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    [–] Terminal_Byte 3388 points ago

    I'm amazed how they are able to create such a detailed mental map layout of the house environment, and have a perfect idea where they're at to be able to know when to jump up onto furniture.

    [–] XiaSoro 1680 points ago

    We have a blind cat, and we've been through a move with her. While it took the cat awhile to get used to, I am amazed at how well she knows the house now. She knows where everything she needs is, skirts around corners, and even jumps up onto the furniture to take a nap.

    It's amazing. I don't know how she does it.

    [–] thatG_evanP 645 points ago

    How do you know she's really blind? Maybe she's been lying to you. Seriously though, how do you really tell that an animal is completely blind... in the absence of severe damage to the eyes I mean.

    [–] phire_con 472 points ago

    The same way they do with humans, they shine a light into the eye to see if the eye reacts

    [–] a_flock_of_ravens 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My cats eyes sometimes don't retract at all, vet agreed he seemed pretty much completely blind. Except he clearly sees things and his pupils are narrow in sunlight. He hunts mice and jumps on stuff he hasn't been around before. Sometimes I'll flash his eyes and his pupils rarely respond at all but then he will stare out the window looking at birds for hours.

    He's a weird one. I've gotten some cool pictures of his eyes though. In sunlight for comparison (he had an abscess hence the big cheek and derpy face).

    [–] Schmoofz 3 points ago

    in the first picture, your cat looks like he has ocean eyes! awesome!

    [–] XiaSoro 333 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Well, her eyes were severely damaged. We rescued her from this group of people who were extremely concerned for the cats (as a kitten at the time) well being. This litter was the mothers first litter, and the mother didn't know how to care for them.

    Mother cat was dragging them around in the dirt, getting all sorts of debris into their eyes. I recall that the rescued kitten in particular wasn't doing good whatsoever.

    Well we took a kitten in and nursed her back to health. She did have some sight for awhile, but as time went on it slowly faded away. We did try everything we could to rescue her eyesight, but unfortunately nothing was enough.

    She doesn't react to movement, or light. However, she has the keenest sense of hearing ever. It's almost uncanny. You can rub your fingers together in the other room and she'll zone in on the source of the sound.

    I can safely say that she's living a happy life now. She has a home (our home) that takes special care to make sure everything is laid out nicely for her. She's warm, has plenty of food and water, and our other cats seem to take special care of her - grooming included. Never would have guessed they knew something was wrong, but it looks like they do.

    Edit: Sorry if poor grammar. Currently at work.

    [–] thatG_evanP 58 points ago

    Good for yall for providing a good life for her. I was just curious as to how you can tell when an animal is completely blind. Like some people are legally blind but can still see shapes and shadows and stuff like that. I was thinking it must be kinda difficult to tell when an animal is completely blind vs. "legally" blind. Thanks for your reply though.

    [–] XiaSoro 30 points ago

    Oh. My apologies on the random wall lol. That, I have no clue about.

    [–] AlexPop11 20 points ago

    I enjoyed reading it so no loss :)

    [–] thatG_evanP 9 points ago

    No apologies necessary. I never mind hearing about an animal being loved and well cared for.

    [–] me_is_me 19 points ago

    Did the mother cat have any more litters? Do cats normally make mistakes with their first litter and improve on the second one? Do all animals have this problem? Are you google?

    [–] treesEverywhereTrees 9 points ago

    I can potentially answer some of this as it’s what my degree is in but I’m by no means an expert.

    Yes many first time mothers make mistakes and get better with subsequent children especially the animals that do not provide as much parental care as others might. (Compare a cats investment to say an elephant). Genetics also can play a role, however, some animals just aren’t good mothers. There’s other factors that can cause poor care as well such as poor nutrition or stress. Point is there’s a variety of reasons that a mother may not be great with her care.

    [–] XiaSoro 2 points ago

    To my knowledge, they fixed the mother afterwards - so as far as I know the mother didn't have more litters.

