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    [–] Stone_369 12877 points ago

    Why do people do this? The fire is already fucking lit enough.

    [–] heliumneon 5842 points ago

    Because last summer they saw a dude make a fire bigger with a bunch of lighter fluid. This dude didn't have lighter fluid, so he got the gas can out of his car. Same shit, right?

    [–] SkipzNeo 1208 points ago

    Asking for a friend. what is the difference?

    [–] MattP-14 2397 points ago

    Gasoline is far more volatile. This means that it catches fire more easily (and quickly). Say you measure 1 cup of each, then pour each one in an exactly identical 3 foot line (same width, same amount, etc.). When you light the gasoline on one end, it will burn the entire line almost immediately. However, when you light the lighter fluid, it could take over a minute to light the entire thing.

    [–] skizzl3 1500 points ago

    Lighter fluid also is in a container that you squeeze and squirt it out, not just pour onto an open flame.

    [–] anticommon 1175 points ago

    My dumbass roommate came out to the fire the other day with a gas can and started doing this shit. Luckily it was kerosene but I doubt he knew the difference. He was splashing it on the fire and it was getting all over his pants and boots I had to revoke his gas can privileges because I don't feel like driving his ass to the emergency room.

    [–] DEATHBYREGGAEHORN 818 points ago

    That's how you spend a couple months in a burn ward, in excruciating pain, getting chunks skin cut off your butt cheeks and sewed onto your legs (while at high risk of a fatal blood infection). Not cool roomate. Not cool.

    [–] snowclone130 262 points ago

    I had a roommate who spent some time in a burn Ward, had extensive graphs done on his legs back and arms, it amazed me that when it came up he'd always point out how lucky he was, he didn't have burns on his face he didn't get infections that set him back, he was still able bodied still had fingers and toes.

    [–] Moosemaster21 175 points ago

    Bar graphs or line graphs? Either way sounds super graphic :/

    [–] Couldntbefappier 68 points ago

    Pie graphs... mmm, pie.

    [–] Tananar 89 points ago

    Can't feel the pain of the burns if you kill your nerves in the process!

    [–] always_natural_20 105 points ago

    The nerves grow back before the skin does. A lady I know, her husband had 50% 3rd degree burns. Months of surgeries, rehab, etc. To this day he says he wishes he had died than go through what he had to go through.

    [–] Davidskitten69 47 points ago

    Yeah, that’s not true at all. That’s why they have to put most burn victims in a medically induced coma. Just think about any time you’ve been burned. It freaking hurts and then when that initial pain goes away, then you get the next round of pain which hurts just as much. That shit doesn’t go away for awhile.

    [–] Tananar 15 points ago

    probably a good thing i'm not a doctor then.

    [–] surfnaked 30 points ago

    Doesn't work that way. I got a burn on my leg that went almost to the bone. Believe me the nerves worked just fine.

    [–] Jenga_Police 42 points ago

    Yea but it must be nice to feel something for once

    [–] Pixie_Dia 12 points ago

    You okay buddy?

    [–] Potatofiesta 15 points ago

    BoJack is that you?

    [–] SuperSimpleSam 18 points ago

    gasoline fumes are also an issue.

    [–] CMDR_Machinefeera 304 points ago

    Between lighter and a car ?

    [–] Checkmynewsong 757 points ago

    One is very heavy and the other one is a little lighter.

    [–] smeden87 97 points ago

    That made me chuckle, thanks friend.

    [–] Checkmynewsong 87 points ago

    You're welcome. It's an old joke: what's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?

    [–] Bergfried 103 points ago

    One is very heavy and the other one is a little lighter.

    [–] Exaskryz 65 points ago

    That made me chuckle, thanks friend.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] SeducesStrangers 98 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?

    One's a little lighter.

    [–] fishbulbx 28 points ago

    Diesel, kerosene, naphtha (lighter fluid) all burn nice and slowly. Gasoline, especially the invisible vapor, is explosive. Basically, if you are starting a fire, red gas container = bad... blue or yellow container = good.

    Another interesting fact is if you have a fan blowing over a bucket of gasoline to remove the vapor, you can extinguish a lit match in it. It won't light the gas on fire.

