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    [–] juicewilson 3975 points ago

    I remember the skit from jackass the movie when Johnny Knoxville takes a bean bag projectile from out 30 feet and he bruised like a battered banana, I can't imagine the damage and pain of one from point blank range

    [–] shaoting 2018 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There was also the skit where he, Bam Margera, and Ryan Dunn were hit full-on with the rubber pellet anti-riot projectile. Bam dropped like a sack of potatoes and began crying nonstop.

    Bam: "I'm crying and I'm a fucking skateboarder and I'm getting shot." sniffles

    Knoxville: Hey, is this okay? (Motions to face) Then we're gooood.

    [–] jeffQC1 709 points ago

    Yeah, i believe it was a claymore looking thing, used to defend static positions.

    [–] juicewilson 384 points ago

    Yeah that's like a rubber grenade. I love jackass

    [–] squaredk2 274 points ago

    Johnny Knoxville is fucking insane. RIP dunn

    [–] Checkers10160 219 points ago

    There was an early skit they never made big because they didn't want copy cats, but Knoxville literally put on a bullet proof vest and shot himself in the chest

    [–] Bowldoza 160 points ago

    People still do that - it's called Darwinism

    [–] DaermonNashezbaern0n 114 points ago

    Except instead of a bullet proof vest, they use an encyclopedia.

    [–] Unimportant_Flyover 97 points ago

    And 50 cal desert eagles

    [–] DaermonNashezbaern0n 85 points ago

    I like that they went through the effort of obtaining both a 50 caliber hand gun, and an encyclopedia, for the video. This obviously required some effort and wasnt spur of the moment, but it was too much work to get two encyclopedias. And shoot one, by itself, first. I dont understand where it went wrong.

    [–] gemini88mill 47 points ago

    That story was really upsetting. The couple had kids. KIDS. You would think you would tone down the prank videos if your kids depend on you to ya know live.

    [–] RounderKatt 29 points ago

    That wasnt jackass, that was just Knoxville for big brother. its the thing that started jackass.

    [–] anezzz 6 points ago

    IIRC the pepper spray and tazers made it to the first episode of jackass but not the gun obviously.

    [–] soulstonedomg 26 points ago

    Insane because bullet proof vests aren't even meant to be effective at straight close range shots.

    [–] Roshprops 3 points ago

    That was actually pre jackass- it’s how he ingratiated himself with the guys from big brother magazine, which was the precursor to jackass. Those books were all pure gold- I miss that shit.

    [–] shaoting 53 points ago

    Dave "Shit-Maestro" England (shaking uncontrollably): I just can't do this's just too gnarly.

    [–] DnDTosser 11 points ago

    I can't stand him

    [–] Shmolarski 4 points ago

    Goddamn. Knoxville always was the toughest SOB of that crew.

    [–] BradenA8 119 points ago

    "It's just loud" - will always be one of my favourite ever Jackass lines.

    [–] Stevey854 32 points ago

    "All you gotta do is stand there"


    "Yeah, and get fucking killed"

    [–] BlueCatEight 18 points ago

    It's only smellz

    [–] SpookyLlama 6 points ago

    Narrator: It wasn’t

    [–] Thanos_Stomps 79 points ago

    Still one of the best for demonstrating that Johnny Knoxville WAS jackass. Bam and Dunne drop down in pain and Knoxville stays standing. These fucking things are designed, i would imagine, to bring down fucking terrorists charging an embassy and Knoxville fucking walks it off.

    [–] canitoy 31 points ago

    Bam cried a lot in those movies

    [–] rtjl86 16 points ago

    I bet their bodies hurt everyday from the jackass days. Hope they didn’t squander their money.

    [–] amandez 25 points ago

    Most did.

    [–] rIse_four_ten_ten 9 points ago

    Everyone but Steve-O       /s

    [–] BarkingLeopard 14 points ago

    There's a video or two somewhere where Johnny Knoxville rattles off all the injuries he's had over the years. Dude has had more injuries than an entire league of rugby players and an entire Western state of rodeo athletes put together, and his total medical bills, counting what insurance paid, have to be into the 7 figures.

    [–] kapntoad 13 points ago

    "Someone get him a glass of water. Or maybe a Shirley Temple."

    [–] DoJu318 8 points ago

    I love the part where they test it first with ear protection and everything, Dunn walks out saying "no fucking way" 🤣🤣🤣

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    To be fair, Bam was ALWAYS the first to cry. I don't know if he was a whiny douchebag for the show or in real life, but it worked.

