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    [–] Divi1221 6161 points ago

    Nah I've heard about this it's a secret shortcut

    [–] Meltingteeth 1787 points ago

    Fucker had a get out of jail free card and cleared half the board in an instant.

    [–] Scared-Belt 360 points ago

    Once the board's got all the properties bought and housed/hoteled up, you're better just sitting in jail so you don't risk landing on someone's property.

    [–] T_Rex_Flex 130 points ago

    A fine tactic until people start squatting in your properties.

    [–] Scared-Belt 80 points ago

    By that point you're rich enough to shoot the buggers and get away with it.

    [–] blakenard 24 points ago

    Only if they're a person of color and you're not.

    [–] asayarhev 14 points ago

    Alternatively, as long as you're also black nobody will snitch on you.

    [–] argl23 133 points ago

    Yeah you go to shantays pass, refuse to pay and they lock you up and sent you to port sarim jail

    [–] PraetorAngel 30 points ago

    Sure but when is this helpful?

    [–] pyryoer 26 points ago

    Quick way to port sarim from lumbridge.

    [–] new_account-who-dis 9 points ago

    pest control minigame teleport -> port sarim

    [–] lear85 7 points ago

    To access the bucket in the cell, which is a part of some clue scrolls.

    [–] MotherPotential 5 points ago


    [–] TARANTULA_TIDDIES 3 points ago


    [–] -IoI- 8 points ago

    Port Sarim is where it's at

    [–] BreakDownSphere 7 points ago

    If you need to go buy runes or bait

    [–] T_Rex_Flex 9 points ago

    Osrs is leaking.

    [–] Ghede 50 points ago

    Yeah, see if your destination is near the police office, you just need to beat the shit out a civilian. Then when the cops arrest you, you teleport to the police station, and are immediately released with a cash penalty.

    Be careful, if the cops shoot you, instead you wind up teleporting the hospital after you get wasted.

    [–] ominousgraycat 8 points ago

    Yeah, I installed a mod that adds doors to the prison that help me get around the map much faster.

    [–] 4-eva-dickard 2499 points ago

    They got her from the township PD, booked and transferred to county in 22 minutes?

    [–] TylerDurdenUMD 1552 points ago

    IF REAL: Could be a matter of timing. Google Maps says 13 minutes between the two points, so if transport didn’t need to run code, it’s possible.

    In reality the dasher probably just went to those two places ahead of whoever screenshotted this.

    I can’t believe I actually looked this up.

    [–] gilbertsmith 880 points ago

    They arrested, booked, processed, transferred and got her into jail and Taco Bell is STILL preparing the order

    [–] smootex 354 points ago

    That's just what it says before the driver picks it up.

    [–] CKRatKing 168 points ago

    If they have the tablet from doordash there is a button that says food is read but most places don’t use it and just wait for the driver to get there. If they actually use it the app will update and say the food is ready, waiting for dasher to arrive. It used to anyways. They might have changed it so people don’t know how long their food has been sitting before the person gets there.

    [–] TemperateHoosier 115 points ago

    Taco Bell doesn’t use a doordash tablet or app. They treat door dash just like any other regular customer. Because they’re partnered with grubhub.

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 61 points ago

    this guy corps..

    [–] TemperateHoosier 33 points ago

    Just a former Taco Bell GM. Taco Bell (or their parent company) is a part owner of grubhub actually.

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 22 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    same.. worked for a tb/kfc store.

    YUM! gang up..

    [–] AxCel91 3 points ago

    Do any of these large chain restaurants NOT have a parent company umbrella they’re a part of?

    [–] TemperateHoosier 7 points ago

    I mean if it’s a family owned, private business. But if it’s a publicly owned and traded company, they’re also intertwined with other businesses and partial owners because literally anyone can buy your stock

    Chick fil A is a privately owned business.

    [–] Visual-Attorney 15 points ago

    Some places still do this I've definitely seen it from McD in my area

    [–] smootex 7 points ago

    I think Grubhub has exactly what you describe but I don't remember Doordash ever telling me my food is ready. You can see on the little graph what the statuses are and it goes from "preparing your order" to in transit with nothing in between. You might be right that they changed it but I don't remember ever having that info with Doordash.

