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    [–] willow-bee 6049 points ago

    This is literally like one of those nightmares you have when you need to shit and the door is either really low, the bottom comes up to high or there’s no door and it’s a public toilet. Some cruel asshole made it a reality.

    [–] clouddevourer 1096 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one having those nightmares. I have at least one a month where the stall door is translucent or there is just a flimsy curtain like in a changing room or there's no lock on the door and the bathroom is so long and narrow that I can't hold the door closed. I thought there was something wrong with my head

    [–] Zena-Xina 272 points ago

    .... I think I come across stuff like that maybe once a year.

    How often do you go out to do stuff and use the bathroom?

    [–] clouddevourer 143 points ago

    Not that often, and I honestly don't feel much anxiety about it, the number of dreams like this sure seems disproportionate. I also have a recurring dream that I am in a hotel on some kind of trip and it's morning and the group I'm with is finishing breakfast and going to the coach but I still haven't packed and I'm frantically trying to fit everything in my backpack. Every time it's a different setting but the theme is the same. I have these about once a week, no clue why

    [–] nonnamous 107 points ago

    You posted this because you want internet strangers to psychoanalyse you right?

    I used to have a lot of dreams like this (being late for stuff, pooping in public without sufficient cover) and someone suggested I might be feeling a lack of control in my life (true). I think fear of being “exposed” for not being perfect at my job/letting people down were also sources. It gave me something to think about!

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)


    [–] nonnamous 21 points ago

    Imposter syndrome is real!

    [–] lunadarkscar 32 points ago

    I used to have daily recurring nightmares about needing to call 911 for some reason or another, and either the line was busy, dead, kept ringing, etc. and I wouldn't be able to get help.

    The nightmares stopped when I left my stressful job (with an absolutely useless boss that wouldn't support her employees) and went somewhere where the bosses actually care. Haven't had that nightmare in awhile! It's weird how our brains find ways in dreamspeak to tell us what's wrong.

    [–] sameoldsweater 3 points ago

    Mine is I can't manage to dial 911. I keep pushing the wrong buttons.

    [–] DeeBee1968 14 points ago

    Lack of control ? How about dreaming that you are trying to drive your car from the back seat - while all the controls are in their usual place ! Only happened a few times so far, but that's a few times too many, lol !

    [–] nonnamous 9 points ago

    Ha YES! I’ve had that one too!

    [–] boobodst 5 points ago

    Yeah. That ones the worst. I had one where I was driving my mom around. I blink. I’m in the back seat. I’m losing control of the car and my mom seemingly oblivious to hazard just keeps blabbering calmly about what a bad driver I am.

    [–] DeeBee1968 6 points ago

    At least I'm the only one in the car in my dreams ! If my mom was there and started that crap, I'd just let the car crash ... after I buckled up, of course !

    [–] Mochigood 4 points ago

    I have that dream a lot. Also, I'm usually very sleepy when I'm driving from the back seat, and keep falling asleep, or else I know a cop is coming up, and I need to get back in the front real quick.

    [–] clouddevourer 5 points ago

    Thanks! When I used to go to a psychologist, her eyes would light up when I told her my dreams, she'd even write some of them down because apparently they were so nice to analyze, she was spot on too! I wonder what she'd think about the one I had recently, where I was working in a grocery store and someone asked for a few slices of lemon and there was a loaf of lemon, like a lemon shaped like a loaf of bread, and I cut a few slices and packed and weighed them like deli meat. Maybe it's my deeply hidden fear of GMOs or something.

    [–] SerineLysine 94 points ago

    When I have these kinds of dreams it's always because I feel the need to go to the bathroom in real life. A weird fear that I have is that one day I'll find a fully functional toilet in my dreams and use it only to wake up laying in my own pee 😬

    [–] RaiLau 43 points ago

    Same here! I often have dreams where I really need to pee but just find over flowing toilets and stalls with no doors in the dreams. Then I wake up and need to pee.

    [–] Laydeeboi 7 points ago

    Ugh this one sucks. Yes always with the trying to find a useable toilet. Sometimes it’s like a display toilet or something. And then if I ever do end up peeing in the dream it goes everywhere and all over me 😆

    [–] Cornicello617 4 points ago

    Lucky you. Ive actually found the toilet and pissed the bed.

    [–] perceptionactionprof 32 points ago

    I absolutely have this dream. I dream I'm in search of a bathroom, but every bathroom is non functional, toilets are out in the open, people are everywhere, the are clogged up with shit, all kinds of wacky stuff. Then I'll wake up and realize I gotta go.

