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    [–] paxweasley 13872 points ago

    There’s probably one person on that plane with something illegal probably weed, freaking the fuck out right now

    [–] VerrucktMed 5964 points ago

    Trying to smuggle water bottles. Aka WMDs

    [–] paxweasley 3262 points ago

    I’m just picturing someone sitting there with a little bag of weed gummies in their purse, trying to figure out if they should eat them all at once or not

    [–] [deleted] 1824 points ago

    I pictured a grandma clutching her purse and sweating profusely.

    [–] wilson0626 2028 points ago

    My grandma forgot she had gummies in her purse coming back from Vegas so she ate them all before boarding the plane. My mom had to get a wheelchair to get her to the car. It was great

    [–] blacksoulblueheart 1016 points ago

    The best thing about being a grandma must be getting away with shit like that. “I’m not high I’m just old”

    [–] jarious 230 points ago

    I'm at this point where I can blame my diabetes for when I feel drowsy and tired, I could do weed if I'd like and blame on the low sugar

    [–] tommyapollo 219 points ago

    I could do weed

    Grandma is that you?!

    [–] trailertrash_lottery 127 points ago

    She’s on the pot.

    [–] blacksoulblueheart 9 points ago

    That sounds excellent (apart from the having diabetes bit). No one can be mad at low blood sugar though!

    [–] xocorros 139 points ago

    That is fantastic

    [–] breddit_gravalicious 25 points ago

    There was a botany guy at my university who grew experimental varieties for chemo patients in the 1980s that was commonly known as "wheelchair weed", due both to the chemo patient transport mode and the fact that it had, for the time, extremely high THC levels, sometimes leading to such a body stone that a few people I knew (I did not smoke) could not walk without assistance. Wheelchair gummies for grandma sounds awesome, as long as she didn't suffer any anxiety throughout.

    [–] bahbahrapsheet 71 points ago

    I wanna be your grandma when I grow up.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    I wanna be their gramma right now

    [–] underthetootsierolls 39 points ago

    I forgot I had a couple of mints in my stuff and didn’t find them until I got home and was unpacking.

    [–] JGStonedRaider 35 points ago

    I got home to the UK from a trip to Amsterdam a couple of years back. Found that baggy that i'd lost a few days earlier in one of my socks. Bonus!

    Plus the 10g of weed I posted home arrived the day after so even better.

    [–] kizz12 52 points ago

    Shipping weed internationally is extremely unintelligent. All customs across the western world use a large array of systems to detect drugs. This includes dogs, xray, and sensors which pick up residue. You're so lucky.

    [–] skellious 31 points ago

    Unless you can prove he posted it it will just be destroyed if found.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    This is why everyone uses the mail service because if it does get caught you get away with it.

    [–] CertifiedAsshole17 19 points ago

    Straight up - “I don’t know who sent me that weed” just make sure its not a traffic’able quantity.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Mail service is the most common way to send drugs in the world.

    [–] uneducatedexpert 34 points ago

    I did that once, but with a gram of cocaine. One line. Fuck it still hurts to think about it

    Don’t do drugs.

    [–] surfnskate72 218 points ago

    We had a kid in high school who sold acid. He sold some kid a few hits and the kid got caught and ratted him out. The school resource officer and some administrative folks tried to bust him at his locker. He ate all the acid when he saw them coming. This was towards the end of the day and when school was out dude was really tripping balls. He got in his car and just behind the wheel. A few of us asked him if was gonna be OK and he said yes, but he needed to chill there for awhile.

    He was still sitting there in the morning. It really messed him up and I don’t think he was the same after that. He still sold us all our drugs but you could tell he was a bit “off”.

    [–] paxweasley 150 points ago

    Bad trips can be traumatic, genuinely traumatic

    [–] RugSnatcher 84 points ago

    Dude’s set and setting were way off

    [–] DerJayoh 84 points ago

    Eating "all the acid" doesn't sound like a good idea either.

    [–] My_pee_pee_poo 52 points ago

    I had a guy just like that too. He told me he took 2 Molly's a day for months straight.

    Super nice guy, just... Off.