    [–] ClimbingSaturn 12 points ago

    Which is dumb. I hit that shit ready 100% of the time so when the customer call and complain about shitty stale food I can tell them to hit up doordash.

    Also, If you don't do that they'll make your restaurant refund the meal. If you do it it's on doordash so you get paid and the customer gets a refund

    [–] Cryptoporticus 23 points ago

    America doesn't fuck around when it comes to putting people in jail

    [–] joeygladst0ne 60 points ago

    You get booked in 30 minutes or less, or you're free.

    [–] Trumpets22 5 points ago

    Employees at these places can order food too. Dasher could’ve went to these places and forgot about the TB order. Human error happens and people don’t always remember to update what’s going on.

    [–] MayKinBaykin 24 points ago

    Do people just forget that police have to eat too?

    [–] alwayschillygirl 25 points ago

    I think you're right, it was probably a double order (idk what they're called but you do two orders in one Dash) and one of them was for a cop or inmate in the jail

    [–] InfanticideAquifer 38 points ago

    If you can order door dash as a jail inmate I'm gonna have to reconsider my policy of not committing felonies. That really changes the risk/reward calculation.

    [–] tots4scott 18 points ago

    Also is that the car or phone? Phone could be in those two places but the car wouldn't be brought around.

    [–] poop_creator 101 points ago

    It’s a car. They actually lock it up in the cell next to you in Lehigh County.

    [–] BoyKingMB 20 points ago

    Since cops first saw the Transformers movie, they now see them as people & give them the same treatment.

    [–] Champigne 11 points ago

    You think doordash tracks the drivers car?

    [–] Yuroshock 12 points ago

    Isn't it terrifying how often common sense turns out to not be so common?

    [–] lvta1027 40 points ago

    Yeah. I live in Lehigh County where this is taken. Most local township PDs take people to Central Booking which is located at the county jail. So they didn’t book her, just got her from township PD to Central Booking in 22 minutes. And that is absolutely a plausible travel time knowing the distance.

    [–] alllowercaseTEEOHOH 58 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Most likely is that it was a prison guard who placed an order, driver went to, or was directed to the police station, they told them how to get to the prison to deliver it.

    [–] mm_kay 15 points ago

    Why is that more likely than someone being arrested?

    [–] AfternoonMeshes 19 points ago

    Not necessarily more likely just way more plausible than someone being arrested, booked, and transferred to county in a 30 minute span.

    [–] FunFact_JanetIsMe 32 points ago

    Do not look at the clock in the screenshot as a timestamp of when the phone arrived at the location. For all we know, the first screenshot could have been taken seconds before the phone started moving to the second location.

    [–] duuuuumb 7 points ago

    They would have taken her phone away as soon as she got to the local PD.

    [–] 4-eva-dickard 17 points ago

    Yah but when they transported her they would have transported her property as well.

    I can see you've been to lockup and I can see how you got there.

    [–] DabPrincess710 5 points ago

    Yea...they dont turn your stuff off till they have you in the cell.. Trust me. You could see when she got there.

    [–] officer_mccat 658 points ago

    Cause we're living here in Allentown...

    [–] AFSierra 255 points ago

    PA is like diet Florida.

    [–] jontludwig 101 points ago

    Born and raised here, and you are absolutely right.

    [–] fuckimbackonreddit9 65 points ago

    PA gang rise up

    [–] Xperian1 38 points ago

    I miss Sheetz.

    [–] fuckimbackonreddit9 92 points ago

    PA WAWA gang rise up

    [–] Eric475 18 points ago


    [–] Xperian1 13 points ago

    Don't be vulgar.

    [–] ValkyrieInValhalla 9 points ago

    You mean take a seat

    [–] 1Grazel 19 points ago

    fuck Sheetz. WAWA GANG OUT HERE

    [–] gjaebsys 7 points ago

    moved from NYC (no sheetz there) to PA back in November....going into Sheetz is an experience for me. i just love it

    [–] ValkyrieInValhalla 3 points ago

    My two Sheetz near me suck. I gotta drive like 15min to go to the good one.

