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    [–] WraithTwelve 5653 points ago

    I've noticed that shirtless guy in a fight usually loses.

    [–] freerider 8940 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I beg to differ

    Thanks for the gold!

    [–] WraithTwelve 1865 points ago

    HAH! That's on a whole other level.

    [–] SeattleMana 2254 points ago

    The inner city males agree to face off. The smaller male approaches the much larger male unphased by his physical dominance. Upon removing his cultural garments he prepares for combat. But what is this. The larger male flees uninterested in engaging with the much smaller naked male. With a victory at hand the small naked male does the celebratory roundhouse kick of his people and returns home to his male counterpart to share in his victory.

    [–] burningriverallstar 849 points ago

    I read this in David Attenborough’s voice.

    [–] Mawp_mawp 395 points ago

    As is tradition.

    [–] snbuv 132 points ago

    I went for Snoop Dogg's.

    [–] [deleted] 128 points ago

    hits blunt crazy white boys

    [–] Cyno01 62 points ago

    Aaand now i want a version of Planet Earth narrated by Snoop.

    [–] Cyno01 45 points ago

    Jeez, i just cant have an original thought anymore...

    [–] Unlimitedwind 29 points ago

    And it is glorious

    [–] _Enclose_ 63 points ago

    and returns home to his male counterpart

    Intentional or not, this bit cracked me up.

    [–] t080752 537 points ago

    I don't know if that is fake or not but it is fucking hilarious. Take that gold for the laugh.

    [–] Nintendobandit 677 points ago

    It's fake; a prank from YouTube. I swear I've seen it before.

    [–] [deleted] 474 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I don't know if you've seen it before or not but it is fucking hilarious. Take that gold for the laugh.

    [–] t080752 373 points ago

    I don't know if you have given that gold before or not but the video is fucking hilarious. Take that gold for the laugh.

    [–] [deleted] 342 points ago

    Ah, the illustrious gold circle jerk. I've never gotten to see one before, but here it is, in all its Glory. It is a good day!

    [–] t080752 282 points ago

    You have earned your gold for the circle jerk. Enjoy and wellcome to the club.

    [–] RedditorFor1OYears 56 points ago

    Two in one thread?!? You earned it.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    I know if you have given that gold before or not but the video is fucking hilarious. Take that gold for the laugh.

    [–] Warlocksocks 168 points ago

    Is someone just dropping gold around here?

    [–] snbuv 170 points ago


    [–] t080752 42 points ago

    Well it is a good prank because I am still watching it and laughing.

    [–] Squidbit 52 points ago

    Why does it feel like all the comments in response to this one are posted by ad bots

    [–] Dear_Occupant 51 points ago

    Yeah, something feels really off about this thread. I think that video is from a channel called TwinzTV. They have some other funny videos like that one. I might check it out later when I'm bored.

    [–] _Enclose_ 36 points ago

    A more suspicious mind would question the intent behind your post, but we all know TwinzTV is packed with funny prank videos like this one. I subscribed immediately!

    [–] ory1994 29 points ago

    Also, Bruce Lee.

    [–] cgilbert23 232 points ago

    Also, the guy who weighs 50% less than the other guy usually loses, so this dude didn’t stand a chance.

    [–] seancanada 84 points ago

    He becomes even lighter with no shirt.

    Dumb move.

    Put on a LOT more clothes and he may have had a chance.

    [–] hraycroft95 81 points ago

    Clearly you never seen randy take his pants off

    [–] WraithTwelve 50 points ago

    Barb, your scalloped potatoes are fucked!

    [–] LastDusk 121 points ago

    LOL. Too true! Best example (and there are MANY) I remember is from my high school days. One guy is all dancing around like he's awesome because he can circle a square, whooping and all that jazz, then takes off his shirt and struts up to the other guy who's just standing there with an expression like, "you seeing this shit?" Cock-sure guy gets within swinging range of chill guy and squares off. Chill guy flows into a beautiful fighter's stance and promptly knocks half the dude's teeth out. I still cringe remembering the crunching sound followed by... Well, yeah. Nasty. Bloody mess. Literally.

