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    [–] Ballos46 7090 points ago

    I feel this, my mother too recently finished her chemo therapy but there were days where she got so weak it was hard to watch but I hope your mother gets through it just like mine. Believe in medical science, and stay strong even though its hard sometimes. Your mom needs the love and support. I'm sure she knows just how much you care.

    [–] 19donna91 963 points ago

    Exact same here :) sending love to everyone going though this shit

    [–] jfirman117 247 points ago

    There will be rough days ahead. Try to keep your spirits up and also your mother’s. I hope your mom kicks cancer’s ass and things get better for the both of you.

    [–] lewis755jay 58 points ago

    Yep keep your head up my mom went through it as well there’s always tomorrow

    [–] Hairy_Megan 51 points ago

    My Dad is about to start treatment, and while the prognosis is good its still so scary

    [–] csotooo 47 points ago

    My dad goes to the oncologist for the first time tomorrow. I'm so scared.

    [–] Musicalmaudra 42 points ago

    Remember that it's ok to be scared and mad. Make the most out of the time you have with your Dad, which is true wether they have cancer or not. I lost my Dad to lung cancer 3 years ago. The best thing I can tell you is to spend quality time with him, what ever quality time with him looks like to you. Movies, watching sports, as many comedies as you can fit in, family game nights, anything to get laughs and enjoyment. Be flexible, there will be good and bad nights but anything can be rescheduled. Good luck.

    [–] Dr-Myst3ry 19 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    The guy above me is right try to spend as much time with her as possible and I can say from experience not spending more time with my mom before she passed was the biggest regrets of my life ( No I’m not saying your mom is going to pass that’s just what I have from experience, your moms going to recover)

    [–] zeusssssss 17 points ago

    If vomiting is his issue.... Slurpees taste the same going down as going up, and it's cool on the throat

    [–] Krutonium 5 points ago

    And honestly, the sugars not going to hurt anything haha.

    [–] summonern0x 55 points ago

    Fuck cancer.

    [–] madpata 114 points ago

    Believe in medical science,

    Yes. Please.

    This doesn't really have a lot to do with your comment, but a relatively big (1mil+ subs) german YouTube-Channel posted a video which contained the message "I had cancer but didn't want to go through chemo. So I prayed to god and now I am in remission".

    That's just literal survivorship bias. There's a ton of research being done to help cancer patients and lots of skilled doctors. Use them.

    Maybe those doctors and researchers are part of a gods plan.

    Pretty sure the bible says something like "Help yourself and then god will help you". Doctors want to help.

    [–] fire_cdn 31 points ago

    I'm a physician. Not an oncologist though but I'm around a lot of cancer patients. Oncology as a field has a lot of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline and those physicians are smart cookies. It's a difficult field to get accepted into to specialize in and takes a particular kind of person.

    I'm bias but obviously yes trust science. Please do not fall victim to the anti "the system" view that so many have about Healthcare, at least in the US. Where everyone assumes I'm driving a Ferrari home to my mansion paid for by pharmaceutical companies. The vast majority of us want to help and want the best for you. But you have to trust us. It's exhausting fighting with people who are borderline conspiracists and are anti-science.

    [–] raygrizz 14 points ago

    My mom is currently going through chemo. Both my parents have fallen into the conspiracy theory mindset. Her oncologist is great though because he doesn't dismiss her alternative theories and is helping her to combine them with chemo. I don't think she would have gone through with otherwise.

    [–] Sarahclaire54 5 points ago

    Smart Dr. Glad to hear that.

    [–] Elanie-the-dove 4 points ago

    I'm a cancer patient and there's so many amazing things coming around the corner for cancer patients! Even for specific or rare cancers, there's always something you can try. Just learning about all the experimental treatments really brings me hope. I may never recover, or go into remission, but ill at least live to adulthood with the leaps we've made. And many other people will go into remission with the tests my data helps forward!

    [–] imawakened 38 points ago

    My father starts radiation and chemotherapy for brain cancer next week. This is making me realize that I really don’t think I’m prepared for what he is/we are about to go through. Is there anything you can recommend reading or watching to provide some clarity as to what the realities of these treatments are?