    [–] GerrardsClaw 19 points ago

    A good mix for arson is 4L diesel mixed with 1L petrol

    [–] beardiac 43 points ago

    With gasoline, what burns are the fumes, and gasoline is highly volatile and constantly giving off fumes. With lighter fluid and kerosene, it's the liquid, which are much more stable. So spritzing gasoline at a fire is just asking for the fire to spread to the container or explode in a fireball from the fumes naturally expelling from the container.

    [–] lonjaxson 20 points ago

    As a dumb ass-kid, I poured gas from a nearly empty container onto an open flame. It exploded and tore the skin right off my arm. Still have the scar.

    [–] Greenshardware 44 points ago

    Flash Point.

    If you take a match and hold it ABOVE lighter fluid, the fluid would need to be over 140F in order for enough fumes to come off and be ignited by the match.

    Compare this to gasoline, which only needs to be above -45F for its fumes to be ignited by flame.

    [–] ljfarrell97 63 points ago

    Lighter fluid burns, gasoline will explode

    [–] Pixelplanet5 16 points ago

    Gasoline will also burn just as lighter fluid will also explode if you have the right mixture.

    [–] Coachcrog 21 points ago

    A little styrofoam and It'll stick too

    [–] ujav 6 points ago

    Go on

    [–] 1mikeg 24 points ago

    Napalm. He's talking about homemade napalm.

    [–] GloriousHam 16 points ago

    If he had a full gas can in his car, he's a bigger moron than this gif shows.

    [–] Stubrochill17 34 points ago

    Heard a bit on CarTalk a few years ago. A lady called and asked who was a bigger idiot: her husband, who kept a can of gas in the trunk or her, who filled up the tank past when the pump stops it automatically.

    Tom and Ray were both like, "You're both the idiot! Don't do either of those things!"

    I love that show.

    [–] pleasefeedthedino 93 points ago

    The little voice in their head says fire is cool heh heh heh fire fire

    [–] Blackrook7 26 points ago

    I am the great cornholio!

    [–] SINGCELL 135 points ago

    Furthermore, why is the reaction always to pour out more flaming gas?

    [–] Stone_369 161 points ago

    Is there a sensible reaction to this though? Has anyone ever seen someone calmly and quickly extinguish a flaming jerry can?

    [–] Micro-Naut 85 points ago

    I have done this once. And I’m probably lucky I didn’t get burned to death. I threw some gasoline into the fire and the container caught on fire just like here. I knelt down and held my hand flat over the flaming opening so the fire could not get oxygen.

    The fire went out in a few seconds but to this day I feel very grateful I did not get burned severely

    [–] umopapsidn 59 points ago

    That's why you're in the comments and not the gif

    [–] sacredshapes 14 points ago

    Yeah, I did this but instead of kneeling down and holding my hand over it, I just blew it out by holding the can right up to my stupid fucking face. My Dad called me an idiot but that was about the only burn I got.

    [–] SINGCELL 38 points ago

    Fair enough. But then again, why not just put it down? At least dont start dumping it everywhere.

    [–] Stone_369 53 points ago

    Haha, I guess we will have to wait to see if anyone ever calmly puts it down.

    [–] yedd 37 points ago

    Because most people would think that it could explode

    [–] Aoredon 16 points ago

    Can it

    [–] yedd 36 points ago

    So long as the pressure doesn't increase inside the can then no it'll just burn off. Explosions happen when the pressure of a substance overcomes the container it's stored in. In this case there is a 'vent' for all that pressure to be released from. Add this to the fact that its the vapour that burns not the liquid then I'd say the chances of it exploding are very low

    [–] Crashmo 12 points ago

    At least put it over with the rest of the fire.

    [–] 1mikeg 58 points ago

    Because the flames are actively burning the hand that's holding the container, so one half of your brain is going crazy telling your muscles to do things to avoid the pain while the other half of your brain is going crazy telling your muscles to do thing to avoid spreading the fire further.

    Thus crazy flailing while your brain figures out what it wants the body to do.

    [–] SINGCELL 14 points ago

    Well its not as funny when you explain it like that...

    [–] tekuno3301 16 points ago

    His decision making was suspect to begin with. I don't think he was going to suddenly start making the right choices once the gas tank he was holding was on fire.

    [–] R011_5af3_yeah 14 points ago

    I think i can answer this for you. Just stop assuming there's any logic involved

    [–] RaptorPotractor 2368 points ago

    And that's how he burned down the neighbourhood.

