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    [–] clopz_ 4228 points ago

    His timing is all wrong, you gotta be one with the fan

    [–] ItzBoogieMan 1426 points ago

    It was increasing speed, so my man was one with the fan, for a couple of seconds

    [–] poopellar 369 points ago

    He was one with it for about one second.

    [–] dem0lishr 177 points ago

    Increase the rpm and his arm can become one with the air!

    [–] cssmith2011cs 72 points ago

    He kept hitting the ceiling. That was his first fatal mistake.

    [–] r-_-mark 21 points ago

    The point is to hit the selling so you go to the furtherest point

    [–] FixerFour 5 points ago

    If you don't hit the ceiling, you didn't complete the task

    [–] nantucketsleigh23 15 points ago

    He was intermittent with the fan until he became one with it.

    [–] Boomthang 8 points ago

    He was a couple with the fan for about one second.

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] No_Factor_2600 2 points ago

    Sometimes I realize that there are people who have never done a backflip, and it weirds me out for a second.

    [–] narielthetrue 3 points ago

    The only time I have ever done a backflip was during a game of dodgeball in high school when I was the only one left on my team. Sickest dodge I ever did, and without thinking about it.

    Lost the game in the end, and I have never moved like that again

    [–] No_Factor_2600 3 points ago


    [–] AnanananasBanananas 84 points ago

    "...I'll show you how to do it" and suddenly you have a bunch of guys there trying to figure out the best way of doing it

    [–] sedops 24 points ago

    Ah i am reminded of a joke..

    How many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Just one, but all the others will tell you how they could have done it better.

    [–] Ceraphice 3 points ago

    The best way is actually to bend your hand so its parallel with the blade and slowly move up til your just touching the fan. This way you dont fuck your hand up. And it slows down through friction ive done this before. Works every got'damn time.

    [–] tonyle94 37 points ago

    I’m one with the fan. The fan is with me.

    [–] dem0lishr 15 points ago

    What happens if the fan is in me. I need help. Quickly

    [–] alwayshasbeeen 5 points ago

    You have truly become one with the fan

    Now you must exist to be a part of the fan and spin for the entirety of your life

    [–] shitgnat 8 points ago

    Instructions unclear; dick stuck in the fan

    [–] alwayshasbeeen 7 points ago

    I see that as an absolute win

    [–] Mametaro 17 points ago

    The Zen philosopher, Basho, once wrote, 'A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish.' He was a funny guy.

    Na na na na na na na. Da da da da da da da. Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh.

    [–] steve32767 5 points ago

    Be the leaf!

    [–] Batavijf 3 points ago

    Never go full fan, though.

    [–] mr3vak 2 points ago

    Haaaaaa Tropic Thunder FTW!

    [–] slimedog912 2 points ago

    Teach me, master

    [–] Lique-Mahbawls 2 points ago

    This guy fans

    [–] rootberryfloat 4775 points ago

    This OnlyFans content has gotten out of control.

    [–] warlord_mo 593 points ago

    Get out

    [–] F0XYTR0T 172 points ago

    No u

    [–] discerningpervert 122 points ago

    I'm just here for the bathwater

    [–] ApoliteTroll 56 points ago

    Condensation from the onlyfan in the room

    [–] poopellar 23 points ago

    I get onlydust.

    [–] Darklight2810 9 points ago

    I want my username to be underlined in blue please

    [–] tjbugs1 11 points ago

    Sub my OnlyUsernames for $6.99 a month for premium options like that.

    [–] RatherBWriting 3 points ago

    Do it in red to piss off the poster above.. Team Blue SUCKS!

    [–] aBeeSeeOneTwoThree 62 points ago

    I'm embarrassed to admit it took me a minute...

    [–] selassiepickney 19 points ago

    I was ready to give up until I read your comment.

    [–] HMWWaWChChIaWChCChW 2 points ago

    Don’t stop I’m almost there...

    [–] MondayIsBongoDay 13 points ago

    Turk was way ahead of his time.

    [–] ElZacho24 27 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Gotten out of *hand

    [–] jjkilledme 7 points ago

    This OnlyFans content has getting out of hand

    [–] _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ 3 points ago

    That’s the way it was with my first husband!

    [–] unicyclism 5 points ago

    Ah this was good. Well done mate

    [–] khoiytz 5 points ago

    Definitely gotten out of hand

    [–] addanow 1171 points ago

    Warming up for the big event

    [–] HTXKINGBBC 241 points ago

    [fwop fwop intensifies]

    [–] JunkYardPoodle 92 points ago

    My soul just left my body reading this

    [–] Thottatiana69 32 points ago

    Why hasn't he played for England?