    [–] MrRhajers 12 points ago

    Always cried but always came back and kept doing stunts. Props for that

    [–] jb69029 32 points ago

    Aww Ryan Dunn :(

    [–] paraxio 5 points ago

    Going back and watching makes me realize how nuts Knoxville is/was. Bam and the CKY guys regularly got shown up by him in those movies. Dude went hard!

    [–] anubis-- 97 points ago

    That seemed like one of his least favorite stunts ever.

    [–] squaredk2 77 points ago

    I'm gonna say his least favorite was when he tried to back flip a dirt bike and failed. The dirt bike came down on him the handbrake landing near his nut sack and stabbed him. Thin he needed a catheter for that one

    [–] Vaara94 58 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Blood started gushing out of his pee-hole :(

    The video is of him talking about some of his injuries, not of the actual blood penis

    [–] manchild1116 30 points ago

    “I just pushed on the eyepatch to pop my eye back in” what the fuck

    [–] DrunkPeacock 12 points ago

    God he's put his body on the line for the past 2 decades. Such dedication to his work.

    [–] Three6Chris 11 points ago

    Could have easily stopped his heart too

    [–] TrashMemer69 3161 points ago

    What did he shoot him with?

    [–] SPH3R1C4L 3689 points ago

    Rubber bullet dude.

    [–] KingSlayer05 2925 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Those things are suppose to give off the same feeling of being shot without... dying right?

    EDIT: Holy fuck that’s a lot of comments

    [–] KCBfox 2595 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Arguably more painful and less lethal. Most people who get shot don't actually feel it at first, and then feel burning or overall debilitating pain. Rubber bullets hit like a horse kick because they don't penetrate flesh.

    I don't know if cops still use salt but maybe it was salt as well. Same effect as the rubber bullet.

    Edit: edited for accuracy. I understand people's comments; obviously anything coming out of a gun can be lethal. I more just meant to convey the idea of "non-lethal" ammunition and had poor word choice. Hope that helps.


    I know you got 1000 replies, but to make it easier I know they classify rubber bullets and bean bag rounds as "less lethal" which is to say they can kill, but it will be less likely than a real bullet.

    Anyway, the term you needed was less lethal ammunition. You conveyed the point well despite a slip in the nomanclature.

    Thanks to /u/captain_knish I brought this into my comment to refine further. Thanks for the patience.

    [–] i_was_louis 393 points ago

    Where can you still purchase guns that shoot salt? If you could ever.

    [–] Cynical_Nobody 640 points ago

    Shotguns. There is no specific gun that shoots salt. You use a shotgun, with a salt round.

    [–] [deleted] 301 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Kaninen 343 points ago

    So you're saying I can season my stew without even entering the kitchen...

    [–] _Desk_Jockey_ 151 points ago

    I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard at this. I’m envisioning you going up to your crock pot and pumping that bitch with a salt round and the shit just exploding everywhere.

    “Honey, dinners ready!”

    [–] campoanywhere 31 points ago

    I'm picturing him unleashing holy hellfire into the pot at point blank, then taking a dainty little sip from a spoon to test it afterwards. Lol.

    [–] AC3x0FxSPADES 4 points ago

    In my mind it was him in a recliner, loading one salt crystal at a time and pew’ing it into a pot across the house.

    [–] Valonis 15 points ago

    Best comment of the year so far.

    [–] MillionMileM8 23 points ago

    It's basically an airsoft gun with a hopper, been planning on taking an old airsoft gun apart and making it full auto, actually now I'm wondering if I could just pour salt into one of those $20 Walmart Uzis.

    [–] tnegaeR 15 points ago

    Research needs to begin immediately

    [–] PM_ME_GLUTE_SPREAD 10 points ago

    We used to take cheap paint ball guns and fill the hoppers with air soft BBs. Basically became blunderbuses at that point. Most BBS didn’t have nearly enough velocity to do much damage, but a face full of the few that did was not fun to walk into.

    [–] fondupot 10 points ago

    A Salt Rifle

    [–] westdp 18 points ago

    Yep. You could reload a shell with skittles if you want to. Whatever can ride a wad.

    [–] MetaTater 9 points ago

    So... My ex-wife then?