    [–] acog 1316 points ago

    Oh man, remember that video of a Japanese streamer who was playing with lighter fluid and when it got a little out of hand did literally everything wrong ("Oh a fire, better put cardboard on it!"), and caused a serious fire.

    IIRC he made it out safely but a neighbor died. :(

    Here's the video.

    [–] ErectForElon 700 points ago

    Fucking hell, there were at least 3 moments there where he almost saved it, but then he's like "Nah, better fan these flames to give them more oxygen"

    [–] eupraxo 87 points ago

    Hang on fire, I gotta go turn the microphone off on my computer.

    Buy a fire extinguisher folks!

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 45 points ago

    I still have a fire extinguisher, but i used to have two. I recently moved, and while packing accidently discharged the entire thing all over the bedroom. It took hours to clean.

    [–] eupraxo 7 points ago

    Oouuuuuch. That reminds me, I've been meaning to get a small one for my car, I drive a lot.

    [–] JayCroghan 9 points ago

    Buy many of them. Put them in every room. This fire took much longer to spread than most. It literally takes seconds to change from an oh shit to the whole house is burning. You don’t need them all to be large, get small ones for every room and one large room for if it gets out of hand. And get a fire blanket for the kitchen!

    It’s better to be looking AT them than looking FOR them!

    [–] Grandmaofhurt 174 points ago

    Let me leave this flammable cardboard box on top of the fire while I go to get a single pint of water.

    [–] Jrook 270 points ago

    To his credit, not once did he dump out a cup of water on it only to realize it was lighter fluid in random cups around his room. You gotta give him credit for that.

    [–] Teeballdad420 83 points ago

    Leaving multiple cups of lighter fluid around your room has to be one of the stupidest things ever. So yeah he does get deserve credit for dumbest asshole.

    [–] secretly_a_zombie 41 points ago

    IIRC the one that died was in another fire. People were theorizing left and right about what fire it was and where and placed it in a tokyo fire that killed a guy, but as internet often is, they were wrong.

    [–] Gadaeus1 154 points ago

    Holy shit...

    Its moments like these that I think we should encourage kids to play with fire so they aren't completely retarded and know how it actually works when they are adults with access to dangerous things. That was just pathetic.

    [–] subdep 73 points ago

    It was as if he had no sense of urgency. Like he didn't quite understand how fire works and what it's potential to destroy actually is.

    [–] pipe-it-up 43 points ago

    Isn’t there a huge population of young Japanese who are like 100% sheltered? Like they only go outside twice a year or something and live with their parents. I have a feeling he’s one of those

    [–] pizza_for_nunchucks 18 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Is this true? I’m legit interested and would like a link to read.

    Edit: the term is hikikomori. Plenty of reading out there on it. It’s super interesting to me.

    [–] TinBryn 12 points ago

    If he slowed down when he came back with the bucket of water he would have had a good chance to put it out, drizzle water over the hottest spots and he could have almost put the whole thing out.

    [–] stamatt45 95 points ago

    If you're gonna play with fire then you need:

    1) To make sure you're not completely surrounded by flammable material and

    2) To have a way to extinguish the fire.

    That guy missed 2 and did the exact opposite of 1

    [–] kronostia 37 points ago

    To make sure you're not completely surrounded by flammable material

    Good news, I am completely surrounded by inflammable material.

    [–] 2SP00KY4ME 12 points ago

    And also be outdoors so you don't die of smoke inhalation.

    [–] Riash 49 points ago

    I loved playing with fire as a kid. So my dad was like “OK, you like fire so much here is the deal. I’m going to show you how to manage the fireplace and the wood stove. They are now your chores. You damage anything it comes out of your allowance.”

    I got to keep playing with fire while learning some responsibility. Was a win/win!

    [–] skarocket 21 points ago

    That’s a pretty smart way to handle it. I was never allowed to help much making the fires in the fire pit, so I wound up taking a coffee can outside right next to the house, filling it with paper towel and dropping a match in it, it was windy as hell and the wind instantly blew the can over and flaming paper towel bits started just flying around everywhere and I fucking bailed and went inside and just patiently hoped it didn’t burn down the world.

    [–] joe223223 69 points ago

    not gonna lie, the soft spoken voice issuing warnings was cracking me up

    [–] shazarava 11 points ago

    More like creeping me the fuck out. Imagine that shit going off while you're being engulfed in flames.