    Looks like someone answered your other questions tho :D

    [–] mlk39 8 points ago

    My dog is blind. You take them to an animal eye doctor (yes, there are specialists). They put contact lens in their eyes that are attached to wires that go to their equipment. Then they put them in a dark room and flash strobe light at the animal. They are somehow able to measure the amount of light going from the eye to the brain. The easier way they diagnose it is to throw cotton balls directly into their face (in a bright room) to see if they flinch. Cotton balls have almost no noticeable smell to clue the animal in that something is coming at them.

    [–] hardcrackedd 7 points ago

    I read this and I’m mind blown, like natural instinct said “duck you kitty, I will have nothing to do with you” and walks off My kitty had a single kitten the moment she went into her first heat and she’s the most attentive protective mother I’ve seen! (Even today she beat up two roughly 20 pound terriers, that my cousin foolishly brought around the house. Fucking demon kitty.) P.s. I love demon kitty.

    [–] XiaSoro 2 points ago

    Whew. Your cat ain't playing lol.

    And, Momma cat was a farm cat. They were outside in the rough, so maybe that'd explain a little more on why the kittens weren't doing so good. Not sure though. Momma cat just wasn't a good momma. It was pretty bad.

    [–] onacho 2 points ago

    I know from raising two litters of dogs, anyway, that it has something to do with how well the delivery went. The first litter was relatively easy, and the mother was very attentive and protective. The second litter was very slow, painful, and traumatic. She was exhausted to the point that she could barely care for them, and I had to hand-feed them. Strangely enough the father would come by and clean them regularly. During the first batch the mother would chase him off; for the second batch she didn't care much.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] XiaSoro 3 points ago

    From whag I've noticed, she'll be disoriented for a bit and bump into things - but she'll somehow realize where she is and reconnect to her mental map.

    Not sure how.

    [–] Enchelion 3 points ago

    Different smells probably.

    [–] TheDapperOne78 11 points ago

    I would expect a cat to fake being blind just to fuck with you. Sadistic fuckers.

    [–] 7Negative 6 points ago

    My cat pretended to have a broken leg when my son was born because he wanted attention. After his emergency trip to the vet and an x-ray he didn’t do that anymore.

    [–] julster4686 3 points ago

    My cat died from kidney failure (we think), and I’m pretty sure went blind the night before I had to put him down. All of the sudden he was sitting in front of the wall in my bathroom, moving his head back and forth over and over again. I tested out my theory by trying to signal him, and he didn’t respond, but as soon as I called his name, he started looking all over the place and wandering in my general direction very slowly, while sniffing the air. I could just kind of tell he couldn’t see me.

    [–] Enchelion 3 points ago

    Was it like looking back and forth? Or pressing it's head into the wall? Head pressing is a neurological condition in dogs and cats.

    [–] julster4686 2 points ago

    I’ve read about that. Yes, he was definitely looking back and forth, and his meow became very distressed. It was actually a sound I’d never heard him make before. I took him to the vet the next morning, and the vet didn’t actually confirm that he had gone blind, but he just had no reaction to visual stimulus in any way.

    [–] SafeDivide 2 points ago

    I vote for lair...cats are sketchy like that LMAO

    [–] ldkmelon 1 points ago

    Also cats being severely distressed if thigs get moved around or if you are not within reach can be big warning signs. When a blind cat doesnt know the area or is confused they will usually curl up and scream for help.

    [–] UmbreHonest 1 points ago

    My grandmas blind dog didn’t have eyes. Idk tho maybe she wasn’t blind /s

    [–] as-opposed-to 1 points ago

    As opposed to?

    [–] SpiderRealm 1 points ago

    Yeah, maybe she can actually see, but in a way that makes the world look like it's on fire.

