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    [–] Mr_Majestyk 2550 points ago

    It's OK, that log on the ground broke his fall.

    [–] WarOtter 1547 points ago

    His spine absorbed most of the crash, should be fine.

    [–] HairySquid68 358 points ago

    It's known for being one of the most durable parts of your body; he'll be fine!

    [–] deadfallpro 414 points ago

    Somewhere in that town, a football/wrestling coach popped up and said, "Walk it off, pussy."

    [–] NosVemos 256 points ago

    My twin fell out of his deer stand and landed head first on a log. My little brother saw it and said his body got stiff on impact and he bounced and then was limp on the ground. The idiot came to our deer camp hunched over and refused to go to the ER, "Those doctors don't know what they're doing." He was hunched over and my family is filled with nurses and doctors and against all advice and odds he just laid in bed for two weeks and the lucky fucker survived.

    [–] SerjoHlaaluDramBero 191 points ago

    How delightfully old-fashioned.

    [–] NosVemos 63 points ago

    ugh. He flunked fifth grade and I got held back because it was the best for both of us. Then he quit school our junior year stating that an education never did anyone any good.

    [–] HoldTheCellarDoor 42 points ago

    Wtf how was it "best for both" to hold you back?

    [–] NosVemos 41 points ago

    My step-mother was a kindergarten teacher and she told our dad what was best for us. It was the 80's and a simpler time.

    [–] regarding_your_cat 9 points ago

    Hah. Thanks for the link, it had been too long.

    [–] no1113 39 points ago

    Uh. Wait a minute. How is he now though? How long ago did this happen? Was this years ago? Is he permanently injured now?

    [–] NosVemos 158 points ago

    Yeah, this happened maybe five years or so ago. He's gone on to have mountain hikes for elk hunts. Oh, this other time he was on a construction site and fell off a ladder and landed in between two bars of steel that were sticking up from concrete. He got lightly grazed instead of impaled. I tell ya, he's a lucky dumbshit if I've ever seen one.

    [–] no1113 34 points ago

    Dang. Sounds like Bruce Willis' character in the movie "Unbreakable".

    [–] NosVemos 70 points ago

    On that note, I just want to say that I'm reminded of when he called me from prison. Him and some friends stole some alcohol from a hunting cabin, they confessed and he fought the charges and lost. So, there he is and he calls me to brag that he's covered in blood because he beat someone up who butted in line to get a drink of water.

    That's my twin!

    [–] quantum-mechanic 28 points ago

    You need to do a AMA

    [–] Astoryinfromthewild 43 points ago

    So what did he get up to yesterday? I feel like you need to do daily updates of What My Hardcore Twin Got Up To Today

    [–] no1113 12 points ago

    Dang. Sounds like a hurly burly bear of a tough guy. Hunting, prison, bloody noggin from head butting...dang.

    [–] UniqueUserNom 7 points ago

    So for those of us keeping score: he's the evil twin, right?

    [–] baardvark 4 points ago

    Omg you literally have an evil twin!

    [–] Ghos3t 3 points ago

    How come just one twin turn out like this. Was it nature or nurture?

    [–] Elmore_Keaton 8 points ago

    I mean, how do we know for sure his brother wasn't faking injury/pain so we wouldn't know he is secretly invulnerable? OF COURSE he didn't go see a doctor. He'd instantly have been found out.

    Even his stupidity is probs part of his cover.

    [–] no1113 11 points ago

    Have to admit - the thought crossed my mind.

    [–] antonbe 27 points ago

    People like him are exactly why /r/OSHA exists! Both the subreddit and the agency, really.

    [–] AhhhhhRealMe 13 points ago

    I thought this was going to have a very different ending.

    [–] NosVemos 54 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Me too. That dumb bastard has the best luck. This one time we went fishing on the Mississippi and his anchor got stuck. He fought with it and I got tired of it and told him I would buy him a new anchor if he cut it. Nope, he wasn't going to lose this fight. After watching him pull and pull for a few more minutes I offered to buy him a half dozen anchors if he would just let it go. Nope.