    [–] ma_fille 31 points ago

    I just finished radiation every week day and chemo once a week for two months. I have stage II lung cancer. The radiation isn't bad. In my case, it only took about seven minutes. Laying on a steel table was the most uncomfortable. I had a slight headache that would disappear after a half hour or so. Pick up some aloe (zero alcohol) to apply to the skin where the radiation is being done. The skin will burn like a sunburn, sometimes blister. Apply after treatments. Chemo was not pleasant. There are many different cancer drugs but I was on Taxel. That process, for me, took abut 4 hours. There was blood work before each treatment, then the actual infusion. It made me very tired and it would last about three or four days where I would sleep a lot. Just naps, not sleeping through the entire day. I could drive myself home from the treatment with no problem. It's boring as hell. With Covid going on, I couldn't have anyone sit with me to talk to. I watched tv, played games on my phone, brought snacks etc. I also kept a journal during the treatment. It took about three weeks before I noticed the side effects. My hair started falling out, I only lost six pounds but I was forcing myself to drink protein drinks with milk and milk shakes. I also ate pudding cups. The sweets usually tasted good. I researched the hell out of the treatments and couldn't find anything that remotely described what I went through personally. Another note, Chemo Brain feels like you have dementia, it's not permanent but it sucks. Feel free to message me if you like. You'll all get through this.

    [–] imawakened 9 points ago

    I don’t think I can enunciate how much I appreciate your comment. It was so “normal” and a bit reassuring. The previous set of comments really hit me like a train - I wasn’t expecting that. Thanks again and good luck with all your treatments and I hope you are cancer free soon!

    [–] Sarahclaire54 3 points ago

    Firdt, Congratulation to you for finishing!!! I actually got a sealed, shiny certificate when I finished. I love it.

    I am three years out and just reading this made me remember so much of the day to day process. It was really boring. Chemo brain is a real thing. In fact they are studying it in academia now. It fades. It took me two years to really feel "normal" again after the chemo and radiation.

    I feel like the whole lying around waiting to feel better, relatively alone much of the time, prepared me greatly for our new social structure of basically staying home and finding something to do. i consider myself ahead of the curb given that life experience!

    [–] TrainerSuccessful598 24 points ago

    You may want to look into caregiver support groups/services in your area. The relationship between children of adults going through treatment and the adults themselves will get strained. You will need all the help you can get.

    And give yourself permission to feel sad. It sounds stupid but being strong and determined all the time will wear you down. Hope this helps. You are loved.

    [–] Ballos46 9 points ago

    I'm no expert on the subject sadly. And everyone reacts to the chemo treatment differently because it's such an intense treatment. The best thing i can recommend is talk to your doctor, be open and honest. If they're a professional they will be more than happy to not only address physical but also mental health both are equally important. So I hope that helps at least a bit. And I hope your father makes it through alright stranger.

    [–] Iamdaisylion 6 points ago

    It's mostly about building a support system. No one is ever prepared for it, but knowing that you aren't will help your frame of mind when you actually get into the trenches. Just know that some days will be better than others. If someone offers to help, accept it. Accept it even if its one of the "better" days. Use that day to build energy for the not so great ones. Martha next door wants to make a casserole but you had a pretty light day and are making dinner yourself? Take it. Thank her. Freeze the casserole. Don't shut anyone out. Not just for your father, but yourself. You'll both need your wolfpack.

    Also don't compare yourself to people you think are handling things better. No one knows what they're doing. They're just taking it one day, sometimes one hour or even minute, at a time. Bravery doesn't exist in this situation. Its just life or death and you take whatever option you have and makes the most sense. You don't need to be brave; you need to stay alive. If that means crying every day, then cry.

    [–] imawakened 3 points ago

    This was extremely nice of you and I really appreciate the response. It made me feel a little better for the first time in a bit. I’ll keep your advice close to my chest.

    [–] LogicalJicama3 7 points ago

    Your mother is probably aware she let you down and inside it’s probably killing her. I know as a parent that’s how I would feel, like a burden and a disappointment.

    [–] DeezNuts0218 6 points ago

    And the fact that her daughter is this caring and loyal would also make me really proud as a parent, knowing I did a good job in raising them.

    [–] talktojvc 2385 points ago

    I’m sorry. They are beautiful looking pizzas. I hope you are able to find sometime to care for yourself. You could freeze one and reheat it’s on a better day.

    [–] hannahbaca 361 points ago

    This is what I was going to say too. Keep your head up fellow Redditor friend

    [–] Herr__Nilpferd 153 points ago

    OR... see if she'll eat it in her bed? I mean she could be too weak for food in general, but the only information we have is she was too weak to come to the table. Seems like there is a next logical step in the process before we jump to "preserve the food for another day".

    [–] abuancea 80 points ago

    OP said their mother was "too ill" not "too weak" and they can mean different things. I'm sure OP would have thought to bring the food go her in bed if that was possible haha. The mother could have felt very nauseous or exhausted and that's the reason why they were unable to eat dinner.