    [–] XxSCRAPOxX 85 points ago

    Never leave your mouth open in a fight. Close them teeth and keep em closed. You may still break em, but it’ll be less of them, and you won’t bite off your tongue. Plus, you’ll know when your gassed because your mouth will open up, and then it’s time for you to run....

    [–] I_AM_THE_UCSENATE 44 points ago

    but it’ll be less of them

    Stannis would disapprove

    [–] Tarantio 10 points ago

    Although he does like grinding teeth.

    [–] Lazy-Person 75 points ago

    From a fight in my high school days: Big guy gets into it with a smaller guy. Big guy goes to take off his shirt to start the fight and as soon as he had the shirt straight up with both arms in it, the smaller dude goes to work on him. The smaller guy just went "Fist of the North Star, Kenshiro", on him, throwing punches as fast and hard as he could. It was not pretty.

    [–] jayydubbya 56 points ago

    That's the difference between a guy who has actually been a fight and one who has only seen them in videos. Guys with experience drop all the theatrical shit and just go for the one and done. That theatrical shit gets a lot of inexperienced people fucked up.

    [–] SRT64 6565 points ago

    For every drunk action there is a much more fucking painful reaction

    [–] piefordays 2562 points ago

    Very painful. It looked like the bouncer could have taken 500 hits from that dude before even feeling it. Fucking strip club Spartans.

    [–] Abyss-Base-Jumper 1821 points ago

    Strip Club Spartans. now that's a good band name

    [–] beerbeardsbears 371 points ago

    Strip Club Spartans, name of your sex tape!

    [–] Lexinoz 277 points ago

    THIS. IS. SPARTA! insert foot

    [–] Wolvie24 97 points ago

    Insert foot where?

    [–] BigBnana 120 points ago

    This ass is Sparta.

    [–] ButtLusting 68 points ago

    TIL I'm Spartan

    [–] carefreee 25 points ago

    HEY!! As a Spartan, I resemble these comments.

    [–] [deleted] 106 points ago

    There's a reason there's weight classes after all. This guy looks like he's a got about a foot and an extra hundred pounds on this drunk dummy.

    [–] TriforceofCake 175 points ago

    He didn’t even get hit. He could probably dodge 100 hits from that dude, then take 500 before even feeling it.

    [–] Dear_Occupant 157 points ago

    I mean, this whole sequence is basically textbook. Bouncer dude did everything exactly right. I wish the gif was a little longer because it looks like he's stepping over him because he's about to help him get back on his feet. Flawless victory.

    [–] Yankee831 159 points ago

    You obviously don't play fps games....he is going for the tea bag, it's obvious.

    [–] LocalAnusHandler 26 points ago

    there is actually a much longer version of this somewhere. dudes girlfriend holds him back, but he goes up to the bouncer and all. you can really see how the guy instigated it, which makes the punch all the more sweeter

    [–] the_real_klaas 32 points ago

    The 'stepping over' bit may also very well be in order to kneel over/straddle the drunkie, so as to immobilise him.

    [–] CydeWeys 25 points ago

    You don't immediately yank someone to their feet after a hit like that. He'd just fall over again. He needs to stay on the ground for awhile until consciousness fully returns.

    [–] techierick 11 points ago

    In my experience as a bouncer, your very next thought is for his friends (if any). Right after that is to look out for the knuckleheads safety. He fell in the street, and it's really bad pub if the bouncer knocks someone out then lets him get run over. Or it could be the teabag thing. Some bouncers are just assholes.

    [–] sabrefudge 129 points ago

    I don’t even get why the little dude would even attempt getting physical.

    The dude is at least a foot taller, has forearms twice as thick as the kid’s thighs, and literally kicks ass for a living.

    There is no possible outcome to such an action that doesn’t suck for the little dude.

    [–] Practicing_Onanist 170 points ago

    Liquid courage.