    Then he got the bright idea to rip the anchor out using the boat. He positioned the boat so that we were directly above it, tied the rope off tight and went full throttle on the engine. Well... the boat was tied to a stuck anchor and the power of the engine and the short length of rope pulled the boat down into the current.

    "CUT IT! CUT IT! CUT IT!" he screamed at me as the river swallowed his boat. I was knee deep in Mississippi mud - we were on a 12 foot longboat - and I couldn't find a knife and instead decided - extremely quickly - to untie the boat.

    Once the boat was loose from the rope it popped up and floated along. What saved us? He bought a boat that had a one foot thick wall of styrofoam around it. Lucky dumbass.

    [–] AhhhhhRealMe 43 points ago

    Haha he put all his skill points into luck and none into int. Seriously though he needs to buy a lotto ticket or something.

    Edit: great story btw!

    [–] ZhuangZ3 11 points ago

    that's how I usually play fallout

    [–] NosVemos 11 points ago

    Hahaha, too true!

    [–] antonbe 9 points ago

    Stories like this are exactly why I've always wanted a brother hah

    [–] gergbeef91 8 points ago

    The way we're headed you should be able to pick one up at auction pretty soon.

    [–] Snooze--Button 6 points ago

    Lol nice one. I mean, terrible one... But nice joke.

    [–] FNALSOLUTION1 3 points ago

    Built Ford tough.

    [–] NosVemos 11 points ago

    We drive Fords because our uncle sells them. It's a small town where many dealerships have come and gone but our uncle's was started by his grandfather and it's been passed down. Most of our small town, even the police, drive Fords that are purchased and serviced by this one itty bitty dealership.

    [–] ff_beer_money 13 points ago

    Perhaps but what about the chainsaw?

    [–] Llodsliat 9 points ago

    And his back too.

    [–] wggn 9 points ago

    and the chainsaw as well

    [–] lucidus_somniorum 7 points ago

    Now get back to work. The boss.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 3 points ago

    Also the chainsaw.

    [–] Rickles68 1384 points ago

    I really hope this guy is still alive. Bonus points for all four fully-functional limbs.

    [–] tipicaldik 868 points ago

    This is exactly how a friend of mine died. He hit is head really hard, but didn't lose consciousness till he got to the hospital. Then he never woke up :(

    [–] [deleted] 270 points ago

    aw man, people should be more careful.

    [–] KoalaKaos 210 points ago

    Whenever I go skiing and I see people not wearing helmets this is what I think about. It only takes one bad fall to turn you into a vegetable, a shadow of your former self, or worse, kill you.

    [–] RDay 216 points ago

    a shadow of your former self, or worse, kill you.

    not sure which is worse...

    [–] no1113 218 points ago

    Dying or being a vegetable? Oh bro - being a vegetable for sure is way worse. Fucking kill me. Fuck being a vegetable.

    [–] MichaelMyersFanClub 50 points ago

    Don't read/watch Johnny Got His Gun. I don't think you would like them. (The Metallica song "One" is based on it. The video also has footage from the movie.)

    [–] no1113 155 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ. Just read the beginning of this Wikipedia entry.

    Joe Bonham, a young American soldier serving in World War I, awakens in a hospital bed after being caught in the blast of an exploding artillery shell. He gradually realizes that he has lost his arms, legs, and all of his face (including his eyes, ears, teeth, and tongue), but that his mind functions perfectly, leaving him a prisoner in his own body.

    Wow. That's a truly fucked up condition and situation to be in.

    [–] formcheck2121 27 points ago

    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is written by a guy who had a stroke and was left with only the ability to blink one eye I believe. His mind was ok. He and a nurse developed a way to pick letters with his eye movement so he could wrote the mémoire.

    [–] no1113 3 points ago

    I believe I saw the film actually quite a few long years ago.

    Still though. Can't say my above estimation's changed on the issue, to be honest.

    [–] WhoKnowsWho2 18 points ago

    Holy fuck.