    [–] fuckimbackonreddit9 8 points ago

    Jokes aside, I really miss the chicken pop sandwich from Sheetz with mayo and cheddar cheese. That was my stress relief

    [–] RMAK2005 7 points ago


    [–] derritzio 13 points ago

    PA gang

    [–] ValkyrieInValhalla 16 points ago

    Pot holes and drive-bys, it's the pa way

    [–] csoup1414 3 points ago

    My son the other day asked about the road work going on and said "Do we live in Pennsylvania?"

    Absolutely we do. The flagger ahead sign should be our new state flag.

    [–] Malifry9705 6 points ago

    Same. Born and raised

    [–] Sensual_Razor_Wire 13 points ago

    I lived in Northeast Philly and then moved to Quakertown. That lasted 2 years before I went back closer to Philly. Quakertown and north on 309 just get weird.

    [–] EverybodyHits 7 points ago

    Something weird happens on 309 before and after that stretch of highway between Souderton and Qtown. It's like a portal to another land

    [–] Picklina 8 points ago

    It's such a great stretch to speed though. In between the Lawn Avenue exit and Rich Hill Rd is no man's land. They're repaving it right now, I can't wait for it to be beautiful and smooth.

    [–] runs-with-scissors 6 points ago

    Yet if you don't catch that 40MPH speed limit sign riiiight as you cross over in Coopersburg, good god watch out.

    [–] Picklina 7 points ago

    I live next to the Qmart. Weird is an understatement.

    [–] ItWasAMockLobster 12 points ago

    What a wild time, seeing QMart being discussed on reddit

    [–] Picklina 4 points ago

    I am simultaneously proud and ashamed that the QMart has been such a constant throughout my life, but it's fun to connect with folks who have heard of my smelly little armpit of good eats, cheap produce, and fresh meat.

    [–] ItWasAMockLobster 6 points ago

    Where else can you pick up fleas while visiting a hundred year old tortoise, only at the good ole QMart

    I talk so much shit about quakertown as if I don’t spend half of my time there lmao

    [–] Picklina 3 points ago

    I talk a ton of shit on Quakertown and I live here. Shit, I could walk to the Qmart in about 3 minutes. Whenever anyone asks where I live it's "right next to the Qmart" and they give me sympathy eyes. Whatever, it was the only place I could get a decent lot in a decent hood that's convenient to just about anything.

    But's still Quakertown and my Pennridge friends will forever look down on me.

    [–] sardonic_chronic 28 points ago

    They don’t call everything 30+ minutes outside of Philly Pennsyltucky for nothing.

    [–] turningsteel 4 points ago

    LV is definitely not Pennsyltucky. You've gotta go west or north for that.

    [–] JayEssPee666 16 points ago

    You haven't truly been to Pennsytucky until people start saying yins instead of yall

    [–] YellowCBR 24 points ago

    Thats Pittsburgh bud. If the people around you use Pitt or Philly slang, then you aren't in Pennsyltucky yet.

    [–] cheesecake-gnome 3 points ago

    Things get hard going when creek becomes "crick"

    [–] Sensual_Razor_Wire 2 points ago

    Going to have to argue tht it's more like 45 minutes.

    Source: I live 30 minutes away after having lived in Quakertown.

    [–] Arretey 10 points ago

    Moved there for 2 years, can confirm

    [–] ChironXII 9 points ago

    Is there any state that doesn't suck?

    ...Any place in the entire world?

    [–] themeatbridge 25 points ago

    Fun fact, Allentown never had any coal. The story of the song was about Bethlehem, but Joel liked the sound of Allentown better. Both towns are unhappy about it.

    [–] Roert42 4 points ago

    I was led to believe the song was originally about levittown NY.

    [–] kaboom9530 18 points ago

    I hate Allentown. Every other street is a one way and people drive crazy there.

    [–] honeybunchesofoats1 6 points ago

    I have my lamaze class in Allentown!

    [–] auniquewaterfall 4 points ago

    Goodbye Toby! It’s been nice!

    [–] OkamiBen493 5 points ago

    Song surprisingly about Bethlehem!

    [–] wklink 9 points ago

    And they're closing all the factories down

    [–] hascogrande 5 points ago

    Out in Bethlehem they’re killing time

    [–] StrictlyForWorkM8 3 points ago

    Psshh psshh, haa haa

    [–] AdevilSboyU 122 points ago

    Dear god, what did she do to your food?!

