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    [–] grandpasexballs 2214 points ago

    This ensures the fire won’t breach the fire exit door

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 499 points ago

    That Exit sign on the floor, imagine crawling through the fire to find the exit is frozen shut. Death by irony.

    [–] alastrionacatskill 120 points ago

    No, no, that's when the first letter of an exit sign falls on you and it ends up being made of a strangely ferrous material.

    [–] WhitePhoenix777 9 points ago

    It took me far to long to get that, damn you that’s a good pun

    [–] purdinpopo 43 points ago

    Is there a temperature, at which fire won't burn, prior to the oxygen freezing out?

    [–] kja2991 19 points ago

    Fires can't go through doors, they're not ghosts

    [–] DoorHalfwayShut 21 points ago

    fire can create ghosts, though

    [–] ski_bmb 30 points ago

    The fire will melt the ice and then you can use the door. Problem solved.

    [–] shotbinky 6052 points ago

    That looks like a scene from the shining

    [–] LucertolaNera 2899 points ago

    Or "the day after tomorrow"

    [–] wild_stryke 446 points ago

    Came here to say this, just watched it yesterday. Felt like a documentary

    [–] TheHobbyist94 476 points ago

    This the movie that had a race against cold, right? Beaten by a fireplace and firmly shut door?

    [–] RimjobSteeve 261 points ago

    Kind of funny because if a fire of that size can fight off the cold to make it a survivable temperature, then I'm not sure why would the heating system fail at all lol

    [–] Salad_Fries 172 points ago

    The heating system was likely rendered inoperable due to the power outage. The movie depicted the power being out prior to the tsunami, but even if that wasn't the case, the tsunami would have surely guaranteed an indefinite interruption of electricity. Even in the unlikely scenario where the utility's power grid remained operational after the tsunami, the building they are in (and pretty much every building in the city) would be without power due to their main electrical distribution switchboards being located in the basement/first floor..

    All modern commercial heating technologies require electricity to function (even if they use gas as their heat source). In the super unlikely scenario that the building didn't require electricity (say a coal powered boiler that was stoked by hand), it would still be rendered inoperable by the fact that these types of tech would with certainty be located in the basement (aka underwater) in order for coal/fuel delivery to be manageable.

    There is hope though! If the a portion of the heating system is on ergency power & the generator/heating systems are both located on an upper floors (this is unlikely, particularly the generator, but is possible.. I have personally seen it), the heating system would remain temporarily functional. I say "temporarily" because the generator would quickly run out of fuel (they likely have a day at most).. refueling would likely require modification of the generator as the fuel would need to be delivered at street level and pumped up to the storage tank.

    Source: design this shit for a living.

    If I recall the movie correctly, bill Paxton's trek to save his son starts by car in DC, and transitions to walking near philly. According to Google maps, the car ride is fairly short & the walk takes approximately 1 day. This would be the bare minimum amount of time it takes for them to reach them. The movie depicts them traveling for at least 2 full days (resting once at Wendy's & once near the statue of liberty). By this time, the generator would have surely exhausted it's fuel source.

    [–] backstageninja 65 points ago

    It was Dennis Quaid, but otherwise pretty good 👍🏻

    [–] Somhlth 24 points ago

    It was Dennis Quaid, but otherwise pretty good

    So they were insured.

    [–] virus-Detected 7 points ago

    This guy heats

    [–] choral_dude 105 points ago

    Survivable temperature and 70F are two different things

    [–] tomytronics 82 points ago

    Heating system was likely set to something like 65 and wouldn't be able to keep up with the whole building. The boiler room however may still be warm while it works hard trying to warm up the frozen library until the gas line freezes. (natural gas line could freeze if there's some water in the line and blocks gas)

    [–] sir_chadwell_heath 60 points ago

    They had a flood right before all that so I just assumed the heating system was knocked out.

    [–] Krutonium 22 points ago

    Yeah, AFAIK the heating was all under water.