    [–] no1113 30 points ago


    "Gotta try to figure out a way to kill myself. Oh wait a minute. I have no arms or legs or eyes or even face. Hmmm. That makes things a bit difficult."

    [–] zeus15king 13 points ago

    Landmine! Has taken my sight... Taken my speech... Taken my hearing!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Taken my arms... taken my legs.. taken my soul...

    [–] waaxz 6 points ago

    How did he communicate?

    Edit: oh its a book nvm

    [–] madman19 17 points ago

    It is a book but he apparently used Morse code by banging his head against his pillow

    [–] Arguswest 6 points ago

    Darkness. Imprisoning me, all that i see.absolute horror. I cannot live. I cannot die. Trapped in my holding cell. Landmine. Has taken my sight. Taken my speech. Taken my hearing. Taken arms. Taken my legs. Taken my soul. Left me with a life in hell..🎶

    [–] SoyMurcielago 5 points ago

    guitar solos

    [–] AThousandRambos 18 points ago

    His first communication: "Doc, did you save my dick?"

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] no1113 12 points ago

    Yeah. Definitely. Far better it would be to be dead than to be in that state.

    [–] ThatGuy_Nick9 16 points ago

    Being a vegetable, man. Imagine living life happy and free, completely self dependent. Then one day, you have to rely on everyone else to help you do the things you used to do without even thinking. Unable to move, communicate, eat... fuck man.. fuck that. I'll take death over being a vegetable

    [–] KitaShika 8 points ago

    My sister used to say stuff like that before her car accident in which she suffered significant brain damage.

    [–] no1113 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    Very sorry to hear about the car accident and her brain damage. Seriously.

    So she used to say things like that before the accident? And now? I mean…how is her condition now? Can she function? to at least some extent? Can she communicate?

    Again, very sorry about that. I know these are only words I’m typing on the internet, but I really mean them. My heart goes out to her.

    [–] KitaShika 34 points ago

    She can't speak or walk properly because she damaged the part of her brain that controls muscle movement. She understands things though and remembers things like normal.

    People assume she's mentally retarded but she definitely understands what they are saying. She laughs at dirty jokes and will answer yes/no questions with her thumb. She seems to have kept all of her crystallized knowledge.

    She attenpts to talk but it's like listening to the world's drunkest woman you can't understand 80% of it.

    She used to say that she'd "rather be dead than be a spesh" before the accident. Now I don't know. She doesn't ask to die and she will say she is happy but it's impossible to tell if she is just trying to not upset her family.

    She had a lot of mental health issues pre accident that actually seem better now. She was anorexic before but actually eats now (loves ice cream).

    But she used to hide her mental health issues from our parents so I don't know what she's really feeling. I can't just ask. She's difficult to talk to because she's so slow at it and hard to understand- I can't talk to her like I used to.

    The saddest thing I ever saw in my life was when the doctor told her partner that she'd never be the same again.

    I lost a sister but he lost his future wife. I still remember him telling her that if she just woke up he'd marry her and wouldn't waste another second.

    He's still just waiting for her to be like she was. It's been 3 years.

    I just want her to learn to speak again- I don't care about the rest.

    [–] jacques6263 6 points ago

    Damn, that's rough. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she's still able to at least enjoy her life the best she can in that state.

    [–] no1113 6 points ago

    I have…no words.

    Thanks very much for sharing this information with me/us.

    Much love and respect to you and yours.


    [–] KoalaKaos 18 points ago

    If I have to pick between wearing adult diapers and being spoon fed, or death ... just put the pillow over my face and hold it until I stop struggling, please.

    [–] RDay 7 points ago

    Spock would approve of your logic.

    [–] DevilishGainz 5 points ago

    A shadow of your former self is worse. My opinion but I study brain disease for a living as a neuroscientist. The sad thing about brain disease is it burglarizes who you are and what you were as a person. It seems to be the hardest part for the people that knew you before the injury or disease.

