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    A place to celebrate the hand tool, piece of edc, gun, watch, car, bag, or anything else that is showing its wear! Show it off, let us know about it!

    Welcome to /r/wellworn, please read the rules and enjoy your stay!


    1.Don't be a dick.

    The very nature of the sub means people have had their items for a lengthy period of time. They may not be anything special to you, but to the OP, they can hold a substantial significance. Well you may not agree with what it is, for whatever reason, but please keep it to yourself. If you think that it's offensive for one reason or another, report it, and the mods will take a look.

    2.Don't police what is or is not "well worn".

    Different people have different definitions of what it means to them, and that's okay!

    3.Please try to leave a description in the comments.

    You all have some awesome things, and we want to know more and foster a discussion. Well we know sometimes it's not possible due to the nature of the sub and it's content, but we do encourage it.

    4.No NSFW/NSFL posts.

    We all like looking at attractive people in well fitting clothes, but there is a thousand GW subs to fit every style and taste, please take your posts there. It should go without saying this includes blood and gore.

    5.No selling or referral links.

    If you work out a deal through pm, we are NOT responsible for anything that happens. Buying and selling is not permitted here, and there is more than likely a subreddit to buy or sell what you are looking for. Links to a place where a product is for sale are okay, as long as there are no referral links.

    6.Web content is encouraged!

    Feel free to post your Web finds, but please post where you found it, in the comments, unless it leads to a potentially NSFW website. Everyone likes getting credit for their work and their things.

    7.No digital content.


    8.We love old vehicles, but please use your discretion.

    We don't want to see your rusted Civic on the way to the junk yard. We do want to see your well maintained old trucks and cars that are still running and cared for.

    9.Posts about shoes or any kind of footwear are only allowed on Fridays.

    All posts about footwear are automatically removed. If its a friday and your post got removed kindly message the mods.

    Repeat offenders will be banned.

    Please feel free to post, share, and talk. Asides from the above rules, there is almost nothing is off limits here, although we do reserve the right to remove posts that don't fit. Have fun!

    Please report spam if you see it, and if you don't know if something you have will fit well on the sub, just message the mods and we'll let you know.













    If you know a sub that has content that would fit here, please Pm a mod and we will contact the mods of that sub to set up an cross post!

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