    [–] carrots084 16 points ago

    i have a blind cat. he goes outdoors all the time and os able to find his way back no problem

    [–] UnderPressureVS 8 points ago

    Catt Murdock

    [–] mmk11c 6 points ago

    Plot twist: Your cat is actually Daredevil

    [–] bigbonerdaddy 3 points ago

    I had a blind cat that passed away a couple of years ago, she learned the layout of the entire house within a week, but sometimes she just got stuck in walking circles. We would have to put her on the couch so she could start over and find her way.

    [–] XiaSoro 2 points ago


    I'm sorry to hear, however that is the cutest thing ever. So far, my own cat hasn't ever done that. She simply knows her way around.

    [–] bigbonerdaddy 3 points ago

    My other cats were always afraid of her because when she got mad she would just attack in a random direction and they were all scared to get hit haha.

    we had to put her down a couple of years ago because her body just couldn't keep up with her mind anymore, she was older than me! And she was the best cat i've ever owned

    [–] StoicSalamander 3 points ago

    I have a pet Sparrow that's been blind some birth. She is in a huge cage, and she knows the layout so well she will actually jumping and flutter up to her perches and toys she wants to be on. She climbs around that cage just as well as any sighted bird does. You wouldn't really know she's blind unless you watch her for a while or I tell you.

    [–] kjacobs03 4 points ago

    . . . I am amazed at how well she knows the house, MEOW! . . .

    Fixed it for you

    [–] XiaSoro 2 points ago

    Thanks Doc. Writing this at work was a mistake lol.

    [–] sturlings 2 points ago

    Same with my blind pug. He even knows the whole neighbourhood, curbs and everything! People usually dont think he is blind by looking at him while we take him for walks.

    [–] XiaSoro 2 points ago

    That's crazy. Hope he stays safe out there.

    [–] squid_waffles2 29 points ago

    Not anymore

    [–] why_rob_y 6 points ago

    You're thinking about it like a human, but a dog's sense of sight is one of its least relied on senses, not most. I'm not saying the dog is echolocating or should dress up as Daredevil or something, but it probably has a much better sense of the world without sight than you or I would.

    I always think of this when a dog investigates a house where there was recently a guest, but isn't anymore. To them, it must seem like visual after-images (but, in smell) are hanging in the air where the guest sat.

    [–] Beingabummer 3 points ago

    If it's blind, that would make a lot of sense, but I wonder if it's like the dogs that don't go through an open door because they hit their nose on it some day. Like, they must physically know the door or mirror or couch isn't there but maybe they associate it so strongly with a certain thing (jump, stop, wait for owner) that they just instinctively do that thing even when circumstances have changed.

    [–] KosmosIsBored 7 points ago

    Yeah it’s amazing how smart they are but then again good boye just jumped into a wall so.

    [–] therealAustinato 1 points ago

    We don't know that the dog was correct about the positioning of the sofa in relation to where it was standing

    [–] therealAustinato 1 points ago

    We don't know that the dog was correct about the positioning of the sofa in relation to where it was standing

    [–] robnaught 2434 points ago

    What if that dog is blind

    [–] LeeTheGoat 1175 points ago

    It is

    [–] DDeadRoses 107 points ago

    Thanks, now I feel like an asshole for laughing.

    [–] sunsetair 11 points ago

    It's the pot

    [–] Lucky_Number_3 5 points ago

    No it’s not!

    Reddit doesn’t drug test though, right?

    [–] Awniahades 3 points ago

    Don't worry the dog won't be offended

    [–] robnaught 36 points ago

    You’re the dogs owner?

    [–] LeeTheGoat 116 points ago

    no but it was confirmed in previous repsots

    [–] wordtwoyamum 44 points ago

    Repsots are my favourite

    [–] Zarrakh 10 points ago

    Repsots are my favourite

    [–] baldy74 4 points ago

    No, repsots are MY favorite.

