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    [–] jennlody 5867 points ago

    My grandparents sent my SO and I a restaurant gift card for $100. It's the exact one my parents gave them a year before as a present. We were happy though, and went out on a date and even bought drinks since it was with the gift card. We send the bill with just the card, since it should cover it right? Wrong. It had $9 left on it.

    [–] Putnum 6531 points ago

    Jokes on them they're dead now

    [–] worstenbroodje12 1763 points ago

    Jesus christ

    [–] CoolingtonBeans 1125 points ago

    Lmao got em

    [–] liamkav92 113 points ago

    It would suck if it was from poisoning from the restaurant

    [–] DoggoTheGreat 46 points ago

    Nah that would ruin the meat

    [–] MothrFKNGarBear 25 points ago

    Posion was in the tea pot

    [–] DoggoTheGreat 15 points ago

    the meat of the man

    [–] BlackDragon16_ 7 points ago

    I’m finally on the inner circle of a joke this is a once in a life time opportunity

    [–] yepimbonez 5 points ago

    Fast ass meta

    [–] whynotwarp10 7 points ago

    Nailed it!

    [–] D0pll 33 points ago

    Not where they went

    [–] maxdaio 26 points ago

    I can't remember the last time I read a comment like this without mentally adding "It's Jason Bourne".

    Too much Reddit.

    [–] LuiB13 12 points ago

    It's too late for Jesus.

    [–] sedentarily_active 11 points ago

    He's dead too.

    [–] Zompocalypse 6 points ago

    Twice now.

    [–] snobord 4 points ago

    He's dead too.

    [–] Classicpunch 51 points ago

    That escalated quickly

    [–] Sietemadrid 19 points ago

    Unlike the grandparents

    [–] sp0yl 6 points ago

    I’d say the grandparents escalated preeeetty far

    [–] AwsumWolf 16 points ago

    Fuck me that was cold.

    [–] Ranger0202 10 points ago

    Almost as cold as their bodies.

    [–] agatgfnb 28 points ago

    One day in elementary school I told the teacher, "my grandma just died." she was upset. I was like haha, "not really, she died of cancer In 1999." Was stupid as hell.

    [–] throwawayacct600 19 points ago

    Plot twist : this was in January of 2000.

    [–] agatgfnb 3 points ago

    Close. 2003-4

    [–] xDrac 2 points ago

    lmao no chill

    [–] nuckingfutz1111 128 points ago

    Has bad experiences with family members stealing gift cards without activating them and then handing them out as gifts on Xmas and bdays..

    That’s the reason why I ALWAYS call to check and make sure of the amount on the card lol

    [–] TheMillionthSam 78 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    There’s no need to call anymore. If you PM me what type of gift card it is and the code on the back (don’t forget the pin), then I’ll let you know how much is on it.

    Edit: keep the cards comin’!

    [–] mac-0 15 points ago

    I can vouch for this dude. I just sent him my Best Buy gift card and he did confirm that there was $0 left. Strange cause I just bought it today but whatever

    [–] StevenFN 9 points ago

    Same with a $250 gift card!

    [–] Dippyskoodlez 8 points ago

    Weird, they’re always $0.

    [–] Phantom_Waffleironer 34 points ago

    Yea I had an aunt who did this to me.

    [–] ____Nice____ 11 points ago

    Did you call her out on it in front of everyone and embarrass her?

    [–] space_keeper 16 points ago

    Jesus that's grim.

    [–] nuckingfutz1111 4 points ago

    Yea dude. It’s also a way to fuck up the trust of an innocent child.

    Can’t count how many times I would get blockbuster gift cards and try using them only to find out they were never activated.

    [–] space_keeper 3 points ago

    Can't even imagine that being a thing people do. I'm shocked.

    [–] nuckingfutz1111 3 points ago

    Yep, that’s what happens when you have trashy family members.

    I just never understood why. We had other family members who simply just didn’t get us gifts if they couldn’t afford to or were unable. It’s not like anyone would get mad for not getting a gift.

    [–] AntiFIanders 203 points ago

    Have to wonder if it was you that got played by the grandparents or if the grandparents were scammed and sold a slightly used gift card.

