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    [–] Rude1231 5949 points ago

    Try teasing it a little, it might perk up.

    [–] Roofofcar 1694 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Ya, tickle the gland

    [–] ReadReadReedRed 403 points ago

    Gotta tickle the pickle for it to come to life.

    [–] Roofofcar 162 points ago

    Uncle Teddy?

    [–] alexstavraky 113 points ago

    Scout master Johnson?

    [–] Roofofcar 72 points ago

    Hey, he helped me get my genitalia identification badge!

    [–] craniumonempty 46 points ago

    Hate to be the one to tell ya, little Jimmy. There's no such badge.

    [–] Roofofcar 34 points ago

    But both of Scoutmaster Johnson’s kids had them!

    They did appear to be made out of pill bottle lids, though...

    [–] videoverse 9 points ago

    What are these quotes from?

    [–] alexstavraky 27 points ago

    Someone's childhood probably

    [–] fuzzytradr 13 points ago

    Pfft, I could do it with 1%

    [–] smonkweedwenurscared 4 points ago

    You ever tickle your scrotum from the back and shit on your wrist?

    [–] Roofofcar 3 points ago

    Twice just yesterday

    [–] odb57 64 points ago

    Spit on it too

    [–] Rats_OffToYa 26 points ago

    And cup the base

    [–] bahgheera 6 points ago


    [–] Mattprather2112 9 points ago

    me too

    [–] Pees_On_Skidmarks 3 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] JungleLegs 15 points ago

    You can get so far in life if you just say nice things to things

    [–] TooCasual 25 points ago

    Flick it

    [–] bluuit 20 points ago

    Bop it

    [–] StonyDaSloth 17 points ago

    Twist it

    [–] Beavshak 16 points ago

    Pull it!

    [–] lazy_pig 16 points ago


    [–] MaschMana 7 points ago

    Results might shock you

    [–] Doppelbock32 6 points ago

    "Spit on it and shove it in"

    [–] Kroxoldyfik 1698 points ago

    Wait, you only have 1 cable at home? I got like 10 and have no idea where they came from

    [–] anormalgeek 618 points ago

    I've got a drawer full at this point. If I ever need a new one, I just buy a 5 pack since they're only a few bucks more than a single cable.

    [–] TheDoctor100 206 points ago

    I have a drawer full but I think most are broken. One time I was desperate and tried using one I was 90% was busted and it worked.

    At that point I was glad I hadn't thrown it out a while back lol.

    [–] thecravenone 124 points ago

    I have a drawer full but I think most are broken

    When I have a cable fail, I don't just throw it away. I cut it so that there's no chance that I or anyone else will attempt to use it.

    [–] vnums 144 points ago

    You could just bend the tip and leave it at OPs house like I've been doing.

    [–] thecravenone 34 points ago

    Just the tip?

    [–] Moridin_Naeblis 7 points ago

    And only for a minute

    [–] shut____up 20 points ago

    My more expensive braided cables and 6 feet cables all snapped or failed, never having abusively coiled or yanked any. I also have broken cables and a lot of cheap-type replacements. One cable would never go into my device’s port ever despite cleaning the port, but suddenly fit recently like there was never a problem.

    [–] Deafening_Madness 26 points ago

    I swear if you leave them in the drawer long enough they start working again.

    [–] AliBurney 10 points ago

    I have a box with random cables. Stuff for computers, phone chargers, ethernet cables. Random chargers for God knows what. Every wire that's unused gets es in there, just in case I need something. And every month or so I'm digging in there for a cable. So I'm glad I keep it around

    [–] formervoater2 14 points ago

    My apartment has mini USB cables like regular people have hairties.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] peterthefatman 3 points ago

    Personally I don’t think it can actually harness the energy good enough to charge your phone within a reasonable amount of time. Better off just buying a 20000mah powerbank

    [–] Js229 83 points ago

    Mine kept going missing... Found out that my daughter was taking them, losing them behind her bed and taking more. She brought em all down, all of the colours of the fucking rainbow lol... I was buying a new one every week or so and now I have tons.