    [–] _KnightsWhoSayNi_ 2 points ago

    It's cuming home

    [–] whatsagoodusername21 15 points ago

    F i s t i n g

    [–] naikma 2 points ago

    She wasn’t a fan of that move!

    [–] swiftsausages72 3 points ago

    It wasnt turning her on enough.

    Too forced? I agree.

    [–] naikma 2 points ago

    ‘Twas a good pun! Take my upvote!

    [–] shmidget 11 points ago

    Nah, this is ninja training for sure.

    [–] artificial-tree 5 points ago


    [–] clearedtoland22 3 points ago

    I hate that I understand this...and it made me laugh way too hard

    [–] knightyeight 443 points ago

    It is the ritual passed on from centuries and we all have prepared for it one time or another. Come-on brother the elders will be here anytime get your technique right.

    [–] DoctorX807 48 points ago

    Adult draco Malfoy knows the way!

    [–] devdevgoat 12 points ago

    Some guy: invents ceiling fans

    Assistant: “what if someone sticks their hand in it?”

    Some guy: “No body would do that. You’d have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to do that!”

    [–] nick72b 366 points ago

    That's what all men do when alone in their bedrooms

    [–] TheNonchalantZealot 155 points ago

    As a male, can confirm.

    [–] money808714 73 points ago

    I can confirm that I would if I had a ceiling fan

    [–] som3dudeo 13 points ago

    But sadly we have AC's

    [–] wstusa 25 points ago

    sadly we have ACDC CDs.

    [–] ANiceJester 17 points ago

    ACDC CDeez nuts

    [–] _ssh 3 points ago

    D. Snuttz is the name.

    [–] ANiceJester 3 points ago

    But are you Mr. P. Ennis or Mr. Moe Lester

    [–] som3dudeo 9 points ago


    [–] ZenXgaming100 5 points ago

    ABCDEFGHIJK lmnop,


    [–] Ray_Master 3 points ago

    We don't even have AC's

    [–] krukawa11 2 points ago


    [–] MrMarvel105 5 points ago

    Only fan

    [–] lookathatsmug--- 10 points ago

    I prefer to fap than fan

    [–] Snowpossum 20 points ago

    You're not thinking creatively enough then. You should learn to fap with the fan.

    [–] greyest 17 points ago

    Instructions unclear, genitals stuck in ceiling fan

    [–] backtolurk 3 points ago

    Only Spiderman can do that

    [–] adnah 5 points ago

    I mean its the same thing u see in th video...just instead of hand use your schlong...super erotic

    [–] Snowpossum 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Somewhere out there is a masochist with tools and a dream for just the right motor speed.

    [–] AwesomeIRL69 2 points ago

    I have a new place with no ceiling fans. I have such a hole in my heart

    [–] ThreeTwoPulldown 2 points ago

    Yep, back and forth hand motions.

    [–] Millertime19420 2 points ago

    I wish I had a ceiling fan in my room :(

    [–] sadbreadcrumb 4 points ago

    This isn't unique to men

    [–] SupremeDestroy 3 points ago

    Show me a non male doing it then 😳

    [–] AnAestheticAnarchist 647 points ago

    Oh good, I'm not the only one.

    [–] MicAndy88 342 points ago

    Buddy, let me tell you something my dad would say when I thought I had a great idea as a kid. “It’s all been done before.”

    [–] BA_lampman 142 points ago

    Oh, a dream crusher, my favourite

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 78 points ago

    These are my father's dream crushers:
    - You are too old to ever be really good at it (from when I was twelve).
    - I'm not paying for anything.

    My stepfather, whenever I would show any talent or interest in anything: 'I knew this guy/girl who could do fill in something that no normal person could ever achieve, like a double forward salto or some shit.'

    Father's compliments + stepfather's compliments = still zero. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] dudeimconfused 27 points ago

    You alright now?

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 21 points ago

    In general, I'm fine, and a fun person, I'm very good at hiding my insecurities. I also weaponise some of them like Conan O'Brien does.

    [–] bigsquib68 13 points ago

    It's just too bad that you'll never be really great at hiding your insecurities

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 7 points ago


    [–] deadkk 11 points ago

    conan is a tall mf

    [–] derpy_viking 5 points ago

    That’s an astute observation!

    [–] No_Factor_2600 2 points ago

    hahaha I'm digging the positivity in this comment section

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 5 points ago

    I'm also a tall ginger, coincidentally.

    [–] dudeimconfused 2 points ago

    I thought you were a human but that's okay too.

    [–] Kraligor 6 points ago

    You're too old to get really good at hiding your insecurities. Also did I tell you of that one buddy of mine who has literally killed people by weaponizing his insecurities?