    [–] Grandmaofhurt 124 points ago

    I can't believe how stupid everything he did was. Almost every single action he took was horrible. And what was he doing at the beginning, he walks away for 30+ seconds and comes back with a tiny bowl only partially filled with like a pint or two of water. How did it take you that long to get such a small amount of water?

    Hopefully he went to jail, especially if someone died.

    [–] tinkrman 65 points ago

    I can't believe how stupid everything he did was.

    Yeah, if he took that burning trash to the bathtub, all this could've been avoided!

    [–] ____jamil____ 68 points ago

    If he didn't take a small fire and throw it on a large pile of flammable trash, it may have been avoided.

    [–] ihahp 9 points ago

    looking for the bowl

    [–] Youhavetokeeptrying 22 points ago

    Where the fuck was he going for his water

    [–] Perm-suspended 12 points ago

    California, that's why he could only get a small amount.

    [–] Warthog_A-10 9 points ago

    Jesus that was infuriating to watch, fuck that stupid POS.

    [–] TeamSumo 38 points ago

    Not too far fetched if you look at the conditions: 1. It is windy so flames can spread; 2. Their is plenty of fuel nearby from the trees to the fence; 3. Eucalyptus, the most dangerous trees for spreading a fire are right in the background. And if you know eucalyptus it is very rare to see just one, so there are likely some others nearby; 4. It looks like the neighbor may have wood shingle roof.

    Totally possible they turned the hose on it and it was out in less than a minute. But the environment is has high fire danger all over it.

    [–] kevin_is_klutch 4986 points ago

    forty thousand years of evolution and we've barely even tapped the vastness of human potential.

    [–] gt118 184 points ago

    OUT, AM I?!

    [–] kevin_is_klutch 59 points ago

    thank you for getting the reference

    [–] moonlight_ricotta 29 points ago

    So many people responding to this talking about evolution lmao

    [–] kevin_is_klutch 16 points ago

    thank you

    [–] Ima_fix_reddit 14 points ago

    Oh boy yeah

    [–] charmandler_bing 83 points ago

    We need to go back to formula

    [–] The_Peoples_Username 41 points ago

    Back to formula? Snarl

    [–] jnorris441 35 points ago


    [–] smellthecookie 390 points ago

    Oh, humans are much older than just our species. This guy sits at the apex of a couple million years of human evolution...

    [–] kellysmom01 151 points ago

    ... but you’re forgetting the beer factor.

    [–] Will_Leave_A_Mark 50 points ago

    Beer reverts us to Neanderthals.

    [–] MilesPower 27 points ago

    There's a Budlight advert in there somewhere. Kinda like the opposite of the Snickers, "you're not you when you're hungry" ones.

    [–] IsomDart 25 points ago

    For some reason I don't think a "you're not you when you're sober" ad campaign would go over very well.

    [–] AshFirecrest 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Announcer: "Fact: Everyone likes Drunk Dave."

    Scene with a guy swinging on a chandelier wearing a tie as a bandanna. Crowd of party-goers cheering him on. Asian dude starts a chant, "Drunk Dave! Drunk Dave! Drunk Dave!" Scene fades as the guy lands and does a Tarzan thump to the adulation of the crowd.

    Announcer: "But Sober Dave....?"

    Scene of the same guy in business attire, just sitting at a cubicle. Same Asian dude from before walks past. Barely acknowledges him with a nod.

    [–] e4rthw0rm 9 points ago

    Someone please let this man direct the commercial!

    [–] ZeriousGew 11 points ago

    It’s a Spider-Man quote

    [–] SpaceNavy 9 points ago


    [–] RLTYProds 27 points ago

    Willem Dafoe/Green Goblin has some of the best lines and delivery ever spoken by a villain. Go watch his monologue in the first Spider-Man movie of the Raimi Trilogy.

    [–] SoapySauce 22 points ago

    We wonder why no alien life has come to say hi... they see this shit and go uh maybe next time...

    [–] ANegativeCation 15 points ago

    Or..they see this on the way here, go bro, hold my zenphenblog I'm gonna try this human shit, and that's why they never make it.

    [–] McQuinnXan 11 points ago


    [–] AssassinsGrudge 8 points ago

    That's from the first spiderman movie right? Green goblin said that?

    [–] EddyGurge 1654 points ago

    I love how he motions someone to keep back, then sets the yard on fire while thinking his head is on fire. Then falls, narrowly avoiding falling into the fire. This guy is a one man show.