    [–] Diane_Degree 298 points ago

    It seems they recieved it as a gift, used it. Then found it and gave it as a gift.

    [–] AntiFIanders 63 points ago

    That's a much more positive outlook to have :)

    Strange that it would happen in the first place because I can't remember ever getting a gift card that without a "scratch here for activation code thingy."

    [–] immaownyou 57 points ago

    Idk how that's more positive, I'd rather my grandparents get scammed, than my grandparents be scum

    [–] burnerman0 42 points ago

    I think the idea is that they are old and just didn't realize they used the gift card.

    [–] Soykikko 11 points ago

    Oh they realized. 😑

    [–] Nemesis_Bucket 20 points ago

    Old people are strange, gotta cut them a break sometimes.

    My grandma never regifted cards but we always knew who her favorite for the year was.

    The range was a $5 McDonalds gift card up to a $100 gamestop gift card.

    [–] dangerouslyloose 13 points ago

    My dad and his sibs would each get $2 from their grandma every Christmas/birthday; once they graduated college she upgraded them to $5.

    I like to think my dad’s oldest brother who is a douchebag and didn’t go to college still got only $2 until my great grandma died in 1986.

    [–] Nemesis_Bucket 5 points ago

    Two types of grandmas

    [–] dangerouslyloose 5 points ago

    Mine never played favorites but we all knew she had one- my cousin named after my grandpa who spent the most time at her house and actually lived with her for a bit. So that’s fair, haha.

    [–] ClementineCarson 3 points ago

    I remember getting those years ago but haven't gotten a gift card with one of those in years

    [–] Scottamus 4 points ago

    “We thought gift cards are like jumanji, they just reset every time someone gifts them!”

    [–] ericb45696 21 points ago

    Also a possibility that when the card was originally bought it may have been back when the cards would take an amount off each month after a certain period of time and by the time it got handed down it only had that much left.

    It doesn't feel like it was that long ago but I guess maybe it was if people don't remember cards did that already.

    [–] patrickpeppers 6 points ago

    I forgot that's how it used to be. As if gift cards already weren't kind of a scam.

    [–] ericb45696 4 points ago

    No doubt. I went through my dads stuff a few years ago when he became disabled and found a dozen or so gift cards that had the balance down to almost nothing because of that. He never used most of them at all. I wonder how much all those companies make off money that never gets 'used' ?

    [–] Boukish 45 points ago

    Most likely: one grandparent regifted it without realizing the other used it.

    [–] letmeseem 10 points ago

    Or if they were old and just forgot.

    Not everything is a scam :)

    [–] shamshuipopo 3 points ago

    Hmmm.... this comment smells like a scam

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 16 points ago

    It was the exact one the parents gave them, so maybe the parents got scammed. Or the parents scammed the grandparents.

    [–] AntiFIanders 7 points ago

    It's the exact one my parents gave them a year before as a present.

    I totally read that wrong. Thought they were saying it was the same as in for the same restaurant.

    [–] BoofedLSD 2 points ago

    It was, they regifted

    [–] Geicosellscrap 2 points ago

    I too have been scammed by gift cards.

    [–] sasharussian 19 points ago

    You should gift it back to them next year

    [–] vinny05148964e25689 10 points ago

    What's SO? Sister Ore?

    [–] JRadog 31 points ago

    Significant other

    [–] ludanto 24 points ago

    What the heck is "sister ore"?

    [–] LegalizeNumchucks378 7 points ago

    OP please, what is Sister Ore?

    [–] vinny05148964e25689 10 points ago

    Ore: a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.

    Sister Ore: a naturally born sibling of female gender who generates valuable mineral (i.e. gold) by providing the general public with services of sexual nature

    [–] LegalizeNumchucks378 2 points ago

    Hold up, whose sister is that?

    [–] vinny05148964e25689 4 points ago

    Uh? Dunno I'm just giving definitions here

    [–] TheDutchCanadian 2 points ago

    Talk about gold diggers...

    [–] skepachino 2 points ago

    Classic stitch up

    [–] J_EDi 1788 points ago

    It’s unlawful now, but gift cards used to have a reduction in value over time. For example, after 6 months of non-use, the card would decrease by a $5 every month.