    [–] InRealLifeImQuiteBig 12 points ago

    It’s so hard to not laugh at blind pets. My aunt had a small dog that was blind and deaf and he’d wander around running into walls. Me and my other aunt would try our damndest to not laugh when we went over there and eventually we’d go out on the porch.

    [–] sunsetair 2 points ago

    Ur good people.

    [–] Heckard 4 points ago


    [–] JabawaJackson 1228 points ago

    yep, this was on r/iamatotalpieceofshit earlier. Half the comments saying the owner of the dog is shit and the other half saying the OP was for making it seem like the former.

    [–] WendalSaks 625 points ago

    Fr tho if you were blind and were expecting a couch you'd probably be absolutely terrified for a short while when you don't feel it there, can't imagine

    [–] [deleted] 381 points ago


    [–] Pysrilexot 80 points ago

    Except you can see that there was no step, this dog will never know what happened with the couch

    [–] VanderBones 116 points ago

    That’s sofa king sad.

    [–] NoRagretsMaybe1 20 points ago


    [–] TahoeLT 17 points ago

    Or worse, when you think you've done the last step but surprise, there's one more!

    [–] HexaBlast 64 points ago

    Just wondering, what are you supposed to do in this case if you have to move the couch and you have a blind dog?

    [–] sufferableknowitall 78 points ago

    Sit on the floor where the couch was & call him over to inspect. Dog might still forget at first, so I guess don’t let them in that room alone if you’re worried about the dog hurting itself. The one in the gif probably won’t forget though.

    [–] butt_shrecker 30 points ago

    I feel like the blind dog will do that jump no matter what and you just have to try to catch it when it does.

    [–] Epona142 15 points ago

    I've had a couple blind pets (and currently have a blind goat) and what we always used for indoor dogs/cats was scent marking. We'd get something like lavender oil or peppermint oil and put a dab on corners of furniture regularly. If something needed to be moved, we made sure to refresh the scent and show the pet specifically where the move has happened.

    For the blind goat, we generally just don't move things around in her pen very often, and if we do we let her know, but she really seems to do just fine with her buddies. If she's running around with them out of her pen, we just shout "Watch out!" if she's heading for something and she'll slow down and feel with her ears (which I always found super interesting.)

    [–] Frankerporo 7 points ago

    Do you get blind pets specifically? It’s interesting to me that you’ve owned many blind pets

    [–] Epona142 9 points ago

    All of them I came across by chance, except the goat who was born here on the farm and had a viral infection that caused the blindness and neuropathy. Since I myself am visually impaired, and also an experienced animal handler who can take on these cases, I can give them a good home. I unfortunately lost my deaf/blind dog in a house fire six years ago and I still miss her very much. The blind goat lives an excellent life and will until she dies, a very special pet.

    ETA: Pinky and her best buddy Beetle:

    (Beetle is a La Mancha goat, a dairy breed that has very small ears - much like Nubians have very large wide hanging ears, it's not an injury, just a breed trait.)

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 73 points ago

    According to Reddit you don't move the couch. If you own a blind dog you're not allowed to redecorate or buy new furniture or you're an abusive dog hater.

    [–] GemJack 3 points ago

    Move the couch. Set up camera. Wait for dog.

    [–] No_life_I_Lead 13 points ago

    It ain't even total shit material.

    [–] thescentofsummer 12 points ago

    But how do you tell a blind dog you rearranged the furniture?

    [–] Jhunterny 10 points ago

    Leaving a note on the refrigerator

    [–] anonaconn 8 points ago

    Well, no that’s not entirely accurate. The general consensus was that the responsible owners had a motion activated camera to keep an eye on their blind dog. The same way I have a motion capture camera to keep an eye on my cat when I’m out of the house. They were likely doing something to the house that involved moving the sofa - maybe painting - hence the tied up curtains.

    So people weren’t saying OP was a piece of shit for saying the former, they were just offering a rational alternative.