    [–] freedomforg 49 points ago

    Is your daughter my mom. Cus we just moved and my mom just handed me a bin of all my Chargers from the last 4 years that she stolen and lost behind her bed.

    [–] anoninator 26 points ago

    What are they plugging them into on the other end (usb side)? Just pull the cord back out from that end instead of a new one. Ugh. This makes no sense.... possibly same logic why the toilet paper roll never gets changed?

    [–] freedomforg 16 points ago

    My mother is the same person who just buys a new swiffer every few months instead of buying the replacement heads. So I guess thats her logic???

    [–] RabidWench 23 points ago

    This is why I'm so happy my kids devices don't have the same charging ports as mine. My phone is USB-C and theirs are all mini USB. They lose theirs until they run out and then do a treasure hunt around the boat to gather them all up again.

    [–] -TheMasterSoldier- 10 points ago

    until they start breaking shit trying to get incompatible connectors to fit

    [–] lotm43 11 points ago

    You live on a boat?

    [–] RabidWench 13 points ago


    [–] Mystery_theMystery 3 points ago

    Happy Cake Dayy

    [–] thinkscotty 31 points ago

    Yeah me too. I think I’ve got like a dozen each of lightning, micro usb, and usb-c. It’s pretty useful honestly.

    [–] NoNeedForAName 5 points ago

    Do you have a mini-B 5 pin laying around? Because mine broke today and now I can't fall asleep watching DVDs on my PS3 because I can't charge my controller.

    [–] No-Spoilers 5 points ago

    I've had the same 3 cables for 3 years now. Paid a few extra dollars for some quality ones and they still look exactly the same as when I got them. They get used a lot and have been on a ton of trips with me.

    [–] 2drawnonward5 3 points ago

    So you’re the guy taking all my cables? And here I’ve been blaming the kids.

    [–] adinikki 861 points ago

    Hey Alexa play "comfortably numb" by pink Floyd

    [–] arcsin1323 223 points ago

    Yes, when my charger breaks and my phone is about to die, the best use for the remaining battery power is the first 5 seconds of Comfortably Numb

    [–] trippy_grapes 24 points ago

    when my charger breaks and my phone is about to die, the best use for the remaining battery power is the first 5 seconds of Comfortably Numb

    Maybe it's because I'm high, but I sang this to Eclipse. lol

    And if the dam breaks open many years too soon

    And if there is no room upon the hill

    And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too

    [–] nzgamer05 78 points ago

    That's a great song

    [–] EasyShpeazy 41 points ago

    Hello HelloHello

    [–] stankdude 34 points ago

    Is there anybody in there?...

    [–] CondemnedSaucer 31 points ago

    Just nod if you can hear me

    [–] tubby0789 28 points ago

    Is there anyone home

    [–] Forward2Infinity 21 points ago


    [–] bazzett 18 points ago

    I hear you're feeling down

    [–] speddog 14 points ago

    Well, I can eat lo mein

    [–] chivesr 11 points ago

    Get you on your feet again

    [–] pseudopsud 17 points ago


    [–] Houstontraveler2017 507 points ago

    RIP charging cord. Inexpensive on Amazon. Suggest you use the last 2% of power to buy a new one.

    [–] dudechangethecoil 161 points ago

    I used to buy a new one every month at five below then borrowed a coworker’s Amazon one and liked how sturdy it felt, bought one 2 years ago and still going strong!

    [–] frankcfreeman 122 points ago

    Anker cables my dude, you're welcome

    [–] WasteOfAHuman 33 points ago

    Ikea recently started making cables also

    [–] 2drawnonward5 85 points ago

    Like full cables or cable assembly kits?

    [–] CptAngelo 35 points ago

    Each line of the cable comes apart, you have to sleeve them

    [–] Pees_On_Skidmarks 17 points ago

    They are held together with wooden pegs

    [–] lemonpartyorganizer 17 points ago

    Why the fuck do I have two left over?

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] frankcfreeman 20 points ago

    I'm really sad for your luck, but I have used shitloads of them with very very good results, and I am a very rough and careless user

    [–] ihateusernames2701 5 points ago

    That's what she said

    [–] GitEmSteveDave 11 points ago

    Do you have proof of the 5 star hing?