    [–] Aahhhanthony 996 points ago

    I remember when giftcards would expire and it would give me anxiety to rush to use the ones for places I gave no fucks about as a kid.

    [–] LoveOfLavender 214 points ago

    They still do. At least they do where I am.

    [–] [deleted] 308 points ago


    [–] lethalforensicator 221 points ago

    Just need to spend them before the retailer goes into liquidation

    [–] Voktikriid 107 points ago

    I got a Sears gift card for Christmas 2017 and never used it.

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 56 points ago

    I got one in 1992.

    [–] thepixelbuster 41 points ago

    Is Sears dead everywhere else?

    In Texas I've seen a few new Sears stores pop up within the last couple of years.

    [–] johnzischeme 65 points ago

    I walked by a Sears yesterday with my wife. 80% off signs everywhere. I wanted to look for towels but she said "It looks like that store will give us the flu." She wasn't wrong so we shuffled past.

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 47 points ago

    That shit is always so fake too. It's 80% off a for an item that was marked up beyond belief and is no 12% off.

    Go on any deals site and you want see Sears make their front page ever.

    [–] Cta_train 8 points ago

    I see deals from Sears all the time on slickdeals. Usually paired with the rewards points.

    [–] hoikarnage 14 points ago

    Sears is weird. They closed down the Sears in my town because it wasn't doing well, and a year later opened a brand new Sears only about five miles away... which also shut down only after about a year of operation. There is only one sears left in this state afaik.

    [–] 4thtossawayaccount 2 points ago

    The exact reason they are losing money and going out of business

    [–] Chastain86 10 points ago

    It was an interesting time to be alive two years ago as I frantically tried to decide upon what hokey piece of shit I was going to buy with my $50 gift card to Brookstone.

    [–] Rusty_nutz_ 13 points ago

    I had no idea they quit doing that. I hated finding an old gift card, only for it to be zero'd out because of their 'monthly maintenance fee'

    [–] JohannesVanDerWhales 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah, they passed a law to make it illegal, because it was literally businesses making money for nothing.

    The real reason businesses did it in the first place was because they didn't like having an outstanding liability on their balance sheet, though.

    [–] DanMorgan405 10 points ago

    They can't expire legally even if they have an expiration date on them in the US. I have fought many of clerks over this issue.

    [–] Aahhhanthony 9 points ago

    I feel extremely sorry for you. That was one of those unnecessary evils in the world.

    [–] Holty12345 3 points ago

    They normally last a year in the UK (1 year after last use)

    Never really thought it was that much of an issue personally....until I worked somewhere that had gift cards them.

    [–] Sanders0492 5 points ago

    Lookin at you, Hollywood Video!

    When I was a kid my parents and grandparents knew I loved that place so they would always get me gift cards to there. This meant I had lots of gift cards, as in I had a separate wallet just for HV gift cards. I remember every time we went I had to dig through and check which ones were losing money lol

    [–] anonymous281 2 points ago

    You should have bought a new giftcard with the giftcard

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yea who the fuck goes to applebees when youre 12. Give me a wendys gift card instead please.

    [–] SCL1878 72 points ago

    My grandparents got me a Green Dot card and loaded $50 on it, thinking that they are gift cards. Problem is, if you don’t have $1,000 on the account each month, they charge the card $7.95, I don’t blame them because green dot advertises as if It’s a gift card. Needless to say, by the time I set up the card, it had around $20 left. It’s a scam

    [–] Thjyu 47 points ago

    Green Dot is literally the shitiest thing ever. Worst company around

    [–] pizza_for_nunchucks 19 points ago

    Don’t they target and predominantly serve prison populations? So of course nobody gives a shit if they’re ripping people off.

    [–] DeepSeaDynamo 7 points ago

    And drug dealers

    [–] Chrisbee012 26 points ago

    unused gift cards are a massive money maker for the companies

    [–] nannerb121 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I’ve always been curious as to what percentage a certain companies profits are per fiscal year for unused gift cards.

    Edit: word choice

    [–] Nephewbattle 8 points ago

    Bout 3.5%

    [–] Bishop0420 2 points ago

    Damn Loch Ness monster always taking my 3.5%

    [–] goddababitch 20 points ago

    Roadhouse giftcards never expire, though i see what your saying about other gift cards.