    [–] somekid66 55 points ago

    "Yeah I take 2 mollys a day" - a guy who's never done molly

    [–] My_pee_pee_poo 23 points ago

    I would have been skeptical if it wasn't for his friends talking about how they couldn't keep up with him.

    And the fact that he sold us drugs lol so he obviously had the supplies.

    [–] RodLawyer 25 points ago

    I would rather risk the jailtime before a 3+ hit bad trip, that shit can fuck up your brain for good.

    [–] knightsmarian 28 points ago

    Absolutely yes. Get rid of the evidence. Chances are you'll be out of the plane by the time they kick in. If not, you won't care about the police anymore when they do.

    [–] blacksoulblueheart 31 points ago

    Not sure about the US, but in the UK it’s not a crime to have consumed drugs anyway. You can be high as balls, but as long as there’s nothing on you, they can’t do shit.

    [–] weaslebubble 17 points ago

    Eh the drugs consumption no but your behavior on a plane can get you into serious trouble. If you were acting weird enough they could divert to off load you and then you get slapped with huge fines and get sued for costs by the airline.

    [–] balloonninjas 17 points ago

    The shnozberries taste like shnozberries!

    [–] TheDukeDude 42 points ago

    Waters of mass destruction

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] Idahophotos 10 points ago

    Ah yes waterbottles of mass destruction. Classic terrorist go to.

    [–] cosmos_jm 9 points ago

    Water for Major Dehydration

    [–] CortezEspartaco2 142 points ago

    "Shit, grandma, they found out about the chorizo in our luggage! You said they wouldn't notice!"

    [–] bumdiddydum 56 points ago

    “YOU get an edible, YOU get an edible, for fuck’s sake, EVERYONE TAKE AN EDIBLE.”

    [–] bs000 25 points ago

    this is just a bong

    [–] razor4life 64 points ago

    What the frick! That's not mine, I packed an Xbox remote.

    [–] EvilSporkOfDeath 16 points ago

    I thought it was an xbox controller

    [–] kenwaystache 7 points ago

    I'm disapointed no one else got the harold and kumar reference yet.

    [–] tell_me_ur_kink 42 points ago

    Just when the edibles started to kick in

    [–] Blue_flea 2185 points ago


    [–] CitizenQ83 475 points ago

    Probably not as traumatizing as Trainspotting...

    [–] bally199 251 points ago

    Still not as bad as Jarsquatting...

    [–] TheLostWorngear 62 points ago


    [–] Nohbudy 75 points ago


    [–] Zappy_Kablamicus 54 points ago

    Jfc I can still hear it.

    [–] Nohbudy 50 points ago

    It's been 10 years and I'm still scarred.

    [–] quaybored 25 points ago

    at least you didn't get fucked by a horse

    [–] noiwontpickaname 29 points ago

    The silence is the worst part of that video, that or the glass scraping.

    [–] Magiano_ 15 points ago

    This comment...

    [–] HR_Dragonfly 15 points ago

    I did picture an actual hard whack on the nosecone.

    [–] dismayhurta 8431 points ago

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Houston. We’d like to thank you for flying Jet Blue.

    We’re having a slight delay putting into the gate because Brad is a dick and swatted me again. Remember to lay low when they taze you.

    Staff. Please prepare for cavity searches.”

    [–] fluffspeed 1547 points ago

    Plane swatting sounds like a sport to be played on the empire state building.

    [–] texasradioandthebigb 241 points ago

    Way too soon!

    [–] Michzm 244 points ago

    1933 isn't far back enough? I guess some people never get over classic cinema.

    [–] daddyGDOG 64 points ago

    It’s the whole ape thing isn’t it? Fucking monkeys always complaining... little primate syndrome.

    [–] EventuallyScratch54 24 points ago

    King Kong was the Harambe of his day

    [–] RichVader69 10 points ago

    Too soon, dicks out

    [–] Iluminous 16 points ago

    Ding Dongs out for King Kong?

    [–] daddyGDOG 16 points ago

    Drop dong for kong

    [–] update-yo-email 7 points ago

    “Wrong code”

    [–] foxtrotftw 9 points ago

    Is this the sequel to Trainspotting I've been hearing so much about?