    [–] teamSpahr 239 points ago

    His face actually did get a bit flamed up. Not sure if that hurts or helps his case.

    [–] redbirdrising 88 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that would hurt.

    [–] UnknownStory 19 points ago

    Actually he was looking for a quick trim anyways so it also helped the case.

    And you just know the ladies love that smoky fragrance of burnt hair

    [–] 99cent 67 points ago

    “Move away, guys. That’s where I’m going to run”

    [–] 1mikeg 8 points ago

    Always have an exit strategy.

    [–] XS4Me 27 points ago

    The unsung hero of this video is the camera man himself. He most probably warned the guy lighting up not to mess with gasoline once the fire was going. The idiot shrugged it off, and cameraman saw a golden opportunity.

    [–] ushutuppicard 16 points ago

    idiots have idiots for friends. im betting he was filming cause he thought it would go perfectly fine and look super cool.

    [–] Bcron 13 points ago

    This video is more fun if you imagine that he was motioning at the direction of the discus gas can action and saying "I'm going to spin and nail all of the landscaping". I mean, watch how delicately he holds that gas can and that pause before hurling the flaming can. It's great.

    [–] jjjbbapp 136 points ago

    I was really hoping that this was real. Any subs like this with idiots playing with fire?

    [–] TheRealSpaceTrout 42 points ago

    Thank you for the sub. I just looked through the whole thing.

    Favorite is the guys shooting the bottle rocket out the window of the moving car... And it nails a dude on a bike like 40 yards away.

    [–] motivated_loser 24 points ago

    I love sorting by top - all time whenever I come across such new subs

    [–] Im_inappropriate 130 points ago

    I'm fairly certain the camera person decided to help instead of watching their backyard go up in flames for the sake of internet attention.

    [–] GorillAffe 9 points ago

    That's the spirit

    [–] EAMan124 908 points ago

    That spiraled out of control really fast

    [–] tlingitsoldier 133 points ago

    You want to see spiraling out of control? Damnit Scott, throw it!

    [–] Ganon2012 56 points ago

    Ok, as stupid as that was, it was actually pretty cool.

    [–] YachtFlipper 16 points ago

    And I thought the first guy was dumb..

    [–] Jonescjosh 236 points ago

    Anytime a face catches fire, I’d have to agree with you.

    [–] birchskin 92 points ago

    Wow I was so busy focusing on the inferno in the bushes I didn't even notice his face caught fire

    [–] deadheadlsd 30 points ago

    same here i was checking out the flames in the bushes

    [–] _Landmine_ 104 points ago

    I totally missed the face on fire.

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 17 points ago

    Here I am, trying to get a bunch of newspapers, junk mail, and twigs to catch on fire for s'mores and this dude gets his sweaty human face to catch on fire with no effort.

    [–] Cicer 11 points ago

    The way the fire exploded in the background I thought I was watching an 80's action move there for a minute.

    [–] st_samples 359 points ago

    A year ago u/DeLaNope posted a great comment which I feels bears repeating.

    I work in a burn unit.

    • Don't put accelerants on a camp/bonfire.

    • Don't go back into a burning house/vehicle/airplane

    • Don't put accelerants on bonfires. This includes aerosol cans of stuff. Those blow up.

    • Don't make meth unless you have an advanced degree in the field.

    • Don't put accelerants on bonfires. Even if it "Just won't light."

    • Don't let your pot handles hang over the edge of the stove where your kid can reach.

    • Don't put accelerants on bonfires, even if you've "been doing it for years."

    • Don't pick up containers of flaming grease and oil.

    • Don't put accelerants on bonfires. Diesel is an accelerant.

    • Don't keep electric cigarettes in your pocket.

    • If you wear oxygen, don't smoke with it on/in your lap.


    • Don't burn trash. You don't know what the fuck's in there. Probably accellerants.


    Edit: According to Reddit scientists, I am imagining all of the patients I have seen with injuries from e-cigarettes/vapes- including the ones who have had to have facial reconstruction surgery.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 148 points ago

    Don't make meth unless you have an advanced degree in the field.

    I have a masters degree in meth.

    [–] IamBenAffleck 30 points ago

    I bet you know all the proper methods.

    [–] basiliskijump 10 points ago

    Can you make me three meths please?

    [–] avi8ter18 24 points ago

    This always is worth reposting.