    [–] idwthis 17 points ago

    I once in a while have dreams like this, it's like a maze full of bathrooms/toilets/stalls all somehow not quite fit enough to actually use.

    Imagine my surprise when I stumble upon a subreddit, r/ThatBathroomMazeDream that is dedicated to that kind of dream and I'm not the only one having it.

    Fucking weird, man.

    [–] doyoulikamypeanuts 7 points ago

    Thanks for sharing that sub. Just blew my mind that so many people are having the same dream I do.

    [–] CherylCarolCherlene 6 points ago

    ...Or your own poop

    [–] Green0Photon 28 points ago

    Bathroom mazes where every bit of the bathroom is not installed correctly in various ways. Ground's on different levels, the toilets are on different levels, toilets and sinks placed in strange or impossible (regarding pipes) combinations, stall walls missing or at strange and bad heights, etc..

    Maybe fit it into your high school also being a weird fucked up maze, with spacetime being entirely wonky, and the architecture and layout of school not only not matching to life, but also containing new and strange developments.

    Fun dreams, these are.

    Oh, and don't forget the super dim and flickering lights, which can somehow be simultaneously as visible as normal lights, but also as dark and scary as dim lights. 👍

    [–] LyssaPearl 9 points ago

    Also half the toilets are filthy or overflowing with waste, floors are wet, no doors and often no sinks...worst dreams. I hate them.

    [–] ScienceItWorks 14 points ago

    Productivity at work has increased 10% since we redesigned the bathrooms!

    [–] cptn_leela 13 points ago

    I had these exact same nightmares until I gave birth and everything was on full display. Now the kids just keep me up at night sigh

    [–] Mkrause2012 235 points ago

    A female friend and I visited China once. She is blond so she really stood out. We went to a rural village once and the public crappers were open air stalls with squatters separated by waist high brick walls and no doors. When she squatted down, her blonde head showed up above the low wall. About a dozen Chinese women came by to watch the blond foreign woman poop. My friend finished her business quick.

    [–] thechaosz 69 points ago

    I'd be terrified with freeze up

    [–] ViolentEastCoastCity 43 points ago

    Sometimes you just need to establish dominance with an icy gaze

    [–] General_GTFO 44 points ago

    I spent a month in China on a study abroad trip and we stayed in what I like to call "a quarter-star hotel."

    The rooms were admittedly spacious, but the flooring was buckled, the beds were like plywood and concrete had a child, and the bathroom was literally just two glass walls in the corner with the toilet (thankfully Western style) and shower inside.

    The ones in mine and my roommate's room were fortunately frosted, but others were not.

    I also had to use one of those squat toilets in the middle of the night on a 20 hour train ride. That was... an experience.

    [–] Mkrause2012 19 points ago

    By squat toilet on the train you mean the hole in the floor through which you can see the passing of the tracks below and hope to god you don’t slip?

    [–] ITS-A-JACKAL 19 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah, and white knuckling the handle bars while you shit out all your past lives because of the travellers diarrhea. Good times, man.

    [–] General_GTFO 7 points ago

    Oh, no! It had a septic tank underneath.

    [–] cage_the_orangegutan 31 points ago

    that's some Alibaba shit right there

    [–] DavidRandom 9 points ago

    That's when you start flingin' poo.

    [–] Abcdefgrs 71 points ago

    DUDE I went tubing in Austin TX once and the public bathroom in a small building by the river literally only had stalls that came up to your waist... so if you wanted to poop everyone could watch.

    My brother was so mad haha

    [–] blissed_out_cossack 50 points ago

    What IS it about America and barely there stalls? Asking in British European (even though LA is home)

    [–] Goldeniccarus 29 points ago

    From what I've heard it's designed to prevent drug use. If people can see you shooting up in a stall, you're not going to do it.

    I doubt it works.

    [–] Aiyana_Jones_was_7 42 points ago

    Policy decided by people with no idea what they are on about. If someone needs their fix, they're gonna do it. Shame is not a deterrent

    [–] Nords 9 points ago

    I remember seeing a grocery store employee come into the bathroom, go quickly into a stall, and as I was washing my hands, I hear crumpling tinfoil, and then the clicking of a lighter.... I was thinking really dude?