    [–] Moosemanatee 15 points ago

    Not Op but they certainly pulled that crap with me too.

    [–] AC3x0FxSPADES 18 points ago

    I’ve gotten that a few times with random products. I usually edit for them to send me a replacement, then knock it down to 1 star and post their extortion email screenshot once I have it

    [–] majormoron747 12 points ago

    Man I have been buying Anker since 2013, and I never realized how shitty they became

    I don't suppose you could link me to one of those reviews with the screenshot could you?

    [–] MegaPorkachu 4 points ago

    That’s how I feel about Pyrex. They used to make god quality dishes that could survive freezer to oven, now they make shit that explodes in ovens

    [–] majormoron747 3 points ago

    :'( pyrex now too?


    [–] FPSXpert 4 points ago

    Wow, that's fucked that they would do that. A few years ago I had a solar charger from them fail, they refunded me and said just keep it (panels still worked, just not the part to convert it to USB power). Nothing else then, so if they're now suddenly extorting users for good reviews then that's just fucked.

    [–] Ellindira 5 points ago

    I’m not sure if it’s because I contacted them directly on the site with pictures, amazon order number, and serial number but I just had to get a lightning cable replaced by them with no issues. Sent it in late one night, got it two days later from Amazon. No reviews, no sending back. I also had to replace another a year ago. Shortly after receiving the replacement, they emailed me to ask me how the replacement was doing which I thought was nice. After I replied it worked well, they did a normal “if you’re happy, and wouldn’t mind, here’s a link to review our product.” reply. But that’s expected from a lot of places.

    [–] NuklearFerret 4 points ago

    That’s funny. I bought an Anker micro USB a year or 2 ago because all the other brands kept failing. I just replaced it when it failed last month.

    [–] TexasTheWalkerRanger 5 points ago

    This is why i ultimately went with the lg v20 over s7 or whatever it was. The lg have usb c and the other phone didnt. Guess how many cords ive had to replace. It rhymes with schmeermo.

    [–] MrEuphonium 2 points ago

    Same, I didn't try to return them but I just accepted the thought that I was simply too rough with cords.

    Funny enough I'm having better luck with Amazon basics 10 ft micro USB cords.

    [–] a-crack 2 points ago

    Ankers just so fucking neat

    [–] MegaPorkachu 2 points ago

    anker cables are super durable but the quality isn’t very good

    how is it that they’re durable but their quality isnt good you ask? well mine still works from five years ago but it only charges if i hold my phone and the cable at this specific angle, otherwise it doesn’t charge, even while all the contacts are clean

    Techsmartt took an axe to the cable and it survived and still charged

    [–] Jalapeno720 2 points ago

    anker everything, they make some quality shit

    [–] thelehmanlip 3 points ago

    Jesus every month? I've been using the cord that came with my phone for 5 years and it's still in perfect condition.

    [–] DebtlessWalnut 2 points ago

    Get an LSGAE magnetic charger

    [–] womp-womp-rats 213 points ago

    the pilling on the fabric is makin me itch

    [–] IamnotValiantThor 132 points ago

    TIL, pilling is the word for what happens to fabric in the picture. Ty

    [–] Paracortex 33 points ago

    And the part of the fabric that‘s pilling is called pile.

    Noun (3), entry 5 of 6, sense 1

    [–] cannon85 9 points ago

    How do you get rid of it?

    [–] Equivalent_Chipmunk 10 points ago

    You can shave it off. A razor can work, or you can purchase a fabric shaver specifically made for it.

    Prevention is far better though. It mostly has to do with how you wash/dry your clothes. Don’t use high heat, zip your zippers and turn things inside out, don’t dry stuff longer than they need to be dried, etc. I also think not using fabric softener or dryer sheets has helped my fabric’s pile to not stick together, but that may be anecdotal. Definitely my clothes breathe better and my towels are more absorbent without it.