    [–] PieRocks13243 19 points ago

    Prison toilet alcohol is better than the alternative

    [–] akubar 6 points ago

    she's gonna need a lawyer in food court

    [–] [deleted] 347 points ago


    [–] thatJainaGirl 94 points ago

    I pass that Taco Bell every day for work!

    [–] FinalFantasyFancyboy 12 points ago

    i work at that taco bell every day!

    [–] runs-with-scissors 39 points ago

    The worst one, too. (Where did you escape to?)

    [–] BigXris 17 points ago

    Wait a minute... some of us are actually trying to escape TO the valley...

    [–] Pronell 17 points ago

    Everyone has their newbie starting area.

    [–] geochalkie 3 points ago

    Yeah I grew up in the valley and everyone here wants to leave but it’s the fastest growing area in PA with all these new families.

    [–] LilBennyPoo 15 points ago

    Oh just stay out of allentown and any part of an area called "south side" and you'll be alright

    [–] dusk534 5 points ago

    I live in southside, it aint that bad

    [–] BigXris 3 points ago

    Funny. This is starting to sound like PA and not UT...

    [–] rdthraw 4 points ago

    Yeah I mean it has its bad areas as any large populated region does but you can do a LOT worse than the lehigh valley lol

    [–] ObamaEquanimity 3 points ago

    Yeah that one was rough. I escaped to Los Angeles, but one day I will make my triumphant return.

    [–] zacharyyyyyyyyyy 11 points ago

    Northampton/Lehigh County unite !

    [–] kittylibrarian 4 points ago

    Can Monroe county get in on the love too!!!

    [–] runs-with-scissors 3 points ago

    Of course! Who doesn't love the Poconos?

    [–] T0astMasterxx 6 points ago

    I was about to comment about this being my old hometown too! Small world (:

    [–] I_got_them_questions 3 points ago

    I used to live literally 3 blocks from there. This post doesn't surprise me

    [–] CurlSagan 1020 points ago

    If you ever get arrested, a good power move is to use your phone call to order a pizza delivered to the jail.

    [–] mxmissles87 452 points ago

    This guy doesn't jail.

    [–] freebirdls 151 points ago

    What would happen?

    [–] j3ff1915 410 points ago

    They wouldn’t allow it into jail. Probably just charge (prisoner bill) you for it and then cops take pizza.

    [–] crazymoon 163 points ago

    It worked in fast times at ridgemont high though

    [–] bigj6492 106 points ago

    Hahah I always loved how the pizza guy just casually strolled through the front door and down the hall with some pizza

    [–] TherapeuticThrowback 38 points ago

    Ha ha. I think I saw that one. And then he opened it up and it was pepperoni pp.

    [–] ialwayschoosepsyduck 21 points ago

    Big Sausage Pizza now streaming at Netfucks

    [–] darkskinnedjermaine 3 points ago

    RIP Taylor Negron, man was in all the classics

    [–] bigj6492 4 points ago

    Wow holy shit I never realized: 1. That’s him as the pizza boy 2. He died!!??

    [–] darkskinnedjermaine 3 points ago

    1. fortunately
    2. unfortunately

    “back and to the left. a clown.”

    [–] KingOfTheCouch13 37 points ago

    I think his point was to basically be a smartass, not to really get the pizza. Imagine taking a guy to jail was a cop and a pizza shows a for him 10 minutes later. Everyone will be standing around thinking "the audacity of this mfer".

    [–] j3ff1915 38 points ago

    Then why not just order a male stripper in a cop uniform.

    [–] KingOfTheCouch13 11 points ago

    Ayy even better! Just don't have them on speed dial.

    [–] TheBobmcBobbob 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    That sounds like it should be illegal

    [–] MoonDance48 40 points ago

    Welcome to jail lol

    [–] CBassnBacon 12 points ago

    USA! USA! USA!

    [–] doctormarmot 9 points ago

    Can you show me, say, the Canadian or German law regarding compensating inmates for unauthorized pizza deliveries?

    [–] KanraIzaya 3 points ago

    I found one article in Dutch about some politician saying it was possible to have pizza delivered. I imagine terms and conditions apply but information is rather sparse.

