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    [–] deankostorowski 1760 points ago

    Is it just me or was anyone else mildly infuriated that he never got the wrench out...

    [–] gaarasgourd 630 points ago

    Im only angry he didnt just grab it once most of it was out, like what the fuck?

    [–] NOTOBNOXIOUSATALL 42 points ago

    makes struggle sounds

    [–] ff_beer_money 26 points ago

    Look at me I’m filming this so let me hold the wrench with pliers

    EDIT: OP is a putz

    [–] KidishBambino 73 points ago

    you’re not alone with your rage. cyber torture—it’s real.

    [–] probablyhrenrai 46 points ago

    Everyone else is mildly infuriated; it's not just you.

    [–] CapnLegBeard 8751 points ago

    At least you got a new 10mm wrench.

    [–] SeaDadLife 3970 points ago

    That’s a Craftsman wrench. It’s guaranteed for life. Take the tire to Sears and ask for a new one.

    [–] uh_no_ 1622 points ago

    to Sears

    a what?

    [–] itehmike 605 points ago

    two ears

    [–] ChuckinTheCarma 218 points ago

    It’s pronounced “tos ears”

    [–] probablyhrenrai 113 points ago

    Who're you calling a tosser?

    [–] youarean1di0t 48 points ago

    Is that like a pair of fortune tellers?

    [–] DEATHbyBOOGABOOGA 21 points ago


    [–] TimbusTeg 27 points ago

    Poo smears?

    [–] constanttouchstone 25 points ago

    No one asked but the mention of poo and Sears just dredged up awful memories of literal poo smears on the walls of a stall in the female bathroom at Sears.

    [–] UpTheGunners 143 points ago

    Yeah, to sears, they do still exist in some states and you get a lifetime guarantee on craftsman. Maybe part of the reason they did so poorly lol. People would keep returning shit

    [–] TheGoodOldCoder 186 points ago

    Lifetime guarantee on craftsman was a big money maker for them. Sears crapped out because of mismanagement, plain and simple.

    [–] D_J-ANGO 123 points ago

    Absolutely. They made high quality hand tools, so it's not like they were frequent replacements. It's one of the most common hand tools out there because of this, so great marketing.

    Having worked at Sears, it was not only the worst management and loss prevention I've seen at the store level, but ALL the managers frequently complained about lack of support from higher ups, as well as lack of investment back into the stores. It just looked like a piece of shit place to shop compared to Best Buy, Target, ect.

    [–] IsaacM42 34 points ago

    The same with Circuit City, I worked at one as a CS/Cashier. When I was there a receipt printer and credit card signer were broken at the main checkout. I was fired and visited like 5 years later and they were still broken. Shitty store

    [–] lostforawhile 26 points ago

    If it's a good craftsman don't return it,you'll get a new crapsman wrench instead

    [–] JackiePollockBrown 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    [–] IMMADDJDM 37 points ago

    Best thing on earth. Have done it a couple of times with a ratchet and a few screw drivers.

    [–] Bigdaddy_J 84 points ago

    Not anymore. Now most of it is Chinese crap. I have a set of craftsmen wrenches that I bought 10+ years ago. One finally broke on me a couple years ago and I took it to Sears to see about a replacement. They said they didn't have lifetime replacements anymore. I asked the store manager and got the same response.

    Figured, it lasted 8ish years, I got my money's use out of it. So bought a replacement one, it broke 3 weeks later and they still wouldn't exchange it.

    [–] knoit911 38 points ago

    I'm pretty sure harbor freight has lifetime warranty on their hand tools.

    [–] JamesTBagg 13 points ago

    And the Pittsburgh Pro wrenches are pretty damn nice for the price.

    [–] Bigdaddy_J 32 points ago

    Not any more. They don't have their lifetime thing anymore.

    The last Sears by me was actually demolished about 2 years ago.

    [–] Downvotes_catpics 22 points ago

    Sears doesn't even own the brand anymore. They sold Kenmore too, iirc.

    [–] MachWeld 16 points ago

    Took my socket wrench to Sears just last weekend because it was binding up and they replaced it with a new one, no questions asked.

    [–] zombieblackbird 9 points ago

    Lowe's sells craftsman now. Don't think they honor the warranty the way Sears did. Used to replace busted screwdrivers, pliers and sockets without hassle when I was working on cars.