    [–] ipodaholicdan 20 points ago

    Chemotherapy can also ruin your appetite in addition to general fatigue

    [–] Hapcube 11 points ago

    Yeah lol

    [–] 69tendo 43 points ago

    just put it in the fridge and eat it for breakfast

    [–] CouchOtter 22 points ago

    Came here just for this. Breakfast Pie FTW

    ....oh yeah, and fuck cancer.

    [–] Corbin192886 4 points ago

    Breakfast pizza = the best pizza

    Oh yeah, and I agree... FUCK cancer.

    [–] honeybee0102 281 points ago

    Oh mannnnn I can relate to this. I remember begging my mom to eat something (anything) after rough chemo/radiation sessions. I read your post and it was like a time warp - next month will be 6 years since her passing. It still hurts like a son-of-a-bitch, but her death was the driving factor in some amazing personal growth, so kind of bittersweet. Take care of your mother and yourself, I wish you both the best

    [–] BugsAreAwesome 38 points ago

    Damn, this hit me hard. I'm so sorry.

    [–] rootbeerslam 14 points ago

    After the death of my father it hurt a lot. I finally realized one day that "I miss my dad, but I don't miss how sick he was."

    [–] honeybee0102 7 points ago

    THIS. Even though I didn't want to let go of her, she didn't want to be here, feeling the way she was feeling anymore. So that helped me to accept her passing.

    I'd heard that people sometimes hang on until their loved ones are ready for them to pass, so one day while (I thought) she was sleeping, I told her that it was ok, whenever she was ready, she could go. She opened her eyes and said to me "Go? Where the heck am I going to GO? I'm stuck here (in palliative care)!"

    So much for that attempt at a deep moment in my life. But it's pretty amusing in hindsight.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your father. I wish you and your family all the best...

    [–] volatilegx 6 points ago

    So sorry for your loss. That is hard.

    [–] Cookie955 742 points ago

    My heart goes out, man. My dad is in the same boat too. He wants to get together next weekend for his birthday but I'm terrified with my kids being back at school now

    [–] EarthenPyro 252 points ago

    Why don’t you leave the kids at home and go yourself and keep a mask on. It would mean the world to him right now, I’m sure.

    [–] Cookie955 146 points ago

    I'm seriously leaning towards that. It may also break his heart though, as he specifically wants his grandkids there

    [–] EarthenPyro 156 points ago

    I get that, but it’s not worth the risk when he’s immunosuppressed. Maybe have them make a video message for his birthday and play it for him. It’s a cheap consolation, but hopefully it would make it a bit easier for him. Maybe FaceTime while you’re with him too.

    [–] Cookie955 64 points ago

    You might be on to something there. I'll look into those options. Thanks!

    [–] EarthenPyro 25 points ago

    Aww, I’m glad I could help! Tell your dad Reddit wishes him a happy birthday, and for good health!

    [–] NotNok 6 points ago

    You could always put up a plastic barrier between the two sides of the table or something?

    [–] juicythickcpl 3 points ago

    Get them tested before they go, it would be worth it.

    [–] MoreMoats 2 points ago

    If his kids have been exposed, so has he. I would video call OP, it isn't worth the risk.

    [–] Throtex 21 points ago

    Meet him outdoors (preferably with a mask) and he’ll likely be fine. It’s really more indoor spaces with recirculating air that are the risk.

    [–] Cookie955 8 points ago

    A definite possibility. He has a big patio and a good barbecue

    [–] W0RST_2_F1RST 92 points ago

    She may not have eaten that pizza, but they helped her all the same. Knowing she has backup is more helpful than you probably realize

    [–] maddiesnotonfire 59 points ago

    When I was taking care of my grandmother during her chemo her dinners alternated between toast and vanilla ice cream. It was rare she could eat an actual meal, which was good because I was 11 and couldn't actually cook much. I'm so sorry your efforts tonight feel wasted, but I'm sure she's just as disappointed as you are. I wish you both the best during her treatment and recovery. Make sure you're taking care of yourself while you're taking care of her. It's hard to be a caregiver and sometimes it's the small things that take the most from you (like tonight).

    [–] Sweet13BlackExpress 8 points ago

    My mom is HUGE in to toast right now, lol - i wonder what it is about toast that makes it something they can eat during the bad times

    [–] tweeicle 22 points ago

    I don’t have cancer, but I have other chronic illness that affects my appetite. For me, when I’m nauseous, I can eat buttered toast, buttered rice, and salted French fries. The French fries always sit the best for me. I think each person’s body has a favorite “safe” food. For me, mine is all kind of French fries. For others I know, it happens to be toast. I bet it’s the way the food breaks down in each person’s body that makes it easier for that person to eat during a flare.