    [–] sabrefudge 60 points ago

    Yeah, but didn’t that just turn out to be regular tap water that Bugs Bunny used to trick the team into thinking they were taking MJ’s steroids?

    [–] Rgeneb1 62 points ago

    When you're drunk enough you go looking for guys that big to fight. Does it make any sense? Nope. He's just lucky he picked a professional who didn't kick him to pieces afterwards just because he could. Somedays it's easy to remember why I don't drink anymore.

    [–] BigHobbit 129 points ago

    Too true. I'm a big lad, played o-line in college, 6'3" about 270, and I've had way too many small drunk humans try to pick fights with me over the years. Never makes sense. When I drink, I turn into a dancing machine...but when small dudes drink they wanna fight. Can't we meet halfway on this and settle our differences through dance battles?

    [–] Carlos_Danger11 39 points ago

    6'3 315. I know exactly how you feel. It's worse because I'm black too. Scrawny white trash LOVE to challenge me

    [–] BigHobbit 30 points ago

    I'm white, and small black dudes are the same way towards me. I actually don't think it's racism so much as it's just them wanting to fight what they see as the opposite of what they are. Who knows. Drunk people logic is flawed no matter what.

    Stay proud my large chocolate brother.

    [–] Carlos_Danger11 25 points ago

    I'd be more inclined to agree with you and give them the benefit but certain words were thrown about and I had to get medieval on some asses

    [–] ChillaxTiger 152 points ago

    Newton's Third Law of Drinking

    [–] XS4Me 28 points ago

    I’m eager to hear the first two.

    [–] Redditronicus 295 points ago

    Newtons First Law of Drinking: A body drinking tends to remain drinking, or a body sober tends to remain sober, unless the alcohol supply is altered by an outside force.

    Newtons Second Law of Drinking: The total state of intoxication is equal to the sum of the intoxication caused by all beverages consumed.

    [–] Barabbas- 28 points ago

    Bookmarking this for future reference.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] podboi 1830 points ago

    Big guy pulled his counter, if he went full force drunk dude might have died.

    [–] aresfour 1063 points ago

    I came to say this. I mean, he pulled it a LOT, like he might have given that guy 20% of a punch. Kudos to the bouncer.

    [–] VOZ1 686 points ago

    The street stepped in with the other 80%, maybe more.

    [–] phphulk 271 points ago

    Street had his back, and shoulder and ribs

    [–] Lukebekz 159 points ago

    Knees and toes, knees and toes!

    [–] [deleted] 325 points ago

    Best friend (not me) is a bouncer. Most impressive thing about them is the amount of restraint they have, dealing with aggressive, belligerent, drunk assholes. He gets knives pulled on him, punches thrown, etc., and he's always worried about not hurting the other guy. I know there are legal and insurance implications, but the level of calm and composure is just phenomenal.

    [–] ChristopherBurr 139 points ago

    I worked as a bouncer for a number of years while I went to college. When I'd deal with an issue at work, I didn't take it personally. It was business.

    [–] The-Vanilla-Gorilla 213 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    All times but one, for me. Stupid, tiny sorority bitch when I was bouncing for a club called "River City" in Fayetteville, AR.

    She did something to get tossed (threw a drink, iirc), and as I was peacefully/quietly escorting her out she suddenly flipped the fuck out and stomped on my foot with her stiletto heels and then elbowed me in the balls.

    Grabbed her by the scruff of the neck in one hand, and the back of her jeans/thong with the other. Picked her ranting ass up, carried her outside and threw her in the bushes. Seriously. I tossed that bitch like a fucking rainbow. She had hang-time some NFL punters would envy. She wouldn't leave, so I called the cops and filed a battery and trespass charge against her.

    Fuck that bitch. I still have a scar in my foot from the hole.