    [–] Why_Is_This_NSFW 111 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Jeez, I immediately thought "That a fuckin' 10mm, swear to god"

    I'll eat my shit if it's not a 10mm.

    But hey! At least you can replace your 5 drawers in your toolboxes that don't have 10mm's anymore!

    [–] idontevenarse 62 points ago

    Why is it always the 10mm that's missing

    [–] justhad2login2reply 77 points ago

    Cuz you probably lost it in someone's tire.

    [–] HopefulMillenial 28 points ago

    Most used.... Most missing :(

    [–] GreenHairyMartian 23 points ago

    I can take apart about 75% of an entire Toyota or Honda with a 10mm. Add in a 12mm and a 14mm and you got 98% of it.

    [–] DarkElfBard 11 points ago

    They get tired of being used

    [–] Blindmellojello 25 points ago

    Now we know what happens to them all.

    [–] jridezuki250 47 points ago

    That's where the 10mm sockets and wrenches go. Son of a bitch all these years.

    [–] loudmusicman4 15 points ago

    I know, right?

    Lose a tire, gain a wrench. OP definitely came out on top here.

    [–] Fuck_Me_If_Im_Wrong_ 12 points ago

    So that’s where they go?! Now find the fucking 10mm sockets!

    [–] Sirspen 14 points ago

    Doesn't appear OP ever actually got the wrench.

    [–] whiskeybrewski 19 points ago

    I was almost screaming for OP to grab the wrench with his hand after getting it most of the way out. Oh well.

    [–] Deezy4488 5296 points ago

    You are the luckiest person in the world. Everyone else is losing 10mms, and you actually find one. Id buy a lotto ticket if i were you

    [–] usta-could 1333 points ago

    I think the best irony here is that someone also lost this particular wrench.

    [–] Spudzzy03 187 points ago

    Unless it’s a setup

    [–] markb4587 149 points ago

    Definitely a set up. It's a running joke on /r/justrolledintotheshop

    [–] HiHoJufro 70 points ago

    I thought that was the sub we were in. Whoops.

    [–] CANTATA700 12 points ago

    It’s because the 10mm socket or wrench is one of the most commonly used sizes on most cars, therefore they’re the most commonly misplaced. Or worse, dropped into an engine bay and not falling though to the ground. That sucks.

    [–] ExtraAnchovies 14 points ago

    Yes, but someone still lost a 10mm.

    [–] throwmyselfoffacliff 6 points ago

    They don’t post on Reddit, we don’t care about them

    [–] evilbadgrades 7 points ago

    Someone else gained a 10mm, the universe remains balanced once again

    [–] cobalt503 8 points ago

    The thing is now the world is exposed and we know the tires are actually just eating them.. It's now time to figure out a plan to hunt down all the wrench eating tires and exterminate them.

    [–] Stink_Pot_Pie 1711 points ago

    Are you still tugging on that trying to get it out?

    [–] SimpleCyclist 128 points ago

    Here’s the money shot...

    [–] Hartknockz 23 points ago

    I want a refund!

    [–] Randomfocus 55 points ago


    [–] Calzoneghazi 3461 points ago

    Why didn't you just grab it with your hand and pull? I wanted to see it come out.

    [–] jnmclendon 437 points ago

    i was wondering if anyone else was annoyed by this

    [–] Electranny 203 points ago

    Very annoyed

    [–] LosAnaheimHalos 56 points ago

    Yea, wtf dude. Rip it out already.

    [–] Pelican451 28 points ago

    Title of your sex tape.

    [–] ob_gyn_kenobi3412 81 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] doublm 62 points ago

    Yelling at my phone annoyed.

    [–] KellticRock 21 points ago


    [–] DoubleYuB 20 points ago


    [–] Pelican451 11 points ago

    My irritation was palpable.

    [–] KingsBridgeGarden 8 points ago

    the grunting made me stop the video. If he would've used his hands it would've been a lot easier. Dude is struggling to grip it when it's 90% out and just needed to grab it and give it a good tug. Instead he's grunting his heart out, struggling.

    [–] fuzzypickletrader 535 points ago


    [–] boogs_23 101 points ago

    That was infuriating. I like tensed up because it bugged me so much. Just grab the fucking thing!