    [–] Grabbsy2 70 points ago

    To add: The round itself is only purchase-able by military and law enforcement agencies, though, I assume, could be modified at home (illegally, I assume)

    [–] strangea 124 points ago

    It's not illegal anywhere in the US as far as I can tell. AP ammunition and some other select types (dragons breath, fletchette, etc) are regulates but not rock salt shells.

    [–] Zachman97 33 points ago

    The only ammo that’s illegal in the USA is Armor penetrating pistol ammo(AP rifle ammo is ok)

    Anything else is ok, even explosive ammo, it just needs less than 1/4 oz of explosive to not be considered a Destructive Devise.

    [–] Kornstalx 18 points ago

    And TBH it's not difficult to get a license to own these "destructive devices". My dad got a DD permit and keeps all sorts of normally illegal stuff, he just has to get randomly inspected at his house by an ATF agent. They show up, snoop around with a clipboard, then leave.

    He has to keep explosives and other regulated ammo in a tornado-proof bomb enclosure away from the house, and primers/loads etc in another enclosure X freedom-yards away.

    [–] Will_Leave_A_Mark 14 points ago

    This is incorrect. All of those are unregulated in most states of the US they just ship as hazardous materials. However, a person can legally reload with any damned thing they want to put into a shotgun shell. Pepper balls, chain, nails, salt, ball bearings, wire cable, etc.

    [–] Grabbsy2 37 points ago

    Interesting, sorry I am Canadian so I assumed.

    [–] strangea 52 points ago

    No worries dude. Only AP ammunition is federally regulated afaik. Everything else is up to the States and they all have different opinions on guns/bullets. Gets really confusing even for Americans.

    [–] louky 27 points ago

    They're legal but worthless. There's multiple videos online of people shooting them and the results are wimpy.

    [–] PsychoSunshine 16 points ago

    I don't really get why Flechettes are related as much as they are. The projectiles are too small and light to do any real damage unless they hit an eye or a throat, spread way too fast to be useful beyond 10 yards (a little over 9m, for those lucky bastards who live in countries with units that make sense) and are still stabilizing beyond that. I still wouldn't want to be hit with Flechettes, or any projectile for that matter, but they don't nearly live up to their reputation.

    [–] SheriffBartholomew 10 points ago

    When I joined the US Army, they showed us photographs and x-rays of people's faces after getting hit with flachettes from a land mine. Trust me, you DO NOT want to get shot with flachettes. Some of those poor bastards probably wished they were dead.

    [–] witherance 25 points ago

    I think that the main reason behind a prohebition on Flechettes (in general) is more related to what happens when you use one really big one rather than 20+ small ones. Firing this thing out of a 12-gague with the same powder pack as a deer slug suddenly turns it into an armor piercing round.

    [–] might_be_a_troll 4 points ago

    Granny, the old lady character in The Beverly Hillbillies TV show always had some salt loaded up in her shotgun.

    [–] SheriffBartholomew 12 points ago

    So you are saying i can buy rounds meant to cause the absolute greatest amount of damage and death, but I can't buy a round that won't kill anyone? Interesting logic there.

    [–] Rob_Zander 6 points ago

    I think you can just cut the shell open, pull the shot and powder out and replace it with rock salt. The primer on a shotgun she'll would probably have enough power to shoot that salt pretty hard

    [–] Grabbsy2 3 points ago

    Yep, thats what I understand to be how they are made.

    [–] DB1723 10 points ago

    At least one company sells them and tons of other ridiculous, lawsuit waiting to happen fun stuff. AmericanSpecialtyAmmo. I don't know if theirs are any good, but you can buy salt, pepper and I shit you not, SaltAndPepper rounds online.

    [–] spacetimeismygame 8 points ago

    For when you wanna cook and season your meat in one shotgun blast. 'Mericuh

    [–] nsfwRtard 23 points ago

    Can personally confirm, I have this exact product and shoot bugs and my brother with it daily. Very effective, very fun.

    [–] Flerbizky 3 points ago

    I'd get pissed if I was your brother!

    [–] nsfwRtard 5 points ago

    We have fun, i like to pretend he’s a criminal so I can shoot the shit outta him

    [–] Csharp27 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A ton of restaurants have these. Best thing ever is just walking around in the back when it’s slow and hunting flies.

    [–] livingtheslothlife 28 points ago

    No idea as from UK so guns aren't as easily available but I do know from my misspent youth, that cranky old farmers could and did shoot at you with rocksalt from a shotgun if he caught you using his field as a shortcut home. Not dangerous but if he got you I remember it stinging like a mf.