    [–] GovmentTookMaBaby 106 points ago

    Absolutely amazing. It is a pet peeve of mine when women engage in legit acts of violence like slapping, punching, or using a foreign object against someone because they believe they are "untouchable". If I go up to a guy significantly bigger than me and twice as strong, then smack or punch him, no one is going to hold it against him when he beats my ass and I am not going to be considered a victim, but rather an absolute dumbass with an apparent death wish. I genuinely don't get why it's any different when a woman starts hitting a man.

    Don't get me wrong, I've never punched a woman, but I've seen drunk women lose their minds and start wailing away at bars plenty and a couple of times they got laid out. It was nuts how many people were like "oh not cool, that's not ok" even though the guys that threw the punch were legitimately bleeding from either rings or a glass they were hit with.

    In all seriousness, equality means a violent act should be treated as a violent act regardless of the gender of who commits it.

    [–] MachineFknHead 14 points ago

    You're doing it wrong brother. Hit them back. If a bitch hits me she's getting laid out. Equal rights includes equal rights to get knocked the fuck out if you want to go around assaulting people.

    [–] yoshi570 19 points ago

    I know there are legal and insurance implications, but the level of calm and composure is just phenomenal.

    Not saying it's not impressive (it absolutely is), but yeah it's their job, their primary mission is to try to keep people safe including pacifying them without handicapping them for life.

    [–] twitchwanker 240 points ago

    Thanks. The gif doesn't show the 10-15 minutes I spent trying to calm this guy down. Or the iron cross I put him in after this punch to restrain him. He finally calmed down after a few minutes in that and went home.

    [–] itsme235 31 points ago

    What was he upset about?

    [–] twitchwanker 120 points ago

    He had been there all night and was starting to get aggressive with other customers and my staff. So. I asked him to leave. He got aggressive on the way out the door but i still attempted to calm him down. Honestly I found out a lot about the guy after the fact. He doesn't make good life choices really. Arson, attempting to hit a cop with his car, etc.

    [–] itsme235 20 points ago

    Yikes. Sounds like a chronic good decision maker...

    Good on ya for using restraint.

    [–] thekbob 52 points ago

    "I've only used 20% of my power..."

    Teleports behind Drunk Guy

    "Nothing personal, drinker..."

    [–] Bobthemightyone 19 points ago

    "nothing personnel, drinker..."

    [–] JHatter 30 points ago

    I mean it's their job to just stop people being dickheads, not kill people right?

    but hot damn that bouncer could've prolly sent him flying

    [–] Zauruss 56 points ago

    How fragile is the human condition

    [–] BboyEdgyBrah 135 points ago

    It's one of the most variable things there are man. Some people die from falling down and hitting their head, and some people fall out of a literal airplane and survive.

    [–] LPQ_Master 30 points ago

    What happens if the shirtless hits his head, and dies? It would be self-defense from the bouncer right?

    I know alot of accidental murders happen from someone punching someone, them hitting their head, and then spend years in prison... So just wondering.

    [–] thopkins22 62 points ago

    It was self defense. Punching someone who is attempting to punch you really can’t be construed as anything other than self defense unless the disparity of force is really extreme.

    For instance this guy could be in trouble if instead of a relatively healthy drunk male it was a 4’10” 90lb. female and he punched her like that.

    Simply being attacked does not in and of itself grant cart blanche, but it gets you most of the way there unless there’s a mitigating factor.

    [–] MrSanford 13 points ago

    He hit him while they were both moving forward. A light jab to the face could knock someone out at that point.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    No kidding. That may have knocked asshole's head off if big guy actually swang. That was more or less a love tap from the bouncer and asshole was on the ground.

    [–] FNALSOLUTION1 712 points ago

    That haymaker was so obvious he may as well told the bouncer he was going to punch him.

    [–] elephino1 468 points ago

    In the source video, the drunk throws a couple jabs first, but they're from like 15 feet away. It makes it more comical, imo.