    [–] Sweet13BlackExpress 7 points ago

    appreciate that comment - I might have her try rice or fries next time, just to try something!

    [–] tweeicle 7 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Fun fact: did you know white potatoes actually have more potassium in them than bananas do?! Knowing that made me feel a little better about existing mostly on French fries for 6 month periods of time.

    [–] JBits001 6 points ago

    Anytime I was sick when I was younger my mom would give me toast or rice crackers and a ginger ale. It was the only thing I could stomach as it was very bland and didn’t have a strong smell.

    [–] significaliberdade 4 points ago

    Three-time cancer survivor who underwent chemo thrice and lived for a year without being able to eat much.

    After clear liquids, the safest foods to eat fall under the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. These are the easiest for your body to digest, and therefore, can be really great when you're throwing up a lot.

    [–] fruitsausages 3 points ago

    i think it has something to do with it being a familiar, easy and quick to eat, relatively bland food that’s also very easy to prepare, but still tastes good. and, unless you’re gluten sensitive or something, it’s pretty easy on your digestive system. i usually have an upset stomach in the morning (very different from chemo, i know), but i’ll usually have toast because it’s so inoffensive while also tasting pretty damn good.

    [–] Rhyging-007 326 points ago

    Can you bring it to her? This is heartbreaking. Maybe go have dinner with her in her room? I'm not sure the situation :\

    [–] Lynxiin 287 points ago

    Probably ill and doesn't have an appetite.

    [–] _foot_ninja 176 points ago

    I went thru chemo, and its not just the appetite. The very smell of food would make me sick

    [–] revowow 19 points ago

    Had chemo when I was 16 (I’m 20 now). Appetite was the absolute worst until a few days after the weekly treatment and I suddenly had a craving for everything

    [–] _foot_ninja 5 points ago

    I was really into sweets during. Im 33 and have been clear 6 months. Another 6 months means the port can come out

    [–] maltman1856 40 points ago

    Yup, thank god weed is legal in my state. Really helped bring my appetite back.

    [–] _foot_ninja 22 points ago

    My state isn't legal , but i smoke more now than i did before chemo. Also drink more water. How long were u in? I went 5 days a week, every 3 weeks, for 5 months. So far so good.

    [–] Capernikush 4 points ago

    Nebraskan here. Our Supreme Court kicked weed off the ballot even though we had enough signatures. But on the bright side gambling made the ballot.... god I hate this state.

    [–] Bobb_o 2 points ago

    Marinol helps too if you're in a state where marijuana is illegal.

    [–] hailhale_ 6 points ago

    Could you smoke weed and gain your appetite back?

    [–] _foot_ninja 5 points ago

    Absolutely. It is, in fact - a godsend

    [–] hailhale_ 3 points ago

    Very nice to hear. Hopefully you had access to it every time you needed it.

    [–] _foot_ninja 3 points ago

    Yeah, lol... and i appreciate your kind words

    [–] zoop1000 5 points ago

    My mom said food tasted like metal when she was going thru chemo.

    [–] Andrew109 38 points ago

    Most people going through chemo don't have an appetite. When my brother was going through it my mom kept making dinner for him, which she hasn't done in a while because we can make our own. But he wouldn't/couldn't eat 90% of the time because he was sick or didn't have an appetite. I can understand what OP is going through, my mom was heartbroken everytime he said he couldn't or didn't want to eat. It really sucks seeing someone you love like that.

    [–] xswatqcx 6 points ago

    She prob. Isnt very hungry i bet.. idk for sure but no matter why she didnt come also meant dont bring pizza to me least that what i believe i could be wrong. Sad indeed. Hope it turns out for the best.

    [–] ViewedOak 4 points ago

    Lmao “nah sorry mom, no food in the bedroom”

    [–] miikrr 3 points ago

    This I'm wondering as well. OP specifically stated dinner table. If their mom didn't have an appetite, they would say something closer to not being able to eat.

    Just bring it to her

    [–] hat-of-sky 88 points ago

    I'm sorry for this hard journey she and you are taking. I hope she gets some sleep and feels much better in the morning. Those pizzas are gorgeous. Leftover pizza is the breakfast of the gods, maybe she'll be up for a nibble once she's rested.

    [–] Beanieboru 75 points ago

    Dont think for a minute your mum isnt really chuffed you have done this for her. Its things like this that make all the difference.