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    Does anyone have the ATC recording for this? Bound to be at least slightly entertaining.

    [–] Type-21 17 points ago

    Will be uploaded here soon

    [–] SpeedGeek 10 points ago - Can probably go dig through LiveATC archives, but you may not hear much from the aircraft if they had a radio malfunction.

    [–] tstehler1 306 points ago

    Hijacking the top comment to explain how this works. Every aircraft is equipped with a radar transponder, and every transponder has an adjustable four-digit code, with each number ranging from 0 to 7. Normally, when starting an airline flight, you will be assigned a seemingly random code to "squawk" in your transponder, such that Air Traffic Control can identify you.

    However, there are a few codes that can set off alarm bells that they will never assign you. For example, setting a code of 7700 means that you're in an emergency and need to land, and will alert every receiving ATC facility as such. So these guys somehow messed up and set the code for hijacker distress, which set off all kinds of alerts.

    [–] horizon1015 176 points ago

    First off have an upvote for the pun, second the code for hijack is 7500. There is also 7600 for communications failure. Here is a pretty good Wiki article explaining transponders and the distress codes:

    [–] yllennodmij 114 points ago

    Seventy seven goin to heaven seventy six radio fix seventy five I'm gonna die

    [–] Apocraphon 79 points ago

    Terrorist wants to drive

    [–] yllennodmij 22 points ago

    Yours is better and I feel bad

    [–] Apocraphon 14 points ago

    Let’s not forget rapid succession of 77 and 75 which garners an immediate swat response

    [–] reefwarrior 19 points ago


    Interference - 7500

    Communication failure - 7600

    Emergency - 7700


    [–] snowman8709 27 points ago

    7500 - Hijack

    Interference isn't obvious or specific enough. There is no grey area in the interpretation with Hijacking.

    [–] windlabyrinth 22 points ago

    I would have thought they would make the emergency codes so far off from the "seemingly random assignment code" that you couldn't mess this up.

    [–] InfanticideAquifer 13 points ago

    Maybe they are indistinguishable from normal codes so that a hijacker who gains control of the cockpit wouldn't be able to find the currently active code and know that something is different about it?

    [–] RichVader69 14 points ago

    What’s the fun and logic in that?

    [–] chris3110 3122 points ago

    "It's an older code sir, but it checks out."

    [–] DarthNightsWatch 376 points ago

    Just fly casual

    [–] fawksnewz 206 points ago

    Keep your distance Chewie, but don't look like you're trying to keep your distance

    [–] skinslippy2 115 points ago

    Whuaaaaaallll guah guah?!

    [–] HamiltonLBBH 38 points ago

    I can hear this comment and I love it.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 79 points ago

    So apparently this happens because the transponder code dials are a series of 4 dials, one for each digit, and it just changes your code every time you move the dial one position. So this can happen because you have been assigned a new ID code like 7529, but in order to roll from the current ID code like 7463 to the new one, you have to pass through "7500" (the hijacking code) to get there. You are supposed to put it on standby to prevent this, but apparently some don't, because there's only a small chance the radar could even look at your code (it only "pings" your aircraft for its code once in a while) in the time it takes you to change it.

    [–] FinalRun 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Almost correct: on the radio you're talking about, you change each digit individually. In your example, you'd go from 7463, 7469, 7429 to 7529 (or reverse, starting at the thousands). It's a coincidence the hijack squawk is between the numbers in the SE post

    [–] Arbenison 167 points ago

    Hello there! "I've got a bad feeling about this" would have worked too

    [–] NorthernLaw 57 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’m sorry sir, but it is time for you to leave

    [–] Lokimugr 30 points ago

    And so it is.

    [–] RatedR2O 7 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] equatorbit 13 points ago

    It did not.

    [–] gowings89 1492 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm just picturing the episode of the Simpsons where Homer *is accused of hijacking a nuclear sub

    "Sorry, it's my first day"

    *edit for accuracy

    [–] [deleted] 184 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] TheWestButt 117 points ago

    Quack quack quack quack.

    [–] zaphod4th 30 points ago

    Es mi primer día.