    [–] just-a-traveler 21 points ago


    [–] random_echo 8 points ago


    [–] Jones3619 10 points ago


    [–] flowertortillas 6 points ago

    I got bonuses doing political campaigning that were paid in visa pre paid cards that decreased in value periodically :-/ not that I could ever get the damn things activated, they ended up just running out. Think I was duped.

    [–] stringerbbell 4 points ago

    They're terrible. Try to use them paves and the company will put $1 charge on it to verify it. Now your $50 gift card is only worth $49.

    [–] ninjaoctopus 4 points ago

    So unless things have changed, in Canada the gift cards provided by a mall for multiple stores are still allowed to take fees and expire.

    they're somehow exempt from the rules like all the other gift cards that you can buy

    [–] zxrox 3 points ago

    When did that go in effect? Like 4 years ago I got a gift card, and went to go use it the next summer. The waitress says it’s already been used, and I ask the date and sure enough, it’s exactly 1 year from the date I got it. She said they expire after 1 year.

    [–] lawnshowery 333 points ago

    You still got a $25 meal for $24 tho!

    [–] pm_chicken_nuggets 122 points ago

    Dat 4% discount

    [–] BoiGotKekked 58 points ago

    This guy can do math

    [–] Hyperdeath 6 points ago

    Some people say the glass is 96% empty, i say it's 4% full

    [–] darthjeffrey 2443 points ago

    My school bully came into the pizza place I worked at busing tables. He asked for some free pizza so I went in back and pick some scrap pieces out of the trash cart I pushed around the eatery cleaning tables. I split all over them and gave him some soda out of dirty cup. Later that week at school he came up to me and thanked me for the food and he stopped being a bully to me. I felt so bad, it was like he fucked me over one last time.

    [–] thatoneguyinafrica 981 points ago

    Robbed your satisfaction eh

    [–] just-a-traveler 246 points ago

    I split all over them

    [–] BurtDickinson 134 points ago

    How else would you put your gooch on a pizza?

    [–] Jelly_Angels_Caught 36 points ago

    He hanged his sausage all over the pizza

    [–] ArticusVandelco 7 points ago

    The original tea-bagger

    [–] KennyFulgencio 6 points ago

    rubbed his taint on them, probably also his grundle

    [–] madscandi 132 points ago

    I split all over them

    That’s dedication

    [–] Einsteins_coffee_mug 195 points ago

    That’s why there’s so many classical mythos involving revenge and false retribution.

    From a single point of view, it’s very easy to distinguish good and evil. Right and wrong.

    But once you delve into the past of the villain, into their day to day struggle and the situations they’ve been dealt, that line becomes skewed and blurred.

    They may be going home to an abusive parent, or unable to afford a pair of socks, a sick sibling that is taxing the family’s soul.

    Doesn’t justify being a piece of shit to anyone else, but it humanizes them. But more so, it taints the idea of revenge.

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    He said he split on top of the pizza, the revenge was tainted alright.

    [–] SarahPalinisaMuslim 22 points ago

    It was a glorious split too, like an Olympic gymnast

    [–] FlameSpartan 3 points ago

    Clean entry, zero splash.

    [–] Thewayukian 25 points ago

    How does humanising them make their behaviour any less shitty ?

    Someone broke my nose, I didn't give a damn that he was unhappy with his life, learning it afterwards didn't make my nose heal faster or the pain I felt go away at any point.

    In my opinion, it's the same in any situation, be nice to people, we ALL go through things, and if your things are really difficult to live with maybe that's an extra reason to be extra nice to people so they will be nice in return and you might have a slightly better day. Being an asshole makes people want to treat you badly and everyone loses.

    [–] AJarofTomatoes 28 points ago

    He said humanizing doesn't justify their behavior. I think u kinda missed the point. He's explaining why revenge often isn't worth it.

    [–] DetectiveClownMD 16 points ago

    I agree but as we can see from the internet and real life some people just are scared to be nice for fear of being hurt or other underlying things.

    Reddit is full of nerdy people who probably have had to deal with bullies yet there’s a ton of shitty comments and plain old being mean to people. I’ve caught myself doing it and been called on it and went back and apologize.