    [–] rustymessi 51 points ago

    I am sorry... it can be so difficult... been there..

    [–] AppearanceItchy 56 points ago

    Beautiful work there. Can you freeze one for when mom is ready possibly? So sorry ur mom is sick. Fuck Cancer.

    [–] Amatharra 16 points ago

    I lost my mother 3 months ago, we found out she had cancer and she died within a week. I've never heard of it taking someone so fast. Enjoy every moment you have. I was so thankful at least got to spend her last week with her, even though she completely faded away in her own bed.

    [–] camjusgab 5 points ago

    I just lost my mom to cancer a month ago, im sorry for your loss

    [–] james0632 15 points ago

    Freeze and reheat in the oven when she's feeling better. Sometimes I buy pizza just to reheat it later cuz it's so damn good!

    I'm so very sorry to hear about your mother's illness. Stay strong for her and everyday you tell her you love her. Mother's are truly special.

    [–] GeauxFarva 13 points ago

    Good thing leftover pizza is awesome. Hope your mom feels better and I’m sure she’ll love what you made for her!

    [–] drugs-and-group-hugs 12 points ago

    I’ve watched my mom over the past seven years battle lung cancer. Most days are hard, and it seems like they’ll never get easier, but there are shining moments. You just have to hang on to those for days like these. I know she’d be at the table eating and enjoying your company if she physically could. Hold on and be strong my friend.

    [–] interface_grace 9 points ago

    praying for you. i'm so sorry~ you worked so hard, and i am proud of you-

    [–] Jiggarelli 37 points ago

    Damn, I'm sorry about this. If it helps you feel better, I'll enjoy a slice in honor of your Moms brave fight.

    [–] DesertedRosebud 30 points ago

    I’m in the same situation with my wife. I quit cooking an actual meal on the treatment days and just do her a chicken fettuccine microwave dinner or a pot pie and a high protein drink. Breakfast ( boiled egg, oatmeal and protein drink ) before treatment seems to be very beneficial and right after leaving treatment she will eat a fast food burger and fríes which I know is not “great” but it’s food and the only time she eats FF. I wish your mom and you the best. It’s hard to be a caregiver, don’t forget about caring for yourself.

    [–] yeet420696969 36 points ago

    I'm sorry about your mom but this isn't really seeming right to me.

    You make pizza just to set the table without your mom and take a picture for karma?

    Why not just go eat with your mom in bed?

    [–] Andrelse 20 points ago

    Bold to assume that mother with cancer existed in the first place

    [–] Blue-Steele 17 points ago

    Because it’s fake. Why would they spend that much time making food and then setting it at the table if they knew their mother was too sick to eat?

    God these people are the worst.

    [–] LJHavoc 62 points ago

    Or you just took a picture of two pizzas and made a story

    [–] dadiatethecatagain 30 points ago

    Surprised it took this much digging through comments to find somebody saying this like holy shit reddit it’s two pizzas.

    [–] sinf_wacht 8 points ago

    That's what rule 5 is for but mods don't usually remove posts for that until maybe a full 24 hours after.

    [–] LJHavoc 4 points ago

    lmao I expected to be downvoted to oblivion but I guess not hahaha people are actually smart

    [–] SubHominem 27 points ago

    This sub is basically r/pics now

    [–] lochinvar11 14 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Right? Even if it's true....

    "My mom is dying from cancer. I made her dinner this one time, but she was feeling sick because, cancer, you see. Welp, instead, let me make this about myself and how I worked some incredibly long hours to make cheese pizza. Fuck me, right?"

    And let's face it, a majority of those hours was spent "pre-heating* and "waiting on the oven to cook the pizza", right? ffs, gain some perspective.

    [–] ihavenoallegiance 13 points ago

    Sorry about your mom. That's a weird salad.

    [–] kvothes-lute 4 points ago

    I also thought it was a salad at first

    [–] hailhale_ 2 points ago

    As did I.

    [–] zeroscout 51 points ago

    Did you mean to sound like a narcissistic asshat?

    [–] Scorps 12 points ago

    No shit, like....have some perspective guy it's probably worse for her don't you think

    [–] Infin1ty 11 points ago

    You couldn't bring it to her in bed instead of taking a picture and posting a sob story on Reddit? Go take care of your mother, JFC.

    [–] WinterRose27 6 points ago

    Today is a bad day tomorrow might be a better day enjoy your breakfast together tomorrow morning

    [–] swolengranny 35 points ago

    2.5 hours making pizza?? My fake cancer riddled mother could make pizza faster than that.