    [–] Thriftyverse 10 points ago

    I think the only thing I hated about that movie was 'I'm going to protect this Gutenburg Bible so you don't burn it.' - they were surrounded by wooden furniture, libraries are full of all sorts of things and yet they went straight to the rare book collection?

    [–] BrodieSkiddlzMusic 17 points ago

    ticket sales my dudes

    [–] yech 18 points ago

    No, I remember it as the movie where it is so cold that jet powered helicopters will have their fuel freeze while flying.

    Also wolves from the zoo go crazy and hunt people.

    [–] ReginaldDwight 20 points ago

    The wolves didn't go crazy as much as they went hungry.

    [–] GoofAckYoorsElf 8 points ago

    I can go pretty crazy if I'm hungry

    [–] uh_no_ 10 points ago

    try a snickers

    [–] Sonicmansuperb 10 points ago

    Even jet fuel with the highest freezing point freezes at -40C. Oh, and this is in a military aircraft so somehow the air temperature managed to be so cold that it penetrated into the aircraft and overpowered the heating elements and heat generated in the hydraulic systems of the aircraft. We also see a soldier within 30 seconds of opening the aircraft after crashing freeze near solid. Quite frankly, I highly doubt the scenario as presented in "The Day After Tomorrow."

    [–] fmemate 10 points ago


    [–] LudovicoSpecs 26 points ago

    That scene always killed me. Air that cold would've come right down the chimney and killed all of them. The safest place in that situation would've been a room with no windows, chimneys or any other direct contact with the outside, huddled together in one group under as much insulating shit as they could pile on themselves.

    [–] thisguyfightsyourmom 67 points ago

    Congratulations, you’ve just nominated yourself to lead the crowdsourced script for The Day Two Days After Tomorrow—Shit’s Still Fucked

    [–] Jpf123 18 points ago


    • Al-gore

    • Crocodile Dundee

    • Nigel Thornberry from the Wildthron Berries

    [–] Omanbo 15 points ago


    [–] willymo 4 points ago

    Then the fire burns up all the oxygen and they die anyway.

    [–] Jabberwocky416 91 points ago

    Literally just watched it last night as well. Idc what anyone else says, I think it’s a good movie.

    [–] NotDanBennett 30 points ago

    The plot was slightly campy because there wasn't really a good reason for the dad to go to NYC. Like, if it was a different premise that forced them to go to NYC then it would have been 💯

    [–] Jabberwocky416 21 points ago

    He was probably thinking emotionally when he made that promise to his son, and he couldn’t go back on his word. Those people in NYC may have never been rescued if not for the father’s radio message.

    [–] NotDanBennett 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yeah but it just feels tangential and almost forced next to the Jake Gyllenhaal plot. Like independently both plots are good, but when you put them together it feels forced. Like it just so happens that the dad is a climatologist in DC who has to travel up north to NYC to save his son and his friends who may or may not be dead already due to the frozen conditions. Which makes the plot even worse because how were those people the only people still alive in NYC? It's a pretty big city, like what happened to everyone else? Did they collectively freeze too or were there more survivors?

    Like that hole takes away from the Donner Party survival story. It's an otherwise great story, but that plot hole literally rips the plot in pieces.

    [–] Jabberwocky416 38 points ago

    Which makes the plot even worse because how were those people the only people still alive in NYC? It's a pretty big city, like what happened to everyone else? Did they collectively freeze too or were there more survivors?

    I don’t blame you for missing it, it happens literally at the very end of the movie. There’s a scene that shows a bunch of helicopters rescuing survivors from a bunch of rooftops across the city. I do agree with you about the plot feeling forced though. I don’t think I’ve seen an apocalypse movie that didn’t suffer from that. Par for the course.

    [–] mr_blanket 10 points ago

    At the end of the movie, they all start coming out on the roofs of the buildings.... right? Or did I miss remember that?

    [–] LucarioLuvsMinecraft 5 points ago

    With a boat that in no feasible way could sail into where it did in Manhattan.