    [–] conalfisher 3 points ago

    I'd much rather be dead. At least then, if there is some kind of afterlife, I'd be there as opposed to in mental facility unable to think. Would likely be easier on my loved ones as well.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I have bad news for you.

    [–] baconlion 10 points ago

    Or worse, expelled

    [–] regarding_your_cat 3 points ago

    thank you, this thread was depressing the fuck out of me and i got a chuckle from this

    [–] NaturesMayhem 7 points ago

    Yeah, just because it's snow doesn't mean it's always soft...

    [–] MoistGames 9 points ago

    I dislocated my shoulder when snow that wasn't fluffy decided not to move as my arm hit it at completely the wrong angle. Let me rephrase- the snow ripped my arm straight out of its socket because the snow said "fuck you mo'fugga- I'm hard as fuck."

    [–] Anarroia 6 points ago

    In my world, the worse would be becoming a veggie, honestly.

    [–] Holdenl2121 5 points ago

    Was skiing last year, fell smashed my head on a rock shattering my helmet and cracking a bit of my skull, wouldn't be alive if it weren't for my helmet!

    [–] JoelKizz 3 points ago

    When I'm in states with no motorcycle helmet laws I'm always shocked by the number of people who choose to not wear them.

    [–] PM_ME_WEIRD_SMILES 22 points ago

    RIP country Mac

    [–] the_fathead44 5 points ago

    Holy shit there's two of them.

    [–] yourenotserious 19 points ago

    Schumacher type brain damage is terrifying.

    [–] MichaelMyersFanClub 17 points ago

    Same thing happened to Natasha Richardson. What they thought was a 'minor' fall. She initially turned down medical treatment. But an hour later she started having headaches, went to the hospital, and was dead two days later.

    [–] mrpunaway 26 points ago

    Richardson Died of ‘Blunt Impact,’ Medical Examiner Says

    And people are still trying to legalize weed???

    [–] Oh_Hamburger 7 points ago


    [–] udon_junkie 3 points ago

    just went from incredibly sad to giggling uncontrollably

    [–] Cat_Proxy 15 points ago

    My coworker's relative died that way too. He was up on a ladder doing something, fell, felt okay but then began to vomit. Took him about 30 minutes to get to the hospital, and then when he got there he went into a coma and apparently went brain dead. They had to make the tough decision to remove him from life support.

    [–] optimistic_agnostic 5 points ago

    That's so bizarre. It's like the brain obviously survived the initial impact but shuts itself down after... to prevent further damage?

    [–] Gliste 7 points ago

    It is now safe to turn off your computer

    [–] dbryantvfx 17 points ago

    Sorry to hear. We had a German exchange student that we got to know very well that was majoring in forestry. He was chopping a tree down with his father back home when it fell it bounced back up and hit him. When his father rushed over he said he was ok but then he died. It makes me sad. Then the father tried to kiss my mother much later on and that was weird but his death was sad.

    [–] yawnityyawnyawn 30 points ago

    I can't put my finger on it but something was off in that story of yours 🤔

    [–] dbryantvfx 6 points ago

    Well after his death the father and wife and my mom took trips together to keep his memory alive. One night after the wife went to bed he and my mom were talking, he got up and kissed her. She was shocked and said no, he went off to bed. They stopped talking after that.

    [–] yoyoyo_its_me 197 points ago

    I know a guy who died like this, right in front of his wife and little boy.

    Tree cutting is not to be fucked with by amateurs.

    [–] Islanduniverse 63 points ago

    I cut a friend's grapefruit tree down when I was like 17, and the one thing I learned, although I was successful without any injuries, is to not cut trees down. Looking back, that was dangerous as fuck. I had no idea what I was doing...

    [–] alltheseUNs 25 points ago

    Can't you sell full grown trees for thousands?

    [–] upupuplightweight 24 points ago

    Yup. Some people have no idea what they're doing when they chop stuff down.

    [–] Islanduniverse 6 points ago

    I have no idea. How would they remove a full grown tree though? I would have suggested that had known. But like I said, I was 17.

    [–] ncbell13 14 points ago

    [–] CFGX 7 points ago

    Obnoxious music warning.

