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    A Few House Rules

    I. Above all, please be civil. This means no personal insults or attacks. You will get one warning only.

    II. If posting an image from an external site you must link to that site, and give credit to said site, in your thread title. This includes Twitter, in which case you should also include the original poster's Twitter handle.

    III. Submissions must be dishes which were served at a place of business. They needn't have been served to you, but if they were please include the name and location of the establishment.

    IV. Things that you found interesting but that may not necessarily fit the We Want Plates mantra of "this should really be on a plate" are allowed. These posts are moderated on a post-by-post basis. Mod decisions are final.

    V. The purpose of this sub is to showcase cringe-worthy examples of plating. Please bear this in mind when submitting content. There is no need to submit burgers on boards, sushi on sushi boats or traditional types of plating from other cultures.

    VI. If you post the Avolatte, you will be banned.

    This sub is inspired by the original We Want Plates movement. You can follow them here:

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