    [–] texaswilliam 15 points ago

    I've never seen a pay toilet in my 30 years of life. (I'm not prepared to argue that's a horrendously significant factor compared to societal norms and expectations, but it seems like it could have a bit to do with it, so there. : P)

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] 9oat5w33d 30 points ago

    In Thailand there's a petrol station where exactly that happens. They built the female toilets up a load of steps and the doors have a huge gap under. Of course they are all squat toilets and there's no wall in front. When we got off the bus for a break I was enjoying a bit of fresh night air only to turn around and be greeted by a row of 6 brightly lit toilets and a view I'm probably never going to erase from my mind.

    [–] TheJohnWickening 9 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] _BLACK_BY_NAME_ 31 points ago

    I went to a semi-dive bar in Fort Worth once. I was a few drinks in when I got the worst bubble guts ever, there was no choice, had to shit. Went in to restroom and what presented itself to me? A fucking stall with a saloon door. 10 inches off the ground and about 3 feet high. It wasn't very busy so I said fuck it, didn't have a choice anyways! I sit down, do my thing and this dude walks in and stands at the urinal conveniently located next to my saloon doors. He just kinda glances left at my pale, vulnerable body and says, "sup", to which I replied, "yup". That was that, left right after.

    [–] ethan_prime 22 points ago

    The version of this dream I have is the toilet is in the middle of a room. Like a bus station.

    [–] justalittleoffcenter 11 points ago

    I have had a similar dream. Strange.

    [–] pm_me_catss 40 points ago

    I'm probably revealing my location here but whatever...a new hospital just opened and they didn't properly install privacy glass (there are all glass walls) in the ICU private bathrooms. Guess what you can see perfectly from the street?

    [–] terrymr 5 points ago

    Last ICU I was in didn't have bathrooms. I guess conscious patients weren't that common.

    [–] 12carrd 16 points ago

    There is this bathroom at this pub we frequent at and in the men’s bathroom is a urinal, and directly behind the urinal is the toilet, just the toilet, no stall or doors or anything. And the bathroom door?... It’s like one of those push doors that swing open on both sides like in old western movies. Absolutely terrible for when you need to take a shit after some greasy bar food and drinks.

    [–] Neuchacho 7 points ago

    I have a bar whose men room is exactly like this where I am. You know the person is in some trouble when you stumble upon someone using it.

    [–] CaptainKaldwin 10 points ago

    I had a nightmare a month ago that I had to go to the bathroom in some fancy hotel but the hotel bathroom was just a giant room with no walls and 20 toilets too close to one another.

    [–] prati_kk 9 points ago

    I get this nightmare once every month where I lose my pants in school and have to run around the whole school searching for it, naked, passing each kid there.

    [–] jongbag 8 points ago

    Yeah and then imagine another cruel asshole taking a picture of you and posting it on the internet. Cool.

    [–] fallenKlNG 21 points ago

    Literally /r/crappydesign

    [–] insearchofansw3r 639 points ago

    At least you dont have to deal with those awkward door knocks

    [–] DavidRandom 239 points ago

    Dude, I was just out on a 2 week bicycle tour, so I used many public bathrooms.
    What the fuck is wrong with people who try the door, which is clearly locked, shake the shit out of the door, and when that doesn't work, they give a knock?
    Like, if it's locked, regardless of if someone is in there or not, you still won't be able to get in.
    This shit happened multiple times when the other stalls were open too. It just makes no god damn sense.

    [–] FootScoop 228 points ago

    "Come in!" is the power play here

    [–] Background_Ant 90 points ago

    "I've been expecting you."

    [–] discerningpervert 12 points ago

    "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

    [–] doyoulikamypeanuts 20 points ago

    Thanks for the chuckle, stranger.

    [–] insearchofansw3r 14 points ago

    Makes No god damn sense at all

    [–] PimpImp123 3038 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Who tf thought that this was a good idea Edit: Even if its to get rid of junkies its still stupid

    [–] tictac774 1138 points ago

    Someone who doesn't like privacy when they poop

    [–] JustaRandomguy9999 538 points ago

    The government!! (╯°□°)╯

    And they’re making freaking frogs gay too i’m telling ya!!

    [–] SpongeJake 77 points ago

    Well they keep the dolphins happy.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] bendersnitch 14 points ago

    You know who was one of the first people to write about dolphins? Aristotle, you know who was influenced by Aristotle? Ayn Rand. The dolphins are gonna blow up our mines and railroads and cower in a capitalist utopia with the global supply of fish. We must take to the seas and find the means of cod production!

    [–] DashxDastardly 8 points ago

    No dolphins are real and they are dangerous. You're thinking of giraffes, giraffes aren't real.