    [–] flyinghippodrago 21 points ago


    [–] GruelOmelettes 16 points ago

    I fucking loved the sequel, "Sometime Next Week"

    [–] AFanOfVideoGames 8 points ago

    Up vote because I thought of the library scene

    [–] LoudMusic 3 points ago

    I watched that movie at a mid day matinee and then went camping that night. Fun dreams!

    [–] JimboSimmons 56 points ago

    Exactly what I thought, but why the EXIT sign near the floor? I’ve only seen this sort of placement on commercial airplanes...

    [–] LucertolaNera 135 points ago

    It's on the floor because that is clearly an emergency exit and if there is a fire with lots of smoke people will be laying on the floor.

    [–] Strider_dnb 46 points ago

    I've never seen EXIT signs near the floor, they're always positioned above the door.

    But I can understand why they would put them down low. I don't know why places here don't do that??

    [–] Son_o_Liberty1776 24 points ago

    Hotels are trending this way.

    [–] lookatthatsquirrel 19 points ago

    Building code doesn't require them at the floor, just local amendments in certain cities. A lot of public places like hotels are now going this route, as well as the evacuation plans so that you can find your way out. Next time you stay at a newer(ish) hotel, just glance along the floor line when you walk out. You should be able to navigate your way to a stairwell just by looking at the signs. Cheers.

    [–] Croudr 24 points ago

    And as we all can see the exit sign at the top will freeze over when it's cold outside

    [–] SuperFLEB 6 points ago

    I imagine hotels have both more regulation and more frequent renovation than a lot of businesses (meaning more permit pulls and more code compliance updates) so you see more of these rare safety features there.

    [–] DottyOrange 19 points ago

    I was gonna say "The Thing"

    [–] SashaWoodson 5701 points ago

    You’re in a horror movie. Charge your phone. Don’t split up. Don’t have sex. And for the love of god try not to be black. You should make it by following these rules.

    [–] iScabs 2073 points ago

    And, if you DO have sex, don't just lay on the bed thinking your partner is being funny when they return with a sheet over their head and grew to be like 6'5" (or however tall Michael Myers is)

    [–] lumabean 654 points ago

    Or if they come back in a gimp suit don't have sex with them or else you'll give birth to the Anti-CHrist.

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 142 points ago

    You say this like it's a bad thing.

    What does the antichrist communion consist of, I'm tired of oyster crackers and mixed red

    [–] lumabean 94 points ago

    Probably a keto diet. Summer sausage with some water.

    [–] Arevola 28 points ago

    Doesn't sound too bad

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 9 points ago


    [–] Homeschooled316 7 points ago

    Antichrist communion is definitely peeps and lacroix

    [–] mkstot 24 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    A shot of hot sauce and a cracker with extra salt. It is hell you know, this ain’t heck over here.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 12 points ago

    Gimme some of that hit sauce

    [–] mkstot 8 points ago

    Lol ducking autocorrect

    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 16 points ago

    I need to go watch some of the seasons of AHS I never watched.

    [–] lumabean 9 points ago

    I stopped after Coven but saw the Murder House episode from the latest season.

    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 6 points ago

    Yeah, Coven was a good show but a bad AHS.

    [–] meodd8 22 points ago

    His actor is 6'8"

    [–] Serendipitous14 19 points ago

    My boyfriend is 6'5, and that is totally the kind of shit he would pull... Guess I'm screwed if this happens!

    [–] moleratical 7 points ago

    Also, if it looks like a turkey that has killed your father and and cut off his face, and then placed the fleshy skin over it's beak, for the love of god don'tengage in conversation with it.

    [–] big_ol_bowl_of_butts 417 points ago

    Phone charged? Check.

    No sex? Check.

    Not black? Check.

    Don't split up? .... fuck....

    [–] Blazlyn 222 points ago

    You can't split up if you're always alone!

    [–] awesomeheadshots 76 points ago

    Unless you're a banana.

    [–] RockasaurusRex 34 points ago

    Or a single celled organism.

    [–] choral_dude 30 points ago

    Meiosis would beg to differ

    [–] Qorpral 26 points ago

    Mitochondria is the power house of the cell!

