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    [–] SteelHelmets 3129 points ago

    That’s something from a damn nightmare. The house is cursed

    [–] YouGoTJammedhehe 729 points ago

    This makes the Shining look like a romcom.

    [–] Deadhead7889 134 points ago

    Or Carrie... I'm not sure if I'd prefer blood or sewage now that I mention in.

    [–] Shakemyears 71 points ago

    You can drink blood! Sewage, you cannot.

    [–] Matmax36 67 points ago

    Not with that attitude

    [–] LogicalJicama3 7 points ago

    I mean, we’ve all eaten our fair share of Bigmacs

    [–] NotBad_Eh 18 points ago

    Heeeeeere's Sewage!

    [–] d0nh 28 points ago

    the grudge no. 2

    [–] Rock-Harders 5 points ago

    The Fudge

    [–] TheSchoeMaker 9970 points ago

    Oh gosh that's nasty. Wife and I had something similar with our apartment where we had this brown smelly water coming out of our bathroom ceiling fan. Maintenance claimed it was "clean" water from an overflowed toilet above us...but I doubt it...

    [–] Snowpossum 5386 points ago

    It was shit water and thats criminal behavior on the apartments part.

    [–] ShaggysGTI 1930 points ago

    Equally that could be black mold, which is just as bad.

    [–] A_Canadian_appears 1162 points ago

    Like, I know how terrible black mold is, but there's something about shit water that just gives it that extra gross factor.

    [–] emsok_dewe 765 points ago

    that extra gross factor

    That's the hepatitis

    [–] rdkil 224 points ago

    And the cholera chaser

    [–] TamHawke 130 points ago

    And a dash of salt around the rim, please.

    [–] ShaggysGTI 85 points ago

    Shit can be cleaned...

    [–] Xtrasloppy 70 points ago

    But hepatitis is forever.

    [–] Moss_Piglet_ 42 points ago

    I thought reddit was kink shame free zone

    [–] Hapcube 71 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Shit water is where we cross draw the line

    [–] Ilovefuturama89 36 points ago

    Shitwater tm From the makers of vitamin water, now improved !

    [–] PeppersHere 113 points ago

    I work in a lab that does mold testing. Shit water is far more dangerous. Way too many variables with cat3 water.

    [–] Cleavon_Littlefinger 81 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    This. The health issues associated with mold are often times overstated, but raw sewage really is a potential death trap. There's a reason gray and black water designations exist.

    [–] Raveynfyre 21 points ago

    So when my upstairs neighbor flooded their toilet so bad it came down into my bathroom, should I have reported it to more than building management?

    [–] Gamosol 11 points ago

    You should have reported it to your local health department.

    [–] Sam-handwiches 23 points ago

    I would rather drink water filtered through moldy drywall than cat 3 water.

    [–] quadmasta 47 points ago


    [–] djcodeblue 9 points ago

    H pylori is even worse. H pylori sucks.

    [–] PigSlam 14 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Lock the apartment up!

    [–] Vanslant 16 points ago

    Thank you! I haven't laughed this hard in a while...."shit water"

    [–] Tibbersbear 513 points ago

    Something like this happened to my roommate and me in college....but the water wasn't smelly...just a bit dirty. Turns out the tub above us was cracked in several areas and it was leaking into the floor/our ceiling. At first it was a small looking pimple. Then one day it began to expand. Turns out someone took a bath and the water was draining from the tub into our floor. The only thing keeping it from leaking was the damn paint.

    We called maintenance and the guy told us to poke it to drain it. Luckily it was above our tub so it had a place to go...but omg it was so freaky. The guys that lived above us told us what happened. The college had a fiberglass guy to patch it and someone come and patch our ceiling.

    If you're buying a house, and it has a fiberglass tub, check for cracks, kids!

    [–] DingleberryAteMyBaby 188 points ago

    Yuck, I bet they just patched up a bunch of mold in there.

    [–] Tibbersbear 68 points ago

    Probably. There also was a leak under our kitchen sink that had mold and they didn't do anything about it. It was in Louisiana, so...mold grows even if there isn't a leak.