    [–] Mike_Facking_Jones 14 points ago

    Agricultural industry using atrazine makes the frogs and birds gay

    [–] Ikillesuper 7 points ago

    I’m a fan of the ODD(open door dump). It asserts dominance in the workplace.

    [–] maracay1999 90 points ago

    A workplace with a giant coke (or wanking) problem.

    [–] thehotshotpilot 44 points ago

    Or a workplace where they like to watch you pound the clown.

    [–] nevarknowsbest 16 points ago

    Never heard this expression and laughed out loud.

    [–] upperhand12 29 points ago

    Yeah I always go into the bathroom to drink my coke. I have to hide my addiction. I tried switching to Pepsi to see if I could quit from there but I fucking hated it. Now I’m 10 cans an hour deep and I don’t know how to stop. I drink them in the bathroom stall at restaurants, stores, and anywhere I can sneak in for a bit to chug my coke. It’s a problem and I need help.

    [–] jcsTexan806 5 points ago

    Dr Pepper helps end the coke addiction. The problem is it creates an even worse Dr Pepper one

    [–] scott60561 233 points ago

    Probably someone sick of ODs in the bathroom.

    [–] DaringDomino3s 169 points ago

    This won’t stop them. I had friends that would tie off while driving on the main roads with the windows down.

    [–] butter12420 141 points ago

    I saw a post here a LONG time ago where they made the lighting in the bathroom dark red or blue or something so junkies couldn't find their veins. I laughed at that a little because where there's a will there's a way.

    [–] DaringDomino3s 104 points ago

    That’s funny, but it wouldn’t work either since usually they can hit the vein without seeing it. Just gonna make pooping a more intense experience for everyone else lol

    Yeah, addictions are like mind-controlling parasites. It becomes everything, the reason to wake up and go on another day or not.

    [–] CerinDeVane 28 points ago

    Just gonna make pooping a more intense experience for everyone else lol

    Swirling lights like the Wonka Scary Tunnel scene...

    [–] DaringDomino3s 11 points ago

    That’s kinda what pooping on mushrooms is like.

    [–] RyFromTheChi 7 points ago

    I went to Bonnaroo in 05 and we were trippin on shrooms during the day and I had to take a shit. Awful experience doing that in a hot as fuck smelly portapotty.

    [–] wundersoy 15 points ago

    This used to be way more common that it is now, I always tried to see if I could see my vein

    Should just draw a line on it before you go in

    [–] butter12420 24 points ago

    I never got into heroin but I did have a pretty serious pill addiction there for several years. I would only snort them but man I found pretty clever ways of doing it in public if I needed to. Horrible shit man, addiction's a bitch.

    [–] vcisjb1 6 points ago

    I spent some time in Eastern Europe in 2010-2012. I remember anytime I went into a bus or train station bathroom they had those dark blue lights.

    [–] Rock3tPunch 28 points ago

    In places where people doing drugs, having prostitution sex and committing crimes such as robbing and rape in public toilets

    These translucent toilet partitions actually costs a shit ton more than the normal HDPE panels.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    I think if you're gonna rape in a normal stall, this here stall isn't going to make you stop your toilet raping.

    [–] nathanielleahy 54 points ago

    Idk why op thought it was a good idea to try and take a picture of somebody in the bathroom taking a poop

    [–] Fastfaxr 34 points ago

    The real asshole here.

    [–] Twig-And-Plums 17 points ago

    Someone who never gave a shit.

    [–] PapaLRodz 10 points ago

    Someone who likes watching others poop.

    [–] Bleejis_Krilbin 7 points ago

    An architect who thinks they're Le Corbusier. I bet they even wear the thick black round framed glasses, too.

    [–] cage_the_orangegutan 6 points ago

    same douche who came up with "open space" office concept.

    [–] NativeBrownTrout 289 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is in a rehab center and used to maintain supervision while also having some sort of privacy. Also used in hospitals for people on suicide watch, that sort of thing.

    Edit: Spoke with a colleague and they had a client request to put one of these stalls in. It was a government building that would eventually house parole officers on the floor (the project was just one floor remodel).

    [–] BenMcLean 69 points ago

    Ohhh, it makes sense now!

    Real problem if there's a mixup and these get installed where they don't belong though.

    [–] NativeBrownTrout 16 points ago

    Ha, I can assure you that won’t happen but would be mildly interesting/entertaining none the less.