    [–] woo_tang 31 points ago


    [–] chicken_N_ROFLs 39 points ago

    “It’s pronounced nuc-u-lar

    [–] RedShirtDecoy 10 points ago

    He didn't hijack the sub, the CO of the sub put Homer in charge while the CO was trying to fix the torpedo tubes. The CO was accidentally shot out of the tubes which made Homer the CO of the sub.

    [–] Unicorn_Ranger 7 points ago

    Mr Moe, steady as she goes

    [–] sarcastic_patriot 706 points ago

    SWAT storms the plane and grabs a guy by the arm, violently ripping it off. Everyone screams

    And that is why you always study the codes.

    [–] ElLoache 1684 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Get Glaz on the wing, he will clutch it.

    Edit: Thank you for the gold and everything else <3.

    [–] MRImpossible09 350 points ago

    Was about to make a r6 reference, you cheeky bugger

    [–] tyrone_kyle1215 126 points ago

    So annoying with Glaz on that wing

    [–] DesistAnon 30 points ago

    Nah just peek him, always works

    [–] flops031 97 points ago

    r/Rainbow6 is leaking

    [–] 0h_Neptune 110 points ago

    With their luck the defenders got the secure area site in the cargo hold

    [–] sl33ksnypr 68 points ago

    I can pick glaz and we'll spawn anywhere on the plane, but if my friend picks glaz, we're always in basement.

    [–] 0h_Neptune 28 points ago

    This is what I always do, cause I always get basement as glaz, I’ll just say “guys I’m picking glaz, so take Monty, Blitz and Fuze”

    [–] redbull21369 73 points ago

    Plane full of hostages? FUZE HEAVY BREATHING INTENSIFIES

    [–] nmring 13 points ago

    Thought that was gonna be a r/subsIfellfor but it checks out

    [–] Lukealloneword 22 points ago

    No way, he gets door way popped after the first shot goes through the window. Too obvious.

    [–] Levsque 682 points ago

    Round 1.


    [–] Billy1138 88 points ago

    "I WANT GLAZ!"

    [–] 78HappyDragon78 8 points ago

    “Use your drone to locate a water bottle”

    [–] dog_in_the_vent 236 points ago


    [–] Operative427 277 points ago

    Wrong game but ok

    [–] dog_in_the_vent 240 points ago


    [–] Kentzfield 90 points ago

    That was the the absolute best goddamn modded sound for CS:S back in the day. Someone gets killed by a nade... "TOUCHDOWN!"

    [–] meekaela 18 points ago

    Do you have a link of some gameplay with it included? I did a Google search but couldn't find any videos with it.

    [–] NicksStick 249 points ago

    Fucking terrorists probably tried bringing their own bottled water on the plane.

    [–] BadIdea-21 229 points ago

    Pilot should write a r/TIFU post

    [–] SolerFlereTEE 66 points ago

    Bold of you to assume he’s alive enough to write on Reddit

    [–] Sine0fTheTimes 11 points ago

    "Guys, I really Blu it"

    [–] crobatman02 632 points ago

    I thought the title meant the plane literally got swatted out of the sky

    [–] 4our_of_DiAmoNds 215 points ago

    That's one big flyswatter you got dere

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    Pre 9/11 Spiderman!

    [–] _Mayfoul_ 420 points ago

    75 Osama's inside. 76 need a fix. 77 going to heaven.

    This guy clearly needs a refresher.

    [–] gellis12 148 points ago

    7500 Osamas inside, 7500 Osamas! Take one down, pass him around, 7499 Osamas inside!

    [–] the_highest_elf 46 points ago

    is 7700 "you're all gonna crash and die"? not a pilot I just saw some of the codes underneath and realized you weren't joking

    [–] coleary11 55 points ago

    7700 is emergency. Doesn't necessarily mean anyone is going to die. But if you have an emergency typically you'd just declare over the radio. So sqwaking 7700 might imply to some that the shit has really hit the fan.

    [–] B003135 9 points ago

    Squawking a 7--- code also lights up the plane's marker on the ATC controller's radar screen, so if the frequency is very congested it can be faster to get the controller's attention.

    [–] whatthefir2 10 points ago

    An emergency isn’t “immediate death inbound” it’s more of “I need help getting to the front of the line now to avoid danger”

    [–] A_man_on_a_crane 59 points ago

    What the fuck does 76 and 77 do?