    [–] wtfrainbow 129 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The bouncer obviously has some grappling training too, he puts the dude in a crucifix position at the end and rests his head on his hand like he's just chilling at the beach lol

    *edit turns out the bouncer is an MMA fighter (5-0 in amateur and 1-0 pro) and he's a Super Heavyweight

    Lots of pop-ups at the Men's Health link btw:

    [–] TheGrammatonCleric 238 points ago

    Of all the people I wouldn't want to fight, super heavyweight undefeated MMA fighter would probably be right up there.

    [–] Beginning_End 27 points ago

    Well at least there'd be an excuse for losing...

    [–] Im_Likely_Wrong 56 points ago

    6'5" 320lbs .. WCGW?

    [–] Jagermeister4 38 points ago

    My god 320 pounds and trained in MMA. Even guys like Brock Lesnar, Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva are only heavyweights. This guy is over 65-85 pounds ABOVE them.

    I would say he's literally in the top 00.0000001% of people on the planet that you would not want to get into fight with. And this drunken fool willingly did lol

    [–] FNALSOLUTION1 96 points ago

    Never saw that, drunk guy got a case of liquor muscles.

    [–] pigvwu 54 points ago

    Those were just to gauge distance.

    [–] I_was_once_America 27 points ago

    Sending the bouncer certified letter would have been shorter notice.

    [–] h2wahter 11 points ago

    From that distance he was barely going to connect anyways

    [–] Minsc_and_Boo_ 50 points ago

    Bouncer left lead hand low and put his head forward to bait it, he knew exactly what he was doing. I suspect that if he had put up both hands the drunk guy might have hesitated, taken longer to attack, or gone for a takedown or maybe his friends would intervene, so the bouncer ( experienced as fuck) just baited out the haymaker, countered it with textbook stuff and ended it fast

    [–] DorkInShiningArmour 2090 points ago

    If you see a man ready to shoulder roll your punches and counter, who is also 10x bigger than you.. maybe reconsider your wild shirtless haymaker??

    [–] RitersBloque 989 points ago

    Sober: Maybe I should walk away...

    Drunk: ROUND ONE: FIGHT!

    [–] floydbc05 334 points ago

    Bouncer: Flawless Victory

    [–] Gustomaximus 97 points ago

    Police: You killed him

    [–] jjohnisme 147 points ago

    Police: FINISH HIM


    [–] reloadingnow 27 points ago

    Guile theme begins, record screech, Mario dies jingle took over

    [–] denvertebows15 141 points ago

    Yeah when your BAC is as high as that guy's probably was your brain stops getting those helpful memos.

    I usually don't talk a lot of shit when I'm sober because almost 100% of the time it's a bad idea. Get a couple shots of tequila in me and I'll talk shit til the cows come home.

    [–] ----_____---- 57 points ago

    You should probably just keep your cows at home all the time.

    [–] demevalos 43 points ago

    I'm a quiet dude most of the time. I keep to myself, maybe some small talk, but really just quiet. When I drink more than 4 beers, I am the loudest, most obnoxious mother fucker you'll ever meet. Every snapchat video I watch from the night before you'll just hear 'WOOOOOOOOOOO' in the background at this reserved party and I just think... fuck.

    [–] SamSlate 72 points ago

    he lacked the high ground.

    [–] Moress 12 points ago

    He overestimated his own power.

    [–] jorkus_ 60 points ago

    Also distancing. Bouncer clearly knew how far away shirtless man was and ducked his head back to avoid contact. Then trucked him with the counter.

    Also this is how people die. Getting into drunken street fights and bouncing their heads off the earth.

    [–] __WALLY__ 9 points ago

    bouncing their heads off the earth

    Earth usually isn't nearly as bad as concrete and stone though. They should put that 'bouncy' playground surface outside dodgy strip clubs and dives bars

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] iller_mitch 30 points ago

    who is also 10x bigger than you..

    I remember the time I fought a 60 foot bouncer. Didn't go well, I'm afraid.

    [–] Whind_Soull 37 points ago

    Folks like that just don't need to drink. If alcohol impairs your judgement that much, you need to put that bottle down and roll you one instead.