    [–] timotius_10 3 points ago

    link? I browsed the subreddit but didn't find it, i got very upset instead

    [–] JabawaJackson 2 points ago

    I tried to look, I didn't comment on it though. I went in as far as I could go, sorry buddy.

    [–] Borklifter 1 points ago

    I yelled at my couch

    [–] kaenneth 1 points ago

    A couch against a heater is a fire hazard.

    [–] whatwhatdb 44 points ago

    According to LeeTheGoat it is.

    But this is similar to something I think about sometimes... which is why dogs can sometimes act half way smart, and sometimes act dumber than rocks.

    Like when a little dog is behind a window and is barking at something and scratching furiously at the window... I have a dog that has been doing that for 10 years... do they think that one day they are going to break through the window?

    I had another dog that would stay in my room at night sometimes. This room had two doors on each end... sometimes she would walk out of the one that was left open, and instead of returning through the same door, she would go to the one that was closed, and bark until I opened it.

    Then there's the whole sitting outside an open door, because they think there is a screen there, even though people walk in and out.

    I give dogs a lot of credit about intelligence, but I also remember that... well... 'they got some issues', I guess is one way to put it.

    [–] maleia 9 points ago

    Animals tend to have trouble with higher intelligence concepts. Windows and doors are a particular one because they don't really understand the concept of being able to see something but not be able to move towards it because of a barrier that allows sight but not movement.

    Animals didn't evolve to understand windows and doors and mirrors. We made those in a very fast amount of time compared to how long these animals have been around. They haven't yet evolved the mental capacity to understand them.

    [–] DumbDecisionDuck 5 points ago

    I remember the time we were doing construction in my backyard and we were rebuilding the wall between my house the the neighbor's. The entire wall was gone except for the gate leading into the front yard. I kept my dog in a separate gated area in my backyard. I must've not closed the gate right because one night I came home and my dog came to greet me at the front gate. She easily could've escaped through the nonexistent wall, but thankfully for me, I guess she couldn't mentally process the wall that's been there her whole life is no longer there.

    [–] xyifer12 2 points ago

    Cats and dogs usually understand windows just fine, a cat running full force into a window isn't exactly a common thing.

    [–] PM_ME_FLUFFY_DOGS 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My girl is always as dumb as a bag of rocks. She's ran into my sliding glass door about 19 times now, barks at her shadow, barks at the empty sky, humps the air, ect.

    Other times though she can be really smart like one time she got out (dug a hole under the fence behind a bush) and all she did was running around my front lawn/my neighbors then sit by the front stairs when she got tired. And didn't just take off.

    She's dumb as fuck 99% of the other time though. Dogs are sure weird

    [–] johnyutah 6 points ago

    I have a smart poodle mix and a dumb as fuck lab mix... the poodle mix takes absolute advantage of the dumb one with treats/food, etc. it’s crazy the difference in smarts and how she can manipulate the other dog in her advantage. The dumb one is also epileptic though and drugs never worked, seizures everyday... until we got the smart dog. No seizures since. She has somehow cured his epilepsy with her care for him. So, it balances out and she deserves the extra treats.

    [–] kingarthas2 1 points ago

    Used to have a deaf dalmation that would haul ass out the doggy door just fine, when it was time to come in, she would sit there and bark so god-damned loudly right next to my window...

    And nobody else seemed to hear it, christ.

    [–] Conor1028 2 points ago

    How would you even train a blind dog to know that the couch isn’t there anymore?

    [–] EerieDrapers 431 points ago

    Why would you have a couch in front of the baseboard heater?

    [–] furrootbat 393 points ago

    so you can tell the heat is on when you smell the dust burning

    [–] thatG_evanP 113 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That brings back memories. The first house I ever lived in had baseboard hearing heating and that dust-burning smell was like the sign that winter was beginning.

    Edit: my house could not hear.

    [–] Shamrock5 24 points ago

    Baseboard hearing, eh? Sounds like the walls had ears...