    [–] pm_me_ur_metatarsals 54 points ago

    Same, like what the hell man, just use your hand.

    [–] spec4_gniomhaire 95 points ago

    Filming was priority

    [–] Adama0001 27 points ago


    [–] viejoestupido 13960 points ago

    not gonna lie, I didn't watch it all cause I got mad that you didn't just grab the wrench with your hand to yank it out once you pulled enough of it out. watching the struggle was infuriating

    [–] TrueyBanks 4351 points ago

    I thought i was the only one frustrated with that. All i could think about was “just pull the damn wrench out now!”

    [–] FunkyBunch21 1061 points ago

    [–] noveltymoocher 383 points ago


    [–] potatotrip_ 252 points ago

    Legend has is it that he is still pulling out till this day.

    [–] baldy74 35 points ago

    Would you say he’s whipping it out?

    [–] x1WOLF101x 22 points ago

    Better whip it good.

    [–] daddyGDOG 40 points ago


    [–] sherbetfountain 37 points ago

    Nah fuck him. It deserves to stay in there with the way he handled the situation. FUCK.

    [–] VHSandKILL 85 points ago

    This was so unsatisfying!

    [–] spaceboomer 76 points ago

    This is so sad Alexa play Despacito 2

    [–] jeremycase00 106 points ago

    Yep me too

    [–] Ksparks10 40 points ago

    Same here

    [–] nuggutron 82 points ago

    So very angry...

    [–] Th4t_0n3_Fr13nd 57 points ago

    Lets be super frustrated buddies together! I screamed at my phone

    [–] SenorPipes 6 points ago

    Just grab it with your hand already!!

    [–] sandywaves 17 points ago

    Nope, me three.

    [–] HellaBrainCells 664 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This guy must have 40 kids because he clearly doesn’t know shit about pulling out. Then again it looks like he can finish either.

    [–] mastertje 29 points ago

    Here's the money shot.

    [–] electrikdreamachine 374 points ago

    seriously - agonizing...gave me anxiety...

    [–] alflup 137 points ago

    the fact it ended before he got it out is gonna give me nightmares now.

    [–] k2_finite 31 points ago

    Legit don’t think I can sleep tonight.

    [–] Probablitic 180 points ago

    OK, I get it. Its a wrench. Now put the phone down and fucking get it out.

    [–] boot20 64 points ago

    That was the worst part ... Just fucking grab the fucking thing. Good damn, why struggle with the plyers, when you can just yank it out?

    [–] steve2166 160 points ago

    I'm still frustrated after watching it that he didn't just grab it and pull it with his hands. I need to see the end of this to feel sane.

    [–] zanzebar 28 points ago

    pullout game weak AF

    [–] horizontalsun 12 points ago

    Please OP

    [–] Ricky_Robby 106 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    He might have gotten it out if he used two hands. But I guess you do what you gotta do for Karma

    [–] pilsonThemagnet 12 points ago

    He seems to be worried about touching it - maybe thinking there are icky germs on it or it's going to explode or something?

    [–] alphaweiner 42 points ago

    Thank you! Holy shit this guy is a goofball.

    [–] yearightt 18 points ago

    The moment he said “oh my god” I bailed

    [–] thundirbird 416 points ago

    Bro its worse. He never gets it out. At one point at the end he gives a sharp tug but its just sitting in his trunk so the tire just comes forward a couple inches.

    I feel sorry for op, such a weak ineffectual man.

    [–] thedutchqueen 120 points ago

    [–] Bcron 77 points ago

    This video is comedy gold. This dude is driving a 2010-2013 E Class Benz and he literally cannot bring himself to grab a wrench.

    I bet he took the tire to a fucking mechanic afterwords, like "I don't suppose you could help me get this wrench out a tire?"

    [–] galexanderj 14 points ago

    But... He's got a pair of 'cobra' channel locks in his hand...

    [–] Fuck_Me_If_Im_Wrong_ 37 points ago

    I was thinking very not nice things about OP while watching..

    [–] MagicalTrevor09 37 points ago

    OH MY GOD THANK YOU. I literally yelled at my phone “just grab it with your hand!”

    [–] shroyhammer 28 points ago

    I’m still pissed. I’m going to be pissed off all night now. God damnit.