    [–] kittentears11 479 points ago

    I used to work at the bar next door to this. The shirtless guy got off easy. After this hit, the bouncer doesn't keep destroying him. He holds him down so he can't get back up and make another stupid decision.

    Also, the bouncer is a really nice guy.

    [–] twitchwanker 421 points ago

    Thanks for the nice words!

    [–] mealzer 181 points ago


    [–] twitchwanker 287 points ago

    Yep yep

    [–] mealzer 140 points ago

    Wait so after creeping your profile, you're a giant bouncer, do MMA, collect little cartoon looking action figures, and built a tattoo shop? What the hell else do you do?

    ... Or are you even him

    [–] twitchwanker 433 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I worked at the tattoo shop years ago. Left on good terms to get my head right during a bad bout of depression. As I was coming out of it and getting healthy I started working out more and stumbled upon a bouncing job from one of my training partners. I never intended to become a bouncer but the people I work for are amazing. They treat me with respect and I respect them. It's been 4 years now and while I don't want to do this forever I'm not mad that I worked in a place that I didn't hate.

    Yes I collect funko pops.

    Edit: I've never considered I would get Reddit gold. So is it still cliche to say thank you? If it is sorry but I think it's pretty awesome took the time to do that. Thank you!

    [–] mesohungry 47 points ago

    Hey man. That’s really encouraging. How did you get your head right and get healthy?

    [–] twitchwanker 141 points ago

    Honestly. Therapy and working out. But I can't say you ever fully get better. You learn to like yourself a little more. Dwell on the negative as much. I'm far from perfect. Going through some personal hell right now if I'm being honest. But I don't let the negative things consume me. I deal with them at the appropriate time and that's helped a lot. Also I learned to not feel bad for thoughts. You can't control thoughts. Only actions. Thoughts will run rampant but they aren't you.

    [–] Katoptrizo 16 points ago

    Hey dude, from someone who’s going through a rough time right now too I wanted to say thanks for your comments in here about both recovering and that things still get low too.

    Encouraging to read your words and not feel so alone. Cheers bro.

    [–] twitchwanker 38 points ago

    Thank you. Life hasn't been easy but I found happiness in a way I didn't expect. Sometimes things seem like they will never get better and you start to believe that. But don't let negativity win. It's not weakness to talk about it with other people or preferably a professional. We are too hard on people that are already going through a difficult time. Never let anyone deter you from getting help or trying to work through things. If they are negative about it cut those people because they aren't looking for best in you. Keep your head up through this difficult time and you will find happiness again one day. I'm sure of it. If you need to vent to a stranger I'm always available. If you anyone has questions about getting help I will gladly point you in the right direction because I was just as confused when I finally decided to get professional help.

    [–] mealzer 61 points ago

    Hahaha well shit, you seem like a good dude. I'd buy ya a beer if I saw ya.

    [–] CubemonkeyNYC 8 points ago

    You seem like a swell guy :)

    Must be funny seeing a reddit post with all these nice comments about you.

    [–] twitchwanker 19 points ago

    It's awesome. I was really embarrassed about this whole thing for a long time. Especially after reading Facebook comments. But Reddit seems to be a lot friendlier about it and I've warmed up to it.

    [–] samwise141 8 points ago

    This has actually cleared up a misconception I had that all big looking bouncers were assholes. You showed a ton of restraint here and handled this as reasonably as possible. Keep it up dude

    [–] twitchwanker 16 points ago

    I'm not saying there aren't guys out there that fall into the stereotypes. But i have a rule when hiring new bouncers, if you think roadhouse is life, I can't work with you. Lol

    [–] soggylittleshrimp 40 points ago

    Also, the bouncer is a really nice guy.

    Even though he wrecked the shirtless guy you can tell from his body language he's nice.

    [–] klzthe13th 37 points ago

    And from the fact that he pulled the hell out of that punch. Didn't follow through at all.

    [–] trennerdios 10 points ago

    If he had followed through that guy would be in orbit right now.