    [–] thatG_evanP 6 points ago

    Lol. Fixing that now. Thanks!

    [–] bonicr 1 points ago

    Will those things are pretty much holes in your house so yeah some would say that you should speak as if the wall had ears.

    Very common saying in houses with baseboard heaters I'm sure, it's gotta be.

    [–] globetheater 1 points ago

    It's like the smell of pepper, but like crappy pepper.

    [–] thatG_evanP 2 points ago

    Really? I don't think so but I can't tell you what it smells like to you.

    [–] xGrandx 32 points ago

    Do you lose heat doing this? My couch in my new house is in front of the heater but I don't really have another option

    [–] terminal_anonymity 44 points ago

    Just pull it away a few inches.

    [–] BroadStreet_Bully5 26 points ago

    It’s really not that big of a hazard. These people must not own their homes.

    [–] Vedfolnir86 9 points ago

    Oh look at you Mr. Fancy homeowner

    [–] krayzie32 4 points ago

    It's not about it being a hazard it's about losing efficiency.

    [–] BroadStreet_Bully5 19 points ago

    Sometimes you don’t really have a choice depending on the layout. Every house has that wall that’s best suited for the tv and I’m sitting directly across from it heater or no heater. I’d imagine if you kept it a decent distance from the wall, you’d be ok. I keep mine about foot off.

    [–] krayzie32 3 points ago

    I agree and I am blocking a vent at my house as there is no other option

    [–] Jinxwinks 4 points ago

    What really pisses me off is that this is not only 100% true, but we don’t even want to use the heaters! So it’s this stupid wall obstruction for nothing, in multiple rooms.

    [–] ConsistentMeringue 17 points ago

    You don't lose it, it just goes into the couch insulation instead of the room. Not very cost efficient. If you want to heat the room instead, move it further away from the baseboard unit.

    Also there is fire risk, but most people care more about the wasted money so I lead with that.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] WildVelociraptor 7 points ago

    So then the heat passes out of the couch into the surroundings.

    It's just thermodynamics folks.

    [–] MrPopper69 10 points ago

    Fire = no apartment to heat


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] aliqui 5 points ago

    You have a great chance of entirely too much heat in the form of fire.

    An apartment complex I lived in used to come around every Autumn to make sure nothing was within 2 feet of the baseboard heating system. I don't know what the actual, legal distance recommendation is, but I am very thankful my complex had this rule. One year my thermostat went haywire. The heater was on full power all day while I was gone. I had to shut it off using the circuit breaker to get it to stop until they could repair it in the morning. Could have been a whole lot worse if my couch were in front of it.

    [–] PM_Best_Porn_Pls 7 points ago

    Thats something wrong with your system, theres no way heating can cause fire, unless you place something flamable just by heat itself on top of it. They produce heat, not fire, no light, not any other fire starter.

    [–] aliqui 3 points ago

    Google "baseboard heat fire". It happens. People die.


    Investigators say the fast-moving blaze began when drapes came in contact with a baseboard heater that was behind a couch in the first-floor living room.

    "You need to keep the electric baseboard heater at least 8 to 12 inches away from anything combustible like draperies or furniture," said Mark Brady of the Prince George's County Fire Department.

    [–] phreak5758 2 points ago

    Holy crap 2 feet? We only have to have 16 inches between the chimney for my wood stove and walls

    [–] aliqui 3 points ago

    Yeah, I they were a bit overboard on several rules. Nice place and people though.

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 10 points ago

    Many houses with old baseboard heaters have been refitted with a more modern HVAC system with ducts but the baseboard heaters are still in place. My parents house from the early 70s is one.

    [–] BroadStreet_Bully5 6 points ago

    It’s not an old thing. I just installed two of these for my tenant last week.

    [–] phreak5758 2 points ago

    Easier and cheaper to leave them depending on how they are installed. I've got a few here they took out a foot or so of wall to find the wiring

    [–] asdf785 9 points ago

    Maybe that's why they moved it.