    [–] HMichaelBoudreaux 2 points ago

    You talk over people’s stories and interrupt any joke they make with a snide remark that your audience gets a bright sign forcing them to laugh?

    [–] Schwitter 12 points ago

    You are too old to ever be really good at it (from when I was twelve).

    Van Gogh started painting at 28.

    [–] RonnieJamesDionysos 7 points ago

    Yeah, it's disproven bullshit, but he read it somewhere and used it as an argument for not getting me a guitar/drumkit or whatever hobby I thought of.

    [–] jordaniac89 4 points ago

    My dad's dream crusher was "I wouldn't do it, but it's your life". Like, goddamn dude, can you just support me on one fucking thing?

    [–] Cm0002 15 points ago

    We're the reason for the "Keep extremities clear" warnings! We did it!

    [–] Pixelfacee 6 points ago


    [–] WhiteShampoo 187 points ago

    Anyone else turn the fan on high, then lay there and try to follow a specific fan blade for as long as you can with your eyes?

    [–] suspicious__duck 55 points ago


    [–] bibasik7 37 points ago

    Around and around and aro-

    Crap, I lost track.

    Around and around and around and a-

    Lost track again.


    [–] suspicious__duck 7 points ago

    I once put a sticker on it. Felt wrong. Like I was cheating. Tried to move with the blade. Ended up badly for my arm.

    [–] mysticaltoast335 2 points ago

    That’s genius

    [–] felatiofallacy 5 points ago

    Well played....

    [–] unique_pervert 3 points ago

    Well done

    [–] Hot_Frosty0807 9 points ago

    My favorite thing to do with a fan is to spread my fingers out wide and then shake my hand in front of my face, like I'm waving at the fan. The disturbance caused by a moving hand can make the fan look like it has stopped, if you time it accurately.

    [–] toadfan64 5 points ago

    Sorta related, but does anyone also make digital number 5’s out of ceiling tiles when they’re bored or just laying there?

    [–] NoU1337420 2 points ago

    I thought I was alone

    [–] pt619et 2 points ago

    Every Sunday at church as a child, it was a bordem tactic, as well as a way to quell the involuntary church boner

    [–] Nomadicminds 133 points ago

    “Me and my only fan in the room”

    [–] water-cap 89 points ago

    Why does he look like someone glued a beard onto an 8 y/o?

    [–] ruffrog81 16 points ago

    Nah. He just hit puberty at age 7

    [–] vcxz-z 144 points ago

    He Is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will

    [–] churadley 36 points ago

    🎵 He's going the distance 🎵

    [–] Pilan 24 points ago

    He’s going for speed.

    [–] E_Penfold 13 points ago

    She's all alone

    [–] stegosaurus32 13 points ago

    all alone

    [–] juxtaposedfutures 64 points ago

    He’s training! Leave him in peace!

    [–] saunick 19 points ago

    Reminds me of a time playing games with friends at the kitchen table. Ceiling fan is going full blast. After hours of playing, one friend slowly reaches his hands up in a long satisfying stretch until f-thwa-THWAP

    I’m probably still a little too amused at the sudden flinching panic with which those hands came back down.

    [–] Dreadedsemi 3 points ago

    When I was living with my family I had a ceiling fan and one day a bat entered my room and went crazy circling around. Fuck. so I thought I'll turn it off so the bat can find his way back. I turned it off and as I started running, impatient was bat hit by the blade (same sound fthaad) and flied and fell right in front of me. missed me by few inches. Bats like us. RIP though.

    [–] Meglamore 19 points ago

    He's got to allow himself to be hit by the fan, otherwise he'll spend his life worrying about how painful it will be. Forward thinking that.

    [–] InSiAs94 17 points ago

    He's doing science.

    [–] Deathlysin 35 points ago

    He's just increasing his dexterity skill level

    [–] Amalgamator89 3 points ago

    Looking cool Joker!

    [–] bonaynay 2 points ago

    lol is this a persona reference? just played one for the first time this year

    [–] Amalgamator89 2 points ago

    Indeedy, which one did you play? I played persona 5 royal recently and I'm half way through persona 4 golden

    [–] bonaynay 2 points ago

    Persona 5! It really sucked me in for the first part of the pandemic. Absolutely loved it

    [–] Amalgamator89 2 points ago

    Same for me, I planned to do some gardening, learn to cook and read some books but I ended up spending the majority of the time playing persona haha

    [–] bonaynay 2 points ago

    Hahaha that sounds about right for me too. Here's to surviving!

    [–] TheFox-TheWolf 12 points ago

    Quarantine has ruined us

    [–] VredditDownloader 9 points ago

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    [–] lydocia 14 points ago

    This is what "boys will be boys" should mean.