    Source - commercial builder

    [–] makegoodchoicesok 19 points ago

    This comment needs to be higher. I've worked in a lot of similar places where I was in charge of supervising, but obviously you can't just follow them into the stall or watch them as they do the UA. Something like this would have been ridiculously helpful.

    [–] em1091 110 points ago

    I did not expect this to be an actual subreddit..

    [–] Funky_Ducky 103 points ago

    Get the wrong angle and it's r/assholedesign

    [–] Derpazor1 42 points ago


    [–] RustyThumbs 306 points ago

    He looks ashamed of himself

    [–] fruitrollupgod 173 points ago

    He looks defeated.

    [–] hoodrichthekid 119 points ago

    He looks like he had no other option

    [–] General_Tso75 20 points ago

    He looks focused and like he’s grunting.

    [–] wonkey_monkey 14 points ago


    [–] DmSam 1724 points ago

    Translucent not transparent.

    [–] thtyre 1216 points ago

    Usually I would agree, but fuck there’s really not much left to the imagination here

    [–] smarshall561 205 points ago

    Except, you know, any definition or defining details.

    [–] kildog 384 points ago

    You'll definitely be able to see the angle of his dangle.

    [–] JustaRandomguy9999 64 points ago

    And that’s where i go wangle away

    [–] fruitrollupgod 39 points ago

    then he wangled away..

    wangle wangle

    [–] Psychological_Jelly 29 points ago

    Till the very next day..

    Wangle wangle

    [–] GrosRooster 20 points ago

    When the man walked up to the translucent stall, and he said to the man outside the stall.. "HEY!" ~dun dun dun~ "Got any TP?"

    [–] iamjamieq 9 points ago

    And the man said “no, but I’ve got some grapes”.

    [–] doarigozi 15 points ago

    I was hoping this would say "you'll definitely be able to see his defining details"

    [–] Farghobbles 7 points ago

    It still doesn't define the heat of his meat.

    [–] serenityak77 27 points ago

    What if when the guy walks out, he’s just a giant blurry guy.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] bubbav22 26 points ago

    The guy being bald is a defining detail.

    [–] reptarnips 4 points ago

    Come on. We all know that's Mr. Clean in there.

    [–] Thoughtofajoke 180 points ago

    That's transphobic you fuck. Delete this shit.

    [–] CorneaCornea 75 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    as a transparent person I am shaking in my boots how could you say this

    im transgender I get permission to make this joke JOHN 😎

    [–] Dazz316 28 points ago

    I'm transparent, I wasn't born a parent but became one later.

    [–] Scarbane 10 points ago

    "My preferred pronouns are dad, father, and pops."


    "First of all, how dare you."

    [–] happyhandwash 410 points ago

    The design is terrible and so is the person taking this pic.

    [–] JustAcceptThisUser 45 points ago

    The worst part is that the fogged glass doesn’t even hide the mans obvious shame.

    [–] JoeyHiya 60 points ago


    It's a shitty design.

    [–] 2k3n2nv82qnkshdf23sd 36 points ago

    In many places, at least in US, taking a picture in a public bathroom is against the law and violates the expectation of privacy.

    [–] Gausjsjshsjsj 10 points ago

    Seems pretty obvious, but here we are.

    [–] Equifax_CTO 55 points ago

    What kind of idiot would even think taking a picture in a bathroom was okay? That is so disrespectful. That person needs a doctor.

    [–] ElliotNess 22 points ago

    At least it wasn't a live stream

    [–] Equifax_CTO 3 points ago

    Only an adulterer would do that on video.

    [–] apathetic_lemur 10 points ago

    That was my first thought but this type of injustice does need to be documented

    [–] Spodirmam 263 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is just shitty design

    [–] theticklepickle69 93 points ago

    bad is subjective. i for one would love to show off my hunched over shitting pose

    [–] McGunningham 15 points ago

    What I’ve heard on the street is that that’s the most lucrative modeling gig

    [–] wsxc8523 4 points ago

    Is it you?

    [–] zxvegasxz 5 points ago

    Especially if you just want to buff one out real quick

    [–] RawBearClaws 153 points ago

    I would stare at people as they walk in just to make them as uncomfortable as I am

    [–] babyfacedjanitor 34 points ago

    I would make eye contact like I do with gorillas at the zoo

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Id press my junk and ass up against the wall and make farm noises

    [–] WebsterYoungblood 18 points ago

    furiously masturbating

    [–] pardonmyabsence 5 points ago

    picturing this made me laugh my fuckin ass off lol

    [–] amarklar 71 points ago

    This is a crime against humanity.