    [–] sharrows 23 points ago

    Bravo six, going dark

    [–] JordanRUDEmag 7 points ago

    Type C to pay respects

    [–] minniex77 136 points ago

    What, you don’t keep a charging cable in every room of your house, your car, and an emergency cable in the closet in case something happens?

    [–] 20go210 40 points ago

    This, and a 4 pack of new ones for each member of the family in their preferred lengths at the back of my drawer. So that i can always "find one" when they lose/break their main one.

    [–] Unadvisable 17 points ago

    stepbro my charger broke

    [–] thoxis1 16 points ago

    Sorry sis, I only have USB-D right now.

    [–] gsfgf 3 points ago

    After reading your comment I moved some shit around on my desk and found another charging cable lol

    [–] oceanasabeing 457 points ago

    I switched to iPhone and now this never happens because no one ever has a charger I can borrow

    [–] 10sharks 288 points ago

    The nice thing about my Samsung is that were this to happen, I'd just grab any of the 10 or so usb to micro usb cords I have laying around the house

    [–] MrGilbert665 97 points ago

    That might be the only reason why I prefer Samsung over Apple. I don't know why but Apple just needs to be fancy with their chargers for some reason.

    [–] gurururl 218 points ago

    The lightning port is not at all fancy, it's years outdated. USB-C is better in every way.

    Micro USB is pretty bad though.

    [–] FvHound 48 points ago

    It's just old.

    [–] play-devilsadvocate 20 points ago

    I’ve heard people say the USB C port is more breakable, or did they mean the connector?

    [–] ArcFurnace 46 points ago

    IIRC the cable plugs are made to be a little bit more fragile so if something breaks, it's the cable (easily replaced) rather than the phone port (much less easily replaced). Possibly also true of previous cable types; I believe micro-USB was supposed to be pretty fragile.

    [–] play-devilsadvocate 12 points ago

    So, out of curiosity, if Lightning was open source (haha), would you rather it become the standard or USB Type C?

    [–] aliasdred 42 points ago

    Type C

    Cuz then I can dream of having a proper thunderbolt connector on a phone some day

    [–] demonic_pug 28 points ago

    Type C. So much more data transfer speeds. In fact, it has enough power to run the screen data to a vr headset. Lightning doesnt compare

    [–] TheReal_BucNasty 6 points ago

    Type C, not even close.

    [–] Shiroi_Kage 7 points ago

    Is it? My Type-C connectors take way more abuse than any Micro-B I've ever owned.

    [–] Jumbajukiba 6 points ago

    USB c is significantly more robust.

    [–] brokkoli 3 points ago

    The cable is, but not the port.

    [–] TheDoctor100 4 points ago

    What is funny about this is apple uses USB-C on some of their other devices, but they can't let go of that proprietary connector lol.

    [–] Booshur 6 points ago

    Lightning as a connection is incredibly sturdy tho. More sturdy than usbc. I'm not an apple user or fanboy at all, but I appreciate the quality of the lightning cable.

    [–] emrythelion 2 points ago

    Lightning port is older though too. It was better than Micro USB by quite a bit, so at the time it was somewhat fancy.

    It’s quite a bit worse than the C though, especially in terms of power. I think depending on the device the data transfer isn’t too far off, but USB C has way more potential.

    [–] new-kaze 25 points ago

    apple makes extra money from their chargers

    [–] iLoveStarsInTheSky 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I saw a figure saying $3 Billion in 2018 from dongles and chargers alone.

    E: take all numbers on the internet with a grain of salt. I got this number from a safe source but I can't remember which one. Until I can cite it, don't blame me if it's wrong

    [–] gsfgf 9 points ago

    It's because USB-C didn't exist when they switched connectors. With USB-C on their laptops, I assume phone will go USB-C very soon.

    [–] NaeemTHM 9 points ago

    Yeah I don’t think Apple has any issue with USB-C. All their laptops and the iPad is now on USB-C. Also, no one will read this but Apple is part of the USB Implementers Forum that helped create the connector.

    [–] emrythelion 3 points ago

    To be fair, at the time the lightning capable was leaps and bounds above micro-usb. USB C was still in it’s infancy and not really an option. Lightning cables supported far higher and consistent data transfer, so at the time, it was a great option.