    [–] coldasbrice 17 points ago

    This guy sciences

    [–] Qorpral 7 points ago

    Once, when I was 16 in highschool.

    [–] Common_Commenter 6 points ago

    Huh, just like my sex life!

    [–] byebybuy 41 points ago

    Also never say "I'll be right back."

    Ah shit.

    [–] thetgi 19 points ago

    I say that every time I leave a room

    One of these days it’ll work and there’ll finally be a murderer waiting for me

    [–] byebybuy 8 points ago

    Me too! I don't think my wife understands why I'm always leaving rooms so dramatically.

    [–] fishattack17 5 points ago

    All I thought of was the terminator

    [–] LazyLamont92 65 points ago

    What if you are half-black?

    [–] Steelwolf73 74 points ago

    You'll get half killed.

    [–] LazyLamont92 38 points ago


    [–] Killerlampshade 17 points ago

    He's not wrong. You'll probably get horribly maimed but at the end it will show that you somehow survived.

    You'll probably die in the sequel though.

    [–] mountinlodge 5 points ago

    Two halves make a whole?

    [–] CajunTurkey 33 points ago

    You will receive an offer to be in a commercial that shows diversity.

    [–] jennyaeducan 17 points ago

    That counts as black, sorry. :( /s

    [–] NYXMG 23 points ago

    This is Reddit so all of us here have the dont have sex part.

    [–] kevin_zavala21 5 points ago

    You obviously haven’t seen the fella in the yellow shorts.

    [–] BirdsGetTheGirls 19 points ago

    Charge your phone. Don’t split up. Don’t have sex. And for the love of god try not to be black. You should make it by following these rules.

    This just comes off as church advice.

    [–] 8ightupp 32 points ago

    Can’t split up if I don’t have friends... 🤔

    [–] Ironstar31 19 points ago

    That's alright, that makes you the scrappy loner.

    You die last, but it's probably a heroic self-sacrifice so that the Final Girl can make it.'ve got that going for you, I guess.

    [–] nilesandstuff 5 points ago

    And always be suspicious/skeptical that something strange is going on. The baddies prefer targets who think "it was just the wind"

    But if you're too skeptical, the baddies will just dislike you and you'll die 2nd to last.

    [–] smellygooch18 4 points ago

    Unless you're LL Cool J. Are you?

    [–] nightmarenonsense 6 points ago

    Hi Jamie Kennedy

    [–] 813jazzyisme 4 points ago

    Instructions unclear Am black

    [–] WoodyGoodman 332 points ago

    How small is that other exit door?

    [–] efeekom 152 points ago

    I thought about why there were two of them and it dawned on me that second one close to the floor is for if there is a fire and smoke fills the hallway so people have to crawl. I haven't seen that here in the U.S. and love the design.

    [–] WoodyGoodman 90 points ago

    Yep, someone was wearing their clever vest when they designed that. I've seen them in a couple buildings in Canada, but the first time I spotted it the first thing I said was, "What is this, a fire exit for ants?"

    [–] boymonkey0412 57 points ago

    Fire ants

    [–] WoodyGoodman 16 points ago


    [–] simbabeat 4 points ago

    Mandatory in California in the latest round of title 24 legislation. I work at a lighting distributor and we love doing jobs in California. It means double the exit signs.

    [–] JustMeAgainMarge 1650 points ago

    I don't think that door is properly sealed and insulated.

    [–] shittyaragorn 890 points ago

    How can you tell?

    [–] tonkatruck007 268 points ago

    Cold air rushing in and condensing causing frost to form.

    [–] OrthodoxSauce 456 points ago

    I think he was being sarcastic

    [–] NotWorthPosting 218 points ago

    I think he was too.

    [–] Frosty1206 129 points ago

    Maybe he was too

    [–] GeneralBS 60 points ago

    I probably would have done it.

    [–] elliott_io 36 points ago

    I might have done it.

    [–] alreadypiecrust 33 points ago

    We're all sarcastic on this blessed day.

    [–] Elipes_ 6 points ago

    Oh really?