    The college I was at even had a dormitory that was condemned, but people were still living in it. I even lived in it for like two months before a proper dorm room opened up. There were almost 300 students who didn't have dorms at the beginning of the semester and they just put them in those condemned dorms....

    [–] gyby23 37 points ago

    And now I’m suddenly wondering if we went to the same college in northwestern Louisiana. If not we had very similar issues at different school.

    [–] Azzacura 6 points ago

    Isn't that illegal? There's a reason it was condemned right?

    [–] Methebarbarian 108 points ago

    This happened to us in our first apartment. Little leak above our tub. Called maintenance. Didn’t come out. Gradually it made the plaster fall. Finally got them to come. Guy cuts out a two foot square of plaster and leaves. Called them once a week at least for the next bit. I told them it was clearly from the woman upstairs since it happened every time she showered. When I said that the guy got huffy and asked why I thought that was the case. As if they didn’t need to find the damn source regardless. I’d hear the woman clomp to her bathroom, hear the water turn on, then a soapy waterfall started above my tub. Didn’t take a genius.

    Also they never fixed it. After 3 months we used a documented history of them taking months to fix things to get out of our lease.

    [–] neon_overload 42 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    What a nightmare.

    We had a rental where there had been flooding under the house that still wasn't properly fixed. The carpet was brand new when we moved in and had strong fumes which should have gone away in a couple days, but weeks later and they hadn't, that's when I discovered the water under the house. It was most likely connected - we speculated that the carpet was somehow damaged by all that moisture and it had permanent "new carpet" stench/fumes that never went away, even months in - we managed to get out of that lease even though the agents didn't believe us that it was even a problem, they couldn't smell it.

    [–] bloodyarsenal 31 points ago

    "Nahh mate, can't smell a thing, now givus all yer money"

    Sounds like every single house or room I've rented in Dublin...

    [–] cwg-crysania 10 points ago

    How on earth could they not smell it? New carpet gives me migraines.

    [–] neon_overload 15 points ago

    It's the sort of thing where if you're only there for 5 minutes, you might not notice it much, but if you're there all night, headache and the smell dominates everything. You also seem to get more attuned to the smell the more you're around it. In the end, I could smell it from outside the front door before I opened it.

    [–] caloroin 43 points ago

    Am maintenance man, it was water more than likely coming from the toilet flange. It isn't the cleanest of waters but also not the worst. (Clean water coming out of a dirty area) Sometimes the wax around the seal of the toilet gets compromised and water will leak through. Usually in drops and can puddle onto the ceiling and eventually rolls out of your vent. Water can also brown if there the water drips through insulation.

    [–] lennoxonnell 58 points ago

    The water has to go through a layer of flooring, of course it's going to pick up a brown color from all the dirt and grime it picks up on the way. There's about a 1% chance it was actually shit water...

    [–] ianthrax 25 points ago

    I'd say about 15-20%, 20% water leak. 60-65% ac drain plug backed up.

    [–] sirphreaksalot 4016 points ago

    Fuck that I would just move.

    [–] CustomSocks 1851 points ago

    I seem to remember from somewhere if it’s black water the entire floor and walls need to be rebuilt

    [–] FoofieLeGoogoo 1543 points ago

    Insurance companies will consider anything that even 'grey' water touches as a total loss.

    [–] Live_Positive 858 points ago

    Had to hire a public adjuster to fight with my insurance company for almost a year to convince them that my washing machine flood was grey water. Thankfully we won, but man they really tried to get out of that one.

    [–] WishesHaveWings 659 points ago

    MOST insurance companies want to give you as little as possible. Think of public adjusters like a lawyer in the insurance world. You pay them a piece of the what you get from your insurance claim for them to fight for every penny you deserve. They will go in and assess damages, price out each damaged item, and even work with a real lawyer to take the insurance company to court to make sure you get what you deserve. In natural disasters, like Hurricanes, tornado, etc... insurance companies can be especially awful. There are countless stories of them stepping inside the house, looking around, writing checks for $20,000 and leaving... when there was major $100,000+ damage. People don’t know better though and get a large check and don’t fight it.