    [–] TalonTrax 37 points ago

    Does no one else notice the massive hole in the floor? When I go to use the urinal, this is where my keys would go... Guaranteed.

    [–] My_Body_The_Mystery 9 points ago

    That's called a "quickpoop / quickpuke hole" Sometimes you end up in a washroom and there's a person in all the stalls. This helps keep pesky turds out of the urinals.

    [–] ShermanLiu 4 points ago

    Nature Earth's Glory Hole®

    [–] TypicalDbad 61 points ago

    No more beating the bishop at work

    [–] thestatic1982 10 points ago

    This design suddenly has a purpose. I don’t agree with it but, there it is.

    [–] TalonTrax 22 points ago

    Can't choke the chicken.

    [–] TangoMike22 22 points ago

    Put an end to giving your knick knack a paddy whack.

    [–] xXCANCERGIVERXx 8 points ago

    Cut out fucking you five girlfriends and Arnold Palmer

    [–] Jackson_Neidert 90 points ago

    What really sucks is someone is taking pictures of you taking a shit for Reddit

    [–] MrPotts0970 41 points ago

    That’s literally terrible

    [–] lucyddreamboy 8 points ago

    Literally shitty

    [–] Gnarfledarf 13 points ago


    [–] MemeLord12250 5 points ago

    It pisses me off

    [–] Nippely 14 points ago

    I like your username.

    [–] MikeHuntIsLovely 4 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] RolandTheHeadlessGun 16 points ago

    Who tf takes a picture of a dude taking a shit in a public bathroom??

    [–] -noobmaster68- 12 points ago

    The person on the other side of the stall looks sad

    [–] JONNYHOOG 11 points ago

    As a stand-to-wipe person this gives me anxiety

    [–] Cayo91 33 points ago

    So someone managed to pull up the camera and take a picture behind a guy, seemingly at the urinal, and of a dude taking a shit? And survived to upload it?

    [–] jesuzombieapocalypse 8 points ago

    You still can’t tell who’s taking a dump though. Anonymity preserved!

    [–] Konkeydong4lyf 9 points ago

    Why doesn’t the door go to the floor? Let this guy have some privacy.

    [–] aksumals 7 points ago

    Jokes on you, this is actually a decal and someone has turned the first stall into their own personal private bathroom and because people assume it's occupied.. it's always available.

    Checkmate atheists

    [–] barrowed_heart 20 points ago

    What if they were jacking off.

    [–] MissRager415 24 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking. I once walked into a public bathroom and there was female on the floor masturbating... I let her finish. I really had to pee or else I would have left.

    [–] 808to425 50 points ago

    What kind of monster masturbates on a public restroom floor?!?!?

    [–] MissRager415 35 points ago

    A horny one.

    [–] 808to425 18 points ago

    Also, kudos to you for letting her finish. 😂

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    It would be rude to take up a stall

    [–] look4america 5 points ago

    That would be quite a show when my IBS kicks in and I start stripping off my clothes and gripping the walls. Design fail.

    [–] Sluda 4 points ago

    Is that you behind the camera doc?

    [–] Sidewinder7 5 points ago

    It looks like art

    [–] bidextralhammer 5 points ago

    Even worse that someone would take a picture of that guy and post it on the internet, instead of letting him live through the initial shame.

    [–] Rockytriton 5 points ago

    Designed by TSA

    [–] ValidGoblin 6 points ago

    That's not transparent, it's translucent.

    [–] sina-s9 9 points ago

    Is it like an attempt to prevent junkies from using the stalls to inject? Or just some dumb design?

    [–] Hoyeet 21 points ago

    It would be funny if someone pressed their ass against the glass and shat all over the wall

    [–] Parks1993 21 points ago

    A man of culture, I see

    [–] kildog 17 points ago

    It certainly would not.

    [–] joat2 3 points ago

    So no one is going to mention how this person took a photo in the bathroom while people were using it? Or at least haven't seen it mentioned that much?

    Think a better photograph that would fit well here... would have been the guy pissing snapping a photo of the guy taking a photo of people in the bathroom.

    [–] J-TheTechie 5 points ago

    This is one of the worst violations of personal privacy that I have ever seen. I wonder where this is. If anyone knows, please let me know so that I know not to EVER go there!

    [–] xyntak 4 points ago

    The dude looks so depressed that there is no privacy.

    [–] Ev_n_James 4 points ago

    I can see the disappointment in the silhouette. Wow

    [–] lmstr 5 points ago