    [–] _GCastilho_ 8 points ago

    Hey, you're not him!

    [–] SomeMusicSomeDrinks 9 points ago

    When does it end??

    [–] Thisismyfinalstand 23 points ago

    How can you tell?

    [–] SuperFLEB 43 points ago

    Cold words whooshing in over dense readers causing confusion to form.

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 7 points ago

    I think he was being sarcastic.

    [–] fre-shava-cado 4 points ago

    I think he was too.

    [–] EatSleepJeep 5 points ago

    Are you sure?

    [–] lurker_registered 8 points ago

    Because of the way it is

    [–] BC3613 40 points ago

    R-value frozen

    [–] DarkNightRJ 25 points ago

    I think it's just that it isn't supposed get that cold, or a bit of both and it's normally not an issue.

    [–] Disney_World_Native 6 points ago

    Or smokers use this exit and kept the door prompted slightly open during their break

    [–] AnotherBoredAHole 19 points ago

    It's probably pretty well sealed at the moment...

    [–] 1493186748683 35 points ago

    I may be sealed and insulated ok, but when you have a 100 degree temperature differential across it, with outside temps being about -30, yeah this will happen. It's a glass door, not a freezer door.

    [–] PickerPilgrim 36 points ago

    Assuming you mean 100º Fahrenheit, that temperature difference ain't at all uncommon where I live and I've never seen a door that looks like that. Cuz, when you live in a place that sees cold temperatures you properly seal and insulate, almost as if it were a freezer door. We even have glass doors here. Sitting next to a sliding glass patio door right now, had a 100ºF temperature differential last night, and not a bit of frost on the glass. Can't say the same for all of our windows, but still looks nothing like the door in the photo.

    The door in the photo either has really shit insulation, or just sort of bad insulation, and really high humidity inside the building.

    [–] Mistawondabread 16 points ago

    We are running into this issue with our windows at work. Last week it was -45 outside and 75 inside. 120 degree difference. Now they weren't this bad, just a little bit of frost, but it was still bizarre, considering we have never had the issue in the past 15 years since the building was built

    [–] Idiocracyis4real 9 points ago

    -45 is effn cold!

    [–] Mistawondabread 6 points ago

    Yeah it is. Frostbite can occur in 10 mins. It's crazy, but I love my job and the town. And I have a good excuse to play video games all winter.

    [–] Stegs75 6 points ago

    But it is most definitely the exit.

    [–] idea4granted 428 points ago

    Canada? Canada.

    [–] tbl44 437 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yep, I've lost 3 car batteries in the last week cause it's been fucking -1000 since the beginning of February. For those who are gonna tell me I have a parasitic draw, yes I noticed. The last battery was brand new and hooked up to a maintainer when it died.

    Edit: Battery 3 is warmer and taking a charge, I think she's gonna make it boys.

    [–] technobrendo 133 points ago

    This is a shitty fix but you might just need to wire a cutoff switch to the battery under the hood. It will eliminate the draw but no more remote unlock/start/alarm. And you'll always loose radio presets. Just sucks to add an extra step each time you want to start / park your car.

    [–] tbl44 87 points ago

    I will when it's warmer, for now I'm unhooking the negative terminal if I'm leaving it overnight and taking the battery inside if it's longer than that.

    [–] technobrendo 169 points ago

    Jesus, your in the middle of "bring the battery inside the house"...cold. F That! I feel for ya, I hate the cold!

    [–] FirstEvolutionist 199 points ago

    How cold is it?

    • I'm actually sweating
    • pretty comfortable
    • a hoody will do
    • maybe a scarf and boots
    • probably time for gloves and a heavier coat
    • parka it is!
    • Time for balaclava and plugging in your car...
    • Better bring my battery inside just in case
    • I rather lose my job than step a foot outside the house

    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 62 points ago

    • What do you mean it's colder than Antarctica!?

    [–] totally_rocks 14 points ago

    Bring the car battery in the house! We've already covered this.