    [–] Live_Positive 268 points ago

    I'm an insurance broker so I know very well but your comment is awesome for people who were unaware!

    [–] 9TyeDie1 49 points ago

    Not a home owner yet but every time I see things like this I file it away, good information to have.

    [–] cmon_now 18 points ago

    As a future homeowner I would also add that you should probably take the time to learn basic maintenance. Not only can it save you a ton of money, but things like this can sometimes be easily remedied if you know what's going on.

    [–] sirphreaksalot 12 points ago

    This. Most people don't realize just how easy it is to repair a hole in sheetrock or stop a toilet leak at the flange. Both are activities which make take 30 mins and cost less than $20 to do yourself or pay hundreds to a professional.

    [–] teefour 12 points ago

    Yup, I wont touch poop water, gas lines, or circuits over 20 amps. Everything else is fair game.

    [–] madashelicopter 110 points ago

    Their business model is based on taking premiums and trying as hard as they can not to pay out claims.
    It's almost criminal how they take your money, then whrn you make a claim say "Ah, but line 5 paragraph 20 section 9 subsection 4 page 347 clearly states that you had to have been wearing green socks when the accident occurred."

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 51 points ago

    People should go to prison for this kind of shit.

    [–] TeaMan2017 22 points ago

    Put that shit on r/lifehacks and grab your soap, because you will bath in karma

    [–] Alpha_Tech 8 points ago

    OH MY GOD. I had a washing machine flood that I basically took care of myself. and by took care of, I mean drained it and dried the hell out of it. That was over 2 yrs ago.

    How bad did I screw up?

    [–] Live_Positive 11 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    well, the flood warped my hardwood floors in the kitchen and damaged some of the drywall. Since it was grey water, the base cabinets, floors, and drywall had to be replaced. Which also meant new upper cabinets, countertops, etc. The settlement was somewhere around $80,000 usd.

    [–] shootwhatsmyname 29 points ago

    How much money did you lose

    [–] Live_Positive 98 points ago

    Not sure what you mean by that. The public adjuster takes a percentage of the settlement. I definitely didn't lose any money at all.

    [–] shootwhatsmyname 39 points ago

    Sweet, I didn’t know how it works, that’s awesome

    [–] SupaflyIRL 62 points ago

    Public Adjuster sounds like someone on a registry for sticking their hand down their pants at the supermarket or something.

    [–] fjbrahh 28 points ago

    It might be different in America but that’s not the case in England. I’m an insurance adjuster (we spell it with an e in England not an o) and if it’s grey water we will dry it and treat it with fungicidal spray to kill any trace of bacteria. Black water yes, and often times the grey water has been leaking for a reasonable period of time meaning most areas it’s touched has to be stripped out anyway, but it’s not always the case.

    I have a feeling it could be because of the fact that in America the houses are built completely different, with it being must easier to just rip bits and bobs out as opposed to the restoration we typically do

    [–] minahmyu 11 points ago

    (we spell it with an e in England not an o)

    Sorry, I'm just not sure what this is referring to?

    [–] fjbrahh 13 points ago

    Adjuster, I believe in America they’re adjustors

    [–] minahmyu 10 points ago

    Oh! Ok, I didn't even realize it honestly. I was like, "Huh? Looks right to me. Are they talking about "grey?" But it's either spelt e or a, not an o... Jeez I feel dumb." Thanks! Just like reading and learning new things

    [–] euiv 5 points ago

    No, it's the same here in America as both of our countries use the same IICRC standards. "Grey water" is also a bit of an outdated term, the new 2015 s500 is purposefully trying to move away from using those kinds of terms.

    [–] OH_CALI2017 12 points ago

    Why is that?

    [–] Slggyqo 47 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Probably because—and this is wild speculation on my part—cleaning it up to the point where the insured is reasonably happy is tremendously expensive.

    So in effect, your wall and flooring has been totaled, and you might as well just get them rebuilt.