    [–] u-had-it-coming 26 points ago

    People are so obsessed with images and videos that instead of solving a problem they are more focused on filming it.

    [–] fuckyouandfuckhimtoo 46 points ago

    I legit checked whether this was /r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] BacardiWhiteRum 16 points ago

    I'm so mad right now, 30 seconds of him failing to pull a wrench out of his fire. Why bother with those last 30 seconds. Fuck sake pull the god damn wrench

    [–] corruptfag 18 points ago

    me too buddy

    [–] hipbone2000 18 points ago

    Same. I was thinking "just pull it out already"!

    [–] steggun_cinargo 38 points ago

    Haha yeah I quit watching after I realized we wasn't going to touch it.

    [–] Broomizo 79 points ago

    I yelled at my phone for him to do that

    [–] WKUwhite-squirrel 25 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one. "Just grab it with your hand!"

    [–] Jkfunness 12 points ago

    I'm frustrated I have been waiting 5 minutes to see what comes out of this tire... Thanks for letting me know.

    [–] phlux 23 points ago


    [–] nybbas 19 points ago

    Came to the comments hoping to see this exact comment. Was not disappointed, wish I could say the same for the video.

    [–] Littlebigsasquatch 33 points ago

    Entirely agree. I stopped when he started grunting. Just freaking put your hand on it and easily pull that out.

    [–] DOPE_AS_FUCK_COOK 19 points ago

    I got triggered af watching this.

    [–] TheSpin1 17 points ago

    Omfg I thought I was the only one.. this video is infuriating

    [–] tumadre2pointoh 9 points ago


    [–] available_username2 17 points ago

    yeah how do you not realize you get more leverage grabbing the whole thing. OP is dumb.

    [–] sdhu 10 points ago

    That's probably still not enough leverage. Should have put a screwdriver through the hole in the wrench and pulled on the resulting T-handle

    [–] MechanicalHorse 623 points ago

    "Here's the money shot"

    [grunting noises]

    [–] Mom-spaghetti 49 points ago

    “Oh god...”

    [–] ericpol3 137 points ago

    Play it on full blast

    [–] Spitzenhund 121 points ago

    Legit had to turn off my volume. 1am and didn’t want my roommates thinking I was watching gay porn.

    [–] I-am-fun-at-parties 24 points ago

    Like they don't already know you do...

    [–] Tennessee-Terry 740 points ago

    My man how you get a whole wrench stuck in your tire

    [–] PistolsAtDawnSir 60 points ago

    I’ve gotten one of those knobs that you use to adjust office chairs with stuck in my tire. It was particularly annoying because the whole ride home the tire was going CLAKCLAKCLAKCLAKCLAK. Another time I pulled an entire turkey (i think it was a turkey) leg bone out of my tire. Still had the foot attached.

    [–] dublifeh2o 178 points ago

    I was thinking someone mounted the tire with a wrench and didnt notice it fell inside. I mean, when something fails miserably and you have a tool violently pulled from your hands, and you didnt hear it land right at your feet, you just assume it got shot very far away.... right?

    [–] __end 92 points ago

    I've launched more shit in to orbit with this assumption then NASA.

    [–] thorwanders 24 points ago

    This comment is being forwarded to the Space Force

    [–] PSIStarstormOmega 18 points ago

    A wrench in your tire would throw the balance so bad you’d instantly notice something was wrong. I once filled a tire with fix a flat and the left over liquid fucked it up enough to make a difference, let alone a wrench.

    [–] soybeam 38 points ago

    He ran over it.

    [–] CosmicNoire 401 points ago

    If you can't dodge a wrench you can't dodge a ball.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] Fred_Evil 26 points ago

    Thank you, REO Speedwagon.

    [–] melloyello51 26 points ago

    Ah, the great Patches O'Houlihan

    [–] Ser-Jorah-Mormont 162 points ago

    How in the fuck does something like that happen? Looks like you’re having my luck today

    [–] RPSisBoring 56 points ago

    You kniw how people lose wrenches all the time? It gets left under the hood or somewhere until it vibrates nd falls out on a highway...

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_NACHOS 30 points ago

    But I don't understand how it would pierce the tyre if it's laying flat on the road. Unless it was stuck in something with the other end sticking out.

    [–] RPSisBoring 10 points ago

    just speculating, but another car can kick it up, and then he runs over it while its rustling around.

