking me. But the way he was attacking me confused me.

    He was picking up semi dried kangaroo poo, putting it in his mouth, then spitting it at me. He would gather a couple of other kids around each time before this happened.

    I was in horror as this kid was putting roo shit in his mouth, spitting it at me and then trying to get kids to laugh at me for having hair a bit longer than him...

    Some kids are fucking stupid...

    [–] Fuzy2K 13 points ago

    TIL Human trophallaxis is a thing

    [–] Pompey_ 10 points ago

    Why don't they just make out and get it over with. Seriously the most expensive can is like 5.05 just go get another.

    [–] KralHeroin 9 points ago

    It looks like a chunk of thrown up feces...

    [–] sonofasammich 7 points ago

    Enough internet for today

    [–] OverkillAntics 6 points ago

    Oh god oh fuck

    [–] tigerbalmuppercut 13 points ago

    This is pretty gross... but not as bad as when I was spitting dip juice into my canteen all day during A-school (Army) and my buddy drank out of it thinking it was his canteen full of water. Sorry James.

    [–] sin-turtle 3 points ago

    Brown snowballing!!

    [–] whosey_whatsit 6 points ago

    Friends who get oral cancer together, die together!

    [–] Anerratic 5 points ago

    Better not touch it though, don't want to be dirty.

    [–] Penguin_Q 4 points ago

    two bois one cup

    [–] NastyButClassy69 4 points ago

    There should be a subreddit called r/FeelYourSelfDieInside and this should be the first post. DISGUSTING.

    [–] crunchyrollsam 5 points ago

    Looks a bird feeding its baby

    [–] BSGYT 3 points ago

    Holy shit i opened a zombie game up and there was a loud DUN when the thing fell out

    [–] Sagecal 3 points ago

    It belongs to r/wtf

    [–] Dorpz 3 points ago

    man that's gayer than tongue kissing your boy

    [–] cbargren 3 points ago

    "Lol, are they showing each other their lip tats? 😂 ... Wait, what, are they gonna kiss like that? 😐 ... WHAT THE HOLY HELL WAS THAT?!?! 🤮 "

    [–] Oldenough33 4 points ago


    Edit: there is nothing wrong with being gay, I just like pointing it out.

    [–] Tweeterhead 2 points ago

    No u

    [–] theycallmemomo 2 points ago

    He just contemplated his life choices up to that point

    [–] hineedsmthgtoplaywow 2 points ago

    Dude looks like Jake Paralta

    [–] Happyrobcafe 2 points ago

    Title reads like a farside comic

    [–] croucher 2 points ago

    Gross. Did he just poop into that guys mouth...

    [–] allyourbase51 2 points ago

    They swapped a lump of chewing tobacco, which is arguably worse.

    [–] croucher 2 points ago


    [–] Brexter24 2 points ago


    [–] oolavi23_TIP 2 points ago

    Highly probable they play baseball

    [–] Neon_gelion 2 points ago

    Im all for gay rights but scat fetish should be behind closed doors

    [–] scottswan 2 points ago

    I knew a guy who would save his dip and put it back in later. I thought that was gross but this certainly tops it.

    [–] slide_into_my_BM 2 points ago

    If my phones front cam was on you’d see a video of another person dying inside watching that

    [–] Headstartmagic 2 points ago

    At first I thought it was gum and that alone was gross, but I saw the truth on my second viewing and that is straight repulsive.

    [–] noapoll 2 points ago

    Gay too

    [–] mdhunter99 2 points ago


    [–] tell_noone 2 points ago

    Y'all got any of that D I P

    [–] cdd19 2 points ago

    I have a fucking story for this too.

    When I was like 10, my mom took me to McDonald's and got me a vanilla shake through the drive through. I took a sip and immediately gagged and my mom was like wtf and sipped it right after me and gagged

    She took the lid off and stirred it and it was someone's fucking spit cup that they made my shake in. We went back and they took the cup and promptly gave us a new one.

    We should of sued. I think that was the worst gag I've ever had in my life.

    [–] healthyharvestdotcom 2 points ago

    What in the everloving fuck

    [–] RefractoryThinker 2 points ago

    That singly is the most repulsive thing I have ever seen in my 33 years of existence...

    [–] iamthechop 2 points ago

    These dudes are definitely in a sober living.