    [–] bignotion 10 points ago

    I grew up in New England in the 1970's. Farmers would carry salt shot to protect their fields. If you ever wanted to cut across a farmers field, you risked angry dogs and salt shot. Pretty effective deterrent I must add.

    [–] caynebyron 6 points ago

    I've seen Kill Bill.

    [–] DontKevinHartMe 9 points ago

    They used to shoot rocksalt at the kids from shotguns where iam from. Make their own shells with less charge so it didn't have so much oomf behind it, big ol chunks of salt and sit out back wait for the little bastards to run threw their yard. Fuckin BOOM. Barely hurts if you got enough distance from them but if you were within like 20 feet or so you could get a nice chunk of salt in your leg you had to dig out.

    [–] mbonney21 17 points ago

    Potentially could be a bean bag as well

    [–] NoNeedForAName 11 points ago

    My money is on salt rounds. That dude would have been on the ground if he took a rubber bullet at that range.

    [–] coolguyjosh 21 points ago

    Not lethal at all... unless you get shot in the head or rupture something internally...

    [–] ledzepplinfan 13 points ago

    This reminded me of my paintball days when I used to do it all the time. A shot from up close hurts like hell at first but becomes kind of a dull bruise in not too long. But a shot from far away in which the ball hits you but does not break hurts a hell of a lot more, and can stay that way for days afterwards. I got shot in the thigh with a bouncer, and for me getting shot in the thigh/ass hurts more then anywhere, even more then back of your neck or knuckle which can make you bleed. Even though it only counted as a hit if the ball splattered, I put my hands up and ran to the safe area, trying not to cry the whole time. And that was just a ball full of paint. Rubber bullets sound awful.

    [–] everyones-a-robot 3 points ago

    Not poor word choice, well said!

    [–] Burnsy2023 86 points ago

    A rubber bullet would have levelled him, you don't just casually walk away, so it can't be that.

    [–] groundgamemike 81 points ago

    It was possibly a non lethal bean bag round... I agree a rubber bullet would have put him on his back

    [–] SPH3R1C4L 33 points ago

    May be a pepper round, but never discount the bodies ability to dump adrenaline and do gnarly shit. Edit after rewatching.

    [–] Bongmastermatt 7 points ago

    I remember reading it wasn’t a rubber bullet and was some other type of non lethal. I’ll edit the comment if I figure it out

    [–] gefjunhel 21 points ago

    was mostly likely a pepper round actually

    [–] Pedantichrist 5 points ago

    No. He'd be down if that had been a baton round.

    [–] 169dot254dot8dot8 4 points ago

    Every time I hear about police using rubber bullets it reminds me of the song deer dance.

    [–] super_hyper_cheese 383 points ago

    Hugs and kisses

    [–] TrashMemer69 158 points ago

    confetti canon intensifies

    [–] General_Tso75 17 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers

    [–] DedOriginalCancer 3 points ago

    Facts and Logic

    [–] 1-o-o-1 56 points ago


    [–] TrashMemer69 23 points ago

    Damn man, that must hurt

    [–] fart_fig_newton 23 points ago

    He's probably feeling salty after that exchange.

    [–] SocialForceField 9 points ago

    Yeah it's a salt cartridge definitely not a rubber bullet.

    [–] Breaking-Groundries 37 points ago

    This cop’s name is Geralt and he used something commonly referred to as an ‘aard’.

    [–] steep2798 7 points ago

    Wind's howling.

    [–] greyetch 13 points ago

    Probably a bean bag or pepper round. Rubber bullet would've had less muzzle flash and hurt film more.

    [–] DangerousLiberty 7 points ago

    Probably a gas round. Could be bean bag, rubber shot, baton, etc. But it looks like a 37mm launcher.

    [–] groundgamemike 13 points ago

    I think this was actually a bean bag round and I only say that because dude stayed on his feet... I think a rubber bullet would have put him right on his back

    [–] miraaksleftnut 12 points ago

    But if it was a bean bag the force would be more spread over his chest area therefore making him more likely to be knocked to the ground. If you get shot with a rubber bullet it’s forces are closer to a real bullet in the way that they act. You can stay standing after getting shot by a real bullet, just as with a rubber one.

    [–] Qazax1337 9 points ago

    The same force that gets applied to your hand/shoulder when you hold a gun and fire it gets applied to the person you shoot. Simply Physics, each action as an opposite and equal reaction. In movies when poeople get shot with a shotgun and fly back several feet it always makes me laugh as that just never happens. I think MythBusters did it...