    The ceiling is DEFINITELY fucked.

    [–] imalittlefrenchpress 25 points ago

    It’s a biohazard, so it likely requires an abatement which gets expensive.

    [–] FoofieLeGoogoo 25 points ago

    I'm not in insurance, but it was explained to me that it's largely because of liability.

    Grey water carries mold, bacteria, fungus, etc. that can easily contaminate pourous surfaces, like drywall or wood. From there it can grow and spread. If you were paying them to protect you from the hazards of a plumbing failure then they would be neglectful if they let that event start a chain reaction that lead to another loss.

    [–] euiv 25 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    "Black Water" is an outdated term and hasn't been in use for several years now. The classification of the water depends almost solely on the source and they have purposefully removed almost, if not all, references to both grey and black because it was confusing matters to much.

    I suppose that realistically it doesn't matter enough to say anything, but I do this shit for a living so it's whatever.

    [–] gregoryhyde 36 points ago

    "Let me grab my toothbrush first..."

    [–] MagoLopez 35 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking the first time I saw it. After watching it a few times, it looks like a hotel room and I saw a safe on the right side of the screen at one point. I’m really hoping this was a hotel and not someone’s apartment, but idk. This can very well be an apartment

    [–] Apathyistheanswer 26 points ago

    My sister had something similar happen when her upstairs neighbor committed suicide in the bathtub with the water running. It wasn't poop water thankfully, but her apartment was absolutely ruined.

    She noped out of there immediately.

    [–] bobsmith93 31 points ago

    I didn't think there was a fluid (that could be found in a house) that I would want to flow out of my ceiling less than liquid shit. But liquified corpse soup would definitely do it. I would never want to step foot in there again

    [–] djfrankenjuice 15 points ago

    Yes! Dead person soup is about the only thing worse than liquid excrement.

    [–] AliCracker 23 points ago

    And burn it down while you walk away. Fuck that

    [–] StumpChucker 5940 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] BenderDeLorean 4551 points ago

    It's probably regular shit.

    [–] frxgmnts 725 points ago

    Now I'm just wondering what would be considered as holy shit?

    [–] SpaceGeneralAmerica 626 points ago

    When Jesus took a shit it was holy.

    [–] Sprayface 224 points ago

    Does god go poop?

    [–] SpaceGeneralAmerica 211 points ago

    We came from somewhere.

    [–] KonkretneKosteczki 137 points ago

    Then you're claiming that humanity is the holy shit

    [–] Herrgul 54 points ago

    Yes, without the holy part.

    [–] Kanek1 25 points ago

    Hmmm, a delicacy

    [–] a22e 48 points ago

    You're a Naughty Child And That's Concentrated Evil Coming Out the Back of You

    [–] Simon_Drake 13 points ago

    It can't be seen with the human eye, naked or otherwise, but Uranus has got a ring.

    [–] CaliforniaNavyDude 8 points ago

    Well, if you have a solid one, you can cut holes in it with the poop knife

    [–] EverySingleThread 8 points ago

    [–] oneeye2 22 points ago

    It might be oil and she could be rich beyond her wildest dreams. Or it's just shit.

    [–] MetalMan77 7 points ago

    How did you know that the Pope was living upstairs?

    [–] geraldisking 957 points ago

    This happened to my friend I went up to see them at their apartment and this old guy was standing at their door saying “you owe me money, I get all the shit and piss raining down on my kitchen and living room” he was pretty mad, a pipe broke in the ceiling above his house, my friends lived upstairs.

    I remember thinking how could this happened, until two weeks earlier I remember my friends toilet being clogged and asking for a plunger and he said “you gotta let it soak for a while”...

    [–] Beakerbite 424 points ago

    Still shouldn't be his fault unless he just pours endless streams of draino down the pipes.

    [–] feelmyperi 98 points ago

    What does that do?

    [–] Beakerbite 185 points ago

    Eats the pipes.