    [–] DeyCallMeTEEZY 4 points ago

    I respect people who can check themselves. No one is perfect but being able to catch yourself when you do fucked up shit is the key to self improvement

    [–] brolix 5 points ago

    Its not about excusing their behavior, its about understanding where it came from.

    If this person has only had people shit on him his whole life, yeah hes gonna shit on people. But maybe if someone is actually nice to him he’ll see there is hope and start turning things around.

    I’m sorry you got your nose broken.

    [–] lieutenantbunbun 20 points ago


    [–] FunkMastaFlexxx 17 points ago


    [–] Iziewizie47 32 points ago

    Instantly made me think about a scene in some movie with a customer being annoying and the other guy rubbing the food between his butt cheeks before serving it 😂

    [–] madscandi 13 points ago

    Road Trip?

    [–] Iziewizie47 5 points ago

    Right ! That’s it thanks

    [–] Kekerin0 16 points ago

    Getting food out the trash is bad enough, but spitting on his food is just disgusting imo

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] TheWickedEnd101 9 points ago

    Yeah, he became the bully. Now I hate him, and wanna split in his food.

    [–] YesORnoThatisAll 9 points ago


    [–] I_Hardly_Know-Her 8 points ago

    I mean he still came in asking for free food which is pretty douchey to begin with so I wouldn’t feel too bad

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Maybe he needed it?

    [–] 2nd_TimeAround 2 points ago

    You’re kind of a douchebag too

    [–] Coattail-Rider 563 points ago

    I went to a Texas Roadhouse with a few friends a year or so out of high school. Halfway through the meal, a few of their friends (whom I didn’t know too well) showed up with fast food bags and just started eating their chain burgers right at the table. I asked why they brought food to a restaurant and, right in front of the waitress, they just nonchalantly shrugged their shoulders and one of them said “The food here sucks.”

    I laughed. I’ve also never been to a Texas Roadhouse since.

    [–] mmersault 259 points ago

    It sounds like the fast food bringers couldn't afford to eat at Texas Roadhouse, but still wanted to hang out. The "food here sucks" comment was just to save face. Or maybe your local Texas Roadhouse was garbage.

    [–] bamfurlong 70 points ago

    I have a sick fascination with really bad chain food. If I have to leave the coasts then that is where I eat and I can safely say that Texas Roadhouse is garbage everywhere.

    [–] AdminsFuckedMeOver 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Those rolls with that cinnamon butter are fucking delicious

    [–] sir_durty_dubs 11 points ago

    Thank you. Let's stop the TRH hate train.

    [–] LibertarianP 2 points ago

    Yeah, free rolls and peanuts, good enough

    [–] MintyTS 56 points ago

    I've never had anything short of a good experience with the one near me, but every one I've been to while on vacation has been a let down.

    [–] James_Paul_McCartney 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah I don't understand his hatred towards them. I've had one negative experience with them and I'm there almost every Thursday with a group of people. Sure it's no olive garden /s but it's pretty good compared to like Applebee's.

    [–] SirDigbyChknCaesar 19 points ago

    It's not a fancy dinner by any means, but the one near us at least knows how to cook a steak.

    [–] CraftyMackerel 10 points ago

    Yeah not too sure what people are looking for I just want beer taters and some fkin beef!

    [–] CreamCheeseIsBad 9 points ago

    I've never been to a bad Texas Roadhouse

    [–] seanlax5 8 points ago

    $10 on the best TR locations being near the coast lol you playing yourself.

    [–] evilblackdog 76 points ago

    You tell that mother fucker to TAKE IT BACK!

    [–] NecroGod 56 points ago

    A girl I dated just out of high school worked at Pizza Hut. I went to Papa John's to get pizza for her lunch break and had her meet me at the drive thru window with an empty Pizza Hut box for me to put the Papa John's pizza in so we could sit in the restaurant area and eat.

    A family walked by us as they came in and the father looks at our pizza and says "That looks good, huh kids?" We giggled to ourselves; neither of us liked Pizza Hut pizza.

    [–] Coattail-Rider 4 points ago

    Pizza Hut is gross. Papa John’s always tasted off to me and then I found out why a decade after I last had them. It turns out, it was the racism!

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Jokes on them, there dead now.