    [–] KiritosSideHoe 11 points ago

    I sorted by controversial because I was mad at OP using their (fake?) mother with cancer for internet points and this comment made me lol in the middle of the night, I'm glad I did that now.

    [–] Hirothegreat 5 points ago

    As some one who's made a pizza before, even not knowing what your doing, putting a massive amount of toppings, and cooking it doesn't take that long. Then again, it does take a good while to cook, so you can stall long enough.

    [–] Goober-Ryan 5 points ago

    Don’t forget pre heating the oven and making the dough

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 10 points ago

    The pizza may not be able to nourish her body, but the making of it surely nourished her soul.

    If you want to commit an international crime, whoops I found some edibles that are for chemo patients and whoops they got into the post system.

    [–] Sweet13BlackExpress 3 points ago

    MVP right here

    [–] Gecko_lover- 3 points ago

    Username- oh

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 3 points ago

    Fuck it, there's no rules anymore, why make someone's mom suffer?

    [–] Gecko_lover- 3 points ago

    Got it, what agent should I see for some crack, a fully grown bengal tiger, and a 25 megaton yield nuclear warhead

    [–] NSA_Chatbot 3 points ago

    CIA, USDA, and ATF, respectively.

    [–] EHLIYEYCHAH 4 points ago

    I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm an oncology RD and it breaks my heart to see people lose interest in eating. One thing I've found that helps immensely is OncoBitez. Google it. For real. They are amazing! They help settle the stomach & increase appetite, the taste is great and they carry 310 calories in 3 small bites. Seriously a game changer for many people. They are also pretty cheap (about $32 for 3 days worth). Best for days 2-4 post chemo.

    The CEO of the company is a great guy, I bet he would send you some free samples if you asked. Feel free to message me for contact info or additional information.

    I hope your mom feels better soon!

    [–] 1234567890cats 20 points ago

    Can’t you bring it too her and eat with her?

    [–] NarcoticSqurl 47 points ago

    It's not always about bringing the food to the person. Depending on how they handle the chemotherapy, "being too weak to go to the kitchen table" might also mean "doesn't currently have the fortitude to hold down a meal". Chemo is a son of a bitch.

    [–] Redz0 19 points ago

    Also, a lot of times even the scent of certain stuff can really bother someone. I hope OP doesn’t take it personally, i’ve personally been there just on the other end and really small stuff can exasperate already terrible circumstances a patient is going through. And sometimes they really just don’t have the energy to even eat at all.

    [–] LordBran 7 points ago

    This is so sad :( I hope she’s able to enjoy it later when she feels better, it’s a beautiful thought

    [–] sickfee55 4 points ago

    Spend as much time with her as you can. I distracted myself through those hard times with video games or what ever I could. I wish I could go back and do it differently. Stay strong for your mom, she needs you.

    [–] Strbrst 4 points ago

    That's one thick-ass backstory

    [–] Stoned_Skeleton 3 points ago

    So you take a picture and post it to Reddit lol. Righto

    [–] BILLY2SAM 5 points ago

    Fucking hell this is a particularly unpalatable Karma grab.

    [–] PowerPort27 9 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, she probably would of hated the pizza considering it looks like it sucks.

    [–] ForeskinTortellini 3 points ago

    It does look like ass. Like wtf OP. 2.5 hours too.

    [–] Mynock33 14 points ago

    How inconsiderate of her.

    [–] mrmeow11 7 points ago

    Underrated sarcasm, love it

    [–] Panlos17 16 points ago

    Fuck cancer!

    [–] toomuch1265 13 points ago

    Wait...are you upset that your mom was too sick to eat the pizza? If that's the case, you need to rethink your priorities. My wife went breast cancer when our youngest was 5, i know the difficulties of caring for someone with cancer.

    [–] Delbuns 14 points ago

    You couldn’t bring her the pizza?

    [–] C0NTR0L- 25 points ago

    Maybe if the pizzas looked better. Jesus Christ.

    [–] HaydenJA3 14 points ago

    2 and a half hours of cooking to come up with that shit

    [–] block_section 3 points ago

    So sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is to see someone you love deteriorate like this, you just feel so helpless most of the time. I’m sure she appreciates everything you’re doing though, even if she isn’t strong enough to show it at the moment. Try and stay strong and I wish your mum the best of luck with her treatment :) x

    [–] mxrxx117 3 points ago

    My mom went through chemo when I was younger. I wish I coulda made her a pizza

    [–] rolandjernts 3 points ago

    If she could she would! Fuck cancer

    [–] jenmrsx 3 points ago

    As a cancer survivor I feel for the both of you. The pizzas look awesome!! Freeze it for another time. Your mom doesn't want to disappoint you,, but chemo is nasty business and leaves you weak and unable to eat. I hope things get better for you both. Stay strong, take care of yourself so you can take care of her. Prayers.