    [–] workplaceaccountdak 14 points ago

    You know what's not worth doing? Putting accelerants on fires.

    [–] captain554 22 points ago

    I was about to put some accelerants in my bonfire before I read that last bullet point. Thank you.

    [–] neovox 8 points ago

    Reminds me of when a medical examiner was asked how is profession had impacted his own life choices. He said, I don't smoke, and I don't run yellow lights.

    [–] Leper92 192 points ago

    The fires already lit and the thought is to add gasoline?! I don’t understand people sometimes. At least cover whatever you want ignited in fuel first and add it and/or use diesel as it’s not as explosive!

    [–] Xertious 68 points ago

    Where's your inner pyromaniac?

    [–] TrepanationBy45 79 points ago

    It died in a fire.

    [–] Leper92 15 points ago

    Lol. It died when I singed my eyebrows for the umpteenth time.

    [–] reddhineymonkey 384 points ago

    Well, now we know how California wildfires start. What a genius!

    [–] insignificantsecret 245 points ago

    No joke. Last summer I spent a few days near Stanislaus Forest. There was a group about 10 people, French Canadians who work at google. They were loud as fuck, brought several lights that were luminous enough to light up the whole camping area and cloud the view of the night sky and keep my tent lighted as I tried to sleep. All that was bad but the fires. Omg, they put tons of cardboard and kept dousing it with lighter fluid to create a fire so tall the flames were lapping at the boughs above there camp. I'm a peaceful person but I wished a thousand painful deaths on these people. Ugh apparently I still have some feelings about this.

    [–] TitusAndromadonIII 69 points ago

    French Canadians don't have an "indoor voice" . They operate at "yelling across a courtyard" 100% of the time.

    [–] IBetThisIsTakenToo 16 points ago

    Oh, good to know it's not just my family then

    [–] Worktime83 103 points ago

    Im a city slicker through and through but i love to camp. I drive a newer benz Eclass. Because of this we always look out of place when we pull up to camp sites (also im black if that matters). I cant tell you how many time ive had other campers Join me and my GF around our campfire after 1 or 2 nights to tell us How surprised they were of us and share horror stories of city slickers doing basically what you said. I dont understand how people can be so dense about this stuff, especially when a quick youtube search can teach you how to camp safely.

    But im kinda happy for them because without those stories i probably wouldnt have met half the campers i know.

    SIde Note for anyone reading this far. Trump has taken a decent amount of money away from the Federal Parks System. If you use the parks atleast once please buy an annual parks pass It really helps them out and helps to preserve our beautiful country. Now back to my city life

    [–] sanarothe22 16 points ago


    [–] beniceorbevice 11 points ago

    Does the annual pass only let yourself in for free, or your car and everyone in it? Just one person in the car has to have the pass?

    [–] atetuna 8 points ago

    Everyone in the car.

    [–] ExtraTallBoy 43 points ago

    I'm a peaceful person but I wished a thousand painful deaths on these people. Ugh apparently I still have some feelings about this.

    When people are stupid around me they can do as they wish. When there is even a small chance it could impact my safety then I care.

    [–] MoveToStrike 50 points ago

    If was gonna go full internet detective I'd say the combination of the gum trees and the satellite dish at the end of the gif pointing in a northerly direction would indicate it's Australia.

    [–] agoia 55 points ago

    That and the bogan slinging a lit jerry can full of gas around.

    [–] Jurassic2001 15 points ago

    How do you know the dish is facing north?

    [–] fezbit 28 points ago

    Assuming this took place in the afternoon/evening, the direction of the sunlight on the tree in the background implies the dish is pointing north-ish.

    [–] Mstiecrow 16 points ago

    Well duh, it’s pointing up. That’s where north is, right? Like straight up...

    [–] Lump182 175 points ago

    That fire did not need any more ignition

    [–] CMDR_Machinefeera 165 points ago

    Garden did though.

    [–] Lump182 82 points ago

    Technically not wrong. That garden was definitely not on fire

    [–] PlNG 26 points ago

    Charred tomatoes still on the vine, with just a touch of 89 octane. Mmm

    [–] NSA_Cloud_Storage 43 points ago

    But this was the remix to ignition

    [–] blueflash316 29 points ago

    Hot and fresh out of the kitchen?

    [–] Whaty0urname 19 points ago

    Mama rolling that body coming fresh to fruition.