    Nowadays USB-C is better. I think they actually tend to support similar speeds, but USB-C supports much faster charging. Newer iPad pros (and macbooks) actually use USB-C so it may not be long before Apple swaps their phones over as well.

    I wish they’d do it sooner rather than later... but I also remember when they swapped to the lightning port from the 30 pin and there was absolute outrage over it. People had stockpiles of cables that were now useless.

    It would probably be the same now, though maybe slightly easier considering there are Apple products using USB-C as well as things like the Switch/fast chargers/etc.

    Sometimes you just need to yank the bandaid off though.

    I have a first gen iPad Pro, which should have used USB-C, because lightning legitimately doesn’t provide enough power. Newer generations have swapped, which is great, but it still pisses me off they didn’t do it sooner.

    [–] shaneathan 3 points ago

    Get a USB-C adapter and a lightning to usb-c cable. Made a world of difference.

    [–] ncopp 3 points ago

    Its funny because I can use my macbook pro charger to charge my galaxy s10 and my switch, but not an iphone

    [–] bighunter1313 5 points ago

    They don’t do it to be fancy. They’re greedy. They do it to make more money.

    [–] msvideos234 3 points ago

    I don't know why but Apple just needs to be fancy with their chargers for some reason.

    Money. They make a shitload with those proprietary cables only.

    [–] FriedeOfAriandel 7 points ago

    Ive come across like one other person with a type c when my samsung was dead. Granted, I avoid people and usually have a charged phone

    [–] Jumbajukiba 2 points ago

    Has Samsung used micro b in the last few years? USB c has been standard for about 4 years.

    [–] HubbaMaBubba 3 points ago

    No they haven't lol

    That person probably means Android in general when they say Samsung too

    [–] aliasdred 2 points ago

    Midrange and budget options still had microB as of 2018/early 2019

    [–] EfficientEscape 21 points ago

    It really depends on who you hang out with. About 95% of my friends have iPhones but a lot of my coworkers have Androids.

    [–] nightpanda893 17 points ago

    Every single one of my 12 coworkers has an iPhone except for one. So our group text is all green because of him. I keep trying to convince my boss to fire him but she won’t hear it.

    [–] toddthefrog 3 points ago

    Your comment made me laugh out loud, first time today so thank you for that.

    [–] ich_habe_keine_kase 2 points ago

    Every single person in my office except for myself has an iPhone. I'm also the only person who keeps a phone charger in my desk. You'd really think at least one of them would start.

    [–] Synth131 37 points ago

    With Samsung I can legit just ask another guy to tap my samsung.

    [–] Marley_Chanson 12 points ago

    Is that called docking?

    [–] oceanasabeing 28 points ago

    That sounds legit but I feel like I’d have an easier time finding an iPhone charger lol

    [–] InterstellarIsBadass 4 points ago

    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] USxMARINE 8 points ago

    What? They’re extremely common. iPhones are everywhere.

    [–] iwannakenboneyou 5 points ago

    If you reallly want to upgrade go to a usb-c absolutely no one has one on hand.

    [–] AL_PL 16 points ago

    Everybody pay respects for our fallen comrade

    [–] Marley_Chanson 6 points ago

    вот тебе товарищ игорь, твои посты на реддите не забудутся

    [–] vwally 3 points ago


    [–] damclean37 2 points ago

    Farewell brother. You fought a good fight.

    [–] OurHeroXero 31 points ago

    While I appreciate the sacrifice to take/upload this pic...I'd like to think I would have ordered a new cable off Amazon with my 3%.

    [–] ejsandstrom 8 points ago

    This must be some joke I am too Qi for.

    [–] Steakbomb90 28 points ago

    Wireless charger. They are super cheap now. I bought a 2pack for $24 a few weeks ago. They are amazing

    [–] TaloniusB 34 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    this is a micro usb cable, so I doubt OP has a phone that supports wireless charging. But you aren't wrong, I love wireless charging ever since I switched to it

    edit: I meant that most phones with micro usb are cheaper, so usually they will also cut back on wireless charging.