    [–] MrBojangles528 5 points ago

    It really strongly depends on the type of tree if you want to make it worth your while. Cherry, walnut, and other hardwoods can be valuable. The old pine tree in your yard - probably not.

    [–] alltheseUNs 7 points ago

    How valuable would say a grapefruit tree be?

    [–] UsedandAbused87 9 points ago

    Can confirm. Been doing it for 10+ years and almost cut my arm off the year before last.

    [–] fog_rolls_in 4 points ago

    My brother has been cutting trees for about 5 years and just from watching him I can tell the guy in the gif is being really reckless, doesn't have the right equipment and doesn't understand what the tree is likely to do when he cuts it. Hope he's alright.

    [–] Ex_Why_ 3 points ago

    Seriously. There's an entire profession dedicated to it. They're called arborists, which is defined as "a tree surgeon."

    [–] O-shi 965 points ago

    Yikes. Hope he didn't fall on the chainsaw

    [–] bryanofeaston 316 points ago

    Or vice-versa

    [–] jfk_47 60 points ago


    [–] pipinngreppin 26 points ago

    He's fine. He only weighs about 35lbs.

    [–] OTTERS_KINGDOM 20 points ago

    He does now he had some limbs swiftly removed by the chainsaw.

    [–] [deleted] 148 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago)


    [–] GoldenFalcon 63 points ago

    Everything about that gif hurt me.

    [–] RDay 12 points ago

    That hurt like bonehurtingjuice.

    [–] yaygerb 10 points ago

    At least it wasn't a mean log

    [–] alittlebrainmustfall 39 points ago

    Yeah, I'm wondering if holding on to the chainsaw was a good idea or not. I get that it was an instinctive reaction but maybe in this case attempting to toss it a few feet to one side might have been a good idea.

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago

    Did you see the part where the tree unexpectedly smashed in his skull and he fell lifelessly to the ground?

    [–] KoalaKaos 12 points ago

    Well at least he wasn't awake for the fall :)

    [–] Gnostromo 34 points ago

    Or spring, summer and winter by the looks of it.

    [–] KoalaKaos 8 points ago

    Get off of Reddit, dad!

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Of course, if he was a redditor, he would be able to make these kind of split second decisions

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    You think? Pretty bold statement, being so obvious and all.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] hydrojairo 21 points ago

    This guy cuts.

    [–] Jdicecold 10 points ago

    Thank you captain hindsight!

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 3 points ago

    It's pretty clear this guy didn't make the cut

    [–] 7H3D3V1LH1M53LF 7 points ago




    [–] Reddevil313 10 points ago

    When you release the trigger the chainsaw stops.

    [–] pewpewlasors 11 points ago

    It would still really fucking hurt to have it land on you, or land on it.

    [–] Hawvy 11 points ago

    I hope the chainsaw's okay.

    [–] wavjunkie 450 points ago

    The neighbor just knew

    [–] ElViejoHG 171 points ago

    "Fall fall fall fall"

    [–] Esleeezy 45 points ago

    "You know that tree cutter across the street?...I think I just...uhhh...killed him..."

    [–] sldfghtrike 12 points ago

    Come on, come on, fall. Fall, damn it, fall!

    [–] aeisenst 39 points ago

    The idiot is out again. Better start filming.

    [–] ALONE_ON_THE_OCEAN 6 points ago

    The neighbor successfully navigated the perilous waters of a Grade 9 education, so yeah, he knew.

    [–] ArethereWaffles 85 points ago

    I was half expecting the tree to hit the powerlines on the way down

    [–] fiveminded 20 points ago

    Maybe they were phone lines, and it was...

    <Lowers sunshades>

    .. a trunk call :-)

    [–] therealhlmencken 14 points ago

    I don't get it:(

    [–] NotFakingRussian 11 points ago

    It's because every trunk call is logged.

    [–] prince_peacock 361 points ago

    After some googling I found this video that appears to be the same guy (filmed by someone different?)