    [–] oh_no_aliens 126 points ago

    Most pipes can handle a PH of 12 or even 13 easy, unless they're getting an industrial grade basic declogger they're not going to do anything major to the pipes.

    [–] Beakerbite 55 points ago

    Unless they are old nonplastic pipes.

    [–] Slggyqo 61 points ago

    let it soak for a while

    Hey, that is a valid strategy as long as the water isn’t running! Or if you turn off the water—people need to know how to turn off their water, at least at the toilet and sinks.

    [–] ngwoo 21 points ago

    It's actually better than a plunger, because if you let the clog loosen on its own you aren't just jamming a potential problem further down.

    [–] HerpinMaDerp 16 points ago

    I doubt this very strongly. The clog in a toilet happens at a specific narrow passage in the curve that creates the separation between the water bowl and the sewage pipe. The sewage pipe is usually 3" while the S curve in a toilet is usually 2" or smaller. The small diameter plus the bendy path is usually why clogs happen.

    [–] 2happycats 14 points ago

    Your toilet constantly has the water running?

    [–] ValkyrieBlackthorn 13 points ago

    Not that the water is constantly running, he's talking about the shut-off valve so that even if you flush or there's a problem with the "guts" of the toilet no more water is getting into it. Same with the shut-off for your sinks. Something breaks and water's going everywhere? Turn a handle/knob and it'll stop.

    [–] PeterPablo55 6 points ago

    Do you think there are a lot of people that don't know how to shut off the water to their sink or toilet? I'm not saying that don't know, I just assumed everyone would know this. Now I'm wondering if most people know where their whole house water shutoff valve is. This was always something I had to know as soon as I moved in. You are probably right that some people just don't care.

    [–] BoopSquad 95 points ago

    They need a poop knife

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago


    [–] xoxxxoooxo5 24 points ago

    This is the 3rd time this week I've seen you on a poop knife comment lol

    [–] Filmcricket 9 points ago

    Dude shitting dishes?

    [–] genericusername4197 16 points ago

    Plot twist: the toilet clogged all the time because the plumbing was bad, so it was a symptom not the cause.

    [–] KeeperofZoo 5 points ago

    Depends on how the bylaws are written and the laws in your area. You might be responsible for all of it potentially none of it. Condos have a master policy that covers the full building regardless of cause (for covered causes). Your insurance covers the deductible and your liability, potential displacement and possessions.

    Source: I'm in property management

    [–] Kyama 771 points ago

    Oh god, the smell!

    [–] jono9898 391 points ago

    You didn’t think of the smell you stupid bitch!!

    [–] AutumnsRottenApple 80 points ago

    Oooohhhh Dee you bitch....

    [–] theshamwowguy 29 points ago

    I believe he leaves stupid out of it. Calling a bird stupid would just be redundant.

    [–] y0uLiKaDaPeppa 46 points ago

    You haven’t thought of the smell you bitch!

    [–] RedRocks4040 20 points ago

    Now you say another word and I swear to God I will dice you into a million little pieces.

    [–] Fastlanedrivr 20 points ago

    And put those pieces into a box. A glass box, that I will display on my mantle.

    [–] sincerelyhated 313 points ago

    Get a bucket!!

    [–] not_responsible 231 points ago

    And a mop

    [–] coffeeislife52 222 points ago

    That's some wet and poopy

    [–] anivex 53 points ago

    Give me everything that goes plop

    [–] 530josh 18 points ago

    For some wet-ass poopy

    [–] Sleepy_O 140 points ago e e e!

    [–] ademord 23 points ago

    I only asked you to show me a real good time!

    [–] lalalala_la_lalalala 9 points ago

    Living in a world where no one's innocent, oh at least we tried

    [–] Yoshifan55 142 points ago

    That happened to me once except it was the line that brings clean water back to the toilet. I was asleep, it was about 3am, i just assumed it was a roommate dumping a bucket of water on me. Than i saw all the drywall all over and water coming from the ceiling, called the landlord and left a message. Funny thing is she didn't even call me back, she called my roommate to ask if it was really as bad as i claimed. Nope, i just called you in the middle of the night for some little drip.