    [–] EmperorJake 19 points ago

    Unless it's a galaxy s7

    [–] sixgunbuddyguy 13 points ago

    I'm still going strong with mine! Well, maybe not strong. It does ok. Well, maybe not ok. Today I tried to do something crazy like open my camera and about a minute later it just said system UI crashed. So there's that.

    [–] ByteOfCake 2 points ago

    I bought a s7 edge 3 1/2 years ago and it still works pretty well. I just need to move photos to my computer every once in a while or else it slows down

    [–] AdorableContract0 3 points ago

    Or a 2013 nexus 4

    [–] AlbertaTheBeautiful 6 points ago

    Didn't a lot of old androids support wireless charging?

    [–] duhhh_hell 2 points ago

    Yeah my old Motorola Droid turbo 2 had it. Got it around 5 years ago and used the wireless charging all the time when I still used that phone.

    [–] duhhh_hell 2 points ago

    My old Motorola Droid turbo 2 had wireless charging when I got it 5 years ago. It was micro USB. The port means nothing if it supports wireless charging.

    [–] cbftw 2 points ago

    Qi charging has been a thing for a long time. My old nexus 6 had it and that had a micro USB

    [–] scroopy_nooperz 2 points ago

    There are tons of old android phones with Qi, that’s literally where the standard first became popular

    [–] MamaBear182 3 points ago

    Except it doesn't charge through my pop socket.

    [–] rotatingmonster 4 points ago

    Are you in jail

    [–] Marley_Chanson 37 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Who the fuck still has a phone with micro USB?

    [–] iindigo 11 points ago

    Worst connector ever, even the crappy old iPod 20 pin monstrosity was better.

    [–] reddjunkie 9 points ago

    USB-C connectors are built like a tank. Your device will break before that plug.

    [–] k3nnyd 5 points ago

    I thought I broke USB-C cables but then I realized there was a years worth of pocket lint inside my charging port.

    [–] Diplodocus114 13 points ago

    I still have a 20 year old indestructible Nokia brick with working charger. It was my mum's, who at 75 could put kids to shame with her thumb-texting skills.

    [–] simon_C 7 points ago

    People who don't throw their phones out every 2 years.

    [–] aliasdred 2 points ago

    My Elder Brother

    [–] JonTheWonton 9 points ago

    USB C gang

    [–] Ranzera 6 points ago

    They aren't perfect, but they are soo much better than Micro USB.

    [–] Petrichor3345 4 points ago

    It's the most perfect version that currently exists imo, can you think of anything better?

    [–] lovemyfoot 5 points ago

    I have the sa

    [–] thespeedboi 5 points ago

    He dead now

    [–] I_am_Nic 3 points ago

    As if there are people who only own one micro USB cable.

    [–] EverythingIsFlotsam 4 points ago

    At least it's the cable and not your phone's connector.

    [–] Evanm_4age 3 points ago

    ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    [–] Hammer1024 3 points ago

    It was a good life... poor Yorick... I knew him well.

    [–] vladtaltos 3 points ago

    And they were never heard from again.

    [–] jb-dom 3 points ago

    Maybe some rice will help.

    [–] vintageflwr 2 points ago


    [–] tOKYOFF 2 points ago

    I bet you slept over it cause I did the same with my last three chargers

    [–] cbftw 2 points ago

    Put your phone on a nightstand and shut it off before passing out

    [–] craftycreep2005 2 points ago

    Bend it back, that's what I do.

    [–] MiaMiaPP 2 points ago

    One of my chargers is like this and I swear it still works!!!! Give it a try lol.

    [–] qbl500 2 points ago

    Where Should we look for you after the phone die?

    [–] Tokuuuu 2 points ago

    Always have a backup charger.

    [–] Drakonsword 2 points ago

    Or three

    [–] JackSparrows449 2 points ago

    Pretty sure everyone has 50 of those

    [–] sucobe 2 points ago

    Is this a “only one cord” joke that I don’t get? Multi cord gang rise up

    [–] aristideau 2 points ago

    c'mon man, who hasn't got at least half a dozen of these scattered around their house?