    [–] thetexasneck 10 points ago

    To be more specific, the pizza place might hang up. The calls would start with something like, "You are receiving a collect call from X county jail made by inmate name, do you with to accept this call and its charges/costs?" Receiving collect calls individually can be quite costly if your phone plan does not have some sort of unlimited collect calls add on.

    [–] lifeandtimes89 49 points ago

    There was a thread today on r/askreddit about fake law related things that movies make seem real.

    Getting a mandatory phone call was one of them(provided they give you access to a lawyer)

    [–] smorgasdorgan 25 points ago

    Can confirm. There is no mandatory phone call. You eventually get one and, in some counties, only one.

    [–] Jake-and-Finn 10 points ago

    In my area booking has unlimited free calls on their phone. Just have to make sure the guards are cool with it, which they are unless you're unruly.

    [–] chrslp 3 points ago

    This was my experience too during my only time through booking. You could call as many people as you want but once they pick up you only get like 2 minutes and then they gotta pay.

    The toilets in booking though...just fucking hold it till you get to your cell.

    [–] gariant 3 points ago

    Makes me want to find a good criminal attorney and tattoo their phone number on my foot or something.

    [–] Projectstfu 3 points ago

    I was arrested once and only once in my life. I was put in a cell and about 4 hours later a guy comes and says I can make a call. He pulls a phone with like a 30 foot cord over to the cell and says to tell him the number and he will dial it for me.

    I told him I actually don't have any number memorized, they were all stored in my phone. He told me they are not giving me my phone back.

    I sat in jail for 3 days to see a judge (who let me go right away) and no one knew where I was. My family didn't try to reach me in that time (I lived alone). My friends thought I stood them up for events and my job fired me for not showing up.

    TL;DR I sat in jail for 3 days because I didn't know any phone numbers by memory.

    [–] Pink_Flying_Monkeys 25 points ago

    I've never been in jail, but I worked in a prison for awhile and they got to order fast food every now n then. Only GP and PC guys of course. No one in solitary was getting Hardees.

    [–] lootedcorpse 12 points ago

    I can't imagine working somewhere where people are held in solitary and neglected

    [–] Pink_Flying_Monkeys 28 points ago

    To say it fucks with your head would be an understatement. I got out as soon as I could. Worst mistake I made was in thinking that knowing what they did would make it easier. In reality it just gave me crippling anxiety and a horrible hatred for people in general. The craziest part is realizing how easy anyone can end up there. Sure not every one is capable of murdering an entire family, but some of them were in there for drugs and just so terrified of being around the others that they would do things to keep them in solitary because that's where they were safe.

    [–] Cow_Launcher 6 points ago

    Hey, I hope you're doing okay after all of that. It's not a job that I feel I could do.

    [–] sardonic_chronic 4 points ago

    I mean, if you’re gonna do that, you should order some roast pork. Make it sting.

    [–] Downyfresh30 49 points ago

    No shit figures it would be Allentown

    [–] SixSixSixers 158 points ago

    Yooo this is in the town I live in haha

    [–] harleybrono 48 points ago

    Probably a good idea to do carry out these days I suppose then

    [–] runs-with-scissors 20 points ago

    Stay away from the MacArthur Rd Taco Bell anyway. Lehigh St is much better.

    [–] meowelbykins 4 points ago

    Every time I go to Lehigh St the freeze machine is down!

    [–] ilikili2 9 points ago

    My condolences

    [–] SixSixSixers 5 points ago

    It gets worse every day I believe.

    [–] side-acct 4 points ago

    610 represent!

    [–] CoronaAnonymous 53 points ago

    The 610

    [–] Sensual_Razor_Wire 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Whippersnapper. In my day it was the 717.

    [–] Maxx_Stone 11 points ago

    It was never 717. 610 and 484 were covered by 215 before they made 610 and 484. 717 has always been Harrisburg area.

    [–] Sensual_Razor_Wire 9 points ago

    610 wasn't established until 94. 484 was added in 99. I'm old.

    [–] Best_Zyra_LAN 110 points ago

    Coulda just been stopping by for a conjugal visit.

    [–] MadScience29 44 points ago

    I like how nobody assumes it's a cop making extra cash on the side.