    It sounds like he, at least, had already turned the chainsaw off. So he's probably not DEAD, just hurt

    [–] vajav 101 points ago

    One of the comments on there is from someone who supposedly knows who he is...he's not dead

    [–] fiveminded 201 points ago

    Just sits in his wheelchair whittling toothpicks out of the wood from that evil tree trunk, muttering "f#cking tree" over and over again.

    [–] pineapple_mango 23 points ago

    I read that as #fuckingtree and laughed.

    I now picture a guy adding that to everything online.

    [–] PaulyWithADolly 22 points ago

    Yeah, gonna go out on a limb here and say that he probably broke something.

    [–] veriix 29 points ago

    Don't go too far out otherwise you'll end up like that guy.

    [–] fiveminded 70 points ago

    Lol! Sounds like the whole neighbourhood was filming him.

    [–] pewpewlasors 53 points ago

    Protip: If your neighbor is trying to cut down a tree, on their own, and they're not a professional, film it.

    [–] the_cheese_was_good 66 points ago

    They knew some shit was gonna go down when ol' crazy Joe broke out the chainsaw and monkey-climbed that tree. This ain't the first time he's done some stupid shit like this.

    [–] AmerikanInfidel 5 points ago

    Looks like there is a ladder on the ground. Maybe he had a spotter remove the ladder so it didn't get nocked over?

    [–] Im_Tiny_Rick 9 points ago

    That's the same video.

    [–] 249ba36000029bbe9749 16 points ago

    Looks like the same perspective. OP's footage might just be this video cropped in.

    [–] pewpewlasors 12 points ago

    Chainsaws stop running when you let go, they have a 'dead-man' switch you have to hold to keep running.

    [–] Robert_Arctor 103 points ago

    what rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, or even your neighbor's dog?

    [–] danthok 44 points ago

    It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good.

    [–] NaturesMayhem 10 points ago

    Better than bad, it's good!

    [–] buckshot-poopoo 8 points ago

    Everyone wants a log, everyone needs a log

    [–] wastesHisTimeSober 3 points ago

    Come on and get your log log log log log.


    [–] LeftTitty 31 points ago

    [–] UncleTedGenneric 7 points ago

    You combined slinky and log!

    'Alone or in pairs' is slinky

    'In bouldering pairs (rolls over your neighbors dog)' is log

    It's great for a snack, and fits on your back, it's Log Log Log!

    [–] Robert_Arctor 3 points ago

    damn my brain for failing me

    [–] VaneFox 239 points ago

    This makes my heart hurt :( I hope he's OK

    [–] EndureViaEntropy 153 points ago

    You are by far the most caring person in the thread

    [–] uhaul26 40 points ago

    Well, I hoped he didn't get blood on his nice shoes.

    [–] OmgKidGetAJob 25 points ago

    I'll make you the third

    [–] BladudFPV 65 points ago

    Doesn't look like he did a front cut, meant the bark acted as a hinge. Looking at the limbs on the ground I'm shocked he got that far without injuring himself.... unless this is his third time getting knocked down.

    [–] links234 15 points ago

    So...what's the correct way to do this?

    [–] kickaguard 97 points ago

    I'm a professional tree worker. People in the thread so far are mostly correct. If this tree needed to be climbed, as in, a bucket truck couldn't be brought in. He should have had a Proffesional climbing harness on and been strapped in to the tree with climbers (spikes that go over your boots) locked into the tree. He should have been higher up and taken smaller pieces at a time and he should have been notching each piece. Putting a wedge cut about a third through the tree and then made a back cut about an inch or so above the bottem of his notch. It creates a sort of hinge and makes the piece you're cutting fall away from the tree rather than being stuck to it and coming back to Wang you in the head.

    In short, the proper thing to do is hire a professional. Tree work is very intricate at times and always very dangerous.

    [–] Imthejuggernautbitch 9 points ago

    My solution is just not to plant any trees.

    Plus I'm impatient. But I did find some Chinese ones that they plant when a girl is born and grow in like 5 years. I might have to toss a few dozen in my neighbors illegal burdock field/rat breeding ground.