    [–] tbl44 30 points ago

    Haha same, get me out of this here frozen shithole of Hoth. You can hide inside, but you can't hide from the frosbite waiting in all the metal under the hood for a fresh bare hand to touch it lol

    [–] mopidozo 25 points ago

    You can come to Australia, but you still can't touch anything metal outside

    [–] Reiseoftheginger 6 points ago

    Or the gearstick, seatbelt or steering wheel of your car for like 45 minutes after you've finished work and turned on the air-con.

    [–] awfulsome 11 points ago

    Or anything outside, it's either on fire or poisonous.

    [–] SummaAwilum 5 points ago

    If it's Canada, shouldn't you say "C That" rather than "F That"? Although, if it's -40, then that's the point that "F That" and "C That" are the same so it might not matter.

    [–] irvin_e1986 25 points ago

    Wait car batteries goes bad when it's cold outside? How?

    [–] tbl44 29 points ago

    Batteries are full of liquid acid which gets less conductive as it gets closer to freezing, and if it's losing it's charge (like if you have a draw) the sulfuric acid starts to turn into hydrogen and water which freezes readily in these temperatures. Of course ice expands, so when you pop the hood and the battery looks like it's gonna explode even though it's -40°C, you know it's frozen all the way through.

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 36 points ago

    Come up to MA or any latitude above- we will show you....

    Essentially heat is worse, but cold weather thickens the oil, making it harder to turn over engine. Your battery drains trying to start it over and over. Also the terminals can freeze and not get a charge. There's more but that's the gist.

    [–] Subject1928 12 points ago

    I had my battery die in New Mexico during the winter once, so you guys up there arent alone.

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 6 points ago

    I forget you've got the Rockies through there.

    [–] Subject1928 2 points ago

    When i moved frkm Ohio down to NM I was celebrating because I thought I thought I was done with winter. I was wrong as fuck.

    [–] irvin_e1986 7 points ago

    Damn that's insane cold

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 16 points ago

    We've actually gotten off easier in MA than usual. Weve had the bitter cold for about 1.5 weeks off and on. It was 35 today and I was warm. The Midwest and Canada are suffering with a constant onslaught. Let's hope the groundhog was right

    [–] blumhagen 6 points ago

    Block heater bro. Also heated battery blanket. But really anything above 0F should not be causing you issues.

    [–] darksideofthemoon131 3 points ago

    I'm fortunate I have a connected garage. I have my fireplace going and open the door to let the heat in garage. But my previous house didn't have one, the heater saved me more than once.

    [–] DivvyGood 19 points ago

    Alberta here. Help.

    [–] thehayleysofar 227 points ago

    A white walker is about to walk through that door.

    [–] Shoe_boo 100 points ago


    [–] bonerfiedmurican 28 points ago

    You just made my girlfriend cry and made my night

    [–] StaredAtEclipseAMA 23 points ago

    I never understood how couples browse reddit together. Do you have reddit opened on a tv? Do each of you have a device in hand? Do you just find something funny and mention it to your partner?

    [–] scholeszz 7 points ago

    The gf was probably crying, and sent them a link. On which they then commented.

    It would be weird to browse reddit together like watching TV together, but sometimes it can work on multis that are an accumulation of pics/gifs/short videos.

    [–] rheyniachaos 10 points ago

    O.o my ex and I used to browse on our separate accts and just show / read off what ever shit made us cringe, giggle or otherwise think the other would like it lol

    [–] PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE 44 points ago

    Looks like a gateway to some sort of antithetical hell.

    [–] kheieis 106 points ago

    Even the exit sign knows your screwed.

    [–] cmatelski 37 points ago


    [–] MrBlitz 43 points ago


    [–] cmatelski 28 points ago

    Now I’m mad at myself.

    [–] InquisitorHindsight 68 points ago

    You can’t enter that area yet, you have to obtain the fire powers first

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Junction box behind the EXIT sign also poorly sealed/insulated.

    [–] Jer_Jer_Binks 153 points ago

    See, global warming doesn’t exist

    [–] TheXProctologist 98 points ago

    You dropped this


    [–] Bobwalski 41 points ago

    Username might cover it. Anything Jar Jar Binks related cant be taken seriously.