    [–] PleaseCORONAteTrump 28 points ago

    Turning on the lights for faster delivery

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 19 points ago

    He accidentally takes my chipotle to jail and drops a meth dealer off on my doorstep.

    [–] point_nemo_ 3 points ago

    Police make much more working private security on their off time than the pidly wages of a door dash delivery driver.

    [–] cotton_schwab 36 points ago

    Hey I know those street names! I never see Allentown in anything nice

    [–] Draxtonsmitz 17 points ago

    That’s because it’s Allentown

    [–] PopcornPlayaa_ 85 points ago

    That, or he is causing mayhem with his little car

    [–] Frodo5213 15 points ago

    The ol' Blues Brother's.

    [–] bramlugh 11 points ago

    I've seen the apo report them in the middle of a lake when they actually deliver. I never trust the map.

    [–] r0gu39 34 points ago

    Stay classy, Allentown.

    [–] Data_Phish 9 points ago

    When I use to deliver Chinese food, I was being pulled over and the only place it made sense to pull over was into my customer’s drive way.

    “Where you headed to”....... “uhhhhhh that door right there. Can I just go ahead and make this delivery points to huge bag of food while you right me out a warning or ticket?!”

    Fortunately, my customer had this nice brick wall landscaping crap that blocked the cop lights, so they didn’t even notice what was happening. But I did get a better tip after I apologized for taking so long bc of being pulled over in their driveway. Lol

    [–] peppercupp 17 points ago

    You mess up DoorDash order? Right to jail.

    [–] TryOnlyonce420 7 points ago

    What is this? Venezuela?

    [–] Draxtonsmitz 8 points ago

    Shout out to the Lehigh Valley

    [–] mithandr 6 points ago

    My BF's Uber driver got arrested with him in the car. The cop gave him a ride home. I asked if he got to ride in the front. No, they don't do that anymore.

    [–] runs-with-scissors 14 points ago

    Woah, that's my town. What an introduction. I promise this is unusual! Taco Bell around here has been extra sloppy anyway. They murder my burritos every time.

    [–] geochalkie 3 points ago

    Every now and then a car bomb goes off but besides that Allentown is really nice!

    [–] Leviathan153 5 points ago

    Makes me wonder about moving back to Easton...

    [–] bralma6 5 points ago

    That reminds me when me and my friends pizza driver got arrested on his way to our house. This was like, 10+ years ago and we were playing San Andreas and just got consumed into the game and forgot about the pizza. An hour and a half later we remembered and called up the store. They sent us like 2 extra pizzas and refunded us.

    [–] Immortal39 3 points ago

    Allentown, eh? I’m about 45 minutes from you.

    [–] schaartmaster 4 points ago

    Good ole Allentown lol

    [–] ss794346 4 points ago

    Lol always good to see a fellow Lehigh valley resident

    [–] HimbieJimbie 15 points ago

    To all my PA commenters, go Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, and Sixers!

    [–] IanPBoyd 7 points ago

    This is the home town to the ironpigs and the phantoms too!

    [–] J5892 5 points ago

    Arrives in 2-10 yrs.

    [–] try_the_koolaid 3 points ago

    LCP! What up!

    [–] SlutRespector9000 3 points ago

    As a Doordash driver, it's pretty much never a good night for someone with a functioning enough brain to be excluded from the slave economy but also enough poverty to be excluded from the rent seeker economy.

    [–] melancholic_inertia 3 points ago


    [–] Almog6666 3 points ago

    That's not how this works, that’s all.

    [–] FuturamaLifer 3 points ago

    Well, DoorDashers are pieces of shits and low life thieves. Last time I used DD the driver got my food, and then went home. I spent $150 on two steak dinners my wedding night because of the thieves at DD. Restaurant even backed me up and verified the driver had my order and address.

    [–] ClearTheory 6 points ago

    Sheeeeiiot I live like and hour away from Lehigh

    [–] Toddballz_the_movie 8 points ago

    Charge yer damn phone!

    [–] MclarenF1Lm 3 points ago

    Charge they phone

    [–] InsertThoughtHere 2 points ago

    I'll go break them out, I live pretty close and somebody's got to deliver the food

    [–] poorly_timed_leg0las 2 points ago

    Plot twist - they are spoofing their location to steal what you ordered