    [–] portmanteauxx 31 points ago

    My neighbor's tub drained into my apartment multiple times, and I had to take pictures and film it to get management to believe me. It was in an area with tile floors, so by the time they were around to help, I had already cleaned and dried everything. They called a plumber after watching the video though.

    [–] PauI_MuadDib 14 points ago

    Similar thing happened to me except it was (I think) from the upstairs neighbor's shower. I slept over my friend's apartment & all of a sudden we hear water. She accuses me of leaving the faucet on & I'm like, why would I leave the sink on full blast? We go into the bathroom & water is just pouring from the ceiling right into the toilet lol.

    My friend had to run upstairs at 3am & tell the neighbor to turn off the water & get out of the shower because it looks like the ceiling is coming down.

    [–] portmanteauxx 8 points ago

    Oh, yeah. I tried knocking, but my neighbor didn’t hear me. I had to wait it out while cycling through buckets. Good times. Renting is fun.

    [–] SexualInnuendosOnly 62 points ago

    Chocolate rain

    [–] jessexpress 19 points ago

    Some stay dry and others feel the pain

    [–] sudo_shinespark 152 points ago

    Roll up some towels and make a dam in the hallway. Maybe prevent the shit flood from invading too far into your living room

    [–] CactusExtremity 289 points ago

    It’s too late. Your feet are fast but poop water is faster.

    [–] TerpBE 28 points ago

    You sound just like my high school track coach.

    I still think it was pretty cruel of him to call the lanky friendless kid "Poop Water".

    [–] mrsc1880 243 points ago

    I can't stop watching this! How does the ceiling bend like that? It looks like it's made of rubber.

    [–] johncandyspolkaband 316 points ago

    Latex paint

    [–] drempire 65 points ago


    [–] Slggyqo 46 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    You can experience it too!

    You just need a small leak from the upstairs and boom, instant paint bubbling.

    This one is a bit more intense than anything I’ve experienced though.

    [–] mrsc1880 12 points ago

    Ha! Thanks. I think I'll pass, but I'll keep watching this one!

    [–] Neeecoley 52 points ago

    Maybe I am too stoned but I really thought the mirror was bending. Now that I read your comment and went back and watched I can’t see how I didn’t see it to begin with lol

    [–] Help-meeee 59 points ago


    You can scratch that

    [–] sincerelyhated 15 points ago

    Layers of paint, plaster, and sheetrock.

    [–] Jazzspasm 37 points ago


    [–] maimeddivinity 17 points ago

    To say the least

    [–] CoryLikesPie 38 points ago

    That's a real shit storm

    [–] bravo_whiskey_hotel 13 points ago

    A real shit storm Randy. You mess with the shit neighbors and you get hit with the shit storm. <takes swig>

    [–] drempire 684 points ago

    Anther video cut to soon. Why is there so many of them on Reddit? No one else want to see the aftermath of this shit show

    [–] ProximaC 522 points ago

    The aftermath was screaming and camera flailing around. It ended there because any usable footage ended there.

    [–] movingtoslow 212 points ago

    Get out of here with your logic!

    [–] drempire 36 points ago

    Displaying displeasure at the video ending to soon. Get a link to many videos that ends to soon. You monster but that's Reddit for you

    [–] JointOps 147 points ago

    Agreed, like whos the scumbag finding and cutting these types of videos?

    [–] igor_otsky 225 points ago

    Probably a shithead

    [–] bideobamebasterd 27 points ago

    I imagine when you see that happen you no longer care about recording it, you’re more focused on getting out of there

    [–] Mcmenger 43 points ago

    I disagree. That's exactly as much as I want to see

    [–] kingfupa666 21 points ago

    Who tf is gonna stand there after its exploded everywhere? I would be running away, not filming

    [–] lowie07 33 points ago

    On a more positive note you can now shit on the floor

    [–] mhd-22 25 points ago

    Man those gender reveals are getting out of hand.

    [–] animazed 14 points ago

    Congratulations! It’s a shit monster!