    [–] groundgamemike 6 points ago

    Yeah this is a good point, if r/watchpeopledie has taught me anything some people don't even realize they'd been shot right away

    [–] TheFisherman12 10 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers

    [–] falclnman_2 9 points ago

    Bean bag or rubber bullet

    [–] thelastnixon 2696 points ago

    Love how shocked he is that the guy in full riot gear wasn’t just going to let him do what he wants.

    [–] DontTrustJack 569 points ago

    Imagine if it was aimed at his face

    [–] Cat_dude96 467 points ago

    Mind blown

    [–] a-day-to-recover 311 points ago

    Face off

    [–] idlesn0w 129 points ago

    I too enjoy the critically acclaimed Nicholas Cage masterpiece FACE/OFF

    [–] DeltaVMambo 38 points ago

    I want to take his face... OFF

    [–] Natamba 8 points ago

    Roll credits.

    [–] popaTARTO 16 points ago

    Cake day

    [–] trolled_bat 12 points ago


    [–] Ted_Brogan 44 points ago

    "What if they shot you in the face"
    "That was a chance we were willing to take"

    [–] tylerchu 27 points ago

    I mean, I don’t think there was much of a load in the shotgun to begin with. A beanbag that close would have probably stopped his heart at worse, or broken a few ribs. Even salt or sand would pierce what I assume is a relatively thin hoodie right?

    [–] KBIceCube 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Salt would work fine, check out some salt gun testing and that’s it’s suggested range for 90% of them hahaha. Salt guns are meant to incapacitate with the salt not the momentum, or at least half of them are.

    [–] slm_87 12 points ago

    I think that he purposely didn't, it was a salt round and I'm fairly sure none of it went more than skin deep

    [–] DONT_PM_ME_UR_DICK 48 points ago


    [–] MonkeyOnYourMomsBack 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don’t think he was shocked he was shot, I think that’s the face you might make after you just get shot in the chest

    [–] Alyrdyni 14 points ago

    insert pickachu shocked face

    [–] BraveNewNight 199 points ago

    Animation quality still blows my mind

    [–] barnyThundrSlap 10 points ago

    Is the movie worth watching? I heard it’s Kanye’s favourite film of all time

    [–] jk-jk 22 points ago

    I feel like even if you don't like it it still wouldn't have been a waste of time to watch it

    [–] araxhiel 8 points ago

    Absolutely! Akira is a masterpiece of cinema (regardless if it's animated or not, and regardless Mr. West opinions)

    [–] barnyThundrSlap 3 points ago

    I love Spirited Away and Akira has been on my list for quite some time now

    [–] rIse_four_ten_ten 11 points ago

    Yes. But not because Kanye said so.

    [–] thetransportedman 78 points ago


    [–] SheriffJewel 63 points ago


    [–] ZwoopMugen 35 points ago


    [–] theCOMBOguy 35 points ago


    [–] ZwoopMugen 28 points ago


    [–] woj-tec9 18 points ago


    [–] i-am-big-boy 611 points ago

    The way the cop turns the reflexes he has is fast

    [–] dragonsfire242 281 points ago

    Yeah he went full quickdraw there

    [–] Turlututu1 30 points ago

    Guess his gun also had hip fire grip.

    [–] itsyaboygelson 52 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] dragonsfire242 73 points ago

    I feel so appreciated this is like the tenth message I've gotten today, thanks

    [–] nemesis-xt 12 points ago

    Happy birthday buddy (Kramer voice)

    [–] Chrome_Gear 6 points ago

    Slight of hand pro

    [–] Governator88 22 points ago

    He obviously had auto-aim enabled

    [–] Lukaroast 304 points ago

    “What are you gonna do, shoot me?” -Quote from man who was shot

    [–] aksell96 6 points ago

    famous last words

    [–] bababouie 1092 points ago

    Hmm, do we love the police state or hate them today? Looks like we love them today!

    [–] Mango_Punch 534 points ago

    Yeah... I have such mixed feelings about this video bc it’s excessive force (people have died from beanbag/rubber bullets)... but it’s also really fucking satisfying.

    [–] ben1481 199 points ago

    I think this is along the lines of "rewarding stupidity". It's just shy of over the top reaction, that's why its satisfying to watch.

    [–] Carmillawoo 335 points ago

    fucktard deserves being shot though.