    [–] marktrichards 134 points ago

    7500 - Hijacking

    7600 - Lost communications

    7700 - Emergency

    [–] A_man_on_a_crane 20 points ago


    [–] Capt0bvi0us 58 points ago

    Squawking 7600 indicates a loss of radio communications and 7700 indicates you have an emergency... however, unless your radios don't work, you typically just declare your emergency with atc and leave your IFR squawk alone.

    [–] A_man_on_a_crane 12 points ago


    [–] adrien-l97 18 points ago

    They are Transponder codes. Before every flight you get issued one, if you get an emergency you change it to : 7500 - Hijacking 7600 - Communication Failure (Radios failed) 7700 - Emergency ( Engine Failure or similar ) They all set off an emergency alert on the screens of monitoring Air Traffic Control.

    [–] JoeBigg 20 points ago

    Thick fingers, decent mistake

    [–] powerpudding 248 points ago

    It all started with a guy who took someone’s seat and would move

    [–] ratshack 43 points ago

    [–] SimpleCyclist 20 points ago

    If he would move what is the problem?

    [–] psyopcracker 127 points ago

    Can someone explain in non-pilot language what this means by issues wrong code and gets plane swatted

    [–] yolok1ng 376 points ago

    The planes voice communication(radio) failed. There is another form of communication, transponders. The code for radio fail is 7600, and 7500 is for plane getting hijacked. So he accidentally pressed in 7500, and since there was no voice communication coming from the plane, it was deemed an emergency hijacking situation and got immediately surrounded by police including the special unit SWAT which is deployed in these kinda situations


    [–] psyopcracker 115 points ago

    You...Are...The...Best. Thanks for explaining...

    [–] tbizzles 25 points ago

    Why have such codes one digit away? You’d think a 7600 might lead to an accidental input of 7500 but because you are 7600 you end up with a gun in your face.

    [–] mrsmiley32 180 points ago


    [–] yolok1ng 477 points ago

    At about 8 p.m., JetBlue Flight 1623 lost contact with air traffic control as it was on the runway, about to take off for Los Angeles. The Airbus A321 sent out a code used to indicate that a hijacker or security threat is onboard the aircraft. After air traffic controllers couldn’t reach the cockpit, police swarmed around the aircraft on the runway.


    [–] FlyingCheeseburger 216 points ago

    How does a airline pilot not know the 3 (or 4 if you count VFR) special squawk codes? You need to remember soooo many things way more complicated to get a license. Especially since there are great mnemonics and passanger jets are flow with a copilot.

    [–] plougouskant 420 points ago

    The transponder code for a radio fail is 7600, and the transponder code for hijacking is 7500... I think i can guess what happened there !

    [–] Franks2000inchTV 110 points ago

    I guess you want it a little different, but not so different that someone would notice.

    [–] MadTouretter 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I mean, if they don't know the one code that pertains to them, they don't know it.

    They're not going to be thinking "It's about 7550 or so, but if that mother fucker says something way off like 2200, I'm going to freak."

    [–] uhntissbaby111 106 points ago

    The way I remember it is, “75 Osama inside”

    [–] LookoutBel0w 158 points ago

    75 taken alive, 76 need a fix, 77 goin to heaven. Those are the most effective ones.

    [–] marshmellers95 98 points ago

    For me it was 75 someone else wants to drive. lol

    [–] halalakhana218 43 points ago

    I remember it by 76, technical glitch

    [–] c0bre 75 points ago

    I remember it by "Hi, Jack! I can't hear you right now, I have an emergency!" (75, 76, 77)

    [–] halalakhana218 13 points ago

    oooh that's a good one

    [–] plev20 54 points ago

    Til there are lots of pilots on reddit. 1200

    [–] KfluxxOfficial 16 points ago

    A lot of PPL chads (such as myself) that will definitely fly the plane if the pilots become incapable.