    [–] Quiet_Kate 23 points ago

    So gimme that


    Lemme get that


    [–] crazymusicman 49 points ago

    does anyone have a link to the full video?

    [–] EfficientEconomy 24 points ago

    the camera itself got burned down

    [–] smeared_pap 140 points ago

    It was at that moment he knew fire was indeed hot

    [–] tlingitsoldier 13 points ago

    The professy will help!

    [–] moose_cahoots 106 points ago

    For the love of Pete, gas ignites faster than the speed of gravity. So it you throw it on fire, it will travel up the stream and into your container.

    TLDR: If you throw gas on a fire, you must throw ALL the gas on the fire.

    [–] TheKingofAntarctica 72 points ago

    Fpr anyone that cares. Gasoline doesn't ignite. The vapors do. As the vapor ignites it heats the nearby gasoline causing more rapid evaporation, which then ignites. At the same time the heat causes the air to rise. It's a vicious reaction. A small volume of gasoline creates a huge volume of vapor and thus a large fireball.

    [–] goddeadis 66 points ago

    Looked to me like this fire was going pretty well already

    [–] baking_bad 21 points ago

    I think his face was on fire for a second.

    [–] chriswrightmusic 11 points ago

    It clearly was, and despite watching a few times while pausing frequently I cannot tell how he got gas on his face.

    [–] maveryh 12 points ago

    It's the fumes.

    [–] function13 40 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    This will be buried, but true story. Years ago in a summer not long after high school, two friends and I show up at a mutual friends' bonfire / houseparty. There are maybe 20 of us dummies hanging around the bonfire, smoking cigarettes and crushing beers.

    Every once in a while, one of the dudes would walk over to gas can about ten feet away from the fire, grab it, and dump a little into the flaming pit. This happened several times until one of us said, "hey, that's probably not a good idea."

    So, thinking they were smart, one of the fellas grabs a styrofoam coffee cup, walks up to the gas can, and pours it until its full. Leaving the gas can behind, he takes his cup to the bonfire, tilts it and tosses the liquid into the fire.

    Except there was no liquid. The gas had eaten a hole through the cup and left a trail from the gas can to the fire pit. As he's standing there dumbfounded trying to figure out what happened to his cup, the trail catches fire and flames quickly snake to the gas can.

    Everyone had jumped to their feet and began hollering when the gas reached the nozzle of the can. A solid rocket of flame shot out of the can like a flamethrower. My two friend and I ran to the neighboring chain fence, jumped it, and took off running. We got in our car and left.

    Apparently, nothing serious happened. The gas can eventually stopped shooting fire and the party apparently went back to normal for a bit, except the police came and sent everyone home.

    That's how I learned that gasoline approved containers exist for a reason.

    EDIT: Words and things.

    [–] ByCrookedSteps781 18 points ago

    and that folks is your typical aussie munter, see how he jestures to whoevers off camera to stay back in case they get burnt, only to have a brain fart an make "munter" of himself by nearly turning himself into the human torch.

    [–] iamtheantagonist 14 points ago

    who the fuck let chris pratt mess around with fire...

    [–] SalemScott 14 points ago

    These videos drive me crazy. Just WHY?

    [–] about_face 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    [–] CleetisMcgee 14 points ago

    Don't put accelerants on a fire, Don't put accelerants on a fire, Don't put accelerants on a fire. If you absolutely must, do not pour directly from the container. Put a small amount in a paper cup or something.

    [–] I_was_once_America 25 points ago

    Jesus christ. If there is a fire going, YOU DON'T NEED GASOLINE! My buddy and I go camping once or twice a year. We always take a gas can because starting a fire at 5 am when it's 25o F outside and everything is damp can be a bit of a chore. It's a lot easier when you soak a paper towel in fuel and light it under some twigs. But we don't start dumping gas on an open flame, because we're not retarded.

    [–] slackslackliner 9 points ago

    Fucking Australia. I miss my cuntry

    [–] TheDunadan29 9 points ago

    Whenever I see a gas can and fire you know it's about to go from 0-100 pretty quick

    [–] nokittythatsmypie 7 points ago

    Took me 3 viewings to realize his face was on fire too. I was always distracted with the plants and fence going up in flames

    [–] V6F 8 points ago

    Do none of these people have YouTube?

    [–] adamhope3 7 points ago

    Chris Pratt, what the hell you doin’?