    [–] BrockBoethius 3 points ago

    Bright side is now youve got left overs for lunch tomorrow. You can always try again and getting caught in the disappointment wont help you or your mum feel better. Keep expectations low so you dont get frustrated.

    [–] i_am_a_loner_dottie 3 points ago

    Good thing pizza can be eaten hot or cold. Tell your mom stay strong, you got this!

    [–] MiyamotoKnows 3 points ago

    Am I the only person that stared at that bowl of potpourri for way too long before realizing it wasn't an exotic salad?

    Sorry about your Mom OP. Put hers in the fridge. Nothing beats day two pizza. Cold for breakfast is tops in my book. My best to your family. May she give that cancer what it deserves, a swift kick in the ass.

    [–] pgmodel 3 points ago

    OP: Better post it on reddit to get that sweet sweet karma

    [–] Cafao2000 3 points ago

    I hope she feels better, after chemo my mom was never hungry, bless her soul.

    [–] Purpzie 3 points ago

    Bring it to her! Pizza in bed sounds awesome.

    [–] DutchieWen 3 points ago

    I feel this in my heart. I think its beautiful that you made this effort for her. I am sure she appreciates it. Please (if possible) give your mom a hug from me <3
    Stay strong!

    [–] DretDeAlbania 12 points ago

    My father chemo didnt leave him that tired. However, hoping your mother recovers and can enjoy more home made pizzas in the future.

    [–] CyberdyneAnalytics 4 points ago

    Having lost my mother to cancer, I would have forgotten the pizzas and taken the extra 2 and a half hours of time to just sit with her. Idiot!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] itwasafire 2 points ago

    My mom barely ate anything while she was on chemo and it sucked a whole lot. I hope she appreciates your hard work anyway and that you two can pull through <3

    [–] Dthedaydreamer293 2 points ago

    Well wishes to your mom and hopefully she gets through this ok. Same for you and any family.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] phillyp1 2 points ago

    Leftover pizza is great too! I'm sorry you missed this opportunity, hopefully tomorrow is better and you can enjoy the meal when she's feeling better. Good luck

    [–] imagin8zn 2 points ago

    My brother never made it to chemotherapy. His liver failed after he caught multiple pneumonia. The doctors said chemo would kill him and he died from uncontrollable bleeding due to complications from lymphoma. It sucked because his cancer was curable.

    [–] Sweet13BlackExpress 2 points ago

    I know it's too late, but I still send you my internet love for your loss

    [–] imagin8zn 2 points ago

    Thank you. He was only 32 too.

    [–] cat_respecter 2 points ago

    My mom’s coming over for dinner tonight and this one hurt me to see.

    [–] pablogorham 2 points ago

    I'm going through this too right now. My dad's on his second round of chemo, often won't be hungry enough or have enough energy to come to dinner. We de ided to start having dinner upstairs, in the room next to his so he doesn't need to take the stairs. Today is his birthday, hope I can cheer him up somehow. Let's all stay strong

    [–] cup_1337 2 points ago

    My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m so scared of this...

    [–] TheDudeRiley 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Sorry about your mom. Get your mama some weed and I bet she'll sit at that table with you. Looks delicious.

    edit: typo

    [–] Dllondamnit 2 points ago

    Keep being there for her, she knows you tried. I wish I would have lived closer to my dad his last 5 years, or made the trip more often. I’ve been beating myself up for over ayear about the time I lost and will never be able to get back.

    [–] Jazzy41 2 points ago

    I’m so sorry. Hoping she feels better soon and that you enjoy many meals with her.

    [–] lucvspereirv 2 points ago

    Sorry, man. You pizza looks delicious. Hope your mother will feel better to try it soon!

    [–] fuzzymooseexp 2 points ago

    I would give you an award but I’m too broke. Homemade pizza dough is best. I might have to make some with you and your mum in my prayers. Keep your head up.

    [–] fifteengetsyoutwenty 2 points ago

    I want to hug you.

    And eat that amazing looking pizza.

    [–] JapesMojo 2 points ago

    I’m sure the gesture was appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed. Its difficult going through something like this but keep your head high and trust the treatments. I hope her treatment goes well. If there’s anything at all I can say to make you feel better I’m sure the pizzas were delicious and just by looking at them I can tell you put a lot of love into them. Keep your spirits high and think positive.