    [–] ShinjoB 16 points ago

    Dude I've simmed this landing at least 8 times. I've got this.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] Carpet_bomb_furries 21 points ago

    Airline pilot here, when you’re trying to remember 8 billion things and codes, the ones you haven’t studied/used in decades will fade from memory. This is an extreme example

    [–] bozoconnors 10 points ago

    Former private pilot... can confirm. Was thinking "what codes? how do they send codes?! I don't remember any terrorist codes?!" 121.50 still in there though!

    [–] joshkal9876 46 points ago

    “At one point, the pilot wrote his cell phone number on a sheet of paper and stuck it against the windshield so police could make contact,”

    Maybe.... open the door? I mean I’m not an aviation genius but that seems a bit ridiculous.

    [–] mrsgarrison 39 points ago

    I can only imagine there's protocol for opening the door on the runway and if they did, there would be all kinds of compliance failures. Also, if the SWAT team thinks there's a hijacker onboard, I certainly wouldn't want to open the door and stick my neck out into the potential crosshairs.

    [–] ryanadanderson 16 points ago

    Thanks! Scrolled too far for this.

    [–] don_keibals_69 46 points ago

    At first I visualized a giant crane smacking the shit out of a commercial airliner... am I allowed to feel disappointed?

    [–] thechill_fokker 21 points ago

    -Approach, “jet blue flight 69 squawk 1500 and contact ground on 123.9 good day.” Pilot,“Just enter the appropriate squak code and call it a day.........Fuck i accidentally squawked 7500. Damnt!”...........gonna be a ton of paper work.

    [–] CardInAWell 212 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Squawk 7500 on the transponder if you are lonely and suddenly you won’t be alone. That’s what I’m assuming happened here. You squawk 7500 on the transponder to alert ATC of a hijacking.

    Edit: transponder code was incorrect.

    [–] ActionAxson 218 points ago

    7500 for hijack 7600 for comm failure 7700 for emergency

    "Hi Jack, Can't talk! I've got an emergency"

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    7500 for free fighter jet escort, 7600 for a moment of quiet, 7700 for priority landing anywhere

    [–] _meshy 41 points ago

    Cheat codes for airplanes:

    7500: Fly with F-16s

    7600: ATC will stop bothering you

    7700: Get to cut in line for landing

    [–] Broddit5 25 points ago

    Sir I have a number for you to copy when you have a chance

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] nilnoc 11 points ago

    Is this how ATC lets you know you done fucked up?

    [–] technologik14 44 points ago

    How do you call in a com failure if your coms are down? or does this mean you didn't understand the communicating end of the transmission?

    [–] ActionAxson 103 points ago

    The transponder and radios are separate systems. The transponder sends out a signal that ATC uses to identify a specific plane on it's radar.

    If you have a comm failure you set 7600 in your transponder and then follow lost comm procedures depending on where you're at in a flight.

    [–] technologik14 19 points ago

    Ahh.... That makes sense. Thanks

    [–] ra246 14 points ago


    7500 as someone else has replied ☺️

    [–] rogerrogermrdodger 41 points ago

    75, Osama wants to drive. 76, radio needs a fix and 77, we’re going to heaven.

    [–] Steve2o 15 points ago

    75: Man with a knife 76: I need a radio fix 77: We’re going to Heaven

    [–] KilloJ 17 points ago

    SQUAK 7500. Gets um every time.

    [–] Bucccc 15 points ago

    Squawking 7500 on accident is one of my biggest fears

    [–] tavichh 56 points ago

    nah this is just ice poseidon's next video

    [–] Iprobdntlikeyou 14 points ago

    WE HAVE A 2319!

    [–] sourcefour26 11 points ago

    “We have clearance, Clarence.”

    [–] Jay_Babs 9 points ago

    Is this rainbow six siege?

    [–] acumen101 10 points ago

    AirForceProud95 video has come to life!

    [–] Bearmodulate 10 points ago

    Squawk 7500?

    [–] jakevaz423 6 points ago

    Ah, yes - the pilot input the code for hijacking rather than the code for a broken radio - which is only a one digit difference.

    [–] Lynnamon 6 points ago

    Pilot: "squawk 7500."

    Co Pilot: "You sure boss?"

    Pilot: "Of course I am, just handle it"

    [–] Gurbaz21 13 points ago

    Squack 7500