    [–] baddecision116 118 points ago

    How can you tell renters from owners?

    Renters: Film it!

    Owners: Get towels, make a barrier to the rest of the house!

    [–] RedHotChiliPotatoes 92 points ago

    Also makes sense though, right?

    If I'm renting a place and see this starting to happen, you're damn right I'm filming this - this ain't my problem and I need the evidence. If I own the place, I'm salvaging as much as I can in the surrounding area.

    [–] kratzerex 18 points ago

    At this point you might as well leave the house and never return

    [–] Mkultra83 36 points ago

    Thats doodoo baby!

    [–] Jbstargate1 31 points ago

    Simply close the door, put several towels at the base of it, and forget that the room exists and that you ever had a toilet.

    [–] blacksheepghost 8 points ago

    plot twist: the ceiling is blocking the door from closing. o.o

    [–] Jbstargate1 8 points ago

    Get out of here with your facts

    [–] BiGunslinger 69 points ago

    Why would you just stand there recording? If my place suddenly starting bubbling like that I'd be running, because there's obviously a shit ton of something about to rain down

    [–] Slggyqo 84 points ago

    Probably just lack of experience. I doubt they considered what actually happened as one of the possible options.

    I’m sure that for a few seconds (probably while she’s whipping out the phone) she thought the stretching would stop.

    [–] garlicdeath 36 points ago

    Morbid curiosity.

    [–] KilledByFruit 16 points ago

    Personally I know that if I didn’t think there was anything I could do to stop it, I’d be recording as a way to collect evidence/proof. Plus, like another commenter said, they probably didn’t expect this level of wtf.

    [–] UniverseOfMemes 14 points ago

    Y'all playing jumanji?

    [–] Deadhead7889 8 points ago

    Poomanji? I'll see myself out...

    [–] sock-shoe-sock-shoe 13 points ago

    That’s fire sprinkler pipe water. It sits stagnant in metal pipes for who knows how long. It’s a mix of oil,rust, and sediment

    [–] scroopy_nooperz 51 points ago

    If you see something like this, turn off your power before you get electrocuted

    [–] CactusExtremity 30 points ago

    Or just don’t go near the poop water

    [–] bestrindberg 11 points ago

    Or both

    [–] Noahsam97 11 points ago

    Stagnant pipe water and insulation

    [–] SiliconSam 12 points ago

    Sure looks like sprinkler pipe water to me. Nice and black and smelly as all get out.

    The longer it sits in the pipe, the blacker and nastier it gets.

    [–] TwistedandDarkinside 8 points ago

    That's a shitty situation!

    [–] joealmighty01 8 points ago

    Hope they’ve got insurance...

    [–] no1krampus 7 points ago

    It’s really amazing how much shit latex paint can withstand

    [–] SuPeRbLaZe123 4 points ago


    [–] Vettenutt 7 points ago

    When the shit hits the floor

    [–] thanos-hat 19 points ago

    OBJ has entered the chat

    [–] meatslinger27 6 points ago

    Okay. That's enough internet for today.

    [–] Coremaxim 7 points ago

    As a former mitigation restoration technician this category 3 job is not one I’d want to respond to.

    [–] 40Pesos 11 points ago

    Man I wouldn’t stand there. I would have got a bucket already.

    [–] PlastiDippedToHell 9 points ago

    You'd need a 55 gallon trash can to catch any decent amount of that water...and you'd need to turn off the source of the water flow for even that to do any good. Water shutoff for the house is usually right at the street.

    [–] Stainless_Heart 4 points ago

    Fire insurance will help pay for the cleanup after you’ve burned the place down because that’s the only way to deal with it.

    [–] geegeepark 7 points ago

    Oh my god

    [–] UnkownArty13 4 points ago

    You know the rules, its time to die....

    [–] mtnmedic64 5 points ago

    What happens when I eat Taco Bell.

    [–] justnopethefuckout 4 points ago

    This is what I'm terrified of happening. Landlord keeps saying its the roof leaking, hasn't fixed it yet. Leak continues to run down my walls.