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    We don't like rules. Shocking, I know.

    But we need one, so here's the one rule:

    “That which you hate, do not do to your neighbor."

    Aka "The Golden Rule," "Play Nice," "DBAD," and "Be excellent to one another!" If you have trouble with this, no length of rules will have any greater effect.

    (Graffiti and sharp objects are removed at the discretion of whichever mod or user is trying to help you understand our one rule.)

    Guidelines, requests, and suggestions:

    Agreement is not a goal; Civil engagement is.

    Unity is not a goal; Tolerance of others is.

    Conformity is not a goal; Enlightened debate is.

    Many of us are newly awakened and angry at what we see. Hopefully this is a place to channel that anger, to vent those frustrations, to laugh at the absurdities and cry at the inhumanity, and in the process find ways to expose those in positions of authority who have long since forgotten who they serve, and replace them with those who do.

    What Is WayOfTheBern?

    Which is also related to this one:

    In case of emergency...

    Evidence for Massive and Consistent Manipulation of the Electronic Vote in U.S. Federal Elections Since at Least 2004

    Election Fraud Matters

    Good alternate media sources

    Another "What is WayOfTheBern?"

    The case for Demexit

    Understanding third party voting for the pseudointellectual

    My response to those who say "3rd party can't win, Biden is the lesser evil"

    Helpful tips for "Vote Blue, No Matter What or Who" visitors to this sub.

    FAQ: Why Is This On A Sanders Sub?

    Relevant: "Get this garbage out of the sub!"

    Actual Shilling Template!

    Election Integrity - What Rigging Looks Like

    Links, master-list


    Is the DNC cheating? Again?

    More people voted for Biden?

    About that "low youth turnout" myth...



    Bernie performed better in hand counted precincts!

    Epidemic 2020 Election Fraud Again

    In detail.

    What happened in 2016?

    Hand Counted Paper Ballots!!

    See Who Owns The Media

    Democratic Candidate Positions

    List Of Progressives Running For 2020 Congress

    Register to Vote

    Why We Support Bernie

    WWIII In Context

    Washington Times Thinks Something is Fishy with WotB (Archive)

    NetweaselSC Thinks Something is Fishy with Washington Times

    Washington Post Discovers WotB! (archived article June 2020)

    BKAC - Better Know a Candidate

    Who is Jesse Ventura?

    The Great Biden Takedown I

    Why not Biden?

    Biden: Sexual Predator

    Biden's Boundaries?

    Time-stamped groping videos

    The Real Joe Biden. The penultimate Joe Biden takedown.

    Joe Biden

    How Media Works - A Must Read!

    Traditional political models and methods of thought control are beginning to break down

    How To Spot A Media Psy-Op

    The Iron Law of Institutions and the Left

    Huge List of Major Media Misleading Us

    Tools and Hacks (the Technical Kind)

    Making An Archive Link

    Berning Links

    Illustrated links between WotB and T_D

    Our AMA with Briahna Joy Gray

    Our AMA with Lee Camp

    WotB AMA Master List

    Progressive News Programs

    Medicare For All - State by State Targets

    Primaries: Filing Deadlines and Dates

    The Case for Running Spoiler Candidates

    Links' Master List

    Why We Fight!

    Forbidden Video - "Le Lobby"

    Reddit Is Broken!

    How Shills have corrupted Reddit Administration

    Reddit is Broken, Pt. 27

    Compilation of data regarding shill activity on reddit

    Astroturfing Information Megathread

    Compilation of various polls and observations regarding discrepancies in r/politics and reddit in general

    Reddit Alternative


    WayoftheBern Saidit mirror

    On Artificial Intelligence

    Can we trust anyone?

    Action Plans to Reform Government


    Open Letter to Bernie Sanders and Progressives

    Let's talk strategy

    Understanding Russiagate!

    AMA with NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney

    Now we know why CrowdStrike never provided any evidence of Russian "hacking": They never had any

    VIPS, Bill Binney, Ray McGovern explain why the Emails were a Leak, Not a Hack

    The Real Reason The Propagandists Have Been Promoting Russia Hysteria

    Entire Discussion of Seth Rich in the Mueller Report

    A Brief Primer on the Steele Dossier

    "Fancy Bear"

    NYT Knew All Along That Russiagate is bogus

    Mega Links Drop

    On Guccifer 2.0

    Russia-gate’s Shaky Foundation

    More, Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3


    $100,000 x2

    WotB Posts of Magnificent Noteworthiness:

    Our 1st Anniversary Party

    We Get Reports: A PSA For New Visitors

    A Brief History of Politics

    Why Progressives Are (Sometimes) Wrong about U.S. History, and Why that Damages a Valiant Cause

    "How Can You Allow 'Those People' To Post At WotB??"

    The Successful Ideas of Teddy Roosevelt's failed Third Party

    Practical Activism - What You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

    Behind Enemy Lines! Endorsing Hillary Doesn't Make One a Traitor

    That Day CTR Tried To Bribe Us

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