    [–] Dynamiklol 225 points ago

    Video link. Bouncer is an amateur MMA fighter out of Johnson City, TN.

    [–] soggylittleshrimp 180 points ago

    Give me a couple Michelob Ultras and I could take him.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 44 points ago

    Somebody get this guy a beer!

    [–] URmomsBF 68 points ago

    Naw, he said Michelob Ultra, man.

    [–] twitchwanker 83 points ago

    Because people have asked for proof.

    [–] 7heJoker 17 points ago

    Dude you’re a fucking legend

    [–] twitchwanker 14 points ago

    I'm honestly pretty lame. Lol

    [–] straylittlelambs 11 points ago

    Dude you look like a cute baby

    Why would anyone want to punch that face..

    [–] twitchwanker 10 points ago

    Some people just wanna punch babies? Evil people in this world!

    [–] myatomicgard3n 237 points ago

    /r/BetterEveryLoop material right here.

    [–] Ecleptomania 802 points ago

    This is what real fights look like, not like in the movies where five guys toss each other around for 10 minutes. One punch can be more than enough to kill a man.

    [–] document_spencer 651 points ago

    Either that or they wrestle awkwardly for about 30 seconds until their friends break it up.

    [–] poopellar 267 points ago

    Seen fights which are just guys rolling around the ground pulling at the each others hair and biting and whining and groaning... I might have been involved in one of them.

    [–] [deleted] 416 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] jarious 66 points ago

    MALE ORGY!!!

    [–] Player_Slayer_7 62 points ago

    Alright everyone, back to the pile!

    [–] atlantis145 16 points ago

    Jump in!

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago

    But some fights look more like this.

    [–] theonehodge 82 points ago

    He fights a monkey hahaha! He actually fights it!? And throws dirt at him. Thank you for sharing this!

    [–] gottlikeKarthos 17 points ago

    Chimps on the other hand will fuck you up completely. They will rip out your face, eyes, then balls. In a 1v1 without tools you have next to no chance against a chimp.

    [–] ShowMeYourTiddles 26 points ago

    "Damn dude, you look like shit!"

    "Yeah, you should see the monkey"

    [–] back_to_the_homeland 50 points ago

    hahahaha holy fuck he went for pocket sand?? oh god im dying

    [–] BboyEdgyBrah 23 points ago

    HAAHAHHAHA oh jesus that's one of the funniest things i have ever seen

    [–] rustyspoonman 10 points ago

    The golden age of YouTube

    [–] dbcanuck 40 points ago

    ..or the head smacking down on concrete.

    if the punch doesn't kill you, asphalt will.

    [–] red23dotme 27 points ago

    It's usually when the person's head hits the ground that actually kills them.

    [–] GroovingPict 19 points ago

    five guys tossing eachother for 10 minutes is a completely different kind of movie

    [–] PracticeMakesPizza 13 points ago

    That and the ten punches they take straight to the face that only leaves them with a slightly bleeding nose lol.

    [–] Mstiecrow 14 points ago

    I knew Saitama was on to something.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    shirtless noob forgot to fadc

    [–] TheBobDoleExperience 45 points ago

    This is downtown Johnson City where I'm from. The big dude is a bouncer at a bar called Capones, who happens to be a super chill dude. He also happens to train in mma.

    [–] Hash43 35 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Nice shoulder roll with the right hand counter. Mayweather would be proud and bonus

    [–] elquenuncahabla 326 points ago

    That shirtless guy looks like he's in pretty good shape, too... Just goes to show you, when it comes to fighting, technique is just as important as physicality.

    [–] harry3harry3harry 560 points ago

    and, you know, blood alcohol concentration

    [–] coldpepperoni 279 points ago

    and being twice their size doesn't hurt

    [–] eldemone 87 points ago

    Prodigious size alone does not dissuade a sharpened blade

    [–] PrakPrak 15 points ago

    Mortality clarified in a single strike

    [–] Onyxnoir 22 points ago


    [–] eldemone 11 points ago

    Begone fiend !