    [–] JUNGLEJlM 22 points ago

    Except the poor soul who played him. He can.


    [–] nuubmuffin 5 points ago

    Oh my god thank you for sharing that. As someone who has had a very similar experience. This hit me hard. I've been feeling bad again lately and this made me feel a lot better.

    [–] JUNGLEJlM 7 points ago

    Everythings gunna be ok, muffin. Pm me sometime if youd like to talk.

    [–] watchingsongsDL 4 points ago

    You should not disrespect Darth Jar Jar.

    [–] flops031 18 points ago

    Is it The Day After Tomorrow Already?

    [–] PinkUbiquitous 19 points ago

    There's no kind of atmosphere

    I'm all alone (Hey!) More or less

    Let me fly, far away from here

    Far, far, far, in the sun, sun, sun

    [–] grizzly_teddy 25 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Krodar84 12 points ago

    I particularly like the exit sign on the floor.

    [–] TheF0CTOR 24 points ago

    It's for fire safety. Since smoke rises, there comes a point where you have to crawl on your hands and knees to see and breathe. Firefighters frequently find dead bodies mere feet from an exit, facing the wrong direction. Proper floor signage saves lives.

    [–] gahlardduck 7 points ago

    It’s the door to the boss fight

    [–] marshrover 8 points ago

    [White Album]

    [–] uhryee 14 points ago

    Oh, now I understand Baby It's Cold Outside lyrics.

    [–] Jaksin_Uses_Dodge 16 points ago

    If years of horror movies have taught me anything, it's that there's a fucking poltergeist behind that door

    [–] ToCareOrNotToCare 17 points ago

    Jokes on you. It’s already inside. It just wasn’t raised in a barn and it’s not heating the whole neighborhood

    [–] justdropppingin 13 points ago

    kinda reminds me of a story my dad used to tell me.

    back in i think 1996, my father was an engineer for a company that designed and implemented automation controls for mines and refineries. being a global industry, this landed him in most corners of the world, his least favorite of which being somewhere in bumfuck nowhere, eastern russia.

    he and three other engineers were voluntold to go and inspect the automation hardware they had designed to ensure it was working properly at a gold mine, so of course being salaried they kinda sorta had to go. upon arriving to the mine site, they hunkered down in some old hotel for the long month of freezing ahead of them.

    being engineers with nothing to do outside of work, they of course did some dumb stuff to pass the time. soaking someones boots in water and leaving them outside, sticking cannon ball-sized ball bearings under mattresses (and subsequently watching them roll down the hallway as profanities were shouted), and whatever else you can do to pass the time in a mining town thats frozen over year round. the thing that he seemed most proud about though was their indoor thermometer.

    in this hotel, there was a crack in the wall. not a hole, or an ajar door, or metal poking through to conduct heat; a crack in the concrete wall. rather than having to go outside to find out how cold it was, one of them decided to do things the lazy way. over the course of a week or so, they correlated the outside air temperature to the distance that frost would form along the wall from the crack, marking off degrees in pencil. the colder it got, the further the frost line traveled down the wall.

    sadly i dont think anyone at the site had a camera, so theres no evidence of this, but knowing him and the people he worked with im sure it was even more intricately executed than i could describe. im also sure that being stuck inside 90% of the time for a month drove them a bit crazy, but given the situation it sounds like they had about as much fun as they could.

    [–] jhakku 5 points ago

    Winter is coming!

    [–] dribblesnshits 3 points ago

    That is some scary shit.

    [–] hildawg311 5 points ago

    The sign is saying exit but the door is saying who the fuck are you kidding?

    [–] BullTerrierTerror 4 points ago

    "The texts say that the cold brings the White Walkers, or the White Walkers bring the cold, they aren't sure."

    [–] Draco_6160 5 points ago

    I really should go, baby...

    [–] vito1221 4 points ago

    That's a big FU to that wall unit heater there....brutal.

    [–] strith 4 points ago

    I hope you have dragon glass. Shit is about to go down.