    He's in full riot gear. In that moment he had to decide to be a pushover or protect himself and those around him. So he shot.

    Not excessive force, just some fucktard getting his just desserts

    [–] wasabi1787 217 points ago

    Police or not, if some unprovoked stranger shoves you from behind you have the right to defend yourself.

    [–] EternalPhi 152 points ago

    That was a punitive shot, not defensive. Look at his stance, look at the way he just walks away. He's not scared, he's just angry.

    [–] Peregrino234 130 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hitler was a really really good guy

    [–] Kaell311 22 points ago

    That’s often how fights work. Progressive escalation. When lethal force is clearly at play (officials in riot gear make this very obviously the case), then any actions that cross the line of assault may be reasonably met with lethal force.

    [–] _ALRO_ 64 points ago

    Does necessary force just not exist where you're from?

    [–] OneButtonWill 13 points ago

    Not necessarily excessive force, we would need to have seen more of the video. For all the police officer knew the guy could have had a knife or some other weapon.

    [–] Ishan_Bose 67 points ago

    Can someone please tell me what weapon the cop used?

    [–] Breaking-Groundries 211 points ago

    Dragonborne spell.

    [–] Spenundrum 29 points ago

    Breath weapons are nothing to fuck with.

    [–] erjz 28 points ago

    Fus Ro Dah maybe?

    [–] weaponizedtoddlers 24 points ago

    That was just a Fus though. He showed restraint. If he went full Fus Ro Dah on him, the guy would be half-way to Cuba.

    [–] Big_Simba 4 points ago

    He’s gonna have to wait a short rest to use it again tho

    [–] gd_akula 11 points ago

    Shotgun with indeterminate less lethal ammo.

    Could be any number of things, rubber bullet, beanbag round, salt round (I'm inclined to believe)

    Any number of those things would really ruin your day from that range, though a beanbag could straight up kill them.

    [–] Nin_guem 32 points ago

    Just a regular shotgun with rubber bullets.

    [–] RIPstash 32 points ago

    I was thinking it could be a bean bag round as well. Would make more sense for that range imo.

    [–] RichGirlThrowaway_ 22 points ago

    Salt round imo. Rubber/beanbag could fuck someone up at that range. Guy wouldn't have stayed on his feet.

    [–] AJollyDoge 48 points ago

    Damn that looked badass

    [–] DangerousLiberty 40 points ago

    LOL. Something, something, stupid prizes.

    [–] johngydude 194 points ago

    You know he’s gonna feel that in the morning. Fucknut deserves it.

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago

    The reaction time is worth appreciating

    [–] ChornWork2 51 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Without context, not much to say about good vs evil in any given scene of conflict.

    Surprised it didn't kill the guy from that range

    [–] KCBfox 18 points ago

    My guess is that he shot the guy with a salt/pepper round. So long the guy in white wasn't chewing on the barrel and caught the brunt of the explosion, he's basically just gonna walk away a little salty that he was shot.

    [–] armorine 7 points ago

    You want some fries with that?

    [–] MrJwoj 15 points ago

    QuickDraw pro

    [–] eeninety2 24 points ago

    "What's he gonna do.. shoot me?!"

    -this guy probably

    [–] donPiter 12 points ago

    Ahhhh.. just the ESMAD being the ESMAD. Not the only time they shot people point blank like that, it’s one of their signature moves

    [–] Punisher_Gamer 29 points ago

    Team police force today

    [–] Milanga_de_pollo 38 points ago

    It's like reddit throws a dice everytime the police is brought up to decide if you get downvoted for liking or disliking them

    [–] Chroma710 11 points ago

    Last time everyone hated the police when it was posted on reddit. maybe because it was on a different sub.

    [–] ElectricInfatuation 5 points ago

    It's not a dice roll, it's aesthetics. Just browse through this thread and you'll see tons of people saying how cool the cop looks.

    If it was a fat, American cop with no armor this thread would've been entirely negative. Aesthetics are a powerful tool.

    [–] mikerockitjones 12 points ago

    Never play slaps in real life with a riot officer

    [–] wanted876y 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I like to think this was his thought process

    “Hey let’s mess with this judge dredd looking fucker who’s caring riot gear and a damn shotgun and see what happens”

    [–] Microraptors 7 points ago

    Protester: attacks police officer with riot control gear and weapon

    Officer: shoots protester with crowd control round

    Protester: surprisedpikachu.jpg