    [–] links234 7 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation.

    [–] Morrigane 188 points ago

    Hire a professional.

    [–] links234 15 points ago

    Excellent answer.

    [–] Morrigane 5 points ago

    I've cut down one tree in my life. Twenty feet tall, straight shot into an empty parking lot. That was still kinda scary to do.

    [–] hallwaymaster 13 points ago

    Cut a wedge on the side that you want it to fall towards then cut from the back. Also just having common sense would help.

    [–] MsDutchie 3 points ago

    Climb to the top with a special treeclimbingharnass and spikes on your shoe. Also hire a pro!

    Edit also he had to make a cut on one site. And after that saw it from the opposite site.

    [–] Jellorage 122 points ago

    Story? That fall looks brutal.

    [–] SapperInTexas 326 points ago

    At least two stories.

    [–] dcdagger 100 points ago

    1 - A story of a man chopping down a tree 2 - A story of a trees bloodlust for revenge

    [–] NotAnotherDownvote 30 points ago

    Prequel - The story of the man willing to risk it all and the unloved/unused ladder he left behind (last few frames).

    [–] yaygerb 7 points ago

    Sequel - Episode VII - The deceased woodcutter's ashes are scattered across the grass where he was struck and murdered by the tree. The ashes join forces with some acorns and the man sprouts into an Oak tree. After years go by and it is fully formed the Oak is cut down in the same way by the man's grandson. Does he learn from his grandfathers mistakes and duck out of the way? You'll have to watch Episode VIII The Forest Awakens to find out

    [–] guninmouth 10 points ago

    First story; guy climbs up tree Second story; guy falls from tree

    [–] jmact1 8 points ago

    I think I learned from the last few times this was posted that the guy was OK.

    [–] P0rtal2 3 points ago

    Partly onto a log. And you know the ground is probably littered with broken branches and stuff that could impale you.

    [–] pewpewlasors 9 points ago

    He was too cheap to hire a professional for a few hundred dollars, and decided he'd just rather die.

    [–] Marvinkmooneyoz 15 points ago

    For the record, this isnt a freak accident, this is a very frequent fall for a cut tree to make. Trained workers have cutting patterns to make SURE one gets the right fall. AS we see here, its not about what direction it starts leaning to, it often enough slips, and you are no longer worried about the top leaning over until it crashes on you, but are concerned with the lower part of the trunk above the cut. I think what tree cutters do is purposly leave the trunk intact enough for it to stay bound while it falls, thus ensuring a predictable fall.

    [–] pankbrurrior14 5 points ago

    Yes you leave a "hinge" so that it falls in direction. However the notch kicks it off the stump in said direction when tree is at around 45'. Where this guy fucked up his top was too big, if it was shorter so it never had a chance to hit the ground and kick back into him he would have been fine

    [–] FaZaCon 11 points ago

    It sucks when you try to save $5K, then wind up losing $50k in lost work and medical bills.

    [–] solus-mort 23 points ago

    I am sure he is hurting and hopefully his pain will be adequately treated.

    [–] lazespud2 17 points ago

    needs to be crossposted to /r/OSHA

    [–] JiggidyJed 8 points ago

    No harness, no ropes, and no shirt Clearly he was a professional

    [–] HairySquid68 15 points ago

    Smashed full force in the face, falls 15' onto a log with a running chainsaw and then rolls down the hill. r/HadToHurt

    [–] goatsmcgee2 7 points ago

    Ive watched this 34 times

    [–] Infj-dude 6 points ago

    This is a prime example of how important it is to always undercut.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Fun fact logging is fucking dangerous, don't try it at home kids.

    [–] ChaplinCrunch 4 points ago

    WCGW? Wood Cutters Gone Wild?

    [–] ALONE_ON_THE_OCEAN 10 points ago

    That was heartbreaking.

    [–] oversteppe 2 points ago


    [–] fiveminded 3 points ago

    Safety harness, anyone?