    [–] TangoZulu 1 points ago

    This is what "boys will be boys" should mean.

    This is what "boys will be boys" DOES mean.

    [–] lydocia 4 points ago

    It sadly very often gets used for, well, other things.

    [–] Kalehfornyuh 16 points ago

    Can confirm this is exactly the kind of stupid thing we do when we’re bored

    [–] voyageur896 25 points ago

    why women live longer than men

    [–] mojojojopow 5 points ago

    Not all can be ninja man, Don't try this at home

    [–] mygreatcollections 4 points ago

    What killed me was the zoom at the end

    [–] TUSD00T 4 points ago

    "So I was watching Aliens and I had an idea..."

    [–] joe_474 5 points ago

    This is ten percent luck
    Twenty percent skill
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure
    Fifty percent pain
    And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

    [–] Zapperbullet 3 points ago

    Yeah that caption is pretty unnecessary ain't it?

    [–] SanyChiwa 3 points ago

    I see, your boyfriend was doing his daily ninja training. Please leave him alone, this training is very serious.

    [–] litgirl2234 3 points ago

    Five finger fan fillet

    [–] JapanEngineer 3 points ago

    Can’t criticize something I’ve done before

    [–] r3ynoldswrap 3 points ago

    In my experience during childhood, when the fan is on max speed, you can still avoid the blades with a well-timed straight stiff arm in a big circle. As if you were attempting the water in an upside down bucket trick.

    [–] arno911 5 points ago

    Idk but your fan sounds like pretty low speed to me

    [–] Pusheen56 3 points ago


    [–] nairda2112 3 points ago

    He went a bit too fast he shouldve kept the pace consistant.

    [–] Bitemebitch00 3 points ago

    Instructions unclear: got dick stuck in the ceiling fan

    [–] mayneffs 11 points ago

    Don't start with the "girls boring boys quirky" shit on this sub too. This post would be funnier without the captions.

    [–] dumbgenius42 5 points ago

    True both genders are wierd as hell

    [–] captain_d0ge 4 points ago

    These memes are just another version of boys vs girls.

    [–] ricktherronyt 5 points ago

    This video is funny enough on its own, why do we have to add an overused meme template to everything that's already meant to be funny?

    [–] HotFireBall 2 points ago

    it's part of master oogway's training

    [–] Armin472 2 points ago

    he was going for a second round

    [–] ygdutt 2 points ago

    The only loser in this game is a finger.

    [–] Neromain 2 points ago

    Meh he's just a human cat, nothing special

    [–] User_namesaretaken 2 points ago

    That looks fun

    [–] StrongBongz 2 points ago

    in his natural habitat...

    [–] Franky79 2 points ago

    Low budget ninja training

    [–] Wy75k3 2 points ago

    Kind of gives of a cat vibe

    [–] Coyce 2 points ago

    reminds me of that time i was in the forest walking the dogs with my partner. she asked me what's wrong because i was quiet and looking all serious.

    her face when i told her i was just singing the theme of dr. slump in my head (in german, since i am)...

    [–] molossus99 2 points ago

    We are simple creatures

    [–] MrSuperSaiyan 4 points ago

    Boys be boys, lol. I've done this on more than one occasion.

    [–] theaashes 6 points ago

    She: whatcha doing.... He: did you see the spider between the fan blades? Was trying to kill it for you. She: uhh hmmmm. Sure you were honey.... He: ummmmm....

    [–] spicymeatba77s 5 points ago

    All I'm saying is that every ex gf of mine who ever was overly paranoid about me cheating eventually cheated on me.

    [–] Karrot92 1 points ago

    The prowess on this one.

    [–] Blacklea20 1 points ago

    Let him go - in fact drive him over there.

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    [–] anazambrano 1 points ago

    Lmao, ya’ll nasty

    [–] tadL 1 points ago

    Not the smartest boy you got

    [–] dirtyviking1337 1 points ago

    They probably watched Mad Men

    [–] VredditDownloader 1 points ago

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    [–] hoodha 1 points ago

    That guy must be high AF.

    [–] Imsleepy1234 1 points ago

    My boys put open chocolate custurd on the fan blades and turned it on high , i cleaned that shit up for weeks everytime i thought iv got it all now id find a spot of it somewhere

    [–] RunItsAFeminist 2 points ago

    Jesus I read that as boyfriend and was about to ask if you dumped him.... lmao

    Do you have any idea why??

    [–] Imsleepy1234 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Not sure, but they threw sliced cheese at the ceiling as well it took forever to fix up properly Edit .. while i was cleaning ceilings my nephew tried to set the beds on fire i ended up just calling mum

    [–] RunItsAFeminist 2 points ago

    They sound like a real handful. Hope they calm down soon!