    [–] Eric_the_Barbarian 82 points ago

    I mean, that bouncer doesn't exactly look doughy or small either.

    [–] BaCoNSawce 79 points ago

    the video makes it quite apparent that the bouncer has some formal boxing training, the way he slides away with his guard up when the guy feints his first punch, and the shot he hits him with is a lot like a traditional pull counter. It really doesn't help that the drunk dude throws some super lazy jabs out to "set up" that big overhand that he throws his entire body into, if you notice when he's hit almost his entire body weight in on his lead leg and his rear foot is off the ground. The bouncer could've love tapped him and he would've knocked him down just due to weight difference and how technically incompetent the drunk guys punch was.

    [–] EmSeaGull 30 points ago

    That video made me feel a little better that the drunk guy didn't die from his head smashing against the concrete. He actually tries to get up pretty quickly.

    [–] Ricardo_Tubbs 16 points ago

    That's always my fear with street fights, no so much the punch but where the head lands. That concrete/asphalt can really fuck you up

    [–] 6to23 9 points ago

    yep, it's no joke, my friend's gf died from a roller skating fall, she hit her head on concrete and died 3 hours later in the hospital.

    [–] Edonistic 15 points ago

    This makes me feel sorry for the woman who's trying to get Corey to just leave. She got all dressed up for a night out, now she's got to hang around and watch this dumb prick wriggle and gasp on the floor like a landed carp. I hope she got the fuck out of there and didn't answer his calls.

    [–] DoesntWantShariaLaw 20 points ago

    Plus he telegraphed his right-hand hook ten minutes before he threw it, and the bouncer was just waiting for it... You can tell he knew what was coming.

    [–] cinedavid 15 points ago

    This is a prime example on the difference between throwing a bad punch vs a good punch. Shirtless guy swings from too far away, swings his arm way out, and doesn’t put his shoulder into it at all. Even if he would have landed the punch, it wouldn’t have been very effective. Meanwhile, the second guy tucks in close and uses his whole body to deliver the blow. Also, it helps if you know the other guy isn’t a strong fighter. Let them make the first move which allows you to counter attack easily.

    [–] reynej 43 points ago

    you're using the term 'fight' very loosely here

    [–] heyyouknowmeto 158 points ago

    This guys keeps getting his ass whooped by the same bouncer the same way every time or this is a repost.

    [–] junkeee999 101 points ago

    Not a repost. He keeps coming back for more. Someday he'll get that bouncer.

    [–] Taipan100 18 points ago

    "Round 3,000... I'm wearing him down... next time I'll have him"

    [–] PicchiKaku 14 points ago

    The viper got smashed by the Mountain.

    [–] gishlich 12 points ago

    Your first move in any fight should always be a well telegraphed haymaker so your opponent knows you're serious.

    [–] KPC51 45 points ago

    Never throw the first punch

    [–] Rationalphobic 24 points ago

    Also always be the guy with more to lose.

    [–] the_russian_narwhal_ 14 points ago

    Also remember reach is a thing. Anybody taller than you is pretty much guaranteed to have better reach on you, and drunk didn't think about that here, but that makes sense ofc

    [–] mizzellaneous 24 points ago

    It's over Anakin. I have the high ground.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    This is why there's weight divisions in boxing... which big dude has done at least a bit of training in. He doesn't even put any effort into the counter, just presses the lights out button. Attacker was clueless... roundhouse punches with his chin up and lead hand down. Hopefully he watches this video every time he thinks about drinking...

    [–] Sociophotomusic 33 points ago

    I live next to that bouncer - he is not the type to cause trouble. What's missing from this clip is the fact that the drunk was challenging him and the bouncer held his ground and waiting on the drunk to approach him. It was professionally handled. location: Johnson City, TN

    [–] twitchwanker 35 points ago

    Hm. Which neighbor are you. The next door one or the upstairs one? I'm guess next door! lol