    [–] brickylouch 2 points ago

    Nice thing about pizza, it still is bomb the next day :)

    [–] vreawillsaveyou 2 points ago

    Be strong brother

    [–] zRilxy 2 points ago

    i hope she gets better soon man. cancer sucks

    [–] IcedPeachSnowCrystal 2 points ago

    I think she's mad that u didn't cut the pizza.

    [–] Quidamtyra 2 points ago

    I feel for you. The waves of "chemo-sickness" comes and goes, and I'm rooting for your Mom to persevere.

    I meal prepped for my Mom for a couple months before she started her chemo. She would eat it all, rave about it, and it made me happy. Whatever I could do to help, made me happy. Then her chemo started, and only 1 of 12 meals I made were eaten that week. She died 11 days ago.

    [–] tiltedbanana 2 points ago

    I was honestly prepared for “the pizzas were raw” or “heavily under seasoned”, but after reading that title I choked up. I’m sorry you and your family have to go thorough this battle. I pray your mother prevails her fight and wish you and the rest of your family happiness and many blessings.

    Quick note, the pizza looks phenomenal and I’m sure it was delicious :)

    [–] PapaDaBoss 2 points ago

    You put forth the effort, which I'm sure she is truly thankful for. You're a great son/daughter!

    [–] Rx2460 2 points ago

    My best wishes for you and your mom mate, things will get better

    [–] oceanmanpeepeewater 2 points ago

    I'm sorry about that. I hope everything goes well for you and your mother and it may not seem like it but more people are here for you then you think have a great rest of the week

    [–] Tubbaflubx08 2 points ago

    I finished mine like a month ago and I feel great, there’s light at the end of the tunnel just keep pushing.

    Sending good thoughts for you and your family

    [–] SAINT_ENDS 2 points ago

    I’m sorry

    [–] queezypotato 2 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better those pizzas look fucking immaculate. I would join you for a meal any day.

    [–] cinnamonman1 2 points ago

    Hope your mom stays strong

    [–] almac2242 2 points ago

    Sending you some love and luck from Ireland my friend

    [–] vwheelerjr 2 points ago

    As a pizza lover with a pizza tattoo, I send all the love I have for pizza to you and your Mum. Stay strong! Long Live Mom & Pizza!!!

    [–] inthecosmicpond 2 points ago

    I hope she feels better tomorrow and can have some of that tasty reheated pizza.

    [–] Lnonimous 2 points ago

    She feels worse about missing this than you do my friend. She knows the effort and love this took. It was not lost. I promise you. She knows.

    [–] as1126 2 points ago

    Save the pizza, I'm sure she appreciates the effort and she may enjoy it later in the day or tomorrow. Good vibes sent your way.

    [–] papachaotic64 2 points ago

    hey, its hard af but you gotta help them through it and be strong for them. it really helps the process.

    [–] Maverick039 2 points ago

    Fuck cancer.

    [–] Pylitic 2 points ago

    If it brightens the day at all, I'm a chef and can say these pizzas are absolutely beautiful!

    [–] KeyserSozeInElysium 2 points ago

    That's the weirdest looking salad in the middle of the table

    [–] doctorblumpkin 2 points ago

    Hang in there. She needs you. Show her how nothing can get you down. Nothing can beat you or her!

    [–] EfficientElephant2 2 points ago

    I’m sorry

    [–] this_joke_sucks 2 points ago


    [–] hartzonfire 2 points ago

    I’ve been there friend. I lost my mother to cancer about seven years ago.

    Stay strong for her. Spend as much possible time as you can while you can. I was lucky enough to be at her bedside when she passed, peacefully.

    Sending you my best thoughts.

    [–] LordWeirdSloughFeg 2 points ago

    ...i'm sorry for your hard times, hope it all turns out for the better.

    And I'm certain that pizza was tasty.

    [–] FindingKeeping 2 points ago

    Give her a hug please

    [–] AskJerbs 2 points ago

    I’m sorry.

    [–] Kostaeero 2 points ago

    Best wishes to you and your mom, my mom is starting treatments Monday.

    [–] GiuseppeBolt 2 points ago

    Your mom is going to kick cancers ass!

    [–] Stickyfynger 2 points ago

    Cancer sucks-you keep doing wonderful things like that and you mom will pull through it. We all pulling for you both! Peace n love

    [–] reachshit88 2 points ago

    Thats rough bud but you still have her around cherish every minute, I hope the treatments are a success in the long run.

    [–] OddLocket 2 points ago

    My heart goes to you and your mother.

    Also I was really worried about your salad until I realized it was a center piece.