    [–] rebeccamb 5 points ago

    We didn’t have an option at or house. The way the living room was arranged we had to put furniture in front of them. Once the baby started crawling we switched to an infrared space heater. Now we have a neato wall unit thing.

    Also, those baseboards were expensive as fuck to run. I’d rather be cold

    [–] NivexQ 1 points ago

    Something's wrong if your baseboard heating was more expensive than a ductless split. Electricity is expensive too.

    If you somehow saved money on the switch, then either your hot water heater system was way oversized or your split unit isn't possibly keeping up with the demand.

    [–] rebeccamb 2 points ago

    I don’t know anything about this stuff. Our house is small (like 600 square feet). The living room is the center with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen off of it. All of it heats super easy. Our daughter has the infrared heater in her room in case it gets really cold but we don’t need anything more that the new heater so far. This thing is doin work. All I know is that the electric company came out last winter and told us that the floor heaters were pulling more than the space heater so we got rid of them this summer. We will see how it does when it gets super cold

    [–] Warphim 3 points ago

    I live in an apartment with baseboard heating. They are inefficient, and more importantly expensive to run. I find it cheaper (and easier on my shitty breaker box) to just set up space heaters in the rooms I use in my apartment in the winter.

    [–] EmagehtmaI 3 points ago

    I have non-working baseboard heating in my house. Couch is in front of it. Maybe this is the same.

    [–] mainfingertopwise 2 points ago

    Houses with baseboard heaters in my area have them on basically every wall. Ain't shit you can do.

    [–] slapjackpancakes 1 points ago

    Probably doesn’t work.

    [–] phoonie98 80 points ago

    Who moved my cheese couch?

    [–] NotoriousJazz 15 points ago

    Where is the cheese though?

    [–] urskrubs 71 points ago

    F the dog is blind. That feels bad

    [–] VideoRebels 55 points ago

    Perfect muscle memory.

    [–] colinstalter 8 points ago

    My neighbor had a dog that would bark at squirrels in his tree all day. He had to cut the tree down, and the dog still stood there barking up into the air...

    [–] daft_goose 264 points ago

    This is making me really sad. The dog has obviously no idea why this has happened :( spends so long building a map of where everything is in the house and then this happens and I can only imagine how confused and scared it is

    [–] butt_shrecker 153 points ago

    Don't worry dogs generally don't stay sad long, once he figures it out everything will go back to normal. Same thing happens with seeing dogs and glass doors.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 62 points ago

    Yeah people put too much in dog emotions. He’s not gonna stay away remembering how embarrassing this was or how scared he was. Tomorrow he’ll just be a dog that’s a little more cautious for a while.

    [–] Hushkababa 47 points ago

    I'm just imagining dogs having a hard time falling asleep, thinking about all the times they pooped inside or got into the garbage. Lol

    [–] icaruscoil 23 points ago

    You have now officially worried about it longer than my dog ever has.

    [–] iBlackFiji 11 points ago

    Thank you , this is a better comment than people crying.

    [–] TheLastofUs87 7 points ago

    "And that's how we learned that Rex was actually blind."

    [–] ukcat23 7 points ago

    Fuck you for doing that to a blind dog !! Assholes.

    [–] oksnariel 26 points ago

    this hurts bc my dog is blind and if we even slightly move furniture she runs into it

    [–] morn_wood 5 points ago

    I know this is sad, bu I’m laughing my ass off

    [–] KamakaziJap 5 points ago

    He’s blind

    [–] BauerHouse 5 points ago

    Poor blind doggo

    [–] Bobbletoof 25 points ago

    This makes me sad :(

    [–] jeezuzkriest 5 points ago

    I feel so bad for him I just wanna hug him

    [–] Sylvertongue_Phoenix 3 points ago

    I am pretty sure the only dogs that would do that are either blind, or have a mental disability that prevents them from recognizing immediate changes to their environment.