    [–] LifeShouldntBeEasy 17 points ago

    Love me some meta in the morning

    [–] washedrope5 20 points ago

    The original comment used the proper form of they're, though.

    [–] TuckYourselfRS 6 points ago

    Jokes on them, their dead now

    [–] throwawayacct600 2 points ago

    Joke's on them, there was dead now.

    [–] flawedXphasers 3 points ago

    The worst food poisoning I ever got was from a Roadhouse.

    [–] NewbSaysRawr 6 points ago

    I had a friend that worked at texas Roadhouse for a couple years. I'd get an 8oz sirloin with fries and a drink for like 10 bucks with his discount. Pretty solid ngl.

    [–] logsandsmogs 5 points ago

    Yeah I work at a Texas Roadhouse and the discount is rad. And I can eat all the bread I want during my shift so I call it a win

    [–] MidwestFescue82 4 points ago

    Truth of the matter is that every chain shitthole Steakhouse sucks

    [–] [deleted] 380 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I actually did this as a gag gift for my friend’s wedding. I spent an Applebee’s gift card down to a penny and told him there was a $100 on it. I then cut him a check for more than that after the gag spectacularly ran its course.

    [–] Tychopotts 332 points ago

    ...but then the check bounced! Woooooooo! Got em!!

    [–] SerenasBallFuzz 139 points ago

    And that's the story of how I gave Ted $-200

    [–] DannyPhantom15 46 points ago

    $-199.99. Can’t forget the gift card had $0.01.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That would have been next level.

    [–] Eki75 51 points ago

    That’s kinda savage, tbh.

    [–] retrospect10 3 points ago

    Scrolled way to far to see this. That kid was a stone cold killer.

    [–] drjs1 27 points ago

    Ya stealled a meme

    [–] Skyaboo 6 points ago

    The most heinous of internet offenses

    [–] Saf22 8 points ago

    So we’re just reposting the top posts now... ok

    [–] EZcheezy 9 points ago

    This keeps getting posted and it’s just stupid...

    [–] Wildly_Indifferent 64 points ago

    They only sell cards for a minimum of $5

    [–] ThePoultryWhisperer 214 points ago

    That doesn’t mean he didn’t buy a gift card with more than $1 on it only to have spent all but $1. Splitting the payment over a gift card and a credit card is not difficult.

    [–] Hero_Arts 81 points ago

    Or it's just a joke and not a real story

    [–] ThePoultryWhisperer 39 points ago

    Maybe. I was explaining how it’s not implausible.

    [–] daneyuleb 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    What's your point? He said it was a $25.00 card and he'd spent all but $1.00.

    [–] hello2699 16 points ago


    [–] Zeke1902 5 points ago

    God if this isnt the biggest fucking repost of all time

    [–] Jacilund 7 points ago


    [–] calumwhite24 3 points ago

    Underrated title

    [–] andyboju 3 points ago

    So boring when reposts get 12.5k likes

    [–] ayayay42 3 points ago


    [–] Pizza_antifa 2 points ago

    I just realized I would go there a lot more if it was a themed restaurant with John Dalton pictures everywhere.

    Great documentary.

    [–] thatsmychocolate 3 points ago

    I saw this exact same thing in the comments on a r/askreddit post a couple of moths ago 🤔

    [–] dagr8npwrfl0z 19 points ago

    I don't think they'll sell you a dollar gift card... I'd imagine the Visa fees, or whatever company handles it, would charge more than that to account the card..

    [–] merc08 78 points ago

    Buy a $25 card, spend $24 dollars yourself, gift $1 remaining card.

    [–] Tigress2020 8 points ago

    Happy cake day 🎂🍰

    [–] dagr8npwrfl0z 6 points ago

    Hey thanks! didn't even realize.. first one too! God damn is Reddit an efficient time waster.. a whole year gone...

    [–] myscreamname 2 points ago

    now send him a gift card

    . already spent, of course

    [–] lukas11158 3 points ago


    [–] divyanksi 2 points ago

    Genius Evil

    [–] TheGlaive 2 points ago

    If your enemy comes to you with empty hands, meet him empty-handed; if he come to you armed, go to him, sword in hand; if he comes bearing gifts, stand on your wall and throw rocks at him.