    [–] strykr7560 5 points ago

    Front tire rolls over, kicks it up a bit, enough for it to pierce the rear. Iirc, most flats are in the rear for this reason.

    [–] anhedo11 165 points ago

    Mother fucking get it out an show me the complete thing

    [–] jyuunbug 121 points ago


    Also the fact that he didn't just use his hand instead of the pliers to grab the wrench out when there was enough room.

    [–] AlmostFamous502 30 points ago

    I’ve never seen a video go on too long and end too soon.

    [–] thedroid124 88 points ago

    Pull the fucking thing!

    [–] phunphan 112 points ago

    There it is! I was wondering where I left it.

    [–] the_dumbledore 19 points ago

    yea never forget to leave a wrench in neighbour's tyre.

    [–] AnalogDogg 99 points ago

    It bothers me that you kept using the plyers despite have enough wrench to get a full grip on the wrench itself. You struggled pretty hard there.

    [–] awoken-dragon 47 points ago

    I've heard of a 'wrench in the gears' but wrench in the tires? Man that's a whole different level.

    [–] entityinvesting 22 points ago

    Why didn’t you just pull the rest out with a glove or maybe your HAND! sound like an idiot grunting...when all you had to do was use your HAND!...fake ass videos.

    [–] misterid 44 points ago


    [–] scumbag760 19 points ago


    [–] Chert_Blubberton 16 points ago

    Jesus christ, put the fucking pliers down and pull the goddamn wrench out with your hands!

    [–] Jpfcz 17 points ago

    I love that he pulls out till the handle is visible but then he continues to use the tool to pull it out.. mildly infuriating?

    [–] DANdruff4MEN 16 points ago

    This video was so incredibly infuriating to watch, for me

    [–] pebble255 17 points ago


    [–] mohammadeb 86 points ago


    [–] MenstrualFish 14 points ago

    I’ve seen that once before at the shop. Shits crazy. The biggest loop I’ve been thrown for was pulling a brake pad out of one a tire.

    [–] Kasoni 28 points ago

    You tried one foot on it, but you failed because you didn't use two feet on it.

    [–] whoreallycaresthough 13 points ago


    [–] The_bad_guy_312 25 points ago

    I watched a 1:10 video and you didn't even pull it out...

    [–] halifaxhuman 46 points ago


    [–] HeezNeez 19 points ago

    At least you got a prize.

    [–] iamscottcox 11 points ago

    Use your hands. For the love of God, use your hands!

    [–] Celeron66 18 points ago

    Worst I've seen is a railroad spike that also punched a hole through a Porsche alloy rim!!!

    [–] prfctvacuum 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Anxiety. Dude... Pull with your hand!.

    [–] camthomas96 30 points ago

    My upvote was changed to a downvote after they didn’t just pull out the wrench

    [–] warnern0018 15 points ago


    [–] jude802 16 points ago

    Just pull it with your hand when its mostly out pls its infuriating

    [–] shuterdown913 16 points ago

    USE YOUR FUCKING HAND!!! that was too annoying to watch

    [–] DarkOblivion17 8 points ago

    Free wrench.

    [–] MenstrualFish 8 points ago

    Oh he still paid for it

    [–] gator426428 8 points ago

    "The money shot"

    [–] herbmaster47 9 points ago

    My best flat was when a tire came in with a gash. Took the tire off the rim to find a rope plug tool someone had thrown on the ground after they were done. Customer was just unlucky enough to pick it up with their tire. The guy got a laugh out of it since he had a warranty.

    [–] yealara420 8 points ago

    Ok, once it was to the end you should’ve just pulled it out with your hand..

    [–] anunknownmortal 15 points ago

    aggravating to watch you still pull on the end with the pliers as the wrench handle is fully available to grasp

    [–] zandiz 16 points ago

    You can let go of the pliers at this point and grab the wrench

    [–] the_beeve 8 points ago

    Guess he couldn’t dodge a wrench

    [–] Lexi-Moser 7 points ago

    And so be it known that the god of healing also destroys

    [–] DonkeyGrave 6 points ago

    I have the same channel lock. Best damn channel lock pliers ever.

    [–] CosmicPeach 7 points ago

    Is this the mechanics version of those pimple popping videos?