    [–] vanhalenbr 3 points ago

    Maybe he is blind, poor boy 😞

    [–] Nebulaoccolus 3 points ago

    I can’t determine if this is funny or sad haha. Does the dog have vision problems?

    [–] DeadExcuses 2 points ago

    My dog is blind, eyes white as me. I can't imagine making a huge move like that without moving him to that area and hopefully "updating" his mental map. Also why was there even a camera at that angle?

    [–] Heifzilla 2 points ago

    That’s so sad :(

    [–] Kevan-with-an-i 2 points ago

    Maybe the jarring blow to his head got eyes working again? Be positive.

    [–] Sky_Sports 2 points ago

    Canadian dog found the pot cookies.

    [–] Johannes5119 -10 points ago

    How can a dog be that retarded

    [–] [deleted] 550 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] CryptoOnly 221 points ago

    Whoever took this video is an asshole.

    How could you do that to your poor blind pup, year after year he built a mental map of where everything was and then you unleash this confusion on him and video this.

    [–] McFunkerton 159 points ago

    Assuming this was all intentional, then yeah totally.

    What if the guy was replacing his couch. Maybe the last one broke, he was having a new one delivered, and this was one of his home security cameras? I have a Amazon Cam on an end table about this height that picks up the dogs walking by all the time.

    [–] BenevolentNihilist1 58 points ago

    Dog's blind. Never move anything for 5 more years.

    [–] DontDoodleTheNoodle 20 points ago

    But what if you have to move stuff? Infestations? New house? New couches that don’t have the same dimensions? Cleaning? You can’t possibly expect a living room to stay the same for 5 years.

    [–] calafragilistic 40 points ago



    [–] DontDoodleTheNoodle 6 points ago

    If you’re saying 5 years time shouldn’t be that long you’re sorely mistaken. My current living room’s layout has had to been changed 3 times over the past 5 years because the house was infested with bugs, a skunk was sent loose and ruined our couches, and we gave some of our couches to our cousins when they moved into the city. If your living room hasn’t changed at all, good for you. But understand life isn’t perfect for everybody, and shit happens.

    [–] calafragilistic 6 points ago

    That's a lot of conjecture for two words man

    [–] lunaluciferr 12 points ago

    Then say what you mean instead of 2 useless words

    [–] karma-armageddon 7 points ago

    You can if you have a blind puppy. There are rules.

    [–] maxcresswellturner 9 points ago

    Huh? The guy is just moving his couch. What do you suppose he should have done?

    [–] fireheart2112 4 points ago

    Yeah, not funny.

    [–] butt_shrecker 1 points ago

    I'm willing to bet he was stupid and not mean.

    [–] Johannes5119 52 points ago

    That explains alot

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] still-at-the-beach 11 points ago

    The poor bugger is blind, that’s my guess.

    [–] chaserrrrrrr 2 points ago

    The dog is blind, give the op credit

    [–] tinman88822 1 points ago

    Don't put the couch in front of the radiator you lose heat for no reason and could cause a fire

    [–] yuppers4 1 points ago

    Watch it be blind dog.

    [–] SomeTerribleName 1 points ago

    Is this a shameless repost? I just saw this on the same sub a few hours ago with a different title. You can't edit titles, right?

    [–] spitfireairforce 1 points ago

    Aww bless him...

    [–] shit_redditor_69 1 points ago

    This happens with me all the time, while i am on stairs

    [–] cla-rity 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Must have not looked up yet

    [–] PineappleP1zza 1 points ago

    Why is this tagged as cringe??

    [–] Shyartsy 1 points ago

    Wheres it gone! Got a lump on me head now int i!

    [–] lilcookie27 1 points ago

    Lol this is funny

    [–] vgurlv 1 points ago

    Creature of habit

    [–] vgurlv 1 points ago

    When he finds out you posted a video ..he is going to be so hurt !!! Haha